Huckabee: Bushes Should Do This If They Won’t Back Trump as Nominee

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee recently slammed former Presidents George H.W. Bush and his son, George W., for not endorsing Donald Trump as the GOP nominee. Huckabee said that if they can’t support the GOP nominee they should get out of the party.

Here’s what he told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” co-host Bill Hemmer as reported by Newsmax:

“When we nominated various people over the past several election cycles to be president, there were many of us who had heartburn. But we sucked it up and went out there and vigorously supported our nominee. If they are not going to support the people the Republicans nominated, they need to get out of the Republican Party and admit they are not Republican or be honest and say I only want it when I get my way.”

Huckabee said he supported both Bushes for president, even though he had misgivings about them, and when Hemmer noted the Bush family would argue Trump isn’t a conservative, Huckabee pointed out that Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton isn’t one either.

Anything that doesn’t help Trump helps Hillary. They could say I will support the Republican nominee and that means I won’t say anything bad and I’ll stay out of it. That I get. But I think it’s problematic if they indicate they won’t even vote for the person the party nominates. That’s a problem.” 

Huckabee hits the nail on the head. Most grass-roots conservatives sucked it up, held their noses and voted for less-than-conservative candidates such as George H.W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney. But now that the GOP nominee isn’t someone people in the establishment (like the Bushes) support, they’ll take their political ball and go home.

This leads us to believe that the Republican establishment only cares about political power instead of party unity – and defeating Hillary Clinton.

Do you agree with Mike Huckabee that the Bushes should leave the GOP if they can’t (or won’t) support Trump as the presidential nominee?

Give us your take in the comments section below.

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  1. Charles Sroka

    i am not a demoncrate, i am not a demoncrate, i am not a left winger liberal,,,,ok got that ? but i never likes the bushes,,,,i did not think they were true Repubicans,,,,,they just want it their way,,,,,,,

    1. rex ames

      Yeah ageed, I’m not a Dem either, but I never liked the Bushes, they always had there fingers in the pot of money from the wars. Cheney’s Haliburt. company. Always a shady dealings !! Most wars are pushed by the rich that own our political folks. because they all get rich from it.
      I will always remember how stupid George Jr looked when that middle eastern guy took his shoes of and threw them at Bush Monkey. It was so funny.

        1. rex ames

          Yeah, and I think the list is endless. no one wants to say it, but money, allot of money is made from wars. Look at the Dupont family, I’m sure you have seen the Dupont name on store shelves everywhere.. Well they also produce the lion share of the bombs dropped in wars, WW2, Korea, Nam, Iraq, Afgan. Billions were made. The list is endless.

      1. Rattlerjake

        Anyone who actually thought that the Bushes were conservative are fools. The Bushes wholly support the New world order. They both belong to the “Skull and bones” society.

        1. edwin

          Don’t let Stephanie Wilson hear you say that. she has her head so far up his a-s she probably couldn’t hear you anyway

    2. Gen11American

      Any president who floods in Muslims after we suffer Islamic terrorist attacks needs to be removed from office and sent to GITMO. That would eliminate Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and William Jefferson Clinton. All are a disgrace! Imagine how our veterans must feel having our nation overrun with Muslims after 4,000 of our soldiers died in Iraq, and over 33,000 were seriously injured! It boggles the mind! We need lots of patriot veterans to step forward and run against the Leftist traitors and the pro-Muslim RINO’s serving in Congress! Only by having more patriotic veterans serving in Congress will we prevent anti-military, anti-veteran policies from being enacted! Enough scandals already! Fix things!

        1. Gen11American

          Bush let them in legally, so now we’re stuck with them! Due to their belief system, Muslims shouild NEVER be allowed to become citizens and vote. If given that right, they’ll breed themselves into ascendency. That’s how they take over, one nation at a time. We must NOT let them do that here in the US!

          1. Gail

            So did Regan ! He gave them amnesty . And you are exactly right they breed like wildfire . And we get to pay for their medical while we have thousands of dollars to pay for a birth of an American. The only way is to stop the bleeding of our purse . Change the people in Washington to people who put America first .

          2. Gen11American

            I found this while researching Reagan’s Amnesty:

            “Reagan did NOT support amnesty. but was forced to sign it…amnesty bills have been done over 9 times…nine of those bills were authored by very liberal Ted Kennedy

            Reagans ideas on amnesty??? Nope, he was against it…amnesty has always been pushed by the freaking liberals

            Why do liberals constantly push amnesty for illegal actions of people being illegally here?

            to COMPLETE that picture…there have been 9 amnesty bills, 8 PASSED, since 1965….ALL authored by Ted Kennedy

            In 1986 Senator Kennedy said, ‘This amnesty will give citizenship to only 1.1 to 1.3 million illegal aliens. We will secure the borders henceforth. We will never again bring forward another amnesty bill like this.’

            Ronald Reagan was opposed to illegal immigration and amnesty. In fact, if you do a little research you will find that stopping illegal immigration was part of the Republican National Committee’s platform back then and Ronald Reagan ran on that platform.

            The 1986 Immigration Reform Act that rewarded illegal aliens with amnesty was known as the Simpson-Massoli bill of 1986. When first drafted, the bill was supposed to make it a criminal offense for aliens who were not authorized to work in the United States a federal criminal act and that it would be a federal crime for employers to hire illegal aliens.

            Here’s what happened, the Democrats in Congress refused to sign on this bill unless the 1.5 million illegal aliens already thought to be in the country illegally and would qualify for amnesty were rewarded amnesty. (reason being, if these illegal’s were to become U.S. citizens, guess what party they would most likely vote for ?) — The Democrats, of course!

            So the amnesty part was added on to the bill, otherwise the Democrats wouldn’t sign on. And to muffle the outcry, the American people were told that this amnesty was a one time thing and would never be repeated again.

            Well the bill passed both houses of Congress and President Reagan signed the bill. In the inner circles of the administration, Ronald Reagan was to have said he may have made a mistake by signing the bill. (No kidding!)

            Guess what? It wasn’t 1.5 million illegal aliens who would have qualified for amnesty. It turns out that over 3 million were rewarded with amnesty, mostly because of the fraud that took place during the amnesty process. Phony rent receipts, phony pay check stubs, liberal judges expunging criminal records of illegal aliens!!!

            And after the bill became law, you had Teddy Kennedy watering down the enforcement part of the bill that had to do with enforcing and prosecuting employers who hired illegal aliens.

            Read more:

            My final remarks:
            We can thank Ultra-Liberal Ted Kennedy and his ilk in Congress for overrunning this nation with 30-40 million illegals. There are now more illegals working iin the U.S. than White Males, and 94 million Americans are out of the workforce. Frankly, anyoine who votes for Democrats is a traitor to this country! That includes Barack Hussein Obama!

          3. Gail

            I have quoted the same thing you are printing more than one time . I lived through Regans policies . I didn’t have to look it up ! The Kennedys were responsible for a great many problems we are dealing with today. . I lived through the whoremongering bunch that disgraced this country . Bill Clintons idols . ( he said it I didn’t ) This is why America has more to offer than the same old bunch . These power hungry people are low down human beings . You would think all we have is 3 families in America . They are responsible plus the Rinos that keep being put back in for destroying this country . I voted for Regan and when he was elected he was the first president to ever hold the office that was divorced . Look it up . They wouldn’t let Adli Stevenson run because he wasn’t married .

        2. Rattlerjake

          You’re an idiot. As governor and as President, Bush NEVER did anything to prevent the illegal border crossers!

          1. Gail

            You are right Bush didn’t shut the borders down like they should have been .?You think maybe Jeb’s wife being a Mexican had anything to do with it ? And the fact the Bushs made it known that they have 2 kinds of Christmas festivities . I bet you can guess what they were !

          2. Rattlerjake

            Americans have been FOOLED for many years! The Bushes are One World Order supporters, their agenda is in line with the democraps, Reagan was no different, he was for the North American Union, he was a democrap that switched parties to become governor of Mexifornia, he was anti-gun, and he initiated NAFTA, and as President gave amnesty to criminal illegal aliens; Bush Sr. was is VP. None of them – Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr, nor Ovomit have lifted a finger to truly stop illegal immigration. they are just libturds wearing conservative hats. It’s all part of agenda 21 and the NWO!

          3. Gail

            You are right again. . Grandaddy Bush was responsible for Thousands of children being fixed so they would not have children if their IQ didn’t meet his standard .,But Rattlerjack there are at least 2 generations that know no history of their country . Our country has dumbed down its last 2 or 3 generations . It takes people like those of us who lived it and actually was destroyed by their policies to tell these younger ones about the truth Be careful of your information on the internet because you never know who put it there. .

        3. edwin

          “President Obama has the most border patrols and border security deployed at the border of any previous president.”
          the highest number of border patrol agents has been under Obama: there were 21,444 in 2011. But it’s worth noting that the big growth was during Bush’s tenure: between 2001 and 2009, the number of agents posted nationally rose from about 9,800 to a little more than 20,000.
          Other border security measures are not as simple to quantify. The key piece of infrastructure — the fence — was launched under Bush. Work on the fence and other border security improvements continued under Obama.

          1. Gail

            Yea and we get to pay for them not to do their jobs . And under him there have been more border patrol officers leave the job . They are ordered by Obama to not stop these people .Otherwise we would not be invaded with millions of them . They lie about the amount of them . Twenty years ago California had 12 million . And that number has increase not decreased to 11 million

          2. edwin

            When it comes to getting tough on immigration, Republican candidates talk the talk, but Obama walks the walk. President Obama has deported more people than any U.S. president before him, and almost more than every other president combined from the 20th century.
            Immigration-flow numbers are staggering in both directions. In 2014, it’s estimated that more than 200,000 Central Americans tried to emigrate to the United States without documentation. But the Obama government has been deporting them as fast as it can.
            Since coming to office in 2009, Obama’s government has deported more than 2.5 million people—up 23% from the George W. Bush years. More shockingly, Obama is now on pace to deport more people than the sum of all 19 presidents who governed the United States from 1892-2000, according to government data.
            And he’s not done yet. With the clock ticking down his final months in office, Obama appears to be running up the score in an effort to protect his title as deporter-in-chief from future presidents. To pad the numbers, Homeland Security is now going after the lowest-hanging fruit: women and children who are seeking asylum from violence in Central America.
            “This is the only time I remember enforcement raids on families of women and children who are fleeing some of the most violent places on the planet,” says Royce Bernstein Murray, director of policy for the National Immigrant Justice Center.

          3. Gail

            What universe do you live in .,I live where the entire town has been taken over. We have a border just like every other country . That is why we are a country . We have laws for a reason . Like North Carolina has had over 2000 sexual assaults on children since Jan 1 2016 by illegals You had better get your head out of your butt and open your eyes . We have been invaded . This idiot went to Mexico and told them to all apply for refugee status Our Montroe doctrine says we can’t take but so may for a 5 year period and then it has to stop . The reason is they have to assimilate Our towns and country can’t keep up the whole world As of yesterday the Dept . Of Labor issued the figures that 102 million Americans are without jobs . You bleed your heart somewhere else . You troll

          4. edwin

            Latinos can—and better—rage at the cheap political points earned by sliming Mexicans with the rapist stereotype. And the best way to do it is with the truth: A 2011 U.S. Government Accountability Office study “Criminal Alien Statistics: Information on Incarcerations, Arrests and Costs” found that of the three million arrests of immigrants, legal or not, examined by investigators, only two percent were for sex offenses—two percent too many, but hardly an epidemic. It didn’t break down the ethnicity or legal status of the offenders, but the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ (BJS) National Crime Victimization Survey breaks down such stats by victims. For 2013 (the most recent year available), it shows that whites accounted for 71 percent of all sexual assaults documented (above their total percentage of 63 percent of the U.S. population), while Latinos accounted for 9 percent, far below their total percentage of 17 percent. And as a percentage of all “serious violent victimizations,” sexual assaults represent 11 percent of the violent crimes against Latinos. For gabachos? 18 percent. The BJS also noted that for the period from 2005-2010 about 66 percent of sexual assualt victims knew their perp, and that whites had strangers commit violent victimizations against them at a rate of 9.2 per 1,000 people, compared to 9.8 per 1,000 for Latinos—so much for the notion of an army of faceless Mexicans stalking their fair-skinned prey. You have been listening to to much rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Your employment figures are at least 10 times to high. About 41 million Americans don’t work because they’re retired. These retirees are overwhelmingly actually of retirement age. It makes perfect sense to consider them outside the labor force (another way of saying it makes little sense to consider them unemployed). An additional 15 million say they’re not in the labor force because they’re in school. Some students, of course, work while they’re in school. They’re in the labor force. Those who are looking for work and can’t find any are classified as in the labor force, but unemployed. … The decline in the labor-force participation rate defies simple explanation. But that’s not the same as saying it’s unexplained. In fact, it’s just that many things have been happening at once. There are more young people who aren’t in the labor force because they’re in school. There are more retirees. There are more middle-aged people on disability. …
            None of this is to say that the American economy is unbelievably great or unusually rosy. By almost any conventional labor market measurement the economy has yet to recover from a recession that started almost eight years ago. But the notion that 92 million Americans are unaccounted for, that there’s a conspiracy in these statistics, or that we have no idea what 20 million prime-age Americans are up to, just isn’t right. I am not sure what the Monroe Doctrine has to do with immigration.

      1. wildone502001a

        You must be black folk. Why does it really matter????????? Are you racist because I’m not !!

    3. dnav

      Gollum, is that you. You survived the magma? Cool.

      Those filthy, filthy hobbittses, new world order hobbittses, sold out to globalist Suaron hobbittses, burh bushes burn. Don’t look at the lights.

  2. jack

    I agree with you! My problem with the Bush family is they want the one world government . Which is of Satin . I voted for these people before I knew they were Satin supporters . What a disappointment there whole family is . Can’t believe they want Satin’s medicine !

    1. Nancy Page

      I agree if you mean “Satan”! They might be kinky enough to like “satin” also!

      1. binman

        It actually is true. Bushes are part of the cabal. The ancient bloodline that is shared with the British monarch.

      2. Rattlerjake

        You’ve been fooled like every one else. The lies of government and the elitist abound, many that you are not aware of and most that you and other Christians/conservatives will deny. The bible tells of how many will be deceived. If I told you that our support of Israel is against God, you’d immediately call me an anti-Semite, because you have been INDOCTRINATED! But God’s word says that the Jews have turned against him, they call Jesus a bastard and blasphemer, and refer to Mary as a whore. You’ve been lied to about 9/11, the Bushes, Clintons, and rest of government all emphatically claim that anything other than their story is a conspiracy. Christians are being lead away from God with them still thinking they are with God! The Bushes and Reagan are/were nothing but libturds wearing conservative hats!

  3. Bob Taylor

    This is exactly what I have been trying to let people know. The party is for the party first am always. They do not care what happens to the American people just that the party gets to run things and rake in millions from their lofty counselling positions. I have searched for a financial accounting of the Republican party but can’t seem to find anything. They are a private club and not a part of any government structure so how do they get to decide who we the people can vote for?

    1. Vern Davis

      That is the reason we must help the Tea Party folks take control over these old hard-ass old Republicans who have lost their way.

      1. Bob Taylor

        I am willing to help anyone that puts this country first and foremost. I am a disabled vet on a very low budget income so help is somewhat limited so I try to speak out whenever I can.

  4. Robert Kahlcke

    Trump has done more for this country in his run for President, than Bush did as President.
    I voted for Bush.

        1. beverlysue

          he`s not a turkey… Turkey`s have value unlike the redman … he`s just a pile of shit

          1. The Redman

            Wit a name like everly sue, I could bet dat U R A old worn out ex- super tramp, huh.

          2. dnav

            Supertramp was one of the most awesome bands ever, love the soaring horns, Take the Long Way Home, Logical Song, Even in the Quietest Moments, all classics.

          3. dnav

            Why should you care if you’re feeling good
            ‘Cause you’re the joke of the neighborhood
            you take the long way home, yes take the long way home…

            Supertramp — Breakfast in America

          4. beverlysue

            You’re still a pile of SHIT…without a working brain cell..go smoke some more crack or whatever it is you smoke…it sure Isn’t a PEACE PIPE… you are nothing but a troll , with nothing to do but make stupid ass comments

          1. The Redman

            Yep. U get 2 peck dem super-lice off yo mama greasy head. hahahahahahahahaahahah

      1. dnav

        Hey, it’s my good friend dork monger loser idiot racist pig head who says the most useless drivel in this universe.

        How are you doing buddy, still reeling from our last exchange.

        Do you realize that EVERYONE, and when I say everyone I mean, EVERYONE knows you are lower than a cockroach and your words have the value of dried diarrhea on the sides of an outhouse hole?

        Nevertheless, just keep on posting your idiocy as it is a comic relief for us as we engage in meaningful discourse it’s nice to have a break with useless drivel.

        In England, you’re a fanny. Look it up. Also, look up what a dork is in England.

          1. dnav

            Oh, please, spare me, I’m much worse than that, you sell me short. Come on. Dig deep and lay into me. Make yourself feel good. I know you don’t have a life outside these boards so live large here buddy. Go for the really deep insult. Don’t play tiddly winks with me. I know you have it in you. Deep dive for the real scum.

          2. dnav

            Good one, now that is getting low, very low. Oooh. That hurt a little, way better than @disqus_vMaE8xRTjr:disqus. But maybe you can call me gay, that way it sounds happy and nice and kind of covers how creepy it really is, and then I can go into women’s bathrooms and peek at them for my jollies and just claim to be a woman inside.

        1. Gen11American

          It seems the same trolls show up just when good written blog exchanges are being posted, and the conversation promptly dissipates into personal slanderous attacks and worthless dribble. Let’s cease responding to them at all. Just reply to meaningful comments by true bloggers rather than mindless internet trolls. Sooner or later, hopefully they’ll get tired of being utterly ignored.

    1. CompletelyOutsane

      I doubt your statement but agree with your sentiment. Hellary MUST be defeated!

      1. cristoiglesia

        Lets get real folks……in this election there will be no one other than a far left liberal ideologue running. All the candidates are identical in their political stances and there isn’t any difference in them as to how they would govern. I have always voted for conservatives and not for their personalities. My thinking has always been to vote for someone who will govern with at least some of my values. In this election there is no one for a conservative to give their vote. All of the candidates will be disastrous to the conservative movement. I like so many conservatives just do not have a dog in this fight and as a result there is no one to give our vote. I would be betraying my personal beliefs and values to vote for any of the candidates. It seems that few people have any core values now days and simply want to give their vote away to someone who is a person that will take this country sharply to the left as are all the candidates running. This is a very depressing time for conservatives and is unique in my lifetime. The loss of SCOTUS to the far left is inevitable and that is what will destroy our Constitution. Certainly the liberals will bring in the new world order that will not be a good time for America and the world.

  5. Jim Baum

    I remember reading the words of Harry S.”Give’em Hell Harry” Truman’s view on this. Mr. Truman stated that the great thing about a political campaign. Is that you go bare knuckles in the primary elections, and whether or not your man won, the party’s nomination. You got behind the eventual winner and supported them completely in the general election. Sadly the Eleventh Commandment has been lost by the Republican sore losers that have forgoten. “Thou Shall Not Speak Ill Of Any Republican”

  6. Tony Gene Broxton Jr

    Like I said before if you can’t support the nominee then just shut up. We need to beat Hillary in November and if we have Republicans saying they won’t support Trump that gives Hillary fuel to defeat Trump and she needs no help.

  7. jong

    Huckabee of course violates that which should be held most sacred. That of people having the right of a different opinion. Which is why this country is different than any other. And in that he should shut up and sit down.

  8. rayr65

    Not only the Bushes but every CAREER POLITICIAN = CORRUPT GOVERNMENT that has stood in his way! The people made this choice not them! This isn’t a Right or Left thing, this is about the PEOPLE vs CAREER POLITICIANS = CORRUPT GOVERNMENT! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! TRUMP 2016!!

  9. Ethel Halstead

    Frankly I never believed that either of the Bush’s were conservatives. But when they ran on a republican ticket I voted for them, although I’m certain now that I was right about them not being conservatives. I have heard many people say that, although they voted for them once, they would never consider doing it again. The Bushes have been friends with the Clintons from the get-go…and what does that tell you?

  10. modelerr

    Yes,, agree with Huck, the Bushes should suck up their hurt feelings & vote for the Republican nominee. They obviously feel it was Jeb’s to lose (& he lost it!)
    Actions by any in the Party leading to a Clinton Presidency should be condemmed.

    1. Gen11American

      The Bushes are busy buying up water resources so they’ll be one of the world’s richest families while millions of humans die of thirst around the world due to weather manipulation by the powers-that-be. It’s called depopulation, and even Bill Gates is madly in favor of it. So is George Clooney, the Hollywood mouthpiece for the globalists. So is former SOS Henry Kissinger, who is a primary promoter of the UN’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, which plans to kill off 6 billion humans. Since 50% of the members of Congress are Catholics, they don’t believe in birth control or abortion, but being globalists, they’re willing to allow millions to die of thirst while U.S. Navy jets spew toxic chemtrails into the upper atmosphere, dispersing rain clouds so they don’t dump rain on drought-striken areas. Then there’s the H.A.A.R.P. facllities, which create super storms worldwide, helping to justify the push for Global Warming initiatives which will destroy the U.S. economy. The evil the globalists are getting away with boggles the mind. Hopefully Trump will bring the b.s. to a halt, and return sanity and common sense to the U.S. If he can’t do, nobody can, and nobody will. Hillary Clinton certainly won’t, and if anyone thinks Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden will, they need their heads examined!

  11. Ruth

    Well said Mr. Huckaby. I have voted for those who I did not think were the best for the country, but I thought they were at least better than the alternative democrat.

  12. Timothy

    I thought only jeb was the cry baby .. But it’s all of them .. Don’t get there way go home and cry .
    Bush give back ground you took by eminent domain jeb said is not right . Only right for them to do it..there sad bunch … My way or now way .. Bushs did not bring jobs back .. Make good trade deals they let jobs go out and made bad trade deals helped run us in debt .bush did nothing to help this country ..hope jeb gets out of politics like he said he would this country will be better off with out him
    Don’t want to hear from any of them…………Trump 16 ….. Mike. right about them. All of them shoud apologize to all the people in country then move out with whoopie. g. Samuel j.ravin , rosie o. And who ever else said the would leave the country . Good by

  13. The Fox

    The Republicans today are just RINO’s and wasn’t so not too long ago. Jeb hates Trump because he couldn’t beat him. I was a Republican delegate from my state and was just a taxi driver who was once a Demon-rat and when I got to New York all the media wanted to know why I had become a Republican and told them everything God is for the Demon-rats are against, and now it seems even the Republican’s are no different. God saved me out of my evil sins and I thank Him and that was about 28 years ago. When I got home from New York the local paper ran the article about what I I said and DC sent down a reporter and camera crew to tape me at the church I was attending in Brooklyn and he got a ear full from me. I no longer support the Republican Party and don’t belong to any Party and am a Marine who served for 12 years and 3 conflicts and I’m a Conservative who supports those running for office who are moral and against those who are immoral and support immorality and my motto is Live Free or Die Free and that means I follow the Lord and His Word and not mere men with agenda’s that get for themselves and rob us to do it.

    1. Gen11American

      The following is the list of RINOs who are traitors to American workers. Those with D’s and F’s on immigration issues vote for foreign workers and illegal aliens. If they’re not working for the benefit of the American people, what good are they? It’s it up to American voters to replace them rather than re-electing them! The Democrats re-elect the worst of the worst time after time even though those they’re voting for are screwing them by voting for free-trade agreements and by leaving our borders wide open so illegals can flood in to take jobs!

      Anyway, here’s the list of the RINO’s who need to be replaced as soon as it can be arranged! All House members can be replaced in 2016. Whichever senators are up for re-election in 2016 need to be replaced also. Hopefully patriots will step forward to run against them, preferably plenty of patriotic GOP veterans!

      D (11% of peer group)
      Bost, Mike (Rep. – 12th) R – IL 30%
      Comstock, Barbara (Rep. – 10th) R – VA 30%
      Fitzpatrick, Michael (Rep. – 8th) R – PA 30%
      Luetkemeyer, Blaine (Rep. – 3rd) R – MO 30%
      McHenry, Patrick (Rep. – 10th) R – NC 30%
      Pitts, Joseph (Rep. – 16th) R – PA 30%
      Turner, Michael (Rep. – 10th) R – OH 30%
      McSally, Martha (Rep. – 2nd) R – AZ 29%
      Collins, Susan (Sen.) R – ME 28%
      Hatch, Orrin (Sen.) R – UT 28%
      Jolly, David (Rep. – 13th) R – FL 28%
      Barr, Andy (Rep. – 6th) R – KY 27%
      Bucshon, Larry (Rep. – 8th) R – IN 27%
      Cole, Tom (Rep. – 4th) R – OK 27%
      Herrera Beutler, Jaime (Rep. – 3rd) R – WA 27%
      Hill, French (Rep. – 2nd) R – AR 27%
      Mullin, Markwayne (Rep. – 2nd) R – OK 27%
      Reed, Tom (Rep. – 23rd) R – NY 27%
      Walberg, Tim (Rep. – 7th) R – MI 27%
      Wenstrup, Brad (Rep. – 2nd) R – OH 27%
      Alexander, Lamar (Sen.) R – TN 26%
      Coats, Daniel (Sen.) R – IN 26%
      Cochran, Thad (Sen.) R – MS 26%
      Corker, Bob (Sen.) R – TN 26% We don’t want him as VP!
      Murkowski, Lisa (Sen.) R – AK 26%
      Nunes, Devin (Rep. – 22nd) R – CA 26%
      Rounds, Mike (Sen.) R – SD 26%
      Costello, Ryan (Rep. – 6th) R – PA 25%
      Kinzinger, Adam (Rep. – 16th) R – IL 25%
      McConnell, Mitch (Sen.) R – KY 25% This is our Senate leader!
      Hanna, Richard (Rep. – 22nd) R – NY 23%
      Ayotte, Kelly (Sen.) R – NH 21%
      Cornyn, John (Sen.) R – TX 21%
      Pearce, Steve (Rep. – 2nd) R – NM 21%

      D- (1% of peer group)
      Kirk, Mark (Sen.) R – IL 18%
      Valadao, David (Rep. – 21st) R – CA 17%
      Granger, Kay (Rep. – 12th) R – TX 16%

      F (10% of peer group)
      Gardner, Cory (Sen.) R – CO 15%
      Kline, John (Rep. – 2nd) R – MN 15%
      Moolenaar, John (Rep. – 4th) R – MI 15%
      Brooks, Susan (Rep. – 5th) R – IN 13%
      Davis, Rodney (Rep. – 13th) R – IL 13%
      Frelinghuysen, Rodney (Rep. – 11th) R – NJ 13%
      McCarthy, Kevin (Rep. – 23rd) R – CA 13%
      McMorris Rodgers, Cathy (Rep. – 5th) R – WA 13%
      Murphy, Tim (Rep. – 18th) R – PA 13%
      Noem, Kristi (Rep. – at large) R – SD 13%
      Paulsen, Erik (Rep. – 3rd) R – MN 13%
      Rogers, Harold (Rep. – 5th) R – KY 13%
      Royce, Ed (Rep. – 39th) R – CA 13%
      Ryan, Paul (Rep. – 1st) R – WI 13%
      Simpson, Mike (Rep. – 2nd) R – ID 13%
      Stefanik, Elise (Rep. – 21st) R – NY 13%
      Tiberi, Pat (Rep. – 12th) R – OH 13%
      Walden, Greg (Rep. – 2nd) R – OR 13%
      Heller, Dean (Sen.) R – NV 12%
      Hurd, William (Rep. – 23rd) R – TX 12%
      Gibson, Christopher (Rep. – 19th) R – NY 10%
      Katko, John (Rep. – 24th) R – NY 10%
      King, Peter (Rep. – 2nd) R – NY 10%
      LoBiondo, Frank (Rep. – 2nd) R – NJ 10%
      MacArthur, Tom (Rep. – 3rd) R – NJ 10%
      Coffman, Mike (Rep. – 6th) R – CO 8%
      Dent, Charles (Rep. – 15th) R – PA 8%
      Reichert, Dave (Rep. – 8th) R – WA 8%
      Upton, Fred (Rep. – 6th) R – MI 8%

      F- (2% of peer group)
      Graham, Lindsey (Sen.) R – SC 3% This RINO ran for POTUS!
      Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana (Rep. – 27th) R – FL 1%
      Curbelo, Carlos (Rep. – 26th) R – FL 0%
      Denham, Jeff (Rep. – 10th) R – CA 0%
      Diaz-Balart, Mario (Rep. – 25th) R – FL 0%
      Dold, Robert (Rep. – 10th) R – IL 0%
      Radewagen, Aumua (Sen.) R – 0%

      In total, 24% of members of Congress have D’s & F’s, and are selling the American people down the drain to satisfy special interests. Get rid of them, people! Begin by getting rid of Speaker Paul Ryan! Support Nehlen!

  14. Howleyesque

    HE’S RIGHT! These are some of the very SAME establishment GOP who so very concerned that TRUMP keep HIS promise to support whomever won, who are know (as dear lil Jebbie WON’T get “his turn on the hobby horse”)behaving like a group of pouting kindergarteners!

  15. david goodman

    people we lost our chance for we have a rapist,mob,union,govt insider,demoncrat(sleeper cell) running.trumpty dumpty.

  16. joleenworden

    First of all the Bushes were no more conservative than Trump. Second Jeb bush made a pledge to support the winner of the Primaries. Third Trump donated money to both President Bushes when they ran and to Jeb for Governor. If all the Bushes do not vote for Trump they are stupider than they appear and are lying hypocrites as well.

  17. Flyby

    Finally a rational voice from out of the Republican Party gives advice to every GOP member to back the candidate capable of winning the upcoming election. The Bushes sour grapes would go so far as to let the GOP lose the presidential race. If they’re not with the Party they’re against it.

  18. JC

    Yes —the Bushes should leave the party if they can’t back Trump—get out we don’t need any more rinos !!!!

  19. Gen11American

    Besides the Rockefeller family, which has five male members listed on the CFR membership list in 2016, the Bush Family is the premier globalist oligarchy family in this nation. The American electorate knew that, and that’s why Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign went nowhere fast. We don’t want another globalist elected president under any circumstances, which is why those in the know don’t want Hillary Clinton! She’s just another George Soros-backed puppet who will take this country right over the cliff which Obama has been dragging us toward for 7.5 years! It isn’t granny in her wheelchair which needs to be sent caterwauling off that cliff! It’s every Leftist in this country, every Muslim who is trying to infiltrate and subjugate this country under Islam and Shariah Law, every educator who is indoctrinating our children and grandchildren to the Leftist/LGBT/Islamic Agenda, and every politician of both parties who has a D or an F on immigration issues. Those who do support foreigners and illegal aliens rather than American Workers! It’s time we take back our country from all the Commie Traitors, including Barack Obama!

  20. Kmat

    Trump is more conservative than the Bush’s and Very Conservative on the BIG Issues. Some of the smaller issues, he more a middle of the road person, as are most Conservatives. You will never here Trump stating your daughter/granddaughter must shower with men that “Feel Like” a Women today.

  21. A natural born American

    George the 1st and George the Worst are just having a temper tantrum because little bush didn’t con the public into putting him on the fast track to the oval office.

  22. hankster6

    I used to have respect for the Bush family, but now they have made themselves to be very arrogant and not worthy or my respect. I don’t agree with everything Trump says, but he will be the best person for the job of president because, as Trump has stated several times, Clinton is as crooked as any snake and should be in jail/prison!

  23. Loren Clobes

    The Bushes are still sulking since Baby Boy Jeb was such a failure and was rejected by most in the early polls. They know that the GOP candidate MUST be a “One World Government” insider, and Donald certainly does not appear to fit that bill. Who are they going to support, Socialist Bernie or lying Hillary???

  24. Gloria D.

    I am in total agreement with Huckabee!! He is right!! Either get on the TRUMP TRAIN OR GET OUT OF ITS WAY!! Bushes were never really true conservatives …they’re of the NWO. TRUMP 2016!!!

  25. wildone502001a

    I totally agree. Many voted for Bushes when they preferred someone else. Stop acting like a spoiled kid who didn’t get his way. Shame on all three of you.

  26. CompletelyOutsane

    Is lock-step support for whatever dunce the party puts forth really the answer? Should it be mandated? That doesn’t sound right to me.
    That being said, Hellary sounds more wrong than nearly anything I can imagine. She MUST be defeated!

  27. dnav

    I still like George W as an individual and feel he was misdirected by his family, but I absolutely agree that Mike Huckabee is right.

    If you can’t vote for the nominee that was selected by a due and unanimous process and is backed by millions of others in the party and other strong conservatives, then GET OUT.

  28. stephanie wilson

    seriously?? are you on crack huckabee? donald trump is a freaking liar, & smeared pres bush & his family, not to mention many other so called conservatives who continue to smear them. why the h-ll should they support a lying pos blowhard like trump who continues to lie about bush & his policies???

    you jerks threw them under the bus! i am glad that pres bush isn’t supporting a lying bully like trump!! he is not even a conservative!! he preaches leftist conspiracy theories & sadly, many on the right have bought these insane accusations! you sold out mr. huckabee. i refuse to support a liar. that goes 4 the lying killary too!!

  29. olcoach

    Mr. Huckabee needs to remember that momma Barbara Bush announced to America she felt like Bill Clinton was her adopted son since H.W. was in the hospital and she just loved Bill for sticking by her sick husband while he was hospitalized. This is when I realized the two families ideologies were not as far apart as I had thought. It opened my eyes for the first time that neither congressional party was that far apart either. It has been made obvious since the republicans gained control of Congress and the establishment republicans have (of which H.W. and W served and worked with) voted with the democrats on Obama’s agendas which have included especially the debaucles of ObamaCare, the budget, and Iran.

  30. Dean

    Mike you stated the truth very eloquently. I am disappointed with the Bush family. I voted for H.W. and W. and it seems like sour grapes now that they won’t support our nominee. I am a Ted Cruz man in a big way and was disappointed when he dropped out, but now that Trump got the nomination, I support our nominee. Grow up Bush family and get over it or leave the party.

  31. Colleen Gill Rotter

    Those two are part of the establishment that hate Trump ! I’ve lost all respect I ever had for them ! Trump will be able to straighten out the mess that the Bush guys helped create,,

  32. Franie

    I used to greatly admire George Bush and look up to him. My opinion is fast changing as I don’t hear anything from either Bush on backing the People’s choice for president. That in itself, is shameful. Makes one wonder if they are still patriotic and care for this country, for Hillary will surely drag us down into he||.

  33. Jan Kenneally

    Love Huckabee, a man we can trust, hope he has a place in the Trump Presidency!!!!!!

  34. Edward

    He is right and if they can’t pull together behind the people who want Trump they are in essence supporting crooked Hillary. America can’t afford another liberal jug

  35. M. D'Souza

    Perhaps the Establishment GOPs would come into Trump’s tent if Trump selected Gov. Huckabee as his VP.

  36. jsa

    i agree with huck. bushes are stupid for there on personal gain. mit needs to jump in the group. don gt want hillary but there actions give it too hillary.

  37. PastorKathleen

    It is a very sad day when those who “we the people” have elected to office in the past won’t support the candidate that “we the people” have chosen in the present.

  38. Robert Early

    I voted for both Bushes and worked in both of their campaigns. If they now do not support their Party’s nominee, then they will have lost all crediblity for all time. Come on, gentlemen. Do you really want this to be your final legacy?

  39. allen

    Huckaby is a true patriot. The Bushes have always been pro New World Order, not pro USA.

  40. miz forever

    I agree with Mike Huckabee. Unless you want the Benghazi Belle as the next CIC, suck it up, hold your nose and vote Trump. If your personal power means more to you than does your country, at least let us know so we can steer clear of your power-hungry clan in the future.

  41. Ginni

    Mike Huckabee claims to be conservative and a Christian, yet he endorses a man with VERY questionable morals and less-than-conservative policies over a Christian, constitutional conservative. Huckabee is the one who should drop out of the Republican party.

  42. David Carpenter

    Exactly my feelings as well. In fact I have a custom ‘Red, White and Blue Election Day Special’ clothes pin that I have been wearing to the polls for the past several election cycles, works pretty well.

  43. Ralph Sinamon

    I can’t say that I’m a fan of Huckabee, but when he gets it right, you have to agree. He is “SPOT ON” here!

  44. Greg

    I fully agree with Mike Huckabee!! If you are a TRUE a Republican then you support the Republican Nominee. If you can’t do it then go over to the Democraptic Party or just drop out of the GOP, shut your mouth and go home and disappear because you are a complete disgrace and traitor to your Party!!

  45. edwin

    who in the hell cares what huckabilly says or does, I can’t believe he even thought himself he had a chance in hell to be considered President of the United States. He had himself a cushy job with Fauxs News and gave it up to run for President shows how stupid and out of touch he his.The only qualifications he had was willingness to bad mouth the Clintons for Roger Ailes every Sat. on his show.

  46. Maggie

    Yes, Mike Huckabee is correct – if you can’t support the nominee then leave the party. Maybe they could start their own and see how far they get!!

  47. Gail

    I sure do and I think Huckabee would be a great Vice President . We have had enough of the these people that control everything by their name .God had to rid us of the Kennedys . That bunch was a terror to America. America has more people than the Bushs /Kennedys /Clintons this bunch has been in control way too long .Look at the mess they have kept us in This is why we are going to see less incumbents being put back into office . The Federal government is not suppose to rule over us . We have no dictators . Our states have the right .

  48. Vern Davis

    Bush has been a big disappointment, he doesn’t ever do anything to help the Republican party. Obama blames all his problems on Bush, and Bush just goes and hides in the corner.

  49. sox83cubs84

    I have supported a handful of Bush Family-sponsored charities for a few years, but that has ended until (and if) the two ex-presidents and their wives announce support for Donald Trump. My first choice was Ted Cruz, but Trump is a far better alternative than the future jailbird or the Socialist stooge.

  50. 1pappap

    And to think I held my nose each time I voted for a “Bush”. One thing this election cycle taught me there is no such thing as party unity. I will no longer vote for any candidate just because they have an “R” after their name. Go Trump, 2016.

  51. Roger L. Cotterman

    absolutely they are bitter that Jeb didn’t have the tenacity that George W. had and his father had. Jeb was told not to run, but went against his mother. If a person calls themselves a Republican and doesn’t support the party then they need to leave the party.

  52. Herb

    I love the former Bush presidents but they should leave the Republican party if the can’t back it’s candidate