The GOP Finally Gets It: “People Just Don’t Care, Trump Re-Wrote the Playbook”

It looks like the Republican establishment finally understands why the Trump Train ran roughshod over them this election cycle.

In a shocking moment of clarity (that should also send shivers up the spine of the Democratic party), Republican chairman – and voice of the GOP establishment – Reince Priebus admitted on various Sunday talk-shows May 15 that campaign traditions don’t apply to Trump this campaign season.

Here’s part of what Priebus told Jonathan Karl of ABC News as reported by NBC News:


“I believe that the American people look at someone like Donald Trump and say, OK, here’s a guy on the outside. Here’s a guy that’s never run for office. And I just have to tell you, after a year of dealing with this primary, one on one – and you know it’s been a lot – I don’t think the traditional playbook applies, Jon. We’ve been down this road for a year. And it doesn’t apply. He’s rewritten the playbook.”


Chris Wallace of Fox News asked Preibus if reports of Trump posing as his own publicist in 1991, or a New York Times report on how he treats women was disturbing to him. Here’s how the conversation went:

“Preibus: Well, you know, a lot of things bother me. And obviously, I’m the wrong person to be asking that particular question.

“Wallace: Wait a minute. Why are you the wrong person? I mean, you are the chairman of the party. This is your nominee, and they’re saying that he has mistreated women over the years.

“Preibus: I’ve got to tell you, I think that all these stories that come out – and they come out every couple weeks – people just don’t care. I think people are judging Donald Trump as to whether or not he’s someone that’s going to go to Washington and shake things up. That’s why he’s doing so well.”

Bingo. The GOPe finally “gets” why so many conservative, Republican voters are supporting Trump: They’re pissed off and they’ve had enough with do-nothing squishes in Congress. This anti-establishment movement is why Bernie Sanders is doing so well against Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side.

Conventional political wisdom says that Trump won’t do that well against Hillary in a November matchup. But given this year’s revolt by the voters, we disagree. In our opinion, The Donald has a much better chance to beat Hillary Clinton than many pundits are giving him. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise us if Trump took down the Hildabeast in a landslide.

What do you think about the RNC Chair’s remarks about the secret to Trump’s success?

Give us your take in the comments section below.


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  1. M.A.Rue

    Nobody cares what the GOP establishment says any more. We’ve had enough of the wishy-washy Congress, the same old same old running for office time after time, the incessant bowing down to Obama on anything he wants, the Rinos in Congress, the state this country is in and NOBODY on either side doing a thing about it. We’re done. Talk about slow learners.

  2. KingDon

    If the RNC intelligentsia are so so smart when it come to representing their constituents, how on earth did it take them this long to finally get the message. All they ever had to do was travel beyond the beltway of DC and listen to the voters. Apparently they couldn’t be bothered with doing that. Better to just stay within the cozy RNC headquarters and spend endless hours planning and contemplating their next move. And while they were doing all of that – Trump simply made the next move!

      1. monacall

        your right and if it wasn’t for the white folks you’d be buried some where on top of a tree with your axx hanging out. by some other tribe that wanted your space. After all the indians weren’t the first people here in this land. the indians stoled it from some other tribe people. just like the white folks did….only the white folks got you all drunk and kept you that way…..cause your a weak person. so shut up and sit back and enjoy this. or maybe one day you’ll get off your pity potty and take control of your own miserable life and quit blaming the “white folk”. feel the bern yet?

        1. Don Dunn

          the redman is all over these comment sites..your responce is pretty good funny ..most people refer to redman as being negroe/black..i think redman is really white/caucasian

          1. pappy450


            Just do what I do…Flag his ass. After we all do that no one will be able to see the BS.

        2. A natural born American

          Someone once inferred the jerk was an Amerindian and he/she pretty near had an apoplectic conniption that should have been the end of our having to put up with any more of his/her moronic trolling.

          1. Jim H.

            And all African-Americans came from the same stock as Africans before being sold into slavery by Africans. Therefore, all Africans are naturally inbred. That’s why they all have “Moms” instead of Momma, all are “cuzs, bros, sistahs, or dawgs.” But I notice as well that none seem to know who dey daddy be!
            So please, keep your racist slurs and your racism to yourself. This is political in matter. And honestly, I’m sick of hearing racial BS, and non-racists being labeled for your iniquities!

            Thank you, have a nice day! ?

          2. The Redman

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          1. Christopher Tabin

            and black people like you love to pollute our cities with your violence and hatred towards us. maybe it’s time that we reconsider this whole slavery thing.

          2. Christopher Tabin

            that’s because blackheads like you started this whole racism thing fifty years ago after we did. only now we see you for what you truly are: biased, politically incorrect bigots.

          3. Christopher Tabin

            yeah, well that’s your opinion, along with every other naïve black person that takes up arms with the black panthers or ISIS, which intends to destroy our country. you just signed your own death warrant, pal.

          4. The Redman

            white-folks-98%- in the u.s. R some of the worse terrorist in the world. they conjure up evilness against other countries and their own fellowmen. christine

          5. Christopher Tabin

            you know, the last time I checked, dozens of black youths like yourself are also easily manipulated into joining ISIS. it isn’t just white people joining their cause anymore. thousands of misguided youths of different races have joined with the sole purpose of wiping our country off the map, and yet you still continue to call us racists. if that’s really how you feel, then you really are a poor, ignorant son of a bitch.

          6. The Redman

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          7. Christopher Tabin

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          8. Christopher Tabin

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          9. The Redman

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          10. Christopher Tabin

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          11. The Redman

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          12. Christopher Tabin

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          13. The Redman

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          14. Christopher Tabin

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          15. Christopher Tabin

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    1. Billy

      KingDon – – – The RNC intelligentsia STILL have NOT gotten the message. They think they are a whole lot smarter than “We the People” are but that may not be the case. We the People (Republicans) are not dumb, we just weren’t paying attention but we are paying attention now. Democrats have yet to show any signs of NOT being dumb.

          1. homer1057

            LOOK Jackass, IF you had a Mother anywhere close to the mother I had, you wouldn’t be the conceited dumb ass Jackass you are! My mother taught me right from wrong and she taught me to stay away from senseless idiots like you! Don’t write back redbone, I won’t answer, I’m taking my mothers advise!

          2. The Redman

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          3. Al Underwood

            Keep wearing that red suit, when hell breaks out you will make an easy target

        1. The Redman

          Nah. U white-folks did it long ago. its jes catching up 2 yall. jim-crow. hahahahahahah

          1. Jim H.

            Sorry sir, my name is not Jim Crow. Nor am I a racist. But apparently you are one of those inbred criminal racists that like making good Black Folks look bad

          2. Rodney Steward

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          3. Liberalbasher1955

            Yeah ! But it was the democrats that made the Jim Crow laws. Keep pimping for the prez faux black man !
            Here for the left wing savior !

          4. Liberalbasher1955

            Very true. But they being your white folks right? They do everything to keep you po blacks on the plantation voting for them. So what’s that say about you black folks eh ?

          5. The Redman

            People of color don’t hav-ta tell white-folks how 2 ruin anything, its jes common 4 em. U idiot pinkie.

          6. Philip

            Jesus stood for people of all colors and it did not matter what color Jesus himself was, and Jesus is the only one who would be more angry about this stuff here.

          7. Liberalbasher1955

            Thump your bible some where else. I tire of leftists using the bible to justify anything. The picture was rhetorical ! IMHO the way most leftist feel about Barry Soetoro.

          8. Rowdy

            I’ve got him fired up on several occasions, I’m looking to shut him up. Have listened to his stupidity more than I can tolerate.

      1. dnav

        The idiocy of your statement is remarkable. If the “white-folks” ruined anything, they would have ruined “North America.”

        By stating that they ruined the “U.S.” you are totally contradicting yourself in a most idiotic way.

        You see, the “white-folks” started the U.S., founded it, made it come into existence. It was the “white-folks” that brought the world the U.S. after they kicked the red weasels off the land, gave them whiskey to kill themselves, and founded a new nation, coast to coast according to the Monroe doctrine.

        Now, if you want to say, “the white-folks ruined the new world” or “ruined the new continent” you would at least have a premise that is not self-contradictory and showed your utter ignorance.

        So please, if you are going to troll the news boards and play the part of an angry native new world indigenous people to throw your idiotic racial slurs and put downs at the white folks, please at least get your premises correct.

        And yes, the white folks ruined your savage minds by bringing you edumacation too, which you would do well to get some.

        1. The Redman

          Yet another idiot white-folk who live deep in denial of their evil intent. bad-dna

          1. homer1057

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          2. The Redman

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          3. Gen11American

            Name one black-run country that isn’t a total hellhole under black rule! Just because black rulers wear $800 suits and ties doesn’t make them effective rulers! If not for the spread of Chistianity and colonization by Whites, they’d still be chucking spears at one another in loincloths!

          4. jarhead

            We were a fine country, until our third world know it all, was made president. He was elected by fellow blacks, who voted for “a brother” but controlled by Soros and other white, self serving billionaires. He , Obama, is a puppet, controlled by those same billionaires and the libs have blindly supported him and the establishment. Why? Because they are brainwashed in their colleges and consider themselves the all knowing cream of society!
            They are really quite stupid and naive. We are now a third world country, or nearly so ! If the Establishment gets another four years, the USA is gone ! The only hope is to get rid of the establishment and President Trump will be a step in the right direction! Wake up America, it is almost too late !

          5. Al Underwood

            If the libs win there will be a war in this Country, and watch all the 3rd worlders run away from here before they get caught up in it.

          6. Gen11American

            If that will be an outcome of a 2nd American Revolution, it might be worth it just for that reason! Best reason would be to remove Obama from power before the most degraded 3% shoves their agenda down our throats!

          7. 4young

            Trump is a democrat and a vote for Trump is asking for 4 more years of the same,,,

          8. 4young

            boy, you sure are racist…I would dislike living with the hatred you must have inside you….

        2. Gen11American

          What has ruined America is the influx of 61 million foreigners who don’t give a rip about assimilating into the fabric of our society. All they’re interested in is sucking the American taxpayer dry and to either “Make America Mexico Again,” or converting our nation into an Islamic Republic under Shariah Law! Hopefully if Trump is elected in 2016, he will demand a total moratorium on immigration because that is what is causing 94 million Americans to be out of the workforce! We don’t need more people in the U.S, and we sure as hell don’t need or want more 3rd World unskilled peasants! Americans are paying so much in taxes supporting immigrants (both legal and illegal), they can’t afford to have children of their own! Thus, the only breeders are the foreigners who are takiing over, and will replace Americans once the Baby Boomers die off! A nation filled with 3rd World, low-IQ drones can only be ruled by a dictator, and that’s what we’ll have if Hillary Clinton gets elected!

    1. Front Sight

      This is why the “establishment” is afraid to support Trump. The electorate wants to throw all of the “bums” out.

    2. Gary Vogt

      Yes indeed. I am so mad at my congressman I could just spit in his eye. What a lazy incompetent he has become.

        1. Jim H.

          Is that why most black folk don’t finish high school? Live in slums instead of nice homes, or murder their own in their own areas? Or praise Al Sharpton for getting rich off of his own people and giving nothing back? Really intelligent!

  3. JC

    He hit the nail on the head—-i am a conservative and i will vote against any incumbent that went along with Obama’s agenda—if they voted for it just once i will not vote for them—-and i do want to see term limits placed on all congressmen !!!!

    1. Roxanne

      It is more sinister than that. When these Representatives/Senators vote yes initially to allow the vote than they vote no so that they can claim that they voted against it just for appearances to their constituency. The crux of it is they are duping their constituency by appearing to do one thing when they actually do another and none of it is to our benefit!

      1. Billy

        Roxanne, you are paying attention I can see. You are correct in your comment. Our Senators AND our Rep’s should have to put out a monthly report of how they voted on everything that came up for a vote and also how they voted every time.
        That will help to stop them from hiding what they are doing, or NOT doing.

        1. Roxanne

          I love your idea Billy! They need to have light shed upon what they are up to and to be held to account for it.

  4. CompletelyOutsane

    I think Trumpdrumpf is going to win big. GOP has no one to blame but themselves. Deal with it! The public has had enough is too much already.
    I supported others and am not a huge Trumpdrumpf fan, but he is better than the demoncraps and is going to win.

    1. Billy

      CompletelyOutsane – – – If you are going to vote for Trump, please stop with the name calling. That is unless you have a few names for Hildabeast Criminal Clinton, in that case please be my guest.

      1. CompletelyOutsane

        I think this is a terrible choice we are going to face in November. I can’t imagine a worse choice than Hellary for anything. She is flotsam as far as I’m concerned.

  5. R M

    The GOP still does not get it and neither does the person that wrote this article the people do care a lot and the fact that Donald Trump has said or done unflattering things about or to women is just not an issue it is a distraction. If there is anyone out there that claims to have never done this then we have bunch of liars out there and I don’t care if they are men or women. The reason that Donald Trump is doing so well is that the voters are tired of the main stream politician who waffle back and forth during a campaign pandering to what ever group they are talking to at the time. Donald Trump has not changed his position, hid what he thinks of certain people and this does not make him a racist, bigot or what ever other term you wish to add, it makes him an individual with his own take on what is needed to get America back on track and a lot of people agree with him.

    1. Barry

      My thoughts exactly. By falsely implying that Trump supporters don’t care, they (the GOPe and their communist propaganda media) are trying to marginalize people who support Truth, Justice, Constitutionality, and all of the values that the GOPe rejects. They tried to portray Trump supporters during the debates as uneducated (as well as Trump himself). Meanwhile, our Harvard grads and Law School Communists are terrorizing our nation from within the establishment government (both parties to be sure)….lying to the people, stealing from the people through the government/Federal Reserve’s big monetary ponzi-scheme. If this is what GOVERNMENT education looks like, I wouldn’t send my child to one of these institutionalized brainwashing camps (colleges/universities) for the world. Out with government/public schooling of our kids (our future), and in with alternative means of truly educating using historical facts, scientific facts, and creationism instead of evolution and satanic paganism (promoted by many Dems and Repubs aligned with the establishment).

      There are a bunch of other stealth communists in the Republican Party in the Congress and Senate that also need to be removed from office, who define the GOPe, not just Priebus.

    2. Barry

      Furthermore, Donald is being attacked by the media and the Satanic Feminist movement because he resists the sinful agenda of the Feminists (Rejecting God’s Word revealing His Order for Creation. Males were created to be MEN, and Females were created to be WOMEN.) Obama’s Mandate for Government school bathrooms to accept the SINFUL Homosexual/”Transgender” filth is just the tip of the iceberg of what the Feminist movement is all about. Trump supporters (or at least this one), opposes this pagan movement.That, all by itself will make him a lightning rod for criticism by these followers of Satan (establishment of both parties). They, the lost GOPe are trying to re-define sin as “good”, and righteousness and Truth as “bad”. It won’t work, and it never will.

  6. marlio

    I totally agree Trump is going to cream her in November and probably has information on her no one else even has, and won’t be able to steal from him. I think he is a dozen steps ahead of the gop and Hillary and thinks well on his feet. You can look in his eyes and see the gears moving, and see him gathering his thoughts in response to remarks other people make. He doesn’t NEED a teleprompter like Obama!!

  7. Don Dunn

    Trump didnt rewrite anything…Trump states Truth or near voters have been waiting yrs for..Trump didnt need GOP money at primary= finnally positive results for the People for once.. To Preibus a silly “half a man” the thought isnt so much “anti-establishment”simplicity …its PRO-PRODUCTIVITY That will finnaly provide Spirit an Honor an Re-establish Trust of Government…punk ass squirming fools

  8. Gail

    He has finally figured it out .We have had enough of the morons in Washington including the biased media . I have said it many times I will not vote for an incumbent. Lindsay Graham always let SouthCarolina down and only tried to make a show a few months before the election . I beg Trump do not pick Niki Haley for VP she lied to the people more than once . Especially about being native Indian . India! If Trump gets rid of the illegals half of the economy will be straightened out . Look at the money saved. If they want to be here go home and come back with your money to be legal . Dipwad Obama has given 28 million dollars to pay to make some of them legal . Where is Congress or vets are dying without care and they let him do this . Fire the bums now .

  9. proudV

    If I never had to listen to Obama speak, Or watch him on TV, It would make me happy. I hope Trump keeps his word and erases Obama’s illegal executive orders, And gets rid of Obamacare(socialized medicen) .Conservatives need to continue the fight against Liberals total lack of Morals, Decency, Lies, And the cheating that will be done during this election not to mention getting Justice for Benghazi, Fast and furious and all the crimes this POTUS has committed against the American people. Keep your word Trump!!.

  10. DonRS

    We the People DO CARE. We care that our elected RINO/Establishment/Republican/Democrat Lites elected to Congress LIED TO US, promising to “STOP OBAMA”. Not only did they NOT STOP OBAMA, they DIDN’T EVEN TRY! In fact, to insure they didn’t anger Obama and the Democrats, these DREADFUL RINOS gave the Democrats MORE THAN THEY SOUGHT!

    Trump is the only one of the 17 Republican candidates that stood strong, in opposition to Obama and Democrats. When someone attacked him, he responded ferociously! Just I we want him to do with anyone that treats America as has been the NORM under PUSSY OBAMA! Obama has only been strong when attacking AMERICANS and America!

    It won’t take our enemies long to feel the strength of Trump and America, when he is President!

  11. Frank

    So Chris Wallace parrots some crap like a true media stooge “they’re sayin’ blah, blah, blah. Earth to Wallace: we know the game, don’t care one whit about your ‘concerns’ and/or slanted b.s.
    Viva Trump!!!

  12. LEVI506

    Trump acts like the common man, talks like the common man, doesn’t sneer at the common man, but does sneer at the Washington elite. What’s not to like. Let him go in and kick some butt.

      1. Jim H.

        No sir, stupid career politicians, elitists, and criminals.
        In truth, there is no difference.

          1. Vassiliki

            Because you too stupid to own or run things so we have to do it for you. Just look at your illiteracy.

          2. The Redman

            U’re jes 2 stupid 2 realize how common it is. the only tang U’re smart about is on yo back, legs open. hahahahhahahahah

      2. Jim H.

        You know, I still believe Daniel Webster was racist and his definition of “Ni___r was wrong.
        But you and Obama make it very hard to keep that belief!

        1. The Redman

          Yep. he was mad wit his white-folk pappy and referred 2 him as a stupid nigga. so, white-folks were 1st called niggers. jim-crow. hahahahahaahah

  13. ReaperHD

    It’s about time that these mental midgets got the message and I can only hope it gets worse for the Career Politicians and it’s time to change this process so the person with the most votes wins the nominations and also the Main Elections and do away with this Electoral College. Time the PEOPLES VOTES are what counts not what some Career Politician wants to twist the results and put in who they want.

      1. ReaperHD

        Hey FaggotBoy when you coming out of the closet along with the Oblozos. Libturds like you sucking Oblozo’s Big Stick as Joe Boy still in the closet Vice President confirmed ruined America.

        1. The Redman

          Y do so many white-folks like U, creeper, love 2 rape yo own children and den send em out 2 shoot up schools.

          1. ReaperHD

            It’s a shame your not at one of these locations when it does happen alone with no one else there.

          2. The Redman

            Yep. its a shame alright. yall white-folks ruined the world wit greed, guns, hate, homosexuality, and inbreeding. creeperDH .

  14. Franie

    I want to know WHY redman is not off this site with that foul and insulting mouth of his. How many times do we have to flag him before you get rid of him? He NEVER has anything nice or good to say to anyone, period!

  15. gubllod

    JC: You have this exactly right. Too many of the GOP have gone down the road paved by the RIPON Society years ago. Those were the country club GOP types. Reince Priebus is honest enough to concede that what the American electorate is saying is correct. He does not seem to be trying to take the part of the politicians over that of the people who elect them.

    The Donald is turning out to be much sharper than many of his critics are willing to admit. He has the limitations of any man and is willing to say so. However, some of the more knowledgeable politicians are beginning to agree that he is a quick study and actually understands more thoroughly many of the big issues than they were willing to concede at first. His endorsement by Senator Jeff Sessions is no small matter [and he isn’t up for reelection!]. I believe Priebus is right.


    I contacted him months ago and told him basically the same thing and I have never heard a word back from anybody as of this date!!!

  17. Pat Dickey Croley

    I totally agree that I don’t care what kinds of things that Trump has done with women…..they like him and he has a strong female base. Prove it……that is what I say and who cares anyway. I want a different outcome this election…..I want Trump to win and make America great again. I also agree that we need to get rid of the go alongs with O’bummer and vote them out. out, out, out

  18. alice

    I had someone (a woman) say to me that they don’t like how Trump talks to women. I told her it didn’t bother me a bit. He treats men (especially the brain dead) the same. She had to admit I was right. And really now, I never heard he actually RAPED anyone—like some ex-presidents we know.
    A woman can, unless the guy is a rapist, “just say NO”. I guess my age is showing. But c’mon folks, can a man no more say, “I think you look wonderful” without being hauled into court for harassment?
    The muckraking on Trump is so absurd when we had a serial rapist in the White House…and still treat him like a celebrity.

  19. Billy

    Preibus and the Republican Party “STILL” have it wrong. They “STILL” don’t understand what is happening. Preibus said “the people don’t care”. He has it exactly backwards, “We the People” DO CARE and that’s why we are going with Trump. The stupid Republican Party thinks we are still willing to listen to their lies but they have really got it wrong. We no longer believe what lying politicians (Democrats and Republicans alike) tell us. We have seen the error of our ways and we are going to correct those errors.
    We are done listening to lyingticians, from both sides of the isle.

  20. boats1567

    It is very simple. I am 71 years old. I fought in Vietnam. I have a graduate degree. In my lifetime I have never been taught the truth in schools. I have never had a REAL AMERICAN to vote for in my lifetime. When I say Real American, I mean an American for Americans and America. We have had more traitors in Washington DC than enemies abroad. I fought in a shooting war with Communists in Vietnam and returned home in 1968 to a country that had surrendered the infrastructure of the country to the communist/socialist movement without firing a shot. They took control through violence, bullying and intimidation. Yet if I speak out about their tactics I’m called everything but a human being. Sick and tired of this BS. Donald Trump is the first real American for Americans and America in my lifetime and some decades before I was born if you know true history. I would stand with him anywhere and defend him anywhere.


    Well, well well, so how does it feel to find you are no longer in charge? Like you are not calling the shots any more. Here is a though for you FORMER power broker thieves. Immigrate to Saudi Arabia. Continue in your thieving ways. First theft , you will gain a nub instead of the hand that you used to have. The next theft you will have TWO nubs instead of hands. Following the third theft they will cut your head off. WHOOPIE, you have made the world a much better place. Do you not now understand what we now think of you. Your days are finished in Washington. Leave that city now with all deliberate speed. Do not EVER come back.

  22. Patricia Eves

    everyone is forgetting that once you become a senator you are on the fed, payroll —not the state you represent– the pres. pays your paycheck—put it in the state’s hands and it will hopefully make them vote with their constuencies—I say more federal paycheck to senators or congressmen–it all comes from the states they are to represent–that will keep our reps. more honest to our state rights

  23. Patricia Eves

    I say–no more paycheck from the fed.—only from the state they represent– based on it’s population–and they have to really represent what we the people want–it gets rid of rhino’s and everything–no more insider trading either–that is another prob. i can’t think about right now

  24. Jim H.

    Let em know Donald Trump! The People do care. But, WE’RE MAD AS HELL AND NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!

  25. Dale_G1

    What RInse Pubics…I mean Reince Priebus doesn’t understand is that even after Tea Party defeats and now the Trump train, the GOP DOES NOT GET IT. Either that or THEY are becoming more liberal, moderate, progressive and don’t want anything to do with “traditional values”, devout Christians, Constitutional conservatives, etc.. If they want to survive and keep their 2 party system, they will either need to listen to us, or they can go the way of the Whigs. Cruz was my candidate, but I will begrudgingly support Trump to keep HELLary or BURNie out of the White House. That House has been disgraced enough by the Clintons and Obamas.

  26. Rowdy

    Looks like most people are getting it. So much of what is posted is very accurate. I also think it is seriously time that we the people have to have a more firm handle on the manner that they think they can run our country. Things move way too fast today to give someone 6 years in office, while we find out that from the beginning they were out to screw us. We need a tool to put a stop to such deceit quickly. Something like an automatic vote of confirmation on their appointment about every six months. We need much more involvement in their functions from now on. All positions have a 2 year term with a maximum term limit of three terms with 6 month confirmations. You jerks work for us, well set the rules, wages and you will comply and perform competently or hit the bricks.


    You know what Mr. Priebus? Trump did not re-wright anything. The reason WE THE PEOPLE want TRUMP is because he is not a WIMP COWARD TRAITOR like you and the rest of the TRAITORS in your Party. TRUMP tells the TRUTH. He tells it like it IS and doesn’t SPIN it and try and be Mr. PC. He talks to us, not at us and he speaks from the heart not from a prompter. He is EONS smarter than all you jerks in your Party put together. He has something called COMMON SENSE. You IDIOTS don’t even know what that means. That’s why none of you supposed EXPERTS can figure out why TRUMP is WINNING and will win the White House. You are a bunch of COWARDS who stand for NOTHING. You are PATHETIC !!!! TRUMP IS A LEADER !!!!!

  28. walt gostowski

    It’s time for true patriotic Americans to take back this country and I think Donald Trump will give it his best shot. It might even convince the Redman to tone down his racist rants!

  29. Peter

    I’m not into the guessing business. Nor am I particularly interested in politics at all. However, Ms. Clinton is so obviously out for Ms. Clinton…and no one else other than her financial backers…I’m amazed that so many women seem to support her. I’d surely avoid hiring her as a babysitter for my child.

    As for Redman, the simplest procedure is to ignore him and never respond. He’s not here to anything other than disrupt. Ignore him and any “power” he has disappears.

  30. homer1057

    That’s about right, I just don’t give a rip about this mans taxes, or if he paid what and to whom etc or if he mistreated someone etc. that stuff shoud come out and be dealt with as it happens!besides, I am sure that Trump pays his taxes, the IRS sees to that and I am sure all the other crap is made up to destroy who this Establishment does not like so…Jimmy crack corn, I just don’t care! FIX this freeking govt problem and throw the bums OUT!! start w/H/C and the obvious foreigner!

  31. Dean

    I hope he means what he says because that is exactly why Trump is where he is. The lying bunch of elties have lied to us one too many times. It’s time for McConnell and Ryan and Boehner to get out, we’re fed up with the same old promises being made and nobody keeping them.

  32. Milton W. Lowe

    Trump in Other’s out as fast as we can…We the People Are Pissed…TRUMP 2016 & 2020 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  33. Flyby

    Finally, even the numbskulls at the RNC seem to have gotten the idea that Americans are fed up with life long talking head politicians.Trump is a man who didn’t need the presidency or the numerous headaches attributed with the job, but has seen America going down the drain and joined the race (spending a great deal of his own money) to dig the US out of the obama/clinton quagmire. I have faith that Americans can picture 4 more years of radical leftist obama/clinton politics and know this will take the country nowhere but further into bathroom laws and illegal sanctuary cities. Trump 2016!

  34. WVF

    Millions of us like Mr. Trump regardless of what he might or might not have done in his past. He’s made mistakes like every human being on this Earth! So what! Jesus Christ was the only perfect person to walk the face of this planet, and he was crucified! Mr. Donald J. Trump for President!

  35. Daniel from TN

    Priebus knew from the beginning why Trump was so popular and why the people want him in office. Priebus just could not (or would not) admit it publicly until now. Now he has to admit it publicly, whether he wants to or not.

  36. sadnana

    I don’t know what kind of president Trump will turn out to be. But for now I’m enjoying the havoc he’s causing in the traitorous GOP.

  37. Retired Chief Petty Officer

    All the trash talk below notwithstanding, Donald trump is saying that you need to look at my opponents and see if they are any better or if they even care about the Bill of Rights. When those first ten amendment are fully restored and supported by the government officials, we will again have the country for which so many men and women died trying to preserve it.

  38. Marie Saqueton

    Trumps attraction is because he is out of the beltway and he is spending his own money, therefor he is not beholden to anyone like most politicians who are indebted to their supporters’ money who will yank their chains.

  39. 1josephg1

    We are sick and tired of low life, lying, scumbag, two face left wing rino;s and demonocraps, socialist, progressive pieces of feces having power and influence over our lives. We serve the Lord our God. Not some demonic ideology that says it is ok to shed innocent blood. An ideology that says it is ok for adam and steve to marry with the same blessings that our Father has given a man and a women. A demonic ideology that says that a man who cuts off his penis and or grows breasts and thinks he is a women can use the womens bathroom. Not on my watch. I hope the women in this country will finally realize the lefties and liberals and progressives and communists and socialists do not have the best interests of women at heart.

  40. Gail

    Tell that to someone who believes it . I hope Trump has 1237 Delagates at the convention . Cruz / Kasich/ and Rubio still plan to keep their delegates so they can get a contested convention with Ryan’s help

    1. Charles T. Gore

      That’s the way I see it also but what about “Manny Cruz”, “Moe Kasich”, & “Jack Rubio” Did not the three stooges sign a pledge to the ultimate nominee or what?
      RNC better make the three stooges support Trump as they agreed or Trump will turn into a fire breathing dragon and scorch all their asses.

  41. 8gary8

    Dare I suggest, as an independent, this delusional, dim-witted, conservative party has no one to blame, but themselves? For over a year, these ‘R’ nincompoops sought to hoodwink their base by supporting those rooted in the historical pass. Times are a-changing & it’s time for the old, political, dinosaurs to step gracefully aside. In short, rather then berate the voters it’s time to look inward & accept the fact that your control over public opinion has ended!

  42. 4young

    Trump is just another Obama,,no experience and thanks he can do/say whatever he wants…if he wins it will be another 4 years on HELL…

      1. 4young

        Yes, no experience. He can’t even discuss issues without a prompter. He has a financial background but that is marred by several bankruptcies. Some large banks won’t even loan him money for his business escapades….To “High Risk”…and he never uses his money to finance his failures100%…even his “self funded” campaign is now trying to raise money….He is lousy on foreign policies and issues….NO EXPERIENCE…unless you want to consider bankruptcy an experience?

  43. The Redman

    white-folks caused Rome 2 fail. and dat same white-folks agenda is headed 2 the u.s.

    1. Charles T. Gore

      I am surprised your feeble mind can even relate to events that happened 2016 years ago.
      Ill bet you cant even remember who won the super bowl in 1965?

      1. The Redman

        Nah, Al. I think anyone who sit around a yell at a football game is nothing short of a idiot. but, white-folks tend 2 ruin nations out of greed and hate. gore-getter. hahahahahahahaha

  44. icate

    The GOP has to decide whether to support Trump or Hillary. Some of the Party elite will support Hillary because they are not Conservative. They are not even Republicans. They belong to the non-denominational Party of Privilege whose only ideology is “me first”. I think American voters Republican, Independent and even some Democrats, will repay them the old-fashioned way by electing Trump in a landslide.

  45. Nancy Page

    Matt Taylor on True News youtube has an interesting Trump Prophesy that he wrote in 2011! Go Trump 2016!

  46. AlaskaLaw

    Beware all, troll infestation below. Such name calling! I wouldn’t bother to read on were I you. All you will see is what looks like paid political operatives attempting to foil free speech; and not really bright or entertaining trolls either.

  47. David Joseph

    Priebus is just like all of the professional politicians. He believes you can fool all the people all the time. The political power structure in America believes it is the ruling class and that the voters are nothing more than pawns or seeds to be manipulated for the advancement of the elites. Trump will sweep the election this fall and if he cleans house, he will be regarded as greater than Reagan. If he falls in line with the elites, the nation will come to a horrible end.

    1. Charles T. Gore

      I think Trump needs to lighten up a bit as evidenced of his rant in New Mexico yesterday against the governor. Not good PR.
      I hope Trump does sweep the election but first he has to deal with Ryan and the three stooges waiting in the wing.

  48. Drake Travis

    We need someone to clean house in Washington (District of Cannabis), and play-it for America again. –>not play games, take bribes, lie to you constantly, be hypocritical, kiss up to Muslims, EnviornMENTALists, Leftists, Lesbians, transvestites, whack-jobs, nut-Jobs and those who love NO-jobs, pot heads, hempies, the nose-ring crowd. ‘you get the message. Or are you not able to read this because it is longer than 140 characters?

  49. ReaperHD

    WE THE PEOPLE = GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!2016 and screw the establishment.

  50. DonRS

    Oh, we care, very much. We care that our country is headed toward the toilet. We care that we have a rat infested ship that is sinking. We DO NOT CARE that the best available repairman may have a wart or so. It the demise isn’t stopped, little else matters.

  51. Philip

    I think most of the people here have already stated my feelings too. I feel mighty strongly that it surely is high time to get out there and clean house of all the establishment status “republicans”. And Donald Trump has been a blessing for us because he has really shaken things up and given those guys a real run for their status. He has made a fantastic demonstration of how the republican mainstream could and actually should really be. And yes! They are scared out of their wits because of this guy, they’re shaking in their boots and they do not want him in office, WE do.

  52. Phil Esposito

    Damn right he’ll shake things up. As far as his treatment of women, all I’ve heard from women is great things. And I don’t consider Rosie O a woman. She’s just a dude without a penis. Dykes are fair game.