Liberal Senator Melts Down at Nevada Democratic Convention

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) lost her cool with Bernie Sanders’ supporters at the Nevada Democratic convention May 14. Boxer, a Hillary Clinton surrogate, took the Las Vegas stage to raucous boos and, at first, tried to bring a unifying message to calm the angry delegates.

Here’s the report from BizPac Review:

“I bring a message from Bernie Sanders and I bring a message from Hillary Clinton. We need civility in the Democratic Party. Civility.”

But the supporters of the Vermont socialists were still angered that Sanders had lost the Nevada caucus and were having none of Boxer’s pro-Hillary propaganda.

Then Boxer tried reverse psychology on the angry crowd.

“When you boo me you’re booing Bernie Sanders. Go ahead. Bernie is my friend. You want to boo Bernie, boo me. Go on, you’re booing Bernie. You’re booing Bernie.” 


As the boos rained down on Boxer, her tone became more hostile towards the crowd as she began to reprimand the Democratic malcontents.

“Let’s hear it for Hillary Clinton! We have the votes, we have the voice, we have victory!

“I grew up in Brooklyn. I’m not afraid of bullies. I’m for Hillary Clinton and she’s for all of us. Keep on booing and boo yourselves out of this election.” 


This bizarre confrontation shows that the Democratic party is far from united, and Hillary may be one of (if not the) most unpopular Democratic presidential nominees in history. While presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has his share of faults, it appears that more grass-roots Republicans support Trump than grass-roots Democrats support Clinton.

This could result in Trump taking one or more “blue states” in the northeast and Rust Belt (including Michigan and Ohio), and giving him a better chance to win in November.

Do you think this Democratic revolt against Hillary could lead to Trump becoming our next President?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    1. rex ames

      Well everyone better wake up and smell the camel shit for sure.

      Trump is our only chance.

  2. Ringo7

    I don’t know. There are so many ignoramuses out there willing to vote for a terrible person like Clinton and a Kook like Sanders, it is just unbelievable. Too many drug heads and losers in the good old U.S.A. and what doesn’t fall into that category are a bunch of radical, leftist nut jobs. We have gone off the radar and are sinking fast. I think Trump might be the only hope this country has.

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal

      He is the only hope, the good news is that a few months ago, it was said that at least 40% of Commie Bernie supporters would vote for Trump, and there are millions of democrats that will be voting for Trump too.

    2. Gloria D.

      HE IS THE ONLY HOPE THIS COUNTRY HAS LEFT!! Vote TRUMP 2016!!! Our last chance.

    3. rex ames

      Hillary is clueless saying she would put Bill in charge of fixing the economy. Thats really funny since he is the one that is responsible for the NAFTA treaty sending millions of our manufacturing jobs south of the border in 1993. Does Hillary think we are so stupid we can google who did what where and when. What a dumb bitch.

        1. Patriot

          You mean put WHITE HOUSE INTERNS Under Him?
          HILLARY is Not Only an Enabler….She is also a PROCURER!

    4. preston

      Absolutely right. If Trump doesn’t win the presidency you will never see another conservative Republican in office again. Hillary will open the southern borders and then allow all the Muslim savages in and guess who they will vote for after all the handouts are dispersed. This truly is our last hope of getting our ship back on course, otherwise it will be a one party system. God help us

    5. JACIE

      I agree with you completely. I think some of them are just plain stupid. Who in there right mind wants to live under socialism ?

  3. KingDon

    With so many chronic freebie receivers out there she’s got a good shot at winning unless the Republicans stop trying to defeat each other and and join in the fight. And be he good, bad, or indifferent, we need to get Trump in the Oval Office. There’s no way that he cannot be better than the alternatives from the other side.

    And please note that I refer to the “chronic” freebie receivers, not those now down on their luck as a result of Obama’s failed or non-existent economic policies. I remember Biden periodically coming before the cameras and praising Obama so-called job creations. He kept saying that prosperity was just around the corner. You don’t hear him saying this any more. I guess prosperity simply was unable to find its way around that corner.

      1. Ralph H Moran

        Redman, it is and was white people that built America and most other countries too along with Jews and a few other “colors”, not a racist just actual facts

        1. The Redman

          And denial make white-folks idiots. people of color “built” the u.s. wit blood, sweat, and tears. ralph h moron

          1. Ralph H Moran

            Who had the smarts and investments to see and develop all of these things, White and Jews and a few other people of different colors. You like most liberals alway turn to name calling and foolish statements, like changing my last name and calling me a name.
            You say people of color did all of this, Well lets talk about that. Africa the supposed home of black people and people of other color. What we see is poor people led by dictators who stuff their pockets with money while their people suffer. You can pick any Black Nation you want, now take any country of Brown people who suffers the most? The people not the leaders. Now lets take the Red man who lived here in America before the “White” man, they were at war with each other and did not build anything.
            I know you want to say the Black man was a slave and it was he that built America but again you don’t really know your history. They did not build much of anything they mostly worked themselves to death at menial jobs in the field. Not all of the Black Americans come from slaves. There are many Black people coming to America as immigrants every year and have been for over a hundred years, the numbers are in the millions. To prove your point you must find and point out who was the leader and who got paid (the worker). The worker did not build anything he worked for wages at any job he could find, just like many white people who worked on the railroads and shipyards and on farms and mostly everywhere else.

  4. jobird

    One sure hopes so but after 8 years of obama I don’t believe democrats would be moved
    to vote for anyone else but hillary.They don’t appear to give a wit about her lies.Sheep to the shearer.But of course the shearing will be FREE!

  5. Syl

    Does she think she is talking to children? Don’t make me come down there. You’re gonna boo yourself right out of the election? The elite don’t have a clue what is going on out here.The democrats created this climate of violence but they don’t like it turned on themselves. We need climate change!

    1. rwp24382

      You’re exactly right. The Dems have been breeding this for 40 years. They have taken over the media, academia, and the government. They have made a bunch of stupid, brainwashed kids that think they are entitled to everything. This is the best chance they have had to taking over the country and now their own creations are turning against them. They can’t stand it that they can’t control their creations. It’s funny how one of the women that has paraded around trying to ban and confiscate firearms said she had to have her armed guards protect her from the Bernie’s bunch. The Dems should be very scared of what they have created.

    2. h m rowland

      “Democrats created this climate of violence ” …you need a mirror in your house, that’s a ridiculous statement.

      1. Franie

        No it’s not Rowland. Syl has it pegged. Liberal elites always talk down to us peons. It exactly what they do. They have indoctorinated a generation of children who know not how to raise their own children. Ignorance breeds ignorance. This is a exactly what the democrat party has done to us in the last couple of generations. That is the WHY as to what is terribly wrong with our country.

        1. h m rowland

          Yes you need someone else to blame , the fascian party is now trying to blame Democrats for the rise of Trumptard. 11,100 hand gun deaths last year, 10,700 more than the next closest country, are not created violence by Democrats but the NRA which has made it dangerous to go outside. Its not the oppression of the left but the right that stirs violence .

          1. Patriot

            You are either completely deluding yourself or you are a Blatant Liar.

            Obama and the SOCIALIST/ COMMUNIST “Democratic TAKEN OVER PARTY” FOMENTS trouble….Crime…MURDER…ASSAULT…RAPE…..SOCIAL discord.

            Obama DIVIDES PEOPLE by Race, Gender, Religion, social strata, wealthy against poor,

            OBAMA and his ILK want to ATTACK OUR second amendment RIGHTS for Total Control of a DEFENSELESS NATION by FREEING CRIMINALS FROM JAIL to STALK, ATTACK and Maim Law abiding citizens.

            Obama does not ENFORCE OUR LAWS…he allows ILLEGAL ALIENS to cross our Unprotected borders and refuses to Deport them….gangs, drugs, terrorists, felons, rapists etc run amok putting Americans at risk.

            OBama is assisting ” REFUGES” from countries that HATE AMERICA INTO AMERICA by FLYING THEM IN and Relocating and Re- Settling them in ALL STATES even unbeknown to the Governors and Officials in those STATES.

            The Enemy is “PICKING OFF” Americans randomly and at leisure. They want control of OUR LAND and the Death of Anyone that does not accept ISLAM.

            OBama has also been INSTRUMENTAL in Establishing OVER 2000 Mosques in the UNITED STATES with the use of U.S. TAXPAYER Dollars.

            Many of these Mosques are nests of ANTI- AMERICAN rhetoric HATE SPEECH and the breeding ground of future JIHADISTS.



            I believe you to be Ingenuous!

  6. John

    I don’t think any of the three candidates has the level of integrity to take the oath of office to uphold the Constitution and then really try to follow through on that promise.

  7. Tvzz Smith

    Barbara bow wow boxer is the dumbest senator i have ever heard from ca which figures.

    1. Franie

      Oops! You forgot to mention Maxine Waters, the biggest ignoramus in all of the fifty states!! She’s from California too.

      1. h m rowland

        Hello franie, hope you’re well. I love Maxine Waters, she seems to be on the side of the people, I know you guys don’t like that but not sure why. Seems we need to care about one another .

        1. Franie

          Howdy to you too. Please don’t be so delusional as old Maxine, Barbara, and Nancy are only out to line their own pockets, to carry through with an agenda, and to deceive their constituents. Make no mistake, Maxine is as dumb as a box of rocks. Remember when she said man walked on Mars?? But then again, maybe not so much as that shrunken brain of hers puts on a good show for the ignorants in her community. Ditto with the other two charlatans, too!!! Have a good day!!

      2. mac12sam12

        Was it her that said man walked on Mars? I think she’s a Harvard grad as well.

        1. Franie

          Yep! It was ole Maxine who said that, and God help us all if this is what Harvard is churning out as graduates. OMG!!!

        1. Franie

          Yeah he did!!! And the dumba$$ low info voter, I don’t give a hoot moron class of people, you know those democrats in this country who cheered him on, are still oblivious as to the destruction wrought by this propped up clown. Can you even believe that??? The imposter in our White House, you know, the Harvard grad who taught law, yeah that idiot, who said we had 57 states, is STILL calling all the shots. The POS has been let loose by our Congress to wreak havoc in adversely effecting unwanted change in our country and giving him cart Blanche in destroying our morals and values. And low and behold, that clown not only won that election first time around, but went on to STEAL the next election!!! Talk about corruption in the EXTREME!!!!

          1. Rick

            Yes, very unimaginable of how the old saying “Fool me once shame on you but fool me twice shame on me” scenario was played against the citizens of this country by those low info voters that were seeing pie in the sky and freebies. I don’t think that a better script could have been written for a Rod Serling twilight movie had he still been alive than the past eight years of this administration has provided because each day of the past eight years seemed as tho we have been living in the Twilight Zone. Now we are being faced with part two of the Twilight Zone the Sequel that will be our total destruction as a nation if old sniper dodging Hillary gets elected. Hold onto your seats because it is going to be a rough ride up to the November elections with all of the lunacy that the democrats are displaying plus not to forget that the fraud in the oval office is dishing out to us almost on a daily basis. Vote Trump 2016 !! The very existence of the country depends on it.

    1. Citizen Steverson

      It was before ppl like you with divisive liberal attitudes. We built the country you racist POS

      1. The Redman

        We-we U stupid inbreed. the only thing U built was dat lice town on yo big pink greasy head, sue-boy. hahahahahahaha

  8. Franie

    Waa, waa, waa….poor Barbara Boxer. What a big spoiled bratty baby. About time she came down off of her perch and get a clue…Hillary is evil and a criminal. The people want dignity in our White House!!!

  9. Keith Phillips

    Yes I’m sure it will swing for Donald Trump. I am 58 and been a Democrat my whole. Obama and Hillary are idiots. I would even think of voting for anyone else but Trump. And I know alot of Democrats that will vote for Donald Trump.

    1. rwp24382

      Well cuz, maybe you are waking up to the fact that the Dems aren’t running the government in order to help you, rather to control you. Obama and Hillary aren’t exactly stupid, they’re diabolically deceitful and dishonest. They have the best intentions of giving this country away and having the UN control the world. Their one problem has been to destroy the Constitution, to the point there will be no words spoken against the government, nor will there be any physical resistance to them. Thankfully, there have been enough of us to see through the smoke screen. One more Democrat administration could possibly take down this country, if the trend is not turned around.

      This is the time to take out as many career politicians as possible, from both parties. They have been corrupted by the elites and Trump has them scared of losing their power. The elites have made themselves into a ruling class, that enriches themselves, while enabling others to enslave us. This has to stop. I hope that you can convince others to think about what they are doing by voting for the establishment candidates. I used to think that most in Congress were wanting to help the country, but lately I have seen that most aren’t doing anything but helping themselves.

      It may be time for term limits, that I used to think might not be good for representatives that were really patriotic and help their states. There is too much corruption and it needs to go. Term limits would limit the ability of special interest groups to influence corruption in both houses.

      1. Keith Phillips

        Very well said everything that you have mentioned is exactly what is going on. And the true American citizens need to unite together to stop it.

  10. Howleyesque

    GOOD! Wait until they finally figure out that it’s been a rigged game from the start… LET THE RIOT BEGIN!

  11. apzzyk

    For Conservatives, I wouldn’t make a big deal out of this. One of the main reasons why Bernie (my choice) is staying in til the end is so that he will have a good deal of influence when it comes to the platform, but he has already drug Hillary farther toward the Progressive positions, while the Donald has begun flip-flopping on many issues, and has even said that he would raise taxes, but on the other side has already begun breaking promises – the $6M for the vets from his skipped debate speech is not to be found. There is also the very substantial problems regarding his refusal to disclose his tax returns, but from what he filed with the Federal Election Commission, he has a worth of over $10B and only made $557M – who did he screw out of that much money? He is not even one of the .1% who will benefit from the elimination of the estate tax. Now that he is pro-life, we may find out how many children he fathered and how many abortions he funded. More questions that need answers.

    1. mac12sam12

      Trump said he’s lower middle class taxes. Bernie can’t explain where he’ll get the money for his $18 trillion in free stuff. We already have a $20 trillion dollar debt.

      Trump is in the top 1%. Entry level for the top 1% is $326,000 a year. I think he makes a little more than that.

      1. apzzyk

        I realize that Reagan’s adding $1.8 Trillion, and GHWB adding another $3 Trillion, and GW’s adding over a Trillion a year to the debt has nothing to do with the current debt problem – it is all Obama’s fault (That is from FOX lack of news). Over 10 years the abolition of the inheritance tax will only cost the treasury over $230 Billion. But this year the increase in the national debt is going to be about the same, so the figures show that if the wealthist 1% would just pay 5% more in taxes, the debt would actually decrease, but these wealthy people would then not have enough money to give to their children so that we could have an economic aristocracy to look forward to. What did Trumps 3 (known) kids do to actually earn that much money except to be born to some guy by the name of Trump.
        If the Donald is ‘middle’ class what does that make those of us who only have income of $50K or less. Totally off the chart.
        Until the free traders really won about 35 years ago, most US revenue was from Duties and Terriffs – just as it had been for the Brits at the time of the Boston Tea party, but with free trade – NAFTA – that dried up, and the government still needed the money to do the things where the private sector found no profit. Now this would include the research on the Zita virus, where the house only wants to pay 1/4 of the cost and expect the same results as if it had spent 100% – where is the Donald on that – he does have the $2B to fully fund it, but there is no profit to be made. All that is not profitable is of no value – Ayn Rand – Speaker Ryan’s favorite author.
        Pin heads are good for Conservatives because they do not have the learning part of the Cortex, and will mark whatever square they are told to mark on their ballots. This saving of the taxpayers money, will be really appreciated by those who do not make enough to pay taxes because their wages are not living wages. This company hires slave labor only.
        Bernie would pay for his ideas by doing the good old fashioned thing – raising taxes on the wealthy so that they either spend it on the means of production and actually create new jobs, or they give the money to the government to spend on what is best for the most of the people. During the period between 1932, and about 1980, that worked to bring us out of the Great Depression, Fight WWII, pay the GI bill, and begin to pay down the debt from the past. During LBJ, we fought another war (that was a waste), passed Medicare, and still paid down the debt. Then, during and after Reagan, other countries took what appeared to work here (smoke and mirrors), so Iceland went into the banking business and went bankrupt; Ireland took our low taxes and made them flat taxes (12.5%), went into debt builing the infrastructure, but all it got was money changing post offices and is a basket case; Spain and Portugal went into the Housing business, but those who would have bought had lost their jobs so could not afford to buy, and are basket cases; Greece had borrowed our Social Insurance and Pension plans, but forgot to have a tax system that worked to pay for these benefits. Germany is tapped out, China has lowered the value of its currency so we will buy more from them, but our consumer class is so far into debt that it cannot afford to buy that much. That explains why BNSF has laid off about 4,500 employees in CO, and then Saudi lowered the price on its crude, and the Fracking boom went bust – neighbor’s grand son who was making $10K/mo in oil patch is on ND unemployment, and can’t afford to live in CO except for grandma and grandpa. Could use retaining, but cannot qualify for a student loan because of current debt.
        The basic cause of the French and 1st Russian Revolution of 1917, was disparity in wealth and power. Off with Trump’s head? Just think, if there were no heirs to the Trump fortune, it would become government property. Mdm. LaFarge lost her head too.

  12. 0331Tap

    Sanders will loose…Sanders supporters will go to Trump in a big way…Those that don’t won’t vote Hillary they will just not vote…I think Trump kicks her bitch ass…

  13. Texas Son

    Senator Boxer has quite a high opinion of herself. She doesn’t like to be addressed as “ma’am.’ I have seen her in Senate hearings a number of times.

      1. Gnowark

        and his personal ethic probably prevented him from having any opinion whatsoever of her or her executive-branch ‘boss.”

    1. Gnowark

      I can’t argue with that statement, but can argue that a subset of “white-folk” are responsible, just like a subset of “redmen” are responsible for the crimes committed by redmen. I’ll assume you are a “red lives matter” proponent. I’m personally an “American Lives matter” proponent

      1. The Redman

        U like most white-folks in the u.s. R A “proponent” 4 “white-folk american lives only matters”. snow-worm. hahahahhahaha

  14. Mary L. Terry

    Hiliary Clinton is the worst example of a woman, much less a possible President of the greatest NATION ON EARTH. If she is elected, things will be 100 times worse than they are right now! GOD HELP US ALL!

  15. juniemoon

    Boxer is a radical left-wing loon. Nobody cares what she thinks or says. She did not do anything positive for Calif.

    Hey, Boxer, STFU!!

  16. Peter

    ANYTHING to avoid Ms. Cuckold, still wife of Mr. Screwaround! In my many years, I’ve never run across a major candidate so evil, so self absorbed, so willing to do ANYTHING to move her personal agenda.

      1. Peter

        Precisely what I’m doing. Whatever his faults, he’s a far better choice than Ms. Cuckold.

    1. Gnowark

      hmrowland: You probably weren’t aware, but according to ayatollah khomeinie (1970) islam MUST be the government. In a theocracy, it is a government FIRST, and a religion SECOND, and as a government that allows no others (including non-believers) to exist, it is correct to limit their invasion.

  17. Wayne Sayers

    Let’s get something straight. It is NOT the Democratic Party; it is the Democrat Party. Those how vote for the Democrat Party are called Democrats. They hold Democrat primaries to chose a Democrat representative to serve in the government be it for president or congress. The GOP is as “democratic” as are the democrats. . .probably more so as they are trying to bring us back to the foundation of the nation, the Constitution. Unfortunately, they also have lost their way going along to get along. Hillary has been heard to say,”I don’t believe I have ever lied to the American public.” She even lies about lying!! Bernie spent his honeymoon in the, then, Soviet Union for crying out loud. He’s a progressive and the progressives have their ideology based on Marxist doctrine. Look it up. There is nothing constitutional about what they are about.

  18. mdrod1

    Scumbag Boxer deserves all the boos and hatred, not only because of her MORONIC support for Hitlery Rotten Clittin’, but for the HORRIBLE job she has done as senator in California!!!!! This scumbag is NOT even a REAL Californian!!! She was born in New York!!! Grew up in Brooklyn!!! OH GOD!!!!! VOTE HER OUT!!!!! She knew she had No leg to stand on, so that’s why she got DESPERATE and tried to reverse the hatred by saying the Bernie supporters were booing him!!! Yeah right!!! She looked like a f**king fool as usual!!!!!

  19. Gail

    Boxer has never done one thing for the country . Her head is so far up the ying yang of Hillary. She has helped California rich get richer . I hope instead of booing they run the hag out of the country with her broom

  20. 8gary8

    This nation is in serious trouble! Where do I begin? Saul Alinksy or David Axelrod? Black Lives Matter or Joy Behar? MSNBC or FOX News? Celebrities or middle-class? David Brock or Bill O’Reilly? Chris Matthews or Greta van Susteren? Facebook or Tweeter? Louis Farrakhan or Mariah Carey? Joe Biden or someone else? John Boehner or Newt Gingrich? Rahm Emanuel or Dick Durbin? NEED I CONTINUE? Ok, last eight comparisons. Laura Ingraham or Rachel Maddow? Jesse Jackson or Herman Cain? Charles Krauthhammer or Media Matters? Jim Messina or Andrea Mitchell? Sarah Palin or Nancy Pelosi? Condoleezza Rice or John Kerry? Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton? Who did I leave out? Finally, President Obama or future president Donald J. Trump?

  21. Glenn HENDRIKSEN

    ….. AGAIN i ask WHY IN THE HELL !! is not this broad ALREADY in a ‘bright’ ORANGE jumpsuit ??!?

  22. homer1057

    H/C has NO “right” to be in the W/H any more than an Illegal, and NOT even as a visitor! This woman has forfeited any rights because of her insubordination as a politician! She needs to be in the gray house w/pink striped P.J.’s on! Bernie Sanders is not much better when IF you consider that a “Socialist” is just the Monetary arm of Communism! Yeah, Socialists give people al that FREE stuff, get people hooked on Govt handouts and then pull the rug out and require payment, which means, “GOVT CONTROL” and it is complete control! Donald trump for president!