Democratic Memo Reveals Hillary Losing Support of One Group She Needs to Win

A Democratic organization admitted in a recent memo that Hillary Clinton is losing the support of blue-collar workers, and offered some suggestions to change her campaign strategy as the Republican Party remains divided over the rise of Donald Trump.

The Democracy Corps memo, obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, calls attention to how Clinton can improve her messaging for the general election.

Here’s part of the April 11 memo reported by Newsmax:

“We are witnessing the crash of the Republican Party as we know it, and progressives should dramatically change their strategy to maximize conservative losses and move the stalled progressive reform agenda in the election’s aftermath.

“The Republican Party is being shattered by a three-front civil war against the GOP establishment and that in-fighting will profoundly impact how people vote for president and all the way down the ballot.”

It goes on to refer to Trump as the “skunk at the garden party with his overt racism and hostility to immigrants and Muslims. But GOP base voters are race-conscious and anti-immigrant, as they have made clear at the state level since Pete Wilson in 1994.”

The memo describes three way Democrats can seize on what it calls “the fracturing of the Republican party,” including a bit about Clinton and working-class voters.

“It is urgent to join the battle for the working class because Hillary Clinton has only reluctantly engaged on economic issues, political reform, and bad trade agreements, and she is losing working class voters in the primary and general, according to our polls.” 

The Democracy Corps memo also talks about Clinton needing to capture the vote of moderate Republicans. It’s an issue that Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly brought up recently.

This internal memo talks about the obvious: The civil war that’s broken out in the GOP and Hillary’s weaknesses going into the general election (assuming she’s the Democratic nominee). Given her and Bill’s history of political corruption since the 1980s, it will be a difficult sell to voters that she can (or will) engage in any political reform in Washington.

We would disagree that Republican and conservative voters are ‘race-conscious’ and ‘anti-immigrant.’ A majority of grass-roots conservatives are against illegal immigrants – not those who come to American legally – and conservatives are more ‘behavior-conscious’ than ‘race-conscious.’

Do you agree with Democracy Corps’ assessment of Hillary’s weaknesses?

Tell us why or why not in the comments section below.

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  1. Barbara

    Hillary Clinton Promise: ‘We’re Going to Put a Lot of Coal Miners and Coal Companies Out of Business’. She cannot connect with the American people, is a ‘congenital liar’ and corrupt to the bone.

  2. Matthew V. Brown

    “Who’da thunk it?” Maybe voters (Democrats AND Moderate Republicans) are just tired of the Clinton corruption, Hillary’s abysmal inaction concerning the ambassador in the Benghazi debacle and her attitude over her dismal failure in this regard (“What difference…does it make?”), and the thought of Billy Boy getting another “swing” at the White House interns (I’m rather sure a “swing” is all he can manage now, at his age). Maybe Saul Alinsky’s political ruminations have fallen into disfavor. And maybe the Socialists in the Democratic Socialist Party would just rather have an upfront Socialist like Benie Sanders, than closet Socialists like the Clintons. Who knows? Whatever the reason, the Clintons seem to be losing their luster…of course, they were only “fool’s gold” to begin with.

      1. Matthew V. Brown

        I would like to believe that. But history tends to demonstrate that people make the same mistakes…repeatedly.

        1. Peter Osborne

          Those who fail to learn from history are doo med to repeat it. Sometimes history jumps up slaps you in the face and says ” Didn’t you learn ANYTHING the last time?”. Elect Hillary and we get th face slap.

          1. A natural born American

            The same with bernie and romney and… It’s time to oust all career politicians as we’ve learned they’re only in the business to fatten their list of assets rather than do the bidding of their constituents.

      2. Gail

        Not just Obama doing the scam Congress had the power to put a stop to his destruction of this country.They have handed him everything he has wanted . As long as they got to keep playing house at our expense .If he is not stopped soon we will be a poor third world country. .Did you know illegals get $5386.00 more welfare than any American does. . The stupid idiot in the White House told all of the illegals to declare refugee status . When they do this they are entitled to welfare our jobs money homes and while they are receiving this they are bringing diseases that were gone from this country for over 20 years.Scott Walkers State has 130,000 Samolians and 1 out of every five has tuberculosis .The Senate/ Congress wants us to give our lives for other countries and everything else . Next they will be taking the keys to our homes . It is up to America to put these yo yos out for good . When one is up for election vote him out Don’t let an incumbent go back in .

          1. Gail

            You hit the nail on the head But there is one thing we have they don’t. Our Guns . I for one will not go guietly into the night . Our Second amendment was placed in our constitution for this very reason Our oppressive government.

  3. The Fox

    I don’t believe in Hillary Dillary Dike and Demon-rats say or do, they are the immoral people who are bringing the nation down and soon to be toast as everything they believe in is evil, same sex marriage, special rights for homosexuals, murdering over 58 million baby’s and call it choice while being a homosexual isn’t a choice, destroying this nation via immoral unionized socialist school teachers who are mostly demon-rats and indoctrinate the kids into being good little pagan robots of the left and don’t have a clue about teaching and they are joined by judges who now make laws rather up keeping the laws of the land, helped by money hungry lawyers and Social Service who now decide who and what a family is and they are demonic as the devil himself. Repent America and invite God back into your lives or it’s going to get hot and not global warming.

  4. zflwizard

    You slip in that Trump is racist. Lie> HOW By closing our border to everyone in the groups that have killed us and vow to kill more. If that is racist you will have a long list of Americans that dont want to let trash extremist in, or those jumping the border with all kinds of third world diseases and welfare needs. What we do not need is a bunch of progressives that want to let more refugees in for us to support and defend against. I don’t have to kiss their a** to prove I am not racist. I do hate some groups of people, most of which are being hunted by our military or in Guantanamo.

    1. A natural born American

      Has anyone else noticed how these ‘progressives’ have been taking this country on a trainwreck of a ride all the way back to the Roman Empire where the ‘progressives’ got to spend their lives lazing around baliky-barea$$ed-naked, or barely draped in sheets as they gorged themselves with all manner of foodstuff that was produced, prepared and served by their slaves. It seems the only time they weren’t glutting was when they were indulging in orgies of sexual perversions or attending the games where the decent people were being savagely murdered by animals or soldiers. We’re living under Nero right now, and many people seem to want to replace him with Caligula.

      One thing every great nation had in common at the time of their downfall was socialism/communism. Egypt, Rome, Greece… etcetera

    2. Brian

      The writer of this article didn’t say that Trump was racist. They pointed out that the memo from the Democracy Corps, obtained by the Washington Free Beacon made mention of the overt racism of Trump (which is a lie). Not that I support Trump, but he has to be a better prospect than anyone the Dems are trotting out to be president.

  5. R M

    She can fix it by telling everyone about her endorsement and financial support from the KKK.

  6. Brian

    I would say that the one group Hillary needs to win is the stupid. Because to vote for her you need to be stupid.

    1. A natural born American

      She’s already won that group. They’re called ‘college students’.

  7. zflwizard

    I will give you a quick class. Hitler hated communist because they were not as racist as he was. He was a socialist because they would accept his racist views. Is that why you are a socialist, if you are one? Did you know what socialism stands for? It is far right wing where communist is far left wing and they join hands in the circle. Most that support socialism dont have a clue what they stand for.

    1. Franie

      Excuse me….socialism AND communism are far left wing ideologies. Apparently you don’t have a clue neither.

      1. zflwizard

        For sure I have more of a clue than you do. I was referring to Hitler. Spcialism is defined differently depending on the century and America or Europe. Hitler considered himself to be far right wing. That does not mean everyone would believe that. If you study it some more you will see its complicated, far too complicated for you to say someone does not have a clue. I was referring to the remarks made on facebook and by the media that Trump is racist. Some even call him Hitler. Those remarks show how dumb the people making them are when you have studied socialism 5 minutes or more. Here is one site you might enjoy reading. There are more much better but I am too tired for a lengthy response.

    2. Birds of Fire

      Nope, zflwizard is clueless. You are correct, Franie.

      Adolph Hitler’s political party were the Social Democrats. They were LEFT WING socialists who opposed Stalin just because he was a Soviet who wanted to stop Germany from taking over the world.

      As far as their ideology and ethics go; they were two peas in a pod. The “eastern front” in WWII was a family dispute. They actually agreed about almost everything.

  8. Howleyesque

    Ya gotta love the Dumocrat hypocrites, racist to the core and yet forever willing to label those of us who put the NEEDS and SAFETY of US CITIZENS… REGARDLESS OF THEIR RACE, ABOVE those of foreign nationals as the “racists”! THEN, the same dolts who have trashed the coal mining industry are ready to set the precedent of allowing some moronic law suit holding a manufacturer liable for the DECISION of a criminal to make ILLEGAL USE of it’s product to commit a crime and .CHILDISH AS EVER, are UNABLE to foresee the CONSEQUENCES in terms of industries and jobs lost throughout the nation!
    HERE’s a thought, extract your heads from those “progress” (towards totalitarianism ASAP) butts and rent a clue from an INTELLIGENT 12 year old!

    1. Franie

      Yeah, and what gets me is I just heard today that Obama is throwing many $$$ to employ the refuges this summer, giving them the jobs instead of giving kids who desperately need jobs in the black communities.

      1. Don Wadd

        He is looking for new demoncrat voters. He figures he already has black america in his pockets!

      2. Howleyesque

        Yep, but the racist black FOOL just like the stupid Jews just don’t see what’s there to BE seen if they’d just open their eyes



    1. Don Wadd

      Want to see an absolute crime? Google what the Klintons get from the govt on their retirement!

  10. Texas Son

    Hil(liar)y will probably put Slick Willy on a mission. But, as for me – NEVER SLICK HILLY!

  11. tnetcenter

    I think the polls showing HiLIARy beating ANYONE are completely bogus! The ONLY way she can win is by FRAUD just like Obama!

  12. James Tucker

    The moderate Republicans need to get on the train because all the other times the rest of us have been going with the flow with moderates Republicans for a long time. It is time to get someone who at least acknowledge that with millions of illegals in this country that actual Americans are being left on the sidelines watching Congress and our Presidents giving away land, jobs and our money to illegals and foreign countries that are are enemy which in itself is insane.

    1. Gary Purcell

      And our muslim terrorist in the White House is wanting to give “our” Social Security to those illegals he is giving our money to.

      1. Don Wadd

        SCUM that NEVER paid a dime into the system! Dump all these clowns giving away our country now!

  13. Peter Osborne

    Hillary is amoral, a liar and fully corrupt. And the writer thinks the R’s have issues? BTW, what raceism has Trump displayed?

    1. Birds of Fire

      Saying that political refugees who are CHRISTIAN Syrians should be “banned” is not racist?

      I’m not sure I agree with you. Donald Trump has displayed outright hostility to LEGAL Mexican Immigrants ON FILM.

      Saying that Christian immigrants from India should be “banned” is not racist? What tear in the fabric of the universe allows you to think like that?

      Donald Trump is so ignorant of the religions of the world, I bet you a dollar right now DJT does NOT know that the Hindis from India and the Shintos from Japan are polytheists. I bet he’s so stupid he doesn’t even know what that word means.

      I bet YOU are so ignorant you can’t actually name the Gods of the Hindis and the Shintos.

      1. Peter Osborne

        So, what race was that these religions represent? Trump said that until we figured out what was going on we should halt ALL MUSLIM immigration. Still NOT racist unless you think muslim is a race of people and not a religion. BTW, I have never heard Trump say that oppressed people of any specific race should be excluded at all..

  14. Gail

    The Democrats are nazis in disquise. They are the bullies on the block . The Clintons have destroyed a lot of people . Clorox couldn’t clean her up enough . Half of this country is under 40 years old and History was taken out of the schools so they don’t know what a socialist or Nazi is . Unless they get enlightened real soon they just think they need therapy for chalk markings ! What they will need is a gun to fight for themselves . Because the onslaught of things to come will be devastating.

    1. Birds of Fire

      Huh? What happened to the “baby boom”?
      I thought there were MORE Americans OVER 55 than UNDER 55. Did they all just die yesterday? I’m still here. So is my wife. We are both “baby boom” children. All her older sisters and her brother are still alive (10 people total). Far as I know, all my sisters and my brother are still alive (that’s 5 more people). All the “baby boomers” in our combined families are married to people of similar age.
      That means there are MORE PEOPLE over 55 in our combined families than there are people who are UNDER 55. I think the insurance people will tell you that you are dead wrong.

      1. Gail

        I am a baby boomer too . But you had better get your facts ! This is why the insurance companies are having a fit ! If all of the young were actually paying for insurance then they would not be going under . They expected the young to pay to fray the cost of the elderly . For the last forty years they have been running illegals in on us and they are considered Americans. Ronald Regan gave amesty too. This is when they really stopped History in schools. And in 60 years we have lost a lot of baby boomers to death. And although we still have a lot of numbers a third of us don’t know they are in this world and although I would like to think we are the majority we have some of us who seem to have lost their minds when it comes to right or wrong . It burns me up when I hear some of these crazy coots talk because I am old enough to remember what freedom really is .The new social security that congress / senate passed of Obama ‘s lovely bill went into effect May 1 and it will take away as much as two checks a year . This money was given to welfare . Welfare went up 350% and social security didn’t get anything . Because they think you don’t derservev. Quite simply put the number be there but the boomer isn’t

  15. ramrod

    Hillary,s cheese dick slick willy screwed all the union people with his NAFTA.Now they can see,You do not take money from the unions,stab them in the back.then come around years later and say it,s all good you can trust me,Not even all the union member are that stupid.I am a retired UAW My job went to Mexico Thanks to The Clinton,s

  16. cardmaster1

    One issue with one of those statements is regarding the “crash” of the Republican party and that folks are against the Republican “establishment”. We are against The Estsblishment-Period! That is not just Republicans, it is also DemocRATS!! The “Establishment” is Both sides. And Hillary Clinton “Nurse Ratched” is a Charter Member of that Establishment!!! The CEO of all that is Wrong with America! The poster child for Liberal INSANITY!

  17. Jeromelew
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  18. CarlosTaupe

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