Anti-Trump Conservatives Poised to Launch 3rd-Party Run

An anti-Donald Trump conservative group is reportedly considering launching a third-party candidate to run against the presumptive GOP presidential candidate.

Here’s the report from Politico:

“About two dozen conservatives from across the country are expected to participate in a nationwide conference call. ‘All options are on the table,’ said one before briefed on the agenda for the call.

“Conservatives Against Trump, a group of activists headed by Erick Erickson, Bill Wichterman and Bob Fischer, launched in March, when they held a closed-door meeting to discuss how to take down the mogul.

“Even as Trump’s last challengers dropped out this week, some in the party remain deeply opposed to him and have called for other figures – including Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse – to explore the possibility of a long-shot, third-party candidacy.”

Anyone who has political savvy or experience should know that running a conservative third-party candidate would be political suicide for that candidate – and could destroy the Republican party in the process.

The Republican establishment got itself in trouble this election cycle by ignoring the grass-roots base and not fighting President Obama’s policies. And now prominent conservatives want to double down on a bad bet by ignoring the will of the Republican base again?

Do you believe these “Conservatives Against Trump” are doing this out of principle, or out of spite because Trump wasn’t a GOP insider before he launched his campaign?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. Bo

    Just like the 1992 election, when a third-party candidate brought Bill Clinton the White House, this is a BAD idea.

    1. Daniel from TN

      In 92 a majority of the people did not vote for Clinton: He won on a plurality.

  2. Drake Travis

    this article and the assessment found within it perfectly explains the folly of such an endeavor. It will put Billary in the Whitehouse – and “conservatives” are behind this movement? How to give such people a reality check …?!

  3. Maggie

    I think they’re doing it because they will loose all their power and money and for no other reason!!! If they were true Conservatives, they would gladly vote for whomever was the nominee. To let Hillary win by default, is suicide for Conservatives, but the Republican Party leaders don’t care – everything will be as they want no matter who the President is – except if it’s Trump!!! To make the American people have to live with 4/8 more years of what we just suffered through, is so selfish!!

    1. h m rowland

      They better do something its their responsibility to save the party and our country the embarrassment of a Donald Drumpf Dictatorship. Mr. Drumpf/ Trump which ever he is should be in a mental health facility. If ya saw him in common clothing in the park saying what he says we’d walk waaay around him, the police would run him to Bellevue. Serious.

      1. Daniel from TN

        A Trump dictatorship!?!?!? Even if that occurred, could it possibly be worse than the current obama dictatorship?

        1. h m rowland

          Well, YES. I know that for Mr. Drumpf to round up 11,000,000 immigrants there will need to be extreme marshal law like we have never experienced to date, its bad now but millions of new enforcement officers will be needed and we will have our movements frozen or greatly limited. It will cause more surveillance to be focused on you Daniel . More murder by cops so don’t be trying to sneak out for a 2 liter of pop.

        2. Sculptorofbabies

          It is thoughts like this that got us here in the first place. Time for the people to take back, our Country…

    2. Tommy Tunez

      “I think they’re doing it because they will loose all their power and money and for no other reason!!!”

      Maggie, if these idiots run a third party candidate and it results in Trump loosing the election they will have to answer to many angry former GOP voters that are gun owners. No money in the world will be able to keep them safe.

  4. Eugene Bertone

    Agree with the other posters. We’ve been Perot’d before; Stupid is as Stupid does; if they do this again; this will elect another Clinton like in 1992.

    1. Franie

      They do this, this lifelong real conservative republican will permanently leave the party and campaign for a true PATRIOT PARTY.

  5. 1pappap

    To know what is really important to these scumbags in Washington, search for this book on the web I just saw today. I think it’s called, “Congressman X”.

  6. janniefay

    This would be a very bad move in more ways than one. So go ahead G.O.P and put a stop to your own party.

  7. ReaperHD

    You do and it will show what a bunch of Butt Holes you really are and your just here to hand the election to Hitlery.

    1. 123terrywbradley456

      I am not a butt hole, I’m in my 80s, a veteran who went to Korea, a retired lawyer, a West Texas rancher, and a life long Republican. I was not a POW but I knew men who were. They are war heroes. Mussolini Trump says his Viet Nam War was a fight with VD. There isn’t anyway I could vote for the bully buffoon Trump or the socialist Hillary.

      1. Walter H WILSON3rd

        I am also a veteran, enlisting in Navy March of 1965. I was called a kitty Cruiser, Enlistment ended a day before my 21st birthday. I, am now a Police Officer retired. I have lived my whole life in New Jersey so I’m well acquainted with trump history. From the start, I spoke out against him more times than I can count. I have always been a hard-nosed conservative, my choice was Cruz , the only constitutionalist in the bunch. A proven winner against opponents of the Second Amendment, and was hated by the elitist in both parties. If we publicans don’t take the presidency and have a majority in each house we are going to lose the freedom as we know it! My vote, is not being cast for Trump, is being cast against Clinton!! If he succeeds, in making America great again then he will receive my vote in his second bid for president. If he fails us, he will end up a one-term president and Cruz will be the nominee in 20. 4 million Republicans set home the last general election!!! With all due respect, if you don’t vote against Clinton then that’s one more vote for her presidency!!! Political correctness will become a law, and our means to Freedom namely the Second Amendment will be erased, as well as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as if they never existed!! I call on all veterans, once again to come to the aid of their country, placing America first, above our personal feelings!!!!

        1. Daniel from TN

          You make a good point. This election will be more about who the people do NOT want as president than who they do want.
          Remember. Pouting and choosing not to vote at all IS a vote for Hillary; because no matter how much they despise her, Democrat voters WILL vote for her anyway.

      2. Sculptorofbabies

        If you are republican, and want the Republicans to stay in the house and Congress, Plus the Supreme Court, you will get out. You of all people, know how important it is for our Military, as well..

  8. catbaloo

    These so-called “conservatives” need to sit down, shut up and stop acting like spoiled 3 year olds who didn’t get ice cream. What brats! To hand this election over to the Dems in a fit of pique is ridiculous.

  9. enrique

    I don’t care why they are doing this , it will be another win for the democrats.If they are truely Consrvatives then vote for whomever wins. I will hold my nose AGAIN and vote for trump if he gets the go ahead.

  10. John

    Conservatives aren’t behind it, RINO’s are behind it to keep their power in DC. Conservatives will just stay home.

    1. d66cmorris

      Same results. If you don’t want another Clinton you need to get out and vote for the lesser of 2 evils

    2. Sculptorofbabies

      I am a Conservative and I am not staying home. Yes,. Trump is the better choice. No more Clintons…Send them to a rest home…

    1. Roy Clingenpeel

      The are called RINOs and they have become more prevalent in this Congress. Greed for power and self economic fulfilment instead of common since has become more and more a disease of politics.

      1. 8true8

        Yes they are called RINOs but also are the conservatives
        – excluding most of GOP for years – greed and incompetence

    1. Franie

      Not after this election, if they indeed do run another candidate. PATRIOT PARTY here I come!!

      1. KingDon

        But, in the mean time, they need to stick together to save our country by tossing out the socialist/progressives. That’s the immediate issue. Then, if people want to launch a 3rd party, start doing it in time for the 2020 election.

        1. Lisa Stevens

          Trump is a progressive dem so voting for him is no better than Hillary. He is the meaning of the word RINO.

          1. KingDon

            You’re missing the whole point. You need to at least get someone in office other than the avowed progressive/socialists. Then, if they fail to perform, we can hammer on them in mass. The only thing all of this anti-Trump activity and feeling is doing is greasing the way for either Bernie or Hilliary to take over the White House. Trump was not my pick, but now that he’s the presumed candidate, I’ll do what I can to get him elected. There is not now, nor has there ever been, a perfect candidate. But at this point he is certainly the lesser of evils.

          2. Lisa Stevens

            Trump is another progressive. We’ve been electing progressives for years now. Over it. Maybe things need to really go to hell for there to be real change. GOP is dead.

  11. Hugh in Indiana

    I think these people need to get their heads out of their lower extremities and understand that the majority has selected Donald Trump as the GOP candidate for President and they
    need to get in tune with the rest of the party unless they really want 4 more years of the same mess we have faced for the last 7 years. I was a Cruz supporter but I want the Democrats out of the White House.

      1. Ron

        No; majority. Trump has been getting 60%+ everywhere in the last few weeks, and that’s before lyin’ Ted dropped out.

        1. Lisa Stevens

          60% everywhere, where did you get that from??? NY is the only place he polled that high.

          1. Ron

            Check it out. Nebraska: 61.4%, West Virginia, 77.0%, Pennsylvania, 56.7%, Delaware, 60.8%, Maryland, 54.4%, Connecticut, 57.9%

          2. Lisa Stevens

            Oh well, too many people have been fooled. GOP has been broken for a long time. I’m tired of electing RINOs. #NeverTrump

  12. xsoldier57

    What they don’t understand is, If they screw Trump out of the big dance does the GOP think the people will vote for their Clown! they are in for a big surprise because most people will just stay home. I know I will!!!!!

    1. Franie

      Don’t give them the satisfaction. VOTE, and vote for Trump!!! To stay home is being COWARDLY!!! That will surely put the pantsuit in power.


  13. Vince

    So. ‘THEY’ are going to TAKE THEIR Football and go home BECAUSE ‘THEY’ Can’t have their WAY!!!

  14. anne stromberg

    I once supported Erick Erickson and his program but no more. I am very
    conservative in my thinking and I support Trump. Washington is corrupt beyond belief and the establishment KNOWS the lid is going on the cookie jar and the corruption will STOP with Trump. They are motivated by GREED no any sort of ideology. We need TERM LIMITS. NO more of politicians for life! GO TRUMP!

    1. 123terrywbradley456

      Trump is the ultimate Washington Insider. He is the greatest con man ever in the annals of the run for the Whitehouse. He is about as conservative as Hubert Humphrey.

      1. anne stromberg

        Back up your statement with facts! I dare you to do so. Chapter and verse please to support your “theory”. Until you can do that, get REAL!

        1. Effenexes

          I suspect that he doesn’t believe that Obummer has the inside track as the consummate con man. Besides Trump is every bit conservative when one considers the alternatives.

      2. Nancy Page

        You don’t sound like any 80 year old veteran I’ve ever known, 123terrywbradley456. You sound more like a computer-generated TROLL!

  15. Robert Early

    Come on. Name these idiots. They won’t have power and their cushy jobs much longer.

  16. CompletelyOutsane

    The GOP has destroyed itself. The question in my mind is ‘Can it be rebuilt?’ Or trash it and start anew?

  17. deepesq

    I must say I have been positively slack-jawed at the behavior of the #NeverTrump crowd. If they had spent one-half the effort into a #NeverObama campaign, we wouldn’t be where we are. Likewise, if they would be half as adament about #NeverHillary as they are about #NeverTrump, Trump would be picking up even more steam! Their arguments are illogical; on the other hand, they say Trump is a liiberal, but I don’t hear any of the liberals calling for the building of a wall, halting immigration (esp Muslim immigration), obliterating ISIS, and renegotiating trade deals. They say Trump will lose in a landslide; if true, why bother to run a 3rd party? None of it makes sense – until you realize that they are the other side of the same crony Washington, D.C. coin, and that Trump isn’t even part of the same currency, much less the same coin. Imagine if you will, what these same people would be saying if “their person” was the presumptive nominee and Trump was acting like they are acting! The mask has come off and I for one am saddened because I never dreamt the mask hid such an awful creature.

  18. CompletelyOutsane

    Trumpdrumpf stands for nothing solidly. Therein lies the problem. He is ever-so-slightly less terrible than the demoncrap option. Is that enough?

  19. Frank

    They are doing out of wanting to continue the gravy train and calling it ‘conservative’.
    It’s more like CONservative. What have they done for anyone recently but ok the Obama agenda, cower in the face of liberals and progressives and sell out the working people even more? Fk conservatives.
    Viva Trump!!!

  20. Franie

    They are NOT conservatives, not at all, but more of the same good old Rinos in disguise.

    RINO = Republican In Name Only!! These are just some of the same bad guys this country wants to get rid of along with ALL the democrats!!

  21. Robert Kahlcke

    I’am a Republican, but these Vermin RINOS, need to be hung from the nearest tree for being traitors. God Bless the United States of America. PERIOD

    1. Old Gunnie

      Get some people together and we’ll start next week, I’m sick of these numb nutted cheese dicks and it’s time to tear down their playhouse and start over, start at the top and work down to the janitors, that way the next bunch will listen to their employers!

  22. R M

    Wish these people would just stop running their mouths and put the VOTE FOR HILBILLY bumper sticker on their cars and truck and be the liberal democRATS that they are trying so hard be.

    1. Old Gunnie

      Please do not associate Bill and Hitlery with us Hillbillies, we worked for 12 years tryin to get rid of that trash down here, finally ended up in NYC, fitting place for them, they were afraid to come back here, hell somebody might dig up another body somewhere !

  23. The Critic

    Ted Cruz was the ONLY Conservative candidate with a true Conservative platform that I’ve felt good about in the last 20 years and Trump sucked the so-called conservatives and the so-called fundamentalist Christians right out of Ted’s camp.

    NOW we know how few Principled Conservatists are really out there, and it’s frightening to me how little the mainstream American right understand Conservative Principles. Can they even list the Values that constitute Conservatism? Don’t they understand that we can’t afford to lose ANY of these pillars that made America great?

    true Conservatives, but now I know that they too are only Populists. Now I understand how shallow they are.

    Both Bush and Kasick ‘claimed’ to be conservative but are CLEARLY not from their political stances.

    I liked Rubio, but he lost it when he refused to admit that joining up with the “Gang of Eight” was a mistake, and compounded it in the campaign by clearly refusing to separate himself from giving illegal aliens amnesty. Beautiful rhetoric, but blinded by his own biases.

    In the past elections, I had to “hold my nose” and vote for George W. twice, McCain and Romney, all of which have led America down the path of destruction, refusing to defend the values that made America great, and handing our lives and the lives of our children over to an American-hating, Islam-loving Communist, Obama.

    Though Donald Trump is NOT and has NEVER BEEN a Conservative, he has ran on a platform claiming to support SOME of the Conservative values we support. If he isn’t lying to us, and REALLY follows through on these promises, The United States of America will be better off with him as president than Hillary or Bernie.

    But it may be too late to undo the damages already done to our Republic.

    Donald Trump may do too little too late to turn this nation around.

    I don’t see ANY viable 3rd party candidate out there that I could support that has ANY chance of beating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

    So, I will have to “hold my nose” again and vote for the unknown Donald Trump, and hope for the best.

    1. 123terrywbradley456

      You may be right. I’m vacillating between writing in Cruz and staying home. I can’t vote for Hillary and I really took offense with Mussolini Trump saying Sen McCain was not a war hero. Sen McCain is not a conservative Republican but he is a war hero. I’m in my 80s, a veteran who went to Korea, a West Texas rancher and a life long Republican having cast my first vote for Ike. When that bully buffoon said that his Viet Nam War was a fight with VD it cinched my belief that he was not suitable for the highest political office in America. Like I say I’m having a hard time. I do not think Mussolini Trump has it in him to apologize. He also said that he has never asked God for forgiveness because he has never done anything wrong. Apparently the adultery he brags about is not wrong in his mind. I cannot imagine such a man as President of the United States.

  24. 123terrywbradley456

    I do not believe they are doing this out of spite. There are conservatives in Congress who tried to do what they were sent to Washington to do. But the Republican leadership in the House and the Senate would not let them accomplish anything. As an example the Senate Majority Leader would not let any of the numerous House Bills calling for repeal of Obamacare reach the Senate floor for a vote. About two thirds of those Republicans sent to Washington to repeal Obamacare and put a stop to Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Orders reneged on their promises to the people. One third, including Sen Cruz, did not. Fox and Hannity made Mussolini Trump. He is a fascist bully and we haven’t seen anything yet in the way of unconstitutional Executive Orders if he is elected. Hannity brags about being the only one who vetted Obama. He has not asked Trump one tough question. Hannity has his head so far up Trump’s rump that Trump needs a glass on his navel so Hannity can see which way Trump is going to turn. Trump in the morning is against raising the minimum wage; at noon he believes it should be studied; at supper time he is in favor of raising the minimum wage. He is this way on ever policy issue. All the buffoon can say is MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. The silly bully says he is going to bring jobs back to America by putting a 45% tariff on China goods and a 35% tariff on Mexican goods. Those who support this idiot need to realize that tax is going to be paid by the American consumer. At least 30% maybe 40% of our consumer goods come from China and Mexico and 10 to 15% from other foreign countries. If Trump is elected and gets this done it will put 10 million or more Americans on welfare. Yet, Hannity and his so-called conservative cohorts at Fox continue to smooch Trump’s derriere and denigrate any true constitutional conservative like Senators Cruz, Rand Paul, Gov. Perry. I’ve voted Republican since my first vote for Ike. Hannity and his bunch of ersatz conservatives have given us a choice between a national socialist in Trump or a socialist in Hillary. Of course there is a 3rd choice either stay home or write-in a conservative. I’ll do the latter.

    1. Effenexes

      Gee..I did want to follow where you were going with your comments, but you lost me in the maze of name calling that did not bring your intent to have any merit whatever. If your a Bible believer, there is something about the 9th commandment that has alluded you, let alone flirting with John 8:7. As you asserted, the conservative movement has lost it’s moral compass, but it is the politicians themselves that have betrayed the American people with empty promises. You can’t lay that at the feet of talk show host and talking heads with disparaging remarks that border on slander.

        1. Effenexes

          You are more astute than I, Nancy. I should have determined that by his insidious rantings he had also lost his moral compass long ago. A sharp tongue is no indication of a keen mind. A guy with his IQ should have a low voice too!

  25. Lee Bridges

    If they run a third party it is suicide. Hillary will win. This is how stupid the Republican party has become. And they wonder why we want Trump in and them out. I wish we could vote all of them out. They said they are hesitant about Trump. They want someone who will carry the Republican Standard for what the Republicans stand for. What have they been doing all these past years. The only standard anyone has carried is the one to line their pockets and spend money. Our Money!!

  26. Lee Bridges

    Maggie, it won’t be for 4 to 8 years. If Hillary wins, she will appoint 3 to 5 new supreme court justices. We will not see any more conservatives in power for our lifetimes, your children’s lifetimes and your grand-children’s lifetime.

  27. Effenexes

    “Do you believe these “Conservatives Against Trump” are doing this out of principle, or out of spite because…”
    Neither one! It is all due to greed knowing their cash cow is drying up. What principles have these self appointed faux conservatives shown especially after the American people showed they were willing to give them a chance to do what they promised and become the loyal opposition. If they had adhered to those promises and not crawled in bed with the opposition, the people would have stuck with them. Now the failed ultra conservative leadership, led by Eric the preacher man Erickson are as disingenuous in their efforts to think they are still a viable source in American politics at the expense of We the People.

  28. bcamota

    They’ll not only lose their power and industry but will lose America. If Hilary wins, she will be replacing all GOP appointed Supreme Court Justices — and their you go America — it will become a Muslim country.

  29. JC

    Well—the old guard just doesn’t want to lose their power—get use to it–Rinos–you are on the way out !!!!

  30. Abigail Hollis Gray

    Trump is not the right candidate to run the country. No experience, lacking the ability to speak in a knowledgeable manner, lacking constitutional knowledge, insulting to minorities, journalists, women, anyone who has an idea that is not his. Many mental health professionals are extremely worried about his temperament.
    It is time to reconsider what the republicans and democrats even mean, starting a new party might fail the first time out. So what? If we don’t start it now when will we?
    Trump is a dangerous man not a man to be leading the country in a world that is upside down in every issue.
    Third party, it will take courage, isn’t that what we are about, or is it simply sitting down and complaining on social media?
    Yes, go for it. There are millions of people out there that do not want either candidate, it is the right time to get this going.

    1. The Critic

      The time for a 3rd Party is right after the election aiming for 2020. Starting a third party now will only provide a guarantee that Hillary Clinton will be the first woman president, and maybe the LAST of the Republic!

  31. VirgoVince

    WE’re voting for the MAN, Trump to SAVE OUR country, NOT your pathetic R pussy party!! WHY hasn’t someone slapped the silly shit out of that ugly p ryan guy??
    Y’ALL NEED to wake up!!

  32. Keith Phillips

    These so called Conservatives are doing this out of spite and fear. Because Donald Trump is planning to do the right thing for our Country, Constitution, and the American Citizens. And they dont want that,they have a good thing going. Just like the idiotic Democratic Obama , Hillary Crap. Everyone involved with our Government are all greedy crooks. And they all need tossed out on their Jacka–es.

  33. gfsomsel

    They ignore William F Buckley’s advice to “Vote for the most conservative candidate WHO CAN WIN.”

  34. 8true8

    What a bunch of ignorant fools – America on the brink
    And their power is more important than freedom for American people

  35. RealLib

    They are doing it because they are STOOOOPID and they do NOT “know” HOW to win. And they do NOT want to do the actual WORK involved in wining. They would rather “TALK” about “winning,” vs. ACTUALLY “WINNING.” DUH!

    First problem? They are “puppy dogs.” First objective, first sign of a “WINNING” intelligence: STOP talking about “Liberals” and “Progressives.” STOP using the terms CREATED by the Lamestream Media and the Lefties themselves (same thing!) The Left Wing is NOT “liberal” BUT 90% of the people in the US LIKE “the IDEA” of “BEING ‘liberal'” . . . because it is PERCEIVED as being “smart, advanced, above others.”

    And the so-called “progressives” are NOT “progressive” but everybody in the US WANTS to BE “PROGRESSIVE” — the (unspoken) “opposite” of a “Progressive” IS?????? A “REgressive” which is what people “THINK OF” when they hear “Conservatives” being “named” as the opposite of Progressives. WAKE UP, GOP! “Progressives” are NOT.

    They only (SEEM to) suggest “new ideas/new things.” But, these “new” ideas are only “new” here, in the US. They are really OLD ideas, that already DON’T WORK — they are really SOCIALISTS, like Bernie. HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO!?

  36. Gail

    We the people need to show them that their jobs are going to be taken from them. I will not vote for and incumbent . And the new guys and gals can have only one term.

  37. ADRoberts

    Who is manipulating whom? I see a lot of deception. And I don’t see many real conservatives.
    Don’t want Establishment types like Kasich, Rubio, Bush or Christie.
    Certainly don’t want a fake like Trump.
    There are good ones out there. Time to go for broke.
    Time to hurt Rove and Cornyn.

  38. Nancy Page

    Rachel Maddow said that the members of this “conservative movement” are so small in number that they would all fit in a station wagon! They are laughable, ugly Khazarian scum!

  39. John Peterson

    I am a die-hard CONSERVATIVE and honestly, voting for either Trump (a New York Liberal Democrat in REPUBLICAN skin) or Hillary ( A liberal in trouble with the legal system) is foolish and will see the end of the Republic. We do need a True conservative choice.
    Please, hear me out; if we intend to get a third choice, it has to b someone that true conservatives can get behind and one that would be able to prevent neither Trump nor Hillary from reaching the required delegate count for election to the president. In other words, one that can win in at least 5 of the swing states
    We all know that Trump did not win the republican nomination by anything other than his name. He has no platform, he is amoral, and is rightly identified as a BULLY. His elimination of Cruz was done by lies and death threats by his supporters to possible delegates to the convention. Anyone who believes that Roger Stone is not working for Trump is truly a fool.
    Also, Trump himself has said he has no programs he is looking at to solve any problems in the US, but will wait until he takes office to figure out what he will do; in better words, he will wing it. Is this the thinking of a man you want to lead the country? For my part, I can’t support any liberal, even one that tells everyone he is conservative. Look at what happened with the House , we elect people that say one thing and do another. “Make America Great Again” B.S., Trump will milk this country for everything he can, to expand his empire. In other words, He is Hillery’s mirror image

    1. The Critic

      Trump is a big ?! Hillary is a Communist and PLANS to gut the entire Bill of Rights, and replace the Constitution with one that takes away the concept of “God-given Rights”.
      Trump is a long shot. Cruz was the ONLY real Conservative in the race, and the Conservative Movement abandoned him for the other candidates, including Trump.
      I believe that a majority within Conservative Movement has no idea what true conservative principles are!

  40. TOM

    It won’t work just in case you over powered A$$holes haven’t figured it out. U can’t produce a candidate that will get as many votes as Trump period. Who you going to throw out there Candy Mitt Crowley. Who didn’t have the Ba**s to nail Obama when he had him down on the floor. Americans are tired of wussy politicians they want results.

  41. Bruce

    Get busy. Time’s a wasting. If Sasse wants to run, run him. Move before Romney or someone like that does.

  42. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    These people are so called insiders and they hate Trump because they can’t control him.
    If these people hold leadership positions in the RNC they should be put out.

  43. John P

    People like Bill Crystal and other so called conservatives show their true color by trying to start a third party collation. This a guaranteed win for Hillary, it seem these political hacks will never learn. The establishment GOP have lost election after election through their interference with the wants and will of public voters.

  44. Sculptorofbabies

    This will guarantee a win for Hillary..and they know that.. Ignorant Politicians.. Get behind the man the people have chosen.

    1. kunukia

      Hillary is already going to win. And more than 60% of Republicans did not vote for Trump.

      1. Sculptorofbabies

        What you aren’t thinking about, is many do not get out for the primary vote. Many of my friends did nor.. But they will be voting in the General election. Right now, no one id definite as a winner.. We will see if Hilary, is not been charged at election time..???? Who knows ????

        1. kunukia

          Let me put it another way, many Republicans recognize that Trump is himself a liberal (not to mention a sleazy businessman, and in no way presidential). We will not ever vote for him, while voting for Repubs down ticket.

  45. Craig Michael Vandertie

    I think anyone running for a federal political office especially any with ambitions of eventually running for the Presidency need to take and pass tests in ethical principles, intelligence, and common sense if you score below a certain level then you will never have an opportunity to hold a public office.