Liberal Actress Protests On Farm, Doesn’t Like What Happens Next

Hollywood actress Emma Thompson received an unpleasant surprise when she and other activists illegal protested on a British farmer’s field.

Here’s the report from The UK Daily Mail:

“Thompson received a brutal surprise when, while illegally protesting on a farmer’s field earmarked for fracking, she and her flunkies got sprayed with manure.

“The incident reportedly occurred in the English borough of Lancashire this Wednesday, when Thompson and her sister, 2014 ‘Celebrity Masterchef’ winner Sophie, tried to film some silly ‘Frack Off Bake Off’ parody video on the farmer’s property.

But this afternoon the landowner, who leases the contested patch of land to fracking company Cuadrilla, drove his muck spreader in the circles around the demonstrating group.”

Local authorities soon showed up, but certainly not to arrest the farmer. Instead they asked Ms. Thompson to explain why she broke the law by trespassing on the farmer’s land.

Here’s how she responded:

“I’ve been aware of this issue for a while with my work with Greenpeace and it came to a head for me when David Cameron went to the Paris Climate Conference and signed on the protocol and then on the sly at Christmas, when nobody was looking, gave the nod to 200 fracking sites in Britain.”

She’s lucky she was trespassing in Britain. If she trespassed on an American farmer’s land, she may have faced a property owner defending his rights with something a little stronger and more dangerous than manure.

What do you think about Emma Thompson’s publicity stunt she pulled on a British farmer’s land – and the response from the farmer?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. KingDon

    Anything linked to Greenpeace is automatically classified as no longer having newsworthy value. I remember watching Greenpeace harassing incinerator ships years ago in the North Sea. Their stated objective was to prevent air pollution. But, each time the harassment ended and they were facing the media cameras and being interviewed, the majority of them would be lighting up cigarettes and smoking. Yeah, they were certainly concerned about the quality of the air they were sucking into their lungs!! Just a bunch of nut jobs that apparently have no real jobs.

    1. John P

      Include Earth First, Sierra Club friends of the Bitterroot, PETA and all other liberal nature and survival organizations. Most which members are less educated than the average first grader.

    2. Daniel from TN

      You did not mention the amount of pollution put out by the boats they were riding in during the protest.

      1. KingDon

        Never thought of that, but they were using inflatables with outboard motors on them to do the harassment. On the other hand, as they were out in the north sea, they must have had larger vessels to get them to their target. I don’t know what boats the media were traveling on to film the activity and interview the peaceniks. I do remember that they were having really good time. They were like a bunch of little kids playing in the water. The ships that were being harassed were spraying them with water from hoses to drive them away. I think the whole thing was just a game with the greenies. They were all smiling and laughing at the time of the interview.

    3. GeeMee

      Many years ago, my new husband and I were naively misled into donating to Greenpeace.. then we learned they had spent $250,000 in 1987 dollars on a fancy bus where certain members could ride to protests in air-conditioned comfort. We realized then their hypocrisy, repented, and never donated another dime. Ps. I surely enjoyed telling off their fundraising caller the next time we were contacted!

  2. survivor33

    These activists think they can do whatever they want….well good for the farmer, I think the punishment fit the crime, more or less. Emma & Sister deserved whatever they got.

      1. PBHayes

        Sinise and Selleck are two out of thousands. There are a few more but overall the entertainment industry produces brain dead idiots. After listening to Jennifer Lawrence a few times speak on social issues I will never watch another movie of hers.

  3. used_to_be_a_liberal

    Did the founder of green peace just come out a while ago, and say that green peace is a fraud. Yes he did

    BREAKING: Greenpeace co-founder reports Greenpeace to the FBI …… Proxy Highlight

    8 Dec 2015 … Greenpeace, in furtherance of what is in effect its war against every species on the planet, … office block in the Beirut souk for its entrapment scam …. Professor Happer said he would be glad to ask for a similar review for the …

    Greenpeace Co-Founders Warns of Global Climate Change Scam … Proxy Highlight

    22 Mar 2015 … Global Warming is on its way to be a two trillion dollar scam. … is a man named David Blood ,crazy wouldn’t you say ?good company name Blood and Gore  … Former Greenpeace founder coming out as an AGW heretic.

    Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic | Heartlander Magazine… Proxy Highlight

    20 Mar 2015 … He cofounded Greenpeace and currently serves as chair of Allow Golden Rice. …. Climate Scientist Arrested for Fraud …. He has a unique insight, a Greenpeace founder who soured on the movement when it became insular and crazy. …. That being said, technology has its limits and continuing world …

    Greenpeace co-founder reports Greenpeace to the FBI under RICO and …… Proxy Highlight

    By Dr. Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace Greenpeace, in furtherance of what is in effect its war against every species on the planet, … to view) over claims of misleading the public and investors about climate change.

    1. Rick

      When unwanted pest appear in American farmers fields the farmers spray with a pesticide to be rid of them.

  4. DaveyJ

    She is dead wrong on the fracking issue. I am a PhD environmental scientist, my speciality is ground water. She is just following a herd path of people who think they know everything, then want Natural Gas energy and all other kinds of energy at the very lowest cost. That is hypocrisy and belligerence which in the future threatens to start dangerous conflicts. Watch the movie “Truthland” which is a model documentary. I. Comparison Josh Foxes “Gasland” is incredibly wrong and should be sued for inaccuracies. Want lots of energy? There have to be wise natural resource decisions, not nature faking!!!

    1. gubllod

      An outstanding commentary, DaveyJ. One of the oil companies here, Shell, I think, as been doing this up in New Jersey, since right after WW 2. There’s been no trouble there in all of these years and the people are getting the energy they need.

      This reminds me of all the research South Africa has done on the use of coal which they have in abundance in order NOT to trade with Near East countries. The USA helped them with the research and it’s been in place there for probably 25 years. With probably close to 2,000 years of coal deposits in the USA, Hillary has stated openly that she wants to close down the industry, dump the jobs.

      The necessary BTU’s for power to run our transportation is to-date only found in fossil fuels. California alone, between Tehachapi and the coast, has enough oil rich soil to export more oil annually than either Russia or Saudi Arabia. So why not? Politicians, most of whom never took a science course in high school or failed one, if they did. Losers? American citizens.

      1. GeeMee

        And all the owners of the ‘miracle’ electric cars? Most of the “tree huggers” are so dense they don’t realize that the electricity their precious cars run on is created by (wait for it).. COAL.
        Liberalism is a mental disorder for sure

  5. grama18

    Dumb ! BROAD ! SHE got what she asked for, Trespassed ! MY MY to bad the Farmers BULL wasn’t out. BUT manure is a good idea.

  6. James D Vaughn

    That’s just the liberal stupidity of mental disorder trespassing on private property!

  7. rebeccadewhirst

    She got what she deserved….hope she learned a lesson from it…but I doubt it

        1. DaveyJ

          A rapper crapper expressing himself and his jaundiced view of justice. The Great Spirit would frown on such dishonor. Don’t laugh, there isn’t much entertainment where you are heading and the judgements are severe!

      1. conservative since 1962

        He/she/it (“the Redman”) is not eligible to reside on a “Reservation” because that requires native American ancestry!

    1. DaveyJ

      As a real Native American my view is you’d better change your call sign…….you are not any Red Man I know, in fact perhaps you’d be better off hiding behind Hillary’s imported kimona.
      Your wording indicates something very different than a real red man.

        1. DaveyJ

          Your reply says you fear number 1. Good guys don’t hide. You might be surprised who I am. You do or say nothing that indicates Native American anything, FBI information says that. If you really were you would no what that means. The 500 nations had one communality and that was distrust of outsiders. Illegal immigrants are receiving so many more benefits than Natives who live on the res or live elsewhere. Trump seems to be the only one that cares about the rights of those who have been here for generations. You write and express yourself as a you know what. might as well own up to it.

          As to the referenced article, Humans demands for goods and services and energy seems boundless. Ironic that these very people are energy users big time. No thought to where it comes from or where this is all taking mankind. Let’s hope for the best. Right now we seem ready to crash on the rocks……maybe we better steer a different course?

  8. tax man

    She needs to protest on her own land. She would be absolutely upset if we came to her property or upset a filming she was in to protest liberal views. She got what she deserved and the farmer did the right thing. Greenpeace is a violent criminal group with an unlawful agenda and they cause harm to other people’s businesses and livelihoods as well as property damage. They are the ones who need to be shut down!

  9. lrn2play

    good for her or I should say good that it happened to and on her. She got what she was trying to dish out

  10. Mike McShea

    Typical Hollywood airhead who doesn’t care about anybody else’s rights. Since she/they generally spew bulls**t, I’d say she got just what was coming to her!

  11. John P

    Nobody ever stated that these elite morons were overly endowed with gray matter, to the Hollywood elites that is Brain power.

  12. MichaelCro

    EMMA THOMPSON an her sister sure got what they deserved but as said if done here it may have been with a weapon

  13. disqus_NRBB1YFpUA

    She’s just another air headed “celebrity” who thinks that because she’s famous she’s SOOOOO much smarter than the rest of us.. Maybe someone can explain to the “little girlie” that although SHE has the money to OWN a jet and fly it wherever, the majority of we great unwashed can’t afford a world without inexpensive fuels. I know she will never put her money where her mouth is, so why bother, she’s just more worthless rich flotsam !

  14. Bill Shoop

    Dang farmers! So thoughtless! Shoulda’ given her a ride to the airport in his manure spreader! Would’nt ya’ think?Bill Shoop

  15. Bo

    God Bless the farmers! Screw these Progressive idiots, who … comfy in their millions … try to deprive the working man of cheap fuel and food. Bitch.

    1. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

      What goes `round, comes `round.

      ITIC a manure spreader going `round, and `round, and `round …. 🙂

  16. Front Sight

    The fecal matter hit the rotary oscillator and now she’s wearing it. You can’t make this stuff up!

  17. Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    Yeah, we’d shoot her! Haha! Now THAT would be worth filming!

  18. The Dutchman

    Need more of this here in America. The aught to get those stink sprays and use on the unruly illegals protesting here…..

  19. Jo

    Liberals are the same the world over. They believe other Hollywood Liberals and the garbage they spew without knowing the REAL FACTS – such as Al Gore’s lies about Global Warming, with a make-believe movie “An Inconvenient Truth’- that the MAJORITY of Scientists have disputed as PHONY and have the PROOF that it’s a man-made hoax to raise taxes and make the Millionaires more money off the backs of the poor & Middle Class (If there are any Middle Class left) who will have to pay utility bills that will be TEN TIMES what they are now. Since there aren’t any jobs, due to the hordes pouring into our Country and being given priority for jobs, and those who refuse to work are paid monthly with Taxpayers money. What happens when NO ONE works, and the money stops. When you have more TAKERS, than MAKERS (a Country collapses) per Margret Thatcher – and she was so right!

  20. kirk chartier

    Poop for brains got pooped on poetic justice at its finest. Only thing finer would have been pig poop on Muslim rioters.

  21. GeeMee

    ‘Tis a shame. I have enjoyed several Emma Thompson movies over the years. But she has just lost a fan, with her off-base, touchy-feely, liberal nonsense of supporting Greenpeace (as well as her trespassing on another’s land. Can you imagine her response if someone illegally protested on HER property??).
    And I bet she doesn’t ride her bicycle to her movie sets, now does she? Thompson is, as Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter’s gf) so adroitly put it, a “filthy hypocrite.” As are pretty much ALL liberals…

  22. ramrod

    She should pleased that this farmer is using natural animal waste to grow his crops.Let the crap flow and the tomato,s grow.

  23. thomas

    Never surprised of what Hollywood actors do these days. Majority are of no Sense no Conscience either. Over Paid adolescence very stupid in real life scenarios

  24. thomas

    Never follow what actors say or do or get involved in ? Keep your own life on track. Safest

  25. thomas

    REMEMBER TO VOTE IN NOVEMBER 2016 FOR DONALD TRUMP save America for Americans legal immigrants as Citizens

  26. The Enforcer

    Good for her – got just what she deserves. These Hollywood Liberals think they know it all; can do whatever they want, because they believe they are smarter than the rest of the world. Well, welcome to the real world, YOUR TRESPASSING, which for the real people is ILLEGAL,

  27. A_patriot

    Just shows you how lawless these liberals truly are. They only believe in the law, theirs, when it suits them. The devil be damned if anyone else has rights. Too bad, too. She’s a decent actress. (No, I DON’T subscribe to the PC nonsense.)

  28. James

    The farmer’s action, while very amusing, is somewhat redundant due to the fact that Ms. Thompson is already full of s__t. Greenpeace is also nothing but a manure spreading terrorist organization. She souls have been hosed off and thrown in jail.

  29. Crapola

    Ridiculous bake off and hurrah for the farmer. Emma needs to bake in her own oven.

  30. kerry88

    To bad England’s laws are not more like our own, here in America. She had no business on the man’s property. He should sue her, at least, for trespassing.

  31. gunnygil

    so she got on the outside the same thing she is already full of on the inside, elitist bitch

  32. Leon Barber

    As with most liberals, Emma needs to get REAL, and the farmers response could not be better in any way!

  33. dragon6actual

    Was the farmer spreading fertilizer, or did the wind simply return some of what Thompson was spewing?