Benghazi Victim’s Fiance Has Damning Words For Hillary Clinton

The former fiance of Ambassador Chris Stephens had some damning words to say about Hillary Clinton and her role in the terror attack on the compound in Benghazi that left four Americans dead.

Actress and model Lydie Denier appeared on Newsmax with Steve Malzberg recently and discussed her relationship with the ambassador, who was killed by radical Islamists on September, 11, 2012.

Here’s the report from Newsmax and the Conservative Tribune:

“Denier told Malzberg that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed at her job and said she should have done a better job securing the compound.

‘I think she should have done a better job for security. And, not ignoring his requests for security. If he was a friend. as she said, then you don’t let a friend down.’

“She blamed Clinton for the attack because she did not respond to requests for more security at a critical time when it was obviously needed. In fact, soldiers and security contractors at the embassy were told to stand down – a claim the Obama administration still denies.

“When asked if she thought Clinton was receiving a ‘pass’ on her culpability in the matter, Denier said, ‘She’s Hillary Clinton. Clintons are very powerful.'”

Stephens’ former fiance said she had tried in the past to talk to Clinton but was not successful. That’s not surprising as Clinton is the media’s darling.

Various sources have said that Stephens and the three others at Benghazi were killed because they were part of a gunrunning operation designed to arm Syrian rebels through the governments of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Allegedly this operation backfired and these weapons were used against Americans at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

How much of an impact will Hillary’s role in the Benghazi attack have on the November presidential election (if she isn’t indicted by then)?

Sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. Rex Stevenson

    I remember Clinton’s testimony wherein she stated that Ambassador Chris Stevens was a close personal friend and that if additional security precautions were needed, all he had to do was pick up the phone and call. Or, he could also contact her via her personal email. As it turned out, she ignored all such requests for additional security measures and instead wanted “to present the appearance of normalcy,” which in turn led to the attack on the compound and the loss of four American lives as a direct result of her criminal negligence in an effort to further her political career.

    And the fact that she has refused to talk to the fiance of her supposed close personal friends speaks volumes about Clinton’s character, morals, and scruples. She’s a low-life vermin who belongs in prison, not the White House.

        1. Rick

          Check out Betty. I’d love to visit Baton Rouge sometime; not to interested in New Orleans though.

          1. bettycajun

            It is ashame what has happened to beautiful New Orleans. A lot of our lovely cities are being destroyed by crime, dope, etc. Sad to see!!!!

      1. Nan Martin

        When you have to use such foul language in your reply looks like you have no adult words to use… You sound like a PIG. She put this whole country in danger. A hacker in jail in Romania hacked and got into her private server. Are You even old enough to follow the news? Grow up..

        1. popgrand

          Wher’s your real proof of that or are you spreading more lies like all of you children do??

          1. anAmericanByChoice

            “pop” you get a “grand” from Hillary for each posting you make when trolling, right? Though so. Libturd!

          1. popgrand

            I see have got the racist bone in you to come out, you sound like your best friend [imp trump] so I’m through with this ! & for you so called list go back and do your research, the count you showed is not what got killed in [Iraq]under Bushes lies, you can call me anything you want because I know that your are a human being & I am a human being, so by you being the same type that GOG made both of Us human, names don’t make no difference, so on and so forth, your are condoning the murders that bush lied about, even if she did sign on to it there was most of America fooled about those false weapons of mass destruction!!

        1. Lee

          I guess you are talking about WMD? Here are some quotes concerning the WMDs and you might recognize the names.

          “One way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq
          the capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. That is our bottom line.”

          President Clinton, Feb. 4, 1998.

          “If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear.We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program.”

          President Clinton, Feb. 17, 1998.

          “In the four years since the inspectors left,
          intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al Qaeda members. It is clear, however, that if left unchecked,
          Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons.”

          Sen. Hillary Clinton (D, NY), Oct 10, 2002

      1. Artemis

        The wording on that sign has to be incorrect, because we all know that she is “permanently disturbed”!

    1. autrypma

      Also, it is a true fact that Chris Stevens CALLED Hillary over 50 times for help and she NEVER answered, then she said she never got a call. And then she says he was a close personal friend. Her biggest close personal friend is Obama, who is also connected to the Bengazi Coverup. After all, he was running for re-election, and we couldn’t let the public know what he really was, he was classified as a “good guy” because all this was covered up.

      I really wonder how this woman sleeps at night or at all…She has a history of really bad “odd things” happening…

        1. Vicki M

          She is a sociopath, no concept of right or wrong ,no conscience. just whatever Hillary wants.

          1. Lougjr1

            Did you ever notice that the Clintons are incapable of being embarrassed about anything bad or illegal they get caught doing ? These people have no character or shame and it makes me sick that some Americans are willing to hand them ultimate power over this nation !

      1. ConservationinCA

        She’s had a least 30 close personal friends or associates die either from suicide, car or plane accident. How can anyone be that “unlucky”. I never want to be her friend!!

      2. popgrand

        She sleeps the same way George W Bush sleeps with more than 3 or 4 thousand dead & thousands more with P T S D and are maimed for life yes he sleeps very well because he got idiots like you who screams about a very small catastrophe when he lied and caused a very big catastrophe, his lie was proven to be a lie, and with all the investigations they have not proved anything she done wrong or was it being Pres. Obama’s Secretary of State? or her being a Democrat/ or her being a woman? so which ever one you choose you are still out of touch with humanity

        1. Vaquero

          You idiot , let me educate you .
          Number of fatalities among Western coalition soldiers involved in the execution of Operation Enduring Freedom 2001/2016

          USA body count :

          Buch / Cheney 2001- 2008 : 149

          Obama / Hillary 2009 – 2016 : 1165
          Do you know why ? Cos the ” rules of engagements ” !
          Our soldiers fighting with sleazy obamas government lawyers on their backs . You , bloody useful idiot for demorats party .

        2. Kim Holbrook

          His catastrophe had the consensus of Congress that, included ‘whats her face’ Its not your misrepresentation that bothers me……

        3. tomsfordcars

          You are the 1 out of touch! You have no clue except I suspect you are so far to the left that if the world was flat, you would fallen off years ago!

    2. Rodney Tolbert

      Yes the Book “13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi” is really good and will make you upset about what happened.

    3. Rodney Tolbert

      I think one of her statements included that “I do not think Ambassador Stevens had my personal email address. I think the phrase “a close personal friend” was sunk at that point.

    4. hankthetank

      HE asked 2 months early for more security,it fell on Hillary’s deft ears !! It’s better to be her enemy than friend !!!

    5. Larry Velasco

      IF, she makes it, WE are in TROUBLE. She is a power-monger and she is one of the BIGGEST LIARS in this country. I really hate saying this, but i hope something happens to her before the election. Something like happened to all those people during the White Water Scandal. Never proved, my sister said. No one every took the initiative to do it. HANG HER.

    6. madmemere

      The clintonista witch is morally, ethically dead and by God’s Grace she will rue the day she meets her maker. Hopefully, that will be sooner than later.

    7. squappie

      Who knew that dumb bitch. She’s just trying to get famous because she sucks as an actress!

  2. Jeanne Stotler

    And there are those who want her to be leader of our Military, if I was in Military and she gets elected, I would tend my resignation in effective Jan. 20th, 2017

    1. Pete

      Sorfry it don’t work that way if i did We have a very small army Pilots park the planes and Navy beach there ships and walk home.

      1. Jeanne Stotler

        So if all go AWOL, they would get Court Martialed, that would keep JAG officers busy, I know I would not want her as my CIC

        1. Rick

          She can be CIC of her cell block Jeanne. Or better yet, put her in a Marine brig cleaning the deck with a toothbrush.

          1. Jeanne Stotler

            I like the last one, all the former Pvt’s. would love to see her doing that.

  3. 0331Tap

    What does it matter at this time???Whether it was an actual attack or some people pissed off by some you tube film…?It still matters Hillary…It matters to the families, it matter’s to those that stand embassy duty around the world…It matters to the military that no they would have made all the difference in the world…It makes a difference to every veteran I know ,including myself, that wouldn’t pi–ss on you if you were on fire…Shut up and close your cell door !!!

  4. njt5573

    Clintons are royalty. They were born to tell us what to do.
    This woman has no qualification of any kind to be president other than her dedication to the downfall of the USA for her NWO world takeover.
    Why would the world want us to own them?
    We are the diamond, when we fall the rest is easy.
    Just kill everyone and hide the money.

  5. Patrick Thomas

    Non of this shit bothers Hillary. She has no soul. She is evil to the core. She is a pathological liar. She is arrogant and believes everyone is beneath her. God will put justice to Hillary. She will not last. Her days are numbered.

    1. Gary D Flatt

      The Hildabeast needs to in an ayslum for the criminally insane, eating mush while in her pants suit straitjacket.

    2. tom boy

      Oh grow up Bush slaughtered tens of thousands of innocents Iraqis and you probably think that was okay ? And for what weapons of mass distraction . I think God is more pissed over this . Why you think Ws 2nd term was such a disaster leading to financial crisis ? I think God nailed W to the wall big time . Hillary may have voted for it but GW Bush did it .

      1. autrypma

        We are not talking about G Bush. We are discussing this horrible woman who thinks she is about to be the first president of the U.S. I really believe G Bush did what he thought was the right thing to do. He will be blamed forever (especially by Obama, who blames Bush for every thing that goes wrong with his own presidency) and would never accept the blame for all the horrible things he has done, created, messed up, caused in his 7+ years in the White House…That time has been a nightmare for thousands and Hillary claims that she will continue Obama’s plans !!!!!!!!!!

      2. glock 19 fan

        W’s 2nd term was a disaster because the Democrats took control of Congress and blocked him. They also blocked a judicial appointment and that of John Bolton as Ambassador to the UN — then turn around and whine when the GOP blocks Garland for SCOTUS. Obviously, when the Democrats do it then it’s O.K. but when the GOP answers in kind then that’s a different story. They are saying, in effect, “We will push you around but you are not allowed to push back.” Give us a break.

        1. rothgar

          There is a difference between voting someone down or trying to filibuster a nominee and simply refusing to do one’s duty to advise and consent.

      3. 0331Tap

        Another idiot …Our Secretary of State help cause the deaths of Americans trying to help people in Iraqi…No one wants innocents to die but war is hell…You obviously no nothing about that…

      4. old codger

        If’n you’re referring to the housing bubble implosion, it wasn’t Bush BUT the ScumboRATZ that caused that!! Remeber to thank the ScumboRATZ!!
        Bush and at the time, the good McLame, and a host of others warned and warned of the impending fiasco but the ScumboRATZ kept running around singing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”!!
        Make sure you watch it and THEN go out a thank a ScumboRAT!!

    3. don lavrich

      I think she has cancer already. just listen to that awful cough. I had a friend that just passed away, and had the same cough. turned out to be 4th stage lung cancer! hope she croaks soon before she causes any more pain in this world!

  6. 8gary8

    Sadly, it’s very unlikely Clinton will be “indicted” before the November presidential election! Even if “indicted,” if convicted, Clinton will be pardoned by Obama. Thus, our political class of plutocrats continue to write rules & regulations for us while exempting themselves! Is it not time for real change? Is it not time for a non-career, politician to reside in the White House? In short, Trump is the best man to handle our growing, unfunded liabilities estimated to be over $100 trillion, our trillion dollar deficits & our out of control spending!

    1. Gary D Flatt

      Obama/Holder may be too worried about their own problems over “Fast and Furious” to pardon anyone. Conspiracy to commit murder has NO statute of limitations.

      1. 8gary8

        Thank you for your thoughtful response. Here’s a thought. Dare I suggest, when it comes to political royalty, both Obama & Clinton, easily circumvent all statutes?

    2. Jeanne Stotler

      She cannot be pardoned until she’s tried and convicted, I believe that’ll be after Nov/ before she’s indicted for that reason.

  7. Cadfael

    Both Clintons are overdue for resettlement in a gated, secure community where food, apparel and lodgings are provided by the government. Healthcare and cable-tv are also at single payer government expense, and only law enforcement has guns – called Federal Prison. The Clintons’ liberal dream come true; and since they will be gender separated both will be open to date same sex, unless Bill will claim transgender and transferred to Hillary’s facility. In that case Uncle Sam should spring for Bill’s Caitlynization and remove the unnecessary plumbing, it would make women in America so much safer.

    1. Rodney Tolbert

      I think the two of them should share the same cell. Save money, space and see who does away with the other one.

  8. Kenneth Schoonover

    Lydie Denier is spot on! Where was Hillary when Ambassador Stevens said he needed help? Hillary still hasn’t answered that question. And why did Hillary ignore Stevens’ requests for additional security at the Benghazi compound? I think her answer said it all. She wanted to make it look as if things were normal. Well, when you’re a diplomat, your compound is under attack by terrorists, and you’re told to stand down, the situation obviously isn’t normal. Hillary is an accessory to murder. I’m surprised she’s not in jail already.

  9. Pete

    hillary Clint5on , tells so many lies every day that you need a super Computer to hold all of them.If had one I would ask that the computer print out al of the lies involving Benghazie and Banks on wall street putting allof them out in orfer of which they were told. ,including how she and Bill come clean about there daughter came into being. Both her and bBill were playing Honky tonky with sO
    me one Bill We willie and Hillary are not angels ,in game called who they were Monkey ing around with Chelseas Clinton is splitting image of a guy named hubbel who went to jail and Hillary shoud gone with him.

  10. poppytoymaker

    If he was such a close personnel friend how come he didn’t have her email address but Ben Afleck did.

  11. Frank Staples

    Billary is a piece of crap…she hates our military, she’s a liar, she is not for America but for herself…and the liberals love her. Then they wonder why we can’t all “just get along”!

  12. James Lowder

    As I have said many times since Hildebeast came under scrunity, they will never prosecute her no matter how guilty or how much proof they have that she has betrayed our country for the almighty dollar.

  13. lmorgan138

    She should be put in jail, but we all know that will not happen. She and Obummer are totally responsible for the 4 American lives that were lost that day. She lies 98% of the time and that is being generous on my part. I wouldn’t, couldn’t believe anything that woman has ever said. What is sad, is that her daughter is just as corrupt and the poor little grandchild will have to grow up in that kind of environment.
    America, I hope to hell you wake up and do not vote for that miserable piece of dung.

  14. Kathy Cain

    Hillary’s lies, deception, and neglect sickens me with the same intensity that it did 3 1/2 years ago. She has 4 American’s blood on her hands. I cringe at the thought of her as president. God help us if she gets elected!

  15. Sally O'Hare Everhart

    Hillary is a liar and a thief with the blood of Benghazi on her hands. No true American should vote for her.

      1. h m rowland

        That’s shorter than the Bush blood trail from Auschwitz to the middle east to Wisconsin to Martha’s Vineyard to New York to Dallas and thousands and thousands fewer corpses.

    1. h m rowland….per 1000 words Secretary Clinton lies or misinforms 26%; Donald Trump 59%. There’s the facts .

  16. tomsfordcars

    That Bitch Clinton should be in jail instead of running for President. What an example they both make to our children. He is a womanizing liar that showed he had absolutely no respect for the Presidency of this Country. Her, in the same token, is responsible for lost American lives, illegal uses of E-mail, and is just as much a liar as that s.o.b. she is married to!

  17. Betty Hanner

    I think hiller and obana both had something to do with them people getting kill if they had sent more troop over there like they ask for it would have come out different

  18. kennethwbaguley

    We always knew it was about America’s weapons to be collected and were being sent to Syria through Turkey…When Clinton was asked about that, she denied any knowledge.

  19. ReaperHD

    This _unt has out smarted the Feds for decades now annd she tells the FBI who is gonna get arrested or not along with Bill “SLICK WILLY’ Cliton they get away with murder and they just keep coming at you like the plague.

  20. Fred Dunbar

    When I see Hillary on TV talking to a group of people, they applaud her and shout approval. When I come online and read about her, many people hate her. I’m not able to judge which is the greater? What I don’t understand is the apathy shown by so many as to her responsibility for the loss of American lives. These people just don’t care. I hope that there’s more of us that do care in November than those that don’t. If she’s elected, then this once great country is history.

    1. Kevin Harrison

      IF that fugly hag gets in that office FULL CIVIL WAR WILL START shortly there after

    2. Rodney Tolbert

      She does have small crowds though. Bernie had large crowds and his were excited. Her crowds had to have signs held up when to clap. lol

  21. Richard

    I say send her over there with the same security she provided them and see how loud the pig squeals!

  22. tom boy

    You know sure it was bad that 4 people died but there were others like secretary of defense who should have beefed up security in this non embassy complex .
    What gets me is the George W Bush and his cronies fabricated a war in Iraq killed half million plus civilians plus our 4,491 soldiers plus tens of thousands that were scared emotionally and physically and no one calls Bush and his people low life vermin for what they did and creation of ISIS and yes they helped in creation of these vicious terrorists . So Lydie Denier I feel for your loss but there are others that got off on far worse lies and destroyed countless lives and created an even more unstable region than the Benghazi raid ! Gaddafi had to go for he was killing his people who wanted freedom . Salam Hussein tho rotten to the core, did not have weapons of mass destruction to put us into a trillion more in debt. Benghazi was wrong but Iraq invasion is a bigger mistake that will be paying for generations to come ……………

    1. Clay Fitzgerald

      Lefty Kool-Aid gulper, lying sack of crappola, making up stuff or just repeating the propaganda that’s been spoon fed to you.

  23. Kevin Harrison

    IF this admin REFUSES to do anything about this then its more than likely the FBI WILL LEAK THE INFO TO THE PUBLIC I8F that happens it WILL be up to US the people to do something about it ME PERSONLY i think the bitch SHOULD BE HANGED FOR TREASON

    1. tom boy

      And Bush and his cronies get off free ? 4 deaths is bad but tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians is far worse ………

      1. Clay Fitzgerald

        Hey there, tommy boy, stop being an apologist for the corruption that surrounds the Clintons. Remember that there are a lot more deaths that have been attributable to Clinton shenanigans then just those 4 at Benghazi. So how do you attribute the 10’s of thousands of Iraqi deaths to Bush (1 or 2?), if true, which I doubt. Guzzling the leftist Kool-Aid again?

        1. tom boy

          Oh grow up . Sure Clinton should done better but Bush did far worse . Bush leads us into Iraq and thousands dead stupid ! Clinton shenanigan deaths worse than Iraq ? Dream on ! Check the facts how many dead in Iraq from 2003 on ……. Guess you had no one in service over there so why do you care …. and your liberal boy Trump well , he will get us in a war over there faster than W did . benghazi was a mistake but Iraq was a far worse mistake ! History shows this

          1. Clay Fitzgerald

            There were far less, about 10%, of the deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan (remember this, it was supported by both democrats and republicans), then those in Southeast Asia lead by democrat John Kennedy and escalated by Lyndon Johnson, another democrat, using the excuse of the phony Gulf of Tonkin incident up come up with BS Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. That whole thing was based on lies made up by democrats, and then lost by democrats that would not support the conditions of the Paris Peace Accords on Vietnam that resulted in the communist take over.

      2. Kevin Harrison

        this whole thing started WAY before bush was in power THIS WAS STARTED way back min the late 40s BY THE UN not bush not carter not oblowme and if you REALLY DIG thats what you will find

    2. tom boy

      Nice hate talk stupid . what you think we should kill people you do not like ? this is the same kind of hatred that brought Hitler to power in 1932 . Anti woman hater sure you can not agree or like her but don’t act like a hate monger . you make Hitler and Stalin smile at you from hell …….

  24. Robert York

    That bitch is something that you would throw rocks at. She is another lying demorat and repile, you can’t tell one from another Washington hypocrite. Washington is so full of liars, thieves, nobody up there believe in listening to there people they represent. We can’t compete with money laundering crooks up there. Now if we had the money we could say to them shit, and they would say to us “how much, where, what color, red, green, blue.” Remember this Clinton’s lie when there mouths move. People in Washington better realize that there time might come to a sudden stop, then everybody’s nose is going to be in someone’s azzhole. We need someone like Charles Barkley, Donald Trump, or another Harry S. Truman, someone to tell it like it should be.

    1. tom boy

      Yeah put Trump in and you will see a hell of lot more Benghazi attacks at our embassies all over . He breeds on hate and division and most of the world leaders do not want to deal with him except Puttin . Enough said !

      1. Kevin Harrison

        IF that bitch killary gets in that office FULL CIVIL WAR WILL HAPPEN SHORTLY THERE AFTER

        1. tomsfordcars

          Kevin, You are so correct. There will be a revolt in this Country that will make the Civil War look like a pillow fight in a dorm room!

  25. danaugust68

    Why is there no one blaming the people who did the killing, while everybody is blaming Mrs Clinton for everything? Political Ploy of the Republican.

  26. Whatzrname

    Remember when Hillary said, “…what difference does it make?” That’s the real way hillary rotten clinton feels. And the lamestream media gave her a pass on that-

  27. autrypma

    I firmly believe that Hillary’s voters should know the true story of Hillary Clinton’s life. The media calls her “their darling”, the liberal media that is…she lied about Bengazi, admitted it at the first hearing and the dumb Democrats were rejoicing that she told the truth and was not called down..a victory for them !!!!!!!! they didn’t even care that she had lied and admitted it…she just continues as if she had never done any wrong…BUT, these voters should know that she has”vowed to continue Obama’s plans and legacy”. This makes my blood run cold> Obama has about destroyed our country, our freedom, our economy and she will continue those plans…WAKE UP. WE MUST DEFEND FOR OUR CHILDREN AND SENIORS AND EVERYONE. DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON….BUT DO VOTE.

  28. don lavrich

    Hillary is nothing but scum with blood on her hands. her only qualification for prez is that she can sit down and take a piss! what a waste of flesh!

  29. US Patriot

    Both Clinton s belong in prison. Hillary for Bengazi and Bill and Hillary for their fake Foundation . Money Laundering operation. They also made it possible for Russia to purchase American Uranium thru a Canadian company in order for Russia to build more nuclear weapons. I would say both Bill and Hillary are guilty of Treason against the Unites States of America!

  30. peter Pirzadeh

    We already know she is one of the notable white color criminal through some of her other activities, starting from White Water and continuing on to the foundation in partnership with slick willy not to mention her emails and other improprieties. So, Benghazi added to all of that plus total incompetence as a secretary of state. Voters should awaken to the reality of her criminal behavior her deceitful conduct, her skillful cover-ups, her constant lies, her diplomatic advantage she has had which has enabled her to fool the media, and Oh, lets not forget the political, if not the financial backing she has had from her super pack and others. She has obviously conned the media, if not some of the uninformed voters, the likes of which voted for Obama, the ones who were infatuated by his looks, his youth, the color and first American president notion. What is sad is she almost as if she has no conscious; plays every card including the “women’s card” to elevate her stance. I wonder if she could ever expound on what the word “honesty” means. Quite the contrary, dishonesty is so engrossed in some people that it is as if it is in their DNA. Example, I don’t believe anyone could truly believe any of the words came out of her mouth that could be believed when describing the Benghazi murders of the four courageous Americans in the Benghazi committee For that reason alone, she is not qualified to become the president of the United State.

  31. albany le

    hillary is responsible for the deaths of these man. She totally ignored their cries for help What a criminal thing to do. Get her out of any post in our government.

  32. The Fox

    Proves once again that Hillary Dillary Dike belongs in prison and not the White House and those who would vote for her need to be in prison with her.

  33. paul

    Put the bitch in jail where she’s belonged for a long time, and throw away the key.

  34. Robert

    The american Indian had a saying…. ” You speak with a forked tongue ” ! The saying fits
    Hillary ” The Butcher of Benghazi ” Clinton to a tee ! She has asked… Why am I not liked
    by the american people ? It just might be because every time you open your pie hole, a
    LIE comes out of it ! She cannot be trusted. She is an Obozo clone, that will if elected
    President of the United States, will continue his failed policies, and it will destroy our country.

  35. michael friend

    First Hellary lied to the families of the 4 people that got murdered, and then she came out on television and claimed that no Americans were killed over there. When they confronted her in front of a Senate sub commitee about her e-mails, she had nothing but the look of contempt in her eyes. She is nothing but a LYING CORRUPT BITCH that needs to go to prison.

  36. Dana Cole

    This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Question though, why are just getting this info now?

  37. Rosech Levy

    And they tried to make Stevens out to be a gay as well. Anything to ruin his name and credibility, while doing nothing to destroy Hillary who has no credibility and now many are even now in doubt as to whether she is a lesbian, even among Democrats who are fleeing to changing over to Republicans because they know she is lethal to America.

  38. hangman57

    Right now Hillary’s Top aides are sitting down with the FBI under oath about Hillary Illegal Server and her deleting 30,000 government e-mails .

  39. gomurr

    This woman has committed so many crimes I’ve lost count. I hope she finally goes down, but I won’t hold my breath.

  40. rothgar

    Except for other reports strongly suggesting that Amb Chris Stevens was Gay and a Bio that doesn’t mention a fiance this story sounds perfect.

  41. vfh63penguins

    Hil also has said put all christians in concentration camps force re education upon on them
    to except everything they believe is wrong and sin no freedom of religion with clinton

  42. Lougjr1

    How can any American vote for Hillary after knowing that she has a terrible lack of pure common sense. Just knowing how she faltered on making enough security available for Ambassador Stevens before he was sent in harms way. A person who thinks that it is OK to use unsecured communication allowing our enemies to hack it, can not be trusted to protect the citizens of this country. She has turned so far left that she is closer to Putin’s Russia than she is to the united States. Let there be no mistake, It’s not the gender that I’m opposed to, It’s the lack of leadership that bothers me. It’s also the lack of being able to tell the truth. She has also made very bad deals with our enemies which allowed them to progress over us. One more thing, The Clintons trashed the white house when they were there before and again when they left. I personally I do not want them in the white house again as long as they live. I hope that Democrats who have a mind of their own think long and hard about what kind of woman they want to run the country !!!

  43. sdecantr

    Don’t EVER expect that any of the Clintons will tell the truth about anything. They never have and Chris Stevens is further proof that those that are “friends” of the Clintons has a target on their back. Check out the “friends” of Clintons during Bill’s governorship and Presidential years. Even prison would be too good for her.

  44. donnieboy1

    Hillary Clinton tells lie after lie and so often that she believes her own lies. Remember when she was running for president in 2008 and she asked who we would want to answer the red phone at 3:00 a.m., her or barack Obama. From what I can understand, neither one of them answered the phone at any time, much less 3:00 a.m. LOL What a joke these people are., and they keep getting worse.

  45. h m rowland

    Trump…corporate fascist coup…follow the list of coming banker donors .

  46. Original Anna

    I would like to know what happened to the Benghazi Committee that was looking into this murder. Just how long does it take to investigate an obvious murder that has been so out in front of the media that even the little guys on our streets know the details of this murder but an investigating committee can’t seem to figure this murder out. These murderers even tracked the ambassador to where he was hiding because they knew of the hiding place’s existence. What is the problem with the investigation. With friends like Clinton and Obama who needs enemies.

  47. kassa1

    The murderous Clintons have been involved in countless politically connected (murders)acidental deaths since they have been involved in politics and will continue until the American people get some guts and say enough to the very rich and powerful who control the cover ups in govt and the media ! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND down with GODLESS , Elietest Marxism !

  48. voncile fullwood

    anyone that may be in doubt of Hillary’s guilt why not go watch the movie that the snipers put out in honor of the four Americans that died in Benghazi and it’s call the 13th hour Benghazi and if that is not enough then the book 13th hour reveals more not only is she a liar,no video,no protest was even involved–there were two compounds the CIA and some personnel and Military was in one compound and way across was another compound for the four.the head leader terrorist lead the pack for the attack which was a plan attack by him once Chris made his speech the next day the attack occurred three times Chris asked for aide they were under attack three times the CIA was told for them to stand down the military plane was loaded and ready to go and could have made it in time had they not been given that order ..the last call Chris made we need help and we need it now,the military snipers that was in the other compound disobeyed that last stand order and went to the compound where Chris and the others were but by the time they got there the terrorist had bombed the compound so many times there was no way for Chris to come out he was burnt up in the compound…this was a part of what went on and people want to put her in office of president is beyond me and crooked people in the Democratic seat who don’t want to lose their seats want her in and will go at any length to make sure this happens and Loretta Lynch said if the FBI indicted her she would make sure sure did not not go to jail …Obama,Hillary,Loretta and the rest that was involved needs the orange jumpsuit.

  49. marlio

    Hillary appears to be an inept, cold blooded, unqualified, nefarious, untruthful entity, who has no compassion or love for anyone, except herself and possibly her daughter, she only had, to improve her image, in order to move up on the ladder.

  50. Archie Cogollos

    It amazes me that the Democrats and anybody would even consider her as a possible viable candidate…she will not make it…she will be brought down because of this and email among other scandals….they have lost their collective moral compass…

  51. Joe S Hill

    Back in the late 1960s,there was a TV show called “LIAR’S CLUB”,and Hillary Clinton sure would’ve been a fitting guest! and the Families of the slain diplomats are still entitled to answers from our “presidential candidate”,who is so dead on the nail guilty over the Benghazi scandal,which will be an Albatross surrounding her,no matter how much she denies this,it won’t evade her,until the whole truth is known-and all the smug evasions that she’s denied,just isn’t going to help her escape her role in this nasty scandal,and the consequences involved! i hope that this ruins her chances of being this country’s next CIC,because that would be a gigantic disaster,despite all her power and pull,she’s daft
    in the head,and just a legend in her own mind! of course,she can always do her own talk show-but that would be way,too cruel,,for us,anyway!

  52. Drake J.

    I don’t understand why she isn’t being charged for treason already, both for her involvement in the Benghazi incident, and other crimes against our Military, and this Countries best interests ! She has taken money from outside this country, OUR ENEMIES, to finance her campaign, and passed off secrets that have put our military people in harms was, and caused their deaths aswell ! What the heck is wrong here? People are put in jail for lesser crimes, DWI, DUI, just to suite a few ! I guess we no longer have a law against treason ?

  53. squappie

    Yeah, because Hillary was the head of security for the compound…..and congress cutting the budget for these compounds has nothing to do with lack of adequate security. Dumb ass misinformed idiots!

  54. Jacqueline Lynn

    Killary should be facing a HOST of formal charges! Her actions regarding the atrocity at Bloody Benghazi should lead these charges/ This creature should be in jail awaiting sentencing – not on the campaign trail with expensive tax paid security surrounding her!

  55. Peter Morey

    Die Hard Liberals seem not to care what the Clintons do. They are gods in those idiots eyes even thought the rest know they are thieves who are willing to kill anyone in their power grab.

  56. popgrand

    Okay here we go with this Benghazi shit again, just as the election is heating up to go into the General, Okay so where’s the interview with all of the [wives/Grandmothers/fathers/children/mothers/ who lost their loved one during the Bush lie he told about Weapons of mass destruction, which got thousands killed, yet you all keep pounding the same road about something that could happen right now under anybodies leadership, so I see you didn’t know that the GOP had cut the [State Departments budget], all you are doing is what the GOP is doing all they can do to under mind truth with false bullshit, I know it’s so sad for anybody to lose a loved ones under any circumstance, yet we can’t allow ourselves be used by those who have not helped create any jobs or anything else in the last seven years 5 months, so I do sympathize with anyone who has lost anybody, and of all the hearings the GOP Congress has had on the Benghazi matter they have not proven anything that was negligent on Hillary’s part, no she did not let her friend down, the very people who are spreading lies are the ones who let her fiance down!!

  57. Wayne Stollings

    There is coming a day very soon when we will all stand before the Lord Jesus Christ and pay an account for our sins. Obama and Hillary Clinton will no longer be able to cover up all of their corruption and criminal activity. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. I pray for our country that we can make it 8 more months and replace these criminals. Our country is on the edge of a cliff. When Barack Obama took office in 2008, we had 9 Trillion in national debt….Today we have over 19 Trillion. Barack Obama has spent more money in 7 years than all of the presidents prior to him combined. Today there are more than 96 million Americans without a job, this is the highest number since world war II. Obama has doubled the amount of americans on food stamps, we now have more than 52 million people receiving food stamps. When Obama took office in 2008, we had 1 out of 10 americans living below the poverty level….today 1 out of 6 people live below the poverty level. Now….Hillary Clinton keeps saying that she likes and will continue Obamas policies if she is elected….May God Help Us. We need to pray folks that this don’t happen.

  58. Son Shine

    Crazy people will vote for her.
    Loretta Lynch was appointed by Bill Clinton as Attorney
    General when he was in office, then Obama appointed
    her after Eric Holder. Lynch worked in law firm taking care of
    the Clintons. Go figure Clintons future with the law.

  59. TOM

    Let’s discuss her gun running to the rebels. This is what started the whole bengazhi situation anyway,Gun running to the enemy. Letting 4 people die, lie about it, blame it on someone else so president could get re elected, make it seem that it wasn’t a terrorist attack, Lie and deny the next four years everytime you get a chance. If Stevens was a friend of Hillary’s he sure didn’t need any enemies.

  60. Robert Early

    In the name of all victims of Clinton’s Benghazi slaughter, I promise that Hillary will never occupy the Oval Office.

  61. Loretta

    I think it would be good to make sure the pictures of those killed in Benghazi be placed in prominent places wherever she goes durinng this campaign But maybe here evil deeds will finally catch u with her and she won’t get the nomination

  62. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    before Chris Stevens, do you remember the Klintoons lawyer, Vince Foster?
    After he supposedly committed suicide by “shooting himself in the BACK of the head,” in PUBLIC PARK, the Hillybillies went to his office and CLEANED IT OUT!

  63. Cecil Highsmith

    The Clintons know nothing about Truth. They are the world best lying people besides the Obama Adminstration.

  64. Phillip Lake

    The Clinton/Rodham families have been given free passes for years. During Clinton’s stint as Governor of Arkansas a team of investigators and lawyers started investigating the illegal business practices of the two families. When the investigators started getting to close they started committing suicide: 10 killed themselves by kneeling down and shooting themselves in the head – they managed to shoot themselves in the back of their head – not once but twice. Two other people hung themselves and one was killed in an auto accident. The Clinton’s have murdered, lied and stolen their way through history and are still doing it, but NOBODY WILL DO ANYTHING TO STOP THEM. Hillary Clinton will be 10X more detrimental to this country than His Majesty Obama. Trump may not be the preferred choice of hard line evangelicals but he is a damned site better for this country than Bitch Clinton will ever be.

  65. anAmericanByChoice

    Would like to be proven wrong, but we all know the criminal elite is a club of boys and girls who protect each other. Hillary will continue to commit crimes and smile.