Hillary Humiliated At a Rally After Spanish Speaker Shouts This

While Donald Trump hasn’t been afraid to step on a lot of toes during his presidential campaign, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has actively gone out of her way to pander to just about every group under the sun – except Republicans, of course.

However, her attempts to appease an audience in East Harlem backfired. Here’s the report from the Daily Caller:

“… Clinton was at a campaign stop, pandering to just about anyone she could find, when someone in the audience yelled something in Spanish.

“Clinton, who doesn’t even speak Spanish, gave her signature laugh that is enough to drain the world of happiness, and flashed a thumbs up before continuing on.

Reportedly, the woman had shouted ‘I’m voting for Bernie,’ to Clinton, which just made Clinton look even more clueless than she already is.

“[Hillary] has spent her entire campaign trying to convince minority voters that she is better than the socialist alternative whom she has been nonetheless unable to shake from her tail.

“Unfortunately for her, many Americans, even liberals, are starting to see through her facade and do not like or trust her one bit. That is how Bernie Sanders has managed to get so far in this election cycle.

“Clinton was supposed to have the nomination clinched by now and be pivoting towards the general election, but she has continued to battle Sanders in states like New York – states that should have been easy territory for her.”

Hillary has also gone around pandering to African-American groups by criticizing police officers and talking about institutional racism, white privilege and all the other classic liberal talking points.

There aren’t many minority groups in American that Hillary hasn’t tried to win over with her fake laugh and ridiculous ideas. This shows just how desperate Hillary Clinton is to get the Democratic nomination, and that the Democratic presidential primary is closer than the mainstream media is letting on.

Do you think Hillary will get the Democratic nomination, despite her lack of charm, honesty and campaigning skills?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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  1. stick

    Hillary’s honesty? Who is kidding who? She has told so many lies
    for so long she wouldn’t know the truth if it bite her in the a**

  2. cdreeder

    two restaurants;One DNC, the othe GOP, They both give you a menu with ONE CHOICE! The GOP has two 2(oops) 3 dishes but you can only have the cruze, DNC has two dishes, and they blanked out sanders..either one will make you vomit..

  3. DaveyJ

    Hillary is quite worthless. But soon will be our new queen! Where did we get here! I’d way rather have Donald Trump!