Soviet Immigrant Smacks Down Bernie’s Socialist Supporters in Just 7 Words

It looks like not everyone observing America’s presidential election thinks that “Feeling the Bern” is a great idea. Especially people who have lived under socialism and communism, such as chess grand master Garry Kasparov.

Here are some of his remarks as reported by Front Page Magazine:

“I’m enjoying the irony of American Sanders supporters lecturing me, a former Soviet citizen, on the glories of Socialism and what it really means! Socialism sounds great in speech soundbites and on Facebook, but please keep it there. In practice, it corrodes not only the economy but the human spirit itself, and the ambition and achievement that made modern capitalism possible and brought billions of people out of poverty. Talking about Socialism is a huge luxury, a luxury that was paid for by the successes of capitalism.” 

The Atlantic’s Olga Khazan also took a look and saw that Soviet immigrants aren’t that into Sanders or socialism.

“Janna Sundeyeva still remembers life in the Soviet Union, where stores in remote regions would lack meat for months at a time and toilet paper had to be snatched up quickly on the rare occasions it appeared.

“‘I don’t like big government,‘ she said. She made two circles with her thumbs and forefingers and pressed them against each other so they touched, like binoculars. This Venn diagram represents the interest of people and government. ‘They don’t have very much in common.’

“To Sundeyeva, left-wingers seem to yearn for a workers’ revolution. ‘I would ask them: Have you ever lived under a revolution? Do you know what it’s like? When someone comes and takes your family member in the night?'”

While we don’t blame millenial Bernie supporters for hating Hillary Clinton, we do question their judgement believing in the “virtues” of socialism.

Do you think liberals who support Sanders understand the socialist values he promotes, and what they would really mean for their political and economic freedoms?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    1. 0331Tap

      Rodger that isn’t the point…These other people lived socialism…They know the truth…Do you work for a living or is your hand out for government freebies…Either way your in trouble under Sanders…

        1. 0331Tap

          Exactly…Why isn’t this stuff taught in school any more ???What’s happened to world History…?College kids don’t know who the VP is, or Sec of State, or speaker of the house…No political science…Disgusting what passes for education…

          1. Brooke

            They also don’t know who Karl Marx was or what Sharia Law is.

            Hillary Supporters Endorse KARL MARX as Her Pick for Vice President! – SIGN PETITION TO APPROVE HIM

            Hillary Supporters Endorse SHARIA LAW in AMERICA!

      1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

        If that wasn’t the point, why did he say it?

        I’m pleased you are so self-sufficient you don’t have your hand out for government freebies.

        So, I assume you will refuse Social Security, and Medicare, and you don’t want those poorer than you to have Medicaid, or aid to education or aid in buying food.

        Hey, everyone knows the poor are lazy. Right? In fact there are some lazy poor people out back, mowing my lawn and struggling to plant a big tree. I’d help them, but I’m on the Internet, now.


        You also don’t like federal inspection of your food and drugs, federal building and maintenance of your highways, dams and bridges, and for certain, you don’t like having a military, a border patrol, or a coast guard to protect you.

        All of the above fall under what you would call “Socialism,” at least as much as the so-called “Socialism” Bernie proposes.

        Rather than talking about some generalized “Socialism,” why not talk about what you specifically don’t like in each of Bernie’s proposals?

          1. used_to_be_a_liberal

            If you seriously can not look in the mirror then answer that question yourself, then you truly are a misguided, misinformed left-wit looking for an utopia. Keep your rose colored glasses on, and don’t touch the coffee.

    2. grama18

      Dumb ! Dumb ! LOOK at what happened in the countries WE had to help – FREE – ! IT may not be sanders but their are some real a$$ holes out their that would love to PLAY me king — BOW — down.

    3. donl

      Ever been to a Socialist country? I have, it sucks, there are so many things you CANNOT do or say it’s unbelievable. You can get arrested for almost anything. It’s their way or the highway…to jail.

        1. savetheusa2

          I don’t want the Federal Government to own MY resources. They can’t even take care of what they are doing now. They are corrupt. Our government SPENDS OUR MONEY, SPENDS OUR MONEY, etc. has to burst its bubble because we are broke and can’t pay our bills. Don’t vote democratic or our nation is lost. We can’t afford any more freebies like giving illegals more bennies than the real citizens of America who work for a living or the veterans who fought for us that are now dying. WE NEED CHANGE which means going back to the Constitution and being a Republic! (I’m not saying Republican).

        1. mello Matt

          Of course. He believes he is smarter than you and needs to make all your decisions for you, especially on how to spend your hard earned money. Only an idiot would believe Bernie could pay for college education by going after the big bad capitalist on wall street. Math doesn’t work. Do you really believe the banks and Wall Street are the problems. Obviously the solution to the $20,000,000,000,000 debt is not more taxes. Bernie knows this and he knows greedy idiots won’t care, they will believe in a system that gives them something for nothing. Bernie is playing you.

        2. cdreeder

          I believe the powers that be want the dictatorship, a puppet, is not that what the USA has been doing all over the world? Taking down governments and installing their puppets?

    4. Ardvark

      Are you a special kind of misguided individual one who spouts crap like this because you cannot stand to hear the truth about the garbage you have been so envious of?

    5. 0331Tap

      No Rodger…I’m not self sufficient…I’ 69 spent five years in the Marines…Worked a paper mill my entire life…Brought up three kids that all work…All have kids…I have 12 grand children, married 45 years to a wife that worked her entire life…Take the money from those that work for it and when they stop working no one will have any thing…That is Socialism…Professional welfare isn’t living…I care for the disabled, I fight for them they deserve help…Lazy shiftless people, not so much…

        1. hookemowls

          Where in the hell do you think the money will come from? The government has NO product, they manufacture NOTHING. They cannot give you anything without taking it from someone else.

          Example, a bernie 2016 sign was in a yerd. Half was removed with the explanation that the taker didn’t have a sign, so they took half of the sign owner.

          You are one referred to as Generation Stupid, are you not?

          1. 0331Tap

            Exactly…Free College, 18 Trillion in Debt, Free Medical, Roger says Bernie, say’s all that money will come from Big Rich Billionaires and Conglomerates…News flash…They will take there money, close there shops…Lay everyone off so no one is working now but Bernie say’s it’s still all free…You can’t fix stupid…If you argue with an idiot, which one is the idiot…God help us all…

    6. Rusty LH

      Yes, I very much believe that some who support Bernie would do things like that. Not to average citizens, but they would do it to those who oppose socialism outspoken, if they were able to get their socialist “utopia” in place. Look at how far they will go now. Look at how they trample on the rights of others who they disagree with. So YES…Yes, I very much believe that some Bernie supporters would do things like that if we ended up with a socialist government.

      I have seen them block the movements of their political opponents, verbally assault them, physically assault them, spirit on them, and even commit battery upon them. The liberal media makes a huge deal out of a couple of Trump supporters physically assaulting a couple of protesters, but they never show what the protesters do. And the have done plenty.

    7. mello Matt

      Roger that is the point, do you think the people that voted for Hitler, Chavez and supported Castro, Stalin, Mussolini…. would come after them in the night? They did. The reason is socialism doesn’t work so government have to take extreme measures to stay in power. Hell yea Rodger, read history and GET REAL!

      1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

        Yikes! Gee,you forgot to include Attila the Hun.

        Hitler and Mussolini were fascists, not socialists. They hated socialists.

        Castro and Stalin were communist dictators.

        You don’t like Medicare and Social Security??

        1. Ron Boeddeker

          Rodger: Hitler was a Socialist. Led everyone to the trough of Nazi Socialism, and then forced them to drink from it. He saw to it that his government took over control of everything, medicine, food production, steel production, armaments production, oil production, everything. He brought jobs back after WW 1 for everyone, and introduced forced labor at every level of industry to build his war machines. Do not think for one minute that it cannot happen here, because it is happening now. Our government has taken over automobile production, the health care industry, environmental standards, oil production/importation, our forests, our electricity production (via clean air standards), and even our education system has to cowtow to the 1st Lady’s dietary plan! The current administration and Hillary/Bernie want to implement more and draconian gun controls…where does it all lead? Looks like a repeat of the Nazi Socialist nation of the 1930’s is not all that far from becoming a reality for our children if you ask me.

          1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

            Hmm. . . .
            “. . . taken over automobile production . . .” Which cars do they produce?

            ” . . . the health care industry . . . ” You don’t like Medicare? You will.

            “. . . oil production . . . ” Which refineries do they own?

            ” . . . clean air standards . . .” Who wants clean air, anyway? Not you and the Koch brothers.

            Oh, and gun controls. Yes, it’s oh so hard to get a gun in America, isn’t it? There are more guns in America than people, but still you whine about gun controls?

            Truly sad.

        2. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

          “You don’t like Medicare and Social Security??”

          My Social Security and my Medicare were paid for by me via direct deductions from my paychecks via FICA (the Federal Insurance Contributions Act) – but they still take $105 out of my Social Security payments every month for Medicare – despite my being retired for many years now.

          If you want to equate those Old Age Benefits with “Socialism”, you are off base.

          1. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            I don’t have to – it’s already well-defined:

            “Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership and democratic control of the means of production, as well as the political ideologies, theories, and movements that aim at their establishment.”

            What is Socialism?

            Central to the meaning of socialism is common ownership. This means the resources of the world being owned in common by the entire global population.

            From the father of Socialism:

            “Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen”
            [“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”]
            —Karl Marx; ‘Critique of the Gotha Program’ —1875

          2. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

            Thanks for the link, which agrees with me that Bernie is not a socialist.

            Now for the important part: The effect his tax proposals will have on taxpayers. The analysis is based on a “Growth Model,” i.e. predictions about future economic growth.

            No economist has had any consistent success in predicting economic growth. Ask ten economists what next year’s GDP will be, and you will get twenty different answers.

            So the analysis is highly suspect.

            However it does reveal the one truth I consistently have tried to explain. Federal taxes do not fund federal spending. (See: )

            Bernie makes, in my opinion, a serious mistake by proposing any federal tax increases.

            I know, from my discussions with his advisors, he does this only because he believes the populace won’t believe federal spending can be accomplished without tax increases — despite the evidence that the cumulative federal deficit has increased $13 trillion in the past 75 years.

            That’s $13 trillion of federal spending that has not been funded by federal taxes. Yet the populace still doesn’t get it.

            While state, county and city taxes fund state, county and city spending, federal taxes do not fund federal spending.

            So, while Bernie proposes programs that will benefit the populace, he has caved to political reality (?) by proposing matching taxes.

            However, if he were to be elected, I have it on good authority, that he no longer would propose those taxes, and all the benefits would be free to you.

            If you were to read “Lunch Really Can Be Free” ( ) you would have a better understanding of the economics.

    8. savetheusa2

      Bernie is a puppet of the new world order, so yes It could happen. I firmly believe there are U.N. troops in our FEMA camps waiting for Martial Law. The government has been doing a lot behind our backs. In the budget there is a place for BLACK OPS and Congress doesn’t know what is happening. Heck, Obama has to read it in the news first (sarcasm). BTW, what do you think Jade Helm was all about? Our soldiers learning how to control its citizens is the answer.

      1. savetheusa2

        Millions died in Russia because their land was taken away and they starved to death. The state decides what to give you. You will never like socialism or its sister communism, Rodger.

    1. Shane

      Forgot – Muslim! Obama is doing all he can to faciltiate huge numbers of Muslims into the USA.

      1. cdreeder

        Oh the list that is 0bunghole is a long and obscene description that would not make it through censoring. Thanks for posting!

  1. cdreeder

    Ok. Don’t reread it. I get it. You haven’t a clue. Social security i have paid into since i started working and paying taxes. Taxes, you know the money taken to pay for government programs and services? So in bernie world, EVERYTHING IS FREE! How do you do that? Simply print money that is worthless, but if you try to get away from it, you’ll have a war on your hands. Do you understand 20 trillion of debt dose not go away when you have free everything. Gas tax pay for roads and maintenance

    1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

      State taxes pay for state spending. County taxes pay for county spending. City taxes pay for city spending.

      But federal taxes do not pay for federal spending. Read:

      And if that surprises you, you will be interested to learn that the so-called federal “debt” is nothing more than deposits in accounts at the Federal Reserve Bank — in short, bank accounts.

      One can learn a great deal on this site.

      1. jrogersp

        What the Hell are you rambling on about? You make no sense at all, you must be a Bernie Butt licker!

      2. Blue

        we learn how many ignorant people post on here. IOU, it that what you are talling about? focus on soc sec. THE MONEY IS ALL GONE, LOCK BOX FULL OF WORTHLESS IOUS

        1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

          In the 1770’s, the federal government created dollars from thin air by passing laws. It continues to create dollars according to those original laws and subsequent laws.

          So long as the federal government does not run short of laws, it will not run short of dollars.

          Federal finances are different from personal finances. Even if FICA fell to $0, the government could create the dollars to pay Social Security benefits, forever.

          1. Elaine Blackman

            Then why do they keep cutting it and taxing it more? SS used to be non-taxable and after age 65, a person could make as much as they wanted and it wasn’t taxed at all. That has all changed and we’re even have to pay SS taxes after age 65 on what’s made through working. Back to lala land for you and Bernie, as well as HRC.

        2. john

          The money I paid into SS was my money, but now the government tells me they spent it, so I am just out of luck.

        1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell


          Many foreign governments have made deposits in their T-security accounts at the Federal Reserve Bank.

          If you yourself have “lent” to the federal government (i.e. purchased a T-bill, T-note or T-bond), you too have your own T-security account at the FRB.

          How will the government pay you off? Simply by transferring your dollars from your T-security account to your checking account.

          No new dollars needs and no taxpayers involved..

      3. Elaine Blackman

        If that’s so, why are military benefits constantly being lessened? Why are SS benefits being depleted and taxed even higher? Why do they say SS is going to be bankrupt sooner than it was thought? Why could someone have a higher retirement income by putting their money in interest paying savings accounts than they can from SS, which was supposed to be a “life preserver” from old age poverty? Why did Congress start using the money from SS for other things if they had all of these unlimited funds at their disposal? Total BS and you buy into all of it without thinking. Do you pay taxes? If they aren’t used by the government, then why do we need to?

          1. Richard Klabechek

            Typical Liberal drivel. You must be well funded the the liberal elites. stay in chicago, you deserve each other………………..

    2. Janet

      Do you think college students are taught economics and business? Are they aware of the debt the US is in? They believe everything is just going to click along as it always has. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I wonder when they have all their school debt, in addition to the $70,000 each of them owe on the debt, if they can get a job what that reality will do when it sinks in there isn’t a better tomorrow. And No you cannot default on school loans

      1. Elaine Blackman

        So many can’t even get a full time job now because of penalties placed by Obamacare on criteria of full time employee numbers. That’s the “good news” of Socialism. And when the “Great Depression” was around and jobs couldn’t be found, the government had people working for WPA and CCC instead of taking free handouts. I doubt that would even be accepted now. People had pride and work ethics back then and some great things were built in our infrastructure.

    3. Janet

      I understand Social Security which citizens contributed to through their entire working career is going to be called a “government benefit program”. So does this have an implication that the government may decide who many not be entitled to a benefit from a program for which they paid? Just asking.

  2. bruceco

    bernies millenials love the fantasy of everything is for free. that is as far as their limited intelligence will allow them to think!!

    1. Shane

      Ask these young Socialists if they are willing to give up freedom of speech, religion, the press, and the right to bear arms in exchange for more free stuff, as most Europeans have done. If you look at the chaos in Europe with the millions of Muslim invaders running wild, they may change their minds.

      1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

        So, you believe Bernie’s proposals for Medicare for All, etc., will cause you to lose your freedom of speech, your religion, the press, your guns and further cause millions of Muslim invaders to run wild?

        Truly sad, how Trump and Cruz have conned the gullible American public into hysteria.

          1. John Crawford

            It requires no refutation, being nonsense. Earning a dollar is NOT being dependent.
            Semper fi

          1. john

            You can suspect all you want. One of my goals in life has been to insulate me and mine from the weirdness out there.

          2. John Crawford

            What a nonsensical thing to write. Earning a dollar, through honest work, is NOT dependency.
            Semper fi

          3. Elaine Blackman

            The currency is not sovereign. If our economy fails by not being recognized by other countries, our dollar is no longer any good. Look at the currency that has failed in other countries. Our money used to be backed by gold, which made it’s worth back up. It no longer is. It also is being printed at an unprecedented rate to try to keep up with the money borrowed from China, ostensibly. It might be so that the money can be siphoned off more easily by those in charge, including the Federal Reserve Bank (not part of U.S. government at all).
            The government only gets money by taxing people. When the citizens can no longer pay their taxes, the government is also busted.
            You try to sound so smart, but you aren’t at all. You’ve been fed a line of BS.

          4. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

            When the U.S. was on a gold standard, the value of gold was determined arbitrarily by the government. When I was young, the U.S. government decided to value gold at $35 per ounce.

            In truth, the value of gold was backed by the dollar, and not the other way around.

            Gold is essentially a useless metal, the value of which is based on “the greater fool theory.” People buy gold, not because they have any use for it, but rather because they hope a greater fool will pay more for it.

            Under what circumstances will the American economy “fail by not being recognized by other countries”?

        1. mousekiller

          there is so much more than the medicare for all . .And if the truth were know that would be a fallacy too. Socialism does not work in a free state. Socialism removes the freedoms from the people and you are for want of a better word slaves or peasants. The freedoms you have now will be gone..Want socialism, go to Russia live there or even Cuba. It wont take you long to realize the Good ol USA is not so bad living under the constitution.

    2. Janet

      My parents made it clear that nothing is free. As an adult I find every tax laid on business is passed on to the working class. I now rent my house due to the never ending real estate taxes levied for all the so called necessities. My pay check pays for Medicaid, Medicare, etc, my phone bill pays for free phones for more than emergency calls to Obama voters. I pay higher doctor and hospital costs because of all the people being cared for for free. I am getting in the category of the folks who need help, just for being forced through taxation to provide these benefits for others.

          1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

            Not sure what the gold standard has to do with the discussion, but the U. S. has been on and off several kinds of gold standards (See: ) over the years. The most recent ended on August 15, 1971, and not a moment too late.

            The sole function of gold standards is to tie the U.S. economy to the amount of gold being mined — a truly ridiculous and harmful limitation.

            If you read an article about the “benefits” of a gold standard, it likely was written by a gold dealer.

          2. Elaine Blackman

            He’s right. As long as everyone is willing to be paid with “monopoly money” or sea shells or whatever else they deem to be the payment plan of the month, they can run forever, as long as other countries are willing to go along with the same currency. If they aren’t, you have to be willing to be isolated from the rest of the world, like a Fiji Island accepting sea shells from the sea shore.

    3. Robert Early

      That is the real reason that slavery was discontinued.
      Every liberal wanted one. It was only fair. When the South refused to share it’s slaves, the North declared war, and took them. Even today, many blacks are still in slavery and obedient to their liberal masters. Masters provide peanuts in the form of food stamps and cheap cell phones to keep their slaves pacified. However, many black people did break free over the years, and achieved successful lives. In the black community, these are sometimes called “Uncle Toms”. Yes, there are masters in both Political Parties. In the Democrat Party, they are known as Progressives. In the GOP, they are RINOs. Now you know the true story.

    1. David W

      Speak for yourself. Not everyone is a useful idiot for the old Commie! You can always pack your bags and head to Havana if you are so deceived by the siren song of socialism.

    2. savetheusa2

      Obviously, you are VERY ignorant! Capitalism is the very best thing that has happened to us. Unfortunately, crony capitalism is not. Socialism and communism is the death of its citizens. Did you read this article? A former Russian would know better than you.

      1. Alex Ferguson

        Name ONE place where Capitalism has ever worked (hint: you cannot).
        To use Soviet Russia as an example of Communism is fair, but not complete. The USSR was an Evil Empire, for sure, like Nazi Germany.

        Neither the USSR or Nazi Germany come close to the USA as an Evil Empire, however. Consider: The USSR lasted for about seventy years, Nazi Germany but twelve. The USA, on the other hand, has been practicing its Evil for over two hundred years……..

        1. theicecube

          Oh quit it with capitalism has never worked. America grew because of capitalism. If Our Govt. would get out of the way and stop restricting growth. There is a reason so many people are trying to get to America and not to Cuba or Russia. It is too bad our Govt. is stifling a good thing and causing our business’s to close or move operations overseas.

          1. Alex Ferguson

            Capitalism is inherently illogical. Were we living on a planet with unlimited resources, Capitalism might have a fighting chance. We don’t. The bigger problem is Capitalism’s ravenous NEED for victims. The truest words about Capitalism ever uttered:
            “There’s a sucker born every minute!”……….

          2. theicecube

            Well I must be a victim and did not know it. I have a nice family, house and lifestyle. According to you i am a victim with all of my bills paid due to working for a living at a company that is in business to supply a service and product to other victims as I am and all the other victims that also work for a living. Oh poor me bo hoo hoo. I know what I will do I will vote for Burntout Slanders. No not so much, people that do nothing but blame others and not themselves due to stupid upbringing deserve what they get, if that includes you so be it.

          3. theicecube

            Your right, you, you, you. Poor baby watched the world go by with out you joining in like most of you liberals that do nothing but whine.

          4. theicecube

            The American dream is there for everybody, unless you decide to sit in a corner sucking your thumb, your choice. Everyone now knows what your choice is. Burnout Slanders speaks to you.

        2. jenersea

          So how come you have not sailed off to North Korea? You know that workers paradise that treats its people so well. You say the US is the evil place to be, then why do you stay here?

          1. Alex Ferguson

            Who gave you the 40 hour, six day work week? SOCIALISTS!

            Who said your ten year-old should go to school instead of the coal mine? SOCIALISTS!

          1. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            So, Alex, are you saying you’re a part of Barry Obama’s “Hope and Change” crowd?

            Under Barry’s regime I’ve had to “Hope” that I had at least a little “Change” left after paying my rent, utilities, food and transportation expenses at the end of the month. 🙁

          2. Alex Ferguson

            Not a great fan of President Obama, although I did vote for him twice—the alternative was disaster. The last time we let the Fright Wing into the White House, they allowed 9/11 to occur, actually GAVE UP on bin Laden (Obama did NOT!), and to cover their mistake, the Cheneybusj regime poured 4000+ of our kids and a TRILLION dollars into a mass grave in Iraq. You’ll NEVER get the White House back—check the changing demographic: the American plebiscite grows younger, less-male, less-White, and less-Christian by the day. Those young voters care much more about the Earth they shall inherit than about making money by exploiting the planet. You should know this; if not, talk to them. Amerikan Conservatism is T-O-A-S-T—nominating tRump will only hasten the death of the seriously moribund GOP……..

          3. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            “The last time we let the Fright Wing into the White House, they allowed 9/11 to occur…”

            You seem to forget that all the preparations by Al-Qaeda began on William Jefferson Blythe “Billy Blow Job” Clinton’s watch:

            Origins of the 9/11 attacks

            “…actually GAVE UP on bin Laden (Obama did NOT!)”


            The path to Osama bin Laden’s death didn’t start with Obama
            By Jose A. Rodriguez Jr. April 30, 2012

            Jose A. Rodriguez Jr. is a 31-year veteran of the CIA and the author of “Hard Measures: How Aggressive CIA Actions After 9/11 Saved American Lives.”

            As we mark the anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death, President Obama deserves credit for making the right choice on taking out Public Enemy No. 1.

            But his administration never would have had the opportunity to do the right thing had it not been for some extraordinary work during the George W. Bush administration. Much of that work has been denigrated by Obama as unproductive and contrary to American principles.

            He is wrong on both counts.

        3. Kelly

          First, your spewing all of this nonsense is due to the freedoms of a strong nation… built by Capitalism, and protected by a voluntary military. If this country is so evil… it’s real simple… leave! I hear that Somalia is beautiful this time of year.

  3. Alex Ferguson

    “Christians” should read the bible. Reading the Sermon on the Mount will show them that Jesus, the bastard son ‘god’ arranged to have publicly tortured to death—was a SOCIALIST! Read the Sermon on the Mount–the ONLY words we KNOW that Jesus spoke because he saw to have them RECORDED—total Socialist, probably Gay……..

    1. savetheusa2

      He had absolutely NOTHING to do with politics. He was talking about the conduct of the individual starting with our hearts. He could have come and made Himself a king, but that wasn’t his mission. He built a Church to show us The way to Heaven. He died for us to open up Heaven. He is concerned with our souls, not our money. He asks us to love. He didn’t go around forcing people to give to the poor or marginalized. He asks us out of the good or our hearts. He gave us free will. The state doesn’t spend our money wisely and isn’t the answer to our ‘problems.’

      1. gomurr

        Jesus never built a church. Giving from the heart is not living under socialism. God, the Father, gave us free will.

    2. Karin Isbell

      Alex: You seem to be too brain-dead to understand the facts, ancient or new.. Even the much touted miracle pill would do you no good. .Too dumb to even understand the Sermon on the Mountain.

    3. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

      “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”
      – Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of Great Britain

    4. Tornado

      The truth comes out, Alex. You love socialism because you hate God. The common thread of all socialist and communist is their hatred of the Divine and their desire for total control and the crushing of Christians. Look no further than Communist Chine where Christians are sent to work camps and the TRUE church is underground. They have a fake communist church that is nothing more than a talking head of the Chinese leaders. You poor, suffering soul. I wonder what has happened to you over your lifetime to create such a vitriolic individual. If you had ever read the Bible, you would realize Jesus was not a socialist…He was about charity, humility, and redemptive suffering. He suffered so that YOU would have a chance to get to Heaven, and He loves YOU. You can type all the evil you want against HIM, but realize NO ONE will ever love you as much as He does. His Disciples pooled all their resources, giving it to the CHURCH, and the Church then distributed it all in accordance with their needs. It was the early church and now the modern church who goes forth to third world countries to feed, clothe, and shelter the poorest of the poor. Really, you should read about Mother Theresa to learn about Jesus. She emulated Him. Her Sisters of Charity exist because of Him. Alex, I hope you will discover what is REALLY eating at your soul and offer it to Jesus to be healed.

  4. Karin Isbell

    Olga & Kasparov are 100% correct. I had the displeasure of living through part of it. Hit the road, Bernie! Erect your utopia in the Lake of Fire

  5. Maryanne Lambert Ritchie

    Millennialist need to do their homework and study the communists dictatorship go back at list 50 or sixty years to get a good lesson. Also talk to immagrints that left socialist countries during that time period say 1950- 2016.

    1. jrogersp

      The problem is the Govt has had all of the History books at the school levels rewritten ,, do you really think that every millennial is a lazy dimwit? As has always been, there still is a bunch of bookworms in their group, they are just learning what the Govt wants them to learn. This is why Parents have to make sure their kids are learning the Truth in History or they are going to fall into the Lefts Idiocy Trap!

  6. Ginger

    There is a big difference between socialism and communism. All Bernie is talking about doing is expanding current “socialist” programs that we already have, such as expanding Medicare, that has been around for 50 years, and expanding public education. Comparing Bernie’s version of socialism to communist Russia is ridiculous. However, comparing the USA to a third world country is becoming more real every day. All Bernie is talking about is taking the tax dollars we already spend and putting the money to better use to support the middle class. Unfortunately, Obama and Hillary are a disaster because they believe in spending more and more tax dollars with nothing to show for it. I am in favor of government cuts, and having one national public health plan, Medicare, versus spending tax dollars on Medicaid, CHIP, and Obamacare subsidies. It’s about being more practical with the tax dollars versus wasting them on programs that are not going to benefit the middle class.

    1. DaveyJ

      I was enthusiastic about Bernie Sanders for awhile…..after that I began to think he was totally out of touch with reality! Anti-hydro fracking? Apparently how no NOTHING about energy…..absolutely NOTHING. He also knows NOTHING about water quality.

      1. Sisyphus

        Most people don’t know what is involved in ‘fracking’…
        Most also couldn’t tell you where crude can be found.

    2. jrogersp

      There is very little difference between Socialism and Communism, just ask those who have come from a Country where they are Socialist and Communist! Berries ideas would cost Trillions more in taxes to begin with! Secondly, we do not need to expand on what we already have it: free education. We pay for our Medicare and Social Security they are NOT free!! But hey if you want to pay more in taxes and get even less than you do now be my guest! I for one will fight it tooth and nail because what he is proposing is the first step into full blown Socialism which will destroy All we as a Society have worked for and died for! We are a Capitalist Nation Not some freaking Commie Nation where the Govt tells us what and when we can do something because when you rely on the Govt they will hold everything over your head. As you should have learned by now every Govt is Corrupt and corrupt Govts will screw you everytime!

    3. Bernie

      The middle class can “support” themselves better than the government can.
      It’s sad that so many people think some schmuck in Washington can run your business, control your life and spend your money better than you can.
      Why are you in favor of a one national public health plan? You and I have no “right” to health care. In order to have a “right” to anything, you need to rely on others. I guess you want OTHERS to struggle through 8 to 12 years of med school just so you have a ‘right” to health care. I guess you’d rather have your doctor be a government employee. NOT ME!!!
      You have no “right” to food unless you produce the food yourself or pay for it with your labor.
      Wake up, please!

  7. alfy

    these people enjoy the internet ,iphones,under a socialist gov.if you even say or speak against the police or the gov.,you will be picked up that very night and your family will never again will hear from you .THAT’S WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH BERNIE AS PRESIDENT

  8. Dan Menard

    Socialism seeks and promotes a society where all players and all circumstances are equal. No one has an advantage over his neighbor. “Equal on all levels and where no one fails!” (also no one succeeds) This utopian view of life though fails to promote creative thinking in all fields be it music, literature and industry. If true socialism is what the people want, they had better be prepared to accept this status quo as they currently are because nothing new will ever come their way ever again.

    1. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

      “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”
      –Sir Winston Churchill, House of Commons, 22 October 1945

      “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”
      –Sir Winston Churchill, Perth, Scotland, 28 May 1948

      “I do not at all wonder that British youth is in revolt against the morbid doctrine that nothing matters but the equal sharing of miseries, that what used to be called the ‘submerged tenth’ can only be rescued by bringing the other nine-tenths down to their level…”
      –Sir Winston Churchill, House of Commons, 13 June 1948

      1. jrogersp

        They want everyone equal no matter how much effort is put into life! Their thinking is illogical, but I guess when one doesn’t learn from their History they will end up falling for the same old crap and end up in the same place their ancestors came from and fought to get out of. This is why if you were able to look back at the True history you would find the same patterns. People must be rewarded for their hard work and intellect over the lazy and dumb! It gives everyone incentive to be better!

      2. Bernie

        No wonder one of the first things Obama did in office was to send the bust of Churchill back to England.

          1. Bernie

            I’ll try to be as clear as possible:
            Barack Hussein is a putz.
            Hope that helps……..

          2. john

            That makes it way clearer for me, and thanks for the explanation. We agree completely, though in the privacy of my own head, I can use stronger language.

    2. john

      Funny how the top dogs always manage to take care of themselves. Even socialists and communists.

  9. kassa1

    So called socialism/ communism is only good for the 2 percent and HELL for the 98 percent with the added SS Gustapo cumming into your home any time the 2 percent do not like what you say or do ! Is this what you want America as the people who support this and being used and verbally pandered to will be thrown in to the fool lags as soo as the 2 percent get thru using them ! Oh Ya and when they take full power your free stuff is gone !

  10. Phil Esposito

    This is what you get when you purposely dumb down kids and teach them this crap in school.

    1. Janet

      Free college, means you will pay a huge tax on your income to fund the free crap. It will be in your check, on your purchases, on your property, phone, utilities etc.
      you name it and you will be charged a tariff of some sort. History needs to be taught. I purchase several copies of 1984 George Orwell. It used to be required reading.Now they are being taught the Third Reich and Marx theory as redeeming literature. You must be greedy if you are successful and want better for your family.

        1. Janet

          That is why this is a 8th grade to freshman book required to read.I read this in a literature class.

          1. john

            It might be a good idea if it was required reading for college kids. Just the appendices on Newspeak and Newthink would wake some up about political correctness.

      1. Elaine Blackman

        And now, with Common Core, they’re being taught to accept Islam and learn to be what it’s like to be one. There is no place for Christianity in the schools now. Reminds me of Hitler’s school indoctrination to accept him, report your parents or anyone else who says anything against the 3rd Reich regime (namely Hitler or the Nazis), and be willing to do everything for the “master race” or anything they demand.

    2. john

      This is one of the goals of liberalism. No critical thinking, indoctrination, no free thought or speech, being disarmed, being completely dependent on the state for all your needs.. It really is sad.

  11. Kelly

    From what I have observed… those supporters of Comrade Bernie fall into one of five categories:

    1) They are young, idealistic and were not around to remember what the world saw with all of the painful experiences of those within the socialist-dominated countries… that even evolved further to the totalitarian state of communist-controlled “Orwellian” societies… to the extent that people would risk their lives to escape.
    2) They are in a weakened, financial condition, where the “free stuff” has some relief to their emotional state… thinking that they will get what they cannot obtain on their own… either by existence in a lower-socio-economic-condition, still being unemployed from Barack Hussein’s “(jobless) Recovery”… and ill-prepared to compete for the higher paying jobs.
    3) They are ignorant of economics, not being able to understand that “there is no free lunch”… and beyond ignorant, they are selfish, not caring who it is that pays extra, from what they work hard to accumulate… to pay for that “free college”, etc.
    4) They, sadly… are possibly the elderly, or the physical/mental/emotional challenged, that will either now, or soon, need to rely on the freebies.
    5) They are just f*****g lazy… like many that are already on the government tit.

    What everyone fails to equate… that socialism has never worked. Sure, in concept, it all sounds nice… from Plato’s “Utopia”… to Karl Marx… which evolved under Lenin and then Stalin… even Hitler did the same as Lenin and Stalin… take socialistic principles and modify them, to be subject to a totalitarian regime… mix in a little Fascism and “Voila” we have… what over 100,000,000’s of people have died, to escape.

    A great analogy: the cheese in the mouse trap is free and available as well.

    1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

      I am, what you might call, “rich.” My friends and I do not work nearly as hard as the so-called “lazy” poor. We are, what is known as “the leisure class.”

      It’s a shame that you blame the poor for their circumstances, not realizing that luck has so much influence.

      As for what doesn’t work, it all depends on what you call “Socialism.” Unless a government does absolutely nothing, it always has some socialist aspects. It always does things fools label “Socialism.”

      Anyway, since you hate “Socialism” I assume you will not accept Medicare or Social Security benefits, not ride on federal highways, don’t want government food and drug inspection or bank insurance, and above all, don’t want protection by the army, navy, marines, coast guard — all of which are government-run, “Socialist” programs.

      One day you may need financial help from the government, and then you will not be so snippy about “those people” being “f******g lazy.”

      Meanwhile, vote for the people who tell you the big lie that the government is running short of its own sovereign dollars. The Kochs need mean-spirited suckers.

      1. Bettye McKee

        Never mistake Social Security and Medicare for government handouts. That money was deducted from each and every paycheck, and those payments are determined based on the work record. The government has a duty to provide the highways and so forth from our tax dollars.

        1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

          So SS and Medicare were paid for by tax dollars, so they are not handouts. And highways and so forth are not handouts because they too come from tax dollars.

          So please give me an example of government “handouts” that don’t come from tax dollars.

          The real answer will surprise you.

          1. Bettye McKee

            I just told you Social Security is not tax dollars. It’s money withheld from every paycheck for Social Security in addition to taxes withheld. It’s supposed to be like payments into a retirement account but the government seem to think it’s theirs to spend.

          2. Kelly

            That, Mr Mitchell… is NOT the issue… all government programs were funded by taxes… too high, because of ineptitude, fraud and an elite-liberal-fiefdom-attitude: the bigger the programs… the more people dependent upon those programs… the bigger the fiefdom and kingdom of control… for those small-minded-minions of the system. With the exceptions of privately-funded… by such directed institutions, such as churches/synagogues/private-foundations… of which, there are many… helping the poor and disadvantages… the government does control the purse-strings of the majority of the funds that reach the public. The real issue is the fairness of the ratio of givers and takers. Those that are able-bodied, do not work, nor have they worked, or are from another country illegally, and get welfare, free healthcare and are on a litany of govt. programs… that came from taxes… but taxes, NOT from those that receive those benefits… but by others who have paid their fair share of taxes. it is very simple… there are takers, that never were givers… nor will they ever be givers. All of us would agree, no matter from which part of the political or philosophical spectrum we may come, it is heartbreaking for the elderly, the child… perhaps with the battered, single mother… the physically/mentally/emotionally-challenged… to go without health, food or shelter. But, to those that suck from the government teat, while shirking their own responsibility to contribute to that system, from which they… in all legitimacy… are, in effect stealing… have no right to those benefits. It is not an issue of what does or does not come from tax dollars… it is the issue of someone, who can… but chooses not to… make any kind of social/civic contribution… and instead, takes from the government, supported by those that do make their contributions. You are quick with all of your comments, on other people’s comments… but, you never answered the question that I asked, when you opined, without substance, on my previous comments… well-derived by experience as well as education and observation. One might assume, that you are not confident of your reply receiving a dignified response… It is real easy for someone to just sit back, and make idle observations… and take potshots at other’s opinions… especially when your comments are straight from the “party-line” and just regurgitated all over those of us that had to actually work hard and create our own business. Since you and your friends are the “rich”… “leisure class”… why don’t you do the same thing that your idol, Karl Marx did… just sit around the local coffee shops… espousing your brilliance to anybody that will listen… in fact, you have one up on him… since you are “rich” and from the “leisure class”… you probably won’t totally duplicate his life… where he abandoned his wife and children… and didn’t do any work… letting them perish… while he let others buy his coffee and meals… just to listen to his bullshit… some idol… just like Bernie… that didn’t hold a job until he was 40… just go somewhere and share your elitist crap with others that don’t work… not fight the battle for supporting their families… due to the oppressive-over-regulation… and the confiscatory taxes of this POS government… comprised of all of the fiefdom-mentality assholes.

          3. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            “State taxes fund state spending. County taxes fund county spending. City taxes fund city spending.”

            You seem to forget all those federal tax dollars doled out to states, counties and cities under “grant programs”, Rodger.

            Why’s that?

            Federal Grants to State and Local Governments
            Outlays in 2011 for Federal Grants to State and Local Governments
            Education: $89 Billion
            Transportation: $61 Billion
            Income Security: $114 Billion
            Health: $293 Billion
            Other: $50 Billion

          4. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

            Yes, the federal government is not constrained by tax collections. State and local governments are constrained by tax collections.

            So the unconstrained federal government provides financial assistance to the constrained state and local governments.

            Actually, the federal government should provide more assistance than it does.

            That would allow the state and local governments to spend more on local issues and/or to tax less. Either way would benefit the populace and the overall economy.

      2. Kelly

        Mr. Mitchell,

        First, you neglected to mention, from what source… or method, that you and your friends became “rich” and part of “the leisure class”… did you work for it, inherit it, or just be the beneficiary of “luck”???

        You sound like the typical, “limousine liberal”… say, how’s your buddy, George Clooney… or Michael Moore… or Whoopie???

        In my case, “luck” had nothing to do with it… except being blessed to be raised by a twice-widowed-single-mother… an Irish, Depression-Era, Oakie-farm-girl, with little, college education… a stay-at-home-mom… until my father was killed in a car wreck, when I was age 6… that worked and fought for every nickel (literally), that came into our very spartan and “second-hand” household… that taught me to work hard (full-time, since age 12), and not expect anybody to hand out any “free stuff” and that the best hand-out is the one at the end of my arm. I worked full-time, did athletics and other, extra-curricular activities, all the way through high school, two and a half years in community college and the remainder of my 5-year-college stint, until I graduated… without the luxury of any student loans or grants… because, at the time that I started college… being white and working full time, prevented me from grants and govt. guaranteed loans… probably shoulda’ lied about my tips and not declared them… yeah, right… and have my mother kick my ass and my father come back from the grave to finish the job my mother had started.

        As for Medicare and Social Security… first… I am already at the age to use Medicare and Social Security… and I’m NOT. I am still working full-time… and… if I were to choose to start using them… they are from what I paid in… and nothing else… especially anything that you or your fellow, “leisure class”, lazy-rich… perhaps, if you had actually worked as hard as those of us, without benefactors… you might have actually studied in college and civics, and not confuse who is and who is not a fool… that only regurgitates back the “Party”-speak… to know that those are not in any way “entitlements”… due to socialism… those benefits were taken from my paychecks, without my authorization. And… where the hell did you derive your definition of what is from socialism within our government-provided programs… whether it is the military: -proud men and women… sacrificing their lives and their families’ relationships, to protect this beautiful nation… or the highways… or any other govt. “programs” that are paid for by TAXES… something, of which, the typical, “leisure class” knows little… and cares, even less. “Those People” are, of all races and ethnicities and come from all, previous, family and educational foundations of background and socio-economic strata. You probably just sit back and read about them… in your New York Times opinion pages. I have come from being within those circles, including some of my own family members, that some would call trailer trash… and CHOSE to not be there… and yes, I can feel very comfortable to be “snippy” about the F*****g lazy… You can sit back and pass your judgement, created from the vacuum of your “leisure class”… but do NOT think that you have any foundation from which, to sit in judgement of me… or any of the other “Capitalists” that know there is no free lunch… and… for you to do the typical, elitist, lib-tard and lib-idiot tactic, to generalize all of those that respect working for what you get… and not take it from somebody else is just downright stupid and foolish… and to attempt to paint all of capitalism with the “evil” Koch brothers to the exclusion of putting Soros in that category is absolutely laughable. You sir, are of the most despicable part of our society… how much of your personal wealth… do you give to the “unlucky” poor? Guys like you, back in my day… in the football training room… in high school, ended up in the trash can or with your head in the toilet, courtesy of those of us, that were in the lower-middle class and hated those of the worthless, lazy, “leisure class”. You sir, need a good, serious, ass-whuppin’… or would you send one of your employees to suffer for it instead of you? Go back to Martha’s Vineyard and have a cup o tea.

        1. Tornado

          Perhaps Mr. Mitchel should stop taking “leisure trips” and instead give that money to the poor. If you REALLY care about the sufferings of others, Mr. Mitchel, you should be very sparing of yourself and give all your abundance to the poor.

          1. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            Liberals don’t work that way – they spend “other peoples’ money” on social programs – not their own.

            “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”
            – Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of Great Britain

  12. Sisyphus

    What HRC, Bern, and others (even on this page) do not (or are unwilling to admit) understand is that this nation’s charter does not permit ‘socialism’.
    And that includes the examples that are already in place, like SS, PPACA (obamacare), federal educational grants, loans and departments, to name a few…

  13. Sisyphus

    One must always be careful of ‘closed-skull’ injuries, they change the
    personality, brain function, and ‘impulse control’ of the individual.

  14. Dale_G1

    If this country keeps going in the direction Bernie, Hillary and Obama want us to go in, all who oppose them will feel the BURN all right. Just as the Jews did under Hitler. Maybe not in this generation. It will take a few more decades before we descend into that kind of totalitarianism. But if this keeps up, that’s where we’re headed…or BEheaded.

  15. iwojimafan

    Just ask these Morons, that if they like Socialism that much, they should move to North Korea, Cuba, and now even Venezuela which is being run by a bunch of Power Happy Socialist Thugs. In Cuba the average wage for the working class is $24.00 a month. I want to see them live there on that little amount. they should love it since they will get free health care and schooling, but get just a little wage. In fact, a few years ago, the big hearted Government gave the people a free rice cooker which made them so happy since they couldn’t afford to buy one on there own. Socialism/ Communism is the Biggest Scam of the Century, even out doing Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme.

  16. bcamota

    Who doesn’t want “everything for free”? We already have them in the millions and those are the ones who don’t want to go to work; they only want freebies like the so-called “entitlement” that was put up by the Liberal Dems. Sanders is a Dem and he wants to expand the entitlement to socialism. Let’s defeat the Dems in this year’s election.

  17. Blue

    they don’t think things are free, they just think that others, who actually work, should pay for it so they are not distracted when they use those things

    1. Alex Ferguson

      Tell that to the oil companies—-they take BILLIONS in WELFARE, record RECORD profits, yet still bite you at the pump!! FOOLS!

      1. Kitty

        You are the fool. And a brain-washed one at that. The oil companies also employ thousands. They have a right to make however much profit they

        1. Alex Ferguson

          I’m a fool? You com,pletely ignored the billions in welfare the oil companies take from YOU—all while amassing record profits and raising the price at the pump—you see nothing wrong with that picture? They have “right to make however much profit they want”–okay, so why the BILLIONS in welfare???

          1. Kitty

            What do you mean “welfare” – not aware they are getting any welfare – explain. They produce and sell oil, so of course they will get paid for that and make a profit (why else have a business), this employees lots of people (a good thing.)

          2. Alex Ferguson

            The oil companies receive their welfare in the form of subsidies—money taken from me and YOU—-and give to Big Oil. These subsidies amount to BILLIONS of dollars EVERY year. Yet each, year, these same giant corporations receiving welfare post RECORD profits while still RAISING the price YOU pay at the pump! Does this make any sense?

          3. Kitty

            Yes, but you don’t understand. The subsidies are given by our government – it is not what we the people want – it is the government (BHO Administration) who decides this. So do not blame the oil company – blame your “commander in chief”. If someone wanted to hand you a check to help your business would you not take it – of course you would – nothing wrong with that. So if you don’t like the fact our government is providing subsidies you need to complain to your congressmen, and vote for a different party in the next election (not DEM). That is all we can do.

          4. Kitty

            Alex, this administration (BHO) has the authority to modify any spending bills. But he (BHO) does not want to – can’t you get it.

  18. Thomas A. Livingston

    For starters, a quote:

    How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin. Ronald Reagan

    Read more at:

    For additional information, refer to the articles in the following site link:

    They are a list of op-eds written by Dr. Vazsonyi, a world renowned concert pianist. He grew up both under the NAZI regime in his native Hungary, as well is the control of the USSR. He became an American Citizen and one who Loved his adopted country and its free people under the U.S. Constitution!

    1. h m rowland

      Those who haven’t read Marx or Lennon have an incomplete education and are disqualified from a discussion which requires it. No matter what position one holds that position requires knowledge. Ignorance of a subject requires research before opening mouth and inserting foot. While you seem informed and intelligent are we to believe that Mr. Reagan had no knowledge of the two writers mentioned ? Why would a president suggest that we not educate ourselves? What a dumb statement. Does reading “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” make one a slave holder? Based on Ron’s statement I am a Taoist, Christian, Marxist; Fascist(conservative); Buddhist; liberal; gay/straight; musician; Chef; a Muslim Mormon Wiccan. It is sad that most Americans don’t read or know one ‘ism’ from another and more sad(and scary) that a world leader would discourage education but not surprising considering the source. If I only watch/listen to FOX news then my prospective, positions and view of the world will be based on disinformation and bias. If my thinking is based on only the Huffington Post I will view only a progressive world. We need multiple views to understand ourselves, Democracy Now, PBS, BBC, Limbaugh; newspapers and novels by pointful writers help us to create a THOUGHTFUL and INFORMED OPINION. The lack of self educating is why we are an evenly divided people, there’s FOX voters and there’s the rest of us. Mr. Reagan obviously was a supporter of dumbing down America. Mr. Trump has brought Mr. Reagan’s army out of the woodwork and its a sickening thought that the stupid could seat a president and blindly support fascism . I appreciate your words my dismay is not with you personally.

    2. Alex Ferguson

      Ronald Reagan was a Nazi-sympathizer who oversaw the rapes and murders of thousands of Central American peasants in YOUR name……..

  19. Original Anna

    Who would know better about communism than one who lived in it and barely escaped with their life, well, a member of the communist party who gets fed first would like living under the system until someone reports them for doing something as conceived as against communism and they are dragged off to a gulag where millions died working for the great communist system in freezing weather and barely fed with no health care.

  20. charlie Hall

    “‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” George Santayana
    I am of the opinion our future will be seen in the past Komrads

  21. jrogersp

    Socialism is Socialism! My nephew and my sister and their families are all Bernie fans and cannot wait for Socialism or as they call it “Democratic Socialism”! Socialism is Socialism, I don’t care what adjective you use in front of it! I am glad that I am in my later years because they may eventually get their wish and I do not want to be here to suffer with them! I don’t understand how people can be so STUPID! When you have a corrupt Govt Socialism cannot even be contemplated as it will destroy All of your Freedoms and Rights while making the Govt hacks very wealthy!

  22. sue lenhart

    No, they absolutely do not understand all the implications of being ruled by a socialist govt, but they will if we do not change the course of America soon. This is truly a shame because it is so preventable; history is replete with examples of all the countries/societies that tried socialist government and failed in utter misery. Those who do not learn from history (or don’t care to learn history at all) are doomed to repeat it. And it looks like we are about to repeat it in this country, largely due to our own willful ignorance.

  23. Mike

    Young and dumb!! That’s the only way to describe these kids that don’t have a clue about how the real world works. But, the learned it somewhere. Parents, the media, rewriting of history all played a huge part in dumbing down this generation of fools.
    History does have a way of repeating itself when people choose to ignore its lessons. Makes you think twice wether or not there’s a grand conspiracy on the people. God help us!

    1. Alex Ferguson

      The problem for you, Mike, is that “these kids” DO see how the world works—it doesn’t! Several millennia of male-dominated, material-centered Civilization has only wrought destruction. Young, especially women, voters see that Capitalism HATES the Environment—it HAS TO BY NATURE!

      1. john

        What nonsense. I am a personal libertarian. When the least government is the best government, without interference, things seem to work quite well. I cite Uncle Milton Friedman. Who is it that wants to make the Environment more important than people? Liberal environmentalists. Look at the harm they have done to California. The Communists had a little accident called Chernobyl. The male dominated civilization has been a disaster? Look at the damage feminists have doe to the society. PC will be the downfall of us all, and you seem to think the whole constellation of liberal ideas is an improvement? I feel sorry for you.

        1. Alex Ferguson

          Male-dominated Civilization has given us Love Canal, Hiroshima, Auschwitz, Child Pornography, the Neutron Bomb—man things……

        2. Alex Ferguson

          What harm have Environmentalists done to California? Parse your words carefully here, as I am a native son with a fairly expansive knowledge of our great state’s history……..

          1. john

            The water bonds that got put into the general fund. The denuding of the central valley, river control that blocks water returning to aquifers. The plans to build reservoirs that never happened because of ” negative environmental impact” The denial of hunting rights because of junk science. The placing offlimits of public land because the environuts demand that it “return to nature” The ruling by the court to cut off Sacramen5to river water because of some little fishie that turned out to be an invasive species. The state environmental rules that strangle businesses and jobs. Go ahead and defend California, That just reflects poorly on you. I managed to get out a few years ago, and have not looked back.

  24. Kitty

    Good article – but will the millennials be reading this – probably not (they only go to lib sites that are run by far leftist). Nothing is free – when and if they graduate from a college
    where they had “free” tuition, do they think they will actually find a job? I don’t think so, and even if they did, they would be taxed so high (look at Bernie’s tax plan) it would not make sense to work. So eventually we would collapse as there would not be enough revenue coming in to pay for all the “free” stuff for the new crop of millennials.

    1. Alex Ferguson

      Kitty, I must ask you: How often do you visit such sites as The Daily Kos, The Huffington Post, Salon, Reader Supported News, or the Young Turks?

  25. 4Pip

    Since the gov’t has been in charge of schools through the DOE,they have made Communism what they teach.The whole thing is so skewed now that our country is being run backward.O talks like he is going to stay in place,he never thinks about the rules that prevent that. Last meeting with pals in Hollywood he told them he guaranteed that Trump would not be the nominee.How does he pull that off? I can hardly wait till we are rid of him,he is so rotten,through and through.

  26. mousekiller

    Any Government big enough to give you every thing you want is big enough to take everything you have.

  27. Sky King

    The problem is that once the old Soviet Union collapsed communism was no longer considered to be a threat, it was for all intents and purposes dead(WRONG!). The fact is that by the time President Reagan got around to calling for the pulling down the Berlin Wall Marxists were decades entrenched in U.S. academia at the college levels as tenured professors and they were not about to paint an unflattering picture of their Utopian paradise by making mention of the tens of millions who perished during peace time under the rule of Uncle Joe Stalin or Chairman Mao nor the hundreds of thousands who perished at the hands of their puppet regimes And then there were between 10,000-14,000 executed under the popular counter culture hero Che Guevara who’s face was on tee shirts across college campuses prevalent from the 1960s through the 90s. Support your local homicidal maniac.

    Most public schools have now been infected with the Marxist teachings that those now in charge of higher education have passed down so that at at ever younger ages those unfortunate enough to be trapped in the public school educational system are to be indoctrinated with. That is why certain things are no longer taught in the public school and why many adults who were so educated know so little about the nation’s actual history or it’s founders true principles.

    I occasionally hear a partial quote which would lead one to believe that no matter the government’s position the population should stand behind it. “My country right or wrong!” and left at that the interpretation would seem to be undeniable however; as spoken by General Carl Schurz, U.S. Senator and Secretary of the Interior “My country; and my country is the great American Republic. My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right.” takes on an entirely different connotation.

    It is that mind set to which we must return but that is not enough we must rest our power back from those to whom we have carelessly entrusted it and resolve never again to allow a professional political class to establish itself at the national level and never again to allow ourselves to believe that career politicians are a special elite class that should be allowed to rule perpetually as the original representatives were elected from local communities in which they had homes and livelihoods that they would return to at the end of their service, not so much today.

    They seem to be reelected in perpetuity regardless of actions or inaction which adversely effect their constituencies with no consequences so long as the electorate in mass continues to just go along pushing D or R automatically just because the entire family has done it since reconstruction or at least since L.B.J. managed to get the civil rights bill passed without a single democrat senator voting for it.