You Won’t Believe What Neil Cavuto Called John Kasich On Air

It looks like even conservative media personalities are as fed up with certain GOP politicians as the voters are.

This frustration boiled over – on air – on Neil Cavuto’s Fox News show during his “Common Sense” segment.

Here’s the report from

“Now if there was one candidate in the Republican primary race that I would call a horse’s ass, it would be John Kasich.

“But fortunately for the mailman’s son, I’m not Neil Cavuto and I don’t have a show on Fox News. Yet.

Neil Cavuto IS Neil Cavuto, and he does indeed have a Fox News show – and he used his perch to call a GOP candidate a “horse’s ass” because of what he did.”

John Kasich is the political version of the party guest that just won’t leave. Even when almost everyone else has left and things are winding down, he just doesn’t get the hint.

Barring a political miracle – and major shenanigans – at the national convention in Cleveland, there’s no way that Kasich has the support to win the Republican nomination for president. The delegate math says it’s a two-man race, Trump and Cruz, with The Donald having the best chance to get the 1,237 delegates required to win.

Do you think that Kasich’s staying in the race is meant to benefit Ted Cruz… or another Republican “dark horse” who could unexpectedly win the nomination this summer in Cleveland?

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  1. Niko

    Kashit’s wife came out a week ago and even said that he was in the Presidential race as a spoiler. Just the facts !!!!!

  2. David DeCarlo

    He takes money from George Soros, calls a cop an idiot for pulling him over, tries to grab a reporters camera because he doesn’t like the question, and his wife admits he’s in it to be a spoiler. I think ‘horses ass’ is being kind, although insulting to the horse.

      1. David DeCarlo

        Being from the Boston area originally, that’s a very familiar name you have! Used to be a bumper sticker in the 70’s. “Jesus saves. Esposito scores on the rebound!”

        1. Phil Esposito

          David- I have family in Howard Beach, NY. But I’m from CA, but have always been a Phil & Tony Esposito fan.

    1. ¡El Poder de Cristo Te Obliga!

      I usually refer to Kasich as that turd in the pool which refuses to be flushed away.

    2. Patriot

      Ya, comes across as someone you’d like to sit down with and have a beer. (Not)
      He’s a liberal pretending he’s a conservative which he’s not.

    3. miz forever

      He is in it for his own sake. The longer he is in the more money he gets from Soros, who already has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign. He’ll stay long enough to make a million then go and enjoy his crooked retirement.

        1. Eddie G.

          That’ll buy a nice retirement castle in Ohio. What? Ohio gets too cold in the winter? So he’s going to drop anchor in Florida! Boo hoo to the boobs in Ohio who voted for him as favorite son.

          1. Eddie G.

            Way to go DarlK ! Kasich is a spoon fed Soros RINO who’s hanging on to an RNC establishment thread of hope. It’ll be fitting when Ohioans give this boob his walking papers to the unemployment office.

    4. kassa1

      He’s just doing that for one reason and that’s cause he is a prostitute of the establishment who’s trying to make sure that he draws some of those delegates from cruise or Trump so they can’t make the delegates

      1. Franie

        That’s precisely what he’s doing. Kasich IS a SPOILER, and from here on out, will always be known in my eyes as a SPOILER. Pity he’s throwing away his reputation!!!

    1. Candice White

      I would love to put you and the rest of the idiots who keep harping on this in jail or better yet the looney bin.

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal

        No, the left-wits have that all to themselves.
        However, and unfortunately, nothing more then a well written letter of admonishment that sympathises with her stupidity is about all that she will get. They won’t prosecute a former first lady/secretary of state, let alone a presidential front runner on the democrat side.

          1. used_to_be_a_liberal

            I hope I am wrong too, but the writing appears to be on the wall. The sets of circumstances and situations, including her positions, just seem to fall in line for her to skate away on all of this.

          1. used_to_be_a_liberal

            I would agree, except we are not Brazil. The people of Brazil seem to be made up of different stuff then we are. That stereotypical Latin Temper we hear about so often maybe be a reality, they won’t take the kind of bull manure that we do.

          2. Delores McKinniss

            maybe we should change are way of thinking, and grow are self’s a set of balls, and go after all the political trash from the top down.

          3. used_to_be_a_liberal

            No disagreement from me on that, however, from top down doesn’t seem to work all that well. It might be better to do it from bottom up. Legally and at the voting booth.
            I read a theory on Effective, Affective, Selective Assassination. It was very interesting, in that it explained how targeting from the bottom up would produce a longer lasting desired result, as the initial targets would be low level bureaucrats. Resources to protect this people would be extended to a point where none of them could be protected, eventually many would stop showing up for work, polices, programs, initiatives would come to a stand-still, the rest is almost self-explanatory.
            So using some of the same ideas, and strategies, but staying legal, with-in the law, and using the voting booth to get rid of these people, could work.

      2. Patriot

        And why shouldn’t she be indited by a jury of her peers and given 20yrs in the Graybar Hotel?

      3. Greyguy

        She is a year older than I, and have been forced to watch her reality show for the best part of 40 years. She is the quintessential parasitic so-called professional wife of a politician who on her own would have NEVER been allowed out in public by a self-respecting law firm due to her abrasive personality and underhanded methods.

      4. Eddie G.

        Oh my, another brain dead liberal zombie, they’re such fun to pick on ‘cuz they’re so stupid.

      5. joebabe

        Ohh, poor Candy! The FBI and hundreds of millions of knowledgeable citizens are bursting her balloons and she wants us all in jail. DOJ/Obama will have to release more convicted felons to make room for the innocent unbelievers. Good job, Candy, Nothing like being a useful………..person.

      1. Rodney Tolbert

        That is a bad image and difficult to get rid of. He will ask her if he can still date while she is in prison. After all she will have Huma.

        1. beagle2725

          well, Rodney, people are going to say we are sick, to bad they don’t know we are right, it does cause nightmare and quizzy stomach problems though

          1. Greyguy

            Where is Putz Boy in all of this? Or is he the one who documents it for the unabridged version of the Clinton library, or does he only do selfies?

          2. Rodney Tolbert

            You are so right Beagle. Anything to do with her or Bill gives me nightmares and a very bad case of stomach problems. 🙂

      1. joebabe

        Mary, imprisonment for BOTH of them will never happen! This present regime, Congress included, is bought and paid for by an Anti-America global group of uber-rich elitists…….hill and barrie included………..cling to your bible and your gun…you will need them.

  3. pudge1

    Kasich is the very definition of crooked politician. Looks like his strategy is backfiring.

  4. JC

    This is the type politician(Kasich) that the GOP leadership establishment Rinos have been pushing down –we the peoples throat for the past 20 years—well it has come to a halt and the elites are so angry about losing their power they will do anything to keep it

    1. Julyette J

      Having seen Governor Kasich’s record I can’t see any difference in him and Hillary!

      1. Crapola

        I used to like him as a person when he used to be on Fox News as a guest. He was actually a pretty good person. Or seemed like it. I’m very disgusted with what he is doing now hanging in there to cause a contested convention.

  5. James Rowland

    Neil Cavuto is the horse’s ass. I used to watch him but he has gotten increasingly rude and arrogant over the last 6 months or so. Kasich is still in it so that he can possibly get a chance in a brokered convention. In my view he’s the only one in the entire field who has the successful experience, temperament and the will to bring both sides together that will be required to be President.
    David DeCarlo, how about you telling us all why you think Soros pays Kasich.

      1. Greyguy

        Then what does that make Hillary, The Whitehouse staff voted her the least liked First Lady of the modern Era due to her nastiness, rudeness, arrogance, lack of respect, and total contempt for them.

  6. kcwas

    I have better word for the fool but that works … and hat’s off to his wife for telling the fact …that we already knew cause the guy is a nation enemy for sure … but there will always be the oh like the shoes he wares think I’ll vote for that one…lol..

  7. Wilma Cassibry

    I thought he was the most unlikable and least likely to win from first debate forward. He’s busy bragging about his 20 year ago record but getting almost no support from voters. I generally don’t use foul language but I have to agree he really is what he was called. I might be forced to vote for him if by some miracle he became the republican nominee as Hillary and Bernie are not even close to my ideas. Neither is he but he’s marginally better than Hillary or Bernie. God help us all.

  8. Drake Travis

    Kasich is in there like Perot was in there in 1992. Someone is paying him. He can’t win and there is no personal benefit to him traveling all around. Think of it: can ANY of us just travel around the country with no hope of it benefitting us personally. Kasich will never be President, everyone knows it, including him, Mrs. Kasich admits it too. That means someone with a dubious and hidden agenda is paying him to continue traveling and tooting his horn and we don’t know why or who is paying him. We do know that the disingenuous are scared to death of Trump.

  9. Gail

    Remember after John /Cruz/Rubio made their little visit to the island with old Jeb and the other so called elites he came back just like he had the president job in his pocket.Also Cruz and Rubio did too. When Rubio couldn’t win his home state he then focused his aim at the VPposition.As he has now reappeared. As you well know it is an all out war against Trump. Kasich reminds me of Bill Clinton he too would not let the new guy have his job. He moved right down the street and kept himself in the business of the new president . And it is strange that Cavuto would speak out. Fox has silenced and gotten rid of any one with correct opinion . It is evident that Cruz is playing by the elites rules and will steal delegates . Of which we shouldn’t have delegates . Remember. Cruz / Rubio are Cubans . And this new Cuban deal is rather strange. Cruz was born to legal American mother on foreign soil .Rubio born to both illegal parents on our soil. You be the judge! I for one don’t like the same old players and their destructive rules. Kasich is the establishment .Wake up America . A famous person once said Freedom is not free .In order to have freedom the sword must be revisited from time to time . It is time to clean out the old politicians that have placed themselves above the rest of us . Wake up America before it is too late !!!!

  10. annestromberg

    He takes credit for Ohio’s economy turnaround. NOT TRUE. The government bailed out the auto industry. i out of 8 people works in some auto industry job in Ohio. That saved the US economy not Kasich. He is another DC insider who would keep the same corruption going. Our country is a big business. We need a president that will not be in debt to anyone and who will clean out the corruption which is so rife in DC. This is why the establishment hates him. He will put the lid on the cookie Jar.

    Check out Cruz’ Dominion Theology on Google. It is NOT Christian although Cruz claims it is. IT IS HERSEY and is Cruz’ hiddgen agenda THis is the value system he wants to restore to our country. THis is what his pastor father preaches. It would be a disaster for our country, for women, for alternative live style people, the Mormons et al.. CHECK IT OUT!

  11. US Patriot

    Kasich needs to drop out of the race. He has a snowballs chance in hell of winning!
    Time for him to put on his big boy pants and hit the road!

    1. ¡El Poder de Cristo Te Obliga!

      It was time for him to bounce back when Jindal dropped out.
      Kasich has one state to his credit after the people have been making it clear that we don’t want or need him.

    2. dellonwoodard

      Kasichs’ Walk of Shame started the day he started trying to Interfere and inject himself into this election cycle !

  12. toothii

    No, Kasich is” in it to win it”. It’s the RNC that created the environment that has caused Kasich to stay in the race. He figures Trump goes rogue if he doesn’t get the nomination on the 1st ballot. Then it’s just Kasich and Cruz and the party bosses will most assuredly support Kasich. Ironically, Kasich is probably the most qualified but he has failed to gain traction and that is not on the voter’s minds these days. Its being an outsider that they want!

  13. Roger Dodge

    He IS a horses ass, Soros’ ass at that. Not a chance to win, just a spoiler to take delegates away from the frontrunners to get a contested convention. The man is worthless.

    1. Mary Diecidue

      That is exactly what he is doing!!!!!! I’m sure the establishment are pushing him too!!!!! I hope this backfires on all of them.

  14. Alexander Reginald Watts

    Ted, and Kasick, are being used by the “Establishment” to deny Trump a win on the first ballot. They do not want Trump and dislike Cruz just about as much. Nor are they likely to pass the baton to Kasick. Unless Cruz can suborn enough delegates to win on the second ballot the “Elite” will deny him the nomination as well and replace both Trump and Cruz with one of their choosing, thereby guaranteeing a Clinton victory!

    1. DIANE

      If Trump isn’t our president, it won’t matter who gets in as both dem & repub are playing on the same team, they have been trying to deceive us into thinking one is socialists and the other conservative, look what the have gave us for the last 20 years, Romney ? A conservative ? McCain ? he wouldn’t even tell the truth about Ovamit, I watched a lady ask him about O being a muslim, he told her he was a good man and that wasn’t true, my tv almost got a glass thru it !! When O was first running he admitted several times he was a muslim and if you know his book, he states, if the political winds turn ugly, he will stick with the muslims til the end, By now you would think people could see how he hates America and loves Iran !!

  15. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

    I have to think that Kasich is the sanity litmus test in the GOP. Any candidate to the right is unprepared, simplistic, appeals to the lowest common denominator voters in America and have had NO executive government experience.

    Count Trump & Cruz out as a President. They’ll get 40% at most of the PREZ election vote. Kasich is the most sensible , experienced, rational and dedicated representative of the voters he HAS represented over the past 30 years. Where have Trump or Cruz been for the last 30 years?

    Vote Kasich or Hillary or Bernie. SHUN the shyster “BOLD new World” frauds, Trump & Cruz….

    1. DIANE

      Trump has been creating JOBS !!! Making America what it used to be a PROUD NATION !!! Making DREAMS A REALITY !! what has the other 3 done, Hillary SELL OUT AMERICA FOR HER OWN GAIN, RE; HER PHONY FOUNDATION, Bernie, MAKING PORN, Kasich, TRYING TO MAKE YOU BELEIVE HE HAS TAKEN OHIO TO AN ALL TIME HIGH, IT WAS A GOVERNMENT BAILOUT!! JUST FOR THE RECORD OF TRUTH AS FOR: Cruz, TRYING TO MAKE YOU BELIEVE HE IS THE ANOINTED ONE AND A CONSERVATIVE !! Why don’t you do some real research and get the REAL facts !!!!

      1. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

        Kasich was one of the Congressional Budget Committee that last balanced the budget in 1997. Is that a bad thing for USA honey?

        “Kasich served nine terms as a member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Ohio’s 12th congressional district from 1983 to 2001.[5] His tenure in the House included 18 years on the House Armed Services Committee and six years as chairman of the House Budget Committee. He was a key figure in the passage of both welfare reform and the Balanced Budget Act of 1997.”

        Explain Trump’s economic revival plan, not that this Nation that’s near the ALL time DJIA daily closing high, needs revival.

        You ARE A ONE TRICK PONY, ms. Troglodyte TEA Party princess.

  16. MKbrw

    Kasich is delusional…why would anyone consider voting for him when he can’t do the math…he’s eliminated.

  17. Cecilia Gast

    I think he’s a nasty, bitter old man who can’t get his way so he’s making it difficult for everyone else.

  18. Bigman

    Kasich has found a new word for his #1 Vocabulary……The first was “I”, the new one “me”!……..that’s all he knows to talk about!

  19. dellonwoodard

    Fascist Rhino Elitist Shenanigans are obviously at play with Kasich being used as an Anorexic Bar Fly Tramp trying to muscle in to a Strong Man cage fight as Comic Relief and a distraction to unethical tactics by Cruz supported by the RNC and the DNC too !

  20. Tomahawk

    Kasich is still in this race to benefit Kasich. That’s what I think. He couldn’t give a care less about Trump, Cruz, or anyone else. And that BS about him being the only one able to beat Hillary head to head, pun intended, well it’s BS. And I’ll leave it at that. The GOP is gonna doom itself out of existence if they try ramrodding this prick down our throats. “Well, at this point, what difference DOES IT MAKE?” would actually apply. Hey Establishment, this really is about you.

  21. louann

    Kasich! Your fake. No one wants you. Go are showing people who you really are. In the debates you acted like you were so mature. Then you turn out to be the worst.your not for the people. Its sick and twisted. How arrogant.

  22. Tuxedo_Plowboy

    I can’t stand this horse’s a$$!!! Please get out of the race you moron!!! And I hope your career gets ruined for being a total jerk!!!

  23. Robert Kahlcke

    Kasich is what’s wrong with the Republican party, he’s a RINO in every sense of the word.
    I firmly believe he is a traitor to the United States, if I’am wrong God will sort it out.

  24. 4Pip

    Kasich is in this race still because Soros is supporting him.He has said he is going to get the nomination because there is no one else that can do the job. Some ego he has,I agree with Cavuto,Kasich needs to just go home.

  25. James Harriett

    I think the 30,000 Somali Islamics he brought to his state would be enough to wake those in his state up. Guess some like Islamics, pedophillia, rape, female genital mutilation, Sharia Law, the state citizens enjoy paying for welfare, food stamps, medicaid benefits, etc. or maybe they just want him out of the state the only question is why put off their problem on the nation.

  26. Jons_On

    Nice call! Kasich has turned into a real ahole. He should get out and give up his delegates but being the horses rear end he is he won’t. Ohio you have a real moron.

  27. A_patriot

    I think the man has a massive ego and hasn’t got the good sense God gave a screwdriver to get out of the race.

  28. Myrtle Campbell Delaney-Kipfer

    I do not believe that John Kasich is staying for his own benefit or to benefit Ted Cruz. I believe he is breaking up the voting and delegates to keep Donald Trump from winning.

  29. Eddie G.

    Every party has a pooper and that’s why we invited you ! But…John the party is over, everybody’s gone, there’s only one person left taking care of business elsewhere as his campaign roars on, so go home. Lights out folks, John won’t leave, he’s still sitting in the corner sucking his thumb and crying for his mommy. You were invited John but you don’t make the grade as a Soros money taking RINO. You’re just another politician John, just what this country doesn’t need. So long John, see ya at the victory BBQ for the Donald.

  30. Nikita63

    When Kasich was virtually eliminated from contention he should have had the grace to drop out and suspend all campaigning. He , however, decided otherwise and no matter WHAT he says, there will always be the specter of some sort of dual conspiracy between the RINO convention to come, Kasich , Cruz and the Combined cretins of the democratic party to PREVENT at all costs a Trump nomination because Hillary is a criminal and Trey Gowdy’s recent revelations along with criteria released by the Watchdog group Judicial Watch and the FBI have enough hard evidence to convict Hillary, let alone indict her of just about every scandal involving her and/or her husband in which both of them have ever been involved, thanks to her utter incompetence and maliciousness. It is my opinion, and that of millions of others that she is unfit to run for the Presidency and NEVER should have been allowed to with all the interference in the investigations of her actions at Benghazi and OTHER questionable dealings when she was Secretary of State,. Anyone with her record would NEVER be allowed to do so IF, this was a country still compliant with the Constitution and Rule of Law which it is NOT; thanks to a cowardly and criminally complicit Congress which fears to do the job it SHOULD and safeguard our liberties and choices, not enable a weak president to do as he pleases and ignore even Court orders in violation of all Constitutional principles. PERIOD. Kasich is EXACTLY what Cavuto called him and then some. Regardless of his chameleon like stances, he is anything but, a true conservative; more of a closet liberal.

  31. Robert Bolino

    As Governor, Ohio cost Mitt Romney, the Presidency! And what did Kasich do to the Counties that were dealing in voter fraud? Nothing!!! It looks like to me Mitt was sold out by the GOP Elite! And he doesn’t have any idea that they put a knife in his back! That night!!

  32. Glenn HENDRIKSEN

    ……KASICH is like a horse still in the race within the 1/4 mile STILL runnin’ as the OTHER horses are ALREADY comin’ down the 3/4 stretch ! for CHRIST SAKE “GET REAL” ………..

  33. Rodger K. Shull

    he is all of that HORSE,S ASS an then some. He is nothing more than a DAMN FOOL, I sure would not feel safe with him going toe to toe , with Putin, or any of those sand hogs kings. An if he takes so much as ONE USA DOLLAR from soros, as far as I am concerned, he is a traitor an is out of the running,

  34. TOM

    Kasich cruz can’t receive the proper delgates to win it is all about taking away delagtes now, both should be real men and step aside. Way to go Neil tell it like it is

  35. danaugust68

    Only saying it just because you want your guy Cruz to be the nominee. Good Job Governor, spoil their dream. Give the nomination to Mr Trump.

  36. Delores McKinniss

    Neil has it right if it looks like a horse’s ass, and its acting like a horse’s ass, and everyone in the state of Ohio knows what he is…surprise he is a HORSE’S ASS

  37. Franie

    There was a time years ago, where I respected John Kasich. Over recent years, and especially at present, Kasich has succumbed to the darker side of righteousness. He now appears to me as if he is a ‘spoiled’ child. One could say that Kasich, now that he’s an adult, could be looked at as a “horse’s ass” with his ‘spoiling’ the race with his presence. There is NO WAY he can come even close to clinching the nomination, not even if Trump AND Cruz dropped out of the race. Yes, I believe Neil Cavuto was spot on in referring to John Kasich as a “horse’s ass”, he has become a SPOILER!!!

  38. TheBucko

    He seems to be a get-along with everybody kind of guy, desperate for love and attention. He said he is conservative, yet tells the bakers to “just go ahead and make a cupcake for goodness sake!”. He doesn’t seem to know that the gay Gestapo is trying very hard to put any Christian out of business and he would certainly support that.

  39. boats1567

    What Kasick nor Cruz seem to understand is that if the National Convention goes to open floor neither of them nor Trump will be the GOP’s choice. If Trump goes to the Convention with the voter’s overwhelming support from all sides of the political spectrum and the GOP throws out popular vote this time the Democrats have won and the GOP will be RIP. DONE FOREVER MORE. They threw the last election purposely. They cannot get away with it again without exposing the fact that we have had a one party system for decades with only a Hegelian Dialectic and the Delphi nonsense to keep most Americans blind to the truth. We live in a Corporate State. The Fascists were the Socialist Parties in their respective countries. But Americans do not know true history or care enough to discover the truth. They rely on the government’s Delphi media and allow the conventional wisdom to be dictated by government agencies. That my friends is the death toll for individual freedom and individual thinking. Hug a Tree and have a nice day. Where will you be when they come for you?

  40. Paul Joseph

    John Kasich and Dr. Ben Carson were the only “civil” candidates in the only debate I watched. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Donald Trump were the south ends of north bound horses.

  41. mello Matt

    WOW! I didn’t know about the George Soros thing. That makes him worse than a horse’s ass in my book. Who is this Neil Cavuto guy? I like him

  42. Walt