GOP Establishment Funding These Conservative Attacks Against Trump

If you wonder why Mark Levin’s radio show, Glenn Beck’s TV show and Erick Erickson’s website,, are so anti-Trump, here’s your answer: They’re doing it for the money.

The Daily Caller tracked down the money trail with the Conservative Treehouse and found the money source for the so-called “Great One,” Mark Levin:

“As the spearhead of the ‘Dump Trump’ movement, the  same GOP establishment big-dollar donors and PACs that are pushing House Speaker Paul Ryan as a dark-horse presidential candidate, despite the big-government omnibus-budget deals Ryan reached last year with President Obama, are funding Mark Levin, Erick Erickson, and Glenn Beck to promote Senator Ted Cruz.

“The Senate Conservatives Fund, a PAC founded by former Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina that backed Cruz in his Senate fight against Obamacare, spent $427,000 to buy copies of radio talk show host Mark Levin’s four-year-old book ‘Liberty or Tyranny’ to distribute to donors – a purchase that should have earned Levin approximately $1 million in royalties.

“Despite his many diatribes against trump broadcast to his national radio audience, Levin hid the fact the son of his fiance is a full-time staffer for Cruz.”

And here are the financial strings to TV puppet Glenn Beck:

“GOP establishment political operative David Barton not only runs ‘Keep the Promise,’ one of the most prominent pro-Cruz Super-PACs, he  also serves as the chairman of Glenn Beck’s ‘Mercury One’ charity.

“So, the next time you see Glenn Beck on his knees proclaiming that Ted Cruz is the ‘anointed one,’ deemed by God to be president of the United States, you might ask yourself if God also deemed  Barton to put at Beck’s disposal the millions in Super-PAC money he can funnel to Beck, so long as Beck continues to sing Ted Cruz’s tune.”

And last but not least, here’s the funding for Erick Erickson:

“Yet even these political whores do not top ‘conservative’ Erick Erickson, founder of, who funds his media venture ‘The Resurgent’ with Super-PAC money from the Ricketts family of Wisconsin, big backers of Governor Scott Walker (who incidentally endorsed Cruz).

“… the Ricketts family funded Our Principles PAC to the tune of $3 million in February alone. We should not be surprised when FEC filings show money from Our Principles PAC flowing

“ documented that the Ricketts family funded Our Principles PAC to the tune of $3 million in February alone.  We should not be surprised when FEC filings show money from Our Principles PAC flowing to Resurgent Media, with the box “Oppose Trump” checked off as the Erickson media group’s purpose.

“In addition to all of those in the Salem Media Communications network, along with Levin, Beck, Erickson, Ben Shapiro and anyone who is hosted upon the various media enterprises they front for… all paid shrills dependent upon political graft.”

It’s obvious that just about all conservative media isn’t fair or balanced when it comes to reporting this year’s GOP primary. And it’s another reason why grass-roots conservatives are so angry against the Republican Establishment – or anyone connected to it.

Are there any conservative media outlets you still trust to give objective reporting of the news?




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  1. survivor33

    Is Mark Levin Glenn Beck so low and so stupid that they would go against any chance for our country to get back on it’s feet after Ovomit has ruined it and over loaded it with all the “give-me’s so I don’t have to work” with free food, free housing, free medical, etc, called refugee’s. Hope they both get it in the butt and loose their jobs to an illegal.

    1. The Redman

      Nah. U’re jes stupid 2 think dat a trump-a-hump can save the u.s. dat yall greedy white-folks ruined.

        1. The Redman

          U pinkies refer 2 yo self as white-folks. yall R good at giving out names, huh. hairy-back. hahahhahaahah

          1. normal guy

            She’s been dead for two years! I’ll bet that she’s just your type! HaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!

          2. normal guy

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          4. The Redman

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          5. normal guy

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          6. The Redman

            Yep. there’s a lot going on wit U after what yo pappy use-ta do 2 U, soggy-bottom guy. hahahahahahahahahah

          7. normal guy

            Yea it’s typical of your folks, to distort the truth and anything and everything around yourselves to try and get off the bottom! I have an idea for you! You have proven this to be true! You are in uncharted waters or an avenue that you have never been down before! Correct? I’m taking in to consideration the neighborhood that you live in, that is why I said that you need to go down an avenue that you have never been down before. Are you following me? Here is what you need to do! Try using the rules and the truth rather than using your own personal short comings and personal dishonesty to your self as a crutch to justify your own failure!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!!! YOU CAN’T DO IT!!!! BAHAHAHA!!!!!

          8. The Redman

            I have been down the “avenue” of truth, and have found dat 98% of hater white-folks like U R stupid losers. U R on the “bottom” of denial and stupidity. “correct-?, huh. abnormal-boy. hahahahahahahahaa

          9. normal guy

            Is that why you can’t speak or spell with any real level of proper of diction? So you have voluntarily chosen to forfeit your education and watch most other people pass you by? And then you expect respect when most people, except for the vast minority can’t even understand you? And then you choose to criticize society as if society has victimized you? While the whole time, you have lied to your self and others and attempted to persuade the educated, that even though you have a complete lack of education, you know better than 99,9/10ths of the U.S. population?…. OK…… I’M good with that! BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

          10. The Redman

            I believe U 2 B 1 of dem educated idiots. U fell 2 perceive common understanding. “98%” of the white-folks in the u.s. R very much as U. complex-inbreeds, huh. abnormal-boy. hahahahahhahaha

          11. normal guy

            And yet regardless of what you believe to be true, and you will never admit it, you still bow to me and all others like me, no matter what!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAJAHAHAHAHAHAHA…BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

          12. normal guy

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          13. The Redman

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          15. normal guy

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        1. Patriot

          He’s an imbecile, haven’t you noticed that about this racist homo?
          By the way, he is no Native American. He’s a ghetto rat!

          1. schnarfster

            Most of the time I agree with your posts. In this case however I feel the need to correct you slightly. Redman, Normal guy are both imbeciles while both Redman and Dusty Fae are racists.

      1. DustyFae

        I take it you are Black or Some non-white race… so that makes you a free loader and want to blame the Whites.. If it was NOT for the White Republicans , then you would still be in slavery and that is exactly where the Democrats want you to be… It happens that the Democrats were the and are the KKK. And l am ever so surprised why would any Black person want to follow those who killed Blacks and still want them on a different slavery plantation today… LOL

        1. The Redman

          Hey, dusty bottom tramp. white-folks R white-folks, huh. white-folk. hahahahahahahah. yall R some of the worse terrorist on the planet.

    2. cruisedoc

      Quite the opposite. Levin is brilliant. He is also a genuine conservative who worked in the Reagan white house. He opposes Trump for 2 rather simple reasons, 1. Trump isn’t conservative, he’s a progressive w/ big gov’t solutions – that won’t work. 2. Regardless of what you ‘want’ to believe, Trump has disapproval rating far too high to win in a general & Levin wants someone with a chance of winning.
      Trump will likely get the nomination in the end, and he WILL lose to Hillary ….and I’ll be here to say I told you so.

  2. Danny

    This should prove beyond a doubt that established rhinos are telling the people they are too stupid to know what’s best for them. It appears these rhino idiots are in with traitor Obama to destroy America.

    1. The Redman

      Nah. its jes dat most of U stupid white-folks don’t have a vision, and 2 greedy wit hate 2 know it. donna

          1. The Redman

            U should start preaching dat 2 some of dem other pinkies dat call dem selves white-folks.

          2. GrizzMann

            Other humans understand this. There is no evil race. Just evil members of the human race.

    2. patriotrenegade

      council on foreign relations CFR, Trilateral Commission, bama, brezhinski, and bilderbergs. lil billy clintoon, zig, and kissinger are all three. If CFR hitlery was 1st “lady”, why does anyone want another one? heidi is a CFR. geez.

        1. got my licence

          No, It was dumb asses like yourself. You really need to move out of your mommies basement and get a job. You might even find a dumb ass girl and God forbid make dumb ass kids. Strike that, It would be better for the world if you refrained from polluting the gene pool any further.

    1. JC

      You wouldn’t be able yo spread your HATE if the white-folks hadn’t made it possible for you—-any other race and you would be dead—marxist democrat

          1. The Redman

            U post like an idiot, and I would bet dat U R, huh. U can’t hear me stupid. so Y do U write dat “you sound black” stuff. hahahahahahaha

    2. patriotrenegade

      well condi rice and ol colin are black CFR’s as well as muslim dhs boss lil jeh johnson. You are an imbecile.

      1. The Redman

        Condi and Colin could still run the country because other countries trust them. but all dem white-folks do is bully and brag. cow-patty

  3. survivor33

    Looks like Redman has raised his ugly head again. He tries to make us think he is a black man but even the regular black man can spell and write better than Redman. He sure don’t have me fooled. He’s just a person filled with venom and hate.

  4. Seedman

    The above article is absurd. Those who disagree with loose cannon Donald “boom boom” Trump are termed “attackers.” The truth of the matter is as Mona Charen writes, Donald is unfit for the nomination. As Caleb Howe writes, Trump uses psychological projection, denying his own faults while attributing them to others with outlandish lies and blame shifting. Donald is an old soon to be seventy year old man whose mental acuity is fading, fast.

          1. The Redman

            Ok. white-folks who R most of the time, pink, came from the “caucasus” mountain caves. and ruined America, and working on the rest of the world. hahahahahahaahah. how’s dat, hairy

          2. GrizzMann

            That was a trick statement. The Caucasian race contains many skin tones, including some or all of the populations of Europe, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Asia, Central Asia and South Asia.

          3. GrizzMann

            If, is that two letter word meaning impossible.Living in caves is not possible. They have to go out to obtain food for sustenance. If is a Democrat word to describe a condition they wish to tax. If Global Warming is real, we must tax the means to keep that from happening. Make believe is their world.

          4. The Redman

            If ISIS didn’t have guns and bombs dat white-folks pushed on them, they would have the power they have now, huh. hairy.

          5. GrizzMann

            ISIS are Caucasians. They have many weapons, scimitars, hammers and nails. They have made effective use of those weapons. So you prove ”If” is make believe.

    1. danstewart

      And you are a dumb, possibly young man. I hope you don’t spread your “seed” around too much, we don’t need a bunch of idiots like you running around.

  5. William Gordon

    Will Mr. Beck -maybe we should start some action to say you are what ever–like a commie–or something to that affect and get the people to disbrieve your comments or anything you –say– Tell me- didn,t you tell us a few months or years ago you was a christian– then if you claim you are–better read the Bible again –because thr LORD wil fix you later if you do not stop, From now on i am one that will find a way to make you pay for all these lies.

  6. William Gordon

    the citizen is vote is suppose to count –not the Establishment- person one vote–and that is what the US Constitution says and also implies.. Stop your stupid lies and become a American citizen–I am a retired Gi –I served MY country did you service to save our world–FROM WHAT I HAVE SEEN-You Haven’t so live up to the US Constitution– until now I listened to you and wondered why you left the FOX–now I know why– so you could the lie

  7. jholl99

    They are definitely against Trump and are using the politically motivated biased media as one of the many ways they have to discredit someone. I just read where Trump and campaign have been hit with a libel lawsuit by some reporter who claims they made bad remarks against her after they refused to hire her. Most of the voters know what is happening and it actually works in favor of the Trump campaign. It shows how much that the “good old boy” crooked network of politicians doesnt want an outsider or someone they cannot control as president. They would rather have Hillary in the long run because she is as crooked as they are and they could do business with her. How sad that our country has come to this.

    1. cruisedoc

      Most of us here don’t want Hillary, which is precisely why we oppose Trump. He has the highest disapprovals ever recorded & cannot win a general.

  8. patriotrenegade

    Everything lil glenn and lil markey railed against for years is called…..GLOBALISM. Delivered by CFR’s from BOTH”parties”. Now these fools back a globalist, ineligible, CFR husband named lyin ted. HE SEALED HIS BIRTH RECORDS! He is NOT ELIGIBLE! How stupid can people be???

  9. patriotrenegade

    Heard a great piece the other day: Jim marrs radio show. The speaker points out the old pics and videos of lee harvey oswald handing out “fair play for cuba” leaflets in New Orleans in August of 63. I was 12, and remember it. Next to him and handing out leaflets is one RAFAEL CRUZ! This event prompted many to think lee was CIA. We3ll well well, raffy splits to canada when JFK was killed to turn up working for an oil Co owned by the bushes, also CIA. OK folks—-What’s up here. ted’s wife is a CFR just like CIA daddy bush and hitlery. Can any cruz freak explain this?????

    1. Jerry

      I quit watching them when they started to back one certain candidate more than reporting fairly. I had hopes for them but lost hope after awhile. It is too bad a person has to listen to their views and not get the full story anywhere now on any station or network.

  10. normal guy

    I said this weeks ago! This is proof that Levin and Beck have the lack of integrity that I have spoken of! Now we know how nuts they both really are!

  11. Phil Esposito

    I find this very hard to believe about Levin. That would throw a wrench in everything I thought of Levin.

  12. cruisedoc

    What a crock. If the PAC distributed Levin’s book it was because they believed in the content. I’m not 100% sure of anything, but I’m 99.5% sure Levin is being genuine & not influenced by a large book purchase. PS: You cannot get $1 m in royalties from $400k in sales – the math doesn’t add.

    1. Lilipatch

      The article read – DeMint spent $427,000 for 4 yr. old books – a purchase that SHOULD have earned Levin appx. $1 Million in royalties. Levin can afford to lose some money, so he made a deal with the senator, to hand them out as one of the perks. Delegates are all about the deals and the perks – Trump doesn’t make those kind of deals – he just wants to make deals to make America great, again!

      1. cruisedoc

        Missed the ‘should have’ – my mistake. So what? It paints DeMint as establishment & he is anything but that. He heads a far right faction, the Senate Conservative Fund, a group that TARGETS establishment republicans. Any conservative would be proud to pass out copies of Levin’s excellent book, a MUST READ for all conservatives. And Levin himself gives away copies. This article attempts to paint it as a “perk”. Get real, a cheap paperback book isn’t a perk.
        The article can’t even get the name right. It’s “Liberty AND Tyranny”. I own it & you should read it.

        Trump would make any back room deal to get elected, and has a history of buying off politicians. He just hired one of the biggest lobbyists in the business to go after delegates ….and I suspect they will be offered more than a $5 paperback.

        Just believe the crap you believe, there’s a sucker born every minute. And I’m sure your anointed savior will get the jobs back by, as Trump says, “making a better trade deal with China”, because “stupid people have been putting together our trade deal with China.”

        Right? ….and you believe it. Problem is, we don’t have & never have had a trade deal with China. Trump may have trouble making a better non-existent trade deal. PS: We trade with China thru the World Trade Org., something the president has zero control over.

        1. Lilipatch

          cruisedoc – I have been an avid listener of Mark Levin, 5 nights a week for the last 3 years, but for the last few weeks, when I tune in, his entire program is all about trashing Trump and I have to shut him down. It’s disappointing, because I have learned so much from him.

          Although we all knew Levin was a Cruz guy, initially he had some good things to say about Trump, but as soon as he saw Trump forging ahead, he knew he had to get on the “dump Trump” train. My biggest concern is securing our borders, and I feel Cruz is too close to that culture to take the drastic steps we need at this dangerous time in history. I guess we can both agree to disagree on this. I have his book ‘Plunder & Deceit’ and have read half, so far.

          1. cruisedoc

            Levin is a good man, a fair & honest constitutional conservative. You are correct that he initially was more neutral toward Trump & waited to see the substance to judge.
            The turning point I saw was when Cruz stood up against corn subsidies though it cost him support in Iowa, while Trump pandered & not only stumped in support but also promised to increase such subsidies – this is the antithesis of conservative & constitutional tenets.
            Next he noted that nearly every Trump proposal would require yet bigger bureaucracy & gov’t, at an astronomical cost. Naturally he concluded that Trump is essentially a progressive who does not believe in limited/smaller/less costly gov’t, rather Trump just believes the wrong people are running our bloated gov’t & he would bloat it even more. I agree.

  13. gunnygil

    Glad I plugged into this. It confirmed my thoughts that Erik Erickson, WSB radio Atlanta, is an “Establishment” goon and reinforces my claim that he is just another professional politician as well as being a liar, er a lawyer.

  14. Flyby

    The rnc’s giving so much to the anti-Trump superpacs to back “rafeal” who stands a snowballs chance in hell of beating the female clinton (it’s hard to tell the spouse running without a scorecard) that the dem’s can spend all their money stealing votes from sanders in New York. And seeing the painted on smiles bill and hil makes me want to grab a sand blaster-which will be needed for them irregardless of the outcome after the election-and expunge those pseudo smiles.

  15. Jack Magurn

    They probably won’t notice nor care, but if the Republican Party is successful, They can count on one less registered Republican!

  16. pete

    Levinson is only in it for the payoff,he’s a lowlife rino,
    Trump has no following?you moron,you obviously can’t count past twon.
    Cruz is a loser trying to get in line for the payday too

  17. Effenexes

    Makes one wondered just why Erickson even bothered to become a preacher man and then become a self serving member of the pharisees, He was suppose to have seen the light when he climbed on his high horse to preach his self serving principles.

  18. ZACAL

    They wanted Trump to sign an agreement stating he wouldn’t run on another party ticket, then the RNC is attempting to chew him up like an animal eating their own. Which is pretty much what it is. The RNC says, “we don’t want him, he’s not one of our elitist group, so let’s just take PAC money and ruin him. That way even if the voters want Trump they won’t be able to vote the people’s will on our elitist group. Elitist are control freaks. It’s similar to the cliques we had in our school days, only on the grandest of scales. They’re taking total control of our country and claiming “it’s in the rules”. Yeah, it’s in the rules adopted by the “GOP elitist last year”, they started this control over the voters “we the people” several years ago, and the GOP has gotten a little more brave with their control, now look where we are – they have total control over the people to the point they are brave enough to tell “we the people” it’s legal, to hell with your votes. Not the blueprint laid out by our founders in 1776. By the way Democrats are doing the same exact thing. This is the reason BIG-MONEY gives to both parties. They don’t care which party wins, so long as they CONTROL WASHINGTON D.C. – After All, why wouldn’t they “if they can” there’s profit in it.

  19. Gail

    Yes they truely are stupid. They think that the rest of us are beneath them and can’t think for
    ourselves. Look at the school system . The dumbing down of Americans has taken place. When a young person nearly has a breakdown over something written in chalk and the school gives her therapy .
    In the first place they make their money by trying to influence us ,just like television / Hollywood . They are part of the plan to put us all in bondage. This is done by propaganda.Just follow the money in both of these men and the connections to the establishment.Cruz is promising that he will keep the border open and joined Beck on the border to give out truckloads of goods to illegals. There are 95 million legal Americans without jobs because of this invasion of illegals upon America. All these two stupids do is rave and rant about about Trump. Beck & Levin think that they are important. Remember we can’t listen to too many people on radio/tv because they are hyping all of this junk up about Trump. His life has been in the public forever . So there is nothing new they can put out on him. But all of their junk has not been put out. Like Heidi ‘s police record (Austin).Cruz /Rubio/Kacsich connection to Nazi George Soros. They are all three paid for and bought by this Nazi. Only one not bought is Trump ! Rubio’s fag parties( his words not mine) Kasich hitting people
    . Ryan made the Omnibus Bill happen And let’s not forget Jeb he is married to a Mexican( little bias) and throw away the election Romney. Hillary needs to be tried for treason for the acts she/ Bill have done to America . Give away Bernie makes the people feel good with his giveaway deals but fails to tell how it will be paid for .I am sure it is the Cuban plan. Total takedown and take over of America . Is it any wonder why we are in the shape we are in .Beck/Levin can’t attack any of the above. Just Trump !Wake up America !! Oh by the way the word conservative is used loosely these days and doesn’t mean anything any more Knowing right from wrong is a better way to go.

  20. Patriot

    Not listening to Glenn Beck since he left TV, I recently started listening to him on radio and have come away thinking old Beck has crossed over to the dark side. What is the bug up his butt about Trump anyway?