Trump Adviser Drops Policy Bombshell On Ted Cruz

Donald Trump’s policy adviser Steve Miller spoke at a town hall meeting in Racine, Wisconsin, where he dropped not one, but two policy bombshells on Senator Ted Cruz.

Here’s the report from the Gateway Pundit:

“Miller destroyed Ted Cruz on the senator’s trade and immigration record. He pointed out that Ted Cruz supported the Trans-Pacific Trade deal that will cost the US millions of jobs.

“Cruz also pushed to expand Muslim immigration into America. This is despite the fact that Obama has issued 680,000 green cards to immigrants from Muslim countries in the last five years.

“The Cruz amendment would have doubled the number of Muslim immigrants to America up to 1.35 million.

Miller went on to hammer the media and Washington insiders:

“Why is it that our media is more concerned with Donald Trump’s tone than illegal immigrants killing her Americans… Washington weeps no tears for these dead Americans. Instead Washington says you should be concerned about Donald Trump’s tone!… This is your once in a lifetime opportunity that will not come again!”

Although Cruz went on to win the Wisconsin primary, it’s obvious that Trump’s anti-illegal immigration stance has resonated with many conservative, unaffiliated and blue-collar Democratic voters. And it’s becoming more clear that Cruz isn’t the “true conservative” that he claims to be.

Do you agree with Steve Miller’s remarks about Cruz on trade and immigration?

Give us your takes in the comments section below.


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  1. Buzz

    We all need to keep in mind that Cruz is an NWO stealth candidate; that means Agenda 21 and that means what is going on in CA, S. Oregon and now Colorado, taking away personal property, freedoms being taken away again and again..he is no Christian and he is no conservative…green cards 500% increased..that is over three million! This guy is a nut, that is crazy and he is crazy with the want and need for power..he is still illegal and that is a major lie he keeps touting..he lies about this, what else will he lie about….a whole heck of a lot my fellow commentators.

  2. Arbie Viau

    I appreciate the opportunity to make a comment, but if you’re not going to do something about it then it’s all in vain. Now, first of all, Cruz is NOT eligible for POTUS! He was born in Canada and his father who was a Cuban, determines his eligibility not his mother who was an American citizen does not, according to the right interpretation of the Constitution. Cruz then carried a dual citizenship until 2014 and was a Senator in our Congress, and I’m not sure he doesn’t still have a dual citizenship. The founding fathers did not want anyone as POTUS to be influenced by foreigners, thus Cruz has broken all the rules of the Constitution! There shouldn’t be any other reason for his resigning from his candidacy; however, #1) Cruz and his wife are both members of the North American Union, Heidi is an officer of NAU, which is for the New World Order. #2) Cruz was and is for amnesty #3) he is for no borders #4) they belong to 7 Mountains Dominionism church (a cult) tying into the New World Order of Canada, Mexico and USA being of one nation = throwing out the Constitution. Cruz continues to lie to American’s about his ideals and will throw America into chaos if elected. If you think Obama is bad, Cruz will be worse. These are documented problems with Cruz. Check it out, please on Google and YouTube.

    1. Buzz

      His father is the preacher for this “cult” movement that, as you say is NWO which leads to Marxism or Communism..take your pick. Cruz is also illegal due to the N-600 not being filed. Our corrupt electoral college does not even check the packets they receive from candidates that are supposed to prove they are legal to are right. why is he still running..totally illegal, in fact, due to the lack of the N-600, he is not even legal to be an U.S. citizen.

        1. Buzz

          You put me in a difficult position Redman, and I truly wish you would go away, way away! I am Native American through my two grandmothers and one grandfather ….I do not consider my self “white.” For your information, one gram was a powerful, very powerful mother possessed a lot of her power and if I choose, which I have in the past, I have some of that too but diluted.

          1. The Redman

            Y is it dat most all white-folks claim 2 B “part Indian” when they R nothing but demons in pink skin. buzz-off, fly.

          2. Jack Dahl

            The Redman…you are one very ignorant individual. You can’t accept the facts regarding lyin Ted

          3. Jack Dahl

            You are not just ignorant. You can’t even write English.
            You are the jack-off you worthless piece of human excrement.
            Why don’t go where most excrement goes.

          4. The Fox

            We don’t practice your habits sand monkey and your jacking off has left you without a brain cell one.

          5. The Redman

            U’ll soon B found out, wolf. and when U R. don’t run and shoot yo stupid pink head. wolf

          6. farmboy1993

            Your the jackass! Which translates to dumbass! Your brained washed by the bullshit pc crooked lying media and establishment! Lying Teddy is just a puppet for the crooked establishment! Lying Teddy will never be chosen for the nomination! They are using him to stop Trump! If that ever did happen, it would be bye bye Teddy! Then hello Murder Hillary! If you want Murder Hillary for president! Then all means follow lying Teddys bullshit propaganda! Real Americans are tired of all the pc bullshit! Americans love Trump! He will Make America Great Again! Go! Trump! Go! Trump! 2016!

          7. The Redman

            U R A stupid hillbilly. I bet U’re 2 stupid 2 admit dat U have lied-boy. yo pink-boy trump-a-hump lie a smile about it, and den go in 2 denial of it like most all white-folks do, huh. inbred. hahahhaahahah

          8. The Redman

            We’re checking U out wolf. soon dat Church dat U pretend in will know all about U. hahahahahahah

          9. jeristone

            You are one farmboy that has it figured out right. I believe you are 100% correct…in all your evaluation.

          10. The Fox

            Is lack of a brain allows his profane words to eat him a live the poor sand monkey from the middle east who rapes sheep, goats, pigs and little boys and drinks their blood to stay drunk and happy.

          11. Marie Saqueton

            Folks, this Redman guy is crazy or sick, just ignore him. He has nothing to offer but insults to everyone. He enjoys that, it makes him feel big in his mind,but we know better. So, pray for this sick guy.

          12. The Fox

            Muslims aren’t American indian’s and come from Ismael the hater and fighter filled with lie’s of your demon god allah satan and you will join him someday in the lake of fire where you belong with your lying demon god.

          13. The Redman

            There R lots of demons in pink skin in Hell. its were U will B soon, U stupid hater fake

          14. PatriotGal

            WOW, Buzz, God bless you and your heritage. We should all honor and love our heritage while still paying allegiance to our country, our flag and our citizens. We are Americans, first, last and always of varying ancestry.

        2. joanc

          Those who choose to use the word Immigrant,a term that denotes a person entered the USA LEGALLY are putting a veil on the truth! Obama and crew plus a many others have tried to eradicate the word ILLEGAL because it goes against their dream of open borders policy and New World Order, . It’s for the votes they’ll gleam by handing out goodies to the non Americans and that’s the real reason they want the open door policy to succeed and that’s the truth. The Illegals have numerous benefits paid for by you and I and the cost is reaching the sky. They are treated to things denied to us although the Politicians think that is okay! Don’t tell me Illegals don’t vote in US elections, for busloads of non speaking foreigners entered the polls with an interpreters last Presidential election. There isn’t one American citizen in the USA who doesn’t have relatives who came here in the past using the proper route legal route, that is until the DC Pundits decided to open the gates to those who will not follow the rules of US Immigration. Instead of cracking down on illegals entering a place where they don’t belong, our Border Patrol is told to Stand Down! The Border Patrol is not allowed to detain the illegal entrants and schedule their deportation, for the Administration has dictated a new set of rules for the Border Patrol to follow, it tells them to step back and let illegals come in, Then RELEASE them into our country with only a summons to appear. Do you think illegals will obey that summons, if you do, than you’ll buy the bridge that’s been on sale for years!. I have seen comedies like this in the movies, but never have I seen such blatant action to ruin our country by the very people we are foolish to elect! The rules of Immigration are being abused and our Constitution ignored, and the only way to stop it is to elect people who care about the USA, unfortunately they are few and far between! We need men and women who are not politically connected and who do the job because they are Patriots who’ll use their heads for the countries best interest!. I’m dreaming I know, but if we don’t select the best then we are headed to be a third world country!. WAKE UP! I am worried about our future generations who may never see how great America used to be, before greed took over and tried to bring her down! Stop them by doing some research into the lives of those running for office, don’t be surprised if their past has been locked away from prying eyes and the question is WHY! What is there that warrants being hidden, especially if they are asking for people’s trust to vote for them, for politicians hold the power to ruin or better our lives!!.

          1. The Redman

            U should go somewhere by yo self in a cave and write yo white-folks book on how white-folks ruined america. joey

          2. joanc

            It’s very easy to tell you don’t know when someone reverts to insults when faced with the truth!

        3. The Fox

          Glad your not a immigrant you fake red man and evil sand monkey who rapes pigs, sheep and goats in your evil land.

          1. The Redman

            U should repent of raping yo daughters, and donate yo big stupid pink head 2 B pulled from yo shoulders. antichrist-wolf.

      1. annestromberg

        Thank you for bring out Ted’s hidden agenda based on his and his father’s. Dominon THeology. It is not CHRISTIAN as TED claims. It is heresy and we have all these Christain SHEEPLE not taking time to check him out.
        I have been contacting the media for the past month on this matter and post it

        1. annestromberg

          Sorry hit the wrong key. I post this every chance I get but no one seems to have an interest. Thank you for your post. This is so important. I am keeping on keeping on. I wish people would google Dominion Theology. WHen cruz mentions bring back our “Vaules”
          he means establishing Dominion THeology values. SCARY!

          1. jeristone

            I researched the group in depth about a year ago. All the wealth of the world is suppose to come to their little group….that according to them consists of Priests and Kings. One of the most heretical Cults….Ever!

        2. jeristone

          Did You see the picture of Cruz where the Dominionist group was praying over him and declaring him to be a king? It was posted on a site I visit a few months ago. I don’t know if it could still be found on line….Total Heresy…fraud!!!

      2. Galveston1

        Ted Cruz

        •The reason there are Purple Heart medals on the chests of
        the Fort Hood shooting victims is because Cruz and
        Palin fought to put them there when no one else would.

        •The reason Obama’s executive amnesty has not
        cleared the Senate is Ted Cruz!

        •The Reason the gang of 8 bill did not pass was
        because Cruz amended it to death.

        •The Reason the crosses on the Az war memorials
        didn’t get torn down is because Ted Cruz successfully defended them in the
        Supreme Court of the United States.

        •The reason the Ten Commandments are still on the
        courthouse steps in Texas is because Cruz successfully fought for them in the

        •The Reason a 76 year old handgun ban was lifted in
        DC is because Ted Cruz successfully defended the Second Amendment in SCOTUS and
        got it lifted.

        •The reason Texas was able to execute a foreign
        national guilty of multiple rapes and murders is because Ted Cruz successfully
        argued and defended US soverignty against the UN in SCOTUS.

        •Ted Cruz has led the fight to defund Planned

        •He has led the fight against executive amnesty,

        •He has led the fight against the Iran Nuclear

        If you are from Houston you may remember when two
        young girls, Jennifer Ertmman and Elizabeth Pena were walking home one evening
        and we’re abducted, brutally raped and murdered.
        The man was caught and tried, found guilty and sentenced to death. The man had
        lived here illegally most of his life. A few years later the United Nations
        World Court with 60 countries siding said Texas violated his rights by not informing
        him of his right to contact his consulate. George Bush and Secretary Rice
        ordered Texas to release him to keep peace with the U.N. I can remember how the
        parents of those girls were so shocked and devastated that this man would go
        free. Abbott was the state attorney general at the time. One of his junior
        attorneys went to argue before the Supreme Court. This attorney argued the
        Constitution clearly states that the United States was a sovereign nation and
        no other nation had jurisdiction over our laws. All 60 countries were there
        arguing against this one attorney from Texas. He won the case and Texas
        executed the offender in 2005. That junior attorney was Ted Cruz. I have
        admired and had confidence in him ever since. He will fight the unjust for all of
        us as well. He is not for the corruption in Washington and they know he will
        fight them and win.

        1. Connie Hatler Henderson

          I’m not saying that he is not a good attorney but he is not eligible to be the President of the United States. Our Constitution requires a “natural born ” citizen. Cruz may be a “naturalized” citizen but he is not a “natural born” citizen. The US Supreme Court defined the term in 1875 and it has never been changed.

          1. Connie Hatler Henderson

            Well, actually, yes they have but you have to go back a few years. In 1875 the US Supreme Court clarified this issue. It hasn’t been addressed since then.

      3. Arbie Viau

        Buzz, Yes Ted and Heidi belong to 7 Mountains Dominionism (a cult) which is a movement toward NWO. Well, all I can say is, our Government is so corrupt that an known criminal like Hillary Clinton is running for POTUS and nobody says anything about it and she along with Bill, Obama, denies any fault of hers even being committed. Of course, Obama is a criminal as well and should have been impeached years, years, ago. If Hell is like this, I sure don’t want to go there when I die.

    2. Peter Smith

      Stop being stupid. Cruz’ natural born citizenship is given by the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952, the applicable law at the time of his birth. This law is another in the string of Congressional acts that started with n 1790, just three years after the original signing of the Constitution. Try a little research before opening your mouth. Your lack of intelligence is showing.

      1. annestromberg

        Cruz is the most dangerous candidate ever, due to his pseudo Christian
        religion. His hidden agenda is his plan to restore “values” via this
        theology which is NOT CHRISTIAN! it is heresy! Check it out! It is
        scary! BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID! This would be a disaster for our country,
        for women, for alternative lifestyle groups, for Mormons, etc.
        DO YOUR HOMEWORK. DO NOT BE SHEEPLE! Google Dominion Theology and/or its
        alternative name “Now” theology!. Good bye first amendment’s stand on

        Cruz pretends to be a DC outsider but check his record. He has a closet full of sleaze.

        DC is so corrupt. We need an outsider beholden to no one to come in and clean house.

        The GOP establish is SO AFRAID that Trump is elected he will lock the lid on the cookie

        jar. Our government is a VERY BIG BUSINESS that needs to be run by a business man, not a politician. ​

        1. Peter Smith

          Ted Cruz is a Baptist. Baptist is one of the Christian religions. I am a Christian, and I am against you and your “alternative e lifestyles”, i.e., gay, lesbian, transgender.
          Ted Cruz’s FATHER is a Dominionist, Ted is not, unless you can prove otherwise?
          The rest of your post reads like a Donald Trump playbook. I don’t support Trump because I don’t support liberal Democrats. You believe what you want, I’ll leave by saying you are a psychotic idiot. Please get help.

      2. Kmat

        Citizenship comes from a 3 legged stool. Mother’s Citizenship, Father’s Citizenship and the Soil you were born upon are the legs; the Child is the stool seat. The rule is your Citizenship at Birth must match one of the Legs. If one leg is French, another German and the other English, what is the Child’s Citizenship. If all legs are French what is the Child’s Citizenship. One takes a “decision” by man, the other requires no “decision”, it is Natural.

        2 type of Citizenship exist, Naturalized and Birth Right Citizenship. Two types of Birth Right Citizenship exist. One you CHOOSE your Citizenship because because by Birth Right you can be a Citizen matching your Mother,Father or Soil which are no the same. The other is Natural because your Mother, Father and Soil are all the same and you have no CHOICE.

        In Poker what is the difference between a Straight and a Natural Straight?

        If Mt. Rushmore a “Natural” Rock Formation? All man did was remove the Rock that was hiding the faces.

        1. Peter Smith

          WOW! You are total and absolute idiot! The “three legged stool” doesn’t comply with US law and you will find nothing that proves your statement. You should really check your “facts” BEFORE you expose your ignorance.

          1. Kmat

            So “Natural” has NO MEANING in front of Born Citizen. Natural Born Citizen =’s Born Citizen. Natural is just some filler word written by the Founding Fathers. Maybe “Born” is just some filler words as well? Adjective (Natural and Born) in front of Citizen have meaning. Look them up in the dictionary.

            14th Amendment talks about Born Citizen verse Naturalized Citizen so don’t go there..
            You believe a person can be a “Natural Born Citizen” of three different Nations?

            Try looking at Laws of Nations which describes Natural Born Citizens rather the English Law of 1776 which described Natural Born Subject. Laws of Nations was used when writing the US Constitution. There is a BIG Difference between Citizens and Subjects. Citizens have RIGHTS, Subjects have PRIVILEGES.

          2. Peter Smith

            A natural born citizen a person that is a citizen at the moment of birth, requiring no other measures to claim that citizenship. The 1952 Act gave that definition to Ted Cruz by the right of Ju sanguinis. I don’t care if you like it or not, it is the truth of the matter.

          3. Kmat

            At Birth Ted Cruz had Citizenship by right of Ju sanguinis (US Citizenship) and by right of jus soli (Canadian Citizenship). Now you say to be Natural Born Citizen at the moment of birth, requiring no other measures to claim that Citizenship. But Ted Cruz did require measures to claim US Citizenship, he had to CLAIM that Birth Right Citizenship. When he turned 18 (Age at which you can get a passport in your own name) he could have requested a Passport through Canada or the US. He could and still can be a Canadian Citizen or US Citizen by Birth Right. the CHOICE is His.

            Again the 1962 Act does not mention “Natural Born Citizen” anywhere within it’s pages.

          4. Peter Smith

            Ted Cruz never had to claim a natural born citizenship that was already his, that’s an ignorant statement. The law says Ted Cruz is eligible to be our next POTUS. Nothing you say, Trump says, I say, or anyone else for matter will change that fact. If I were you, I’d get used to that idea. Just saying …….

          5. Kmat

            Ted Cruz formally renounced Canadian citizenship and pursuant to the Citizenship Act will cease to be a citizen on” May 14, 2014, wander why he did that? Seems that would be “requiring no other measures to claim that citizenship”.
            By your desired definition, there is no difference between a “Born Citizen” and a “Natural Born Citizen” thereby making the word “Natural” meaningless.

            A child is born, it’s Mother is Canadian, It’s Father is Mexican the Child was born in the United States. The Child is a citizen of which nation “requiring no other measures to claim that citizenship”. Remember, choosing is a “measure”.

          6. Peter Smith

            There is no dual citizenship clause in the Constitution or US Law. I believe he renounced Canadian citizenship was for the sole purpose of this current scenario, he being the Vice President or the President. If s citizen is a citizen at birth, that is the essence of natural born citizen. Not a difficult concept, is it?
            If the child’s parents were legal immigrants, Ju soli is in effect. Illegal immigrants brings whole new challenges to the table. As to possible citizenship to Canada or Mexico, I’d have to find out what THEIR insividual laws state. But really I could care less, Canadian or Mexican, doesn’t matter.

          7. Kmat

            Do you agree that Cruz could have Chosen to be a Canadian Citizen just as easily as he Choose to be a US Citizen “requiring a measure to claim that citizenship”?

            You did not tell me the Citizenship of the Child born of a Mexican Citizenship Parent, Canadian Citizenship Parent in the United States. Can you have Duel Natural Born Citizenship. In this case what is the final determination of the child’s citizenship when it applies for it’s first Passport?

          8. Peter Smith

            Ted Cruz had birth right US citizenship. A citizen at birth, i.e., a natural born citizen. In order to renounce that US birth right, he has to declare in writing for that purpose.
            I did answer your hypothetical question on the Can-Mex child. Try reading it again and SLOWER.

          9. Kmat

            Your answer is “There is no difference between a ‘Born Citizen’ and a ‘Natural Born Citizen” therefore the word ‘Natural’ has no meaning”.

            The Answer I wanted from you pertaining to my hypothetical question is –
            Is the Child a Mexican Citizen at age of maturity
            or is the Child a Canadian Citizen at age of maturity
            or is the Child a US Citizen at age of maturity
            It can only be one – how did you arrive at your answer:? You don’t have the guts to answer the question straight forward do you. Hint, it will take a decision by the Child (intervention of man).

          10. Peter Smith

            Well, let’s see. The Constitution was signed in 1787. In the Immigration Act of 1790, the Founding Fathers wrote, “And the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born Citizens: …” This is one of the only times this term was written by the Founders and the ONLY time this correlation was made. While this Act was repealed by the Act of 1795, which was repealed by the act of 1798, which was repealed by the Act of 1802, …. it paints a rather clear picture aw to the Founder’s INTENT of the term, “natural born Citizen”. In an article in CNS News by Rod D. Martin, he writes:

            Now, once again, this is legislation enacted by the First Congress, during a period in which several states hadn’t even ratified the Constitution (much less the Bill of Rights). There had been no time for anyone to “forget” what was commonly meant by “natural born citizen” when this legislation passed.

            And that’s not even the most significant part. That first Congress included James Madison (“the father of the Constitution”), James Monroe (a future President, one of whose children was later born abroad and whom he presumably had no intention of disenfranchising), Judge William Patterson, Robert Morris, Rufus King, Oliver Ellsworth (one of the Constitution’s principle drafters), William Samuel Johnson, Pierce Butler, John Langdon, Roger Sherman, and Elbridge Gerry, all of whom except Monroe were delegates to the Constitutional Convention, and all but a couple of whom signed it.

            George Washington, of course, signed the Naturalization Act into law.

            Had they changed their minds in the intervening months since Philadelphia? That seems pretty unlikely: there appears to have been no controversy over their definition of “natural born citizen” at the time. Moreover, if they did, many of conservatives’ favorite originalist arguments — such as the one concerning the Establishment Clause, whereby we note that the first Congress enacted a measure to print Bibles at public expense for the Northwest Territory — necessarily fail.

            The Naturalization Act of 1790, which is actually the only U.S. statute ever to use the term “natural born citizen,” clearly qualifies Ted Cruz as a natural born citizen. 8 USC § 1401, the relevant current statute, doesn’t use the term, but in no way contradicts the 1790 Act.

            This tells us with concrete certainty what the Founding Fathers — not a court, not a debating society, not government run amok — believed about the term. There can really be no doubt as to what the Founders thought: they codified it.

            Your hypothetical question has been answered but you lack the ability to understand. I’ll answer in oreder for the cheap seats:
            1. I don’t know Mexican citizenship requirements or law. Neither do I care for that matter.
            2. Ditto for Canadian citizenship requirements or law. Neither do I care.
            3. If the parents are LEGAL immigrants and the child is born on US soil, the child is a citizen at birth. I’ll let YOU read it for yourself:

            “Citizenship by Being Born in the United States

            In most situations, any child that is born in the United States or one of its territories will automatically receive American citizenship. However, children born to diplomats and other recognized government officials from foreign countries will not receive U.S. citizenship if born on American soil. You can learn more about this by looking through Title 8 of the U.S. Code.

            If you were born in the U.S., your U.S. citizenship will last your entire life unless you make an affirmative action to give it up, like filing an oath.”

            Based on this, a child’s maturity is irrelevent. They automatically recieve citizenship, per the latest US law.

            So Kmat, the ball is in YOUR court. Ask Trump how to respond …….

          11. Kmat

            “And the children of citizens of the United States that may be born
            beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be
            considered as natural born Citizens: …” You don’t find it significant that it was written into the Act in 1790 then repealed in 1795 with the phrase “natural born citizen being” replaced leaving out “Natural”? As you say “it paints a rather clear picture aw to the Founder’s INTENT of the term, “natural born Citizen”

          12. Peter Smith

            No, I don’t find it all that significant Kmart! Because a born citizen, a citizen at birth, a child needing no other circumstance to claim citizenship, is the absolute essence and meaning of the Founder’s term “natural born citizen”. It’s not a difficult concept to understand. But you, Kmart, are a bargain basement Trumpateer.

          13. Peatro Giorgio

            First off Cruz’s mother was Born In the United states. In fact she was born to both American Citizen Parent . As for Cruz’s Father he was a Cuban Born American green card holder. When Ted Cruz was Born. Your stupidity in stating Cruz’s mother was ever classified As Canadian is horse Crapola. Ted Cruz Formerly Renounced his Canadian citizenship AS to Reduce any aspect of Conflict Period nothing more nothing less. Damn trumpertantrum supporters are all equally stupid Hence the very reason They support the Progressive Lyin Donald ducking Trump.

          14. Kmat

            Ted Cruz could have just as easily declared he was a Canadian Citizen. Ted Cruz formally declared he was a US Citizen. If Ted Cruz’s Father was here on a Green Card from Cuba, he was still a Cuban Citizen so Ted Cruz could have declared himself to be a Cuban Citizen.
            If your Mother and Father are both US Citizens and you are born on US Soil, you can only be a US Citizen, no decision required or allowed.

          15. Buck

            Trump is the one who said it. So if it is an insult you may ought to talk to him. I’ve lost nothing . Come this fall if trump is the nominee then I and my family will sit the election out like we did for Romney there were about 3-5 million others who did the same. I am a right wing 100%disabled Vietnam veteran republican who has never voted for a democrat for president . And trump is a draft dodger like Bill Clinton and Ted nugent . And I ain’t ever gonna vote for a anti gun pro abortion draft dodger in this life time him and Hillary had been on the same side of the fence for most of there lives .2 peas in A pod. You want to vote for him you gonna have to do it with out us and you can’t win with out us. That’s why old Bill Clinton called trump 2 weeks before he ran for office. Just to make sure Hillary wins. And I said that from the start. Trump will run third party. And there you have it he had always intended to. Tell me some thing are you a democrat or are you an independent ?

          16. Kmat

            FYI, I will not have a say in who becomes President. I live in Washington State, the State will go to who ever runs as a Democrat. If Osama Bin Laden was resurrected and ran for President as a Democrat, Washington State would go for him.

            What I care about is the Constitution of the United States. I am tired of people deciding what they want it to state, then using any thread to say that is what it means. Such as using William Blackstone definition of “Natural Born English Subject of the Crown” to describe a Natural Born Citizen. If you remember we fought a war with England because the US did not stand by the definition (War of 1812). Every bit of Evidence points toward Vattel: The Law of Nations being referenced daily and that the Constitution could not have been written without it, Benjamin Franklin’s written words. The Law of Nations contains the exact phrase “Natural Born Citizen”, no need to change “Subjects” to Citizens” (the words are not interchangeable words) and defines Natural Born Citizens as the Parents Citizenship and the Soil the Child is born on being the same.

            As far as not Voting, if you sat out the last election, you are counted with those that Voted for Obama. If you sit out this one and Hillary is elected you will be among those that helped elect her. As for Trump, I know he will try very hard to do what he says he will do. I like a lot of the Policies he has written which are contained in his Web Site. My fear of Cruz is he will fold on the issues rather than standing for what he has stated and compromising within that content.

            If Cruz is Nominated, I will vote for him. If Trump is Nominated, I will vote for him. Whatever it takes to keep Hillary Out. I suggest you hold you nose if you have to and cast a Vote against Hillary. To bad voting against someone is not a option. If you Vote against a person, 1 Vote is taken away from their tally.

          17. Buck

            Well I have voted in my state of Oklahoma that in the last 2 elections there as not a single county in Oklahoma that voted for Obama the only totally red state in the union. And it has been called the most conservative state in the union. We have a closed election and only republicans could vote. The polls said that trump would win but Cruz did in next door Arkansas the polls said Cruz would win but the had an open election and trump won. Now you talk about Vattel He wrote an opinion. Not a law and he wrote it 16 years before the United States was born. And he was not an American he was a French man who did not speak English and was living in Switzerland when he wrote it. So you complain about Cruz and you take the word of a foreigner . I’m goin to post the United States Code on natural born citizen in the next post. The United States Code is the law of the land in 2016 today in our country and is why the courts are desideing in cruz’s favor And why they will rule in his favor in future cases as these judges go by the law. I have another video for you and you will see what judge says about it


          18. Kmat

            If you remember, the Founding Fathers were fluent in several languages and all fluent in French. France was closely allied with the United States and England was our Enemy. Yes, Law of Nations was not an international law book and was opinion. But those Opinions were highly respected by the Founding Fathers. Also there is a letter written by Benjamin Franklin stating it was used and in today’s courts the Framers could be sued for plagiarism and would lose for not foot noting the Laws of Nations as a reference. No where is it written that the Founding Fathers looked to England as the “go to” place to determine what should be written in the Constitution, the best anyone can say is “well they used to be English Subject therefore”. The Founding Father’s went so far as to state those living in the United States were Citizens, not Subjects and carried it farther saying all US Citizens were Royalty. If you look to England, then you should look at the Definition of Natural Born English Royalty – Born in England of English Royal Blood, which would equate to Born in the United States of United States Blood.not what constitutes a Subject of England.

            Again, we are not talking about who is a Birth Right Citizen of the US, we are talking about who is a “Natural” Birth Right Citizen.

            12345 is a poker straight
            12JJ5 is a poker straight (jack wild)
            one is a Natural Straight
            the other is a Straight
            The Natural Straight can be nothing but a Straight
            but the other can be what the owner desires same as a person with multiple Birth Right Citizenship’s..

            Judge Napolitan the Naturalization Act quite well, however the Act never mention Natural Born Citizen. Again, he takes the path that anyone born with Birth Right Citizenship is a Natural Born Citizen. If the Birth Right Citizenship =’s Natural Born Citizenship =’s Born Citizen why is Natural in front of Born Citizen.

          19. Buck

            A few months ago I had these same type conversations that you and I are haveing . I used the same stuff and these people used the same argument you have. I told them the judges would rule in cruzs favor. And they told me I as wrong. That judges would have to rule against him . Well I was right and they were wrong. The campaign is almost over with and Cruz is running Dosent make any difference what you think or I think. But you are beating a dead horse and like the trump groupies have done so far each time Cruz wins they yell and scream voter fraud or he’s cheating. Or any other thing they can make up . Trump is a left winger and did you answer me if you are an independent or what. Most of trumps people are independents. We’re it not for open elections trump would be out now. The independent have pushed him over and if the Republican Party survives I hope they sue ever state so that they have closed elections next time. That what Idaho did and they won and Cruz won the state. Now you said you live in Washington if you don’t like it there move . I lie my state fine. I’ve shown you these tapes and still you presist If trump is the kinda of person you want then you and I are not on th same side. So go vote for your man. But you ain’t gonna win with out us. I hav Ben called all kinds of names and insulted many times. Even with out knowing what I do about trump I would not vote for him out of spite now. Just because of the foul mouth groupies. No telling how many possible trump supporters have been run off because of that. Now Cruz is running Dosent make any difference what you say. So far the courts hav been on his side. Colorado had rules put out last summer. The rules are there if trump is such a great bussines man why did he nor do what he shout have done. I can just see him now crying about Putin it’s not fair he lied he cheated. He needs to grow up but just like he did in Vietnam he dodged and ran off. This thing is almost over you need to just go on I’m getting tired of saying the same things for months to you people if you were right the courts could hav already ruled in your favor. No I’m goin to go on and do my thing and I’m gonna guit if I can show you people what the law is. And I don’t carry what some stupid French man said in 1760 in Switzerland about a country that would not come in to exictance for another 16 years. In an opinion. I don’t listen to French men today and I don’t care what they said back then. You want to live by the laws of the United Nations or shariah. I go by the us codes. Go to sleep. I’m tired of it.

          20. Buck

            If you think that I a 100% disabled Vietnam veteran would ever vote for a draft dodger then you have another think coming. If you looked at the first video you can see the Donald trump I’ve always known he has always been on the left . He says differant now but why should I beleive him now I have seen him
            Mock insult and lie. He is the one who said he did not like guns he has been fornmurdering babies all his life he just started saying other wise in 2015 when he wanted to
            Be president . He’s the one who twice tried to run the disabled veterans street vendors off the streets be cause it made his buildings look bad . Why would I vote for some one who would try and destroy other veterans way of life. Trump is a leftist and I will never vote for him. And all those democrats who they call cross overs for trump are laughing and saying come November they will vote for Hillary. The angry independent I trumps strongest base . You say me not voteing for trump will give it to Hillary I say no difference in the 2. The plan was set up by Bill Clinton. I say those of you who follow trump are giving the election to Hillary for the same reason you said . Tump has lead you all like the pied piper and our country is goin to tear its self apart. John kasich has starry in long enough to make sure Cruz nor trump will get the majority he thinks it will be fun I think it could be a disaster . Like before the civil war. Now the United States Code on natural born citizen. Be sure to look at part g. And if you don’t think it applys the you are wrong and every Indian in the country is not a citizens.
            . 8 U.S. Code § 1401 – Nationals and citizens of United States at birth

            Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)

            US Code
            Authorities (CFR)
            prev | next
            The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth:
            (a) a person born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof;
            (b) a person born in the United States to a member of an Indian, Eskimo, Aleutian, or other aboriginal tribe:
            , That the granting of citizenship under this subsection shall not in any manner impair or otherwise affect the right of such person to tribal or other property;
            (c) a person born outside of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents both of whom are citizens of the United States and one of whom has had a residence in the United States or one of its outlying possessions, prior to the birth of such person;
            (d) a person born outside of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is a citizen of the United States who has been physically present in the United States or one of its outlying possessions for a continuous period of one year prior to the birth of such person, and the other of whom is a national, but not a citizen of the United States;
            (e) a person born in an outlying possession of the United States of parents one of whom is a citizen of the United States who has been physically present in the United States or one of its outlying possessions for a continuous period of one year at any time prior to the birth of such person;
            (f) a person of unknown parentage found in the United States while under the age of five years, until shown, prior to his attaining the age of twenty-one years, not to have been born in the United States;
            (g) a person born outside the geographical limits of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is an alien, and the other a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, was physically present in the United States or its outlying possessions for a period or periods totaling not less than five years, at least two of which were after attaining the age of fourteen years:
            , That any periods of honorable service in the Armed Forces of the United States, or periods of employment with the United States Government or with an international organization as that term is defined in section 288 of title 22 by such citizen parent, or any periods during which such citizen parent is physically present abroad as the dependent unmarried son or daughter and a member of the household of a person (A) honorably serving with the Armed Forces of the United States, or (B) employed by the United States Government or an international organization as defined in section 288 of title 22, may be included in order to satisfy the physical-presence requirement of this paragraph. This proviso shall be applicable to persons born on or after December 24, 1952, to the same extent as if it had become effective in its present form on that date; and
            (h) a person born before noon (Eastern Standard Time) May 24, 1934, outside the limits and jurisdiction of the United States of an alien father and a mother who is a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, had resided in the United States.
            (June 27, 1952, ch. 477, title III, ch. 1, § 301, 66 Stat. 235; Pub. L. 89–770, Nov. 6, 1966, 80 Stat. 1322; Pub. L. 92–584, §§ 1, 3, Oct. 27, 1972, 86 Stat. 1289; Pub. L. 95–432, §§ 1, 3, Oct. 10, 1978, 92 Stat. 1046; Pub. L. 99–653, § 12, Nov. 14, 1986, 100 Stat. 3657; Pub. L. 103–416, title I, § 101(a), Oct. 25, 1994, 108 Stat. 4306.)

      3. klesb

        What is the number of the Amendment to our Constitution that changed Article 2? Exactly! there is no such Amendment!

        1. Peter Smith

          Article II has never changed. Where does Article II define “Natural born citizen”? The definition is in the hands of Congress. They started producing Acts in 1790, just three years after the signing of the Constitution. They changed the 1790 Act in 1795. This process has continued and the applicable Act defining NBC at the time of Cruz’s birth was the McCarran -Walter Act of 1952. That is the law “klesb”, whether you agree or not is irrelevent.

      4. GerryAllwin

        Congress cannot define “natural,” “born,” “citizen,” “natural born,” “born citizen,” or “natural born citizen” as the words and phrases are used in the text of the constitution. If Congress could define the words used in the constitution, they could define them in any way to seize powers not granted. Eisner v. Macomber
        The meaning of the constitution must be determined by the courts.
        According to the common law as of July 4, 1776, the citizenship of the father determines the citizenship of his natural children of his body.
        Illegitimate children of female citizens of indeterminate fatherhood, such as female citizens raped by foreign troops, are natural born citizens also.
        Cruz can be a senator if he was naturalized but not vice president or president. His alien father was legally married to his citizen mother. Therefore he is a natural born citizen of Cuba in relation to the United States. Cuban law determines if Cuba recognizes his citizenship. Canadian law determines if Canada recognizes him as a citizen of Canada.

        1. Peter Smith

          You sir, are dead ass wrong. The courts should NEVER interpret the Constitution. We the Peole are solely responsible for that. The Cnstitution was signed in 1787, your 1776 statement has no merit. Congress does need define the Constitution, every time they pass a Law or an Act, as long as they do not conflict with the Constitution.
          The McCarran – Walter Act of 1952 was the relevant law at the time of the birth of Ted Cruz. Your assertions are baseless and wrong. I’m sure this won’t stop your idiocy, but it is exactly what I expect from a Trumpateer.

      5. Arbie Viau

        Peter Smith = I have done research you impotent liberal! You have to want correct information and apparently you don’t, so go sew you $hit somewhere else, my information stands as it is!!!

        1. Peter Smith

          Why don’t you read some of my 3000+ posts and call me a liberal, you cretinous fecal encephalos. I showed you my evidence, it is rock solid. I always research before I post dumb-ss.
          You information may stand as it is, true enough. Albeit it is wrong and standing all alone. Enjoy it when you use the term “Mr. President” when addressing Ted Cruz.

          1. Arbie Viau

            Why don’t you read where a NJ judge says no documentation was ever produced to validate his claim to be a “natural born citizen” and they are deciding whether or not to put him on the ballot there. You enjoy it when you use the term Mr. President when addressing Donald Trump. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Peter Smith you piece of garbage!

          2. Peter Smith

            He’s on the ballot. The birth certificates of his mother and his own, along with the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952 is all the documentation required. Sorry to burst your bubble. I’ve never used that term for Obama, so why would I use it for the White Obama?
            Good bye you cretinous fecal encephalos.

      1. GerryAllwin

        Most of us white folks children of early immigrants and American aboriginal women have more claim of being real Americans than many of you “Injuns,” who are 1/16-1/32-1/64 American aboriginal and 15/16-31/32-63/64 later white immigrants.

    3. cathy

      Does Canada like this idea of the New World Order? They didn’t want to be part of the US ever, that I know of. Canada’s new ruler probably is in for it, but the people?

        1. The Fox

          No it is sand monkey demon worshiping idiot like the fake redman who loves the NWO for his demon god allah satan and his bunch.

      1. Arbie Viau

        Cathy, I don’t know. I know this NWO has been around for 40-50 years through North American Union, and it’s about time for them to expose themselves probably through Cruz’s nomination. I believe that’s why the GOP is openly trying to get rid of Trump because he wants to Make America Great Again, and that’s not what the “elite” are working toward. I’m sure the people of Canada wouldn’t want the NWO either, just like us. There’s lots of hidden secrets you and I are not aware of too.



        1. The Fox

          Your mother should have done the world a favor and kept her legs closed so that you wouldn’t exist with your demon lie’s.

          1. The Redman

            Yo daughters tried 2 keep their stinky legs closed, but U forced em open and raped em until they ran away from home. wolf

          2. The Fox

            I wish you had the guts to face me, I’d rip out your lying tongue and feed it to the hogs and bury in in a pigs skin so you can’t be with the demon god you worship and lie for, hope the next pig you rape craps on you and your little thing, sand monkey.

          3. The Fox

            You have been raped in your mouth by your demon god allah satan, so go play with your little thing and leave real men and women alone you little boy raper.

          4. The Fox

            Poor sand monkey can’t spell or speak in real English and has a tongue of a fake redman with a empty skull and thinks it is fun to rape little boys, goat, sheep and pigs for his demon god allah satan.

          5. Tids1960

            Let us know when you’re done speaking Soros…
            Because seriously, my sides hurt from laughing at you

    5. jeristone

      You have certainly done your homework well…(as I have) I marvel at people who vote for individuals without checking out to see who and what they really are.

      1. Jeanne Stotler

        I marvel at those who vote just party regardless of who is running, and those who don’t listen to candidates and catch on that their stories and such change from one location to another, and with Cruz, caught him stealing exact lines of Trumps. And yes he is a Canadian by birth, unless changed, Canada does NOT honor duel Citizenship and if his mother voted ( as reported) she relinquised her American citizenship. I asked my grandfather ( a JAG officer USA(ret) ) in the ’40’s, about my father, born in Denmark to naturalized citizens, if he could have been President, he said NO, as he was born in Denmark and not on Military or Embassy property.

      2. Arbie Viau

        Jeristone Thank you, I marvel that individuals will believe anything a politician throws at them and are too lazy to find out for themselves. I have friends that believe every lie that the politicians tell and it drives me up the wall.

    6. Daniel from TN

      Also, NBC status is determined at the moment of birth, not by what you may do later in life, such as renounce Canadian citizenship.

      1. Arbie Viau

        It is said that he applied to renounce Canadian citizenship in 2014, and was told that you “cannot” renounce a Canadian citizenship, but I don’t know if that is accurate. I question why he waited until 2014 while he was a Senator in our Congress with dual citizenships. Seems like he should have renounced it many years ago if he had political aspirations in the US, very suspicious.

    7. Marie Saqueton


      1. Arbie Viau

        Marie Saqueton, You’re welcome, but you will always have “idiots” insulting you and they come from the brainwashed liberals. Keep posting anyway and somebody will finally “get it”.

      1. Arbie Viau

        Galveston1 Where are your sources? Apparently, they are soooo good you fail to give me privy to them. Hahahahaha you don’t have any you faking liberal!

        1. Galveston1

          Your view of me is as off-target as your view of Cruz. I am TP to the bone!

          Ted Cruz

          •The reason there are Purple Heart medals on the chests of
          the Fort Hood shooting victims is because Cruz and
          Palin fought to put them there when no one else would.

          •The reason Obama’s executive amnesty has not
          cleared the Senate is Ted Cruz!

          •The Reason the gang of 8 bill did not pass was
          because Cruz amended it to death.

          •The Reason the crosses on the Az war memorials
          didn’t get torn down is because Ted Cruz successfully defended them in the
          Supreme Court of the United States.

          •The reason the Ten Commandments are still on the
          courthouse steps in Texas is because Cruz successfully fought for them in the

          •The Reason a 76 year old handgun ban was lifted in
          DC is because Ted Cruz successfully defended the Second Amendment in SCOTUS and
          got it lifted.

          •The reason Texas was able to execute a foreign
          national guilty of multiple rapes and murders is because Ted Cruz successfully
          argued and defended US soverignty against the UN in SCOTUS.

          •Ted Cruz has led the fight to defund Planned

          •He has led the fight against executive amnesty,

          •He has led the fight against the Iran Nuclear

          If you are from Houston you may remember when two
          young girls, Jennifer Ertmman and Elizabeth Pena were walking home one evening and we’re abducted, brutally raped and murdered.
          The man was caught and tried, found guilty and sentenced to death. The man had lived here illegally most of his life.

          A few years later the United Nations World Court with 60 countries siding said Texas violated his rights by not informing him of his right to contact his consulate. George Bush and Secretary Rice ordered Texas to release him to keep peace with the U.N. I can remember how the parents of those girls were so shocked and devastated that this man would go free. Abbott was the state attorney general at the time. One of his junior attorneys went to argue before the Supreme Court. This attorney argued the Constitution clearly states that the United States was a sovereign nation and no other nation had jurisdiction over our laws.

          All 60 countries were there arguing against this one attorney from Texas. He won the case and Texas executed the offender in 2005. That junior attorney was Ted Cruz. I have admired and had confidence in him ever since. He will fight the unjust for all of us as well. He is not for the corruption in Washington and they know he will fight them and win.

          1. Arbie Viau

            Well, while your junior attorney was lawyering here maybe he started out good, but sorry buddy, he turned bad. That happens!

          2. Arbie Viau

            The Donald was always honest, and good. Look Galveton1, we’re talking about Cruz aren’t we? BTW you sound like you’re perfect, and you know you’re not and neither am I. Now, Cruz on the other hand is so corrupt, he lost his way. Anyway only you can state he did all the nicey nice things, but can you prove it? I don’t think so, I don’t buy garbage, I throw it out! I repeat, just so you get it, NOBODY IS PERFECT, INCLUDING YOU!!!!

          3. Galveston1

            Why is it that when Donald supporters are challenged they usually become abusive?
            How about it Arbie?
            Why don’t you let us see your face?

          4. Peatro Giorgio

            I’ll answer that question for you my friend ! The Trumpertantrum Supporters are exactly like he who they support . Ignorant of the facts with in each separate issue . They like demo-rats wont’ debate the issue because they have zero reasonable or logical answers to those question posed . That is why Hildabeast wont truly debate. That is exactly why Ducking Donald won’t debate Ted Cruz 1 on 1.. Because if the ducking Donald were to debate Cruz . Trumpertantrum knows full well; Ted Cruz will Crush him like a zit ,while making him Ducking Donald look the fraud, phony, foolish idiot he trump is.

          5. Galveston1

            Thanks for your reply. I still hope to hear from Arby!
            I just ran across something else that SHOULD scare Trump supporters out of their hypnosis.

            NYDN Columnist Whines
            Cruz’s Mob Claims About Trump Are ‘Racist and Disgusting’

            Hardball host Chris Matthews almost never passes up the chance to bash Ted
            Cruz as a modern day Joe McCarthy and Wednesday night was no different as he
            flaunted the comparison while New York Daily News columnist Linda Stasi
            complained that Cruz’s allegations about mob ties to Donald Trump were “racist
            and disgusting.”

            Hey all you Trump supporters, HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE ON THE SAME PAGE WITH CHRIS MATTHEWS?
            I know politics makes strange bedfellows, but you agree with this left wing loon who felt a tingle up his leg just listening to Obama?

    8. Peatro Giorgio

      Wrong again ! Either parent bestows upon the child that parents Citizenship According to US law. ” Moron “. Trash talking ducking Lyin Donald trumpertantrum supporter . God you guys are some truly ignorant fools.

  3. Tennman39

    Ted Cruz will do or say whatever sounds good to the voters then continue down the same path. He has adopted practically all of Mr. Trumps talking points about haveng a wall, Immigration, Etc; he is part of the establishment but has been a practicing the outsider tactics to get votes.

          1. Tids1960

            It’s “Mental Mania” by the Pedo Progressives…
            They’re way passed mental issues

          1. The Redman

            Yep. stinky. I’m “The Redman”. hahahahahahah. even I know dat stupid. hahahahahahahah

          2. psychosally

            lol-look for me and I’ll tap you on your shoulder-that is if you’re out of the hospital when I get there,roflmao-surprise

          3. Joyce Brogan

            I would not waste any more words with the moron, They really should let mental patients have access to a computer.

          4. Tids1960

            I know… But for me it’s intell gathering
            These people work for someone to harass the posters
            there’s a Coup d’état going on and when the country is returned back to the people there’s going to be hell to pay for the traitors
            and even if this guy isn’t working for some socialist elite or Government agency he needs to be evaluated

          5. psychosally

            Frank I;d love to but was asked not to reveal on line as it would indicate how I got the info-but if disqus doesnt respond to this bed wetter than it will be handled by others,lol

          6. Ace Dragon

            hey sico. i just flaged all your moronic comments. i also sent a message to discus about you. say good bye. your getting blocked. i have the power of the gods. your going to have a very bad accident and will die after sufferig for 6 months. %$&^*&%*++_dead!!

          7. The Redman

            U’re an idiot dat was left on someone’s steps in the summer 2 long. burnt-brain inbred. hahahahhahahah

          8. Tids1960

            You’re not related to that troll called LuWanda from the Yahoo comment section are you…?
            You talk like her… say dumb things like her… you even misspell like her

          9. Marie Saqueton

            thanks Ace, we really do not need the filthy mouth of this sick guy. He does not contribute anything informative or intelligent. All he knows is bad words and insults,,,he is very sick, we just have to ignore him.

        1. Pamela

          I am called Blessed. I was wonderfully and fearfully made in the secret chamber of Our Heavenly Father. But, concerning Ted, just as Jesus was speaking to the crowd and said, If Abraham were your father, you would do as Abraham did, but you father is the devil who was a liar from the beginning, thus we have Lying Ted! A fake using Christianity as his platform to the White House just like Bush did and deceived many, thus taking the Lord thy God in VAIN!

          1. Frankdidit

            Hey Redman – do us all a favor and save your dip ship comments for those who really want to hear from an ass wipe.
            I see you here many times with nothing worth saying. On welfare are we? Buy your computer with Obummer food stamps?

          2. Tids1960

            And you are what we call a DMM WIT…

          3. Joyce Brogan

            Take your IQ of 70 and go to an Idiots website,of course there probably is not one.your keepers should not let you have access to a computer.

          4. Marie Saqueton

            Only when it is not true, unfortunately there are more to Ted than meets the eye and better research the “cult” him and his father belong and weep. His wife is even the officer of that group.

          1. Tids1960

            No it’s truth’er…
            When you talk to known liars…
            I’m so SICK of these “Red Diaper Babies” thinking they are the best thing to happen to this planet

          2. Tids1960

            Keep talking Red Man…
            Because THAT’S ALL YOU CAN DO
            Huh Red Diaper Baby ?
            HAHAHA HAHAHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH HA HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA ha ha AHH HAHAHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH HA HA HAYou’re HA HA HA ha ha ah ah ha ha ha ha HA HA HA ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA ha ha AHH HAHAHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH HA HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ah ah ha ha SO ha ha HA HA HA ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA ha ha AHH HAHAHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH HA HA HA HA HA HA ha AHH HAHAHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH HA HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ah ah ha ha ha ha HA HA HA ha ha ha MentalHA HA HA HA HA ha ha AHH HAHAHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH HA HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ah ah ha ha ha ha HA HA HA ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA ha ha It is ha ah ah ha ha ha ha HA HA HA ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA ha ha

          3. Marie Saqueton

            We just have to ignore them, for they know not what they say. Brain dead folks are incoherent.

          4. Tids1960

            Boy DON’T WE KNOW THAT…
            But really Redman… you don’t have to advertise
            You’re like the beacon on the tower of Socialism

      1. David Peyson

        That’s LION Ted! Here’s Whinin’ Donny! ~”It’s not fair! It’s not fair! I’ll take my toys home and sue you ’cause you play by the rules that I never read and now you refuse to change the rules so I can have my way!”~

        1. Tids1960

          That’s NOT Donny that whining…
          It’s all of the voters
          Colorado just told BLACKS that they can’t vote

          1. gnracer

            Donny the whiner. He can’t seem to locate all the money he raised for the veterans. Seems they received a lot less than half the money. What a phony…..

          2. Tids1960

            LOL… What a liar…
            And even if it was a dollar… that would still be 100 times more than what the VA is giving them… other than a death sentence

      2. Tids1960

        See Vince…

        They are So mental they can’t even spell Lying. Hey I came across this at INFOWARS-

        The Colo. State GOP tweeted out #NeverTrump not long after cancelling the election, and party chairman Steve House said they feared “too many Republicans” were getting the chance to pick a candidate – meaning they didn’t want the people choosing Trump in a free election.

      1. Uncle Bob

        Cruz has a record of being pro open borders and a globalist who was
        in favor of the horrific TPP until he saw the way the wind was blowing
        and changed his posititions. Ted Cruz is a slick, flip-flopping, weasel!

        1. brs02

          There isn’t enough room to cover Trump’s flip flopping. He is an out right leftist, sputtering nonsense about a wall.

          1. brs02

            11 seconds of Trump responding to the 3 functions of Governement: “Well, the greatest function of all by far is security for our nation,” he responded. “I would also say health care, I would also say education. I mean, there are many, many things, but I would say the top three are security, security, security.”

          2. PatriotGal

            brs, Mr. Trump has never been a politician. Cruz has been a sitting Senator since 2010. There is a vast difference. Mr Trump never voted for TPP, Cruz did;
            Mr. Trump never pushed to have more illegals brought into our country, Cruz did! Mr. Trump did not have his wife work on the TPP, whereas, Heidi worked on it. Mr. Trump completed his entire financial disclosure with no problems, Cruz “forgot” to include his $2 MILLION loan from Goldman Sachs where his wife Heidi is an administrator and said it was secured by her vacation account – then, it was OOPS – no, it was not secured by Heidi’s vacation account. Let’s not forget what Cruz did to Dr. Carson ion the day of the primary: Dr. Carson has left the race – then Cruz said, “oh, sorry, I didn’t know about it”. You want to bet? Vast difference when one is a sitting politician and one is not.
            TRUMP 2016 and 2020!!!

          3. brs02

            I stopped reading after 2010. He was elected in 2012, but even if it was 201 that makes him a relative newcomer.
            Put all of that aside and Trump is a leftist, but no bother, he loses to HC.

          4. LC

            Yep. And Ronald Reagan was 25 points behind Jimmy Carter. Oops! The “polls” were wrong. Again… (Do you ever wonder who’s been polled? I’ve never been polled….)

          5. Peatro Giorgio

            Trump fined for hiring illegals 1 Million dollars Cruz is for deporting illegals Trump truly isn’t Trump imports immigrant worker Cruz believes in reducing Worker visas . Trump has his suits ties shirt hats an many other Trump brand garments made in China Cruz buys American. Trump is the most sued individual in america. Cruz sued the Us on behalf of individuals an states rights as Solicitor General Of the state of Texas . Trump sues everyone he is in desput with so that he can bully them into what ever it is he wants from them. Trump steals property from a single middle aged woman . Trump scam 5,008 Trump university Students out of upwards of between $15,000.00 to $35,000.00 Trump is a friend to the progressives and an enemy of true Constitutional Conservatives an Libertarians

          6. dazle1

            Trump DID NOT hire illegals, a contractor did, he had to pay the fine because it was his building being built. It would be the same if you built a home and the contractor hired illegals and the govt fined you because you are rich and the contractor isnt.

          7. Marie Saqueton

            What a liar your are. Watch it, you can be sued later on for defamation of character, but again you must be an insignificant person anyway.

          8. Jeff in Austin

            You are misstating the truth. These reports were corrected. The money was borrowed against his own assets, but like anyone else can do. It was a 100% collateralized loan, and almost anyone can make that kind of loan from a brokerage house. It is a routine loan and these kinds of statements are made my people that don’t understand much of anything. Cruz apologized for the Carson situation and offered a delegate in exchanged. Probably someone of Cruz’s staff screwed up and Cruz tried to make amends. It was a mistake and he tried to make good on the mistake. Drop it or don’t drop it. People like you don’t state the situation fairly and don’t try to do so. Trump has many good points but he has turned into a whiner and really needs to stop. People are growing tired of it. He is killing his previously good positions. I just wish he would stop the whining and get to the issues. He is only hurting himself. When he looses, he will not admit that he went too far with the complaining. Too bad as he has many good points. He really sound bad right now and is getting worse. TRUTH

          9. dazle1

            ok, you lie, Cruz NEVER apologized for the lying he did to Carson, just like he NEVER apologized for the attack on Trumps wife, each time he simply claimed he didnt have anything to do about it. Go watch the tape I have numerous times. What he did to Carson was all of his staff was contacting Carson delegates to get them to flip on the lie. CNN only said Carson was headed home to change clothes , it was Cruz’s org that made up the part about him dropping out.
            The loan is REQUIRED to disclose and he did break the law in not disclosing it.

          10. Marie Saqueton

            Cruz always blames his people for all screw ups….must not ran his super pac well. Unfortunately a President cannot apologize for screw ups with foreign governments….it costs DEATHS…like what is happening now in Syria, Libya,Iraq,Iran.Afghaniztan,etc,etc,.

          11. Buck

            Trump has his trump
            Line of clothing made in China the ties the suits the shirts . Why does he do that to make America great again of course. You say Ted Cruz has been a senator since 2010. That is not the truth he took office in 2013.Trump like Bill Clinton and Ted nugent was a draft dodger during the Vietnam war. Means a bunch to me even if it may not mean any thing to you. Buck ?????? 100%disabled Vietnam veteran.

          12. senior74

            I wondered why he would have the different sides of the same issue in one paragraph but just read a medical expert said the crying Trump is in the border stages of dementia, explains a lot!

          13. psychosally

            another comment showing you have no idea what youre talking about-just something to say showing trump is not your candidate-we get it-so dont vote trump -just dont spout out rino and dem talking points to justify your decision

          14. brs02

            You should be able to use Google as well as anyone, but you can reference this string for his 11 second flip flop on functions of government. Trump is a lifelong leftist, you’re in denial. His populist pandering is right out of the DNC handbook. Regardless, there is a principled conservative on the ballot that the “establishment” has been forced to deal with and it isn’t Trump. The immigration issue is not about jobs, it is about votes and Cruz has always blocked paths to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

          15. gnracer

            Very very true…He did not give all the money he supposedly raised for the veterans. A phony.

        2. Peatro Giorgio

          Bull crap’ola! What your spewing is progressive and rino tripe in other words Varied as proven lies.

        3. Galveston1

          Please tell us how many times Trump has changed HIS position!
          An intelligent man will change his mind if he sees facts that call for a change.

        4. Jeff in Austin

          This is so not true. No, he has not flip flopped. State when and where he flop flopped or zip it.

      2. cobrapilot66

        Trump is a whiney, pathetic, bully with NO plan. He’s all bluster and no substance!

          1. cobrapilot66

            Funny. Trumph as no plan other than vague promises. He’ll never work with congress!

          2. l penn

            I would hope he will Not work with the RINOS and DEMORATS in Congress, like the present RINOS!!!

          1. cobrapilot66

            I’m the real thing, and I can read. Trump has no plan and his campaign can’t even figure out the rules for nomination. Pathetic, big mouthed, megalomaniac!

          2. Marie Saqueton

            You need education. If no one knows the rules for nomination it is the Cruz’s camp. He is not qualified, he is a Canadian citizen at birth and his father was not a US citizen at time of his birth., which makes him an immigrant naturalized citizen AT BEST, but not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.WHICH IS REQUIRED TO BE PRESIDENT OF USA. He is not even qualified to run because he missed to file the necessary papers from being an immigrant, or when he denounced his Canadian citizenship according to researchers. The problem is the GOP “CONTROLLING CLAN” just want to defeat Trump because they are all so scared of him closing their CASH SOURCE SPIGOT, FROM LOBBYISTS. Trump knows how laws are passed through the force of the lobbyists behind them and not the wishes of the tax payers. After all being a businessman, he had to abide by their political rules or get closed down on some new regulations, zoning, etc.etc. He knows what politicians does to business owners and he will expose that corruption, that is why they are so bent on defeating him. Trump is not beholden to anyone of them but he nws everyone’s dirt and skeletons in their closet, just wait when the real fight begins and get shocked on what he will expose. Whether you like the way he rebutts when attacked, or not, he is our only chance to end corruption in DC because he is outside of the “Beltway of corruption.”

          3. Jeff in Austin

            UNTRUE. He was born in Canada, but he is still a “natural born citizen”. You need the education. Read article by 2 Harvard grad attorneys that explain the definition on natural born citizen and it is if one parent is a US citizen, then so are you. There is no controversy except for the ignorant. That is you Marie S.

          4. Connie Hatler Henderson

            I’m sorry but I disagree. A US Supreme Court ruling in 1875 defined a “natural born citizen” and that has never been changed, A couple of grad attorneys do not over rule the US Supreme Court, even if they are from Harvard.

          5. Peatro Giorgio

            Sorry but you my friend are a bit misguided. The Precedent setting Case Is the 1999 US Supreme court decision in the John McCain vs John Douche decision. In That decision The court said Though then Senator John McCain was in fact born out side of US jurisdictionAL Authority. Having been Born in Panama City at a the Panama city hospital. John McCain being born to natural born citizen Parents his parents convey upon him the very same natural born status Therefore the Court found John McCain to have met all the requirements And is fully Eiligible To run an hold the office of President.

          6. Connie Hatler Henderson

            You compare apples to oranges my friend. Mr McCain received that status because of military ties. This is not the case with Mr Cruz. His father was not an American citizen, two different situations., although both interesting.

          7. Peatro Giorgio

            Wrong ! There were no Military connections, linkages with in That Supreme courts decision.” Period. ” John McCains Military service was considered irrelevent . Are You seeking Truth . Or just another naive individual looking for any entertaining excuse That might afford you justification to continue in your pursuit of foolishness .

          8. Connie Hatler Henderson

            Why do you insult me? Is a person not allowed to disagree with you without you returning a condescending and insulting comment? I might ask you that same question. …are you a truth seeker or are you just a close minded “thinks they know it all”?

            John McCain was born in 1936 at Coco Solo Naval Air Station[93][106][107][108][109][110][111] in the Panama Canal Zone. McCain’s eligibility was not challenged during his 2000 campaign, but it was challenged during his 2008 campaign.

            McCain never released his birth certificate to the press or independent fact-checking organizations, but in 2008 did show it to Washington Post reporter Michael Dobbs, who wrote, “[A] senior official of the McCain campaign showed me a copy of [McCain’s] birth certificate issued by the ‘family hospital’ in the Coco Solo submarine base.”[108] A lawsuit filed by Fred Hollander in 2008 alleged McCain was actually born in a civilian hospital in Colón, Panama.[112][113] Dobbs wrote that in his autobiography, Faith of My Fathers, McCain wrote that he was born “in the Canal Zone” at the U.S. Naval Air Station in Coco Solo, which was under the command of his grandfather, John S. McCain Sr. “The senator’s father, John S. McCain Jr., was an executive officer on a submarine, also based in Coco Solo. His mother, Roberta McCain, has said that she has vivid memories of lying in bed listening to raucous celebrations of her son’s birth from the nearby officers’ club. The birth was announced days later in the English-language Panamanian American newspaper.”[114][115][116][117]

            This is quoted from Wikileaks, (actually not my favorite source of information but will work to show you some information ), Have a nice day,

            “A person never stops learning unless they die or refuse to.”….Harvey Morse

          9. Peatro Giorgio

            First let me begin by asking. With in what sentence and in what manner had I digress ed into insulting You. Is posing a question an insult I think not. But then again if you are using wiki leaks as your sole source of information. Then naivety is befitting you. For are you not aware ?? That wiki leaks is a comment based Web site where in anyone may post what ever the believe. None of which is or might be factual. Where as on the othwr hand what I’ve offered up to you. That information though a highly condensed version of The 1999 Supreme courts decision. John McCain was not born on a us base nore was he born with in US jurisdiction.

          10. Connie Hatler Henderson

            If you can not not hear the condescending tone in reading your own comments then no amount of conversation will change anything.

            I do believe I voiced my own hesitancy on quoting Wikileaks.

            After reading more resources, I don’t know if I can honestly say that I’m convinced on the birthplace of Mr Mccain. However, all resources point to Mr McCain as being born a citizen of Panama. Therefore, he was not a native born citizen, and not eligible to be president.

            You must know I’m old school. I believe the US Supreme Court is not to change our Constitution but to uphold it. When something as important as the leader of the most influential country in the world is being decided, I believe the Constitution is to be followed as written without any changes.

            Thank you for your time.

          11. Peatro Giorgio

            Us supreme court decision of 1898 and Finally the 1999 John McCain vs john Douch In that case the court found on behalf of Senator McCain the court utilized the Vettel’s exception clauses Where as if a Child born of a Natural or natural born Parents and that child’s father dies prior to the birth of said child an that child and mother are at sea or in a foreign land. Then the mother then conveys upon that child Natural born status Everyone read Vettel in his entirety. Many of you Rubio Cruz deniers fail to read the exception clause in Vettel’s Laws of Nations . Cruz is 100% eligible. Which is exactly whjy he has won every case set against him.

          12. LC

            Trump isn’t a seasoned politician or a slimy attorney who knows how to “play” the system. That’s why Cruz is good at what they’re doing to steal votes in a corrupt system. But now he’s hired someone who can help in that arena – even though that shouldn’t be necessary!

          13. cobrapilot66

            Nothing was STOLEN, the CRUZ campaign played by the RULES! Maybe Trump’s campaign should have done their homework.n Pathetic whining!

          14. LC

            Whining? Cruz doesn’t whine? He called O’Reilly out for supposedly being easy on Trump. He says the press has given Trump a lot of air time and then Anderson Cooper is the first of many journalists to meet that accusation head on by telling the world how many times he’s been invited on the show but never shows up. He’s a good victim but never seems to stand up for the right thing when the opportunity presents itself. I shouldn’t have to hear about his Christianity – I should be able to see it in his actions. So far it’s just words…

        1. Marie Saqueton

          Trump cannot succeed in global entrepreneurship if Trump has no substance. It takes brains and guts to compete in the world of commerce and to operate his vast Trump Organization with thousands of employees is not something that any candidate can match. We need him to turn this economy around and get our trillions in debt addressed. USA has the biggest economy in the world but is also the world’s biggest debtor. Soon the Bubble will burst and we will fail to pay our global debt…..that will start the demise of our country. No thanks to politicians who can’t do anything but TAX, BORROW AND SPEND. WE NEED TRUMP WHO UNDERSTANDS ECONOMIC LEDGER. Enough of the Democrats who for 50 years control both houses and led us to trillions in DEBT for many generations to pay. Whether you like Trump’s attitude or not, he is the best candidate to turn our economy around before it is too late. He only attacks when he is attacked, and that shows courage. But the PAID, BIASED MAINSTREAM MEDIA DEMONIZES HIM FOR THAT.

          ons in debt.

          1. PatriotGal

            Marie, thank you for such a factual response. Unfortunately, the uneducated Cruzees just do not comprehend – their reading and comprehension skills are lower than second graders.

          2. Galveston1

            Marie, Trump has said repeatedly that he will bring jobs back from various countries, make Mexico pay for a wall, etc.
            That all sounds good until you listen to HOW he says that would happen. Everything I have heard him say indicates that he would use tariffs to “level the playing field”.
            All that would do is start a trade war with the rest of the industrialized world.
            I have yet to hear about how he would change our tax structure to make the US more competitive with other countries.
            Cruz has a clearly defined plan to completely change our tax structure, starting with abolishing the IRS. Maybe he can or can’t accomplish that, but he is the ONLY candidate who has that as a goal.
            Don’t you think that would be a wonderful thing to do?

          3. LC

            I do believe we should abolish the IRS, but I don’t believe a flat tax (like Cruz proposes) is the answer. The only way to make a tax payer out of everyone is via the FAIR Tax and no one currently running is advocating that.

            Trump has come out with other methods of getting Mexico to pay for the wall. They’ve been publicized and should be on his website.

            At this point, Trump is the only person talking about protecting the American people and the legal immigrants in the United States. He is also the only person with enough business experience to try to turn this ship around financially. He doesn’t speak “politispeak” – he just says what he’s thinking. Much as that bothers some, it’s pretty refreshing to some of us. Trump 2016!

          4. Marie Saqueton

            Customs tariff is the tax for all goods entering our USA markets, and rightfully so because all countries charges same. The problem with our current trade agreements is the unfair advantage they have over us because some aka;China are given the privilege of NO TARIFFS for all their goods entering our market, no thanks to Bill Clinton for making them a favored country (no tariffs) a communist country at that, just because he got millions of donation to his campaign from them. Countries cannot afford to make trade war with us because we are the biggest market in the world, and the biggest consumer of goods. Without us their GDP will tank. The problem is their corporate foreign LOBBYISTS that gets access to our greedy politicians who sells us out and get favors. Their DARK MONEY talks loud and clear with our politicinans, but Trump knows the logistics of how it works and will put a stop to it.

        2. Susan Emberton

          Stop whining. Trump has a very successful business that he profits from. He is no bully, he is honest. He flip flops because he tries to understand both sides of some issues. Women who have an abortion in a state where it is illegal, are committing a crime. Criminals should be punished if they purposely commit the crime. There are states where it is legal, and they could have chosen to have the abortion there. Either way it is murder. Should Andrea Yates, from Houston, a few years back have gotten away with drowning her 5 children, merely because they were her own children, and she should be able to murder her children if she wants to? At the moment of conception, a fetus is a life, although not ready to be born. A fetus is NOT nothing, it is the beginning of a life. To kill it is murder. The bible tells us that if anyone should harm a child while it is still in the mother, that person should be put to death. There, GOD has made us all, and THE CREATOR OF LIFE DECREES DEATH TO ANYONE THAT HARMS THAT LIFE.

          1. Marie Saqueton

            Amen to you Susan. Keep preaching God’s words and enlighten those in the dark and are in denial. Poor souls.

          2. Tids1960

            Sorry… there’s no proof to your statement…

            None… Zip… ZERO

            we can even get “Dr. Michio Kaku” to explain Zero to you if you like…

            nothing is the absence of something and that zero is nothing. Therefore, it is nothing.

      3. LC

        This goes hand-in-hand with Heidi Cruz’s history of helping craft NAFTA and the NAU. They’re NWO globalists….

    1. monacall

      AND didn’t say a word about it before trump said it! not even for the safety of his OWN STATE! His not eligible anyway!

        1. monacall

          and you would know how, no real content… I realize the truth hurts, and aren’t you going to be ashamed when it does come out.
          ask Mr. Cruz why he sealed his records.

          1. gnracer

            Boy are you wrong. His records are not sealed and if this was an issue it would have come out along time ago. Trump is a whiner.

          2. monacall

            why cause its cruz? did you know obozo had his sealed? trump may be a whiner but cruz is a liar and isn’t eligible…which makes him less of a constitutionalist. because he is using it like any attorney would to WIN. making It up as he goes. he is going to say anything just to get YOU to vote for him….just like obozo did….his a very smooth talker. which by the way is all he does. TALKS….nothing more. just talks….like a good politician does.

          3. Marie Saqueton


          4. Marie Saqueton


        2. dazle1

          Your comment has no real content!
          The supreme ct has ruled on the meaning of Natural born Citizen(N.B.C.). In 1875 the US Sup Ct 88 US 162 in Minor v Happersett looked back at the founders meaning of the term and ruled that to be Natural born one had to be born IN a country of citizen parentS(note the s).

          “The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was NEVER doubted that all children born IN a country of parentS who were its citizens became themselves,….” 9th paragraph of Opinion

          This is standing precedent having never been overturned. Also note, no Congressional Act may overrule the Constitution, only an amendment. Cruz’s reply to this is always to quote an act of congress.

          1. Glenn Waite

            Agree. Senator Cruz is supporting Obama’s slippery slope of trampling on the United States Constitution.

      1. Peatro Giorgio

        When it comes to differences! Each of the three remaining Republicans share one thing in common. And that is they are each far better then anything the dumbo demo-rats offer.

        1. Tom Kline

          All three have the same tattered delusions of political economy, nationalism, fiscal mythology, etc. that the R-tards have been foisting off for decades. If you cannot see that you are truly unqualified, as the “idiotes” of ancient Greece were unfit for public life. And, that is not an endorsement of the alternatives. You stand alone as example of a common kind.

    2. Susan Emberton

      That is exactly what Cruz is doing. I am insulted that he feels he is so superior than we American citizens are. Just because he is a natural born Canadian, he thinks he is smarter than we are. Let’s show him who is really smart. He is not a natural born American, was he not born to parents (s at the end means more than one) that were both born in the United States. According to the constitution, that makes him unable to be elected for the position of POTUS. The party only allows him to run, because they need a president they can control. The party leaders want to control the people, allowing themselves to keep getting rich from our tax paying citizens, all the while taking away jobs from us. The tyrants at the head of both parties are all in league together to keep the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Donald Trump is the only candidate that seems like he truly cares about the citizens and all of this nation. He cannot be controlled by the elite tyrants of this nation. Their only option is to try to make the bought and paid for media make big lies about Trump, all the while thinking we are too stupid to understand that they are controlling what we think, and therefore, controlling the citizens to agree with this tyrannical bunch of power mongers and money hungry leeches, that wish to rob us, use us, and then dispose of us. They welcome terrorists in this land, and give billions of dollars, and weapons to our enemy, Iran. Why are they making gifts to our enemies that shout “death to America” and “death to Israel” in the media and in the nations? They are using the media to distract us from this, with tales of Trump, and with untrue stories of how bad a president he would make. Could Trump really be any more of a danger to the US, than our enemy president now in the job, that gives away our jobs, our money, our housing, and our dignity, all the while plotting our demise? Anyone that can not see the media circus the GOP has created, to distract us from the truth, may really be as stupid as the GOP leaders and their allies think we all are. I am not stupid, because I see the truth. Anyone else out there able to see past the smoke and mirrors to understand the true horrors now being plotted by the elite? Our nation and our freedom depends on our diligence in searching for the real truth behind the actions of the party leaders, and making sure we do not allow them to win. Donald Trump is rich through his own business deals, and not from robbing the citizens of this nation. He is the only one not owed favors in exchange for donations. Who else can we rely on? All other candidates in both parties are tried and true, bought and paid for, stooges for the elite that now control this nation. We need a true leader to stop it, and I do not see much of a choice. It seems like it must be Trump or nothing, and another 8 years of tyranny and lies, and manipulation. Help Trump get elected so at least the citizens have a little bit of a chance to overthrow the party leaders that are now in charge of our lives. A chance with Trump is at least a chance. All other candidates are a known tool of the control freaks now in charge.

        1. Marie Saqueton


          1. Peatro Giorgio

            Apparently Marie you’ve failed to read Vettel’s Laws of Nation in its entirety. For the fact of the matter is Cruz is eligible according to ‘Vettels exception clause.” And here to is how it worked for senator McCain in the 1999 in John McCain vs John Douch supreme court decision While at sea or in a Foreign Land A child is born to A natural born indigenous Parent That said child’s father dies before his birth then said child’s mother conveys upon said child Natural born status. Yes I know you lunatic Cruz haters wish Vettel had not included such language in his Laws Of Nations .But gratefully he did. Hence Senator John McCain and The Honorable Senator Cruz are fully eligible .Which by the way is the very reason Cruz has now won every single case brought against him.

      1. dazle1

        The supreme ct has ruled on the meaning of Natural born Citizen(N.B.C.). In 1875 the US Sup Ct 88 US 162 in Minor v Happersett looked back at the founders meaning of the term and ruled that to be Natural born one had to be born IN a country of citizen parentS(note the s).

        “The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was NEVER doubted that all children born IN a country of parentS who were its citizens became themselves,….” 9th paragraph of Opinion

        This is standing precedent having never been overturned. Also note, no Congressional Act may overrule the Constitution, only an amendment. Cruz’s reply to this is always to quote an act of congress.

        1. Glenn Waite

          Agree. Senator Cruz is supporting the slippery slope of trampling on the United States Constitution started by Barrack Obama aka Barry Soetoro.

      2. Marie Saqueton

        They are so scared of Trump because he will stop the cash spigot from lobbyists and America will not be for sale anymore, and he will expose the millions the Clinton’s got from foreign corporations and governments in exchange for favors such as ARM SALES, CONTRACTS,ETC,ET,C WHILE THEY WERE IN POWER. RESEARCH IT AND WEEP.

    3. Paladin

      What has a professional politician contributed to the economy??? That’s what you’ll get with Cruz…

      1. Marie Saqueton

        Professional Politicians did nothing but BORROW, TAX AND SPEND LIKE DRUNKEN SAILORS AND GOT US IN TRILLIONS IN DEBT. They are now down to selling our assets to pay our global debt. They cannot even make a favorable TRADE AGREEMENTS to make us come out a winner, but Trump will fix that. His business acumen is what we need to be great again in the world of commerce. Politicians are nothing but liars, crooks and good at lining their pocket books. Audit them when they enter office and when they leave and see what I mean. They become billionaires in a short time at our expense. We tax payers are nothing but their CASH COWS, AND WE ARE THE IDIOTS WHO PUT THEM IN OFFICE. ENOUGH ALREADY, WE NEED A BUSINESSMAN TO RUN THE BIGGEST ECONOMY IN THE WORLD BUT IS BADLY MISMANAGED BY NINCOMPOOPS IN DC. Out with all of them who can’t even balance their own ledgers. Let us make America great again with businessman Trump who understands ROI (return on investments.)

        1. The Redman

          Those who allow U 2 so call preach 2 dem every sunday is a fool on their way in 2 Hell along wit U. U R A hater of men, wolf.

    1. GerryAllwin

      Donald Trump is an old lefty Liberal-Progressive who’s saying the opposite of what his history demonstrates. Has he seen the light?
      At least he’s saying the right things, so perhaps he can be held to them. The Klinton-Bernie cabal says all the wrong things and their records show that they believe them.

      “When I feel the heat, I see the light.”
      Everett Dirksen

  4. ZACAL

    Cruz seems to think all he has to do is mention “Donald Trump” 4-5 times in every sentence he says and he has performed an effective campaign speech. It’s always bad salesmanship to continually knock your competition, even in politics. Trump has knocked the other side with cheap rebuttals also. But, when all you have left is Hillary or Bernie you have no choice let the children play. “Kids will be kids, they say the damnedest things”.

    1. kryn

      White folks started this country. Maybe the black folks should have built ships and sailed the oceans to discovery new lands. Then they would have been in charge of building this country. Easy to sit back and do nothing and then complain.

      1. The Redman

        Its east 4 most white-folks 2 lie and live in denial of it. crying. white-folks weren’t the only folks who had ships. stupid.

    2. LittleMoose

      Like the redman was doing anything to unite the tribes. It was constant warfare between them. They had their own brand of slavery.

        1. LittleMoose

          History is hell isn’t it. Does it hurt you that the red man was as bad as the white man, the black man and the yellow man.

          1. The Redman

            Yep. yo white-folks “history” came straight out from Hell right along wit U demons in pink skin. Lil-moose-mouth. hahahhhahaha.

    3. feadshipman

      Your ancestors came over from Mongolia over the Bering Straits 20,000 years ago and during those entire 20,000 years you never invented the wheel. Your ancestors used to stampede herd of buffalo over the edge of cliffs just to watch them fall to their death for fun. Your ancestors started forest fires for fun just to watch them burn. Tell us again how wonderful your ancestors were and what great advancements they made towards their fellow humanity.

      1. The Redman

        U’re a complete idiot. white-folks ruin everything they handle. what have U done good, pinkie.

          1. The Redman

            U R A “goat”. dats what yall white-folks love 2 call ya brats, huh. inbred-bob. hahahahah

  5. Gandg Kell

    Cruz,also known as lying Ted should’nt even be running for POTUS..He is so dishonest to the people of the u.s.a.get over yourself mr.canadian

          1. The Redman

            U like 2 “juice” yo Lil family members, huh. uncle-inbred-bobbie-jo. hahahahahaahah

  6. Don Taylor

    cruz is a typical d.c.politicain, plain an simple. he’d steal thunder and grab at lightning.

  7. Disgusted in America

    AS I have said before Cruz is a flip flopper, goes with the loudest voice. Not the right voice. People need to wake up, do their homework, look at the records of all these people, and then make a decision on who to vote for. I am sick of the lying, cheating, idiots in the media, and in our government.

  8. John Sumpter

    LyinTed will do anything to get votes. He is just another Washington insider who wants to line his pockets with as much money as he can. Trump on the other hand is using his own money to support his campaign, and wants no money from special interest organizations, Unions, the political elite or big companies. Trump is the only one that has the guts to stand up to all of these people and get our country goring in the right direction.

  9. Effenexes

    Of course Steve Miller is right on regarding Forked Tongue Teddy. Marco Rubio exposed him as a flip flopping senator who talks out of both sides of his mouth regarding these very subjects. Feigning indignity’s, he wants the people to believe are being thrust upon him, Cruz is being coached by his newly won Super PAC donors on the finer points of double speak. Case in point…one month he praises Drudge report as a voice in the wilderness, while two months later trashes him for not giving him preferential treatment. Gee, don’t we have one of those types in the White House now?

  10. Charles Covington

    The trump people, is a lot of damned whiny ass cry babies, don’t you know there is no crying in politics, a bunch of lefties trying to say they arent

  11. survivor33

    Cruz is not a strong enough person to stop the illegals overrunning our country and giving them free housing, welfare, food stamps, medical or standing up to other countries that are taking over our countries jobs. He in no means looks like a president either, he looks like a little cowboy that’s in over his head.

  12. maximo187

    if it’s all true about cruz’s crap. heck yea i agree. but as i’ve said all along, we don’t need another politician! that’s the problem. good, bad or ugly, we don’t need another politician! only an outsider can break the established crap in washington. only an outsider is the answer to that washington, can’t relate, get paid for nothing culture. paul ryan’s office sent me a same’old ‘republican party’ support letter/email and i told him the same. i think they’ll take me off their list.

  13. Charles Covington

    His kids proved it they are registered demoturds, all trump is, is a plant for the hlitlerbeast

  14. 4USA2

    Ted Cruz has gotten very disgusting! He needs to be confronted with what he has backed and explain his positions. Trump has called Cruz a liar and Trump should start putting WHY he calls Cruz a liar, out all over the TV and the internet. Cruz is acting like he’s “holier than thou” and it’s time Trump brought him to his knees. Cruz seems to DENY any allegation ever brought out about him but he can’t deny what he’s voted for.

  15. Eddie

    Another BIG LIE by PATHOLOGICAL LIAR and CON ARTIST Donald Trump. The truth is Ted Cruz voted AGAINST the TPP and AGAINST Syrian/Muslim immigration. The ONLY thing PATHOLOGICAL LIAR Trump is good at is whining, hiding his taxes, waging personal attacks, defrauding college students, trying to seize property from elderly ladies under the guise of “eminent domain” to build a parking lot for his limos, and having his storm troopers assault female reporters. Trump is AN INEPT CLOWN, clearly UNFIT to be President.

    1. annestromberg

      Please read my post. Cruz is the most dangerous candidate due to his Dominion Theology which is his hidden agenda. CHECK IT ON ON GOOGLE and be afraid.

      BE VERY AFRAID of Ted Cruz.

  16. Pearl Nardini

    Just another smear against Sen.Cruz..typical Trump politics….always negatives, half-truths, and whine, whine, whine. Quite a distinction for a presidential candidate!

  17. JC

    Yes–i agree with Steve’s remarks about Cruz—he owes favors to his donors–therefore he is just like the GOP establishment—-I AM VOTING TRUMP

  18. Peatro Giorgio

    No and hell No ! Trump’s Policy adviser is pushing Old lies old stories which have been proven to be Out right lies. Leave it up to Trump clowns to continue beating a dead horse. Hey Donald ! Your lies and years of corruption are truly catching up to you. Hence the very reason why 65 % of Republicans voted for someone other then Trumpertantrum. True also is Trump is the only Republican who consistently loses to Hillary by 7% points or more in every single national Poll . Ted Cruz wins against Hillary Trump loses. Period

  19. Frank W Brown

    cruz screwed the pooch with his vote stealing from Dr. Carson and Marco Rubio, totally underhanded moves in my book!

  20. Drake Travis

    We go with Trump and vote RIGHT this time or there will be nothing left of America soon. Do you hear this, right? If we vote Left again, there will be nothing left of America.

  21. annestromberg


    Cruz is the most dangerous candidate ever, due to his pseudo Christian
    religion. His hidden agenda is his plan to restore “values” via this
    theology which is NOT CHRISTIAN! it is heresy! Check it out! It is
    scary! BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID! This would be a disaster for our country,
    for women, for alternative lifestyle groups, for Mormons, etc.
    DO YOUR HOMEWORK. DO NOT BE SHEEPLE! Google Dominion Theology and/or its
    alternative name “Now” theology!. Good bye first amendment’s stand on

    Cruz pretends to be a DC outsider but check his record. He has a closet full of sleaze.

    DC is so corrupt. We need an outsider beholden to no one to come in and clean house.

    The GOP establish is SO AFRAID that Trump is elected he will lock the lid on the cookie

    jar. Our government is a VERY BIG BUSINESS that needs to be run by a business man, not a politician. ​



    1. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

      Could you convince Rush Limbaugh to Golden Parachute into the Civil Riot Cleveland Convention in July of 2016?

      Then a Democrat victory would be about 70% to 30% honey. Please, do it just for me sweetheart?

  23. Uncle Bob

    The real Ted Cruz
    ♦ Worked for George W. Bush.
    ♦ Was John Boehner’s attorney.
    ♦ Married a Bush alum.
    ♦ Wife connected to Council of Foreign Relations and Goldman Sachs.
    ♦ Was Vice-Chair of NRSC when Thad Cochran re-elected
    ♦ Ran for Senate with sketchy financials.
    ♦ Refuses to release his campaign loan information to FEC.
    ♦ Hired Neil Bush.
    ♦ Hired entire Bush financial team.
    ♦ Played strategic hide/cover with TPA/TPP.
    ♦ Supported the unconstitutional Corker/Cardin amendment.
    ♦ Hired Phil Gramm as an advisor.
    ♦ Holds a political PAC of campaign donors that looks like this: (Goldman Sachs, Club For Growth, etc, etc….)

    In the 2014 Senate Race, Cruz was co-chair of the Senate “Conservative”
    Fund, which funded ads against Conservative candidates.
    ♦ Got low interest loans from Goldman Sachs
    ♦ Endorsed by Jeb Bus
    And he voted against the 911 victim’s fund.

    Cruz is a RINO establishment guy all the way….

  24. JC

    Cruz has been bought and paid for by his big donors—-and one such donor and friend was just indicted on criminal charges—what does that tell you about Cruz?

  25. 8true8

    Right on target – anyone watching Iowa caucus knows Cruz team implied Dr Carson was out of the race when he was going back to Florida and DC prayer breakfast – they kept repeating – they were right Dr Carson was out if town – anyone knows they were playing with words – candidates give formal speeches when they step down and Carson raised a lot of money before Iowa and could have won as an evangelical over Cruz! Cruz forgot to report his Goldnan Sachs and Citibank loans to election committee and failed to mention his wife’s involvement with open borders treaty – why? He would not be elected – same as eligibility. The media exaggerates Trump small issues and overlooks Cruz big negatives – globalism is at our doorstep and thus team will lie their way into our borders and invade our freedoms – a Trump tone? We do not want beheadings in Anerica and it has already happened – wake up America. This is trumps time and he will bring in great team of professionald –

  26. cruisedoc

    I’ve followed Cruz on this (and all the candidates). This isn’t new news. He changed his opinion – so what? Trump changes his opinion twice in the same day. Neither is my 1st pick, but regarding consistency Cruz is by far more reliable.

  27. rayhause

    You Democrats, anyone is supporting Trump, get your heads out of your A—- and vet that jerk, Trump. He is more of a Democrat than Hillary.

        1. Austinniceguy

          And you piled idiot on top of the moron that you showed us. Did you know that there are 7 states with cities named Austin in this country? The fact that you make such an assumption shows that you don’t have the ability to educate yourself even in an effort to keep from further making an ass of yourself.

  28. Rich

    Everything you see happening around you is not the product of random chance. Millions have been brainwashed into not seeing the obvious, that the destruction of America is a planned event that was conceived before 1776. Sir Francis Bacon, a Rosicrucian, planned for America to be the New Atlantis and the center of the New World Order before America became a nation.

    At the beginning of our nation we had a clash of worldviews. Many of our Founding Fathers had, to varying degrees, a Biblical world view. Others were Deists and many were part of the secretive Illuminati. The Rosicrucian movement traces its roots all the way back to a Nephilim leader called Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. The Tower of Babel in Babylon was to be the capitol of the first one world government, one world economic system and one world religion. The Tower of Babel was built to worship the host of heaven who were star gods… fallen angels who had come from the stars. It was the fountainhead of all the mystery and Luciferian religions.

    The purpose of Nimrod building the Tower of Babel was to construct a stairway or gateway to heaven. Nimrod wanted to be like God. The Tower of Babel was literally a stairway to the stars, a way to enter the dimension that God inhabited. The purpose of the tower along with what are called star gates is to create something like a wormhole or portal, where the gods from the stars (the fallen angels,) would pass through.

    Nimrod had access to highly advance scientific knowledge, which was apparently passed on by these god-men from the stars, which flourished before the Flood of Noah and was used to build entire advanced civilizations like Atlantis and Thule. God judged Babylon because He understood their real motive was to be become gods.

    Although Babylon was destroyed the secret knowledge has been passed on through numerous secret societies throughout the ages such as the Illuminati, which was officially formed in 1776. The invisible hand of the Illuminati has been at work in America, Europe, and the rest of the world, controlling global finance, politics, wars, science, education, religion and society. The term Illuminati comes from the words “illumined ones,” which comes from the Lucifer, which means “the shining one.” At the root of this occult belief system is the worship of Lucifer or Satan. Lucifer has an organized army built with the hierarchal and organizational structure of the pyramid. The eye of Horus in the pyramid of the U.S. dollar is the eye of Lucifer and it symbolizes the control of America and the New World Order by the Illuminati.

    The goal of Satan or Lucifer from the beginning was to create a one world order, based on a World Communist Government where he will be worshipped as god. The Book of Revelation predicts this one world government, one world religion, and one world economic system that will be headed by a world ruler called the Antichrist. As we enter the last of the last days, this transformation is accelerating with such dizzying speed that it is perceived as chaos. The Illuminati operating principle is “Order out of Chaos.”

    Before the Communist Manifesto was written, the Illuminati published the Illuminati Manifesto. The supposedly atheistic Communist Manifesto is basically a duplicate of the Illuminati Manifesto. Around 1913 President Woodrow Wilson, who was chosen by the Rothschild’s and the Illuminati, began to radically transform America into a Marxist nation. The mysterious man who “controlled” him was Col. Mandal House, who apparently had occult powers and was a Marxist revolutionary. In Col. House’s novel Philip Drau, Administrator, House creates a central character based on himself, who leads a violent Communist revolution in the United States.

    In 1913 President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve Act, which created the most radical change in our nation’s history. Our monetary system was completely transferred from the U.S. government and the American people into the hands of international bankers who set up a private and completely secret corporation, the Federal Reserve. In other words the U.S. monetary system was put under the control of private international bankers who are not under the control of our government. Around the same time, the Illuminati, acting through the Rothschild’s and what eventually became known as the Council on Foreign Relations, ruled by Rockefeller, controlled our foreign and domestic policies.

    “…there is a power so organized, so subtle, so complete, and so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” — President Woodrow Wilson

    Their openly stated goal was to create a one world government, one world economic system and one world religion which they are doing right now. America must be brought down, along with the value the U.S. dollar, in order to bring in a one world currency and one world government. As far back as 1914 Rockefeller was put in charge of creating a one world government through the League of Nations, which became the United Nations. According to its own documents the U.N. was created for the purpose of establishing a world government. The goal has always been to have America and its people under the full control of United Nations government.

    “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government.” — Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberger meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992, as transcribed from a tape recording made by one of the Swiss delegates.

    This plan has been spoken of out in the open; it is fully documented and has been written about in books and articles for over 100 years. It was never a secret! In order for anyone, including political leaders, media, and Christian leaders not to have known about it, they would have to have gone out of their way to willfully close their eyes. If someone tells you they love you and care for you and say they are Christians, is it not their most minimal duty to be faithful Watchmen?

    I would say to you today that there is a collective conspiracy or agreement among those who claim to be proclaiming the truth to deny the truth. It is both spiritual and psychological denial and there will be a day of accountability.

    We are seeing how it did not begin in America or Europe; it began in Babylon. The Babylon in Revelation 18 & 19 is rising before our eyes, as is the dawn of the Luciferian era, or the “New Aeon,” which is an occult term for the new world order. The questions you need to ask are:

    What do I do about it?

    What is my responsibility?

    Is there anything I can do to prevent it?

    There is no simplistic answer to these questions, for they are difficult. The one thing we must remember, and not in the escapist sense, is that there is a Personal Living God on the Throne of the Universe. The root of the Luciferian era is Satan’s revolution against God with one third of the angels that fell from the stars.

    I hope this helps you to see the reality that has been, and continually hidden from you and others by the great deceiver. (Satan)

    1. Austinniceguy

      Wow, what a bunch of BORING blather. If you want ANYONE to read your crap try to be MUCH more succinct.

  29. Bob Taylor

    Let me see if I can clear up some of the Cruz citizenship and illegal aliens’ problem. This may be a bit long but should help. The references I use can be looked up very easy on the Internet. First lets examine the Naturalization Act of 1790 which many read “…provided that “the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond sea or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens: Provided that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States…” The 1790 Act had more but it was repealed in Sec. 4. of the January 29, 1795 Act to establish an uniform rule of Naturalization. Sec. 1. set the following “That any alien, being a free white person, may be admitted to become a citizen of the United States or any of them, on the following conditions, and not otherwise:…” From here I will paraphrase the sub sections quoting parts as needed to clear up some of the statements and the reader may feel free to check the Act on their own.

    First. The person must declare an oath in court at least three years before his intention to become a citizen of the United States further they must renounce forever all allegiance to any foreign sovereignty specifically by name to be a citizen.

    Second. The person shall at the time of application to be admitted declare that they had resided within the United States and within the state for at least one year. That they will support the Constitution and absolutely renounce all allegiance to any foreign sovereignty and these shall be recorded by the clerk of the court.

    Third. This one checks the proof of statements and the moral character of the person.

    Forth. This one states the person must renounce any title they may have expressly by name and have same recorded.

    Sec. 2 of this Act, further details the subsections of the first section.

    Sec. 3 pertains to the children of the persons naturalized under this Act. The children must be under the age of (21) and are citizens. However, this passage “…the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons, whose fathers have never been resident of the United States…”

    Now the 14th Amendment which was enacted to allow the freed slave to become citizens contains a few misunderstandings. First Congress was not given the power to confer “natural born” status to anyone. First look at a close reading of the introductory Section 1. “All persons born or naturalized in the United States…” now look at the “born or naturalized” the word or implies there is a distinct difference between them but also they both are citizens of the United States and both are protected by the Constitution. Further, Section 5 of the 14th states Congress has the power to enforce the provisions of the 14th Article. The only power over citizenship that Congress has is stated in Article 1, Section 8 which enumerates the powers of Congress reads “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States.

    The result is that “Section 3 of the 1795 Act to establish an uniform rule of Naturalization…” is still the deciding factor on children of a citizen born outside the borders of the United States. However, in 1952 there was an addition to status of immigrants. It expanded the definition of the “United States” for nationality purposes, which already included Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to add Guam. Persons born in these territories on or after December 24, 1952 acquire U.S. citizenship at birth on the same terms as persons born in other parts of the United States.[5] A 1962 guideline explained procedures under the Act:[6]

    The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 requires an alien to apply for a petition for naturalization. This form may be obtained from any office of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, a division of the Department of Justice, or from any court authorized to naturalize aliens.

    Before applying, an alien must be at least 18 years old and must have been lawfully admitted to live permanently in the United States. He must have lived in the United States for five years and for the last six months in the state where he seeks to be naturalized. In some cases, he need only have lived three years in the United States. He must be of good moral character and “attached to the principles of the Constitution”. The law states that an alien is not of good moral character if he is a drunkard, has committed adultery, has more than one wife, makes his living by gambling, has lied to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, has been in jail more than 180 days for any reason during his five years in the United States, or is a convicted murderer.

  30. Marilyn Tablack

    I guess if a billionaire puts on a red ball hat he is like the rest of us. He can’t answer a question with any intelligent responses which is why he won’t debate Cruz and why he’s just all about name calling. He’s an crybaby for everything that doesn’t go right for him, not what I want in a president. It’s about getting what he wants not about us.

    1. Jeanne Stotler

      He did debate, really I am tired of debates, and it’s the moderators that ask the questions and most are not informative. I know Trump will in office do as he does in business, surround himself with the best brains he can obtain in what ever category he needs. This is why he is successful in business, it’s the ones you hire who help you reach the top. We didn’t win WWII on FDR’s knowledge, he got the brightest Military he could, MacArthur, Patten, Eisenhower, Nimitz and may others, Obama should have heeded his example.

  31. Skip

    Trump called it right – he’s “Lyin’ Ted”! Hope the VOTERS in Wisconsin are listening! Ted Cruz is a liar for sure – and the WORST CHOICE any conservative can choose! Go TRUMP 2016! Jump on the Trump Train Wisconsin!

  32. Mary & Tracy in Maryland

    When is the media going to report on the fact that Cruz is not eligible to be president because he is not a natural born citizen.There is a court case in NJ today but it is more focused on his Canadian citizenship. His father was not a u.s.citizen when he was born.



  34. bonavajo

    How can anyone who has never created a job know how to create one. Only Trump has created private sector jobs. He is the only one that knows how to create a job. Cruz and Kasich have both said they will do WHAT EVER IT TAKES to win. I will not vote for people who will LIE, CHEAT OR STEAL to win. Wise up America before it is to late; both C & K are establishment people. How can a setting Senator and the former chair of the house budget committee say they are not. Pray for our nation.

  35. William Stoner

    The difference in a politician and an outsider is the tone and speaking the truth.
    I don’t care if they say that Donald Trump is not Presidential material, who cares, what he really is: An American, Non-establishment, speaks truth and really can save our beloved United States. I am tired of the establishment Dems/Repubs getting rich from our complacency. Please WAKE UP AMERICA !

  36. The Fox

    Ted hasn’t even supported keep illegal Mexican’s out of his home state not alone Muslims who want to kill us and bring their religion to the forefront of American Government, Cruz for dog catcher.

    1. The Redman

      Those people R no different den U, wolf. U raped yo daughters until they had 2 leave home early. fake-preacher

      1. The Fox

        The fake redman and his forked tongue speaks from a empty skull and only lie’s when his fingers are moving or his lips are moving, a hate filled sand monkey with nothing to say.

  37. WorkerBee

    If you do some deep research Cruz is not an outsider nor is his wife that is also his cousin.
    Both have worked on the TPP in different areas…I am so sick of being sold out, and lied to.

  38. Bob Duncan

    Miller is lying and only telling part of the truth. He should be ashamed of himself and so should anyone who believes him. Ted Cruz is the only honest man in the race!

  39. Duane L Petersen

    It is really funny that Trump, who calls himself the great negotiator, make’s a truth into a lie. As in both instances Cruz was trying to put poison pills in the bills to get them stopped. That is the main reason that I have changed my mind about voting for Trump as the trustworthiness of Trump dose not seem to be there when this has happened way to often for comfort.

  40. WVF

    Lyin’ Ted is a nefarious political animal who will do and say whatever it takes to get elected. Mr. Donald J. Trump for President!

  41. Sandra Gray

    Cruz is and always has been a Washington politician. If he were to be elected President I do not think the American people will be happy campers. Watch how fast he will go back on the campaign promises. He, like all but Trump, owes his soul to the money backers so his decisions will be influenced by those backers.

  42. imgrateful_1

    LOL its really pathetic, isn’t it. yup Lyin Ted. I need some kind of “health care” its making me sick! heyy I know the cure, hope and pray for a Trump presidency.

  43. imgrateful_1

    The other day I was thinking about “our” pledge. AT least while the Muslim people allow us to have it.!!! In my mind I added a couple extra words. Like this; >>> I pledge allegiance to the TRUTH and the flag of the United States of America. etc. That would be good for those con people in Washington. One problem. They don’t know what truth is.

  44. Al

    Wake up, America. See the real danger! Go read “Wow, …been Duped” at

    All 3 Repub candidates have their share of warts! However, if we dont start working together, (ignoring those warts), and talking about the “ebola” of the

    dems we will get a rotten Hillbilly (2 for 1) Clinton to finish the destruction

    1. imgrateful_1

      I mentioned this thought in another discussion. I believe in the ABC’s of voting; Anybody But Clinton. Grrrr. that dog!!!

  45. Tom Kline

    Washington is an abstraction that has nothing to do with any of this. How many Americans have been killed by Muslims this year? I can think of a handful and that is not enough to move beyond grief to another Bush-boner of an invasion of another country. And, we have already dipped our wicks in Iran (1954 overthrow of democratically elected president whose crime was to reject the abusive contracts with Britain), Iraq (nothing to do with 9/11, Bush-Cheney destabilized the entire region and birthed the line leading directly and predictably to ISIS)….

  46. nodo

    The Trump camp will say or do anything to smear competitors, political or otherwise. What does Cruz say about all this? Oh yeah! You are not interested in the other side of the argument so long as Trump appears good. Calling yourself a newsroom is perfectly correct since there are no actual newsrooms anymore, just propaganda outlets, and you certainly fit the bill.

    1. imgrateful_1

      Yes that would be true; “Cruz control” on smearing competitors. I always noticed that throughout the earlier phase of all this mess. Talk is easy though. Its hard to be 100% for anyone who doesn’t want to work and compromise. >>> (Cruz) That seems to be his reputation as a leader. A mark of a leader will and does compromise with extreme exercising of wisdom.

  47. Don Dunn

    I believe what Miller is stating is true..punks will support immigration of terrorists . ..use it to control all/destroy constitution…sidetrack thieving reality..rnc/dnc are both dishonest..rnc does not regulate/or stop known bribery of delegates vote..end result is more important than public vote. some of the commenters on here take your head out of the sand..oops ..youre too stupid an punkish … I support Trump..the rest on both sides would fail polygraph on reason they would like to be pres..if you think bout it any body can be pres..GWBush an BObama have proven that..need outsider to freshen the air of DC

  48. Gary Vogt

    Cruz just says he is an outsider. However he acts like an insider and uses the insider rules. So he must be an insider.

  49. normal guy

    The problem isn’t with what Trump is saying! Maybe some tone, maybe not. This is the GOP elites playing the exact game that they said that they were going to play! The press is part of the GOP elite establishment that is in fact controlling the delegates and thought processes of the simple minded and useful idiots! Most people already know what the press does. But the weak minded still believe them! Bill O Reilly said it quite plainly! “Opinion Sells” Most people are so weak that they can’t form their own opinions, so the listen to what sounds good to them and then they agree! Ted Cruz supporters are the epitome of this. They are unable to reason things for themselves and may cause history to repeat itself!

  50. Ginger

    Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton are the two biggest liars running. They will say or do whatever it takes to win. Each of them panders for votes, and each of them have received big donations from Wall Street and other crooks. Why do you think the establishment of both the RNC and DNC support these two. Liars and thieves seek other liars and thieves.

  51. Galveston1

    The Cruz amendment is what effectively KILLED that immigration bill. Ted knew that would happen.

    Ted Cruz

    •The reason there are Purple Heart medals on the chests of
    the Fort Hood shooting victims is because Cruz and
    Palin fought to put them there when no one else would.

    •The reason Obama’s executive amnesty has not
    cleared the Senate is Ted Cruz!

    •The Reason the gang of 8 bill did not pass was
    because Cruz amended it to death.

    •The Reason the crosses on the Az war memorials
    didn’t get torn down is because Ted Cruz successfully defended them in the
    Supreme Court of the United States.

    •The reason the Ten Commandments are still on the
    courthouse steps in Texas is because Cruz successfully fought for them in the

    •The Reason a 76 year old handgun ban was lifted in
    DC is because Ted Cruz successfully defended the Second Amendment in SCOTUS and
    got it lifted.

    •The reason Texas was able to execute a foreign
    national guilty of multiple rapes and murders is because Ted Cruz successfully
    argued and defended US soverignty against the UN in SCOTUS.

    •Ted Cruz has led the fight to defund Planned

    •He has led the fight against executive amnesty,

    •He has led the fight against the Iran Nuclear

    If you are from Houston you may remember when two
    young girls, Jennifer Ertmman and Elizabeth Pena were walking home one evening
    and we’re abducted, brutally raped and murdered.
    The man was caught and tried, found guilty and sentenced to death. The man had
    lived here illegally most of his life. A few years later the United Nations
    World Court with 60 countries siding said Texas violated his rights by not informing
    him of his right to contact his consulate. George Bush and Secretary Rice
    ordered Texas to release him to keep peace with the U.N. I can remember how the
    parents of those girls were so shocked and devastated that this man would go
    free. Abbott was the state attorney general at the time. One of his junior
    attorneys went to argue before the Supreme Court. This attorney argued the
    Constitution clearly states that the United States was a sovereign nation and
    no other nation had jurisdiction over our laws. All 60 countries were there
    arguing against this one attorney from Texas. He won the case and Texas
    executed the offender in 2005. That junior attorney was Ted Cruz. I have
    admired and had confidence in him ever since. He will fight the unjust for all of
    us as well. He is not for the corruption in Washington and they know he will
    fight them and win.

  52. irene

    Cruz is an insider and establishment , a liar , cheater , we can see by his actions he has no morals , and no self pride , just like the trash we already have in the White House , he will never build the wall , he doesn’t know how to get along with people.

  53. julea bacall

    Why doesn’t Media cover these bills that Congress tries to shove through so we can SAY something before they do it? I did not know of any bill that would let in 1M more Muslims or that Repubs said they would allow it. Please tell us these FACTS BEFORE. Also, I am a liberal who did wanted Sanders BUT since he is clueless about what Islam is and what they consistently do to push Judaism off of Abrahams Rock to appear as if they are the one and only Abrahmic Religion turns me off. I do not want another Pres with the bad attitude to Israel and tied into Islam propaganda. But there are things I cannot stand about ‘conservatives’ too who want everything private business, no health care, low wage, high rents and the Public thrown in the garbage can. Trump cannot maintain the Establishment (corporate) stance on Conservative and do anything good for this country. He must drop some of the ruthless for private profit only ‘rules’ that are supposed to be ‘conservative.’ If he does, he may get my vote over Sanders. 20 years ago USA used to be a decent place to live and immigrants had not much to do about the bad changes, but TP/Repubs DID, State by State all for Private Corporate greed. We have had it. However with more Muslim immigrants there will be problems we can never fix and I am sorry to dis so many individuals but it is the way Islam is Taught and preached, it is their goals that cannot be allowed. I have heard Britain get to the truth many times through Mainstream Media and ours must too. Mainstream.

  54. Orion

    Why, why? I’ll tell you why, Because D.C no longer stands is identified for as the District of Columbia, It has been the abbreviation for the District of Crooks or Corruption for decades.

  55. G W

    Cruz and Mark Levin spouting their lies about the 1790 NATURALIZATION Act as some justification for Cruz being eligible. Oooooops…this should make things crystal clear for all the Cruz sychophants:

    Presidential eligibility of George Romney
    by Pinckney G. McElwee of D.C. Bar
    June 1967, The Congressional Record 6-14-1967

    The Act of March 26, 1790 (1 Stat 103) provides in pp 104: “And the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond the seas, or out of the limits of the United States shall be considered as natural-born citizens.”

    In Osborn v. Bank, 22 US (9 Wheat) 738, l.c. 827, Chief Justice Marshall said:

    A naturalized citizen is indeed made a citizen under an Act of Congress, but the Act does not proceed to give, to regulate, or to prescribe his capacities. He becomes a member of the society, possessing all the rights of a native citizen, and standing, in the view of the Constitution, on the footing of a native. The Constitution does not authorize Congress to enlarge or abridge those rights. The simple power of the national legislature, is to prescribe a uniform rule of naturalization, and the exercise of this power exhausts it, so far as regards the individual. The Constitution then takes him up, and, among other rights, extends to him the capacity of suing in the Courts of the United States, precisely under the same circumstance under which a native might sue. He is distinguishable in nothing from a native citizen, except so far as the Constitution makes the distinction. The law makes none.

    Thus the Act of March 26, 1790 would be unconstitutional if it attempted to enlarge the rights of a naturalized citizen to be equal to those of natural-born citizens under the Constitution.

    Although it is not within the power of Congress to change or amend the Constitution by means of definitions of languages used in the Constitution so as to mean something different than intended by the framers (amendments being governed by Article V) an argument might be advanced to the effect that the use of identical language by Congress substantially contemporaneously might be considered in later years by a court to reflect the same meaning of the same words by the framers of the Constitution; and under this argument to attach importance to the Act of Congress of March 26, 1790 (1 Stat 103).

    This argument fades away when it is found that this act used the term “natural born” through inadvertence which resulted from the use of the English Naturalization Act (13 Geo. III, Cap 21 (1773) as a pattern when it was deemed necessary (as stated by Van Dyne) to enact a similar law in the United States to extend citizenship to foreign-born children of American parents. In the discussion on the floor of the House of Representatives in respect to the proposed naturalization bill of a committee composed of Thomas Hartley of Pennsylvania, Thomas Tudor Tucker of South Carolina and Andrew Moore of Virginia, Mr. Edamus Burke of South Carolina stated, “The case of the children of American parents born abroad ought to be provided for, as was done in the case of English parents in the 12th year of William III.” (See pp 1121, Vol 1 (Feb. 4, 1790) of Annals of Congress.) The proposed bill was then recommitted to the Committee of Hartley, Tucker and Moore, and a new bill containing the provision in respect to foreign-born children of American parentage was included, using the Anglican phrase “shall be considered as natural born citizens.” Manifestly, Mr. Burke had given the wrong reference to the Act of Parliament of the 12th year of William III which was an inheritance law. But, it was a naturalization bill and the reference to the English acts shows the origin of the inadvertent error in using the term natural-born citizen instead of plain “citizen” came from copying the English Naturalization Act.

    Mr. James Madison, who had been a member of the Constitutional Convention and had participated in the drafting of the terms of eligibility for the President, was a member of the Committee of the House, together with Samuel Dexter of Massachusetts and Thomas A. Carnes of Georgia when the matter of the uniform naturalization act was considered in 1795. Here the false inference which such language might suggest with regard to the President was noted, and the Committee sponsored a new naturalization bill which deleted the term “natural-born” from the Act of 1795. (1 Stat 414) The same error was never repeated in any subsequent naturalization act.

    The Act of 1795 provides:

    The children of citizens born outside of the limits and jurisdiction of the United States, shall be considered as citizens of the United States.

    In 1802, when Congress repealed entirely the law of 1790, it enacted that “the children of persons who now are, or have been citizens of the United States, shall, although born outside the limits and jurisdiction of the United States, be considered as citizens of the United States” (2 stat 153). (R.S. 1993) This was followed by the Act of 1855 (10 Stat 604) which repealed the Act of 1802.

    In United States v. Perkins, 17 F S 117, the syllabus reads:

    Child born in England of mother who had been born in United States, and had married Englishman in England, held not a ‘natural born citizen,’ within the provisions of Federal Constitution, whether child became citizen at birth by reason of mother’s citizenship or by her subsequent repatriation (Cable Act. 8 U.S.C.A. Sections 9, 10, 367-370; 8 U.S.C.A. sections 6 and note, 7, 8, 399 c (a); Rev. St section 1993; Convention with Great Britain May 13, 1870, art. 1, 16 Stat. 775).

    And the text of the opinion on page 179 reads:

    But I think it is immaterial, for the purpose of the instant suit, whether petitioner became an American citizen at his birth by reason of his mother’s citizenship or later by means of the repatriation of his mother. I do not think the authorities sustain his claim that he is a natural-born citizen within the meaning of the provisions of the Constitution, either of section 1, clause 4, or article 2, that ‘No person except a natural born citizen or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President,’ or of the Fourteenth Amendment, that ‘All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

    * * *

    I find no proper legal or historical basis on which to conclude that a person born outside of the United States could ever be eligible to occupy the Office of the President of the United States. In other words, in my opinion, Mr. George Romney of Michigan is ineligible to become President of the United States because he was born in Mexico and is, therefore, not a natural-born citizen as required by the United States Constitution.

    …Pinckney G. McElwee

    1. Tids1960

      I can’t wait till they find out that Cruz’s father is linked to the Cuban party in Dallas Tx. that the FBI was investigating 1963

      1. h m rowland

        That’s fascinating, I have spent more time than I care to admit studying and reading about this period surrounding the coup. Could you point me toward further information on this Cruz connection. Thanks.

        1. Tids1960

          Every time I point someone to a place with links those links end up 404 error codes
          And quite frankly, I’m tired of the internet being sanitized and watching history being rewritten.
          Here’s an example …
          Wikipedia stated under the “Progressive Party ( 1948 ) that the Progressive party was taken over by the communist, and continued to operate even today.”
          That was completely expunge from that web site… and it now reads completely differently.
          Mainly because Hillary claims to be a progressive Democrat… Which means the democratic party is running a communist and a socialist as candidates…
          until this Coup d’état is contained or they win… I’m afraid you’ll have to look for yourself.
          like the one from 1933 called the “Business Plot” However, this one is includes elites and leaders of many nations
          God Luck… H M

          1. h m rowland

            So the answer is ‘no’. What the rest of this is about …only you know. I already sent an email to Mark Lane if there’s anything to find or known, he of course will have it.

          2. h m rowland

            I really wasn’t looking for links I was referring to authors/researchers names, paper docs or National Archives catalog #, I would never accept anything on wikip as truthful or valid. Wanted to let you know that Mark has responded and forwarding membership lists of Dallas FPforC, and known anti and pro Castro group affiliates. He sent a contact name through ‘JFK Lancer’. I know that Daddy Cruz is an outspoken radical fascist, probably not a part of the ’63 far right coup but still interesting. I’ll keep you updated.

          3. Tids1960

            Although I don’t see Mark’s post… I’m glad you found the material you were looking for…
            No need to keep me updated… I already know
            Please understand that the CIA runs the propaganda and the JITF are running the web sites with misinformation and hunting down links people are using…

          4. h m rowland

            I emailed him, Mr. Lane was Kennedy friend and attorney; he wrote the best seller ‘Rush to Judgment ‘ also ‘Plausible Denial’ and ‘Last Word’. Mark was the attorney for the only case to prove conspiracy with the jury finding E. Howard Hunt “guilty of complicity to assassinate President John F. Kennedy.” Yes, trust me I am aware of the agencies mentioned .

          5. h m rowland

            Thanks! I have ‘None Dare…”. Have not read ‘The Devil…”, isn’t it by an ex-Mafioso?

    2. Arbie Viau

      G W – Thank you, I think? Lots to read and absorb, but your last paragraph leads me to believe you are in agreement with me, the difference is “natural” or “citizen”. What do you think of Cruz being a Senator with dual citizenships as a member of our Congress? The Constitution doesn’t say, but it doesn’t sit well with me since his voting for or against any bills submitted is not appropriate.

      1. Tids1960

        people have to know that the Constitution is not a living document
        I hope you know what I mean by that…

          1. Tids1960

            A living document or dynamic document is a document that is continually edited and updated…
            The Constitution and bill of rights is not a living document
            The Bill of Rights are your GOD given rights 1-10
            Which is why the Constitution and Bill of Rights are “Law of the Land”
            But right now there are people in America, in a ruling class, who are taking control of your free will. They are not ruling, nor are they “governing” with the consent of the people they are Controlling you and they have no intention of relinquishing that control.
            By their own arrogance they feel “they” know what is best for you and mankind. Therefore, they feel you are incompetent to manage your own affairs, and cannot think for yourselves.
            And they are forcing people into a controlled model similar to that of the Chinese. and in the same process they are destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights in the name of Safety and mankind.
            These people are forming a global government to which the ruling class will be held above the law and have Diplomatic Immunity where their set government will rule over the people, which they will have to bring down to a manageable number of less than one billion people. The world population right now is some where around seven billion.
            These elites are NOT humanitarians they are eugenicist and they are mentally ill. If you don’t believe me, look at what they just did to the Europe and the Middle East. The fact that people pay no attention to politics is how they are getting away with murder.

          2. Arbie Viau

            I agree with everything you’ve written, but excuse my ignorance, but are you saying that there is nothing “we the people” can do? Just sit back and take it because there are too few people that understand what our Government is doing to Americans? I say, “give me liberty or give me death” – (Patrick Henry)

          3. Tids1960

            There is “always” something “We the People” can do…
            Waking up others to this coup d’état for starters…
            It’s the unhinged lunatic fringe and what they’ll do when we act… you should be concerned about…
            They are the types who do more than just tip the games boards over when they see they are losing

  56. Sadie

    Ted Cruz says that Donald Trump is always whining and never talks about the issues. What I hear every time Cruz is interviewed is whining about how Trump whines and nothing about the issues.

  57. Mex Seiko

    Ted Cruz is suspect to support the “North American Community” or “North American Union,” because his wife worked with related organizations. This gets little attention.

    1. Arbie Viau

      Mex Seiko You are correct, Heidi his wife is an officer in North American Union that is for New World Order with Canada, Mexico, and USA being the “New Order” and then goodbye to our Constitution!

      1. Mex Seiko

        You know? One thing I have a hard time understanding is how in the world does Ted Cruz meets the definition of Natural Born Citizen. Ted’s American Citizenship is his SECOND of his dual citizenship. He was born in Canada to a naturalized Canadian Citizen.

        This is why I think it’s worth considering Heidi’s connection with the North American Community initiative, because Ted’s motherland will probably benefit from this NWO. This is the exact reason the NBC clause is in the Cinstitution.

        1. Arbie Viau

          Mex Seiko, The reason it’s hard to understand is because Cruz’s side says he is a natural born citizen and the correct side says he is not. No he was born in Canada to a American citizen, his mother. His father is a Cuban by birth and according to the Constitution, the father determines the citizenship, not the mother. So, Ted Cruz is NOT a natural born American citizen, until 2014 he had dual citizenships, and I do not know if Canada has released him of his Canadian birth certificate. I’ve been told that Canada does not release birth certificates, but I don’t know how accurate that is.
          I don’t understand your second paragraph, Mex, where is the NBC clause?

          1. Patriot

            Also I read that Cruz mother renounced her U.S. Citizenship and became a Canadian citizen BEFORE TEDDY WAS BORN.
            Do you think there is a problem there?

  58. jimdarnall

    cruz is nit the friend to America many want him to be. His stance on immigration and the trade deal is cirrect. That certainly doesn’t dound like a man for America.

  59. Seedman

    The honorable, competent, constitutional minded Senator Ted Cruz won Wisconsin handily and routed loose cannon Donald “boom boom” Trump in Colorado. So much for Donald’s boast of running the primary table without a loss.

  60. albany le

    I can’t stand Ted Cruz–he is always whineing like a little kid and his voice is terrible. He is terrible.

  61. 1ColtonDelaney643

    yes I agree with miller, only he didnt mention how cruz wanted to increase legal immigration by 1.3 million new immigrants per year. and he also is a puppet for the high tech lobby, he supported the H1B visa program and got paid millions to fight for increases to the program, he wanted to increase it by 500% 100’s of thousands of americans fired and replaced with cheap foriegn labor from India.

  62. hankthetank

    Ted Cruz, IS NOT legal to be president OR vice president,he & Rubio are trying to do what obama did !!!

  63. Phillip Lake

    You would be hard pressed to find more than a dozen TRUE conservative defenders of this country’s Republican Democracy. The news media (ALL of them including the so-called conservative FOX) only put out the news that THEY think is important to the lives of Americans. The government does what it wants to do and the news assholes cover for them every way possible. If Trump gets “pushed” out of the nomination I sincerely hope the whole country comes undone and this time go for the real evil (government and news).

  64. newsnose

    Hopefully they will continue with these facts in every state to educate voters that believe Cruz is such a conservative.

  65. Connie Bellue

    This is par for the course. These things were already talked about in a debate! And as Trump and the rest of the guidos on his “team” don’t tell the truth. They pick and chose words to suit them. Trump is such a BIG baby he can’t stand to lose. He needs a suckie ad a bankie to shut him up. Maybe that would keep him from lying, he is great at it!

  66. h m rowland

    Republicans need to shake the tea bags from their shoes before the party and the constitution disappear in the back of a pick up truck. Bagger flavored fascism will destroy our country.

    1. Peatro Giorgio

      Actually the Republican party needs to shake out the rino’s (Republican in name only ) pedophiles, child molester, uneducated ,deranged lunatic Lib-turds from their party. Before the collapse of the party is finite. They are the only so called republicans supporting The Trumpertantrum King of lies deception, deceit and corruption… A mere 33%. of the party. How stupid can Trump supporters be .Answer as dumb as the brick in the school walls with which they dropped out of. National polls from all persuasions clearly show. That the Liberal Trumpertantrum is in the negatives column with folks under 40 years of age, The Trump is also negative with conservative republican women, As well negative with woman of all persuasions. He shall will lose in the general election to the second most corrupt individual after himself ,Shillary Hillary by no less then 7% points .With some national polls indicating by a margin even greater of upwards of 12 % Now that is landslide proportions. Which shall have resounding effects on the control of the House of Rep,s ,the Senate as well the supreme court appointment Nominations. But then again what can one expect from the illiterate, ill informed, low or uneducated, moronic idiots, who still believe in the tooth fairy.

      1. h m rowland

        The Republican party needs to scrape the tea bags from their shoes before the party and the construction are hauled away in a pick up truck . Fascist Baggers.

  67. david goodman

    cruz was fighting for all these before trumpobama third term came on is trumpy an outsider when he’s been part of govt for many years.him and hillary share same values.manarydemon-crat he hired worked in 1984 or so defending saudi instead of israel.he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  68. Cleavis Nowell

    More than 3 strikes against Teodoro Cruz. All things considered he is a Trojan jackass and worst of all a paid lobbyist for GMO frankenfoods/glyphosates Monsanto !

  69. justdave

    I am from Wisconsin and will vote for Trump by any means (third party, write in, etc.) in November. So if the RNC thinks they can pull a fast one and keep Trump off the ballot – then they better polish up their resumes, cause they will be out of a job.

  70. Peatro Giorgio

    In regards to the rare few Republicans.
    Who have allowed themselves to be deceived into believing Trump will follow through and make America Great again.??? (The joke is on you fools.)
    Yes you fools who assumed The Trumpertantrum was being open and honest with you all. ” Hardly ” Donald Trump. The man who claims he is for the American worker. Lie # 1. The very same Donald Trump who was fined by the New York courts and ordered to pay 1 million dollars for hiring illegal alien’s.
    Yes. The very same Donald Trump who was caught Lying during 2 of the previous republican debates most recently. ” Trump claimed “He could not fined, an claimed no Americans wanted or would work those jobs he had open at his Miami Florida Resort. ( LIE #2 ) Well News Flash several leading national news organization investigated Trumps Claims. They proved Donald the liar he is. Here’s the facts!
    389 Americans applied for those positions. Trump merely hires just 17 Americans. Then the lying Donald proceeds to import 1,100 immigrant workers. ( So much for him helping American workers. ) Lie # 3.Trump Again claims he is running for president to make America Great again to help the American Worker. ( Again he Donald the liar lies ). ” Why might I say that ” Well simple; If Lyin Donald Trump was truly interested in Helping the American worker. “Then Why is it ” Trump has his name brand clothing line which consist of his Name brands Suit’s ,Neck ties, Shirts , hats and other garments made in China. ” Not here by the hands of American worker.? ” Trump A so called man to make america Great again Horse crapola. Trump The most personally sued man in America. The Man most likely to sue you if you dis agree with him . Lyin Donald sued by 5,008 Ex Trump University students , Those students claim Trump scammed Them out of between $15,000.00 – To upwards of $35,000.00 . Yea Lyin Donald the same man Who claims to be a conservative. But operates just like a progressive socialist . Yea Lyin Donald the guy who buys and sells politicians for his own personal gain ,Yea Lyin Donald The insider of Washington Insiders . The very same Lyin Donald who paid off politicians to force a middle aged women from her home ,one which she never intended to leave of sell . How did the lyin Donald accomplish that . Easy Answer Through the political use of Eminent Domain. The lyin Donald paid off his corrupt political hacks to pass an Eminent domain bill forcing the woman from her home . Now for the good of the public but rather for the personal profit of Lyin Donald . Sure keep right on believe in the Lyin Donald tooth fairy .

  71. frank_o_anerican

    I have always said Cruz is not the conservative he pretends to be, With Trump he is just what he says he is.

  72. Mark Glamack Littluns

    It’s good to see that people are finally seeing through it all. Now all they need to understand is that the insiders have everything to gain, while Trump has nothing to gain or loose. He’s the “Bull Dog” that’s needed if we ever hope to solve the problems that the insider’s caused. You can bet that if Trump isn’t elected the problems will get even worse.

  73. Domingo N Martinez

    Yes I agree wholeheartedly,. The Muslim radicals who have managed to infiltrate already will eventually strike and when they do, who do you think those 1.3 million Muslims are going to side with? Just look at the Muslim demonstration in Chicago last week, I have heard very little in the news about it. It’s as though the media is hiding what is to come soon.

  74. david goodman

    trump has been part of system for years.investigate for yourself.he’s been with demon-crats all his life.leopard can’t change his spots,neither can do business,you have to be honest,not lying,cheating,stealing,paying bribes.we are Americans,not new york values.illegals are working for him.all the things you say against Cruz,is everything trumpy is doing.

  75. shavager

    TYPICAL TRUMP LIE–Ted Cruz DID NOT VOTE FOR the Trans Pacific Trade deal nor did he vote for ‘fast track’ legislation for Obama to enact it. THAT’S FACTS the source did NOT research, nor can Steve Miller PROVE!