Top Clinton Watchdog Says Hillary Closer To Indictment

Ed Klein, one of the best investigative journalists on Hillary’s trail, says that his sources tell him that the “Justice Department is close to empaneling a grand jury and deciding whether to grant statutory immunity to Huma Abedin, Hillary’s closest adviser.”

Klein has a solid history of accurate reporting and has developed a reputation as a very credible source for all things related to Hillary.

Here are some of Mr. Klein’s reports from the Hillary Daily:

“Klein, who rarely gets it wrong, notes that such a development would force Abedin to testify under oath, facing perjury charges if she lies. He ads that he is ‘also told that Hillary herself will most likely be forced to testify.’

“[He] has previously reported that the FBI has notified Hillary’s three closest aides, Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Jake Sullivan, that they will be required to testify.

“Klein concludes that these developments indicate that FBI Director James Comey is ‘moving inexorably’ toward recommending an indictment of Hillary.

“He says that his sources say that Attorney General Loretta Lynch would likely duck the decision on indicting Hillary, punting it to a special counsel to give it at least the appearance of nonpartisan impartiality.”


Klein is the author of two recent bestselling books that document the rift between the Obamas and the Clintons: Blood Feud and Unlikeable, has demonstrated that his sources run deep into the FBI and the Justice Department.

His report should be taken very, very seriously, not the least by the Democratic Party as it hurtles toward nominating a woman who may either be the object of a special prosecutor investigation or be indicted by the time of the election.

While the evidence mounts towards an indictment, the Clintons have had a magical way of escaping legal trouble in the past. However, Hillary may not be able to wiggle out of this legal jam.

This begs the question: What will happen first – nomination or indictment?


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  1. The Redman

    If dem stupid white-folks don’t hurry and push up the indictment, if, she becomes president-(hopefully not)- she’ll B hard 2 touch.

      1. The Redman

        Hey, bologna-de. white-folks ruined america of what it really could have been years ago.

          1. The Redman

            Yep. at the end of the day, lots of white-folks ruined america being stupid. D-bologna. ahahahahahahaha

        1. Marie Saqueton

          Redman, how could you change so quick? Just when folks were starting to like your post, you come back with general insults again?

        2. Marie Saqueton

          Here, we thought you woke up and here you go again, asleep and slow on the take of current events.

  2. Dan

    Obama has her back. Ever notice that she is never under oath when asked questions by Congress? She won’t be under oath when answering questions to the FBI. There you have it, she’s protected, and very likely our next POTUS for the next 8 years. Between her and Obama almost a generation of depression for the American people….

      1. poppytoymaker

        You sound like a Hiderbeast plant trying to make a race thing to help your liberal party friends

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal

      The Hilda-Beast most likely won`t be answering, let alone talking to the F B I. If she even agrees to an interview, and attends at F B I offices, she will be surrounded by a team of lawyers, end of talks.
      No one can be compelled to be interviewed by any police force.

      1. Marie Saqueton

        Not unless there is an indictment and she will be forced to answer in court, but I am doubtful that will ever happen. The powers that be won’t let that happen because she will incriminate her superior and all the people in collusion with her.i don’t think she will admit for all the fault, especially the “stand down” order that killed our ambassador and three othres.

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal

          agreed, besides it is highly unlikely that they would prosecute a former 1st lady, and former secretary of state

    2. AirForceMed

      One is not required to be under oath when answering questions by the FBI. But it is a felony to lie to them. Ask Martha Stewart about that one. So if she lies to them, they can add it to the Indictment for the Grand Jury.

      1. frankspeak

        lying to a grand jury is serious’s a set-up to “test” a person’s veracity..

          1. AirForceMed

            “They are not afraid to that because her husband did lie, but nothing happened to him.”
            Well, he was IMPEACHED and lost his law license. Not much more you can do to a sitting President!

    3. Daniel from TN

      Hillary knows too much. If she goes down, so does obama. That’s why obama will issue a pardon before any charges are filed against her.

      1. old codger

        AMEN!! I’ve been saying that all along!! She’s a “SELF SERVING W(B)ITCH and she “will NOT” swing solo!! It’d take several semi truck loads of “Crazy Glue” to seal her lips!! They’d have to shove an air hose up her a$$ so she could breathe cause her mouth would be going full tilt!! They’d have to have recorders to capture all that would be coming out of her mouth and then have backup recorders to give the original recorders a break!

        1. Marie Saqueton

          If she talks, the W/H will fall. She won’t take all the blame and if she has to go and wear the orange suit, it will not just be her. She is so smart she will take along many,many people. That is why, I do not think this will even go to indictment. The powers that be won’t let it get to that. Not unless of course our spineless Congress insist on it.?

      2. Marie Saqueton

        Right, Obama will come to her rescue because she can incriminate him being her superior. That is why she talks with arrogance, because she knows she is also yanking his chain.

      3. Marie Saqueton

        I think the Republican Congress and Senate will wait until after the election. If she wins they’ll go for impeachment, if she losses, they’ll go for criminal charges which will most probably tie -in the operation of their foundation, because the millions in donation was tied in to the favors Hillary did for them.

    4. Thomas Young

      It doesn’t matter if you’re under oath or not if you’re called in for questioning by the FBI: she doesn’t have to be Mirandized in order for anything she says to be held against her. Remember that there are a number of ways that someone can also be charged with a felony if they attempt to slow down, block, divert, or impede an investigation.

      1. Marie Saqueton

        She has been slowing it down for years, and nothing happened. Her documents were requested by the courts and she ignored it since 2013, she is just now complying because of Trey Dowdy on the Benghazi probe.

    5. Marie Saqueton

      If you guys remember the first time she ran, she was the first one who opened up the BC problem of Obama, and when she was promised by the Bilderberg Group that she will be next, she dropped all attacks and became silent, They took all the money out of her funds right after the first primary which she won,and dumped it all on Obama, millions for him to campaign with ,and she only had her small contributors to work with. That is how Obama won, with the millions from the Secret Society, for the paid mainstream media to promote him like the savior of America….folks on the left, happy now?

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal

      Well, there would have to be some time restrictions. I mean with this being so high profile, the bet and odds should be based on life expectancy up to and including trial, and outcome. Anything after that should not be included unless it is a separate bet on how long these people will be alive after this thing is over.

    2. jack

      once word goes out that will be testifying against her there dead,dead men cant talk and hillalier wins

      1. E Swisher

        up to this point I might have totally agreed with you. I am sure that the FBI knows the Clintons’ past only too well….and would be severely PO’d …and will do everything they can to avoid that particular situation. I only hope that I am not being too optimistic…or that my trust is misplaced in the FBI

        1. biilyjoe

          I’ve read there’s a New York connection of “favors” done for Hilliary– when she ran for Governor/carpetbagger of New York back in 2000– and the favors were done for her and bill clinton (on his way out and “pardoning” people)– by none other than James Comey– I find it strange obama put comey into his position in 2013.

        2. Steve Martin

          The FBI blinked. James Comey lost his nerve, or was paid off. The Clinton’s are slicker than Goose Grease. The Clinton Foundation real name is The Clinton Crime Family. Lying Hillary and Slick Willy bought their daughter a $11,000,000 dollars home. Hillary’s friends on Wall Street.

          1. IMJSBNME

            Looks like Comey “blinked” again. I’m not surprised… he has lost the respect of his subordinates, lost what honor people thought he had, and just confirmed he has been bought off by the Clintons. Sucks to be him.

    3. James Allen Wyatt


    4. E Swisher

      Knowing what I know about the Clintons over the last 30 years…I am not that stupid… I will take any bets from HilLiary’s supporters though… LOL The saying goes that a sucker is born every minute…and HilLiary’s supporters meet that criteria hands down, up and sideways….LOL I really could use the money… any takers…?

        1. maxx

          And we won’t see Congress flexing it’s non-existent muscles to change the course of history either. Heck, even in Al Capone’s mob there was honor among thieves. Not in this administration or government.

    5. survivor33

      I would say if they get called on to testify that they better watch their backs, they will more than likely come up missing or dead or “commited sucide”.

  3. The Fox

    Come on, lets get on the ball and put Hillary Dillary Dike in prison orange, the sooner the better.

  4. ssd

    Drama Obama will not let them touch her because it will definitely come back into his administration to find a lot more corruption than Hillary. God bless America because we sure do need it.

  5. sonnieC

    The way that mulatto Obama is talking Hillary (rotten) Clinton did nothing wrong. Both of them are lying bastards and both belong in prison. This is why we need Donald Trump for our president to clean the corrupt Washington establishment. They will do nothing to that evil, lying nasty bitch Hillary because the fix is in by mulatto Obama and his corrupt hand picked ass wipes. That bitch Hillary really belongs in prison with her fornicating husband blow job Bill. .

    1. Thomas Young

      obama needs to serve a third term, this one in an orange jumpsuit with a term of 20-30 years.

  6. petemobtv

    Lynch will not indict. She is black.. She is beholden to Obama and she is on the short list for the Supreme Court.

    1. Rowdy

      I don’t believe they are to interested in future politics in America, well other than finishing destroying it. If Trump gets washed out there truly is only one avenue of recovery left.

  7. PBHayes

    Clinton always lies but if she lies to FBI Agents and they are material false statements they can add additional charges of violation of 18 USC Section 1001.

  8. Steve Martin

    President should be charged with trying to influence a federal investigation.Remember when he said that boy could be my son. That boy had just pulled off a strong arm robbery. The grand jury found the officer acted within the law. This President is like Hillary, our laws don’t apply to them.

    1. Marie Saqueton

      All DEMONCRATS PROTECT EACH OTHER. Have you ever heard anyone from that party say anything negative about Hillary or BO? They only serve their party, not the American people. or the country. Republicans have RINOS but Democrat’s only have the open endorsement of the COMMUNIST PARTY OF AMERICA WHO ALSO ENDORSED HILLARY…..go figure?

  9. pete

    Oscumbama will protect the cunt ,if she has to testify under oath she’ll have to implicate the scumbag president in many of the criminal actions against the both of them

    1. frankspeak

      if it comes to that..he’ll dump her..he’s not…and never has been..all that fond of her…

  10. sadnana

    I’m beginning to think that all of these articles proclaiming that Clintons indictment is coming, is close, is inevitable, etc., are just a tool to make us think that justice will be served. In the end I don’t believe that anything will happen to her. She belongs to that class that is untouchable because her peers won’t apply to the law to her.

  11. BA

    I don’t understand how she is still traveling all over the country campaigning. Shouldn’t she have been indicted, stood trial, and been sitting in jail long before now???? I’ll believe it when I see it. She is as slick as Willy and I don’t believe she will spend one day in jail. She will slide right out of this mess because of the buddy, buddy system that is alive and well in Washington.

    1. E Swisher

      The common folk would have been locked up long before now. HilLiary is among the white privileged liberal elite. Need I say more.

      1. frankspeak

        well,..if you want to “take-down” somebody like that…you do exactly what the FBI is doing…you slowly and methodically build a case..might account for all those “bathroom visits” she seems to be experiencing!…

        1. E Swisher

          That is not the point being made…. those not of privilege would be off the street by now…

      2. Marie Saqueton

        Remember Petreus who just leaked something to his girlfriend and got thrown in jail? And Dinesh Sousa who was also thrown in jail for giving a ten thousand donation for the campaign of his friend? look at the millions the Clinton Foundation got while she was secretary, from countries and corporations she gave favors to? This is what is also a great concern for the FBI which is separate from Benghazi, the unsecured emails etc. They connected the millions in donations to the lobbyists she gave favors in arms deals and contracts while she was Secretary of State. They said this tantamount to something very serious….

  12. jobardu

    Huma is loyal to Clinton to the death. What is probably happening is that all of Hillary’s aides will testify to the FBI to get themselves out of the line of fire. That will leave only one person for Obama to pardon, Hillary, which he will do because, as he just stated, she is doing a great job, is too valuable to the country, and the exposed classified documents didn’t really compromise national security. Besides, what difference does it make now?

  13. Lorraine E

    I’m hearing that hillary Benghazi clinton will be pardoned for all of her crimes by the appointed president before the elections. Going into the elections with all of her crimes pardoned she will be unbeatable and when she is the Commander in Chief she will continue barak Hussein obama’s programs.

    1. AirForceMed

      Check those sources Lorraine E, one must be convicted of a crime before they can be pardoned. Put your money on Blagojevich for a pardon in Obama’s last, lonely days as President!

      1. Daniel from TN

        Sorry, but one does not have to be convicted before receiving a pardon. In 1974 Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon “for any crimes he committed, or may have committed, while in the office of president”. After this pardon, there was no attempt to put Nixon on trial.

        1. AirForceMed

          I stand CORRECTED! You are right and provided an excellent example. Smart guy you are, Daniel from TN! Thanks…

        2. Marie Saqueton

          Because Nixon’s fault was just covering up for his men who ransacked the Democrat’s headquarters and no one died like Benghazi and no national security leaked to our enemies, like her unsecured emails, and no paid favors in exchange for CF donations in millions to any group while she was in power.

        3. Marie Saqueton

          Because Nixon did not do anything other than lied about the tape. He did not cause deaths or stole billions.

      2. h m rowland

        Not so lonely with a 61% approval, this isn’t like little Georgie. This president could /would win a third term.

          1. h m rowland

            I believed John McCain when he said, during the 2008 campaign, of Barack Obama that “he is a good and kind man”, he has lived up to that. Now we can say of President Obama that he has served the office and the people with grace and dignity. Some today seem to honor the opposite of those virtues. Most, for now, still do.

          2. frankspeak

            he was doing ok…until he began to push that liberal-left agenda just a bit too hard..but most people expected that in his 2nd term..

          3. John Flynn

            doing ok? from day 1 his inauguration was f*cked up and suspicious and he has not recovered, or even tried to, since!

        1. AirForceMed

          I know plenty of people who LOVE George W. Bush! And I bet the only thing you ever SERVED, h m Roland, was another cup of coffee for yourself!

          1. Marie Saqueton

            The unsung heroes of this country, the military servicemen and women and the Veterans Loves GW Bush

    2. Marie Saqueton

      That might be the deal behind all this. She will be pardoned or not indicted if she promise to continue the goal of the NEW WORLD ORDer. Goodbye American capitalism, hello socialism…….to communism, only this time not ran by any country but global corporations.

  14. Frank

    Obama is making statements and not out of thin air. The fix is and has been in. He’s got her back.

    1. dmacid

      Obutthead has to back her. He’s in all this shit up to his eyeballs right along side of her and Bill. If she goes down she’ll take him along. Then they’ll have their hands full trying to throw each other under the bus. Unless they find a sucker to take the fall for them. Like Hillary’s right hand “Friend?” assistant.

      1. John Flynn

        wouldn’t it be great to see both “establishments” disintegrate at the same time!!

        1. Marie Saqueton

          The world is watching and is mostly interested if our government is really a REPUBLIC GOVERNED BY LAWS?

  15. Byron Hall

    for the first time in over 100 years the American people finally have a chance to remove political tyranny from our lives! This is the only chance we will ever get because the political elite will not make this mistake again! Don’t blow this chance America! Trump 2016! Then the Hidebeast, Obama, Holder and Lynch can be tried for treason on the capitol steps! No wait Hilary needs to be burned at the stake for Benghazi!

    1. Marie Saqueton

      The sentiments exactly for most of us who knew what happened there. Watch 13 hours, the movie that confirmed the ‘STAND DOWN ORDER” FROM HER AND bo.

  16. Paul Thomas

    Lynch, will turn it over to special prosecutors and they will take two maybe three years, and by then for sure the country will have a new status Third World

    1. John Flynn

      that time frame is precisely why the dems should try to get this out of the way ASAP. “o” can give her a presidential pardon……

    1. Daniel from TN

      No REAL jail time. If tried and convicted she would spend time in a special
      “prison” like the one at Andrews AFB, Alabama. Its nickname is The Alabama Country Club. This and similar facilities are prisons designed for politicians BY politicians. Several years ago a network did a documentary on these facilities. Here’s some of what they reported.
      1. Prisoners live in 2000 square foot cottages, not small prison cells.
      2. Prisoners families have the option of living with them.
      3. Each cottage has multiple telephone lines with free, unlimited long distance.
      4. Prisoners wear tailor made clothing, not prison issue uniforms.
      5. Meals are prepared by gourmet chefs, not standard cafeteria cooks.
      6. Prisoners perform no duties such as KP, trash collection, etc.
      7. Prisoners have full access to prison grounds at all times.
      8. Library and recreational facilities for the prisoners are better than for the law abiding military members and their families on the other side of the base.
      I could go on, but you get the idea. A stay at one of these prisons is like a stay at Club Med.

      1. Marie Saqueton

        I saw a prison for white collar criminals in Coalinga (not sure of spelling) in Northern CA and it was like a five star hotel. They even have a 24 hour doctor on duty and one of them was our friend who we happened to pick up for our trip out of state. They live like in a five star hotel with all the amenities and we were so impressed that our tax dollars are spent to make criminals sooo comfortable they probably do not want to leave. No wonder our justice system is like a revolving door to them.

  17. E Swisher

    All sarcasm aside…. the “photo” of HilLiary is priceless…. looks like she got poked in the butt by one of her bi-sexual “friends”….LLOLOL

  18. E Swisher

    Why wouldn’t HilLiary be forced to testify? She will invariably lie… creating more charges against herself….. Lie. HilLiary Lie….. the more obvious the better.

  19. Archie Cogollos

    hahahahhah…yup people get sick, hurt and have horrible accidents….even suicides….I hoping that everything I learned and was taught to believe in about the justice and right and wrong from my great teachers…..holds true….Hillary will be indited, charged and just like Nixon …pardoned…..then go on a shameless speaking tour and write a book ….

    1. h m rowland

      Even if cleared, which is probable based on the facts,(fact-the supported truth, as in scientific fact), you baggers will continue to whine and cry. Reich wing witch hunts straight out of puritanical Salem.

      1. John Flynn

        “Hillary eats scandals for breakfast.” well, I think this scandal will give her major indigestion, ‘specially if convicted in a GOP/indep administration….

          1. John Flynn

            nah, trump could be prez as an indep, but certainly NOT inept. good play on words, though……

      2. Marie Saqueton

        Funny but it could happen,and the world will think our White House is an insane asylum…..ha,ha,ha,.

    2. Marie Saqueton

      And earn millions in speaking tours to her blind followers. She will be a filthy rich celebrity again.

  20. Thomas Young

    Abedin, Mills, and Sullivan should take note of what has happened in the past to people who are in a position to hurt either of the Clintons. Then they should take flight into the federal witness protection program: just to screw Hillary, I’m certain obama won’t disclose where they are.

  21. Irvan

    Jail is too good for that BITCH!!! She should be hung outright. To allow hilldabeast to know who they intend to use to testify against her is signing their death warrant.

    1. dmacid

      To bad she can’t Court Martial ed. Treason Traitor just over Benghazi and that arms deal. Took her and obutthead to put that together. Then arming the Syrians to take out Ommar and kick off ISIS . Wasn’t it called Arab Spring? Financed the kick off by Hitlery and obutthead. And ALL with American dollars.

  22. nokabosh

    If Lynch palms it off to a Special Prosecutor then that could take another year or more. Stalling until after the election.

    1. John Flynn

      if so, the dems are making a mistake waiting til “o” is out of office, there goes the presidential pardon she should be expecting from him……

      1. Marie Saqueton

        I think the process then if she is elected and found guilty will be Impeachment. Hopefully you have honest folks in both houses.

  23. Drake Travis

    She has done 1000 times what Nixon ever pondered doing questionable. And he had sense enough to walk. . . She’s talking “all teflon” right now insisting nothing is going to stick to her. This plus “Hillary’s America” by Dinesh D’Souza coming to theaters in July is prophetically telling and obvious to everyone [what’s coming] but Ms. Rodham

    1. Marie Saqueton

      Because our Constitution has been THRASED a long time ago by the Democrats and the RINOs.

  24. amerigom

    “Top Clinton Watchdog Says Hillary Closer To Indictment”
    OH! Yes!!
    More “talk”!
    Never mind the “talk”; Do something!

  25. Mex Seiko

    Obama said, in no uncertain terms, that there’s no political interfering in Hillary Clinton’s investigation. He also said that he’s sure that our national security has not been affected by the email situation.

    One of my favorite political thrillers, Clear and Present Danger, shows beautifully how the president says what he’s not allowed to say. The expression, “The course of action I would suggest is the course of action I can’t suggest.” These are the type of signals the president used to express what he desires to happen but cannot openly express them. As a lawyer he should know better to make such comments, especially from his position, about an active and ongoing possible criminal investigation.

    I hope for a total change in government to one dedicated to the rule of law and hold everyone accountable for these types of acts in addition to violations to the Constitution.

  26. sue lenhart

    Why should it matter if she is indicted before or after nomination? No matter which way it happens, the minute she is indicted, she is disqualified. If she has already clinched the nomination, she loses it, and the Democratic Party will just have to find another nominee. Let’s just hope that she does get indicted, and that the indictment leads to jail for a very long time!

    1. John Flynn

      the sooner the indictment AND conviction the better for the dems. they would be able to have a legit nominee, then. a conviction, with “o” in office, would provide grounds for a presidential pardon (BOO!!) for her. for that pardon, however, he must still be in office, by 1/19/17. trump will not give her a pardon (though other GOP just might)…..

    2. Marie Saqueton

      All honest and just folks will just keep on dreaming, because the Democratic band wagon will never let that happen. If she was a Republican, she would have been indicted just on the Benghazi lies.

  27. Tvzz Smith

    law is dead in the usa. if you have money you can do anything. just jail her and billy

  28. Kevin

    Here is another scenario: Obama could grant Clinton an unconditional pardon, before she is ever indicted or convicted (in much the same way that Ford pardoned Nixon). The only fly in that ointment, is that according to Ed Klein in his book Blood Feud, the Clintons and the Obamas hate each other, and Obama just might enjoy watching Clinton squirm, which is no doubt why Clinton reacted the way she did when she was asked in some town-hall somewhere, if she would consider naming Obama to the Supreme Court – her response was, “WOW! What a GREAT IDEA, Gee, I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!!!” She was obviously desperately trying to suck up so that she could avoid indictment.

  29. maxx

    Would not be at all surprised if those three names are on the Clinton hit list. Murder has never been an activity that they haven’t employed before. Remember the list of former associates and friends down in Arkansas?

  30. sonnieC

    I got to the point where I do not trust our government under this mulatto president Obama. He also is not the first black President. He is the first Mulatto president. Let’s be politically correct. Isn’t that what they all say now days???

  31. Marie Saqueton

    As long as the special counsel is not a Democrat, we might see some honesty and fairness yet. The result could redeem or disgust the American people. The world will see if we are truly a Republic governed by LAWS.

  32. Steve Martin

    Obama should be impeached.Hillary is a liar.liar,pantsuit on fire.CNN should lose their FCC License for the way they have helped Clinton. Clinton is hated by millions of american’s,she will never be president of the US. Why can the Clinton’s just go away and spend money they made by selling Hillary’s Office and the pardon’s Bill sold.