Gingrich Shocks GOP With 1 Blunt Comment About Trump and Brussels

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich made a frank remark recently about the Brussels terror attack that, while harsh and possibly even somewhat twisted, resonated with a bitter but undeniable truth that the GOP establishment hated to hear.

Here are part of his remarks during an interview with Fox Business Network as reported by the Conservative Tribune:

“Tragically, I think that the attacks in many ways validated Donald Trump’s entire candidacy.” 

GIngrich highlighted how the GOP front-runner diligently tried two months ago to warn that Brussels had transformed into an Islamic ‘hellhole,’ but nobody in the liberal media, the GOP establishment or the White House listened to him.

“So he reports the obvious, everybody else thinks he’s stupid because he’s the only guy saying it, and now here we are several months later. The fact is, Donald Trump was right.” 

Gingrich went on to praise Trump for his  uncanny ability to discern the “obvious” truth, making the case that this talent of his made him “a little bit like (former President Ronald) Reagan.”

Apparently, he sees something in Trump that neither the GOP establishment types nor the bombastic candidate’s many haters can. Or they’re mad that Trump did an end run around the establishment to get where he is, and they don’t want to acknowledge this fact?

Maybe Gingrich also has an ability to see what should be the “obvious” but oftentimes unrecognized truth.

Do you agree with what Gingrich said about Trump and the Brussels terror attack?

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  1. texexpatriate

    Not just Trump but many of us out here in the real world—the one not connected to the District of Corruption or political parties—know how dangerous Muslims are to the U.S. Many of us have been saying their importation must be stopped and all of them should be deported. When the terror starts it will be too late.

    1. Gen11American

      The terror started over 30 years ago! How many decades does it take for the mentally challenged to recognize the threat?! ALL Muslim immigration to the U.S., including via student visas, H-1B visas, H-2B visas, and our “Swiss Cheese southern border, should have been closed permanently on 09/12/2001, when Islamic terrorists hijacked four jetliners and killed 3,000 innocent Americans and foreign nationals! Our political leaders apparently either suffer from outright “Hate America” Syndrome (Obama), or they suffer from Neville Chamberlain Syndrome, which makes them believe that appeasing Muslims by granting them their greatest wish, which is to infiltrate non-Muslim nations, breed like rats on the public dole, and over time subjugate those nations under Islam and Shariah Law, will cause them to become “peaceful Muslims!” There is nothing “peaceful” about Muslims, and hasn’t been since Mohammud formed his murderous hordes and conquered Christian lands! Muslims are responsible for 75% of the military conflicts across this globe! The fact that Donald Trump is the ONLY candidate now running who realizes the truth about Islam, and isn’t afraid to say it, is why “Trumpettes” still support him! Hopefully New Yorkers will come out in incredible droves to vote for him in the primary, to send a powerful message to the traitors and Muslim appeasers, including Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and John Kasich (Mr. Amnesty).

      1. Irvan

        FANTASTIC write-up! Gen11American, you have presented the BEST write-up I have read so far. THANK YOU!

      2. Don Wadd

        Just reported that american jews who support the demoncrats will be OUTNUMBERED my muslims within a few years in America!

        1. Gen11American

          Just looked up some (disturbing) figures.
          As of 2014, there were 6,768,855 Jews in America
          As of 2014, there were 6.6 million Muslims (Estimate)

          Granted, you stated American Jews who support the Demoncrats, which means an even smaller number, so it appears to me that Muslims surely must outnumber the Demo-Jews in 2016!

        2. Susan Emberton

          what about the christians and athiests, other religions? Won’t they also be outnumbered by muslims in a few years as well? Why single out the jews? All Americans will be a minority when this nation becomes over run and over ruled by muslims that want us dead. Muslims are not just a threat to jews, but to all Americans. They chant “death to Israel” and “death to America” at all gatherings and meetings.

          1. Mathew Molk

            Catholic Cleveland Eastsider here.

            All the pals I have that happen to be Jewish are all very conservative Republicans (Like me), Don’t really personally know a Jewish Democrat to be honest. ,,, All are Repubs. ,At least until the Convention. Their may be a lot of Cleveland Eastsider Jews and Gentiles too. that are no longer Republicans after that.
            Piont is lay off the PC crap of not being able to say Jew or Black without being accused of racism. For the most part we got over that here a long time ago.


        I was about to comment but read your comment and found it relates everything that matters about the issue of Muslim infiltration into Western society. Keep them out! Islam is a Bedouin sect totally incompatible with Western Civilization and its values and traditions. Every Muslim who truly believes the Koran is a potential terrorist, no exceptions.

        1. apzzyk

          Show them that we are really the best by not using their number system or their forms of architecture – no more post and lintal or arch construction – we are much better than that and soddies are great!

          1. Mathew Molk

            Say what??????

            I once had a LEGAL Russian immigrant dispute a design with me..She said words to the effect, I’m an engineer and I know what i am doing! I responded with Well I am an AMERICAN engineer, You know, the guys with the footprints on the moon.

            I’ll take Bucky Fuller over any bust out mOslem architect too. (Look up geodesic dome)

            What have the mOslems, ever done? Hell, Damascus steel was even imported from India! An Arab but not necessarily mOslem slang for cutting someone up with a sword was “Give them the Indian Answer” (Don’t believe me? Look up wootz steel)

            And BTW base 10 numbers that we refer as “Arabic” numbers are actually Hindu too and predate the birth of Mohammed by several years. (Look that up too)

            i got no beef against Gunga Din and you can only go so far defending the SOBs with pita bread and spinach pies. You would hard pressed to find anything else at all worthwhile the sons of Mohammads (That’s PC for SOB) ever developed.

            BTW. Why “O” instead of “U” – (Muslem vs Moslem) Because they think it’s insulting to use the “O” – Non PC combat veteran here. I actually go out of my way to insult and upset my enemy.

          2. apzzyk

            First, you have an intellectual property dispute.

            There was something on 60 min or something about the currently considered best architect in the world and he is not from the US.

            Lived in something like a Buckey Dome, made from VW hoods years ago – drafty or simply well ventalated depending on the season.

            The Arab people predate Mohammud by thousands of years, just like the European people predate Christianity by thousands of years, so relative to Christianity, Islam is a new kid on the block with more followers – Indonesia is an Islamic country in which many of our electrics are made at least in part. The labor is real cheap there.

            One of the reasons for Rome’s fall was sticking to the Roman.
            numerals, and another was the very high use of slave labor which led to the invasion of Attilia. (He could not spell his own name either).

            According to the ways of many of the Plains Tribes, the greatest insult you could do to an enemy was to just touch him in battle. Sort of like tag football – no concussions.

            I am putting a pre-hung exterior door in my basement shortly so do I use 8d or 16d nails and should they be common or finish?

            I am also trying to wire in a new 220 volt pump motor – do I really need a ground?

            On bolts, of which we make almost none in the US, is tensile or shear strength more important?

            I was a Statistician when I was working and am now trying to learn how to do something useful? Your plans for the future?

            Just heard on NPR that they had a murder-suicide at Lackland AFB today – why can’t people just get along?

          3. Mathew Molk

            Best architect in the world.
            So who is the best band in the world? Duke Ellington or AC/DC? —- Really stupid question….To me the best architect is the one who can make the sum of the interior detail dimensions not be more then the overall dimensions of the building. Happens all the time too. 6-10X10 rooms in a 60 foot building. They always forget the wall between the rooms are 5″ and the outside walls are generally over 8. (those 6 rooms take a foundation that is 62′-1″ on the inside. It should be an apprenticeship like engineering used to be. Start on the broom and saw and work your way through the shop. The architects should start on the labor gang and do not not less then 3 months as a helper in each of the 5 skilled trades.

            History of religions with regard to race.
            The existence of a race or people and the founding of a religion have nothing what so ever to do with each other. but just for the record Mohamed lived in the mid 500AD..Next to Scientology His “religion” is about the newest and is undoubtedly man made just like L Ron Hubbard’s

            VW Dome (or should we say “dumb”)
            Left in their factory configuration there is no friggin way VW hoods could ever be configured into a geo-dome. It was drafty because of the 4″ gaps between the hoods.- Really stupid use of them even if you cut the skins into pentagons and hexagons like you would need to make an actual geodesic dome. . . Living there at all brings you mental state in question.

            Basement Door
            Yo pal, nobody uses nails anymore anyway. but, OK, What is the Substrat? Either small head dry wall screws if it is in wood or metal studs or Tap-Cons under the Door Stop if it’s in concrete. .

            Pump Motor
            Are you in the US,,,No such thing as 220 here for decades. It would be 208 or 240. 3 PH or single PH? Are you talking earthing or bonding? Just as a case in point, though, Per NFPA70, the National Electrical Code Art 250 all metal parts of any utilization equipment shall be bonded together and connected to the equipment grounding conductor. (If you don’t know any of that stuff already you better not do anything beyond plugging in your computer monitor- you will hurt yourself. Call an electrical contractor)

            Very sophomoric question as stressing both depend on the direction of load and the hole configuration, (What;s better, B-52 bomber or an M-60 Tank?) Again if you ask that question you have no business with a spud wrench in your hand (That is an Iron Worker’s tool) but say on a building the beam clips, where the load is perpendicular to the bolt C/L, shear is the main component of the design criteria. We even say the bolts are in shear in that scenario. If the bolts are holding the intermediate connection pads together on something like a roof truss they are in tension and therefor the design criteria would look primary at the tensile strength of the bolts. There are many combinations too. Bottom line,,, Don’t even THINK about hanging such a truss. Not ever. Stay on the ground at a safe distance and watch the men working up there on the iron making noise with a yoyo.. – (The dynamic loading on connecting rod bolts on a drag racing engine are another completely different scenario the either of the above static loading conditions.)

            My invoice for the consulting fee for providing the information will be in the mail. 2%net 10 net 30

            (Sometimes it’s good to own and Industrial electrical/Millwright contracting and engineering firm)
            My apologies for boring the intelligent posters here but just couldn’t resisting putting this libertard in his place.

      4. apzzyk

        The terrorists from 9/11, or many of them flew into a very small private airport from Canada into Maine, where they, without any screening at all, got on a commuter plane, transferted to the commercial planes in Boston by going across the tarmack, and the real problems began there. Blocking all international travel would have stopped our economy, and your total focus on muslims is misplaced. There are still orgainizations such as the IRA and others from Europe, Asia, and South America (Brazil, Argentina, etc) that would be more than willing to do the US and its people harm. The most vulnerable place in the US is really not along either coast, but toward the middle of the country. The largest danger to US commerce is known – it is the New Madrid fault which is in N. ARK and SE MO, and when it slipps again, which is way past due, all of the bridges along the MS river would fall, and the cities from MN to NO would be destroyed, and there is absolutely no preparation, and you are probably afraid of the FEMA camps that would hold the refugees from such a natural disaster. The next greatest hazard is the electrical grid, which is privately owned for the most part, but the need for dividends is greater than the need to update it – if the electric lines in NW OK had been replaced as needed last year, we would not be having an 800 or so sq. mile fire in the area now. Mother nature must be an islamic terrorist.

        1. Gen11American

          The other half of those terrorists came in on student visas, and all the warnings of FBI field agents about those Muslim students taking flying lessons, and not caring about learning how to land a plane, were totally ignored by the upper echelon of “leaders.” Despite 9/11, we’re allowing thousands of Muslim foreign students to gain their educations here in the U.S. at taxpayer expense under the auspices of “diversity,” and those students are allowed to gain high-level computer skills which permit them to be terrorist hackers when they return home! That’s how stupid this nation truly is! We also allow Chinese students to do the same thing, only they go to work as hackers for the Chinese government when they go home! And we allow this travesty to go on and on, year after year! Only a government which is the enemy of this country would be that treasonous. The fact that Congress is complicit by failing to do anything to stop the insanity proves they’re just as guilty!

          1. apzzyk

            When I started at the local U in 1963, my first roommate was Mohammed Agili, from Behghazi, who was here on and Agency for International Development Grant, as were other students from N Africa and the Mid East and other places. Then the idea was that along with giving the future leaders, or at least influential people from other countries an education and an opportunitity to see how the US works, that we would have better foreign relations in the future. I also had friends and classmates who joined the Peace Corps to do much the same and help people in other countries become consumers of our goods. Then there were the Fullbright Fellowships which sent our scholars to other countries to teach and do research in these places. Then xenophobia hit and we had this morbid, but irrational fear of strangers, and used out immigration quotas to keep people who were not like us out of the country, and we wound up where we now are – the most culturately illiterate country in the world fearful of all, who seldom travel outside of the US except on Cruise ships with several thousand of their closest friends.
            By the time of 9/11 our isolationism and explotation of other countries had finally resulted in some retaliation for some reason – a tension that had been building for at least 100 years, and instead of trying to understand why and do some policy changes to reduce the probability of this happening again, and being all about us with total disregard for the welfare of the world, we eventually got the optional wars and practiced the opposite of what is in “how to Win Friends and Influence People” by ‘shock and awe’ and invading a countries to replace their existing governments with popularly elected ones which just so happened to lead to more unfriendly leaders in more countries. We were the bully on the block and someone finally fought back, and here we are – since this was a great failure in foreign relations, we must do it more until we have a total failure in international relations because our great Conservative leaders of the past 35 years, by their own words, never made a mistake.
            Building walls will just make matters worse and faster, and not accepting refugees will do the same so soon we will have only international enemies, and will be the top dog again. It has now reached the point where the only cats that are acceptable are the domestic short and long hair ones – no foreign cats allowed.

      5. Jerry Branson

        I am afraid I have to disagree with some of what you say. Muslims are people just like any other. They are capable of good or bad. The real problem is what they believe or not believe. That goes for Christians as well. Muslims do get educated to the point of not being illiterate when they come here or to another open society that requires education. But all too often they get “educated” on religion just like Christians do. They go to a church/mosque and they hear what is taught to them. Seldom do they read their own books to any extent. What they know is what someone else tells them.
        The real danger is what they learn and from who they learn. The Quran is pure evil. But so can the Old Testament be considered less than peaceful because the contents are taken out of context and planted in the minds of individuals. Or have we forgotten about the Ku Klux Klan.
        The real cure is to actually read and digest the texts of any reference book. Once someone knowns the background and reads what is written for themselves does it often fall apart. For example, if all I ever read from the Bible was the Book of Leviticus, I end up with a very distorted mind set of the Bible. In fact, if all I read was the Hebrew Torah I would likely not be a Christian.
        As I have read the Quran, I know what else is out in the world in the way of religious matter as well as the historical behavior of the followers of such literature. A few pages into the book and I am seeing highly biased and erroneous writings that are not compatible with reality, or as one responder put it, not living in the now.

        1. Gen11American

          Excellent response, but very utopian because it just ain’t goin’ ta happen! Perhaps what our government needs to do is kick out the clerics and imams who are teaching radical islamic jihad in the mosques! Better yet, just stop allowing any more Muslims into our country! Islam is totally incompatible with Christianity! Since America was founded as a Judeon/Christian country, with values based on Judeon/Christian values, why in the hell should we admit a “religious” group which has as its core value the total destruction of Jews and Christians?! It’s totally insane, and any politician (Clinton, Sanders, Kasich) who think we should continue flooding them in on the false premise that they’re “just like anyone else” is a liberal-minded nutcase who will get us killed! We’ve lived under that insanity for the past 7+ years! It’s time for a return to sane policies based on common sense!

          1. Jerry Branson

            Utopian? Hardly. As for a danger, certainly the teachers of Islam are a threat. Any teacher of any religion is a threat potentially. I Cannot argue with that. On the other hand, Orientals are not compatible with Christianity either. But it is up to any individual to become compatible with out way of life and especially our form of government. If they do, fine. If they do not, then problems arise. as for a flood of Muslims coming here, that is now becoming a danger in Europe already. do keep in mind that immigrants are the backbone of this country and Muslims are not necessarily stupid people. Many, especially women, are illiterate. But our education system can change that. I do not like the Muslim attitude of trying to force their way of life on us. For example, Muslims do not eat pork. Therefore pork should be outlawed. Jews don’t eat pork, either. But they are wise enough to realize they are not obligated to eat it. No one is holding a gun to their heads and making them eat pork.
            The bottom line for me is that if Muslims wish to force us to adopt their lifestyle and laws, they have crossed the line. Otherwise I do not pay any more attention to them as I do a Buddhist or Jew. A high number of Muslims into the is country IS a potential disaster just as it is becoming in Europe. Let them stay put in the Middle East and stop interfering in their less than civil behaviors.

          2. Gen11American

            Past immigrants have been the backbone of this country! Since 1965, when Ted Kennedy passed his “family reunification” immigration bill, the scum of the earth have been flooding into the U.S. rather than immigrants who will be an asset to us! The only value of most of the immigrants coming in now is to the Democrats as future potential voters, or present fraud voters! Muslims vote 100% for Democrats, which is why the Democrats are flooding them in! Piss-poor Hispanics also vote for the Democrats almost totally, which is why they don’t keep them out! Excess immigration is breaking the back of this country, and candidates like Clinton, Sanders & Kasich support that influx despite the fact that 94 million Americans are out of the workforce!

          3. Jerry Branson

            Now we are on equal ground. Yes, poor immigrants mean more welfare folks and more votes to continue the welfare programs. PUKE! Any problems with this response? But there is coming a day when we have too few people supporting welfare and then the coffers run dry and disaster hits. Those days are coming on us very fast.

          4. Gen11American

            The worst part is, our own government is flooding the holds of our ship of state so the system will collapse. That way it ends in a way that grants them plausible deniability. They can cry “It wasn’t our fault” until hell freezes, but WE KNOW they are responsible for allow Obama to run amuck instead of reining him in! They’re perfectly willing to push for increases in the number of legal immigrants and H-1b cheap-labor visas to foreigners, but they absolutely refuse to even address the issue of raising the cap on the wealthy by making them pay 3% on all their income, just as everyone who makes under $114,000 per year has to do! That hold that position even though the SS Fund will run dry by 2030 because they (secretly) want Social Security to fail! It’s abundantly clear that we need to clean House in 2016, folks!

          5. Jerry Branson

            I am not a conspiracy person but there is a lot about Obama that I find very difficult to swallow. I am all for cleaning house this fall but this is the most screwball election year I can ever recall. I am sick of the abandonment of our Constitution by both sides.

          6. Mathew Molk

            How many mOslems do you actually know?

            I have worked for and around them and believe me, every single one thinks Americans are inferior and stupid (until they need a control system for a pita bread baking line or anything else that involves a pair of pliers or enough manual dexterity to tie shoes) They with out a doubt want to put an end to us other then to use us a slaves. FACT!

            On one occasion I presented this one son of Mohamed an invoice for a rather extensive re-wiring job. He said. “what we do in my country is scratch out what you want and write down what we are going to pay” I reached across the desk and picked his scrawny A-Rab ass up by his tie and told him, “Well what we do in MY country is you pay the God Damn bill or I break your f&^%(@g legs!” They had to throw water on the pen he was using to write the check to prevent a fire.

            This type attitude is 100% in line with every dealing I ever had wiith the son of Mohammads*.

            *(That is SOB in MY language)

            Throw the bastards out! and for God sake DON”T LET ANY MORE IN !

          7. Mathew Molk

            I’m a little older and every time I was involved with mOslems was over here in the USA, And every single time it was a problem too. They all made it clear they felt Americans were inferior to them (except when they needed something like a design build for a pita bread line, or anything else that involved a pair of pliers for that matter,They are accustomed to using a rock and a stick as their only tools.) They were generally unpleasant at all times. (BTW should have seen that one. 1,000,000 BTU bread oven that weighed 11 tons, and a 300 foot long folded cool down conveyor. 13 motors as i remember and they all had to be coordinated. Would have been a great job if it weren’t for the friggin mOslems) Getting your money out of them is like pulling teeth too.

            I have had other dealings with them at other places too. Every one was a bloody nightmare every single time.

            Don’t know why thet kept calling us. Must not be any of them smart enough to do electrical work or move large machinery.
            I finely flat refused to work for the son of Mohammads (PC for SOBs) and I don’t miss them at all. Get out of my country!

            When we were doing energy reduction retrofitting for a property management company we worked on places with Chinese, Hindus, Philippineos, Vietnamese even a Samoan guy. Never a problem and they treated us like gods.(Americans were a lot harder to be around then them) They acted like we were doing them a favor by working for them at all and when we did extras for them directly they always paid the bill on time or before and called us back to do additional jobs for them. I still go to some of the restaurants we worked on back then and years later they remember me and we sit around and just bs a little every time i come in.They treat me like a friend. mOslems,,,NO WAY they acted like they hated us the whole time,,,and they are the ones that called us!

            And I still stick by my statement that the ones that stand by and let their fellow uncivilized barbarian brothers rape and kill are just as guilty as the ones doing the rapes and murders.

            Let them stay in their own country and kill ecah other. We don’t need them over here

          8. Jerry Branson

            Mathew Molk,
            Being a historian and having a course in college on the Middle East and surviving the mandatory Quran requirement I got the message loud and clear. 1000 years of not getting along with anyone is their past. They have to live with it. The Sunnis and Shiites will always fight as they do not agree on who the revered top dog successor of Muhammed. Best we avoid getting ourselves embroiled in their squabbles. That has been my stance since before we went to Iraq.

          9. Mathew Molk

            I was all for flattening Sadom Husein when he hit Kuwait but now i see even that was a boo boo.

            Let ‘um kill each other off and let Allah sort ‘um out. None of out business.

            Just we HAVE to keep them the hell out of here and now that is going to be a trick.

          10. Jerry Branson

            Mathew Molk,
            The power struggle between the two factions of Islam will keep them in a fighting stance as long as they exist. I say, let them alone in the Middle East and leave them there.

    2. monacall

      this is exactly what they are hoping for, bringing in all these invaders causing us to protect our selves and then THE OBOZO group can call for martial law….what I keep saying to obozo is BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!!!

    3. Don Wadd

      There will be fighting in the streets once americans have had enough of these muslim killers!

  2. leewacker

    Yes, I agree with Gingrich about Trump! I don’t give a rat’s rear about how the establishment feels about the man, I don’t care how some of the voters feel, I stand behind Donald J. Trump all the way! He’s been right in all of his “predictions,” will be again and again! If the fools in this country don’t put him in the white house—-we’re done as a country!

    1. Mary Diecidue

      Agree……Gingrich is very knowlegeable………he is about the only one that has not attacked Trump.

      1. xeriscapelady

        You have many supporters and a few come ri out, like Judge Jeanine and Lou Dobbs.. GOD bless them……

    2. Ray

      Absolutely right, this is our last chance to get it right. The man owes nobody nothing, he is doing all this to turn the mess around and all the MSM wants to do take him down. I have stop listening to the garbage they say about him. I have made my mind up he is the man that can get it done. It gets sickening.

  3. 1pappap

    The political establishment hacks just wont wake up or get it until those terrorists of the so called “peaceful religion” start blowing their a$$es to kingdom come.

    1. Gen11American

      If a Brussels-style terrorist attack occurs in Washington, D.C. does anyone think the pro-Muslim Democratic president and his party will see the light? No? Me neither!

      1. 1pappap

        No, because they will not harmed because they will be forewarned.Come to think of it only the buildings will suffer because both parties are one and the same and they all will be forewarned.

    2. xeriscapelady

      Look up for my longer answer. I did not mention the muslims of which Obama is ” one of them”. But the political hacks, are far more dangerous than you think. They in BOTH parties have been planning one world gov…Bush- signed in Rio- 1991 and Clinton –signed in 94. Its all ready to go, they are just waiting for the great collapse by Obama. Who ever is in will inherit the biggest mess of all history and for TRUMP to be willing to do it is amazing. He knows what their plans are and IF he makes it ( I pray daily for his safety, wisdom and courage), this country will have the best president in history. He will work his bones off to do everything he promised as he is a man of his word. And he will do it for free. Just think no $15 million vacations on us !!!

      Tell ALL you know in other states that have not voted that if they love America they will vote for the ONLY person willing to . Look up those words I did above and you will be shocked. And TRUMP knows exactly what he is getting into, the fight of his life against the enemies of America who have been running it for years.

      1. Mary Diecidue

        Yes…..he is certainly going to have to deal with a big mess that is for sure. We do need to pray for Trump’s safety, as there are many evil people out there!!!!!!

    3. Don Wadd

      They wont get the political hacks. They are well protected. Ones to suffer will be everyday people!

  4. Jerry Branson

    I would agree that while Muslims are not, in and of themselves dangerous, radicals certainly arise from their midst. Every country in the Middle East that is Muslim is a danger to themselves and everyone who intercedes on their path. That has been a fact of over 1000 years. It is not going to change. I lay the blame at the book and not the people. The book is by a madman which is the foundation of a man full of hatred and barbarianism. It goes back to Ishmael, who was booted out of Abraham’s house. Muhammed lays that foundation in the Quaran.

    1. TAM44

      obama loves Islam and his murdering Muslim brotherhood, and he is beholding to them and does what ever he can to protect these murdering terrorist. Just look at the sweet deal obama and john kerry gave Iran, they stabbed America in their backs.

      I’m with Mr. Trump they hate our guts and want to kill us all.

      Subject: We just can’t figure out who’s causing the problem

      We Can’t Seem To Pinpoint The Problem

      The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim

      The Beltway Snipers were Muslims

      The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim

      The underwear Bomber was a Muslim

      The U-S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims

      The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims

      The Bali Nightclub Bombers were Muslims

      The London Subway Bombers were Muslims

      The Moscow Theater Attackers were Muslims

      The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims

      The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims

      The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims

      The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims

      The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims

      The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Muslims

      The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims

      The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims

      The Kenyan US, Embassy Bombers were Muslims

      The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims

      The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were Muslims

      The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims

      The first World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims

      The Bombay & Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims

      The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims

      The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims

      Think of it:

      Buddhists living with Hindus = No Problem

      Hindus living with Christians = No Problem

      Hindus living with Jews = No Problem

      Christians living with Shintos = No Problem

      Shintos living with Confucians = No Problem

      Confucians living with Baha’is = No Problem

      Baha’is living with Jews = No Problem

      Jews living with Atheists = No Problem

      Atheists living with Buddhists = No Problem

      Buddhists living with Sikhs = No Problem

      Sikhs living with Hindus = No Problem

      Hindus living with Baha’is = No Problem

      Baha’is living with Christians = No Problem

      Christians living with Jews = No Problem

      Jews living with Buddhists = No Problem

      Buddhists living with Shintos = No Problem

      Shintos living with Atheists = No Problem

      Atheists living with Confucians = No Problem

      Confusians living with Hindus = No Problem

      Muslims living with Hindus = Problem

      Muslims living with Buddhists = Problem

      Muslims living with Christians = Problem

      Muslims living with Jews = Problem

      Muslims living with Sikhs = Problem

      Muslims living with Baha’is = Problem

      Muslims living with Shintos = Problem

      Muslims living with Atheists = Problem


      **********SO THIS LEADS TO *****************

      They’re not happy in Gaza

      They’re not happy in Egypt

      They’re not happy in Libya

      They’re not happy in Morocco

      They’re not happy in Iran

      They’re not happy in Iraq

      They’re not happy in Yemen

      They’re not happy in Afghanistan

      They’re not happy in Pakistan

      They’re not happy in Syria

      They’re not happy in Lebanon

      They’re not happy in Nigeria

      They’re not happy in Kenya

      They’re not happy in Sudan

      ******** So, where are they happy? **********

      They’re happy in Australia

      They’re happy in England

      They’re happy in Belgium

      They’re happy in France

      They’re happy in Italy

      They’re happy in Germany

      They’re happy in Sweden

      They’re happy in the USA & Canada

      They’re happy in Norway & India

      They’re happy in almost every country that is not Islamic! And who do they blame?

      Not Islam…

      Not their leadership…

      Not themselves …


      And they want to change the countries they’re happy in, to be like the countries they came from where they were unhappy!

      ******** So, What are their Major Organizations? **********













      Palestine Liberation Front: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION



      Abdullah Azzam Brigades: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION

      And we just can’t figure out who’s causing the problem!!!

      1. Jerry Branson

        I am glad you did not go back for the whole thousand years. I would still be reading. I do not disagree with anything you stated. But the Muslim extremists have been at it a long time before the present. I have some friends who are Muslim and they are fine people. They are Iranians. I have dealt with Iranians in the distant past as well as Libyans. The Iranians are Shiite and the Libyans are Sunnis. The big fight is that they each hold that they have the right as the truth in Islamic history.

      2. Gen11American

        Don’t kid yourself! The “Powers-that-be” know exactly where the threats are coming from. They’ve just decided that they can effectively use the Muslims to break down all national borders and eliminate any national sovereignty under the weight of millions of Muslim migrants. The globalists want free-flow of cheap laborers to maximize their profits, you see. And once they get their One World Government with no national borders, I’m sure they’ll eliminate the Muslims just as Hilter eliminated the Jews. The attacks on Brussells probably temporarily scared the OWG gurus running the EU, but they’re still standing firm, in opposition to The People of Europe, still intending to flood Europe with more Muslim refugees! The liberal whackjobs are really having a field day on this issue! It’s up to the people of Europe to stand firm against the liberal whackjobs in power!

      3. Mathew Molk

        RIGHT ON !!!!!

        That was the best, most accurate description of the threat to world peace I ever heard.

        God Bless you. I hope the Buddhists do a prayer wheel thing for you too.

        Again OUTSTANDING!

    2. bookworm

      Any and all Muslims who take it seriously as the word of Allah as revealed to Mohammed, are automatically what we call a terrorists: EVERYONE MUST SUBMIT [what Islam means] or die. Got that? Killing those who disagree, infidels like us, is a holy effort, and paradise guaranteed to those who die killing infidels.

      1. Jerry Branson

        Sounds like you know the Quran also. It begins by stating that Allah hates infidels and goes downhill from there. Quran: 2 The Cow: 22-23.

    3. Wingedgodd3ss

      Yes yes, not all muslims are bad people. What a politically correct statement. Of course the ” good” ones are totally silent at the violence perpetrated against non muslims. They are as guilty for not condemning acts of violence.

        1. bookworm

          No, we shouldn’t waste our time judging others: The Lord has already judged the world. Free will means ability to make choices with no consideration or regard for God’s opinion, therefore we’ve all sinned every time we open our mouths! The Quran is antithetical to the Judeo-Christian scriptures = sin on steroids!

          1. Jerry Branson

            I am glad someone agrees with me. I got some hot responses. I also posted on a direct quote from the Quran in a previous response. As I said, the Quran begins with allah (no cap) hating infidels and goes downhill from there. It was written by a less than sterling madman full of the that comes from Ishmael. Ishmael had no love for Hebrew people as a result of getting the boot.

          2. bookworm

            Ismael said God was wrong in not choosing him — wrong = by definition of “god” He doesn’t exist — but out of love for Abraham, God granted Ishmael 12 tribes just like Isaac. God allowed 12 tribes of naysayers and codified sin in the Quran to allow choice: No one can say they didn’t know!

          3. Jerry Branson

            You lost me on this one. What God does not exist? Yes, Ishamael was granted twelve tribes. I got that part. I am not sure I follow the codification of sin – in the Bible or in the Quran? Who knew what?

          4. bookworm

            Heb 11:6b “he that comes to God must believe that He is . . .” Definition of God is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and the Creator. IF we believe He exists, then it is not only logical but also in our own best self interest to seek His opinion and advice before making any choice, right? Therefore, every time we make a decision without seeking His opinion or advice, we are denying His existence. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate slap in the face to the Creator/God? Whoppah! There isn’t a person on a the face of the earth who consults the Lord 24/7/365!

          5. Jerry Branson

            I follow that and believe it. And I agree that we all do not follow God as you suggest every minute of the day. But then again, I am not sure that we are out of the will of God. I will have to get way off the topic here to explain but I can lay it out in Scripture.

        2. Howleyesque

          And there in lies the problem, but not recognizing what they represent (not “judging” them) you CONDONE them there are times when there IS NO “middle ground” you pick a side.

          1. Howleyesque

            Again you miss my point. What you’ve read COMBINED WITH what you can SEE taking place in many parts of Europe right now where they CHOSE to do “the Christian thing” SHOULD make you aware of the FACT that you WILL at some point in time HAVE TO take a stand. The options are two and simple: #1 you can do it NOW while the odds are in OUR favor (“we” being ALL NON Muslims) OR you can wait until they odds favor them (and the tide is RAPIDLY turning that way. In which case your odds and ours of prevailing are greatly lessened as they will (as they do in so many other places and as Obama and Lynch (in coordination with the desires of CAIR) want and are making efforts (as Hitler did… he made sure all of his actions were “legal” ) have the force of law and government backing them.
            THAT is WHY this election is SO VERY CRUCIAL to our nation’s future.

          2. Jerry Branson

            I don’t think I miss your point at all. The Quran is pure evil, period. And yes, this election is exceedingly crucial for not only the future but survival. I do not overlook anything about the Quran for one little minute. I told you I have taken a stand. I do NOT approve of the Quran at all! As for the people, the Muslims should have figured out long ago that they were being taken to the cleaners. It is a male dominated system that has disaster written all over it.

        3. Leathur Rokk

          Well the Bible also has Leviticus with its proscriptions against eating shellfish, its exhortations of homophobia, its if you rape her you must marry her after paying her brother however many sheckles of silver….yeah theres lots of validity in THAT old book..
          it is 2016.There is no God no gods no allah no Zeus….none are real…LIVE IN THE NOW!

          1. Jerry Branson

            Leathur Rokk,
            OK, expert, tell me more about Leviticus. What was it all about and why was it so detailed? Do you know that this book in the Old Testament was for the Levites, the priests, if you will. It did not necessarily pertain to the general public. The first five books are the Jewish Torah. It pertained to the Hebrew people and no one else. So your atheistic point is pointless.

      1. Robert Early

        I’M EDUCATED.
        “So when you meet those who disbelieve,
        strike their necks until you have inflicted slaughter upon them.”
        Qur’an 47:4
        Since the 7th century, Muslims have slaughter over 270 M; over 100 M in India alone. This is the true story of Islam.

      2. ajareins

        Sounds like the germans in nazi times. Guilty by not speaking out and look how many people died because of them and their silence. Screw the so called moderate muslims. Deport them all give them a choice.. Leave now or ….

    4. Howleyesque

      That PC nonsense is as ridiculous and misguided as the leftists who believe it. The truly funny part being that the instant they are contradicted they immediately shout “FASCIST!” or “KKK” little realizing that either their theory holds true or it doesn’t! Not ALL Nazi’s went to war or personally took part in the atrocities, not ALL KKK took part in lynchings either yet they have NO problem with labeling ALL who bought into the mindset as evil. Do I have ANY love for either group? NO! Do I hod ANY of THEM “blameless”? NO! Nor will I hold “blameless” the “non radical” members of this self contained doctrine of manifest destiny!

      1. Jerry Branson

        What I said is not PC but my Christian belief in not judging others. I am repeating what I said in the last post below. PC is crap. I agree with much of what you say but not your attitude.

        1. Howleyesque

          Friend my “attitude” is called enemy recognition and zero tolerance for appeasement that has NEVER EVER been a workable plan. The time to STOP ‘giving inches” and take BACK yards if not miles, is long since passed and the Muslim reprobate in office now is proof of that!

          1. Jerry Branson

            I grasp that fine. But the enemy is not the Muslim but the Quran. Short of rounding up every Quran and burning it, It is impossible to stop by human ability. I speak out freely on the Quran and have even quoted it in these posts. Muhammed was the source and he was a very angry being. I hate to call him human. His background comes from Ishmael, the rejected son of Abraham. I am amused that the Quran sees Abraham as not Jewish. He was Hebrew completely, who are the Jews many centuries later. It lauds Abraham and Ishmael. I rejoice that one day the Quran will go up in flames. I find it especially evil from cover to cover.

          2. Mathew Molk

            Say what ???????

            Is not the very definition of a mOslem a follower of Muhammed and the Koran and the teachings therein? – I might have gone to OSU and was born at night but it wasn’t last night and even I can see that they are one in the same and need to be eradicated.

            And I do not believe in burning books of any kind. There was a big-assed war that ended 70 years ago that put a book burning short guy with a really bad mustache out of business. I don’t think we want to ride that horse again.

          3. Jerry Branson

            Mathew Molk,
            Obviously burning up all the copies of the Quran is not even possible. It is just wishful thinking. But dealing with evil is not our job. We can speak out against it and seek to maintain our own status as a nation. We cannot deal with something that is beyond our capacity as humans.

          4. Mathew Molk

            Just about right on that one too, Jerry but to stand by and do nothing is not an a option either. remember for evil to triumph all that is necessary is for good men to do nothing. .

            I will say since Mohammad started that devils “religion” they have been raping, enslaving and murdering and starting wars and just being generally violent and unable to get along with anybody. They even kill each other. I have a dog and 2 cats and won’t insult them by referring to the mOslems as “animals” Warthogs have more class.

            Maybe it’s not the books that need burning,,,I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

          5. Jerry Branson

            Mathew Molk,
            I am as vocal on the Quran as I can be. and I am very concerned about the ISIS mess which should be over with. We have to keep up the message as long as we can breathe.

          6. Mathew Molk

            We are in one hell of a mess on a bunch of fronts for sure, my Brother. We might have slightly differing approaches, but we sure as hell are on the same page. Maybe a little of both is in order.

            I was never much of a Bible thumping God man (except maybe during the ’68 Tet Offensive) but praying a little might be the best thing we can do right now. Like giving Chicken soup to a dead man. Might not bring him back to life but it couldn’t hoit. (Hanging around with my Jewish pals too much, I guess)

          7. Jerry Branson

            Mathew Molk,
            I am not what is called a “Bible thumper” but have been serious Christian for now over 60 years. The best thing we an do is to get out of the Middle East and leave them there to kill each other off, which they will continue to do as long as they exist. That has been their pattern for 1000 years. We are not likely to change that no matter what. But like the sane people in Sodom and Gomorrah, we stand by God and He intervenes when he gets sick of the behavior of control freaks..

      2. Mathew Molk

        The people who joined the NAZI party and KKK made conscious choices to do so Screw ‘um. I’ll take the wide brush and paint ’em all.

        mOslems on he other hand could have been born into it, but anybody over 18 years old with enough brains to heat their hair oil and living in America who still believes it is the correct thing to kill anyone who is not a mOslem is gutty as hell weather they directly or indirectly actually participate in the murder of an “infidel” or not. Kill um all and let Allah sort them out—IN HELL.

        I hear all these assbags here constantly bad rapping Christianity for doing the wrong thing in the crusades and inquisition. No doubt in my military mind that those things were awful, but Christianity and a bunch or other belief’s, including segregation in the USA, all evolved for the better.

        On the other hand the mOslems, If anything, DEvolved into something worse. Living with them is like peaceful coexistence with cancer.

        If you didn’t hear Khrushchev say “we will bury you” (I did) you might not think the HUAC hearings we the right thing to do,,,,But we did route out the communists and they lost the cold war. I see no difference in getting rid of the mOslems and winning this war against our way of life.

        (They hate it when you use the “O” instead of the “U” )

    5. xeriscapelady

      That is all true, but the people themselves are to blame.They were pushed back before…Crusades and you would think when they see our great lifestyle and especially the women that are treated like dogs, they would say maybe this man is not right.
      But they are so interbred, they can’t think like normal people. Obama has some in him, so he can still think but not all that well either or he would see he is punishing the very life that gave him all he has. He lived over there and saw it. He has no common sense for sure.. But they ALL feel we are the infidel and should be killed….every one of them.
      But we are going to get rid of this mess we NEED TRUMP.

      1. Jerry Branson

        Remember, most women are illiterate. The Quran emphasizes men mostly and women are secondary or not even that high.
        Obama had an Islamic father but I don’t think he learned much from him. However, he was under the thumb of his step father in Indonesia for a longer period of time. HIs mother was a loose canon liberal. So was his Grandmother. I don’t know much about his grandfather.

        1. Mathew Molk

          That has to explain Hillery Clinton. She can’t even read the instructions on a subway credit card. – 5-Trys to get it right. I never gave her credit for much brain power but inability to read and write would explain a lot and help her staying out of the can for her treasonous use of her eMails – She can’t read! – Wounder how long it will take her lawyers to jump on that.

          BTW, you might want to do an edit on your post….i am sure you meant “Most MOSLEM women are illiterate” Poor ol’ Bitchery has enough troubles.

          1. Jerry Branson

            Hillary is a long standing wife of the least truthful Presidents we have ever had. I think that says it all. Yes, I meant to say, most Muslim women. My computer is flawed. There is a loose screw in the button puncher.

          2. Mathew Molk

            Just bustin your chops Jerry. With what is going on we all sure could use a laugh or two, right? Hope it put a smile on your face.

            I have the worst case of fat fingers in 3 states. Cant even dial a telephone on the first try half the time. Thank God for spell check and the ability to proof read and edit.

            God Bless and keep the faith my Brother.

          3. Jerry Branson

            Mathew Molk,
            I am almost 79 so I am beginning my third round of 39. Smile? I am grinning like a Jackass in a cactus patch. My sincere best wishes to you. And you keep the faith also. We shall meet one day.

    6. Don Wadd

      Muslims of ANY kind are NOT compatible with western values. ALL of them need to be booted out now!

      1. Jerry Branson

        I have Muslim friends here that I have known for 20 years. They are not a threat to anyone. Of course, they are a real minority. It changes when they increase in numbers. But I do agree that they are not compatible with western values.

    1. patriotrenegade

      What a HORROR of an idea. See my info above. knewtpig needs to just BE GONE, as in “BE GONE satan”.

      1. xeriscapelady

        Who is new pig? I did not see any other entry by you. If you mean TRUMP then you are part of the evil. If it is someone else, then please tell me.

        1. monacall

          seriously his not one of the good old boys….he is, is own man, whether you like it or not he speaks the truth and sorry about that if you cant handle it…and whose paying for the others running…THE TAX PAYERS….why would anyone vote for someone that is running for ANOTHER JOB….when they already cant do the job they have….can you go publically look for another job? you could but I bet your employer would fire you the next day…..these guys do routinely and STILL GET TO KEEP THEIR JOBS….only in America. ONLY THE POLITICIANS……so who is STUPID!!!! Trump is not a PAID POLITICIAN BY THE TAX PAYERS….. his using his own money, that he earned…..not money that WE THE PEOPLE GAVE THEM….and they still ask for more….we are the most STUPID PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET….and we do it with a smile on our stupid faces….

          1. patriotrenegade

            NO! He is a disgusting individual, a traitor, liar, and typical of your CFR owned “media” to “consult” him. He is evil. Smartin up.

        2. patriotrenegade

          knewtpig IS gingrich. Since this site chose to erase my previous post her it is AGAIN: He’s a CFR traitor, wants to scrap the Constitution a la toffler, is a serial adulterer, rammed NAFTA and GATT (china) through a despicable “congress” for CFR lil billy clintoon, 120 million lost jobs, and wrote and rammed through the “gun free zones act” for lil billy, Ft Hood, the Navy Yard, and Sandy Hook, lotsa of blood on their hands. The fact that he is always on “TV” is a despicable disgrace. Ban him.

    2. Gen11American

      That wouldn’t be a wise choice, and neither would Marco Rubio. Rubio’s connection to George Soros and the Gang of 8 Amnesty Plan are poison.
      We do need someone who knows how the Senate operates, someone who ISN’T pro-illegal, pro-amnesty, and pro-national debt increases to placate the masses. They also need to have foreign policy experience. And they must be pro-2nd Amendment above all else because it’s true that No Guns = No Freedoms.

      1. xeriscapelady

        Why would you even bring up Rubio? He is a liar. I know and he lied to my face. I am from Florida and we will know him best DID NOT vote for him. Talk about a TRUMP state, we gave TRUMP 66 out of 67 counties ( only Marco’s home county voted for him and almost went to Trump). And he is NOT legal to run and all knew it. Just like Cruz but the people voting for him hear his lies and actually believe them. He voted for TTP which sells out America, for amnesty and says he did not, and everything he says about TRUMP is a LIE. Lyin’ Ted…. Trump would have the nomination if the GOP did their job and threw Ted out for n ot being a natural born citizen, only a U.S. citizen , as one parent ONLY was a US citizen when he was born.Dad was still a Cuban citizen. They are using him to keep TRUMP from winning and then will DUMP him and put an evil person in to bring in one world gov.

        1. Gen11American

          The only reason I brought up Rubio is because pundits on CNN mentioned Rubio as a potential running mate choice for Trump! I was trying to shut down any further discussion of him!

        2. Buck O'Fama

          Lyin’ Ted’s mother was a Canadian citizen (had voted in Canadian national elections) BEFORE Ted was born. He does NOT inherit ANY level of American Citizenship from her. He was NOT born a dual citizen, and had NO standing to “choose” American citizenship over Canadian. Since he was never formally naturalized, he is NOT an American citizen. Not only is he Constitutionally unqualified to be POTUS, he in is, fact, not eligible for the Senate!

    3. xeriscapelady

      That would be a great choice but it probably won’t happen…But a cabinet position.

  5. Bob Taylor

    For those who want to remain on course in this country. You may keep your head in the sand by saying “what are you giving me today” and expect to live on the government dole all your life or you can wake up and realize you cannot get something for nothing. Our country is on a fast track to destruction of our Republic. One more term of establishment will make this country a welfare state and then into a dictator state. We need to become involved with government at all levels especially the power grabbers at the top. All these people coming to this country could not make their way of life work in their own country but want to come here and change us into what they left. That makes them either stupid or ignorant. HOWEVER, it makes us more so because we are letting they get away with it by doing nothing.

      1. xeriscapelady

        He is only part of the problem, the muslim part. But both parties are deep.. See what I said way above the other one I wrote. Illumanati Look that up…..They have been having a plan and its almost ready. That is TRUMP though he could wait no longer to save America.

      2. monacall

        and our 535 LEGISLATORS for letting him do it….they are to blame…for letting him DO IT….vote every incumbent out of office….they are all worthless and no good….we need a cleanings…

        1. Mathew Molk

          That is just about true.

          The RINOS that are democraps ins disguise could have stopped that Community Organizer in the White House in his tracks, but the fix has been in for a long time.

          1. monacall

            its not just about true it is true. obozo has done so many impeachable and treasonous acts and yet these cowards don’t do a damn thing….and they are letting hilllbery run for president, they could stop her too. they are all cowards and it is time to have a campaign on VOTING OUT EVERY INCUMBENT IN NOVEMBER. we the people do have term limits its called voting…we need a big shake up in DC, and voting out everyone of these people that are up for reelection this November is a sure fire way of sending a message…..especially these ones that have been in since Christ was a corporal…

          2. Mathew Molk

            Hey Bro, You preachin to the choir here.

            “Just about True” is slang for 100% correct,,,,Like “you are just about right” means I completely agree with you. ”

            The Community organizer and the broad that leaves guys to die on roofs should both have been in the slammer years ago,,,or better yet stood against the wall,,,Wait.. firing squads have a touch of honor involved. High treason should be punishable by hanging.

            And some of them were standing formation when Christ was given his stripes. Time for a MAJOR house cleaning.

          3. monacall

            thank you Matthew! we need to send a huge message this election year. VOTE ALL THE INCUMBENTS OUT OF OFFICE! just vote for the other person, no matter who it is….if we don’t like what they are doing, we can vote them out! we have term limits its called voting.

    1. xeriscapelady

      Read above, it is more dangerous than you think. BOTH parties are planning one world gov. and 90% of Americans DEAD. Check out the words I put down and you will be shocked.,
      Oh, listen to Judge Jeanine and Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity tells a little, Mark Savage and Alex Jones.

      1. monacall

        your right, NWO…..that is what this is all about. I say “we the people” still have some say….its called voting and to do it is by voting out every incumbent this November…OTHERWISE GET LOTS OF ammo and stock up on food…

  6. Seedman

    The honorable, competent, constitutionally knowledgeable Senator Ted Cruz is much better equipped to deal with the challenges which lie before America; and thankfully his chances of obtaining the party nomination are increasing with each passing day.

    1. Wingedgodd3ss

      Hopefully people will wake up- he’s only doing better because the establishment is not backing Cruz. That should be a warning for anyone.

    2. Liberty

      That may very well be true, but vote Trump if he the top of the ticket. Two fine men with two very different personas. Both know the truth; both will confront the M Menace.

  7. danfrench

    And as long as Obama accepts unvetted Syrians ect into the U.S., make no mistake, it is coming here.
    Dan French

  8. joleenworden

    Amen. Gingrich is very perceptive. Trump is much smarter and has far more common sense than the entire GOP establishment. The Good Ole Boys hate him because they cannot control him. Ever since he started running and got the Illegal thing going, other candidates have been imitating him, without giving credit. The man speaks that truth, even when the truth hurts. Hopefully Trump will be the nominee and win in November.

  9. WVF

    God bless Newt! It’s about time someone of notoriety acknowledged that Mr. Trump called it! Islamic jihadists are ruining the world, not just Brussels! Mr. Donald J. Trump for President!

  10. C21AROBEY

    THE MEDIA, EVEN FOX NEWS, GOP do not understand that the general public ARE MAD AS HELL trump was the answer; however, now his one man campaign is causing him to fail with his march madness expressions. that has open the lanes for CRUZ i favored TRUMP give ’em HELL HARRY ATTITUDE; BUT VOTED CRUZ whom i believe is way smarter, knows the system but also NOT A PARTY PUPPET LIKE Brush; most of the others. Hopefully CRUZ will pick an older person like CHANEY was for Bush as his VP. CRUZ would be wise to surround himself with older/ exgovernors like JEB in his cabinet NJ gov as his attorney general.

    1. Mathew Molk

      I was a staunch Cruz supporter before I checked him out. He is smart. allright.

      Rafael “Ted” cruz is smart enough to get his nose in the trough my friend. Never did a days work that i can locate in his life (Energy dose work – No energy expended, no work done)

      He has been a government employee in one form or another since 1999 and other then a law clerk and short stints working in 2 law firms handling only government litigation he has never been in the private sector at all. Much time in Texas government and in Washington DC, though.

      He never has knowledge of misdeeds under his control and sticks the blame to to others like his campaign staff, Like saying Carson had quit and Trumps wife’s modeling job. The words “that was my fault” have never passed his lips. Smart as a fox. Way smarter then Hillery who always get caught.

      Do you want a guy that has no background scratching for a living and would never admit and rectify a mistake? Then go for him.

      Lying Ted, the Coward. All talk for publicity and no actual accomplishments. Just another pig at the trough.

      Go ahead and vote for him but check this guy out before you openly support him.

  11. patriotrenegade

    Yeah, thanks for nuthin knewtpig, stay away from Trump and stop giving Trump a bad name. You as a CFR want to scrap the Constitution a la toffler, you are a serial adulterer, you rammed NAFTA and GATT (china) through a despicable “congress” for CFR lil billy clintoon, 120 million lost jobs. YOU wrote and rammed the despicable “gun free zones act” through for lil billy, Ft Hood, Navy Yard, Sandy Hook….Lotsa blood on yours and CLINTON”S hands, and you are a globalist traitor. Be GONE satan!

  12. maxx

    Gingrich has been called a “political genius” and in his comments about Trump I believe he is absolutely right. The GOP is used to selecting the candidates for their supporters to quietly comply with and vote for. Except for the fact that way too many conservatives have finally opened their eyes to the truth about the GOP. Stand your ground Trump supporters. You may be on the verge of making history, especially if the GOP tries to screw you once again.

  13. toothii

    Yes I agree. Trump has faults, who doesn’t? But his ideas and insights have merit. They are discounted by the center right and the left because either they didn’t think of it, or know they should have!

  14. GreyHairandGreyMatter

    As a registered member of the GOP for more than a half-century I’m currently cautiously optimistic that “Her Thighness” won’t become our next president. Why? Hillary is undoubtedly an outstanding policy wonk and she still has numerous other redeeming qualities that make her popular among a considerable number of constituents. Conversely, I believe that Hillary’s current posture regarding policy/policies is out-of-step with the majority of constituents in the states that will probably decide the upcoming election. Moreover, despite his current popularity among Democrats especially in caucuses I just don’t believe that the American people are ready for Bernie Sanders who is a self-avowed Socialist.

    Rather, I believe [Realistically, cautiously optimistic at this juncture also] “The Donald” and Ted Cruz will be the GOP Standard bearers. It’s also very possible/plausible that Donald Trump and John Kasich may be the GOP Standard Bearer duo also despite the fact that currently there appears to be a considerable amount of acrimony/schism among the three..

    My actual personal preference is, and I realize that this will probably surprise and result in a cringe on many both on the right and the left, for Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich to be the ultimate GOP Standard Bearers. If “The Donald” is the presidential Standard Bearer he needs someone with considerable government/Congressional experience to work seamlessly/effectively with Congress to get things done and Newt Gingrich in my estimation is the ideal proven master politician/facilitator/implementer to spearhead these types of essential activities. Kasich also can’t be completely ignored either because realistically in my opinion the GOP definitely needs Ohio to win in November and John has proven in the past and he can undoubtedly in the future work very effectively with Congress to get things done.

    Paul Ryan is also a very honorable and decent person too and he has been mentioned in many GOP Establishment circles that he would make an ideal GOP presidential candidate, but for all his numerous attributes right now we don’t need in my estimation a proverbial milquetoast to lead the GOP ticket/our country. [In either political party for that matter] What we do need, however, is someone with charisma, zeal and a can-do attitude with a definite “political wow factor” and again I respectfully believe that “The Donald” is currently the ideal GOP person/candidate to help “Make America Great Again!”

    Can Donald Trump win in a general election…can he prevail in November? That obviously remains to be seen. The next few months should be very telling. Please stay attuned and stay glued to your TV screens America.

    Fred Harden III “GreyHairandGreyMatter”

  15. Drake Travis

    Trump is right alright. You don’t start 500+ businesses, and hire 25,000 people while being a dullard. His mind, resolve, skill, patriotism is why DC (District/Corruption or Dist./Cannabis) is scared to death of him. He will cut off the bribery that is taking this country apart, turning it Bolshevik, Islamic, lurid, anti-family, drug-pit, etc.

  16. Magoo Lew

    What some don’t understand is that once the muslims gain a foothold here in the USA, they will change things to suit themselves and we Americans will be the losers. Slowly, but surely the muslims will take over our country. That is the big problem with letting any muslims come to our country. The congress and the president think they are doing a good thing, and are blind to what is really going on, but they are only hastening the downfall of the US. Either that or they want it that way to bring the US down to it’s knees. Either way, we are screwed. Surely, either way, a war will come.

    1. theicecube

      The other part of the problem is the idiots that will join with them to help with our destruction as they have been brainwashed to believe they are powerless and used.

  17. Robert Early


  18. theicecube

    Come on people, everyone is just confused and jumped to conclusions. The friendly Islamist found the bombs and were just trying to get them as quickly as possible out the city. The fastest way out is obviously on a subway and or airplane. It is unfortunate they could only read Arabic and did not know how much time was on the timer, honest mistake. Yes they could have notified the authorities but they thought it would lead to a misunderstanding and other Islamist and friendly refugees would be blamed. Liberals, before you up vote me this is sarcasm.

  19. Dan Menard

    The GOP as it stands today, is its own worse enemy. And, worse yet they have become the number one enemy of their own constituency. There is a serious need for change, The GOP needs to recognize that dominating fact if they are to remain relevant as a leading political party. Mr. Trump is answering the call of a needful public to a long overdue revival of American principles and representation. There is an old saying of, “How can you tell when a politician is lying? There lips are moving!” It is a given that what any politician says is not necessarily remotely what they will do once in office. The power and the opportunity for wealth on a grand scale is more then most can honestly handle. The trip to their personal “Dark Side” is never very far away. Mr. Trump is bring to the office a new reality not so much driven by power or wealth. Lord know he has lots of both that he got on his own dime! Only JFK could have made that same claim. Those two previously mentioned vices will not be as relevant to him as it is to so many others. Mr. Trump’s big draw is that the voters in great numbers trust him and look to him for meaningful representative leadership and government. It is a fact that so far the other candidates running are just a rehash of the self serving types we have seen before. It is doubtful that we can expect any better from them.

  20. Barry Watkins

    He is absolutely right. I believe we either get Trump for president or we get destruction and slavery. God help us.

  21. pudge1

    Just tell the plain truth. The establishment and lobbyist are hating Trump because he is a danger to their corruption. The gravy train will be cut off and the U. S. could become debt free in a few years with a strong and feared military. So many bad things would go away.

  22. apzzyk

    Not at all! The main reason for these attacks are the marginalization of the immigrants – the forcing them into Ghettos from which they can’t even learn the local language much less the local people who also cannot meet them personally because of the barriers which have been installed – just like The Donald’s not wanting us to honor our NATO obligation to take just a few thousand because of their religion or place of origin. Already what we see from the Twin Cities area where muslims from both the Mid East and Africa have been for at least a generation, but shoved into the low rental areas, is that their kids, who were born here are going to fight with ISIS. If they would have had the opportunity to just meet and come to know kids from other ethnic and racial (a social not biological concept) they might have had enough exposure to the ways of the existing people not to have been recruited, and the the words of Trump and Cruz have done nothing but to make a bad situation worse.
    According to an election report, in the old case, many of the muslim immigrants who were citizens voted Republican in prior elections, and now the GOP candidates may officially ‘win’ in these areas because fewer are identifying with the GOP. On the other hand, when the first plane loads of refugees arrived in Canada, they were greeted at the airports by the PM who said “Welcome Home!”. What we have done with all large immigrant groups is to put them into Ghettos too – there are still what amount to Polish Ghettos in the Chicago Area, and there, the Black population has essentially been confined to certain areas, which have now become gang ‘territories’ where it is not safe for any one to be. Just new tribal wars in urban areas.
    The neighborhood where I have called home since 1946, has become ‘mixed’ so I can go across the street and hire the neighbor’s (who’s family came from Durango, Mexico, years ago) to do some of the yard and garden work that I can no longer do, and they can feel free to come to be to borrow tools which they need, and in contrast to the other angelo neighbors, they always return them in good shape, and promptly. For the worst ones I have a special rule – first day is free and all subsequent days for anything is $100 – just from one tool, they now ‘owe’ me $3K which I never expect to see.
    A refugee family would fit nicely into the mix, and I would not at all mind if they borrowed something from me because they would probably return it. I have been wondering about the taste of Syrian take out, but we do not have any yet, but without Pizza and Chinese, I would probably starve. I really like the everything but the kitchen sink pizza and Mongolian Beef – a little spicy, and definately prefer it over the boiled mush that was common when I was a kid.
    Still, the biggest reason to vote GOP is that you are a bigot.

    1. theicecube

      Our country’s existing immigration laws, which “O” is ignoring, makes sure immigrants know our laws, language, and history, also their health is screened so they do not cause Americans illness and their backgrounds are to be checked. Without these safeguards you get what is happening in other countries and here when you dump people in the middle of a community without taking any precautions. That is why we have immigration laws. Too bad “O” ignores whatever laws that get in the way of his and apparently your agenda.

      1. apzzyk

        Just before Reagan left office he declared and Amnesty because the Congress had not modified the immigration laws for so long to match our need for the labor of immigrants with reality that entering the US either legally with a Visa, or illegally by air, water or land. was not being followed, and we already had very many illegal immigrants which was a situation which was not realistically to be cleared by deportation – not enough money. At that time, a sane congress would have taken measures to legally fix the problem by changing the laws. Congress is known for responding to problems too late. With drugs for example, Congress recognized the problem of designating drugs as being illegal, was delegated to the Administrative branch, which the requirements of notification, hearings or comment periods, and final decisions was waived so that the DEA could respond faster as new drugs were developed, but not with immigration.
        At the time of Ellis Island, when my grandfather came here from Denmark, before 1900, new immigrants from Europe were detained for medical screening, but only the extreme cases were detected, so it was only partially successful. However, there were never medical screeing stations on the W. Coast or on our land borders because of impracticabiity. I have gone many times across the Mexican and Canadian borders with no medical screening at all. When we went to Canada in 1968 for me to go to grad school, all that we needed to ‘permanently’ enter Canada was to provide chest -rays which may not have been screened for months.
        Recently the INS conducted a ‘sting’ which involved the creation of a phony University which promised a green card on enrollment. and all of the 200+ people who fell for this were from Asia or the sub-contenintent of India – none from the S border at all.
        There has still – 30 years after Reagan’s amnesty, there still has been no real immigration reform, and while the alamists are concerned with our Southern Border, it accounts for only a small fraction of those who are in the country illeally – all that I know in CO are from Europe, with some of them coming right after Reagan’s amnesty on tourist or student visas. One, who was a little more than outrageous who was deported was from Norway.
        We now have at least 11 million illegals, many of them with US born (citizen) children. It costs the taxpayers an average of $500K to forceably deport each illegal through the civil system – the same as a criminal prosecution, so we really cannot afford to deport them all and are only able to focus on those who have committed crimes other than broken tail lights and similar offenses. In CO, the Federal Detention Center in Aurora has been at over capacity for years with no new money to build and staff another one in the area.
        Since the decision regarding the challenge to Obama’s authority to do the temporary Amnesty was made by only the 5th Circuit, it only applies to the states covered by this, which leaves out NM, AZ, and CA, and all of the western and east coast and northern states where the EO remains in force, and this may be the case for years because the GOP members of the Senate will not even meet with the President’s nominee for the SC. This will be true for other important cases coming to the SC, and this is mostly over further interpretations of the 2nd Amendment and other issues which only effect a very small minority.
        On the air immigration – 40 years when I was in grad school in TX, I met a man who owned an old DC-3, whose official business was flying freight from the US to the Caribian, but actually, it was to fly into Mexico and pick up a load of pot with some illegals, and fly back in to a private airport, so since he had never officially landed anywhere, he and his cargo were not inspected. After dark his human cargo would simply walk across the landing strip and out of an unsecured gate and disapear, and to repair the plane he would bring his tools onto the airport in a small camper, trade the tools for pot, and leave as many times as necessary to fetch parts after doing some token work on the plane, such as removing the engine cowlings, and then replacing them before he made his ‘test’ flight. His main problem was ‘laundering’ the money so that he could actually use it.
        The recent info that I have heard, is that for less than $5K you can buy all of the US Id that you need to ‘prove’ citizenship that you might ever need to ‘prove’ citizenship. New computer printers are really wonderful.

    2. CharlesWilliamMorganJr

      You are as full of defecation as a constipated badger! Take some ex-lax!

    3. Mathew Molk

      You mean like the Irish, and the Jews, and my Slovenian “greenhorn” grandparents? You think they all moved into the suburbs when they got off the boat? They all went through Ellis island, damnd near broke, and were treated like horse crap.

      People that were already here hated the DPs who couldn’t speak a word of English, but my grandparents worked their way through the depression,. learned to speak, read and write English and ended up owning 3 businesses and my dad is the one who finely got to move to the suburbs.

      Same for all the LEGAL immigrants that came here in the last century and a bunch of people I know that have been here only 10 or 15 years too. All are productive citizens. and they all learned to speak the language,,,,

      No Habla yurass. Learn english or get the hell out.

      Bet there would be a hell of a lot less mOslems and illegals if you could not get welfare unless you were a citizen.

      You DO need a LOT Exlax

  23. nokabosh

    Islam is at war with the West (always have been). Libs are only too glad to bend over for that. Fortunately Trump and others value their freedom. They are willing to stand up and fight for it. Jefferson said the tree of liberty is often watered with blood.

  24. Richard

    We the People just don’t get it. We are to do what we are told by the establishment and vote as we are told. I can’t see this ending well.

  25. Jeff Witt

    Thomas Jefferson read the Koran and formed our first Navy in order to get our people back from the Muslims. The Muslim have been a problem for 1400 years because their goal is to take over the world and force everyone to “Submit” to their rule..Sharia law! It’s pretty simple. We have on our books since 1952 immigration laws forbidding allowing people into our country that want to change our laws to theirs! What we are doing is insane!

  26. Leathur Rokk

    YES!!!! Lets hear it for Newt…… Trump deserves all of our backing and support and defense against his sworn enemies….and stump for him, vote as if your very lives depended on it…..

  27. Jim

    Yes, Trump is right. The truth is very difficult to argue about. Appeasement NEVER works!

  28. Kim Pentland

    Most of the Multi Millionaires, that we employ, In the District of Criminals, to protect America and America’s people, seems they always fail. We employ them to follow the United States Constitution to the letter, seems they always fail. Why? The reason for their failure to keep their oath is that they are controlled by higher group of criminals that want to control the entire world. It’s that simple. The criminals that we employ are more or less puppets for the people that control them and indirectly control us and all Americans. What would your employer do if you were not doing or working, the way they expected or had hoped? Maybe, dismiss you. Why do we allow these ultra rich politicians and that control group to tear down our Country? The leader of the Control Group and the Politicians that serve that leader is none other than The Federal Reserve. The system of government that we have now has to be abolished before we can institute a new government. This is our Country, not theirs! I have one or two ideas that would work for us. It would involve all the States. I believe Donald Trump loves America. I hope for him, however, he’s up against a ruthless system that is almost impossible to defeat, but they can be abolished and Mr. Trump could help to lead us to do that and then institute new government. “Our Man Trump” has important assets such as, financial strength, other leaders he trusts, and a good business mind, but most important is he loves America. We can do this without violence, riots or protests. We can do this with wisdom, intelligence, and common sense. We need five or six attorneys, retired Congressmen, retired military Generals and Officers from every State that love America! This would make an impact in any Court! We cannot wait until January, 2017! That’s too late.
    Copy this and post it to Facebook, Twitter, etc. My email: [email protected], use your own email or use mine. We stick together, to “Make America Great Again”!

  29. TOTLAM

    I find it pretty hard to swallow that “Allah” would look down and see this one Ja moke who, could neither read or write by the way, and select him to found a religion, which hates just about everyone and everything – including each other – But Allah thinks: “This guy might have a future, with a little help from ….. somewhere?” So He takes the guy, Muhammad, aside and tells him to select a scribe – who can write fast – REAL FAST – load him up with pen and paper, sit him down, and tell him to write down everything he (Moe) says, no matter how non sensible it sounds. So, “Omar” the newly hired scribe follows “Moe” around writing down all he uttered, Surah by Surah. So “Allah” told “Moe” this story which was more like just disjointed thoughts, beliefs, and observations. Omar wrote at a frenetic pace and the pages flew from his pen. Each was stacked in the order it was dictated and after what seemed like forever, Moe told him to stop, have holes punched into each page, and make it into a book “Allah” was so pleased with Moe’s effort that He invited him to move in. He did this so Moe could not blab how he got all of the nonsense into book form. Now, “Allah” had a secret which he’d never shared with, poor, unsuspecting, Moe. When they arrived at Moe’s new digs Moe noticed that it was unbelievably “warm”??? Actually it was downright HOT! “Allah” had retired to change into: “something a little more comfortable.” When he returned he shared his secret with Moe. “My name is not really “Allah” it’s just a name I use to get folks attention. Now that I’m back in the old neighborhood feel free to call me – BEELZEBUB!” (Satan)

    1. Mathew Molk

      Love it bro,,,,While I was reading it i thought BS, Allah. Sounds like something the devil would do.

      That would make a good SNL skech (fat chance)

      If you ever get to Cleveland look me up. I owe you a few cold ones.

      1. TOTLAM

        Thanks I hoped might elicit a chuckle or two? Of course there is nothing funny about this sick demented bunch, and my message was really a double edged sword. 1.) To show their allegiance is NOT divinely inspired – 2.) It demonstrates the urgent need to wipe them, and their kind, from the face of the earth. Now, about those cold ones? The TV show – “First 48” seems to spend a lot of time in your area? So I’d like to request that those “cold ones” be consumed inside a bullet proof establishment. Thanks

  30. annestromberg

    Sorry Newt but TRUMP is our best hope!
    Cruz had a hidden agenda that will not help,
    Cruz the most dangerous candidate ever, due to his pseudo Christian
    religion. His hidden agenda is his plan to restore “values” via this
    theology which is NOT CHRISTIAN! it is heresy! Check it out! It is
    scary! BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID! This would be a disaster for our country,
    for women, for alternative lifestyle groups, for Mormons, etc.
    Google Dominion Theology and/or its
    alternative name “Now” theology!. Good bye first amendment’s stand on
    religion. YOU should be on top of this NEWT. TRUMP IS OUR HOPE!

  31. annestromberg

    Learn the truth abour these last days. God is in control. Get informed. This will prepare you for what is to come. And it is not the Christian Science fiction beginning proclaimed by 95% of Christendom todayl Get the truth
    from Scripture not from man made traditions and myths. The mark of the beast is already here, it is not global, it pertain only to Muslims who don’t follow Islam and it is NOT 666,

  32. tnetcenter

    Trump is the right person at the right time to restore America to the greatness that has been stolen by insane liberals and their nonsensical policies!!

  33. xeriscapelady

    I am so glad to see NEWT say that TRUMP was right. TRUMP is ALWAYS RIGHT. It is just the corrupt establishment does not like TRUTH and so they stab TRUMP in the back. They know he knows what their plans are and will stop BOTH parties from throwing America under the bus…with new world order….one world gov…agenda 21..eugenics,…Illuminati.
    These are the words you need to look up if you don’t see TRUMP as America’s savior.

    I feel GOD has called him out “for such a time as this”. We are imploding rapidly and only TRUMP can save America. I hope he uses NEWT’s expert ideas too. But he will pull from the best and cost us NOTHING 0. he won;t even take a salary as president. GOD bless this man for being willing to not only stand up, but for his risking his life and paying his own way. This comes around only once in 200 years people. We are blessed.

    IF America does not put TRUMP in, its lights out. Remember what Obama has done…Obamacare, 150 billion to IRAN; etc……, but also know the lying Senate did not undo Obamacare or NAFTA, and Cruz himself voted for TTP which is the nail in the coffin for America. What frauds ALL are who are running on BOTH sides. ONLY TRUMP is a real American who loves this country with all his heart and wants America back strong and prosperous again for ALL.
    GOD bless AMERICA GOD bless TRUMP.

  34. Victor Boulton

    Newt Gingrich is absolutely right about Donald Trump for President. Both the Democrats and the Republicans politicians have lost their way, too many are oblicated to donors who expect favours which are not in the best interests of all voters. Hope Newt will stand with Donald Trump at some ralleys to assist him pass the magic number of 1237. Donald has the ability to unite both sides of politics and voters when he is elected President. Give him a fair go and vote to elect Donald Trump for President in November 2016.

  35. CharlesWilliamMorganJr

    This is excellent news! However, it needs to be in the mainstream media so every voter can be aware! Gingrich needs to endorse Trump, and quickly! Trump is our only real hope!

  36. Original Anna

    Yes, yes, I told my friends about Islam and its Muslim followers years ago and they said the gov’t would never let them get any farther than they were in the middle east. Well, they are in Europe and now heading here. I am glad there was someone besides me paying attention to what Islam is all about. I am sorry though that both Trump and I turned out to be right, actually I feel bad for those who are right now paying the price of being Christians and being in the way of Islam. I hope God will come soon because I am not so sure the secularists or humanists can solve this as they think there is no problem. In New York, I am so ready for the vote coming up. Trump’s name better be on the ballot whether the rinos want him or not because if not I will take the time to write his name in. What’s the old expression. So be it!

  37. Diane Jones

    At least he does say this. The others are so afraid of Political incorrectness; they won’t stand up for their convictions. Both parties have trouble with what is right and wrong.
    Trump brought up Illegal Immigration, refugees that Europe is facing and the problems they are having with them, He is not OWNED by big corp. who once they back a candidate to get elected they then Own them and want them to vote for them. The House was paid off to vote for the DARK Act to poison our food supply and take away states rights to label these foods that have Round UP, Agent Orange, En-List in them=GMOs. Carcinogens in our food source.

  38. TheBucko

    Trump has done this repeatedly; Immigration, 2nd Amendment, Terrorism. He reasons as any ‘normal’ person does, as a man of the people, not a insulated Washington politician.

  39. Jim

    Trump has been right on many issues, not only this one! However, many World leaders have chosen to turn a deaf ear to the fact that many Muslims can’t assimilate into any Western Society because it is either too difficult, or they refuse to do so. Remember the saying, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do?” That applies as much now as it did in ancient times. This is the main reason why we are seeing these unfortunate incidents happening in Europe, in parts of the US, Australia, Asia, Russia, and in parts of the Middle East that embrace the Western Culture. European nations lost any control that they once had when they enacted an open border policy which put their sovereignty in jeopardy. Unfortunately, we are seeing this same thing happen here in the U.S. because President Obama refuses to enforce our immigration laws or secure our international borders. This sad fact will probably continue until we elect a new President who recognizes these problems, addresses them, and tries to solve them.

    1. SoundMind

      Hi, Jim. I totally agree with your assessment.

      If people continue to cling to Islamic ways–instead of forsake them and adopt
      humane lifestyles–they will continue to be thorns in the sides of civilized cultures.
      Worse, as their numbers grow, history shows they eventually destroy those cultures.

      Look at how Muslims destroyed ancient structures and monuments in Palmyra.

      I am convinced that Muslims are using–and abusing–America as an incubator
      to raise the next generation of terrorists. They must be banished from America
      before they succeed in doing so. That’s a primary reason I support Trump.

    2. Arbie Viau

      Jim, you forget that the Muslims HATE us. How can those people who have been brainwashed about Western culture from birth change? Of course Obama will not enforce immigration because he is a Muslim. But you are half right, on one thing, Trump is the only POTUS, that can make it right, not just a new POTUS. Cruz is not eligible and he is the Establishment, Kasich is the Establishment and nothing will change. You do know they lie, don’t you Jim?

  40. ariane Dolgah

    Stop Muslims coming in if you do not want to be like Germany, Belgium and France ! Obama had and still has a plan to change the face of United states by not controlling illegal immigration and wanting to take more Muslims like him. He is a Muslims like his family was: birth father, mother, stepfather and sister.
    United states has changed so much the last thirty years for the worse and it will get worse if you elect Sanders. Look what is happening in France with the socialist government. It is a mess and 120,000 just marched on the streets today. We need Trump ! Hate him or love him he is the only one of the five candidates that can make a change in this country. He will do it ! United states used to be respected.

  41. ariane Dolgah

    I want to add that when I was five months pregnant walking through the streets of Paris I was kicked by a young Muslims man because I bumped into him. It happened that a police car was just coming by at that moment when I fell to the floor while he kicked me and arrested him. They took me to a hospital and my baby was fine. Shortly after that his sister called me at the hospital to ask me not to press charges. I did not because I was visiting. Muslims do not respect women except for their mother. See what they did to young women in Germany after being taken as refugees. If you go to Iran for example you have to cover your hair because it is their rule but when Muslims women come to the USA they do not assimilate to be westerner and still look like they are in an Arab country. We are so nice as opposed to how Muslims treat us.