Republican Senate Caves Again On Obama Cabinet Nominee

In another example of so-called “good conservatives” rolling over to give Obama whatever he wants, the Republican-controlled Senate confirmed Common Core advocate and defender, Dr. John King, as Secretary to the Department of Education.

Michelle Malkin exposed the problem with Dr. King’s nomination; but Senator Mike Lee cut straight to the heart of the issue in his Senate floor speech opposing the nomination. Here are the Senator’s remarks, reported by Conservative Review:

“And more to the point, what matters isn’t the jobs that someone has held, but the policies they have advanced. This, Mr. President, is the problem with Dr. King’s nomination.

“Look closely at his record – especially the three and a half years he spent as New York’s education commissioner, where he forced on an unwilling school system unpopular Common Core curriculum and standards, an inflexible testing regime, and a flawed teacher evaluation system.

“All of this proves that Dr. King is the standard bearer of No Child Left Behind – the discredited K-12 regime that has become synonymous with dysfunctional education policy in classrooms and households across America.”

So which Republican Senators went along with Barack Obama’s nomination?

Lamar Alexander (TN)

Bill Cassidy (LA)

Thad Cochran (MS)

Susan Collins (ME)

John Cornyn (TX)

Orrin Hatch (UT)

Mitch McConnell (KY)

Every one of these GOP Senators who voted for the nomination is either retiring of was recently re-elected. Odds are that many GOP Senators supported the nomination, but their vote was not needed for passage.

Senators will commonly take turns taking the “tough votes” and the unwritten rule is that if Senator A is outside their election year, then Senator A takes the tough vote so Senator B (who is up for election), can get re-elected. Once Senator B is re-elected, Senator B returns the favor by taking the “tough votes” for Senator A.

In other words, it’s just business as usual in Washington, D.C. This cave-in by Republican Senators is another example why voters are beyond angry this election cycle. They’re tired of sending people to Washington to limit the size of government and reduce the spread of liberalism – when most of them just “go along to get along” and nothing ever changes.

Is it time to vote out every incumbent Senator and Congressman, and elect Donald Trump as President to send the GOP Establishment a message they won’t forget?

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  1. Dick Ellis


    1. Gen11American

      And since when should presidents be allowed to vote themselves large pay raises so they live in luxury on the taxpayers while continuing to aid and abett the muslim infiltration and subjugation of the U.S.? Members of Congress can vote for pay raises, but not for their own benefit! Why should a president who is clearly the worst commander-in-chief this nation has ever had to endure? Pay raises should only go to deserving servants of the people, not to outright traitors to this nation!

  2. heidi

    And vote Trump as Prez????? Are you nuts? He believes in BIIIGGGG Gov’t just like Obama, Clinton & DeBlasio in New York. He wants to cont. funding Planned Parenthood with OUR money. He wants to expand the Dept. of Ed. with seat sold to Dr. Carson. He wants to PROVE how loving Monolithic Gov’t can be and so expand it. Papa Trump will take the current monster in DC and grow it to ASTRONOMICAL proportions. CRUZ is the ONLY one talking the constitution – power back to the states – and limiting BIG GOV’T. CRUZ CRUZ CRUZ!!!! Which is why Mike Lee (whom you noted in this article) has endorsed CRUZ – not numnuts.

    1. Snelloc

      Talking the constitution and following it are 2 different things. Never vote a lawyer, who is a part of the judicial branch by definition to a position in either of the other 2 branches of govt. Unless of course you don’t believe in the separation of powers then I guess it is okay.

    2. Francisco Machado

      Persons with leadership are useful. What we have with Trump is a controlling personality. Controlling personalities can be very useful but also very dangerous, and there are profound differences between leadership and a controlling personality. Trump may undo some of Obama’s atrocities, but it will not surprise me if he engenders several of his own. It is promising, it is in his favor – somewhat – that the Republican machine dislikes him, but he has favored several of the Obama programs in the past and has taken opposing stands on too many issues, seeming to judge the greatest benefit to him is to promise what the voters say they want. It worked for Obama. Of course, that’s not what we got… The lesson of politics is not to believe one damn thing a politician promises but to see what they’ve done in the past. It has become patently clear that the Progressive Republican machine wants pretty much the same things the Democrats want, they just don’t want to take the blame for it.

  3. Sergio Pastor

    It is about time that we grow some “COJONES” time to clean house , we should get ride of this RINOS…..Lamar Alexander (TN)….Bill Cassidy (LA)….Thad Cochran (MS)….Susan Collins (ME)…..John Cornyn (TX)……Orrin Hatch (UT)….Mitch McConnell (KY)… and McCain…Paul Ryan…y muchos MAS!!!amigos.. I am a DEMOCRAT but American FIRST. Viva USA

    1. dranalog

      You better add most Democrats to the list that need to go. Both parties are wrecking America. We need term limits for all politicians, including all judges. No appointment should be for life.

      1. Jack Magurn

        The “Seniority System” needs to be done away with! Voters are reluctant to elect a new, virtually powerless freshman Senator when re-election of their incumbent Senator wields so much greater power with his/her seniority.

      2. savetheusa2

        It’s pretty clear that our government is completely corrupt. I’m voting for Trump. Read ALL the WAY DOWN, please!

        John Leary messages posted on March 22, 2016

        Wednesday, March 9, 2016:

        Jesus said: “My people, you wonder why your government people act the way they do. Now you know that the one world people are literally pulling the strings of these government people. Your President and other officials are the puppets of the one world people. The one world people worship Satan, and he gives them their evil orders to carry out. So even the one world people are puppets of Satan…

        Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing disruptive protesters coming to the candidate rallies at your various primaries. Some of the one world people are openly telling you that they intend to send more violent protesters to try and stop one candidate from getting enough delegates for his party’s nomination. This is just another attack that will try to thwart the will of the people in choosing their President. If there is enough disruption, you may even see your Presidential election postponed or canceled.”

          1. ROBERT WADDELL

            We bought the food you ate growing up, we paid for you’re clothes, books, shoes, housing, and utilities! That’s why America is ruined! So fuck you, nigger!

          2. shavager

            Redman has RECTAL CRANIAL INVERSION–his head’s STUCK so far up his rectum he can’t see light or hear conversation.

          3. Lougjr1

            Maybe ! You are only half right, 1/2 of the white people and 90% of the black people are responsible for voting for Obama who started the whole damn slide into national disaster !

          4. Larry Orr

            Obama weasled himself into America’s highest office because of the “peace love ” generation. He truly makes me sick at my stomach. His immoral degenerate administration and ones that show loyalty to him will soon be turned towards Rome
            where their father awaits them.
            The Lord God Almighty has taken the reigns for the American for the true American people.
            To the Father be the glory.

          5. The Redman

            Yep. yall were, and R the 1st niggas. hey, ya still got dat black man wad in ya neck, boy

        1. Robert

          New World Order = GLOBALISTS they think they are the chosen ones to rule the Planet. They Care Nothing about America or American Citizens or any other Country or its Citizens.

        2. usmc354

          I am not against preaching anywhere. As a matter of fact, I encourage and promote it. However, I am prone to require Biblical Scriptures in support of one’s message. You have invoked the name of JESUS, the Christ as authority in support of your post by stating “Jesus said” and having an advanced knowledge of the WORD, I can not recall reading anywhere what you have posted. We are warned of this.

        3. Galveston1

          Just who is this “Jesus” John Leary quotes?
          Who is John Leary?
          Does he have a hotline to the Throne of God?
          Is this a message in “tongues and interpretation” or “prophecy”?

        4. Shofar threading

          Just to be clear. Jesus said NONE of this. John Leary and you did. Don’t use quotes and attribute something to the Lord speaking when they are not His words. That’s dangerous — adding Leary’s words as those of scripture. Perhaps secularists will give you an up and a pass, but not one familiar to any extent with the word of God. All these words valid IF paraphrased as yours, but NOT by erroneously “quoting”, adding and attributing them to the mouth of the Lord. And, yes, it’s a big deal. God tells us it is

          “[ A Warning ] ‘For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book.'” Revelation 22:18


          1. mdice11

            Still won’t tell me where you live will you Rebman? That’s because you’re a coward who hides within the internet.

        1. usmc354

          Yeah, due to the “white-folks” ruination of America is what made it the GREATEST NATION in the history of mankind! I sure will be glad when they straighten themselves out and start getting down to business to accomplish something worthwhile!

          1. usmc354

            Merely another myth from the Left in order perpetrate, promote and cultivate discord, divisiveness and racism amongst the populous of this GREAT NATION.

          2. usmc354

            My “white privilege” has never been an obstacle nor a hindrance leading to your failure to become educated. In order that you might converse with others in such a manner as to convey your message without resorting to the use of vulgarity, disparaging comments and name calling you may consider remedial English as well other grammatical studies. I refuse to be blamed for your ignorance and lack of education regardless whether or not I be the end product of “inbreeding”!

          3. usmc354

            I condone you as I defended your guaranteed Constitution privilege to express your views and opinions regardless how ignorant and asinine they may appear! Even though I may not agree!

          4. The Redman

            Dats right. everyone has a “right” 2 an opinion. but most white-folks will try 2 rob ya of dat as well. white-folks-(98%)- ruined america, and the other 2% wonder Y. R U of the 98%

      3. stoth

        We are gambling the next 4 maybe 8 years of this coming election. Take a strong slow look at the pass 12 years (Bush helped) we are in a bad way both in employment and finances. I am not pushing anyone at this time. But folks we don’t have much going for us and we had certainly better make good choices. I knew John Cornyn and McConnell would cave in. Cruz probably cave also.I did not vote for Cruz for senator, and he is not showing up on the radar right now as president material.
        We need term limits- have needed them for a long time.
        We need much prayer….

        1. shavager

          CRUZ has upheld every promise he made on campaign trail and stood up against ObamaCare, his immigration amendment added to the ‘Gang of eight’ bill Rubio was pushing is what killed that legislation. You’re NOT gonna get a PERFECT candidate–Jesus ain’t running in this election. Cruz IS the best option, Trump ACTS like a DemocRAT, TALKS like a DemocRAT, supported DemocRATS, including Kerry over W. Bush, supported Clinton assault weapons ban, supported Clintons and Obama, supported Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, supported SINGLE-PAYER healthcare–ObamaCare, supported Obama’s bailouts and stimulus—he ACTS like a DemocRAT, talks like a DemocRAT, supports DemocRATS–like Dan Rather would agree–HE’S A DEMOCRAT! Has been for 40 years now. He had a come-to-Republican party–baptism AFTER Bill Clinton URGED Trump to “get MORE INVOLVED in the Republican party”–one month later, Trump’s running for Republican president. He’s a RAT transplant!

          1. 101Airborne

            shavager,sweetheart!! diarrhea of the mouth is bad for your high blood pressure!! If you even have half a brain, try a little research on the Cruz’s.. Heidi Cruz is a managing director at Goldman Sachs,remember the same Goldman Sachs the we the tax-payer had to bail out to the tune of 1.3 billion in 2008 for (insider trading)..The same Goldman Sachs that Truthful Ted is always railing against,and the same Goldman Sachs that gave to his candidacy along with other Wall Street contributors!! Who will he owe?? NOT US !!! BTW, TED is not a conservative,he’s a GLOBALIST!!! Heidi Cruz is involved in the North American Union, the same organization that wants to eliminate borders etc…He can talk all the talk he wants about being a Constitutionalist, just ask him about the requirement for a Presidential candidate to be a “natural born” citizen and see if you can get him to tell the truth for once!! Then go to these sites yourself…(The Publius Huldah)(Kris Anne Hall)( Prove something to yourself!! I’ll bet you don’t!!!!

          2. shavager

            The North American Union was established to promote economic prosperity between the three countries. Heidi Cruz has a B.A. degree in ECONOMICS. It’s amazing you people keep running out these ridiculous claims–WE THE PEOPLE control the Constitution, NOT politicians or international interests. The Supreme Court has already bluntly warned White House administrations and Congress’s: “NO agreement with a foreign nation can confer power on the Congress, or ON ANY OTHER BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT, which is free of the restraints of the Constitution.” The Court went on to say: “an international accord that is INCONSISTENT with the U.S. Constitution is VOID under domestic U.S. law, the same as any other federal law in conflict with the Constitution.” Heidi Cruz is a managing director–she holds NO seat or position on the board of directors of Goldman Sachs. She had NO influence on any bailouts or payments to GS in 2008. IF ya’ll are SO afraid of politicians–get off your ass and get behind TERM LIMITS, but quit running around fear mongering over somebody’s background. Ambassador John Bolton is a member of Council on Foreign Relations–which Heidi Cruz was a member at one time. It isn’t some “shadow” government allowing foreigners to run our country behind the scenes. GET A LIFE. P.S. TED CRUZ INHERITED AUTOMATIC U.S. CITIZENSHIP FROM HIS MOTHER UNDER IMMIGRATION AND NATIONALITY ACT of 1952—there is NO Federal law or statute that legally defines “natural born”–currently NO candidate can be held to a requirement of “natural born” without LEGISLATION PASSED BY CONGRESS to define it or for Supreme Court to accept a challenge against. The Supreme Court will NOT accept a challenge to Cruz’s eligibility because all he’s required to be under CURRENT U.S. law is AN AMERICAN CITIZEN.

          3. 101Airborne

            shavager,sweetheart!! You run your mouth without researching,,I knew you wouldn’t go to the sites that I posted to get educated on the Constitution.. Just par for the course with you rock heads stuck on one candidate…As for your statement that we’re not running a shadow government, you are the one with your head up your ass!!! I notice you conveniently avoided the fact that Trusted Ted’s campaign is being financed by Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street contributors!! Once again I’ll refer you to constitutional litigation lawyers, where you and others might stop your “BLOVIATING” about your own version of “natural born” and realize the truth.. At the same time you might want to look further into Heidi’s past activities..That’s if you can find the time to remove your head from your anal orifice.. (The Publius Huldah)(Kris Anne Hall)( See if you get it this time around!!!

          4. Shofar threading

            Hey Airborne, who are YOU to tell someone not to post until they qualify under your rules? Are you a co-dictator with Barry O?

            And as far as Bilderberg (no er at the end), take a look at this video I’ve been posting for years and take a gander at a few politicians who got a ton of money and support from the ‘converted’ Democrat. He isn’t as detached from the NWO as you think. Why don’t you do a little vetting on him? Donald may not be the open book you think he is either.

            BILDERBERG from

          5. Shofar threading

            HEY moderator, why the hold on so many of my posts by you???? I see tons of shameless, dirty-mouthed comments zip through and there sit my posts. A little partial, are you??

          6. 101Airborne

            Shofar threading,I am so glad to see you at least can pay attention to a single word slip on spelling, because you certainly missed the important part of the conversation as your kind usually does..Your reading comprehension SUCKS, and as usual you ignoramuses mis-quote what is posted..You might want to read “all” of the previous posts to make your response more intelligible.. “factual defense of your position” is not the same as you stated “qualify under your rules”.. Simply stated so even you will be able to comprehend..I was talking about “natural born clause” and Heidi Cruz relative to the “shavager” post.. If you wanted to enter the conversation with factual information on natural born citizen, after researching the sites where the constitutional litigation lawyers are giving an unambiguous accounting of what the founding fathers wrote on that very subject, I would enjoy your debate either in agreement or dissent of their dissertation.. If you paid attention, you made my point with your video on the Bilderberg Group..BTW,I had good knowledge of that group as well as several others, as I referred to, as being unconstitutional for our politicians to attend secret meetings or make secret deals outside of the U.S… John F. Kennedy made a speech to a media group on secret organizations months before his assassination!! I hadn’t mentioned TRUMPS name in any of my posts,yet loose and big mouth JACKASSES like yourself are so pre-occupied with your ideological B.S., your unable to see beyond your noses…He was a business man,not a politician when he was “buying off the politicians to get favors from them, and he openly admits that fact,more transparency than you get from our politicians in office..SO BIG SHOT,IF YOUR AGAINST LOBBYIST,WHY WOULDN’T YOU BE CONTACTING THE POLITICIANS TO PAST LEGISLATION BANNING LOBBYIST!!!! I’LL answer that for you, because they would give you the “middle finger”, that’s where the campaign contributions come from…Get it!!! Trump funds himself!! Get it,BIG SHOT!!!

          7. Shofar threading

            You know, Airborne, today is Easter Sunday, the most important day in my life and in the life of the world whether you, or the world, know it or not. My Lord resurrected Himself this day, and I have no desire to taint it with your stream of vociferous condescension toward me.

            I read your first sentence and your first sentence only and that’s what it contains. No need to go any further. And/but a glance at the shout of your capitalization of words throughout shows no emphasis of a thought but anger. Deep anger.

            There is no place in my life where there is no civil, even humorous, exchange of words, least of all from a braggadocio who takes on the insulting mantle of his mini-master. I will leave you to your life of apparent turmoil and enjoy mine without your interference.

            As the song goes, “I am woman; hear me roar.” And you have no idea how fortunate you are that I have kept my roar low and that it’s only on a thread on line. After all, I am a daughter of El Shadday, the Lion of Judah, and He has, and will have, much about which to roar. Perhaps you, and the Donald, should
            familiarize yourself with Him.

            Enjoy a happy Easter. <

          8. 101Airborne

            (You read the whole response),(lying is a bad trait), why don’t you stop the religious “bloviating” as a deflection of a “weak” defense of your position.. Maybe you should stop “preaching” and start practicing what you preach, but apparently don’t understand…If you can’t comprehend my post without being offended you sure as hell can’t comprehend the Bible without being offended..Do not judge others, less you be judged…If there is any part of my response that you can disprove,other than your opinion,I would be glad to listen..Every one is entitled to their own opinion ,but not their own facts…Hope you had a nice Easter also!!!!

          9. Shofar threading

            “Religious bloviating”? “Preaching”? “Judging’? It is YOU who can’t “comprehend the Bible” and are annoyed at its mention and injection into your political rant (shouting with caps again). But then, you apparently live only in the secular world (btw, no one who lives in that strata alone frightens me). (“AIRborne”, do you know the ruler of the air is Satan himself? Just to inform you. Bible readers know and understand its meaning.)

            Perhaps it’s time to read and understand these words and take a rest from your own blathering of endless words. Simply a suggestion to catch up where God has been all along — or ignore and continue to go with your own unguided opinion.

            “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” Psalm 127:1 <

          10. 101Airborne

            Your really not worth the effort..Keep smoking your pot and sitting on your Bible, it is very apparent you haven’t learned a dam thing by reading it…

          11. Shofar threading

            Oh no, that’s not what it is. You simply have no answer for God’s words. Your loss. But you WILL learn in due course.

          12. 101Airborne

            Only your personal interpretation of the word of God..That counts only in your mind!! The only way you can justify your warped opinions is by reciting your warped interpretation of snipets of the Bible… I posted before, if you insist on preaching,you first have to began practicing what you preach…You will learn that in due course!!!!!!!!!!!

          13. Shofar threading

            You are quite incorrigible in your ridiculous judgments and your mind deluded by your unwarranted admiration for a man not worthy of it.

            Nothing from the Bible is a snipet. Every word is His, not mine. Don’t like it? Perhaps you might want to keep that in mind and mention it when you, in all your holiness (?), stand before God. Su Deva. — and shalom.

          14. 101Airborne

            You know what is said about people who live in glass houses!!! I know I am going to be judged,thank God not by you,even though you think you have that power bestowed upon yourself by your constant judgments of others, evidenced by all your posts…Spend your time reading and hopefully comprehending the Bible with a little more clarity,instead of throwing stones…That apparently, is something the Bible hasn’t taught you as yet!! He who is without sin ,cast the first stone!!! Get it..That is rather easy to comprehend,even for the unworthy persons(in your opinion)…NAMASTE!!! Su Deva!!!

          15. Shofar threading

            It doesn’t pay to say something of which you are totally unfamiliar. Your post is in complete contradiction of my last two words and the emphasis, no less!. Shalom.

          16. 101Airborne

            There you go again, you complete Asshole!! You really think your the last word on every subject,what a complete dim-wit!! My son knows, and studies Buddhism…My brother is married to an Asian women and I have several Jewish friends who all use those (polite) non contact greetings or farewells when in my company or when my sister-in-law writes me, she will always use “Namaste”.. You intellectual idiot!! You might think that your intellectually superior,but you act like a judgmental jackass.. “Your totally unfamiliar with reality”…You don’t care for a polite farewell!! Then kiss my ass!!! Don’t bother showing your ignorance and stupidity with a reply!!

          17. Shofar threading

            I already did — and for all YOUR bloviating about others’ spiritual and linguistic usages, you still have NO idea what I said. Investigate with non-family and maybe you can close this out in peace and without vile language. Check out Sanskrit. Perhaps you’ll learn more than you think or want — to your shame.

          18. 101Airborne

            NOT INTERESTED IN JUDGMENTAL JACKASSES!!! LIKE I SAID, PRACTICE, DON’T PREACH!!! I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS WHAT YOU SAID!!! Capitalization so your able to read and comprehend!!!

          19. Shofar threading

            “The mouth of the righteous brings forth wisdom, But the perverse tongue will be cut out. The lips of the righteous know what is acceptable,But the mouth of the wicked what is perverse.” Proverbs 10:31-32

          20. 101Airborne

            BIBLE in one hand and sacrilegious utterances to justify your own self-righteous,sanctimonious hypocrisy..PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!!!!

          21. DarlK

            101Airborne: You forgot that Heidi Cruz is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The most powerful leftist organization promoting the New World Order in the United States. That one thing was enough to turn me off on Raphael.

          22. 101Airborne

            DarlK, Your absolutely correct, but you must understand that too much info will fog shavager’s brain..Have to release info incrementally so it is digested..I can’t even lure him to a web site that will answer his allegations about Presidential eligibility and Presidential Succession Act of 1947..But I am trying!!

          23. Shofar threading

            You’ve got my vote, shavager. But, don’t count on that from most of the loose and big mouth Trumpets on these threads. Donald must have his entire staff blogging to provoke consternation just as he does on Twitter. The man has no class and is still playing school yard games a teenager would dismiss. And to think we once had Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Reagan!

            God help us — because we truly do need Him.

        2. Galveston1

          You should go to Texas State web site and see what Cruz has sponsored and supported before you throw misinformation around.
          You speak of prayer, so I assume you are a Christian. IF SO, please tell me why you will not support one of our own who is imminently qualified?
          If Trump gets the nomination and then can’t beat the Democrat, we will ALL be sorry we didn’t take the chance God gave us for better government.

          1. 101Airborne

            Because, he’s a LIAR, Globalist, along with his wife Heidi,member of the Council on Foreign Relations,as well as The North American Union,leftist organizations promoting the New World Order in the U.S.. All open border proponents,yet he claims to be a constitutionalist in favor of borders and following the letter of the law.. (HE IS NOT QUALIFIED TO RUN FOR THE PRESIDENCY UNDER OUR CONSTITUTION!!!!)(NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN)..(The Publius Huldah)(Kris Anne Hall)(… Don’t bastardized our Constitution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. partsmaker

        I feel the same way. BUT, he may be smarter to vote Democrat. At least his vote might have some effect. I think ours are being totally wasted, voting otherwise.
        I just sent Senator Cornyn a nice little email telling him just exactly how I feel. I sure it is already in the trash.

        1. coleche

          I’ve e-mailed Senator Cornyn several times, the last time he informed me that he was not my Senator, why did I vote for him!

    2. Glenya7121

      I remember when Orin Hatch testified at Eric Holders’s Hearing, on his becoming AG, telling everyone he had known him and he was a good man and would make a good AG. The RINOS are so scared of the Democrats they will do anything to keep their ‘do nothing” jobs on Capitol Hill. They will ”Sell their Soul and never ”blink.”

          1. Rick

            Well now, if it isn’t old Redman our resident pink eyed bed wetting commie sap sucker who loves sucking the sap. How have you been doing old clap lips, not that anyone actually care.

          2. john

            Ha,,good to see you back got boring.. I hope this time you can read the topic and comprehend it and discuss it with people.. ; )

          3. The Redman

            U should “hope” in 1 hand, and poop in the other 1, and see which 1 gets full the quickies. hahahahaahah. long mouth john

        1. RC

          Not me! I wouldn’t want to catch a “bad cold” or something. Then I’d have to probably get a bunch of shots for that “bad cold.”

      1. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

        “The RINOS are so scared of the Democrats they will do anything to keep their ‘do nothing’ jobs on Capitol Hill.”

        “We’ve gotta protect our phony baloney jobs, gentlemen!”
        –Governor William J. Le Petomane: ‘Blazing Saddles’

      2. US Army (retired)

        The ONLY difference between a politician and a whore is that a whore has limits on what she will do for MONEY!!

        1. homegirl

          I agree, will you support public financing of political campaigns or can you think of a better way to stop the corporate oligarchy that rules the USA?

    3. Gen11American

      As Paul Ryan stated yesterday, his religion comes first in his life priorities. He happens to be Catholic. At least 70% of illegals are Catholics. Ergo, Ryan supports illegal immigration even if it’s destroying this country! Get him out!

    4. normal guy

      Just remember that you have to clean out your state representatives as well as the federal reps. Your state reps screw up your state and then people make the fatal mistake of sending them to Washington with the claim that they are qualified!

      1. mdice11

        Why don’t you move to Canada or some other country if you hate the U.S. so much, Redman? I’ll tell you why … because you are worthless and nothing but a bloodsucker. You can’t survive without white folks and your next government check.

          1. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            But you sure won’t turn down your check from the Tribal Government; will ya?

    5. Bill Sturdivant

      These are exactly the Rhinos that are currently screwing up everything that conservative Republicans are trying to correct. I am a Mississippians and Thad Cochran is one of the leaders of the Pact, paying back POLITICAL FAVORS regardless of how his constituents feel. He’s done it on Amnesty, Obamacare, defunding , and again on Obama’s picks to ruin the country. None of them have done anything to establish a U. S. fighting force to cut Isis’ throat. Thad Cochran is 73+ years old . His mental capabilities have diminished. He and the others have become pawns , because you and I let them stay in office too long.

  4. ermom

    Yesterday, House Speaker Ryan gave a ‘beautiful, impassioned and idealistic’ speech. I listened, and found it almost Reaganesque. One problem, where Reagan MEANT what he said, I don’t trust the huge majority in Congress, including Ryan. I’d keep Sen. Sessions, as he tells the truth about immigration, and the harm that Congresses corruption and, IMHO, Racketeering under Rico (no, I’m not a lawyer), as they sure seem to be a criminal level cabal, in bed with the multinational companies, and all the businesses which want CHEAP FOREIGN LABOR, as well as the open borders crowd. As even the new Harvard study proves, foreigners, both legal and illegal are getting AMERICANS JOBS. ENOUGH.

  5. American Me

    I’m not surprised by the actions of these turncoats.Same old same old.Even though they know by now how the voters feel they continue their assault on our freedom and their support of Obama.They all must go including Ryan,McConnell and the rest.

        1. h m rowland

          So you don’t have a single person in mind that you think would do better than Dr. King? He isn’t a politician .

          1. Robert

            I would be willing to bet He supports Progressive Democrat Ideals
            or Else he Wouldn’t have been Nominated. Most people in this
            Country Hate Common Core. I am one of them. So of course I would not Nominate Him.

      1. Gen11American

        Anyone who watches congressional hearings on C-Span should be so turned off by virtually every dumborat serving on those committees, the disgusting donkeys would be voted out so fast, their heads would spin! Clearly, the blacks must never watch those hearings because they just keep voting in the worst members of Congress since the Reconstruction Era following the end of the American Civil War, and the worst POTUS, too!

        1. melmack 1

          They are really bad. Who are worse are the republitards that refuse to oppose obummer. Like boehner, mcconnell, ryan…and on and on. Graham and Mccain need to retire and get out of politics…for the good of America.

          1. mdice11

            Graham has made a real fool of himself …. a pathetic presidential candidate, then endorsed Jeb, then endorsed Kasich and Cruz at the same time. Remember when the mop head, Nikki Haley, Graham, Sen. Scott,and Gowdy all endorsed Rubio? South Carolina voters have a real good on their hands getting rid of all those RINOS in SC!

  6. mrp15

    That’s because they’re afraid of blackmail. Why can’t we elect honest people who don’t have skeletons in their closets to eliminate threats of blackmail and caving to the wishes of a dictator like Obama. He has the goods on everyone in Congress and he uses it to his advantage. In return he is susceptible to blackmail as well he knows Hillary would not hesitate to throw him under the bus. He and Hillary protect each other’s backs. That’s the world we live in.

    1. Glenya7121

      The RINOS are Afraid of Donald Trump, he just might find out about their Crooked Dealings. Kasich will fit in just fine, there is a Cops Dash Cam out and Kasich calling the Cop an ”idiot,” (even going on TV and telling A LIE that the Cop ‘threatened to Arrest him.) That NEVER happened. He went on The View and told the same ”lies,” as well as calling the Cop an Idiot there as well. All he Cop Haters are loving Kasich now! We already had too many Cop Haters in this Administration, now we can add Kasich to the list. Kasich showed his ‘stupidity,” he had no idea the Cop had a Dash Cam..


    These named are the fence sitting moderates that are good for nothing, it is this kind of weak kneed wobbly RINO R that undermines the decency and integrity of the Real R’s ability to stand for decent law and real R candidates with platform is this we need to remove from the party in general if real conservatives are going to oppose the left and their communist ideals….

  8. usmc354

    Most Conservatives as well as some Democrats advocate term limits for politicians. Such an act would cease career politicians thereby eliminating much but not all of the corruption in Government. The problem with that idea lies with the politicians themselves as it would have to become law. We ALL are aware who ultimately propose and vote for bills in order they may become law. Can any here believe ONE of them would vote himself out of office?

      1. Gen11American

        The voters could have been doing that all-along, which is their fiduciary duty as voters to do, but American voters are so pathetic after 50+ years of dumbing down and socialist brainwashing, combined with 50+ years of marijuana smoking, drug snorting, rampant alcoholism, etc, they’re now too stupid to figure out who is worth voting for, and who needs to be rejected. The candidacy of Hillary Clinton proves that conclusively!

        1. usmc354

          I am doing all you mentioned as we speak–lmfao. Reading my posts and responses attest to that.

        2. barbarafromnyc

          Can not disagree with you! But our side has been asleep too.
          We let all of this crap go on.

    1. barbarafromnyc

      The cure is to ban any/all contributions to campaigns, pacs, etc. by any corporation, organization (note, non profits take money from all levels of government and funnel it right back to their bought & paid for candidates), unions etc. The only legal contributions need to come from registered voters only and with a dollar limit per person. THAT’S HOW YOU STOP BIG BUSINESS/UNIONS FROM OWNING ELECTIONS!

      1. usmc354

        Merely apply all of my post to your response and you have the answer. Who is going to vote himself broke and out of office?

      2. Gen11American

        And all foreign donations to candidates need to be made illegal! That will crimp Hillary Clinton’s campaign spending, but if she’s mainly supported by George Soros, tyrannical foreign governments, and Leftist Hollywood celebrities, what does that say about her candidacy? To me it says that no American with a brain should be voting for that woman, that’s what!

        1. barbarafromnyc

          It’s already illegal for foreigners to contribute to any campaign/candidate – but then, there are Pacs, aren’t there. And in Hillary’s case, having a foundation that’s used as a slush fund helps a lot. No politician should be allowed to have a charity – they all use them as a slush fund. BTW: Obama has one too.
          You may remember when he was running in 2008 – Muslims funneled money to his campaign using Muslims living here. They were caught – nothing much happened though. Soros should be arrested on RICO charges – for all of the riots he’s funded as well as Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, New Black Panthers – he hands out hefty paychecks to those who protest for him. The left has been at this since the early 1950’s, maybe longer. They are so close to turning America left they don’t care if we know what they do or not.

      3. Gen11American

        It would also greatly help if maximum contribution amount was limited to $5,000 per individual, organization, or corporation. That way George Soros couldn’t buy John Kasich with a $500,000 contribution and two days later have him declare he’ll grant amnesty to the illegals within 100 days!

        1. barbarafromnyc

          Maximum contribution is set at around $3500 now. Soros already bought Kasich and his puppet has to stay in the race to be a spoiler so Trump doesn’t get the nomination.

      4. Galveston1

        If it were possible to do away with ALL political parties and force each candidate to run as an independent, I think it would be much better.
        I know, I’m dreamin’.

        1. Robert

          Our Founding Fathers Warned us about CAREER POLITICIANS but we ignored their sage advice. And look what the Lawyers turned Politicians have done to this country. No More CAREER Politicians from Either Party. VOTE TRUMP 2016 For Real Change and Strong Leadership.

          1. Galveston1

            If Trump gets the nomination, I will be forced to vote for him since he has to be better than any Democrat, but I am afraid we are buying a pig in a poke. (Hope you understand that old saying.)
            Then the problem will be for him to win the general election. All these off-the-wall statements that he has made will be used by the Democrats to pound him into the ground. News outlets that have let him slide will suddenly change their treatment of Donald.
            In spades!

    2. Gen11American

      Maximum twelve (12) years in Congress, both in the Senate and the House, on the Supreme Court, and also for all Appeals Court Justices and Federal Judgeships!

      1. Deepthink

        Include in the term limits that only one person from a family is eligible to serve at any one time, and there should be 10 years between any family member also serving in an office…local, State, and Country!!

        1. Gen11American

          We could even DeepThink even deeper! We could demand that Congress not approve nominees of piss-poor presidents who want piss-poor political hacks appointed into every vacant slot instead of putting forth nominees who will do right by America!

    3. Galveston1

      Maybe it would sweeten the pot enough to gain support if those already in office could be grandfathered and stay as long as they can win re-election.
      Otherwise, it is as you say, they are not going to give up their jobs willingly. Make that “parasitic positions” rather than “jobs”.

  9. TetVet

    All GOP congressional members and leaders are liars, cheats, and a disgrace to the original Founding fathers. These are same snakes that do not want Trump as POTUS because they are Power and Money hungry snakes. TRUMP 2016.

  10. Jons_On

    Each one of these senators needs to be primaried out ASAP. The republicans don’t have the senate majority so they could cave to Obama. They got it so they could stop him. What have they done so far? Nothing. All these establishment types are in effect democraps. They are disgusting human beings. They should all change parties so people will see who they really are!

    1. dranalog

      There is very little difference between the parties. They are politicians first. Republicans all talk a good game, but they all drink at the same bar. They are all disgusting, and we need term limits!

  11. Susie Q

    It is time to get rid of all the incumbent members and clean house. I for one being from the south am sick and tired of all the southern Senators that don’t have a backbone. They are no longer needed so let’s get started!

  12. JimRed

    That’s OK, when we take control the Department of Education (which does NOTHING to educate anyone, only to enable the teacher’s unions) will cease to exist anyway.
    (Is the tag really needed?)

  13. Phil Esposito

    Remember these name on election day and get them the hell out. Especially Thad Cochran. Remember what he did during the last election? Paying black Dems to vote for him to beat his Repub challenger.

  14. Kaye Williams

    My esteemed Senator, John Cornyn, voted with Demos on this appointment and I truly hope he does not run for reelection again, as he will have to answer for all the times he went against the Republican Senate (which is not really a majority because all the liberal Republican senators vote with the democrats on important issues!). Texas is ashamed to be associated with this Senator!!!

    1. partsmaker

      You are correct about the ashamed part. I am in central Texas. I just wrote Cornyn an email that I am sure he had his people put straight into the trash. I wish he would jump in with it. He used to be pretty good. Now he’s worthless as teats on a boar hog.

      1. Robert

        Its like that old saying MONEY TALKS and BS walks. Its always about the money. CONGRESSMEN and SENATORS get RICHER, Average American Citizens get POORER and No Representation.

    2. Robert

      How about Cruz, he hasn’t completed a full Senate Term yet many believe he should run the country, isn’t that the way Obama got in?

  15. JoAnn Dolberg

    I wonder when this country is going to call the muslim in the White House, a terrorist who has been staging his own (and the global “elites”) personal jihad against our country! This is NOT rocket science!

  16. sue lenhart

    The Scripture that is going through my mind right now is: “. . . let no unclean thing come out of your mouth” (I am paraphrasing). Needless to say, I am very sorely tempted @ this very moment, so it is taking a great deal of resistance for me to avoid disobeying this injunction. “Be ye angry, and sin not” also comes to mind. ARGGGHHH!

    1. h m rowland

      That first scripture is speaking about your lobster fork. There are truly no laws though so eat up and don’t worry about what comes out stuck to your prong. Enjoy!!

  17. monacall

    we the people need to speak up and tell these people they are done. get their boxes packed and get out of DC. no more politicians. vote every incumbent out of office this November. we have term limits its called voting. use it. tell these politicians we are done.

    1. bt70

      I’m with you America does not need anymore of fk face Obama’s nominees, Anyone he suggests is a socialist son-=btch

      1. Triple J Jackson

        Think how you want but he’s better than Hiltary and Bernard.p.Fife I ment Bernie Batshit Sanders. And unless you want to look like Europe in 2 years with Muslims Raping and killing at will you better understand that. I know he’s not perfect but he’s got balls and He is competitive and is the only one not in someone’s pocket. And you can’t black mail him into doing what you want because he doesn’t care he stand up and admits his wrongs not try and lie or hide them. That’s a refreshing change. “Remember our people that lost their life’s in that 13 hours down there and the sea hag gives no damn ” I’d vote Peewee Herman before that witch. I guess Bernie or PeeWee is about the same. Cruz seems ok but he just strikes me as too sneaky and Kashit is another crook the only way he will win is if he steals it. Which he is going to try and do. But in all honesty they are going to make Hillary president that was decided last time when she stopped and endorsed Obama. They are crooks. And Trumps the only one not in bed with them and that’s why they are scared.

        1. Galveston1

          What RATIONAL reason can you give for thinking that Cruz is sneaky, repeat, RATIONAL.
          I am borderline angry with some of my Christian bretheren for refusing to back one of our own who has an excellent record in his own state, while backing someone who reminds me of a schoolyard bully I once knew!

          1. Triple J Jackson

            I’ll tell you why. Because when Carson’s votes went to him because “some one on his team” spread the rumors that Carson was out he didn’t take blame. And when “some one on his team” posted pictures of Trumps wife online he didn’t take blame nope just passed the buck like ALL politicians do. Instead of saying I’m going to find out who and get rid of them nope just another wasn’t my fault guy! But Trump does something he’s got the balls to man up and say yep I did it and if my Team does it Ill take care of it. And if some one on his side gets out of line he will take care of legal fees. Lol. But for real that tells me he’s loyal. And I like loyalty. That’s why I Own a AMERICAN Pit bull Terrier Because they are Loyal and have courage and used to be the symbol of America. And that’s what I like Trump. And that’s what America needs to be like again.. Not some sissyfide Politically correct cowards that’s a I didn’t do it country. We need to BITE HARD AND SHAKE BECAUSE LIFES SHORT! And I’m sick of the way our country is rolling over and exposing our bellies like some big Curr.

  18. 1loyalamerican74

    I have flushed better particles down the commode than Ryan, Alexander, McConnell
    and the rest of the Republican traitors. They are traitors to the USA for their own enrichment. Ryan is the Pontius Pilate of the Congress.

  19. Joseph D. Hollinger

    Donald Trump does not fit the mold of what we use to expect in a candidate for President of the United States. Times and circumstances have changed. Realizations are made that the United States Government has run amok of its constitutional responsibilities and its allegiance to the American people to whom the United States belongs, lock, stock and barrel. Government does not own one share of the United States, it is a non-entity having no substance, no shape, no color, no mass, no credibility without the support of the people for whom it functions, or, use to function before Carter became President.

    The United States of America belongs to We the People and it is beyond time for every citizen to wake up and take part in its operation and join the fight to take control from the entrenched Progressive Elites that, again, are assuming that they are in charge and that We the People are stupid and unable to see how they have lost and are losing their country to those wishing to exact tyranny upon us, take control from us and institute a Socialist regime with an Islamic bent flavored with the sustainability goals of U.N. Agenda 2030 with 17 SDGs abd 169 milestones for accomplishing them. That agenda is marching forward right now.

    Trump does fit the mold for being a President of the United States that is outspoken and gutsy enough to shake up and destroy the establishment Democrat and Republican Parties and begin repairing the damage they have done to America for the selfish reasons for supporting their illgotten gains from abusing the Constitution and pampering special interests in order to fill their pockets and build their egos.

    Trump is the man for this time and change that we understand and must support. To help, we must all refuse to reelect anyone.

  20. The Fox

    I’m going to have to wash my hands as I once shook hands with Hatch and thought he was a Conservative but I guess he has become a RINO like the rest of the so called conservatives in office?

  21. william russell

    Hey all we need to send a loud message and vote every republican out of office in 2016 and than after a couple of years of cleaning house they may get the message they work and represent us. Instead of representing them selves and how much of the tax payer’s money they can put in their pocket. I was a 54 year republican, gave time and money no more i am finished and now an independent. Time to stand up and send a loud message in november.

    1. Deepthink

      That same loud message should also be sent to every Democrat in office or even thinking of running for office!

  22. grampy1

    The republican party must pul the tail out fron between their legs, stan together and fight for what’s right. Appearently they are so wraped up in them selves, they forget how to stan on their own 2 feet. Dr king who forced comon core on the american people,should be relieved of his position not appointed to a higher one. People didn’t want it, but know one listened.

  23. stick

    I wish all of these repubums would cave on Trump just as easily as they do Obummer.But unfortunately they are wishy washy. One minute they say no and the next thing they’re saying yea about Obummers supreme court nominee. It’s no wonder they haven’t had a republican in office since Reagan. The GOP has no backbone to stand on two legs to oppose Obama by saying NO and stand by their decision no matter what happens. If they only could put as much effort and energy into standing up to Obama, (like they do against Trump), we wouldn’t be in this mess. But then they don’t care as long as it doesn’t effect their paycheck nor their pet projects.

  24. Don Taylor


  25. Jack Magurn

    And yet we keep re-electing them because, while bad for the country, they are oh so reliable getting perks for their constituents.

  26. proudV

    These Rhino’s make me ill, Mitch McConnell and the other cowards have committed Treason against the people who elected them. I believe in God, But I am having a hard time with my faith. I have never witnessed such corruption in the GOP and the people cant do shit…We are being lied to and cheated out of our own Nation by a Racist, Evil, No class, President turned dictator and the criminals who are concerned only about the power they hold!!. That’s true for Democrats and Republicans alike. I am just angry and feel nothing except fear for the United States, And my dream will be that I live long enough to see justice!!!. I hope the Politicians that have destroyed this Republic rot in HELL!.

  27. Galveston1

    I, for one, will continue to vote AGAINST John Cornyn. When it suits him he poses as a conservative, but when it is critical, he just can’t seem to support conservative values.

  28. jaydee

    Just copy and paste this list when it comes to Merrick Garland. All of them should be forced to watch hours of YouTube videos of kids having melt down trying to do CC math. They have no heart.

  29. Colleen Gill Rotter

    It is pathetic to see how we’ve been “played” by the RHINOS ! “Vote for us to have the majority and we’ll fix it” ! Total BS !!

  30. joe katona


  31. theicecube

    These politicians are some of the ones that complain about Trumps values and his campaign then in the next breath do this. This Senate will do anything to not be called obstructionists or racists by the meanie liberals.

  32. Lougjr1

    See what I mean Citizens? , The Elite Republican’s are doing it again. They just gave Obama another cabinet choice for the Dept. of Education. This guy is pro Common core which is a complete disaster for our Ameircan children !

  33. James Southern

    Ok, first of all common core is just a complete pile of communist retoric, yes communist. The man who developed it is a self avowed communist who designed common core for one simple purpose and that is to create an assimilation mentality. You see the commi philosophy is simple make everyone assimilate and do exactly as the government wants and feel down trodden so that their will be no uprisings after they take over. Common core is intended to stifle any creativity or thinking outside of the box so that only a chosen few can actually achieve or do anything besides stay stuck in the same old communist rut and be obedient to the powers that be the worst part is that the creator of common core admits that freely and told the people who instituted it that this was the sole purpose of it and they still wanted to impose it on our children. It doesn’t help them learn it stifles learning and creativity and is only good for one thing, making our kids more ignorant than they already are because of the NEA’s constant dumbing down in the classroom. We have some brilliant kids in America but most will never meet their potential because of the conditioning and brainwashing from the left, NEA, and other things like common core. This is just another reason real, normal, and truly caring individuals who are in the loop and know what this garbage is about need to be elected but if we as a nation do not begin right now to get rid of the status quo qnd elect true innovators and those who know what really works from the past then it is already to late.
    I watch Waters world on ox just to hear the completely idiotic and totally moronic things most of the people he interviews say when he asks simple questions about who the college students support and why. If they only knew what they were talking about or what they are truly supporting I wonder if they would still sound off so boldly about the suicidal things they espouse. They want to give away all our freedoms for something they think will be free, but freedom is not and has never been free, they are stepping in the blood of those who died to give them the freedoms and begging the enemies of the United States to deliver them into slavery and are to ignorant of what they are think they are talking about to understand that this is what they are doing. They scream go Bernie, or yes Hillary but have no idea of the true repercussions they are asking for. With Bernie he wants to tax every individual 90% of their wages and supposedly give them free things like free college educations and supposed free medical. Ok that means for every $100 you earn you get $10 and the prices don’t go down they go up, so you have to pay more with almost nothing and get nothing in return except a communists third rate education and still can not get a ob in the field you want unless the government says you are on of the chosen few who actually earns enough to make a real living, Every non chosen individual will do what the government says, eat what they allow you to eat, wear what they tell you to wear, live where they tell you to live, go where they tell you to go and die when they decide you are useless to them. That is the ides of communism and you are no more than property of the government. This is why may have faught and died to keep these privilidges from being instituted in the US. I hope someone will wake up and I hope someone will call this presidents tie to an end he needs to be made a lame duck for the rest of his presidencyy because he and the people allowing his regime to move us backward have and are destroying this country.
    Don’t get me wrong, right now there is no candidate fit for the office of president still in the race but if Bernie or Hillary get the office you might as well jump off a bridge unless you already have super wealth and can leave, or unless we get a group of people in the congress who will not allow them to continue these neo-fascist, communist-socialistic and even totalitarian ways, they do not work in a free market that is why the left keeps imposing more socialistic methods into the economy because socialistic economics will drain all the life out of a free economy if it is not stopped and the debt is not wiped out us and the whole world will suffer a depression so great that thr NWO will swoop in and all of the earth will be their slaves. The stage is already set for this so heed the warning and think about what you are doing it will affect everyoe in a grave way so wake up and pay attention it does affect you and your neighbors very drastically.

  34. ChalmetiaBoy

    Remember these seven traitors for approving the certain destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  35. Patriot41

    Nothing new here, those good ole boys have backed common core from the beginning and they are part of the problem!

  36. Larry Orr

    Just gives the true Americans more reason to vote for
    Donald Trump.
    Common core personnel just show what going after easy money is all about.
    They are swindlers and greedy.
    Peace be unto you

  37. Wayne Baldwin

    It appears that Constitutional Conservativism is becoming a thing of the past….. should the RNC, the Senators the Representatives lead out in some stupid move to give the GOP nomination to someone other than the one with the largest number of delagets …. I for one will resign as a supporting member of the Republican Party…. no I do not want to do this, but the majority of Republican voters are favoring Trump and they are threatening to jump over both him and Cruz and put in someone else. Good grief, Charlie Brown…. how stupid and wrong is this ….. So some stupid convention rules make this possible, but I understand that the rules can be changed. Come on, GOP leadership and quit ignoring the voices of most GOP voters….. You have almost already lost me, and possibly many more, and that is a tragedy that does not need to happen and should not. If the vote of We The People means nothing, quit playing games with us. I cannot believe that our leadership would even think of such a thing….. how stupid can you possibly be? I will, of course, vote for whomever becomes the GOP nominee, but please forget about a “majority” and let US decide whom we wish to run the country. God help us if any democrat should win the white house.

  38. jerimiah

    If Oblaka told the republicans his ass was a gold mine, McConnell and his Rino followere would start staking claims and digging. These Rhinos know who they are-hope they strike the Mother Load….

  39. thomas

    Sadly Obama always has Bad Choices for appointments ? Most are not qualified at all and have no conscience either. This Guy is a Bad Choice. Say NO Congress. Weenies all of them are.

  40. bmoc

    This just shows we NEED more people in government like Ted Cruz who has already demonstrated that he will stand up to these spineless RINOS and their buddy Democrats. We can’t assume that some life-long Democrat like Donald Trump will do the right thing for WE THE PEOPLE! DUMP TRUMP in 2016!!!!

  41. texexpatriate

    Each of those people are thoroughly corrupt. Every one of them should be dis-elected and put in prison.

  42. Lorraine E

    The gop RINO liberals are nothing more than “yes men” for the appointed president. The gop RINO liberals are identical to democrats. The RINOs do not offer an alternative to the democrats and a new party called Conservatives should be created.

    1. Howleyesque

      IF as they have made it clear they intend to do, the GOP stabs Trump and their rank and file in the back… that’s a VERY DISTINCT POSSIBILITY!

  43. stoth

    John Cornyn (TX) probably want miss my vote. He like McConnell have been up there too long. Cruz too. We need to make a change. Hey it can not be any worst than it already is.
    Its time for the people take back our government.