Obama Skipped Nancy Reagan’s Funeral, Did This Instead

Barack Obama proved again that he’s one of the most classless presidents in American history. Obama didn’t attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral, but instead chose to be in Austin, Texas for the annual South by Southwest festival.

However, his wife, Michelle, will be present at the funeral.

Here’s Obama’s statement on Nancy Reagan’s death as reported by the Daily Caller:

“As somebody who is lucky enough to have an extraordinary partner in my life as well, I know how much she meant not just to President Reagan but to the country as a whole.”

The South by Southwest (SXSW) festival includes film, music and technology conferences. On Friday, there will be film festival screenings, including for the new Peewee Herman movie, and SXSW comedy.

Once again, Obama proves that he doesn’t care about or show respect to anyone who doesn’t align with his politics, or will help advance his self-interest. Whether you agreed with the politics of George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush or Ronald Reagan, they all showed respect to political friends and foes, and conducted themselves in a dignified manner.

Barack Obama is a self-centered, liberal Baby Boomer who only thinks about himself. He’s one of (if not the) least-dignified men to occupy the Oval Office, and doesn’t deserve the respect that comes with the office of the presidency.

Where does Obama rank in terms of the worst president in United States history?

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