Democratic Mayor Discovers Hard Way What the DNC Does to Bernie Supporters

If you needed more evidence that the Democratic primary is nothing more than a rigged game in favor of Hillary Clinton, here it is.

Jim Fouts, mayor of Warren, Michigan, claims that the DNC threatened to remove him from Sunday’s Democratic debate in Flint because he was cheering for Senator Bernie Sanders.

Here’s the report from the Daily Caller, quoting Fouts’ Facebook post on the debate:

“There is a great contrast between the Democratic Debate and the Republican. The Democratic debate is totally controlled by Hillary’s good friend DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

“In the Republican Debate anything goes and the audience is free to speak, shout, boo and say whatever they want to. It’s almost pure democracy mixed in with a little anarchy. [But here] No commentary is allowed by the audience. Particularly if you are cheering Bernie Sanders. Persons who do not adhere to Hillary’s rules are threatened with expulsion.

“That’s not very democratic. That borders on totalitarian control.”

While the Republican debates haven’t always been fair or without bias, Mayor Fouts has a good point. The Democratic party leadership doesn’t want to allow public dissent within its ranks. And they want to make sure that Hillary Clinton gets the nomination.

Do you agree with Mayor Fouts that the fix is in for Hillary?

Tell us why or why not in the comments section below.

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      1. Dan

        I can’t believe that you are still alive. I figured that all of that crack smoking would have blown your heart all over the wall across the room by now.

        1. The Redman

          U really know the ins an outs of “crack”, huh. snake-mouth dan. white-folks pushed dat on the country 2.

          1. Dan

            I told you that I live in Baltimore, Progressive crack city of the world. “White-folks may have pushed dat on the country”, along with the Colombians, Mexicans AND the provider of your monthly hand-outs, BUT nobody forced you to steal to get the money, buy it and smoke it.

          2. Dan

            My bro and pop are potheads, I don’t drink or do drugs. I can’t stand anyone that does, any more.

          3. Dan

            The good Lord took my vices from me many years ago. My wife and I are leaving this town for good as a result.

          4. Dan

            I don’t. It is just a natural chemical reaction from working under the sun. Don’t get upset because your kind can’t tell when they get burnt.

          5. The Redman

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          6. Dan

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          8. Dan

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          12. Dan

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          13. The Redman

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          1. warren caldwell

            At least I am not afraid to put up my real name RED-MAN whos really at black jackass !!!!! You ignorant A Hole !

  1. meyati

    I’ll vote for Sanders, I’ll vote for Gary Johnson, I’ll vote for Cruz, but I won’t vote for Hillery. This is one reason why-and there are many other reasons that I won’t vote for Hillery.

    1. Wmichaelmic

      If anyone even comes close to displacing her from her future office, she will have them offed. Remember Vince Foster, just to name one.

      1. meyati

        There is that, and that is another reason that I’m not voting for her. I really wish that ballots would have a box to check next to a statement-none of the above

          1. meyati

            Sweet heart, would you vote for me? Would any of you vote for me? I’m teasing of course.

          2. meyati

            Not yet. I haven’t robbed a bank or anything, so not yet. Guess you can’t vote for me until I rob a bank or something.

        1. Junior1950

          I’ve made that same statement many times in the past–a box for NONE OF THE ABOVE!!

          1. meyati

            I’ve signed petitions for that. and big-eared POTUS wants to make Americans to have to vote. What is he going to do to me-It would be elder abuse to put me in jail, and I don’t have any money to confiscate.

          1. The Redman

            98% of the “race” dat do it R white-folks. they make other countries hate the u.s.–mickey-mo

  2. CommonSense4America

    What I don’t understand is why do the Democrat voters put up with the DNC and the SUPER DELEGATES? Talk about taking the vote away from their voters. But, after all, it is the progressive government way. We know better than you what is best for you. Now vote for us and then STFU.

  3. alexandron

    The DNC is apparently determined for her to get the furniture and other stuff she had stolen from the White House and was forced to take back. All that great thievery for nothing? They just feel sorry for the old gal.

  4. GrizzMann

    I thought Bernie was running as a Democrat. The Socialist ticket would not give him a chance.

  5. The Redman

    white-folks have ruin the u.s. so bad until it will never recover unless by GOD. but, then, most white-folks live in denial of Him.

  6. Junior1950

    Probably a decision made by none other than Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, head of the DNC, and she’s as bright as a sack full of burned out light bulbs!! Hillary and Bernie–neither one is worthy of being POTUS!!

      1. warren caldwell

        This country fought and thousands died so you could get your freedom from this real oppressionists 100s of yrs ago,so get off this racists crap,you just show you intentional uneducated ignorance–Go The =====away!!!!

          1. Jim

            So, have you ever found out who either of your “creatures that shit you out” are/were ? They must REALLY be some”thing” to produce an “it” such as you….Abortion not ALWAYS bad idea…

          2. The Redman

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          3. DarlK

            I don’t hate you if you’re black. I may dislike what you stand for, but not because of your skin color. My brother-in-law just happens to be black. He’s a good hard working man who loves my sister dearly. He also has nothing good to say about race agitators of any color. It’s too bad more people of color aren’t more like Sam. This country would be a lot better off.

          4. The Redman

            I bet U keep ah digger in his back, unseen. U idiot. Y didn’t U say “2 bad most white-folks aren’t like sam”

          5. DarlK

            Why didn’t you say “Too bad most black folks aren’t like Sam?” You would be a lot more believable

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          7. jtintx2

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          10. Jamie Hall

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      2. DustyFae

        LOL Bilderberg and Rothschild did not come from the USA when they are overseas… And the rich that have no-god but money and power. George Soros came from Hungary. LOL so they are behind the world conflict and l may also add that Oprah sits on the chair in these group and she is Black…. LOL So learn your facts and stop the Communism race card…

          1. DustyFae

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          3. tnetcenter

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            Ignorance is not a position of strength, deadman.

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          43. conservative since 1962

            Of course he/she/it is a hate filled bigot that hates almost everyone, probably even him/her/itself!

          44. mrstockenstine

            If you think the Saudis are not Caucasian, then you are the ignorant one. I have no use for Redman, but you are about as bad; actually, you are worse. You should know better.

          45. tnetcenter

            That’s NOT evil they leave behind, that’s the WAKE IN THE EVIL that’s left behind by ignorant savages like yourself!

      3. quiltenlady

        Read your history the 1st slave was sold by a BLACK man ! So your own kind started the slave trade.You probably have no family member ever fought for this country .I had 2 uncles and my father in war time service. They fought for our freedom for you to talk trash about white folks. Till you been in war time and fought for freedom zip your trap closed ! Nothing nice to say then go somewhere else .Somewhere that any one would even read your trash…….

        1. The Redman

          Tramp lady. yo no good family members had NO choice but 2 fight. dem stupid haters started all the mess. and as 4 yo say on “slaves”. white-folks wrote the history, and they love 2 steal, kill, and LIE

          1. Charles Sroka


          2. Charles Sroka


          3. Charles Sroka


          4. The Redman

            Dats what U white-folks say. but there R other books dat tell the truth. like yall coming out from caves on all 4., huh. stinky

          5. quiltenlady

            No, Blacks do all that to themselves then blame the Whites. So get you facts right. Or just go away little man….

          6. quiltenlady

            Blacks are doing it now so shoe is one the other foot. Can’t deny it every night if therein crime or murder 99% it’s black or Mexicans.So it’ not just white’s Redman .

          7. The Redman

            R U drunk. U post like a drunk white-person. yall white-folks R like rabbits all over the place. yall clutter up everything, and stink.

          8. quiltenlady

            Watch nightly news any night and see what race has killed someone. 10 to 1 it’s yes wait for the drum roll it is a…… B-L-A-C-K person !!!! It’s a fast track of ridding your race all by yourselves.

          9. The Redman

            They kill wit guns dat stupid money greedy coward white-folks push. tick-chick. hahahahahhaah

          10. quiltenlady

            Speak ENGLISH if you want anyone to understand you.You must be talking about the Money greedy Blacks that are f*cking all kinds of women so those women can collect government money for the next generation of idiots.All the while the jerk father steals and defrauds the government and buys or sells drugs. So get off your high horse and get a dictionary to spell words right or go to school. Then find a job !!!!! I will communicate when your ENGLISH is proper not your kind of what ever you call this gibberish you type.

          11. The Redman

            Yo white-folk “English” is what got America in ruins. there R a lot more tramp white-folks sucking on the white-folk government den any race of people in the world. yall R stealing mo den the law should allow. tick-chick-tramp. U will respond back because U’re an idiot.

          1. tnetcenter

            Those are liberals and I agree, they are responsible for almost ALL of the problems in America

        1. The Redman

          Nah, jimbo. I don’t talk 2 my self, and my “nuts” R never “numb”. snake-mouth


    Hillary is as evil and conniving as they come. She should be going to jail instead of trying for the White House. What is taking the FBI so long in arresting her? She feels as if she deserves what she wants and no one is going to be able to stop her. Wake up America and see what she is really made of,just a pile of cow plop!

    1. conservative since 1962

      I suspect that the FBI has reason to believe that the DOJ will decline to prosecute if they arrest HRC setting the agent(s) involved for “false arrest” claims or charges.
      The existence of a situation has no bearing on whether it is right or wrong1

    2. 0331Tap

      Hateful woman…She is pure evil …Hillary will not go to jail…She owns the system…Trump or Cruz is our only chance…

    3. Jamie Hall

      When they do imprison her, I hope it’s in the worst hellhole some third world country has to offer…for the rest of her life. And she can take Trump with her! His crime? Impersonating a human being. He is as legitimately “human” as Ovomit is legitimately POTUS. So she should probably take both of them with her. They all need a lesson in humility, not a vacation at Club Fed.

    4. Mo

      Loretta Lynch has already stated she WILL NOT prosecute Hillary,in other words she will not uphold the law because she is one of Obammie’s puppet’s! Save America Impeace Obama!!

    5. DarlK

      Something for all of you to ponder. It seems that the Obama Justice Dept. is stonewalling on acting on the FBI indictments of Clinton. I’m wondering if Clinton has something on Obama that scares the $hit out of Obama. Possibly the truth about his birthplace, college records etc.? Clinton and Obama certainly aren’t the best of friends. Think about it.

  8. warren caldwell

    Redman you are nothing more than an EXTREEM Racist ********* low life blaming everyone for your problems except your “self.”.It has come to the place in time where the blacks are far and away the most racist people on the plant earth and you prove it.Go back and crawl under a rock where you came from or go back to make some more babies that can get on welfare,no doubt you probably have a half dozen or so !

  9. Jack Simpson

    Look up the definition of Democracy and then you will realize why they call themselves Democrats. Then look up the definition of Republic. Then tell me which you would rather serve. Our constitution promises everyone that we will live in a Republic not a Democracy.

  10. warren caldwell

    Do any of you realize that Sanders is a died in the wool SOCIALISTS ? Do any of you know what that means ???? Wake up !!!

  11. warren caldwell

    Hillary is a liar and one of the most corrupt politicos in history not to mention a full out law breaker that should be in jail,are you all blind or just nuts ?

  12. The Fox

    Demon-rats only want their demon lead people to be in power as they are all immoral and God hating as the DNC itself.

      1. The Fox

        If you can talk to her you must be one of her robots, and I don’t fear her or you and would spit in your eye in a dead second.

          1. h m rowland

            …is that from Jesus’ Sermon on the mount? You’ll have to help me, what would a godless liberal know about the holy word?

          2. The Fox

            Jesus sermon on the mount was to the Jews and not the Church if you knew anything about Him which you a lib don’t seem to know. This Born Again Believer knows more about God in my little finger then you do in your entire empty skull. And will always defend the faith against the un-Godly people who don’t know Him or His Word.

          3. h m rowland

            Judge not/bare no false witness …you are a Christian spin doctor. I graduated from a Southern Baptist seminary, ordained in ’77 , served at 5 very large churches, and am sadden to see the way the people have allowed the republican party reverse the teachings of the Christ . I am a liberal because of the outlook to and in service of humankind .

          4. The Fox

            Again to the unwise and unlearned, read 1 Corinthians 6:1-4 and learn about judging. Well a so called minister of the Gospel if you don’t have a relationship with Christ your just a false teacher with a degree, I got my degree in the boot camp of the Holy Spirit and not the teaching of mere men. Was a evangelist in a taxi for about 20 years and by Gods Grace saw many get saved. if you were a minster of God you wouldn’t worry about the parties or the government and would be seek the souls of the lost and going to hell people which you were called to do and seem to be failing very clearly. Very few people in the world today are trusting in Christ and could be your fault in many ways? The mega churches have become apostate and care more about the things of this world rather then Gods eternity to come. By the way God also found away for this Born Again Believer to travel to 6 continents and many countries in the world preaching the one true Gospel that saves and had free air fare via my youngest daughter who He allowed to become a pilot and then a senior manager of a major airlines. Now a Bible Teacher with two classes a week and has allowed me to teach for many years. I once attended one of your Southern Baptist Churches where the Pastor seem to be a lot like you and went to your college, he allowed divorced and remarried deacon’s against the Word of God and even tried to line me up with a divorced women in his church, wiped the dust off my shoes and left to never go back. I have attended a Fundamental Independent Baptism Church for 27 years and I’m not a Baptist but a Born Again Believer who has a relationship with Christ and not a religious experience with Christ. Your degree is a waste of what God called you to do, repent and preach the Gospel and not government. God Bless and Shalom:

          5. h m rowland

            If I were a minister of God I wouldn’t be worried about the parties of government ? You posted some words of Christian love on this conservative neo-moron site so what does that make you? Perhaps you’ll choose to reread and edit your comment it was certainly worthy of the response it received, and now that I understand its source, even mores so. Brother Fox, what’s that verse about a log and an eye.

          6. The Fox

            If non minster if you can’t take the heat maybe you should take yourself out of the kitchen, as I speak for the Lord and you speak for the world and proven with your every comment oh he that has a degree from a college and not a degree to preach Gods Word, just a pretender a wold in sheep’s clothing. If I had a log in my eye I sure wouldn’t pick you to take it out and out of context as far as what I said, seems you went to college for the world and not for the Lord? The only scriptures you seem to know are those you think you can put somebody down with but, yet out of context as usual. Seems you care more about this site then the truth and that shows very plainly, so much for your worldly degree.

          7. h m rowland

            I came hear you whine about my college, and to learn at the feet of a holy one how to speak words of love and compassion. The first sentence of my lost post are your words not mine…I’m not feelin’ any heat. Many blessings Pastor brother preacher Fox.

          8. The Fox

            Thanks but not a Pastor but fill in for mine when he needs time off since he works a full time job and takes no money from the church. If you words are sincere God Bless and Shalom:

          9. h m rowland

            The blessings, sincere . We are all one in God’s love. Politics frustrates us not because we are really so different but because we are manipulated by talking heads . I get hateful too and regret it always. I understand brother, I do. Peace.

          10. The Fox

            No problem, I once was a delegate from my state to the Republican National Convention in 04 and didn’t realize God didn’t put me there for politic’s but to be a witness of the Gospel and thank Him but, really don’t think much about elections or who’s running anymore this world is to far gone to be saved by mere men and now look up and not forward. God Bless and Shalom Friend:

      1. scott

        you seem to miss the point.this is the white n-gg-0r trash that tells you your special because your a dumb n-gg-r.yet you black scum are supposedly only 13% of the pop and are 98% of the crime rate and criminals.have to say you black n-gg-r scum are the problem

        1. The Redman

          Inbreeding on yo mayflower started all U white-folks problems in the u.s. when yall got there. scotty-mae. yall were the 1st niggas 2 arrive

          1. scott

            go back to africa then n-gg-r boy you filthy ghetto ape.we will gladly pay to get rid of your worthless criminal black as-

          2. h m rowland

            …a selfie Scottybelle took in his cell mirror, good one too he usually looks more like a jackass.

  13. Clay Fitzgerald

    To ALL posting on this forum… PLEASE ignore the ignorant, bigoted, stupid, insulting, non-functioning troll, aka ‘The Redman.’ It does no good to reply or try to have reasonable or cogent discussions with it… whatever it is, because it will turn on you like a poisoness

  14. gavinwca

    The Republican Party is worried about Hillary beating any of their candidates, when she can not honestly win the democrat primaries. They are so worried they want to give their primary win to a candidate that could not win their own primary. Folks you can not wake this stuff up. If this does not tell you both parties only care about keeping their own corrupt power, preventing anyone they can not control / bribe out of the process.

  15. CMSgt, USAF, Retired

    Hell yes the fix is in? Debbie (the snake in the grass) Wasserman-Schultz wants to make sure that Obamalinton is elected. She will want to position herself to be next in line for election should Obamalinton be elected and once she has served her term screwing the Nation. Hell hath no fury like a scorned Obamalinton supporter.

  16. Tom Townsend II

    No, I do not agree. Far more accurately would be that “the fix is in with the DNC, the GOP, and the Rinos combined. This has always been the case. But under Obama, things have become so overtly controlled and corrupt that the criminal activities, tyranny and the outright treason has become so blatant that it is now nearly fully exposed. We have been operating under an assumed constitutional government with free elections but with actually one political party posing as two, with rinos in the middle and the delusion of choice, with graft, fraud, and abuse for all. Now we can clearly see, if any of us still care enough any more to take a look, that all of this has been a well orchestrated fraud and that we, the natural born actual citizens of this republic have been the dupes, played for suckers one and all. In truth, at least in this supposed election, we have polls showing who the actual voters are selecting in both the democrat and the republican primaries. Neither party or their leaders want the politicians the voters are electing. So rather than wait until the actual election before rigging votes and bringing in the foreign illegal aliens, allowing the dead and criminals to vote, and seeing to it that the military stationed over seas are prevented from voting (all as usual and still likely among other crimes such as the threats of the Black Panthers against voters at the polls) now we see the GOP hunting frantically for any possible non-running potential politician to be slipped in at the last minute (after qualifying has already lawfully expired) in order to stop Trump or Cruz from being elected. The DNC are working feverishly to help the GOP against the two most likely republican winners while helping George Soros to organize violent disruptions of Trump, and I have heard Cruz, political rallies. And the DNC are working to fix the election for Hillary, all with GOP leaders working to both set up and run a contested convention to steal votes already cast from Trump and secure as many votes as possible for Hillary (a DNC candidate) to help further rig things by election time. All the while, Barack Soetoro Obama is waiting in the wings with ever expanding Martial Law authority (all unconstitutional by the way), so that he can step in at the last minute with Mexico created illegal alien voters, Islamic support, and full control of the American people via U.S. military (or if necessary, foreign UN) support under the latest martial law powers unconstitutionally granted to him by the Senate and the House. Through these powers, Obama can shift the election in his favor, overrule the elections or stop them all together; take control of the American people through force of arms and via foreign support through his new international cities initiatives and with a far better armed and supplied U.S. government and then Obama can remain in office, even for life if he wants it. We really need to be looking at the big picture a whole lot closer. Time is rapidly running out and it is an absolute certainty that the criminal self-serving politicians in Washington will do nothing about it. After all, we should really consider just how many crimes, unconstitutional acts, and acts of outright treason have occurred in just the last seven to eight years that have gone unprosecuted and that have been obfuscated and covered up and outright lied about. The IRS, Erick Holder, Learner, Harry Reid, Pelosi, Kerry, the FBI, government invasion of privacy and internal spying on U.S. citizens, the Bureau of Land Management, FBI propaganda, falsified evidence and the murder of U.S. citizens, and now there is this. If the U.S. Government cannot be trusted for actions on behalf of the American lawful citizen voters, then who can be trusted? It is time, way past time, to act, responsibly, reasonably, and lawfully — understanding that simply filing suits or taking the other typical lawful means of grievance against the government no longer work. After all, who runs, misuses and abuses these means — the U.S. Government. And it is they who have been repeatedly overturning the lawful results, ignoring them, or simply overruling them without due authority. Then look at what has happened and is currently happening to those who have stood up to them. Murder, financial and personal ruin, and individual incarceration…

    But if we do nothing against tyrants and self appointed petty little tin gods, history has always shown that it gets far far worse. Then who will remain to help us? Even the Jews in America are supporting this tyrant — the means of their own destruction.. It is almost like it might have been if they would have supported Hitler, and many of the other citizens of our once great, free, and proud nation are not much better. What would our nation’s founding fathers (and mothers for that matter) and the brave heroes such as those in WWII think of us now?

    Personally, I say no. Enough! No more… How say you?

  17. Bill Blackstone

    The party who demands tolerance. Has no tolerance for those who think differently. Why is that? Easy. They want conformist. That make their reign of terror easier to navigate.

    1. h m rowland

      The Riche wing has no viable candidates, not even when there were 16 monkeys in that cage. The 3 who are left are a huge danger to the country and the world. I don’t think that any of the 3 will be the nominee . With President Obama’s job approval at 53%(before the Cuba visit so higher now),you should understand the direction chosen by the people. We elected him twice. 53% is 47% higher than the other modern presidents(1928-16) at the 7 year mark. We’re done with the 50’s. Peace to you toot.

      1. toothii

        That job approval is from Dems only, h m. ! Your description of the GOP candidates which include two MDs, 4 former or current Governors, two Senators , a Black man and a very wealthy businessman is hardly a cage of monkeys (you opinionated & racist SOB!) . The diversity of the GOP group compared to the two elderly white folks of the DNC is very wide and represents what America ought to be about! And none are under FBI investigation nor are any of them professed Socialists.

        1. h m rowland

          I would take 2 fine Viennese chocolates over 16 boxes of Dollar General Store chocolate covered cherries anytime. Two glasses of vintage wine over 16 glasses of Flint water. 16 worthless football games are meaningless when faced against any 2 Baseball battles. Among those 16 candidates one has murdered thousands of humans and counting, one says he turned our state around which is a ‘weasel’ lie of one of the 5 obvious fascist candidates then there were the 4 loonies, two still running, the other 6 never stood a chance with nothing but ego to offer. I’ll take experience and intelligence over BS from monkeys any day maybe ’20 will bring one good leader from the right vs. this years party orangutan. Republicans have let down the process with this lame group of has beens and never could be. Sad to see Republicans run a garage sale across the street from Tiffany’s.

  18. quiltenlady

    Hillary is another name for a liar,cheater,killer,and an extortionist. Two family names that should never be aloud to be in a presidential race again are BUSH & CLINTON…….

  19. tnetcenter

    Of course the fix is in! HiLIARy can’t possibly win without the nomination being rigged in her favor!

  20. ReaperHD

    Bernie Sanders you need to make a 3RD Party Candidate Run for President and split yourselves from the Commie DNC who are a Hellary or Bust Campaign and you were doomed from the start.

  21. gingergirl

    If you think she is bad now – during a debate – wait til you she how she acts if she is elected! She would make the Gestapo look like boy scouts!

  22. paulrod

    Of course the fix is in! .Are we really that naïve that we think the DNC is going to run a clean selection process? She got herself rubber-stamped before ever announcing for the job, and all the rest of this is just kabuki theater. She’s positive it’s her turn, and nothing is going to stand in her way……..Except perhaps the FBI…And she may even have a way to fix that, too. People, she’s as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, and everybody knows…Everybody knows……..(hey, wouldn’t that make a good song title?

  23. sox83cubs84

    Hitlery Clinton and Debbie Blabbermouth-Schultz will star together in the liberal Democrat movie “Dumb and Dumber 3”.

  24. Irvan

    That bunch of DNC a_holes need to be hung. There isn’t a democrat worthy of being the president of this country.

      1. Jamie Hall

        Go ask the FBI. If you’re still confused after that, you’re just as fucked up as she is.

        1. h m rowland

          Sorry my bad I thought I was in America where WE ARE INNOCENT until we are proven guilty.

          1. Jamie Hall

            If people weren’t too chicken shit to do their jobs she would’ve already been tried, convicted, and hanged. But noooooo. Everybody’s too afraid that taking down the big, bad, Hildebeast would spell career suicide and fuck up their cozy arrangements with her supporters too.

          2. h m rowland

            yeah, you might wanna read, there’s reason for all. Better to know than refuse to know.

        2. h m rowland

          hey Jamie- I just pulled up my ‘bing’ page to check on this whack a do shooting @ our capital ….there is a lengthy article from Washington Post called ‘ How Hillary’s Email Scandal Took Root” it is a very balanced, not an opinion piece, written in step by step chronological order of events . its pretty long shewww! it cleared up my questions and thought since you have interest that I would share with you. read:

          1. h m rowland

            I’m Not asking you to change your mind, just thought it was informative and gave me a better handle .

  25. 0331Tap

    It’s obvious…the problem is that there is no news coverage…The media is complacent in destroying real debate and showing what’s happening to our country….We show riots if police are involved…Especially if they can be held accountable…Where is the news??? Where are the Feds to lock up Hillary and that Bum Obama…

  26. KingoLingus

    Hitlery was PROMISED that since the half breed stole her last election she would be IN the next go around by the Neo-NAZI DemonRats. Thing they didnt count on was and is that she would be rife with undeniable scandals and her ill begotten thoughts of being UN Doucheable because the FBI will put her criminal ass in cuffs SOON. What they seemed to have forgotten is that the Treasonous CRIMINAL Barack cannot “Pardon” her until she has been CONVICTED of a crime! Holy shit Wasserman, did the DEMONRATS not think of this? Certainly there must be a go around to LAW? Oh yes, the “go around” is that the CRIMINAL in charge of the so called “Justice Department” is none other than the biggest CRIMINAL mind ever to occupy the white house! None other than the capitulating meat puppet of the pseudo NAZI fascist George Soros (who should be removed from the USA immediately, have his citizenship permanently revoked by congress and jailed in Siberia to be butt raped daily). But then again, what do you expect from the criminal lefty assholes any way? They are all just the evil spawn of drug ridden free love whores from the 70’s 80’s and some other time in some other universe 🙂

  27. B. Zerker

    About time somebody, other than me, recognized the Democrat party for what it is – A bunch fascists!

    1. h m rowland

      Fascism -a government whose economy is based on going to war…money for blood…war without reason …military industrial complex, the manufacture and sale of war toys for fun and profit. Sounds like a riche wing ‘ism’ to me.

      1. B. Zerker

        For the past century the Dems have been constantly “at war” with something or other. Drugs, poverty, racism, income inequity, the Republicans, etc. The war that goes unnoticed is their war on the U.S. Constitution and the people’s guaranteed liberties. They enact unconstitutional edicts designed to control our behavior even if that behavior isn’t harmful to others and then use their brute-squads (LEOs) to enforce their edicts with the threat of force. If that isn’t fascism, I don’t know what is!

          1. B. Zerker

            That’s a bunch of Hotel Sierra!
            1) The military industrial complex began under FDR.
            2) It depends on which corp. Dems are supported by many corps and do favors for them in exchange for campaign contributions. Obama is the only president to ever suggest nationalizing a private corp.
            3) Labor unions have out lived the need for them. Government mandates assure that.
            4) Democrats enact law too, but their laws only seem to regulate secured rights.
            5) My IQ is north of 160 and I’m not oppressed. Useless and offensive art simply to offend others should not be funded with tax-payer dollars. If you libtards wanna pay for it out of own pockets, you’re welcome to do so.
            6) Those Black Panthers stationed outside the polls were surely Republicans. If you believe that, you’re ignorant.
            7) This republic was founded on Judeo-Christian values. The First Amendment dictates that there will never be a “state” religion and I’m unaware of ANY Republican that has proposed that.
            Pull your head out of your back-side and stop drinking the libtard Kool-Aid!

          2. h m rowland

            1) after the far riche wing coup in ’63 Dallas.
            3) Reagan the great union buster
            4) dems may regulate but don’t take/obstruct my personal rights
            5) the issue here is that the right wants no creativity, no beauty but ‘cold architecture and sculpture with no emotion’ /wiped ‘the humanities from education /160? wow you should know all of this
            6) Nixon lost to Humphrey in ’68/Mitt owns the voting machines /our so called 43rd was elected by Scalia, Susan Harris and Jeb’s ‘Project for a New American Century ‘
            7) you better look out your window big guy, the right has turned Christianity backwards while the Kool-Aid drinkers cling to the Sermon on the Mount upon which it was formed but doesn’t use that to gather votes.
            The state religion seems to be reverse Christianity.

          3. B. Zerker

            1) Oswald was a communist not a Republican.
            2) ?
            3) Good for Reagan, the air traffic controllers’ strike might have plunged the republic into a recession and it did put the flying public at risk.
            4) Open your eyes! That’s all the Democrat Socialists do! One example of their usurpations is their unconstitutional infringements of the Second Amendment through statute.
            5) Government produces nothing. It’s a tape worm that lives of the labors of those who produce. And it just gets bigger. When the market demands something, someone will produce it by the private sector. That’s called a market economy. Architecture? Anyone can get whatever they want built if they have the money. Sculpture? Rock is an inanimate substance and has no emotion. It takes an artist’s God given talent to bring the out emotion in his/her work. That can’t be taught. You can’t blame the lack of an individual’s talent on the GOP.
            6) Somebody is always going to own the voting machines and if Mitt does, there has been no evidence of tampering. On the other hand, I did run across a story of the DNC hiring an individual to write a program that did so. Obama now has the votes counted by a socialist leaning company in Europe. Scalia was a constitutional purist and was 1 of 9 in which the majority thereof called FL’s election. The FL AG and Governor had nothing to do with it after it went to the SCOTUS.
            7) I agree that this current un-Godly administration has aided the leftists and atheists with their crusade against Christianity, but nowhere do I see the right implicated in this. And why would they? The majority of them are Christians.

          4. h m rowland

            1) Lee Oswald was not involved except to take the blame, an innocent murdered by his employer. ( I didn’t know there were any of you left).

          5. B. Zerker

            There are a lot of us constitutional conservatives out here. And I agree with you that Oswald was a patsy (a useful idiot that had to be silenced). I do believe that he fired shot that wounded Connelly though. I’ve only actually known one person (a Brit. merc. in S. Africa) in my life that could’ ve got off got off 3 accurate shots with a Carcano rifle in 5-10 seconds and I don’t believe Oswald was in his class. The strongest evidence I’ve seen points to the Federal Reserve being behind Kennedy’s assassination because he wanted do away with its fiat currency and return the U.S. to using a “backed” dollar to be created by the U.S. Treasury dept. This would have done away with the Fed. Johnson was against that plan so I believe the he was complicit in Kennedy’s assassination (in Texas… DUH!) and that the Warren Commission’s report was bought and paid for by the central bankers.

  28. Howleyesque

    I wouldn’t vote for either of them, but Wasserman made it clear from the start that it’s rigged… just as the GOP establishment is doing with Trump!

  29. BIG STAN

    Then Loretta Lynch should go to jail with Hillary for failing to do her job. The real American people should be outraged by what is going on and voice their anger to the Congress of the United States,and to the present so called president of the United States.who is as useless as the rest of his cabinet cronies who are trying to destroy AMERICA.

  30. Phil Esposito

    That Mayor should be a republican. Hillary should be in jail. I’ve told you before “the democratic party has been taken over by the communist party”, that’s why no dissent is allowed.

    1. h m rowland

      Lord I wish you folks stuck in the era of McCarthyism would realize that communism isn’t a thing anymore … is no longer a functioning ‘ism’. Find some other ‘ism’ that makes you sound intelligent. The riche wing claims Fascism and Nazism so you can’t use those. There are many other ‘isms’ to choose from.

      1. Edith

        Time may pass but the definition of communism does not.
        You do realize that China is a communist country?
        Making the ‘ism’ in communism a very functioning ‘ism’

      2. Phil Esposito

        Dude, They’ve got a website. Check it out. They were at the Trump rally. They are not gone.

  31. Jim

    Of course the fix is in. Lie, cheat is what the Clinton’s and her D-rat party do.
    ALL who are complicit in the destructive FRAUD current potus and ANY D who (hopefully will not get) voted in in 2016 or after should be held 100% accountable and EXECUTED.

  32. toothii

    Ball Point Pens

    This is our wonderful way of doing things here in the USA

    When NASA started sending astronauts into space, they quickly discovered

    that ball-point pens would not work in zero gravity.

    To combat this problem, NASA scientists spent a decade and $12 billion

    developing a pen that writes in zero gravity, upside-down, on almost any

    surface including glass and at temperatures ranging from below freezing to

    over 300 C.

    The Russians use a pencil. Your taxes are due again – enjoy paying them.

  33. BIG STAN

    It seems that every politician has a deep dark secret that they are trying to hide from the public,so each and every one of them teams up to cover their buttox by covering up for each other. No politician is truthful in any way,they lie just about everything,promise everything that they know they cannot keep,and blow smoke up every one’s kista by saying ,’THEY ARE TRYING, WERE WORKING ON IT, IT IS GOING TO BE HARD, and hope the public believes them and keeps hoping for the better,which will never come as long as there are these underhanded people keep getting elected to office.