You Won’t Believe What Glenn Beck Said About Donald Trump

Just when we thought Glenn Beck couldn’t get any wackier, he took his “cuckoo game” to another level.

During a March 4 monologue about Donald Trump’s Thursday night debate performance, he said that if he “had a knife, the stabbing [of Trump] wouldn’t stop.”

Here’s the unbelievable story from the Daily Caller:

“Beck began the segment by stating his amazement at how conservatives across the country aren’t up in arms over Trump’s debate behavior.

“‘I don’t know what I would have done if I was sitting in [Cruz or Rubio’s shoes]. I can’t say it that way. If I were on the stage, I would have said, “have you been listening to him tonight? Have you been listening to what I say about him? I believe these things.”‘

“At that point, Burguiere began to rib Beck for the ‘sitting in shoes’ analogy.

“Beck went on: ‘If I was close enough and had a knife, the stabbing just wouldn’t stop.'”

That’s right, political sports fans. Glenn Beck said on air that if he was on the debate stage with Donald Trump, he would stab him. Repeatedly.

Beck’s co-host, Stu Burguiere, told the Daily Caller Friday – after the article was published – that, despite the appearance of a threat against Trump, Beck was instead playfully threatening to murder his own co-host.

No matter how much you dislike someone, you should never talk about wanting to murder them – even if it was meant as a joke. This latest remark from Beck makes us wonder about his mental stability – never mind his credibility as a talk show host.

Based on this unusual remark, we believe that Beck sees his media empire crumbling. His ratings have declined over the past several months, and he sees Trump as another threat to his business. That’s our educated guess for Beck’s visceral reaction to Donald Trump.

What’s your take – do you think Beck is trying to protect his media empire…. is he going insane… or both?

Sound off in the comments section below.


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  1. texexpatriate

    Beck has fought mental illness for many years, and also alcoholism. Finally he has dispensed with the drinking problem but the other disorder is always there. He is a brilliant but nutty guy.

    1. Mathew Molk

      Beck went over the edge quite a while back.

      I used to be a fan but he started to get nuttier and nuttier. Then remember when on his TV show he said the country was going into total financial collapse within a few months? Half way through that show I changed the station and never watched again and do not listen to him on the radio anymore either.

      He is really out in left field any more. Or is is right field,,,,Actually I think he is out of bounds.

  2. Timothy Thompson

    The government is in a deep conspiracy to bring down capitolism and our American way of life. They have created a catastrophic mood within the political departments, they are under Obama trying to tyranize us with all means at their disposal. The IRS, DOJ, EPA, NSA, even Homeland Security can’t be trusted using terrorist threats to continue to errode our freedoms and liberties. Who knows what’s going to happen near election time, obviously Soros and all the leftest groups are trying to shut down Trump who seems to be the only candidate who is self funded and not beholden to the establishment. Time will tell and probably fairly soon that Obama was a plant, they don’t want Trump to get inside and find out the truth about what’s gooing on. Go Trump!

    1. Ace Dragon


      1. Darlene

        I Pray Jesus Christ will keep Trump safe till the Election in November, we know what happened to Judge Scalia, don’t we—-? If that Witch Hillary get’s in—America will be doomed to Extinction

    2. Donna

      Beck must have been bought out like the rest of FOX and the mainstream media.
      What changed him? MONEY and Power!

  3. monacall

    I think he just threatened trump! why isn’t he saying anything against hilllbery or sanders….is he that sick? so sad, used to follow beck a long time ago, went to his rally in DC on 82809 was wonderful….and look at him now. supporting someone that is not even eligible to be running for the office….sick person…

    1. CommonSense4America

      I stopped when he went to the southern border to entice more illegals to come north. He seriously needs to understand ‘Tough Love’. It is a Christian act. It is designed to help the individual, not hurt.

  4. Glenya7121

    Beck and “”Mittens” Romney are full of Hate. I had no idea that Mormons acted like that. Perhaps it is because they are worth millions and they like to ”think” of themselves as ”smarter” than the Working Class. What is Beck drinking these days?

  5. DonRS

    Indeed, Beck is off the rails. Once upon a time, he was educating the public with meaningful information about the fundamental principles encapsulated by Obama (Cloward and Piven Strategy, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, etc.).

    Sadly, he has just, indeed, gone wacko!

    1. Billy

      To all you people who are coming down on Beck, “IF” Trump is elected, at the end of his 4 year term THEN tell me about how much you like him. Beck knows Trump and knows what Trump will do and therefore doesn’t want Trump in the office of President. 7 years ago Beck was correct in everything he said about “Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah”. Beck is also right about Trump. Wait and see.
      By the way, I hope you’al know that Trump is a Democrat in disguise. I will gladly take Trump over Hillzilla or Bernie but Trump is NOT the answer to this country’s problems either.

      1. DonRS

        Billy, Trump has a history of being a Republican. He was interviewed as a young, rich Republican at the Republican convention in the ’80’s. You have proof he is a Democrat?

        Second, as you said well, we will only have the Republican and Democrat candidates to choose from in the coming Presidential election. No matter his possible or imagined flaws, Trump will be vastly better than the EVIL Hillary.

        By the way, Beck wasn’t the only one that understood who and what Obama was – in fact, Obama told us. Those that paid attention, knew, and were correct.

        1. Billy

          From his own mouth, “he has been a Democrat all his life until recently. Look at his history and see the things he backs, such as Planned Parenthood for example.
          I do not have proof he is a Democrat. Do you have proof he is a Republican ? All I know is what the man has done and the things he has backed and going by that alone, you are looking at a Liberal. If it comes down to Hillzilla and Trump, I will vote for Trump, no question but as far as I am concerned, at this point Cruz is the best choice we have.
          On Obama, you are 100% correct. Obama told us what he wanted to do and the stupid American voter voted for him anyway. Not once but twice. This country as a whole, is one big mess.

          1. Darlene

            I DID NOT vote Obama either time, he is a Muslim,working for the One World Government under Muslim Shariah Law—we Americans and Christians will all be getting our heads cut off ,He has filled the White HOUSE positions with Muslims

          2. DonRS


            We agree on much! We both want the best for America. We’ve had the worst, most anti-American leadership, for the past 7 1/2 years and are exposed to “more of the same” – with either Bernie (the naive one) or Hillary (the EVIL one). Trump has been the leader in raising issues, allowing others to take similar positions. His leadership, fearlessly taking on issues the RINOs would not, is EXACTLY WHAT I WANT!

            Enough squishy spineless jellyfish, promising the moon and delivering green cheese!

        2. M.J. Nellett

          You had better check his donations for the last 30 years before you state his party affiliation as a fact. He was real tight with the Clinton’s a couple of years be very careful what you state as fact. By the way Ted Cruz would be a whole lot better than Trump so why is he not being recognized here? Just asking.

          1. Greyguy

            Check his recent loans from the financial community and his wife’s affiliations/employment before casting stones, that would be sleeping with the enemy in my book. And both of them were Bush acolytes which does not say much for conservative credentials, if anything the opposite! Besides he is a lawyer, when they do something like his little dirty tricks scheme with Carson, the refrain is, it’s Legal, but when their opponent does something they don’t like its unethical…a bit of a double standard….He reminds me of a Republican version of Obama with Heidi fawning all over him; and he has about as much MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE and in the category on the report card that says “Plays well with Others” does not seem to get a very good grade either.

  6. NY


    1. Triple J Jackson

      And there will be. Because if they rob the election from him by back room shady deals and changing the game as they see fit. Like coin toss and keeping that Ohio gov. In just to make sure they can do some shady crap. America is sick of the government and politicians not hearing the people. Come on people if Donald only gets half of what he said done we Will be WAY better off. I just don’t understand how some people can’t understand that. If we all just get behind him he can beat the Clinton witch and start getting our jobs back. Because If she or batshit crazy Bernie wins America can’t recover from that. It will be poverty government control and basically war on our streets.

  7. Walter Flatt




    1. Coastie407

      An impressive list! What’s equally impressive is how many people actually believe this. Let’s start with the most popular item on this list; the building of a wall on our Southern border with Mexico.
      To start, I totally agree that we need to stem the unchecked flow of illegal immigrants–both Mexicans and others (including from the Middle East)–across ALL our borders. That said, this whole issue of the wall is a canard.
      On top of this, the rhetoric of getting Mexico to “pay for the wall” is a foolish distraction of the American people. Note that “how” this will be accomplished is never explained. Getting down to the brass tacks, there are only two ways we can get Mexico–a sovereign nation–to pay for infrastructure that does not belong to them. One is by war. Are we going to send American troops to illegally invade and overthrow Mexico?
      Can you spell “war crime?”
      We are going to spill American blood for this foolish venture, because we cannot get OUR house in order?
      Before you start wrapping the flag on your argument, and tell me that we’ll beat the Mexicans is days, remember a few things. First, the Mexican Armed Forces–armed and trained by the US-is larger and better than you thing–we made them that way. Secondly, they will be defending their homeland, and even the weak fight harder when invaded and they are protecting their own families and sovereignty. In one fell swoop Trump will destroy more than a century of hemispheric relationships and make the US the imperialist bully the left has been saying for years. Not good marketing.
      The other tack would be by imposing import tariffs on goods coming from Mexico. Now, do you know actually PAYS import tariffs?
      The consumer!
      That’s you and me, my friend, and yes, we bring in a mess of things from Mexico. From fruits and vegetables to cars, trucks, and other consumer durables; billions of dollars of trade go acr4oss that border as well. In the end, it will be the American People that will pay for that wall, and paying for it with more expensive products.
      That sir, is called mercantilism, and the last nation to try this to dominate trade was the Prussians. Think about why you don’t hear about the Prussians any more, and it because they subsumed by the greater German Reich of Bismarck in the mid-1800s.
      Given time and effort, I can do the same with every other item on you list, but I will leave you with one last thought. Nearly 97% of the national critical infrastructure of the United State is privately owned. In short, the government cannot and should not have anything to do with its upkeep. Any attempt of the state taking over these assets is little more than a fascist takeover of our nation.
      Be very careful what you wish for in Trump. A government that runs everything “very well” only means that its running everything, and telling you its running well.
      Statism is evil; from the left its Communism, and from the right its Fascism, but they are both equally repressive.

      1. CommonSense4America

        Are you too stupid to understand that Mexico will pay for the wall by the fact that we, The U.S., will withhold aid and that , in effect, will pay for the wall? If we withhold 10 Billion and the wall cost 10 Billion, have they not paid for the wall? You’re welcome.

        1. Coastie407

          Great answer…. however, it best serves to prove what President Reagan said back in 1964: “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.”

          To start, US foreign aid to Mexico is NOT 10 Billion Dollars–the number touted by Trump–but $757.7 million (see: so to cover your 10 billion cost of building that wall would consume the entirety of our foreign aid for about 15 years (initial funding plus cost of money). Not a wise investment.

          Most of our foreign aid to Mexico goes to support our bilateral fight against drug trafficking as well as development assistance and public health programs. So, we can help the Mexicans fight the drug war THERE, or cut them off and later fight the war HERE.

          Are you ready to have YOUR neighborhood become one of the front lines in that war?

          Ready to expose YOUR kids or grandkids to that war?

          At the end of the day, we will not cut off foreign aid to Mexico, and we both know it. There are too many things that are tied to that assistance, mostly keeping more of Mexico south of the border. Make Mexico a failed state by abandonment and the problem will find it way here… and no, no wall will prevent that from happening. The $757.7 million we spend now will pale in comparison to what it will cost of if Mexico collapses.

          Throughout history, numerous societies build walls to keep out invaders. From the ancient Chinese and their famed Great Wall, to the Greeks, and the French in the early 20th Century that spent what they didn’t have to construct the Maginot Line.

          All these walls were in the end failures and only served as a false panacea their rulers created to give their people of false security.

          This wall will fail as well, whoever pays for it.

          1. aaniko

            The amount of $10 billion will come not from the $757 million in aid, but the trade deficit we have with Mexico of $58 billion.

          2. Coastie407

            You do realize that that’s not like money left over on the table after a poker game, right?

            Right now, we buy more things from Mexico than they buy from us. Much of that is driven on the foreign exchange rate (the value of the U.S. Dollar vis-à-vis the Mexican Peso) but further driven by the fact that we do not produce the lower cost goods Mexico wants and they have a limited market for the higher-end goods we manufacture (like aircraft). You don’t buy new Boeing jetliners every year.

            But if you like, we can muck up the works with a import tariff, and Mexico will do the same. So, the next time they do buy a jetliner, they won’t buy it here, but go to Airbus or Tupolov and spend their money there.

            How will that improve the trade deficit, sir?

            Why the way, your brilliant move not only moved that sale away from the U.S. but now we have unemployed aircraft workers in Everett, Washington, when Boeing has to lay off American workers because President Trump lost another market for American products.

            So, who’s paying for the wall again?

          3. M.J. Nellett

            Based on what? What does the United States manufacture that Mexico needs or can’t buy cheaper somewhere else in the world? Obama and Bush before him have given away our manufacturing base to the rest of the world. How do we get it back in time to pay for all of Trump’s promises?

          4. Greyguy

            It’s quite simple , it’s reciprocity, you treat them how they treat you in trade from a tariff and product barrier point of view…if they play currency hardball, you do the same. But first we have to stop all the artificial barriers we have state to state in the US…ever try to get wine shipped from state to state on an individual basis; lots of luck, I can’t get a small vineyard in KY to ship wine to me in OH be cause of the Bourbon lobby [something to do with barrels which the winery does not even use], figure that one out. Now get all the side deals of politicians out of international trade and its relatively simple.

          5. Coastie407

            Cookie, no body “wins” a trade war. It’s more a matter who can bleed more and still be standing.

          6. SDofAZ

            Coastie, it is cheaper by far to boot em out and build that wall. You are obviously not strong on the costs associated with the hordes of invaders. Just that alone makes this viable.

          7. Greyguy

            Do you have any idea what it costs over a five year period for a new illegal in the US partaking of government services including education….they do not have high end jobs and contribute a lot of taxes…close to $65K per new illegal individual for, multiply that by the newbees and add the fact that the other illegals are not adding a major amount to the tax base and its an economic typhoon. your balance of trade is a drop in the bucket…Your probably looking at a quarter of a trillion in total costs on the local, state, and Federal level.

          8. Greyguy

            We can get that back if we do not allow money transfers back to Mexico from illegals working here, that is a significant part of the GNP of Mexico believe it or not.

          9. Greyguy

            Went to B-school with a well off Mexican national with an American wife who was always moving as much money as possible to the US for his family to protect their assets, a very sticky process for them without hard goods being transferred in a business transaction. So why should we make it easy to go the other way.

          10. Darlene

            GREAT—–Wonderfull. Also I read Mexico was paid by our government to help keep out Immigrants—but they were paid and yet still helping them to get here to the United States–and invade America—I heard on the news—51% of IMMIGRANTS here are on Welfare–on our Tax dollars…Obama spent over $ 4 HUNDRED Billion of our taxdollars to resettlement Illegal Immigrants and Refugee’s here is different States in America

          11. CommonSense4America

            First of all num-nuts,,,the 10 Billion for the wall was a WAG (Wild A– Guess) , but whatever the actual figure, keep withholding the money until the wall is paid for. Secondly, as far as the collapse of Mexico or bad ramifications of the drug wars,,,IDGAF. (figure it out) The wall and enforcement will take care of the rest. BTW,,,if walls/fences don’t work,,,why did the W.H. just reinforce the fence around the W.H.? Just want to spend more tax payer money?

          12. SDofAZ

            Just park the military on the border for military practice along with the border patrol, etc..

          13. CommonSense4America

            I was just out at the rifle range today and I could really use some 1000 yrd target practice.

          14. Coastie407

            You are referring to the fence that has been jumped over about a dozen times in the last few years?

            By the way, the word “numb” is spelled with a “b”

            Lastly, while you “may not…care” what happens to your country, but I do. Perhaps that comes from actually protecting our border. If you think things are bad on our southern border now, go ahead and bring down the government of Mexico–make it a failed state–and see what really comes crawling into our country. We’ll be spending $10 billion a year to try and patch up this mess.

          15. CommonSense4America

            Numb,,,as when one has no feeling in an extremity. Num-nuts refers to you. We, the U.S., does not make Mexico a failed state. The Mexican government and people make it a failed state. BTW,,,I do care about America and U.S. citizens.

          16. oldman

            Yes they do work, just like the fence around my 7 acre property, backed up by my warning signs, one says beware of dogs, the other is a copy of my expert marksmanship, papers from the USAF!

          17. SDofAZ

            Mexico is not the only south american country getting money Coastie! It is likely all much more than 10 billion and don’t forget the money going south in illegal alien wages, the NAFTA joke, etc… Being an accountant and a financial person, I can assure 10 billion easy. And the IRS alone gives illegal aliens billions in fake tax returns, has for years. I can think of tons of holes where money runs to Mexico and points south that should be plugged. Much cheaper to pay first class tickets and kick em out than keep em here sucking on our systems! Guaranteed! Even the watchdog groups are posting cost most folks don’t even consider.

          18. Coastie407

            SD, you do have a good point about the fiscal leakage from our illegal alien problem, and yes, I agree, this must be dealt with and quickly as we are hemorrhaging billions.

            That said, a wall will not even being to resolve this problem.
            What wall is going to stop the millions arriving every year by air, through New York, Dallas-Ft Worth, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and many other gateway cities?

            How about the thousands coming by sea, including the thousand of young Asian girls coming in a sex slaves? No talk about these victims and the damage this causes.

            This problem goes far deeper than a wall. They come because they are getting jobs here, and more than just jobs in farming and landscaping. We are not enforcing our labor laws even worse than they’re not enforcing our borders.

            We need to enforce ALL our laws and we need to insist our government do as much, irrespective of whoever is in the Oval Office…and all this starts by going back to our Constitution and following the rule of law.

          19. SDofAZ

            No jobs, no freebies. Plug up the welfare spigot, enforce e-verify and punish employers who violate that law. The new arrivals will stop coming if they expect either and those expecting jobs and freebies that they cannot obtain will leave. The rest will be routed out via the criminal process or other infractions. The wall will help deter others and security as in the military and law enforcement federal and local will discourage the rest. There is a means to do this we just need the will to do so.

          20. oldman

            Finally, something I agree with! Except, we already insisted on a wall, during the bush admin. Obama stopped it. The wall is only a start, it will slow down the drug cartels, and the flow of illegal emigrants. Then we can deal with our elected officials, refusal to enforce, our laws!

          21. Greyguy

            Three things to do:

            Felony to employ illegals.

            Felony to privately send money to countries that support illegals coming to US unless it is for goods or services.

            Machine gun nests on our Southern border, and if bad enough one our northern one as well.

          22. Michael

            The wall has already been approved, Obama just spends the money on illegals and importing Muslims.

          23. Robin

            You are correct. Trump is full of hot air, and I can’t believe people actually buy into his bull. The reason Trump “loves the poorly uneducated”, as he calls them, is because they are the ones voting for him. They don’t even recognize the fact that he is insulting their intelligence when he says this. I don’t doubt that he is working to get Hillarybeast elected. I do not trust him.

          24. bernie

            I think you are insulting the intelligence of people who are very much more intelligent than you. Is Jeff Sessions intelligent, or do you even know his name ? One of the most respected men in our Government for a long time. Just one of the many people that are supporting Trump. Trump, himself has so much more smarts than you or most anyone, but he doesn’t talk about his VERY high IQ. I think I would trust his Intelligence than someone who can’t seem to keep from downing people about their mental status. Trump has done many good deeds through the years, but he doesn’t tell about them. His children show a lot of wisdom and seem to be better educated and refined than many you meet. He surely had a part in that. Trump has been treated very badly, and set up on TV and everywhere else to ruin his Candidacy. One reason,; he is not for a NWO.

          25. Robin

            I do know who Jeff Sessions is, and I have utmost respect for him. He does good work. He has every right to endorse/ support Trump, just as I have every right not to. You know nothing of my level of intelligence, thank you very much. I am glad that you have a candidate that you believe in. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do the same this election year.

          26. bernie

            I think because you said the ones voting for Trump were the poorly educated ones, I took it to mean me too. I am not poorly educated been to college, could speak, sing in several languages, so naturally I didn’t like it. We are voting for Trump because he is not for a OWO. Those who want an open border are for that. Cruz and wife worked with G, Bush in White House on a NAU. that is a Union of Mexico, Canada and the USA. We want our country to keep her Sovereignty, no matter what.To me, that is the most important concern of our time. I really believe that Trump loves our Country. And….Sessions is one of this Countrys’ greatest Patriots Sorry if I jumped at you. Won’t do it again.

          27. Robin

            I believe our hearts are in the right place. This is a scary time for all of us that love our country and truly hate what is happening to it. I appreciate your apology and extend the same to you. No hard feelings.

          28. bernie

            I think we have already seen our kids and grand kids on the dope issue. I also think Trump is so much smarter than most people;One reason is because he has one of the highest IQ’s ever. Can anyone on this Blog or America build Buildings better and more beautiful than Trump ? I think not.

        2. SDofAZ

          That is exactly what I was gonna point out. People forget the dam congress is funding everyone south. And redoing NAFTA might be a good start for helping bring jobs back. The deal with NAFTA certainly has not made life in Mexico better for anyone but their elite. Not what was envisioned when it was sold to the legal citizens. Nothing but slums and slave labor! Bring jobs back to the US and stop the New World Order agenda now!

        3. Michael

          Not only that, if you figure in the money saved by putting Americans back to work and not paying entitlements to illegals it would add up in a hurry.

        4. Darlene

          also I understood a tax would be imposed on Factories out side the United States—for sending their goods over to America to sell them to us

      2. Cookie Vranish

        If you need to have how Trump intends to pay for the wall explained better than he has, then heaven help you! The rest of your post is just plain BS so you can hear yourself. Your type is the reason Obama had two terms!

        1. M.J. Nellett

          We’ll see who’s right if Trump does get elected Cookie. We’ll find out if Trump is a realist or just a blow hard!

          1. Greyguy

            Sometimes the mere threat makes people behave better and you save the expense of following through on the threat, Reagan was very good at that. As I recall Nixon used the threat of withdrawing Wheat sales from Russia to make them do some negotiating as well.

          2. John J Whelan

            We found that out when we elected the nut who is in white house now, funny thing people in this country believed his BS so much he got a second term

        2. Coastie407

          Actually, I can write this because I’ve read how Trump thinks he can pay for this wall; and as such makes what I write far from BS.

          The fact that you cannot understand it does not diminish what I wrote, but only manifests the limits of your comprehension of international finance and economics.

      3. Jerry Brickley

        Total moron, whining child.

        Please have your mommy hold you for some comfort until your seizure passes.

      4. Greyguy

        Maybe if their workforce stayed home, stopped sending money back to Mexico, and our workforce went back to work, most of those products could be made here safely, at a reasonable cost, and we wouldn’t have to worry about ecoli in our products, and our supermarket products might have shelf lives longer than 2 days, and that might all be possible if our dippy Dems would not raise the minimum wage to levels that outstrip what a job is worth.

        1. Darlene

          Obama has shipped our industries over to Mexico, a big Ford Plant
          is being built there, and the Oreo CookieIS BUILDING A FACILITY OVER THERE—Obama passed that Treaty sending our business out of America—=his plan is to Bankrupt America–and have the One World Government–under Muslim SHARIAH Law–he is a Muslim

          1. Greyguy

            Between Congress and this and past Administrations via regulations and taxes…the incentive plan is to NOT MANUFACTURE IN THE USA. And frankly I would make the same choice given those set of laws and regulations unless you want to risk going out of business or massive law suits from the government based on bad science, political regulations, and confiscatory taxation.

        2. Coastie407

          Good point about the minimum wage.
          You do realize that much of this is not to help the “downtrodden” but the union members. Many of their contracts are pegged to the minimum wage. If their contract is set to say “2 times min-wage” they will have a pay increase of $14 thousand per year! In the end, all this does is reduce the number of American workers and makes foreign products cheaper compared to U.S. products.

      5. Darlene

        I sure hope what you are saying about Hillary is True–Obama has ruined America—and if Hillary gets in as President–America will be done for, George Soros is funding her.

      6. h m rowland

        With the Mexican president comparing Trump to the dictators Mussolini and Hitler I don’t think that bill will get paid.

      7. Michael Lloyd

        But you are OK with Mexico sending their peasants and undesirables to illegally invade and overthrow the US? Build the wall, plug it in, power by solar.

        1. Coastie407

          Your words Michael, not mine.

          Since well over 80% of the illegal immigrants are NOT coming over the US/Mexico border, what are really accomplishing here?

          Here’s the rub, Michael. They coming here because they’re getting jobs. End the jobs, end the immigration, as simple as that.

          The REAL problem is too many AMERICANS are hiring these illegals as a ready source of cheap, hard-working labor, and the Dems foolish answer of raising the minimum wage to %15.00 a hour will only increase the attraction of hiring illegal workers.

          The foreigners are not the problem; we are!

          When we grow a set AS A NATION and stop wanting to get our lawns mowed and crops picked for next to nothing in cash, the issue will end.

          Here’s the rub, no politician or Border Patrol agent can or will do this… no, not even Trump. We need to take the responsibility and just stop hiring illegals and enforce the laws on the books.

          Let me ask all of you something: Why is it as Americans we can insist on “cage free” eggs, “dolphin-free” tuna, and “equitability-sourced” coffee and the market does it. Why are we not asking the grocery stores to only offer “US Farm Worker picked” produce, or we won’t buy anything from them?

          Michael, and everyone else, that will end this issue, without building a wall and blowing through billions of wasted dollars


          A simple, free-market solution will do this, BUT only if we all stand firm. Make Wal-Mart, Kroger, Safe-way, Publix and the rest stand and deliver US Picked products.

          Hire the local kids to mow our lawns, not some illegals!

          Stop hiring the illegals that are doing cheap handyman work who ask for work right outside the Home Depots and Lowes across the country and hire licensed and insured US handymen (who by the way live in our neighbors and worship in our churches).

          When you travel, have the hotel you stay guarantee in writing they only hire legal, US workers.

          That everyone, is the only “wall” that will truly stop illegal immigration, and all it will cost us is our engagement and our purchasing power as consumers.

      8. leewacker

        One GREAT way for Mexico to pay for the wall, as Trump mentioned over the weekend, would be to ban ALL cash outflow to Mexico by illegals working in this country! I saw one lady with an envelope of money that must have topped over $3,000.00! Mexico’s second GDP is money sent back to the country by the illegals here, and if that lady was any indication, the amount of money we could seize would be phenomenal! Multiply that lady by even 10, and that is $30,000.00! How much of OUR tax refund dollars are going to the illegals’ and their families in Mexico, as well as illegally gained SSI payments and other monies, must amount to MILLIONS, if not well over a BILLION! No, they have the money to pay for the wall, and some left over! And, while I feel for those who would be harmed by such a wall, I can’t reach them—-They HAVE to be taught a lesson, a very harsh lesson, and the harsher it is, the better!

        1. Coastie407

          Well Lee, to start, that’s just theft. To seriously propose such an action makes you sound like a Nazi, which I’m sure you’re not.
          Secondly, the average remittance sent back to Mexico is closer to $260.00, not three thousand.

          Third, if we were to ban electronic remittance, or even tax it, all we would do is push these dollars underground. Instead of sending these dollars via Western Union, they would have then move via courier which will mean more murders and violence.

          Lastly, as you accurately pointed out, these dollars are a huge part of the Mexican economy. Cutting these inflows will cause severe damage to the Mexican economy, perhaps even cause its collapse. While perhaps you don’t care, you may care about this: If their economy collapses, all this will do is drive more Mexicans north to the US.

          Since less than one third of them enter the US illegally by crossing the Texas border, the Trump Wall will serve little purpose, as in their desperation they will find another way in.

          The very best way we can keep Mexicans from entering the US is making sure Mexico is doing as best a possible, therefore taking away the incentive of coming to a foreign country.

    2. david goodman

      this is what he won’t he’s part of establishment a leopard can’t change it’s spots obama third term

    3. M.J. Nellett

      Unless America allows a dictatorship I sincerely doubt that Donald Trump will be able to accomplish this wish list WITHOUT the cooperation of Congress. There are three separate branches of government for a reason and that is too prevent one branch from becoming oppressive to the people. Unless Trump is going to finance all these changes by himself he is going to have to convince Congress to do some very serious REAL spending cuts. Trump has a “record” of accomplishments but he also has a record of financial failure. If you think you know who this guy is and you’re making excuses for his behavior you’re already delusional. Listen to what the man is saying and then think really hard if he is really want as your president. I’m NOT an establishment person of either party, but I am a Reagan conservative and proud of it.

      1. SDofAZ

        All he has to do is enforce the laws on the books to achieve most of the list Nellett! Repeal the illegal edicts, replace the amuck heads of the federal agencies and put the agencies back to their original federal mandates. Then plug the welfare spigot leak to illegals and enforce e-verify with some teeth for the employers who don’t comply. Where there is the will, there is a way. And most of us, maybe not you, have the will!

      2. Darlene

        Hillary is the Democrat-Establishment she is going to extend— more immigration..George Soros age 85 is funding Hillary, I READ IT ON THE COMPUTER LAST NIGHT, and he is funding illegals in Florida, to try to get

        them legalized, so they can vote for Hillary in the November election, Hillary is for —Muslims also, I READ—working for the One World Government under Muslim Shariah Law, all— AMERICAN’S AND CHRISTIAN’S will get their heads cut off. Obama is a Muslim…his own grandmother said he was born in Kenya, Africa.

      3. Don in Ohio

        M J, you said “that is too prevent one branch from becoming oppressive to the people.”
        Obama is doing it, so why can’t Donald?

      4. Robin

        Sorry to say, but we already have a dictatorship, and have had for 7 years. What worries me, is while the country is focused on the coming election, what is our dear leader up to while everyone’s attention is elsewhere? I have a bad feeling that something is going to happen. There is a strong undercurrent of something going on right beneath the surface of things.

      5. leewacker

        I honestly don”t feel that that CONGRESS would do anything to help the country! Hopefully, Harry Reid follows through with his retirement plans, but that leaves Chuck Schumer who is as much of a snake as Reid, and most likely will succeed Reid as party leader—I greatly doubt if the New York voters will vote him out! Has too many of them in his pocket! I understand what you are saying, but, a lot of the incumbents MUST be voted out, which would be nice, but don’t bet on it! And, it just might be that President Trump would be able to get them all to work with him—but I’ll believe it when I see it!

    4. SDofAZ

      I did and will later too. Good post Walter and the facts are just as you stated and no matter what Trump will do all he possibly can to fix this mess. He at least knows what a budget is, that appears to be a foreign item to the congress and government these days. And their negotiation skills are definitely sub par if you look at all the treaties and trade agreements made for decades including NAFTA. The Kerry BO team has done the very worst in their infinite stupidity in dealing with all foreign nations the past seven years and counting down in this final abominable last year of this horrid administration. So, keep telling em all and we also need to vote out every last dem and rino running this year as well. Dam lemmings must go.

    5. h m rowland

      Find the definition for ‘nationalism’. You didn’t mention the most important issue, climate change .

      1. Michael

        Why mention what doesn’t exist? Climate change is just another scam to steal money from working people.

        1. h m rowland

          I am Michael #*!% your right wing droid %#^ eye am programed to ignore facts “&# visual evidence and to #+~ repeat the thoughts of #+%..the Koch brothers *)@ over and over %;:^

        2. h m rowland

          What you say is not true. Your comment tells me that you don’t have a grasp on the issue. With little effort and some small changes toward reducing my carbon footprint saves me money i.e. turn the water on and off during showers, shaving, brushing and rinsing dishes (cut bill 1/3×12); unplug anything that has lights on it when not in use i.e. microwave ,computer and coffee pot, these use 20-40 watts per when not in use. My electric bill last month was $16.83 use to average $110 couple years ago. Turn the water heater to ‘vacation’ after dinner dishes and back up in the morning . Here in middle Naziana there are 40 square miles of windmills, the land owner (farmers)make money, the electric company saves money passing savings to “working people”. Where is the scam? You’ll feel better taking hold of your responsibility for the earth and save money doing it and we can slow the death of our oceans and wildlife. If there’s no bees you have no food

      2. Don in Ohio

        H M, do you mean get rid of the wacko alternative GW corporate welfare BS?
        If so, I agree.

    6. h m rowland

      Sorry but Drumpf has two choices A) Let establishment republicans ‘guide’ him through his time in office, taking on an established neo-Nazi as Vp to run things as in 1980-88 and 200-07. He must have support from someone or not get anything through congress or senate. I suppose if the CIA/military back him we could have another coup and he could B) become a dictator, you’d like that.


      Well said. The majority of Americans have already proved they agree with what you just said. We need Trump as a tough businessman to do right to get our country back on the right track and undo the mess obama has made.

    8. used_to_be_a_liberal

      Those are the things Trump wants to do, and has promised to do. I do not doubt for a moment that he will try to do them, and more.
      The problem[s] that he will run into will come from the democrats, and the RINOs, and self-serving politicians. In order for Trump to do those things, and in a timely fashion, he will have to become almost dictatorial, the screaming will be loud, the name calling will be like never before, the resistance will be enormous. However, he can circumvent all that by simply going on television, and speaking directly to the American people, out lining in detail each measure one by one, and the reasoning behind it. He either embarrasses the politicians into acting positively, or he will have to take what maybe unprecedented measures. Such as one, not using executive orders, because they will gang-up on him, and two, using the national security act in away that is palatable to the vast majority. The National Security Act could be used for everyone of you 16 points.
      Sovereignty, the economy, immigration, etc…. all fall into the realm of National Security, then there is nothing that they can do about it, except look stupid.

  8. James Rowland

    I have to agree with him about not liking Trump’s debate performances. I could support him if he stopped being brash and insulting, and if he had a better knowledge base of the actual issues.

    1. paulyz

      Trump didn’t run a worldwide sucessful business by not understanding many & varied issues, & how to suceed in our economy. He knows clearly how to make our economy prosperous & bring jobs back with fair trade. He will eliminate the loss of our jobs & wages by Illegals. . Trump does have a very high IQ as well. He won’t be pushed around by those that hurt our Country.

  9. James Smith

    I can prove obama will probably be found non responsive in his bathroom… just like Hitler… after all, it’s his grandfather… and that’s a provable fact
    at the one stop shop for the truth. Removal of my comments facts is a
    felony war crime and I can prove that too. Picture 22,705

    I quote: The similarities between Hitler and Bush in points of
    genealogy and actions should strike anyone with half a brain left as a
    big red WARNING SIGN.

    I quote; “If the links tying the German origins of the Trump family
    to Hitler’s genealogy were already well known, finding common ancestors
    between Hitler and Barrack Obama as well was definitely a surprise,”
    admits leading researcher Jean-Anthony D’Alsace.

    “The family tree of Ann Dunham, Barrack Obama’s mother, is truly
    fascinating. We have found common relatives not only with the Hitler
    family, which both families are linked together closely by multiple
    marriages within the last century, but also with Baron Lionel Nathan de
    Rothschild, a high profile Jewish international banker.

    Glen Beck is a blatant war criminal using reverse psychology to hoodwink the American Christian people.

    1. M.J. Nellett

      Take your meds you and maybe your rambling will become coherent in time, then again maybe not!

  10. Coastie407

    I have a question for all you Trump supporters: Now that it would be effectively a two-man debate between Cruz and Trump, why is Trump turning tail? It’s easy to hide behind all the name calling and BC we had to endure in the first debates, but now, this would interesting.

    Is the issue that Trump wont face Cruz, but Trump CAN’T face Cruz?

    If he won’t debate Cruz, what does this tell the 65% of Republicans that so far have NOT voted for Trump?

    While Trump so far has a PLURALITY, he has yet to win a MAJORITY of the delegates. If we all want to avoid a bloodbath in the convention in Cleveland, let’s resolve this in the primaries right now.

    Forget Kasich, he’s toast.

    The contest is between Trump and Cruz, Cruz and Trump.

    No attacks, no put downs, not talk about “small hands.” A serious debate about the issues. Each man showing the American People–and the entire world–what he has and why he would be the better President and Commander-in-Chief.

    Let’s hear them both debate and defend their positions before the American electorate, and may the best man win the nomination, before getting to Cleveland…

    …or is Trump too scared to really face Cruz in the arena, in front of God and the American People.

    Mr. Trump, it time to show us what you have, and face your opponent on the debate stage in Utah next week.

  11. Judy P

    Glenn Beck, take a long hard look at yourself and what you’ve become. It’s not pretty. You are the self-absorbed, egotistical, maniac you supposedly hate.

  12. Cookie Vranish

    This is old news. News that isn’t old is that Glenn Beck is a flake spewing out BS that doesn’t matter.

  13. No-Mo-BO

    Poppycock! Not to defend Beck, I like Trump, but he was talking about stabbing his co-host for a remark the co-host made just before Beck’s stabbing line. He wasn’t threatening, or even talking about stabbing Trump. That this misconception got this far just highlights how gullible some people are.

    1. Coastie407

      Finally! Beck may be nutty in his presentation, but he is certainly not nuts. Often times the left has trashed him for what he said, only later to have the facts support what he said.

      Remember how Beck went after Van Jones and everyone piled on saying he was racist and a crackpot. Later is was shown that Beck was totally on-target regarding Jones.

      Lastly, remember Beck was on the first to bring up ACORN and its connection to both Obama and Soros. Again, everyone wrote that Beck was off his meds, hitting the hooch, and all around talking out of his ass. Turned out he was right.

      By the way, their is no love lost between Beck and Mittens. Beck is too straight up and out there for an establishment type like Mitt to be comfortable around him.

  14. Michael Smith

    It is time to vote out every single republican and democrate that is currently in office and replace them with common people who will do what is best for this country. We also need to set a term limit of (2) terms in office. These politicians just sit on their butts and do nothing. The Replublicians in office now should just acknowledge that they are really Democrates claiming to be Republicians. They give Obama everything he asks for. They have failed to impeach him for all the violations of law and the consitution. Lets start over because our original framers of the Consitution are doing cartwheels in their graves!!!!!!!!

    1. Coastie407

      Good point, Mike!

      You guys know that there are “term limits” in place already, but the people control it.

      Just vote everyone out, period, end of story.

  15. Michael Smith

    My whole family voted for Donald Trump. What I am hearing is that the Elete GOP is trying to find ways to nullify the peoples choice. If they do that then there will not be a Republician Party, There will be a new Independant Party because all of us Republicians will be leaving the GOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. melmack 1

      You, my friend, are 100% correct….and they are NOT listening…today they had a meeting to figure out how to stop Trump…The same people that selected the last to candidates that LOST want to bring you the third one…

  16. duncmck

    maybe trump and putin can stifle the global elites ? maybe turning the cattle mentality back to the human mentality.get out of the global matrix. enter a new paradigm because you want to. not because you are forced to.

  17. Prue88

    No body cares about Beck. He has totally lost his mind and should go to a mental hospital.

  18. James Mathis

    Glenn Beck obviously played with himself too much when he was a kid. My dad said it would make a guy crazy.

  19. thomas

    Glen Beck is a Fool . Is a Insanity case. Is an insult to US Citizens. Never give any time to what is said by Glen Beck far radical Nazi he is.

  20. Melvin L. Harris

    it to every corner of the world and universe if possible please read this and
    if you like it print it and send it everywhere. Please know “together
    we stand” in theory and faith to be or not to be hand in hand with thy
    wisdom we stand and they fall. In this election it is “The Higher
    Contracting Powers” and negative contract makers in both parties trying to
    destroy Trump? Yes it is true because greed runs deeper than blood or party line
    so the RATS are forming lynch mobs in both parties the rich and the famous you
    know the people who want to own you and your children as in cestue que vie and
    Unum Sanctum research is as thy NECESSITY OF ALL LIFE KNOW IT all praise be to
    God and his children I love you all, the sleeping giant is awake we take back
    what is ours. I stand with Trump as the only HOPE AND PRAYER this once Great
    Nation has left as the moment is very late and its people and Gods children are
    as the people of the land by the authority breath breathed into thy nostrils of
    the dust of thy Earth blessed be we the people are dust of thy Earth are
    rising! Know it WE STAND YES, we stand with Trump and take this Nation back to
    GLORY and save our children and their children’s -children. Faith and wisdom
    together we can do it peacefully it is the last chance I am afraid, it is us
    the real people yes it is us against all of the haters and greed. Such a battle
    spiritually to wage we can win and we will win I promise you this it is
    true…Food for thought? What if we do not stand now? Will God want to see us
    ever again? God may/will never even think about helping us in the next moment
    if we turn our back on truth and justice because this is just what this
    election is about the last chance at justice and truth know it….Listen please
    please stand in faith and love the hell with politics it’s our children and our
    blood we are talking about here all bull shit aside this Campaign MEANS THE
    must raise like never before in the history of man worldwide, my brothers and
    sisters the world is in shambles and if we do not stop these insane greedy
    bastards it will be far too late and maybe this is our last and only chance for
    our children to be helped. I give my life this second to make a difference if
    somehow it will help know this all praise be to you my friends help me please
    to stop the banking empire one thought at a time if need be. I lost faith in
    this form of slavery a long time ago as the criminals are running this country
    like it or not. It is our Country first and foremost these greedy corporation
    have to be driven into the ground like the fruit of the poison tree they are
    and a stake driven through their corporate hearts period to never steal our
    lawful form of Government again ever and every man held libel for his actions
    in this world no more corporations for profit and no more immunity for anyone
    period and no more lawyers as well. I am going to paint in red paint on my van
    “Pray Trump and vote our only hope!!!! PUBLISH THIS PLEASE!!! EVERYWHERE
    IN THE NAME OF WE THE PEOPLE please I/we the people stand in thy Jesus Christ
    name knowing all things are made possible by thy name and word amen….I stand
    for you and with you all colors to be or not to be I love you all in faith and
    spirit ascension is ours we win 🙂 Big smile “There’s no place like

  21. jackdm

    For years I have considered Glen Beck’s views to be interesting and thought provoking, usually having done his homework (research) on the subjects he talks about. However, for months now I have heard him attack, not only, Trump but also ALL his supporters, painting them with a broad brush as bigots and worse. Maybe he has some (good?) personal reasons for his venomous attacks on Trump, but I have never heard them (from him) nor become aware of what the basis for his views are. Because of what I view as (totally) irrational perspectives from Mr. Beck, including his sweeping condemnations of Trump’s supporters, I find I now have to take what Glen Beck has to say with much more than just a few grains of salt. In effect, he (Beck) has destroyed his own credibility. It’s too bad.

  22. Albert L Biele

    Most people don’t take Beck seriously. His conspiracy theories are radical positions mixed in with enough truths to draw attention. He believes the world revolved around his mind, making everyone out of the circle anti-American. Beck has become dangerously possessed with his own thoughts, trapping himself to a tunnel vision mentality. I remind Beck, that hate is the devil’s tool. People today, excluding hard core liberal progressives, see a political system that has failed the people, Trump doesn’t need the job, and certainly, doesn’t need the money, but when immigration laws are being broken, and our Politian’s give us, a 20 trillion debt, a weakened military, real unemployment at double digits, high taxes, a broken medical system, and an a failed education system that’s 31st in world, and even worse, we have provided a path to allow our worst enemy to attain a nuke. Seven years of frustration, and finally, there are two political outsiders that are dedicated to giving the country back to the people. IT’S TIME TO TAKE AMERICA BACK! IT’S TIME TO ELECT A CANDIDATE WHO BELIEVES THIS COUNTRY IS OF, FOR, AND BY THE PEOPLE.

  23. John J Whelan

    Beck is one of the problems we have in this country, he calls Trump a wack -O maybe Beck should look around and see how many people like Trump and voted for him. Look in a Mirror Mr. Beck= what do you see? Now that is what a Wack-O looks like

  24. armydadtexas

    I don’t care what Glenn Beck says about anyone or anything. He is a hypocrite. He holds his finger in the air to figure out which way he either is or is not leaning on a specific day. Who cares about anything Beck has to spew forth from his blow hole.

  25. Trisha Holmeide

    Beck wasn’t referring to actual stabbing, but political jabbing and you know it. Stop trying to vilify Beck and stick to something actually newsworthy for Pete’s sake!

  26. used_to_be_a_liberal

    Apart from this being old news. I think Beck, by the way he sounds lately, has gone back to the bottle.

  27. melmack 1

    Good ole Glenn is so taken in by his own EGO that at this point in time he has no clue exactly who he is ….

  28. Michael Lloyd

    If Beck is back with his demon drugs and alcohol, he needs to check himself in to a good detox center. If he isn’t, he needs to check himself in to a sanitarium for some therapeutic electro shock therapy. That wing nut is cracked.

  29. ronnie wentzell

    Great post Walter Flatt!!! I agree 100%. I use to like Glenn Beck now I think he’s gone off the deep end. I use to like some other people too, that I don’t care about anymore. Things change in time because of peoples views. Just like Donald Trump, he’s changed and I think he is the only person right now who can fix our country. I believe he’s smart enough to surround himself with all the best people and get the job done. That’s what true leaders do. Unlike the idiot we have in office right now. All he’s done is cause more problems for everyone, even the black community. They only want all the illegals for votes in the future. By allowing this, this pushes the blacks aside as minorities, but most of them don’t get it. Most educated people of any race can figure things out.

  30. ronnie wentzell

    Glenn Beck is now like Obama, Hillary, Mitt Romney, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and John Kerry. They are all losers!! Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck for not speaking up for Donald Trump when they shut him down in Chicago. And the rest for lacking common sense and being dividers and trouble makers.

  31. Austinniceguy

    Beck is an unhinged, delusional moron. There are many reasons his once vast viewership/listener base has consistently shrunk and this is just one of them.

  32. leewacker

    Beck is insane. Certifiably, realistically, insane–and should be removed from the airwaves before he really topples off the deep end!

  33. 1ColtonDelaney643

    I actually used to be a fan of becks, but he has become unhinged, I am a huge Trump supporter, without his attacks on Trump, Beck wouldnt even be a name anymore. I heard the feds went and spoke to him over his stupid stabbing remarks.