Will National Review Really Follow Through on Threat if Trump Gets GOP Nomination?

Truth is stranger than fiction, especially in this volatile and unpredictable election year.

In typical establishment fashion, National Review editor Rich Lowry has announced that the conservative magazine is prepared to cut off their nose to spite Donald Trump if he receives the Republican nomination.

They’ll “go rogue” and support a third-party candidate instead of rallying behind Trump as the nominee.

Lowry recently appeared on Fox News with host Howie Kurtz, here’s what Lowry had to say:

“Kurtz: I understand the National review represents a collective decision but you also appear on television and give your own opinions… Bill Kristol, for example, yet of the Weekly Standard, says there’s no way he could support Trump and he would actually support someone running from the right as part of a third party. Could you see yourself going there?

“Lowry: Again, it totally depends. We need to see the way Trump runs and how this field breaks out. It’s a very odd year. There may be a third or fourth candidate in this race and if there’s someone close to what we really believe, that’s going to be very tempting for us.

This take from Lowry is interesting, but not consistent. Where was this ideological purity back in 2008 when John McCain was the nominee, or in 2012 with Mitt Romney (the founder of government-run healthcare program Romneycare and a precursor to Obamacare)?

Grass-roots conservatives were told we had to suck it up, hold our noses and vote for the Republican nominee or else Obama would get elected. Many conservatives voted for McCain and Romney and Obama got elected anyway.

To paraphrase William Shakespeare, “Methinks the Establishment doth protest Donald Trump too much.”

While Trump is far from a perfect candidate in terms of ideology or temperament, we wonder why Republican insiders are attacking Trump more aggressively than they’re attacking Hillary Clinton?

Could it be that if Trump would get elected, he would expose shady political dealings in Washington… and maybe prosecute some insiders for their crimes? Or is it because there’s really no difference between the Republican and Democratic parties at the federal level, and a Trump presidency would weaken their power and influence?

Do you think that Rich Lowry and other Republican establishment insiders are acting out of principle, or preservation of power?

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  1. KingDon

    Both the RNC and National Review need to get with the program and back the “people’s” choice, to be determined by the primaries. Either that, or they both will become politically insignificant from this point forward. They’ve (the RNC) had 4 years in order to actually listen to their constituents and modify their platform to reflect the voter’s views. But, they elected not to do this and continued doing their good-old-boy’s club thing. Well, Mr. and Mrs. America are fed up. They’ll have to live with the consequences.

  2. Dick Ellis


    1. Robert

      They are Elitists they don’t give a dam about America or American Citizens. They only have to make their masters happy, that would be The Globalists and New World Order Proponents who believe they are the Chosen Ones to Run the Planet.

      1. bernie

        I wouldn’t worry about the L Dick didn’t use. He is so right on The National Review and Kristol, I would applaud him.

  3. Don Taylor

    not backing rep. nominee be cause washington a whole world of hurt if they go against the people. the next shot heard round the world.

  4. mickeymike2

    Me thinks that the good-old-boys club thinks they know best. Unfortunately they know what’s best for themselves and apparently could care less about the rest of us who are paying the bills. Think about it. America is probably the worlds biggest company and Trump is the only candidate —democrat or republican — who as actually run a big business that employed thousands of Americans (and perhaps some illegals) or should I say any business at all. And that’s their problem. They don’t want America to be run like a profitable business. They want it run like a good-old-boys club that gets them re-elected and gives them life time perks.

    1. kerijay

      Maybe you should have took a look at Trump’s business dealings. Do you like gov insurance and higher taxes? Mainly do you like a liar or do you think you should vote on principles?

      1. Michael

        And what are any and all the rinos? LIARS! I’d rather try a business man than any professional politician.

      2. Robert

        Get your head out of the sand. You keep playing this game and neither Cruz or Trump will be able to get enough Delegates to win the Nomination.
        Do you really want a Career Politician like Kasich, the Bernie Sanders of the Republican Party who knows many members of the Good Old Boys Club and likes all these trade deals Obama has made. A vote for Kasich means more Foreign Workers with H-1b and H-2 visas and more American Citizens Unemployed

        1. WVF

          Mr. Trump will have enough delegates, but will the RINO Establishment accept reality? That is the question.

        2. LudVanB

          Equating Kasich with Sanders is so off the mark, I wonder about your basic intelligence and analytical skills. Also your knowledge of the programs each espouses seems to be completely lacking.

          1. Robert

            Mr. Kasich is wasting his and our time even if he is able to stop Trump he will not get the nomination. He left Leamen Bros. with a pile of money when they went under.

      3. KingDon

        I voted based on principals in the last 2 elections. And I supported the RNC all the way. They claimed to be based on principals. In return, I got nothing. They cannot in any way blame Obama and his minions for the current mess we’re in. The RNC’s chosen ones have done virtually nothing to stop them. Now I, and a lot of other Americans, are linking up the the man who is at least speaking out on the issues that the RNC’s Rinos avoid like the plague. The Republican Party needs to stop listening to consultants and career political hacks and start listening to their constituents. Trump didn’t create Trump – the RNC did!

    2. USAForever48

      mickeymike2, you have said exactly what I have said for decades!!!!! The United States is a business and it has not had a decent CEO in many, many years. Let someone who has actually run a business – and a very large business at that – run the United States of America, Inc. For all the revenue it takes in every year, there is no reason this business should be so far in debt. None at all!!! Thank you!!!! Best wishes!

    3. h m rowland

      President Clinton must have run it like a business he left pres little Georgie with a huge surplus in 2000…then near depression by 2008.

      1. WVF

        Reprobate Clinton never ran anything. He trashed the presidency and that is his claim to fame.

        1. h m rowland

          I’m pretty sure that historians see it differently . Your sphincter has seized up causing you to see things in a toxic way.

          1. WVF

            Who cares how historians view this old reprobate? We citizens know the truth we lived through it, and that disgraceful creep should have not just been impeached, but he should have been removed from office!

    4. Gary Vogt

      You have hit the nail on the head. The true colors are coming out on ‘the establishment’. The other 14 candidates that got their ass handed to them by an amature are so pissed they can’t see streight. In business when there is a problem you fix it the most efficient and fastest way possible, unlike government who put the people in charge the screwed it up in the first place.

  5. SDofAZ

    Preservation of power only. The establishment does not care about the public or their opinions! They have proved this too many times in just the recent few years let alone by presenting the good old go along get along candidates we have been forced to select. Choices for many years now have been bad or worse. I for one am sick of them leading us anywhere. Kick em out, vote em out at every opportunity. Dems, rinos, moderates, conservatives, socialists, etc., if they do not listen to their constituents get rid of em.

  6. albany le


    1. h m rowland

      Well , he is the only candidate I have ever seen who said nothing important or of value and won votes. I guess that his voters don’t know that importance and value are significant . Where does Drumpf stand on climate change? I don’t know. He will have to answer this question it is the most urgent of human issues .

        1. h m rowland

          I’m not running for the leader of the free world bobby , Trump says things I admit but not things that intelligent thoughtful people want to hear about. He does open that mouth and words drop out, its like watching the backend of an elephant on a potty break, I have listened to his speeches I have heard much about nothing delivered in a very crude way. There are ideas offered but no “how” to do it . He does have a plan for the wall of fools, “….and make Mexico pay for it” . That plan may hit a snag with the Mexican president comparing Mr. Drumpf to dictators Mussolini and Hitler and how they rose to power . Drumpf(his real name)would have a hell of a time with congress and the senate with both parties against him unless he does what the party tells him. I guess when with the right not supporting education has brought us to this point. A less educated, less groomed electorate would be drawn to a con-artist. It only makes sense ….if you dumb down the people they will require a dumbed down leader . DANGER AHEAD.

          1. Robert Barnes

            Learn about control. Read book; Disclosure 101 What You Need To Know from amazon.com

      1. Robert Barnes

        Hey nitwit The climate of this planet is controlled by the sun, and no one can do anything about it. The so called climate issue is a fraud promoted by the domocRATS. See commieblaster.com Read everything.

  7. Mark Anthony Jones

    The National Review is acting out of preservation of power. They are part of the lobbyist, consultant, non-governmental entities and organizations that feed at the government power trough. They need to turned upside down and shaken out into the Potomac!

    You want to know the power of Trump who speaking power to the people? Look at the rats running for cover!

  8. 1loyalamerican74

    Let the “Dumb Ass” National Review traitors move to Cuba. That way they can visit
    Hillary and Obama at Gitmo in the very near future. Funny how the traitors get dumber by the day.

  9. John Redmond

    National Review are not constitution conservatives but are in reality establishment pundits for the NWO, Wake up people.

  10. Debbie

    We the people have spoken, Live with it. If you try to take the election away from Trump you with see the worse uproar you have ever seen in your life time. So if you have any idea’s up your sleve I would suggest that you stop now before it’s to late.

          1. bernie

            We didn’t stay home. Yesterday we voted for Trump and he won our State. One reason ; he is the only one that is not for a OWO.

  11. JC

    I am a conservative and I don’t read your articles – furthermore I don’t believe the crap you put out- you are the type scum that – we the people- need to do away with

  12. Jack G Simpson Jr

    If they and other republican traitors go with a third party candidate, or if they make Donald go third party, you might as well get used to saying Good Morning Madam President.

    1. kerijay

      You are going to say that anyway because people haven’t checked out the Clinton’s criminal background since the 1990’s and continue to this day.

  13. yatesracing

    that will kill the person career We Loyal voters will ban the magazine all over this country and the republican party for sure will be no longer and that you can bet on. A whole new part will be born. THE PEOPLES PARTY IF THE REPUBLICAN DON’T WISE UP tHEY WILL BE NOTHING FOR AT LEAST 20 YEARS. >>>>unite now or it over for the REPUBLICAN INDEPENDENT , WERE NEVER ANYTHING TO TALK ABOUT.TRUMP HAS THE VOTES IT’S UNITE or it’s shady KILLARY in the WHITE HOUSE, OR THE REPUBLICAN WILL BE FINISHED FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

    1. kerijay

      Trump isn’t going against his good friend Hillary she will win. After all Trump loved the Clinton’s they are good people and she was a good secy of state and Obama is doing a good job. The country is done.

    1. Robert

      If you are counting on Cruz he and Donald will cancel each other out and Neither will get the nomination. Or maybe you like the Career Politician Kasich who will fit right in with the good old boys.

  14. tnetcenter

    GOPe has proven conclusively that they have NO principles!!! So YES!!! They are working to preserve what little power they currently have! They have no interest in supporting the “people’s” choice – go figure!

  15. Rodney Steward

    I’ve about decided that the whole Gov. is turning on Trump, or it’s all a scam to get Hellary elected to finish what Obama has started, our down fall and then the NWO! They’ve already got the dumb downs in place, and the brainwashed with cell phones protesting every little thing that happens! Soros has us pegged like the rest of the world he’s help bring down!! But this will be a war with no winners!!!!

      1. Arbie Viau

        Hey The Redman, I understand your frustration, but us white folks aren’t guilty of anything toward black people, but way, way back before the Civil War our ancestors were guilty. Now can’t you reconcile this with white folks today? Don’t follow in Obama’s footsteps, he hates almost all people except Muslims, okay? If it weren’t for us white folks, you black folks wouldn’t even have a job, right? So, get over it!

        1. The Redman

          Were U named after a sandwich show. hahahahahahah. R U A old tramp, or ah inbreed tramp in “St. Louis.

          1. Arbie Viau

            The Redman, why the Hell do you care what I was named after? Were you named after lipstick? RUA vicious, ignorant, impotent bastard that won’t listen to good advice. So, it hasn’t been nice to meet you! Goodbye!!! Forever!!!!

  16. Arbie Viau

    It’s not just the “good old boys club” it’s big business, government control, banks, wealthy elites, and probably more, but it’s a struggle of power and the wealthy to turn away from the people’s freedom to a New World Order. America will not be the strongest country, but will be the same as the other countries ruled by perhaps the United Nations. This was all laid out 40-50 years ago and is called North American Union. Heidi Cruz is an officer in this organization, and with Cruz as President will start getting things in place and will be full blown by 2030. Is this what you want your children to look forward to? I don’t and I don’t think you want this either. Google North American Union and YouTube.

      1. Arbie Viau

        Thanks, Bernie, did you notice that the media never touches on that subject? They talk about how bad the mafia is, I think politicians are worse.

        1. bernie

          I think a lot of people have no idea what a OWO is, and don’t seem to care enough about what’s going on in this Country to even find out anything about it. Limbaugh has an article on the internet about what the Elites are doing and it explained it very well. I hadn’t listened to him for years, but he hit the spot about them.I knew the Establishment Repubs had a strong hold on the Government , but it’s even worse than I thought. I have been writing about the OWO on blogs for awhile. it seems now that more people are beginning to see the light. If we want Trump,and I do, we had better all stick together and support him. They are trying to destroy him, but so far have not succeeded. He is a very strong and tough man.He is having death threats, etc, even sending a letter with white powder in it to his home.How they must hate this Country, and the Constitution. Keep up the good work.
          TRUMP 2016

  17. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
    –George Santayana

    One need only remember Ross Perot’s running as a 3rd Party candidate in 1992 is what gave us William Jefferson Blythe “Billy Blow Job” Clinton as ‘POTUS 42’ instead of George H.W. Bush.

    A 3rd Party candidate today will put “Billy Blow Job” Clinton’s enabler, Hillary Diane Rodham “We Didn’t Lose a Single Person (in Libya)” Clinton, in the White House as “Clinton 45.”

    “Experience enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.”
    –Franklin P. Jones

  18. cccarr

    Krystol’s weekly standard has denigrated and smeared trump on page after page in issues since june. It is annoying and repetitive giving no believable reason for their position. I have wondered if Kristol or his father had a run in with trump somewhere along the way and bill Krystol never got over it.

  19. h m rowland

    Great to c sappy ‘altar call cruz’ and his brand of evil going down tonight ; little marco out !; the mad dog 20/20 dead animal chunk salesman doing well. (“how good can that wine be?”- Obama) A presidential candidate, most powerful office in the world pedaling wine and steak ? Really ? Will Donald Drumpf ever say something important? The right wing “Jerry Springer Show”, (no offense Jerry ).; “Weasel” Kasich, as he has been known in Ohio for decades pulls it off with his back door machine . Large groups of dems in Ohio today crossed to republican to vote against Drumpf. So, we started with 16 unelectable, unqualified and now we’re down to 3.

  20. Henry Cooper

    Donald Trump has no ethics, no morality, no principles; it is unfortunate that the true-and-honorable Republican Voters are angry, as they have every right to be: For too long the Establishment Republican politicians in Washington, D.C. have betrayed the foundations of the GOP, forever, it seems, compromising the fabric of the Nation Character and the Soul of the Constitution

  21. Michael Lloyd

    Like how many people read the National Review anyway. Who cares what Lowry or the rest of the stuffed shirts think or do? In true egg head fashion, they think they are far more influential than they are. Lowry may have Megyn Kelly falling all over his every word but not too many people care about what Kelly says either..

    1. Lois Wenk

      Most of us against Trump see these disgusting things if you deny your head is not being put to use.

      Trump is part of the establishment problem. By buying politicians to get his way, he stole your representation. He does not care for you this shows he will do as he pleases.Trump says what you want to hear then does his own thing.Trump is a bully – if Trump does not get things his way, he slanders, leads in disrespect toward the person not cow-towing to him. He even threw his friend who helped him in the past under the bus.Trump is spoiled rotten – When he is confronted or talked badly by his supporters standers that person and belittles them. Trump has brainwashed his supporters or is bigoted against them. “If I kill someone here right now my supporters will not leave me”. Chose if he is bigoted against supporters or brainwashed them. Trump is bigoted against Asians. The truth is only N Korea dictator controls N Korea not Japan nor China.The truth is as long as we have so few workers we need to get more paying into Social Security because the clock is ticking before it will go broke. Abortion is killing the future workers. Today the birthrate is too low to sustain Social Security since Social Security was not saved for by politicians but treated as a general fund. These poor people are volunteering if we let them. People like Trump will not be able to get cheaper labor if they get minimum wage.Trump is bigoted against Hispanics. Border Crossers mostly are not rapist (rapist sexually harm people) nor are they drug cartel (drug cartel sell drugs and kill people), nor are they terrorist (terrorist kill people). They are poor people who are looking to feed, clothe and shelter their children. If Mexico was going to build the wall they would have. Trump is bigoted against Muslims. He sent a lady sitting quietly in his rally away like a criminal. And blames all Muslims for terrorism. American Muslims are mostly good citizens.Trump is bigoted against Jews – “Hitler was right” Hitler degraded Jews, Used them as scapegoats for Germany’s problems. Then killed them. Trump is bigoted against Blacks – Under his watch Trump Enterprises had to be court ordered to stop segregated housing. Also Trump buy politicians for his benefit. Slave owners did the same thing in the past.Trump is bigoted against disabled – The woman reporter who is pregnant and fainted was treated badly.Trump is bigoted against Women – His treatment of Mygan Kelly, The other woman reporter who is pregnant and fainted, And his treatment of Carly F.

      1. bernie

        Get your facts straight. Trump did not say that about killing a man; another person said that and Trump repeated what the man said; I saw it all on the video. You are blaming Trump like a lot of others for something he didn’t do. I wonder why people are not talking about Hillary and all the really important bad things she has done, or maybe they can’t see the dirt for their hatred of Donald Trump because he wants to take away the power of the Establishment Repubs.?

  22. ZACAL

    Trump doesn’t need National Review, they need Trump. National Review’s readership is primarily the Washington elitist anyway, National Review writing about Trump is a non-issue. Pun intended.

  23. Original Rebel

    These jerk morons can’t get it through their thick skulls that if they do that, they will sure as hell get hitler-y elected!!!! What a bunch of ignoramuses … cut off their own noses to spite their mugs!

  24. carlbradley

    A vote against Trump is a vote for the Clinton criminal; that’s what all this “third party” talk is—just playing into their hands . . . “If I don’t get to be the pitcher I’m gonna take my ball and go home!”

  25. Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    I’m surely not a Trump supporter, choosing Cruz as the best candidate, but I will vote for Trump GLADLY over every Communist, Democrat, and every establishment Republican candidate! You idiot Republicans! McCain? Romney? And you complain about TRUMP? If you criminals aren’t careful, we will DESTROY your little party! Americans have had ENOUGH!

  26. Joecolt

    Any other person other the Trump or Cruz would never be done, The End of the Party or it would force Trump & Cruz Vp Team to lock it up. What a Nightmare for the GOP That would be the only reason I would Like it.

  27. Susanne

    Every single voter needs to get out and vote for Trump. When I read how corrupt these people are just to stop a man who they fear will take away their cushy jobs and stop all the entitlements in America it PISSES ME OFF!!! I am tired of being promised by Establishment Republican’s that they will repeal Obamacare and make all kinds of other promises then once they were elected it’s screw the American voters who voted them into office. NO MORE WILL I EVER VOTE REPUBLICAN AND I GUARANTEE I NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL VOTE LIBERAL DEMOCRAT EITHER. I NO LONGER TRUST MY GOVERNMENT AND REALIZE NOW IT’S US AGAINST THEM. VOTE TRUMP 2016 TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THE DISLOYAL, SELF SERVING POLITICIANS.

  28. madhatter46

    We, the People? Where did that come from? A government by, of, and for the People? Who said that? Turn the lights off–The ring seekers of both parties work with Gollum not in the interest of the Shire–Doesn’t pride seem to introduce the concept of Fall?

  29. Ron Berti

    TRUMP IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE. NR is hardly “GOPe”. They have excoriated Republican leadership a lot in recent years. Reagan said if someone agrees with you 70% of the time, he’s your friend, not your enemy. Let’s keep all that in mind. A Trump presidency (which won’t happen because, as lousy a candidate as HRC is, she’ll beat him badly) would set BACK the conservative movement, not just by dividing it, but by giving Trump a platform for his whatever-pops-into-his-head style of governance. IMHO, of course. I can’t vote for Hillary, and I can’t vote for The Donald. If there’s a conservative-minded third candidate, I’ll vote for him or her.

  30. A_patriot

    Should they follow through on such a ‘threat’ then they will guarantee a Clinton win. The GOP establishment had better get their acts together, realize the people are speaking, hear them and then get behind OUR choice of candidate. They are two for two. It’s our turn to pick. I don’t care if THEY don’t like it. I’ve already got one foot out of the GOP door. I have stopped any and all monetary support both State and Nationally, I used to do regularly for years. They keep hounding me for support. They want ME back. Ha ha! Should they continue this strife I will gladly re-register as an Independent. Game OVER.

  31. gunnygil

    This shows that even National Review is part of “The Establishment” of self serving self appointed dictators,just as bad as the self appointed dictators in the Elitist Bolshevik Democrat leadership. I cancelled my subscription and will never renew unless there is a major change of ownership and editorial management.

  32. Richard C. Russell

    I am 110% in for Donald Trump. We have been waiting years for someone who is going to tell the good ole boy Republicans (Liberals, Moderates and Conservatives alike within the party) that the party is over and America will be presided over by an American who puts America first, not the special interests groups.

    He will do all the things Republicans had promised to get elected but never did in the past several decades. So Rich, you and your elitist group need to go find real jobs! Pundits such as you, Karl Rove and the rest will be dinosaurs after January 20, 2017.

  33. ChaznGwenie Gugins

    Good, we can just stop subscribing to the National Review altogether. They are a RINO magazine anyway.

  34. RST54

    Regardless of what you think of Trump, the problem is that if he’s elected as the GOP candidate, Hillary will win big time. To whit:
    (1) Trump has already managed to insult women, Hispanics & African-Americans. You can’t alienate a large part of the electorate and win a general election.
    (2) Every poll that looks at Trump vs. Hillary in a match-up has her winning.
    (3) Hillary’s team is already busy digging up dirt on Trump’s business dealings. If you think things have gotten dirty up to now, just wait.
    That said, Hillary as president will be a disaster!!! REPUBLICANS, WAKE UP!!! We can’t afford to lose another election.

  35. texexpatriate

    Lowry probably had a hangover that morning and was not thinking. I’ve been in D.C. The only good thing about it is the bars, and it has plenty of those. They’re always packed with political types and hangers-on. Surprisingly, few single women.