Democratic Strategist Freaked Out by This Massive Voter Gap

It looks like Democratic strategists and operatives smell disaster coming in November.

Appearing on CNN, consultant Paul Begala acknowledged Democrats have a big problem when it comes to Americans being excited about electing their candidates.

Here’s the key part of the interview between Anderson Cooper and Begala as reported by the American Mirror:

“Cooper: In past primaries and Democratic caucuses, the turnout has not been more than it has been, say in 2008. But on the Republican side, it does seem voter turnout is elevated. Is there more enthusiasm on the Republican side?

“Begala: There is, and that keeps me up at night.

“Cooper: It does…

“Begala: Oh, man. We’re not on the air… [other panelists laughed]. The enthusiasm gap is really serious. I saw a survey a few weeks ago. Seventy-one percent of conservatives say they’re excited about this election. Seventy-one! Only 40% of Millennials – a heart, one big part of the Democratic base. So there’s a 30-point gap between my party’s best voters and Republicans’ best voters.”

Begala conceded that the Democratic campaigns “are doing their job” and trying to convince voters, but it doesn’t seem to be helping much.

Then shifting into spin mode, he claimed Republicans are “looking to the establishment to save them” while Democrats are looking to the “grassroots.”

But it seems those so-called “grassroots” aren’t growing – or are enthusiastically shifting towards GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

We would disagree with Mr. Begala that Republicans are looking to the establishment to save them. That’s why Trump is leading the Republican race – it’s a venting of years (if not decades) of anger against the Establishment, who forced conservatives to vote for Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Grass-roots conservatives and Republicans finally said “enough is enough,” and many have thrown their support behind the billionaire. It appears that plenty of grass-roots Democrats aren’t happy with Hillary Clinton and that’s why Bernie Sanders has gotten plenty of support.

We do agree that this ‘enthusiasm gap’ between the two parties is real and it could be enough to spell doom for the Democratic presidential nominee and other down-ticket races.

Do you agree with Begala that this could be the case?

Write what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. JoAnn Dolberg

    We are completely, totally, completely and unapologetically SICK of politicians and the agenda they want us to swallow, and we are revolting! Pure and simple, we are not going to take it anymore. We need someone like DONALD TRUMP, who strikes so much fear in the GOP and the establishment that they issue the threats he has received and for which he has had to begin wearing a bullet-proof vest! A guy like that is definitely the man for the job! That is the reason we are excited! You can nuke us or do whatever you have in mind to do, but we are not going down without a big yuuge fight! And who knows…we might not go down at all!

    1. blackwingA520

      I feel the same way, but only about Cruz (sorry). I heard He was the best Debater in College and would crush Hitlery in a debate, if she’s not in the slammer by then. (we could only hope) I agree with some of things Trump says but is mouth has no filter and that is not very Presidential to me. He sounds like if he got in he could become a dictator, definitely don’t want that.

      1. American

        I agree. My preference is Cruz – a rock solid Constitutional Conservative, loves America, strong on traditional values, is a real fighter. However, I don’t think he’ll make it. If not, Trump’s our best bet.

        1. American Me

          I also like Cruz but he doesn’t have enough support to win,at least not yet.Trump has the Stones to get the job done and so far he has most of the support.I would like to see a Trump/Cruz ticket,but I don’t know if they can come together.

          1. Jerry Brickley

            Cruz knows two things. He is very unlikely to get 1227 delegates outright and he is the next candidate to be added to the “Anybody but _____ list” by Willard Romney in the event of a brokered convention.

            Trump and Cruz need a combined total of about 700 delegates for a first ballot win, so the only question is whether Cruz wants be VP or the next Supreme Court justice.

            They can get about half of that total in another week and sew it up by March 15th. Plenty of time to direct their attention at Hillary Clinton.

          2. Donald C Coe

            I agree with you. If Cruz can stick to his expressed ideals, he could
            reinforce Trump’s positions re the established Reps. I think, together, they could turn things around for the GOP (currently a “Do Nothing” component of Congress!).

          3. Rosech Levy

            Nor the skills in business, management, negotiation or connections to get done what must be done to get America back and great again. I can see him as VP, if Trump decides to do so. Nice guy, but a politician and as has been said we are fed up with politicians, good or bad, because the end result for several decades is the same: fewer jobs, more welfare, more spending, more doing nothing to stop Obama, Clinton or the Democrats in both houses, just cya Obama in all and betraying their oaths and promises! A not-owned man is need with all the skills already shown to do the job and get it done!

        2. Michael Lloyd

          Cruz may be as you say a fighter but he has gotten nothing done. His biggest accomplishment in the Senate has been to read “Green eggs and ham” to an empty floor. Heck, he doesn’t even show up to vote on bills that he co-authored. Sorry, a lot of noise but nothing accomplished.

          1. SDofAZ

            Junior senator, uncertain right to apply for the job, harvard attorney, honors much like BO. Big ego much like the other junior senator named Rubio, ties to Goldman via wife, played politics quite clearly in the Carson folding in the first GOP election, and though he is very good in the senate at calling things out, he has a LOT to learn. Sorry but no support, too many similarities to BO. And he too has sealed his records, not disclosed as required by the LAW, etc….. And both Rubio and Cruz show up with a regular infrequency for their jobs! Bad showing junior senators who want the top post like BO. And their credentials leave a lot to be desired. Absolutely no experience in the real world to speak of. Not another junior harvard attorney with a big ego!

          2. h m rowland

            ……Raphael Cruz has preachers on his team who want to put gays in ovens like Prescott Bush’s Hitler with the Jews, scary man like the senator in Stephen King’s ‘The Dead Zone’. Nothing like a little Jesus love.

          3. Thomas A. Livingston

            Sorry, but I disagree! I don’t even belive too many Preachers feel that way. But then Preachers aren’t usually a part of an administration’s appointees now, are they? And quite doubtful they would be part of a Cruz administration either.

          4. h m rowland

            Reference : Right Wing Watch “Beyond The Pale: Ted Cruz Puts Extremists At The Center Of His Campaign”. 2/2/16

          5. yomammatoo

            OMG! Right Wing Watch is a RADICAL LEFT PUBLICATION!
            If you believe anything written there, you are being brainwashed or already are.
            DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME ON “Right Wing Watch”!

          6. h m rowland

            Sad to be so closed minded. How do you understand all sides of an issue ? Do you only listen to country music or is there jazz, opera or rap crap in your ears ? Do you only eat one food; wear one color; only study one spiritual path; read only one novel over and over again? Personally I listen to more right wing propaganda in a day than the left wing version and I am a liberal on most issues, but how can I know if I don’t know the other side? Thanks, you have helped me to understand why so many here post whack-a-doo information. You would be scary on a jury with no ability to weigh innocence and guilt. For your good and for the rest of us open your mind to new things…one channel on your TV does not feed your intellect, expand your input even if just to solidify your belief system .

          7. kathrynks

            That is a load of BS! I’ve heard Raphael Cruz speak and preach. He is a good man. Maybe you don’t like that he thinks marriage should be between a man and a woman. Well, I agree with him. So does the Bible. There is nothing about killing anyone who is gay in the New Testament, which began with the Age of Grace. I’m not against civil unions – but marriage? Nope. I’ve made invitations and helped plan two civil unions, and those women agree with me. So we agree to disagree on that point, but please don’t trash Raphael Cruz. That is tacky – and also what you said is not true.

          8. kathrynks

            I know you aren’t a “right winger” – because your “source” is a left wing rag.

          9. h m rowland

            Just because a media source doesn’t have articles which aren’t dumbed down for trailer dwellers and disinformation swallowers doesn’t mean its a rag. Thank the halls of sanity that there are outlets to warn of the evils of the right and its fascist efforts to create wars and steal our personal freedoms. I f you want a rag blog….scroll back to the top of the page, honey.

          10. kathrynks

            The source is not a respected, reputable source – that’s like using the Huffpo! THAT is the difference.
            I don’t and never have lived in a trailer. I have a nice home. And the only fascists are the left. Look at your history, fella.
            And when you want to look at personal freedoms, look at Obie and the things he has taken from us…………..get real.
            The only people he likes are illegals and hard left wing nuts. Gee, wonder which one you are..

          11. h m rowland

            Fascism-a government whose economy is based on going to war. Hawks. Look at my history ….ok…looking….here it is , a far right wing fascist faction of our government created a coup and taking power 54 years ago , ’63 November in Dallas . You are a victim/parrot of right wing spin not truth. But you seem like a good person . Peace to you .

          12. h m rowland

            Right Wing Watch is a very reputable source and in the article mentioned what I shared is overly documented. Doesn’t matter now Cruz is done now.

          13. kathrynks

            I’m not well versed? Gee, did the name kathryn have you confused as to my gender? I didn’t cry or whine. I said what I meant. You’re the one who can’t figure out a person’s gender looking at a well known given name. The evil history of MY party? How about the KKK (Democrat)? Margaret Sanger? (Dem) Jim Crow laws (Democrat). As a southern “charm”-er, you should look to YOUR heritage. The Republican party and Abraham Lincoln FREED the slaves. LBJ enslaved them (“I’ll get all the n***ers voting for us”) with welfare and The Great Society. He also put all Social Security monies that we’d been promised would be protected from government use in the ‘general fund’ where both parties have been “borrowing” from it ever since and not one dime has been paid back. George Wallace was another lovely individual in your party. JFK was actually, despite his womanizing, a good president – or I believe he would have been had he not been murdered. But overall YOUR party hasn’t much to be proud of. And then there are the Clintons – more corrupt individuals it would be hard to find. I thought Bill was bad, but she is guilty of all kinds of corruption, and your Democrat head of the (in)Justice Department (Lynch) has said it is her PREROGATIVE whether to follow the law or not. Peachy. Yeah, the Dem party is WONDERFUL!!! (sarcasm intended)
            BTW, to any other Southern folks out there – this was NOT directed at anyone but ol’ h m. I lived in Houston for awhile and love the heck out of a wonderful guy from Brookhaven, Mississippi who is a forever friend.

          14. h m rowland

            It is not my habit to read the names of those to whom I respond unless we develop some positive relationship . My replies are not personal but reaction to words. I meant you no slight by not knowing you are female. You are correct in your history lesson however it has been descendent generations that have righted the wrongs of the past . However many on the right , who’s ancestors participated in the crimes you list above , have never let go of the group hate as plainly seen outside our windows . Much of your commentary on the great progressives is flap back of propaganda .
            Now to the research of the right, a study guide of topics for you:
            – The ideological and financial support of Hitler by Prescott Bush, Rockefellers, Henry Ford, Brown, Root(Wayne Allen’s ggpa) DuPont’s and other American Nazis .
            – The murders of the greatest leaders of our time, non Nazis, men who spoke of, and acted toward peace which, if achieved, would take money from the pockets of those listed above. JFK, MX, RFK, MLK .
            – The military industrial complex, CIA, Project for a New American Century and their wars which have us where we are now by design . 9/11, Iraq, Isis …
            – Murders of decenters to the evil plans such as Senator Paul Wellstone and JFK JR.
            – The blocking and denial of personal rights and freedoms -‘states rights’ is code for loss of personal rights.
            – Currently, the obstruction of constitutional directives concerning SCOTUS. We have, more than once, needed the court to elect a president. 9 judges needed not 8. Scalia elected little Georgie not the people . No little g, no 9/11, no Iraq= no cash for war toys .
            – The party selling out to special interests for nonsense over science concerning the future of the f ing planet for benefit of fossil fuel producers .
            That should get you started Kathryn. You will not have a difficult time finding documentation. Peace to you and yours .

          15. kathrynks

            Sorry, fella. My family grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood, and was a McGovern supporter when I was young and uninformed, although Nixon wasn’t much of an alternative. When left leaning folks can’t support a ‘source’, they often (as you do) resort to slurs, name calling, and generalizations of peoples’ economic upbringing. Never lived in a trailer, don’t swallow misinformation (do you truly think Hillary is a trustworthy, unimpeachable individual?). It isn’t the conservatives that want to limit freedoms (speech they don’t agree with, 2nd amendment rights, and religion if it is Christian, although Islam can be taught with impunity). Oh, an added comment – I am certainly NOT your “honey” – I forgot to mention sexists. How could I have missed that when Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s wife is running for president, and she tried to destroy anyone her hubby screwed while ‘standing by her man’?

          16. kathrynks

            You have EVERY reason to make it up – you’re a LEFT winger. Many lefties never met a lie they didn’t want to repeat Benghazi happened “because of a video”.

          17. Bob McIntosh

            Must be a gay boy sounding off with statements like that area 51 crap. Nothing you said is any where near a sane opinion. For once just once, gay boy put one fact on the board and back it up with proof. I don’t want gays burned nor do I want them hurt for any reason but bake your own damn cake.

          18. jbozarth

            Cruz hasn’t gotten things done because he’s been mocked and bucked by the majority of the Senate which are died in the wool rinos. Same goes for the House

          19. Jerry Brickley

            Are you claiming that as a negative or a positive?

            BTW, some people here are equating Cruz’s legal skills to Obama’s…I’m no Cruz fan, but the proposition that Obama is a quality attorney is ludicrous. Obama authored no papers for the law review and is the only law review editor to receive no invitation to clerk for a supreme court justice.

            Cruz was described by Alan Dershowitz as his most brilliant student…no comparison to Obama.

          20. jbozarth

            Cruz is smart, honest and holds to his beliefs – doesn’t waver. That’s why the establishment hates him. He does what he says he’ll do….which most politicians don’t. I wouldn’t even begin to compare him with Obama who has been put in office for one reason only. Now we’re stuck with the results of his incompetency. I feel sorry for the next guy in office trying to clean up all the goofs from this last joker. But if anyone can do it I think Cruz can.

          21. yomammatoo

            Absolutely CRUZ can! But remember, OBAMA knows exactly
            what he is doing. Setting the U.S. up to be taken over from the
            inside by the Muslim Brotherhood. PERIOD

          22. gunnygil

            Trained (lairs) lawyers are a huge part of the problem in DC and the 50 state capitals. And he is part of the “Establishment” that has “guffawed” the voter’s demands for accomplishment instead of self serving compromise with the socialist One World Order or New World Order. As to sticking to his “guns” he has waffled many times even during the debates. Why did it for instance take him all these decades to renounce his dual citizenship in the latter part of his campaign and remove himself from the status of Canadian citizen. mild mannered and speaks with a degree of intellect but there is something about his eyes and their shiftiness that does not compel me to back him or trust him. He has the same habit of raising his head above and over the crowd that another politician has, the one now occupying the WH

          23. used_to_be_a_liberal

            Oh, but the left-wit media loves him today because he got Bruce Jenner’s endorsement

        3. blackwingA520

          I heard somewhere that if Rubio, Carson, etc… dropped out now and their followers switched over to Cruz, he would probably have enough delegates to beat Trump.

          1. mcgyver35

            They founded it too, and they ruined it by trying to pacify the whiners, trying to be PC and giving away to much stuff to people instead of making them get off the porch and go to work.

          2. The Redman

            U R A typical white-folk. nothing 2 offer but yo stupid snake-mouth dribble. McTurd

          3. mcgyver35

            And I suppose you have all the answers? Why don’t you run for president then. Tell us your solutions. We may agree and vote for you.

          4. mcgyver35

            I did admit it. By stealing and giving the working mans money to dead beats. And dumbing down test score requirements so certain races can graduate and get into college, where those requirements have been lowered for the same reason. And creating affirmative action, requiring government agencies to buy their product even if it is inferior. And enforcing quota hiring practices in favor of minorities. Doesn’t matter if the white guy is better qualified, he gets turned down. Yeah, white man did that.

          5. The Redman

            Yep. a big brown turd in his face as well as yours. egg-head-inbred. U white-folks have ruin america

          6. The Redman

            Anything white-folks come in contact wit becomes messed-up. white-folks own, run, and ruin. Mcturd

          7. mcgyver35

            You are right. They should have never purchased y’all. Should have picked their own cotton . redbone is still black, so yo name shud beez Blackman.

          8. The Redman

            Since U think white-folks R so smart, Y R yall still picking lice, now called “Super Lice”. 2 smart 2 figure dat, huh. lice-bait-troll. hahahahahahaaha. white-folks ruined america

          9. mcgyver35

            Cauze our kidz gets it from your kidz at skool, cauze y’all don’t try to gets rids of dem. So when we get rid of them and send our kids back to school…lawd ha murcy our kid done gotz em gIn. Dem critters prolly likes us better cauze we don’t gots all bat grease in our hair and our hair is straighter and da can nabigat easier thru it.

          10. The Redman

            Lice is something dat U stink-skin white-folks brought out from dem caves yall lived in. Mcturd. hahahahahahahah

          11. mcgyver35

            Those were cave crickets we brought out of the caves. The lice is what y’all caught will swinging in the trees with your relatives

          12. The Redman

            Nah, cave-bandit. yall ate all the “crickets” and sit around scratching dem lice and eating raw meat. still do, most of U stink-skin jokers. hahahahahahahahah, huh. McTurd.

          13. mcgyver35

            Actually I was just going along with you. I have no animosity towards any race. We all have our bad apples. I refuse to group the whole race together. I have many friends that happen to have a different skin color than my own, which is darker than most “white” people because I have several nationalities in my blood as I’m sure you do also. I don’t hate any of them. I didn’t choose to be a certain color. But I am proud of what I am. And if you really see every “white” person as you stated, I can only hope that you can open your eyes to the many benefits the “white” man afforded you…one of which is the freedom you have today. Feel free to blame us for all your troubles. Just don’t forget it was a black Queen that caught your ancestors and sold them into slavery. I personally have never own any slaves so I’m not part of the crowd you blame. I work for a living, pay my taxes and follow the law.

          14. The Redman

            U R A typical white-folk, and like the “98%” I speak of most of the time. so what stupid 2 the facts. I have never been a “slave”, but, white-folks,-(98%)-still have the “slavery” control mindset. and, yes. white-folks in the u.s. R some of the worse terrorist in the world. keep dis in yo Lil mind. “Yall-(white-folks)- hate because U can, and, not because U should”

          15. mcgyver35

            You are a racist, point blank. And I will not try to change your mind. I know that I was born extremely poor and fought my way in life to get to where I am. I didn’t ask for help from anyone. My family didn’t own land we had no slaves. I grew up with my friends that happen to be black. I have black cousins on my dad’s side and white on my mom’s. Like I said I don’t think I’m better than any other race. But I do not like people that complain about racial discrimination, yet spew hateful stuff about everyone in another race. You are not helping heal the relationship between races with your comments. Instead you help the monsters grow stronger until one day you get consumed by it.

          16. mcgyver35

            No. I don’t have a problem with the truth. And the truth is that you hate being part black, (yes, we know where redbone comes from) so much that it has made you a hateful, ungrateful, bitter man. That is something you have to deal with. Blame whomever and whatever you please, but you have shown who and what you are. Write anything you want. And, if it makes you feel like you won so be it. Celebrate your pitiful excuse of a win because I am as finished with you, as you are with all “white folk”. Your attitude and thinking will not change the way I treat and view my friends that happen to be a different shade than I. God bless you.

          17. mcgyver35

            I don’t hang with anyone with a racist attitude. I also live in a rural area. No neighborhoods where I live. But when I do run into someone that mistreats others for any reason not just racial. But disrespecting the elderly, bullying ect. I do call them on it.

          18. The Redman

            Good 4 U. now, remember 2 speak 2 other white-folks along ya way in life about hating others 4 no good reasons. and den may B america can become a real “united” nation.

          19. Sharilyn Hartwell

            Thank you mcgyver35 … very good, intelligent statement … especially the last. That is a BIG share of the problem … people so very willing to HATE instead of LOVING each other. Christ said to “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR” not hate each other. The Redman is blind to this commandment. He will certainly not be able to join in on the “earth made new”! I certainly feel sorry and saddened for him. He will be missing out … well maybe not … he would NEVER be happy there so he won’t be allowed to be there as only those who “keep the commandments and have the testimony of Jesus” will want to be there for eternity; all others will be destroyed once and for all so their diseased mind and ill will toward others will be put to rest. Hatred breeds hatred and LOVE breeds LOVE.

          20. mcgyver35

            You should go to his page and read how vile he is. Every thing he post, bar non, is a racist vile remark. Is so sad to see that much hatered, racism, animosity and vileness bottled up in anyone. His heart is totally evil. I will pray for his awaking and salvation

          21. h m rowland

            You got the stealing part correct at least. Our ancestors were terrorists upon this continent.

          22. Bob McIntosh

            You into the sauce again chief? I don’t fall for that fake Black man lingo for a second your as fake as a smart liberal. Fake as fake can be. It would not surprise me if you are white, liberal I don’t know for sure but I do know your thick as a brick.

          23. Jerry Brickley

            Everybody’s an expert until the votes get counted. November is a long time away…throw in the towel now and it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        4. yomammatoo

          Correct! Definite possibility. In that case, WRITE IN TRUMP! The Establishment cannot hold back this HUGE VOTING BLOCK if we all STICK TOGETHER! DO NOT SIT HOME AS IN PAST. WRITE IN TRUMP!

      2. PPTA

        I was for Cruz as much as Trump, until Iowa when he shafted Carson. Then again in New Hampshire., and then the Debate when Rubio and Him shook hands behind the Curtain before the Debate, then during he Debate told lies. Cruz didn’t have to do that to win. Rubio is Establishment Republican. Now it appears that Cruz is also. tey go together and are intent on destroying Trump. And now here comes Romney. I voted fro Romney last election, even though he was a RINO. Remember his Mass. Health Care?

        I really thought he was a better man than that. Look up on you tube Trumps endorsement of Romney in Nevada in 2012. I also though that Cruz was a better ma than he now appears. Cars9on is out now. But actually e was at the start my first choice. I still think he has the highest IQ of all of them with Trump second, Cruz third, and Rubio? Bush and his family mentored Rubio. A vote for Rubio, is a vote for Bush, is a vote for Hillary. All three are controlled by the elite of the elite rich. Trump may be rough around the edges. But what I really like, no one, and I do mean no one, owns him. He owes o favors if he is elected. If he becomes President, I think he will get rid of the Rinos, the lobbyist, and possibly put some of the worst corruption in jail. Read the Biography of Andrew Jackson. He was rich, also a working persons candidate. Truely a interesting book. He started in 1828, (I think that was the date) Look it up. Cruz, I can not vote for him or Rubio. Trump, or Carson. But Cruz has shown himself as a smooth talker, and a closet Establishment Republican. If he had went against T^rump alone, on issues only, then I would of stayed with either / or. And had not shafted Carson in Iowa, that is when his lies started and have continued until today.

      3. richardcancemi

        Trump will beat her to the ground but may engender sympathy for her. Cruz will reason her to the ground and maybe convert some now blind liberals to common sense. He’s by far the smartest opponent.

        1. Robert

          Cruz may be a smart Lawyer but he hasn’t even completed his first term as Senator. And you think he is that smart to run the Federal Government. We have a House of Representatives and a SENATE full of Lawyers, they have done a great job running the country haven’t they? 20 Trillion Dollars of Debt some of which was voted on by Cruz and Rubio. Sounds like more of the same BS we have been getting from Republicans for the last 8 years.

      4. Gen11American

        I have held my nose and watched several of the Demo debates, and even though the sound of Hillary’s voice sends shockwaves through my brain and her left-wing policies cause me to cringe, she knows how to debate! Even with the dark cloud of a potential indictment hanging over her head, she still displays confidence. Either she should receive an Academy Award for her performance, or she knows AG Loretta Lynch won’t indict her, or she knows that Obama will pardon her even if Ms. Lynch does, OR she knows the election system is rigged in her favor, and thus can’t lose.

      5. kathrynks

        Well, today, Cruz won Kansas tidily – over twice the votes Cruz got. Rubio and Kasich were inconsequential. I’m still pulling for (and out campaigning for) Cruz. If Trump gets the nomination, I’ll vote for him. The only problem I have is my gut…which reminds me that 8 years ago everyone was JUST as excited about “Hope & Change” as they now are about “Make America Great Again”. It’s unnerving and I hope it’s just me.

      6. JACIE

        I feel Mr Trump is not a bloviater like the rest of them . He tells it like it is if that’s what you mean by ” no filter” . Don’t worry he’ll become presidential enough after he’s elected ,by this I mean speaking more eloquently. Right now the people are sick of all the lies and unkept promises . The good old boys are killing us here .They keep sending good jobs out of here , they won’t take care of our own, won’t give seniors a social security raise for 3 yrs now but will give a 150 billion to Iraq plus let them develop nukes to kill us. So you go right ahead and vote for the boys club.

      7. gunnygil

        Sounds like you want another apologizer in office. I have not heard Trump act like a dictator towards the American citizenry. Foreigners and illegals yes but not the legal citizenry. He definitely does not have a mush mouth like so many of the RINOs. Decorum is fine if it is not just political correctness but sometimes dirty word will bring the sheep out of their sleep and that is what is needed now since true American believers have been asleep far too long.

      8. yomammatoo


    1. blackwingA520

      A better sound would be the mass exodus of the Dem/Libs marching to Canada (or country or Island of your choosing), preferably an Island surrounded by huge great white Sharks.

      1. sox83cubs84

        The only way any lice come within 500 feet of any of us is if they’re running away from you because they can’t find any room in your hair to live due to the lice population explosion on your noggin.

          1. sox83cubs84

            It looks like you were trying to say “Lice love Dems (Democrats). For once I agree with you.

          2. The Redman

            Yep. sox-bandit, U know I’m right, lice do love white-folks. U’ve had em B 4, huh.

          3. sox83cubs84

            SOME white folks…not me personally, but osie O’Donnell, Lena Dunham, Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid, just to name a few.

          4. The Redman

            IF, I was talking 2 myself, U couldn’t see me doing it. nutty-clown. hahahahahahah

  2. American

    I’d like to say I’m encouraged by this, but I also know better than to underestimate the Democrats – they aren’t encumbered by things like laws, ethics, morals. They will find a way. The best thing I’ve heard recently is Dinesh D’Souza’s upcoming film which will expose the Democratic party for what they are. That could help.

  3. American Me

    After the crap they have pulled over the past 7 years they should be worried.This is a must win for conservatives if we want remain free.If the Dems win we won’t like what comes next..Get all your friends and relatives to the polls in November.You can be sure the Dems will try to cheat as usual so we need all the votes we can get.Personally I don’t want to live in a Banana Republic.Do You?

    1. h m rowland

      Actually we have been a banana republic since ’63 with the right wing coup. Again you are incorrect in that….our 43rd potus is Al Gore. Sadly you are ill informed by the CIA media assets .

  4. Mike Cuthbert

    I am shocked that someone as usually astute as Begala should be surprised by these stats. The Repub Clown Parade has had up to 10 cars to get interest, a couple of them rank amateurs, not including Chief Clown Drumpf. His party has 2. The Dems and others early on conceded that HRC was to be the winner. Hardly much excitement in that. This is hardly rocket science, Paul. Quit trying so hard to pretend you’re working hard for the party!

  5. Gen11American

    Marco Rubio gave a terrific speech at CPAC this morning, and answered the questions presented to him by the CNN moderator very well. But as I watched, this thought came to me: If two Americans “escaped” to Russia, had a child 3-4 years before they became Russian citizens (assuming that Russia would allow them to in the first place, which is doubtful), and 45 years later, their child tried to run for the office of President or Premier of Russia, does ANYONE think the Russian people would vote them into office? Get real. Chances are that “candidate” would either disappear, would be poisoned, would be arrested for trumped up, phony charges, or would be deported back to America. And our immigration policies here in the U.S. are so liberal and screwy, our State Department would probably grant them asylum, and urge them to have their parents return to U.S., and if they did, our government would probably provide them with $64,000 in benefits!
    Their justification would probably be that they successfully infiltrated Russian, raised an American child in Russia, and tried but failed to gain control of the Russian government!
    Does anyone think that the Castro brothers wouldn’t try that same tactic themselves?

  6. alfy


  7. annelouisegelinas

    Same old stuff that hasn’t worked isn’t working won’t work because it is all hype just to get votes and for too many years political correctness has gagged the American people and voters and now there is noise and excitement and they are going the way of the voice that sounds like theirs not a recording. People are tired of having big money tell them who the candidates should be. Now the people are up , arm in arm, head to head to say, “we don’t want the establishment anymore.” We are all smart enough to pick the leader of our own country.

  8. jbozarth

    The only people in the GOP looking for the establishment to save them is the GOP establishment. Everyone else in the party is disgusted with the establishment. We want new faces and new ideas and while I’m not necessarily a Trump supporter (I like Cruz) I’ll support him if he’s the winner. I like Cruz because he bucks the establishment…..and basically the GOP good ole boys hate him. That’s why I like him!!!

  9. annelouisegelinas

    America has fixed its history and its past. Other countries still live in 2500 bc. Why should we allow barbarians and people who consider us infidels worthy of killing or enslaving to come into our country with that ATTITUDE. Americans have nothing to apologize for when other countries never do nor never will. When countries apologize for their bad behavior and their barbaric pasts and all things wrong with them, then all will be well. It will never happen. Why should people come into this country who claim we are infidels worthy or their killing us or enslaving us? People are fed up. When we gather together and link ourselves with a leader who agrees this should not happen to America, then we are strong and we will always be the greatest country on earth, even if people coming to this country think they can change us, they are WRONG. America is strong and we will not allow anyone to take our strength away from us. Don’t come here if that is the objective of your doing so. We won’t change, but you will have to if you want to live here.
    God Bless America.

  10. Rudy McGillvray

    Well I m not in love with the Donald bc he has said some things whic led me to believe he’s a Democrat not a Tea Partier or even a Republican, and personally I think he’s out to destroy the Party of Freedom (Republicans), and by doing so could ensure the Libs/ Democrats an unlimited supply of elections.
    One thing about the Donald that I do like, and it is the fact that Democrat or not, he is sick and tired of losing his ‘land of opportunity’ to the political correct crowd and those who think we have to have more rules and laws to regulate us. I guess that’s two things and I am forced to agree with those things myself, however, I think that Ted Cruz feels pretty much the same way as I do, so my vote is going for Ted. And what’s the matter with being born to an American Mother in another country? Our present liar-in-chief, was although he wants us to think he’s an Amercan, born in Hawaii anybody with one-half an ounce of working brain matter, knows that is a lie. He has said only one thing in seven years, that could possibly be construed as being American, and that could be, chat when he had OBL shot and killed, He said, “We don’t forget.”

  11. gomurr

    If we’re lucky, this is the year both parties, as they exist today, will implode. It’s really only one party with the same goal, just different routes to get there, allowing the voting public to think their needs/desires are being served. They’re both a joke.

  12. Jim Turner

    It has been 27 yrs since Reagan left office after cleaning up Carter’s mess. During the past 27 yrs the politicians, both Dem and Repubs, have done nothing but line their pockets over the backs of our children’s future.

    During the 27 yr period Trump has a record of success being a great business man. Why not give him a chance to fix this mess? How much more harm could he do than Hillary? The last thing we need is another 8 yrs of Clinton’s. Which will only be a replay of Obama’s policies.

    Wake up people! Romney couldn’t win on his own so now he wants to “divide and conquer” by spliting the delegates and forcing a brokered convention. While he rides in on his white horse to save the day. Something he could NOT accomplish during the last 3 times he ran. He is no more than the “hatchet-man” for the career politicians that have created this mess.

  13. rwp24382

    Hillary is caught in the middle of her lies. She is trying to say how well the country does with a Dem at the helm, touting her husband’s record as proof. She tries to do the same with Oblozo’s, which is dismal at best. She wants to continue the success of the past seven plus years, that’s something to crow about. The comparison of the two economies are totally different.

    There was some woman from academia, that said that Hillary would win by past models. She claimed that only an economic downturn, would keep Hillary from winning. Their models show there is Global Warming, too. I don’t know how she arrived at that conclusion, but she had better mover her facts. The Dems and the media are scrambling to support Hillary and there is little enthusiasm for her. She is blatantly a liar, untrustworthy, and will say anything to get elected. The Dems are stuck with her. She will get beat on her stance on gun rights and several other issues.

  14. code

    i want trump. yes im sick and tired of the establishment. that being said, if they muddy trumps water enough that he doesnt get the nomination. im still voting with whoever it is that stands as the primary candidate, even if hes of the establishment. i would like to ask my fellow patriots to also stand strong during this election and vote the ticket. im sure you all know the importance of this election. this president will seat upwards of 4 justices to the high court. id venture to say, that if killery gets the nod. she’ll pack enough liberal justices to the court that someday you will see the second amendment go away. i believe this election to be the most important that i can remember. im sure one would have to go way back in history to find one that held more relevance. so im begging my fellow republicans/patriots to stand tall no matter what the establishment may throw at us. vote the ticket and know that you did your part to help steer our country back in the direction it needs to go. we can change the course of america for a generation to come, thank you.

  15. Tom Townsend II

    An only essentially one party the Dem–Repub/Rino/Communist/Fascist party led by arrogant, criminal, despotic traitors who do not even want to abide by the results of their own caucuses or who wish to foist the serial criminal Hillary or the communist Sanders on us or find some way to retain the despotic criminal tyrant muslim, islamic terrorist sympathizer traitor Obama in office is not a way to garner Any support from the voters. Of course, this is all in my humble opinion based upon the lengthy evidence at hand through the media and existing records and my personal knowledge through college history classes. But then, those in power are arrogant enough to never listen to the voters. After all, these supposed representatives have spent years proving the definition of insanity is most probably correct — “continuing to do the same thing repeatedly and expect different results.” After all, just look at the Clintons and Barack Hussein Obama as well as the many repeated failures throughout history of those and the systems they idolize; Mao, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Muhammad, Saladin, Polpot, etc.. and Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and the evils of Islam.

  16. cardmaster1

    We can hope and pray it is so!! The grass roots Are Fed Up with the Establishment!!

  17. Connie Alsip

    Begala is a liberal twatwaffle who supports the destruction of our beloved country by agreeing with the BS foisted upon the American People by the Democrats. I would not vote for either of the dem candidates PERIOD, and most of America is disgusted by the Hildebeast and that commie old man, the Bern! ppfftt!

  18. Jay Pierre

    The Democrats still cannot accept the reality that for the first time in 28 years they are not picking the candidates for both parties. The Tea Party has thrown out the socialeasta candidates from the Republican party. Either Cruz or Trump is going to be the candidate and that scares the hell out of the socialists. Cruz because they know he is a conservative and will repeal most of their ill-gotten gains. Trump because he is a wild card and just may be worse for the Dems than Cruz. Bwwaaaaahahahahahaha