You Won’t Believe the Issue Jeb Bush Just Said “Wasn’t Important”

Jeb Bush never did much to shake the label of being a “low energy” candidate. His answer to a recent question that’s important to almost all conservative voters was really lethargic, even by Jeb’s low standards.

Shortly after news of Justice Antonin Scalia’s passing, Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made it very clear he would use his power to ensure whoever President Obama nominates as a replacement will either 1) not be confirmed or 2) won’t get a vote. That’s the constitutional authority given to McConnell and the Senate.

Before his passing, the Supreme Court balance was 5-4 in favor of the conservatives. The confirmation of an Obama nominee would surely tip the balance back in favor of the progressives. Considering crucial Court decisions like Heller and Hobby Lobby were won 5-4, this poses a threat not only to such cases, but to the direction of the country as a whole for generations to come.

Given the importance of Scalia’s replacement and how it could affect the balance of judicial power for years – if not decades – to come, you’d think any Republican candidate would acknowledge how important it is. But not Jeb Bush.

Here’s Jeb’s lackluster answer to a question on this important topic from

“During an interview with MSNBC that same weekend, Bush acknowledged the Senate will likely block Obama’s nominee and said they have the right to do so. Anchor Dana Bash asked if an Obama nominee should be denied a vote altogether, to which Jeb responded, ‘It’s up to Mitch McConnell, that’s really not important to me.'”

It’s no wonder Jeb’s campaign failed to get any traction this election cycle. He did nothing to show he had any “fire in the belly” to want to become the Republican nominee for president. And this latest answer shows his lack of interest in political events that will affect Republican and conservative voters for years to come.

Was Jeb Bush pushed into the race by the Republican Establishment to keep one of the “good old boys” in the White House?

Give us your take in the comments section below.

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    1. Boommach

      It was his character. Additionally, he was under the delusion that because of his father’s and brother’s successes, he was a natural for the job….add to that being on a first name basis with the likes of Karl Rove…. The man was a reasonable governor. There are dozens of reasonable governors who don’t begin to have the gravitas to be a presidential contender. Pathetically, Gov Bush couldn’t see that from the start.

      1. leewacker

        I do wish the Republicans would get rid of Karl Rove! He has been poison to the party ever since he came into the picture, and should be thrown on the garbage heap along with other worthless politicians! Can you imagine what our country would be like if ROVE were president? Sickening thought!

        1. Boommach

          No argument except that Karl Rove, in some measure, has ownership of the Republican Party. We started ceding control decades ago to the elites and they have run with the ball. They’re in the process of fumbling now and it’s our job to take possession and start making yardage. Once that’s done, Karl Rove will go home and without his ball.

    1. scott

      the low info sheeple of america have been so brainwashed by the liberal retards,that you could put them all on stage telling everyone they are going to destroy america right to their faces,and they would just ignore it and vote for them anyway because it makes them feel better about their pathetic dumb as- and their fake white guilt.just watch the generation of dumb liberal zombies they have turned out.

      1. John P

        If you are kept on poverty row long enough any promise made by the liberals their vote. The liberals with the help of the ACLU, NAACP, now Black lives matter will the minority in an uneducated state to keep their vote. then blame all their problems on the conservatives or Republicans.

        1. skipsart

          Remember this?
          Lyndon Baines Johnson 1963… “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty
          uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got
          something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their
          uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give
          them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to
          make a difference… I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for the
          next two hundred years”.

        2. h m rowland

          And KKKarl Rove continually runs out the same ‘ol play of gays and abortion and religion, its how he almost won Little W the election in 2OOO, it gets boring at best. You are surely mistaken in who defends and encourages education in this country. The ‘been going on’ that you speak of has been going on since 1963. President Carter was ousted by the CIA because he wouldn’t play the war games that the CIA/Military evil wanted to play, you know guns and bombs and stuff….at least they didn’t shoot him in the head, it was a political assassination like that of LBJ and Nixon. The agency and military run this country, set policy and manipulate the public from both sides so we will fight with each other and not pay attention to what they do in our name around the world. Those of whom you speak of as being poor and uneducated don’t vote with any noticeable percentage, however liberals stand for them and speak for them anyway. You know. …. like Jesus, Gandhi, the Buddha. and Moses leading the people out of oppression, feeding the poor, healing the sick and calling our attention to the fact that we are all the same. I am you. You are me….we are them, and they are us. The God in me recognizes the God in you. Peace.

          1. Gldynldy

            You are such a f…..g load of crap with all your socialist, “we’re all equal” dribble. News flash: we aren’t all equal !! We never have been and we never will be. Ever hear of survival of the fittest ? Get over yourself and your liberal “social justice” crap

          2. h m rowland

            Your pretty funny Goldy and entertaining. So from this statement that none are equal, I am guessing that you don’t stand by any of the constitution?

          3. Gldynldy

            You’re so stupid. You see only what you want to see, like all good liberals. Of course we aren’t all “equal”. Some of us are more talented, smarter, artistic, athletic than others. Some of us work harder and are more motivated and driven and successful than others. Therefore we are not equal. However, as human beings we are all equal and should have human rights. There’s a very clear distinction in what I said. And you’re a socialist and, in my opinion, are delusional and I’m clearly not. I don’t believe in anything you say. I might as well talk to a wall so therefore I’m finished with you because you’re a waste of my time.

      2. h m rowland

        I have never understood gay people who would support the republican party, I mean usually gays are intelligent and compassionate but you go boy! Your wedding picture is awesome, congratulations brother! Peace to you and your partner.

          1. h m rowland

            You mean “homosexual” such as Alexander the Great, Bessie Smith, Abraham Lincoln and J. Edgar Hoover? Or POTUS James Buchanan, Leonardo DE Vinci, Michael Angelo, Cary Grant, James Dean or Eleanor Roosevelt and Lindsey Graham? Like that? I think I understand what you are saying and I’m glad that you had a dictionary handy.

          2. DangRight

            I mean homosexual as in:
            Involving or characterized by sexual attraction between people of the same sex.

            I wasn’t looking for examples of homosexuals, but thanks.
            Gay means happy, not homosexual. A rainbow is not homosexual either; though they could easily be seen as happy or gay. They are quite beautiful.

            Is that clear enough for you?
            BTW – I doubt the 100% validity of your list of homosexuals.

          3. h m rowland

            Thanks for the clarification. You can check the list with just a little google. That rainbow thing drives me crazy. I understand that at one time the rainbow was to draw awareness but we all now know that there have been gays//homosexuals since the beginning of time and that homosexuals are in every segment of the population, enough of the rainbow which now smacks of superiority rather than diversity or exclusion rather than inclusion.

          4. DangRight

            Sorry, but google doesn’t give me a 100% belief factor either 🙂
            The desire of homosexuals to receive “special” status is doing them no favors.
            The ridiculous laws being passed since the homosexual in the Whitehouse came out in favor of homosexual marriage, are hurting our society.
            Men (most of us can tell what they are) stripping in front of teenage girls (most of us can tell what they are) in the GIRL’S locker room, because they identify as transgender is TOTAL BS (most of us can tell what that is).
            None of us are due special treatment over and above the rest; especially due to sexual preference.

          5. h m rowland

            I think that is what I just said to you. There is nothing ridiculous about two people loving each other and entering into marriage if they choose, It is right and just according to the constitution. Do you live in an isolated place sir? I just wondered if you don’t understand how backward your words sound. This kind of bigotry and anti constitutional thought has been gone for 3O years now. It is only an issue because the right uses it to solidify the base, the right should be very embarrassed exploiting 75% ,bi/gay, of the male population and 35% of the females. According to the latest studies out of every 4 men one is str8 and one is gay and 2 are bisexual. It has been found that 96% of men have had at least one homosexual experience. From my experience in the world that sounds about right. You and yours should probably get used to it, bisexuality is the preference of the high school and college generation. Life evolves.

          6. DangRight

            You said: “I think that is what I just said to you.” Then berate me for being a backwards bigot. Are you working on a stand-up comedy act?
            Anti-constitutional thought? Where is marriage mentioned in the constitution? Is there now Thought Police?
            Please cite your “latest studies” where 3 out of 4 males are either homosexual or bi-sexual. I wonder who commissioned those “studies” hmmm… The homosexual lobby perhaps.
            And yeah the 96% BS you quote also included masturbation in any “study” I’ve seen with such ridiculous claims.
            If so many people are homosexuals then why do they need special protection? It would seem the straight people would need to be the protected ones.
            You speak with forked tongue; and who knows where that’s been?

          7. h m rowland

            I had just said it, your understanding is amiss, and then I didn’t agree with the rest of your comments and discussed them. Isn’t that how this works?

          8. Gldynldy

            You are one sick, crazy f..k !! The more of your posts I read the more I believe you’re certifiable. 96% of men have had at least one homosexual experience ?!?! Are you out of your f…..g mind ?? And you follow that up with bisexuality is the “preference” of high school and college kids ?!?! Where are you getting this from. You can’t really be this much of a ridiculous liberal idiot, can you. Perhaps you’re just posting this crap to get a rise out of people. It’s disturbing to think otherwise and that people with their head up their ass like you actually do exist.

    2. h m rowland

      What, two candidates who behave like adults, discuss issues that are important to the citizens of this country and who actually have experience and brains? Let’s face facts there are no viable candidates on the right, not even Donald J. Dumpf, which is his real family name. Marco Rubio, now the puppet of the evil Cock brothers so somehow he gets the nomination, first droid to do it. Raphael Cruz who wants to build ovens for same sex citizens. What a trio of mentally disturbed individuals, seriously, they each could be approved for disability benefits. Crazy as loons.

      1. Gldynldy

        And you’re not crazy as a loon ? Hilary is a contemptible, unscrupulous, brazen liar and a criminal. And Bernie Sanders is a socialist ! And THESE are the fine upstanding choices you say we have ? In what universe do you live ? YOU and people like you are what is wrong with our country today. You’re a cancer that should be eradicated. Yes, reading all your liberal, socialist, progressive and toxic crap has angered me. You’re disgusting and hopeless and I’m done

        1. h m rowland

          I’m used to liars, I’ve lived through 4 republican presidents and their blather so Secretary Clinton’s lies if there are any would be like water off a porch roof. As for Senator Sanders he is a true patriot Socialist or not. He certainly is the most trustable of all candidates in this cycle and I agree with every word he speaks, he speaks truth to power and has served this country in a noble way. He wants to rid us of the CIA as did JFK, Eisenhower and Truman. Bernie works toward peace and not toward putting our money into the hands of those who make billions selling war toys to destroy our fellow human. I haven’t been this excited about a candidate since Senator George McGovern, the poet of politics. He wasn’t quite as liberal as I was at the time but Goldy every time the man spoke he brought me to tears from the thoughts that he shared, a man of compassion and wisdom. Senator Sanders is our best hope for destroying the temple and running out the money changers. I believe in Bernie, God bless him and his love for our country and his fellow man. He will get my primary vote he has earned that from me for his years of service, however I don’t think he will be the nominee of that party. I hope for his sake that he does not win, it would kill him. A young man can hardly hold up under the lies and mud and lies and moronic bullshit that has been created from nothing about our current, elected twice, president, how could a 74 year old survive that evil hate coming at him? With the climate of on going obstructionism of the right he couldn’t move us forward anyway. Having conservatives along for the ride is like trying to move forward while someone has their foot on the brake We will never arrive if we travel in reverse, the universe is constantly expanding and so must we. The ignorance of our citizenry is showing itself in this primary year and it makes me sad that there are so many looking toward such shallowness being accepted as worthy of being in the most powerful office in the world. Should one of these rightwing candidates find their way there then I will be very ashamed and embarrassed to be an American, it won’t be the first time but this primary has pointed out our need to educate, there is no depth, no statesmanship, no poets, no one who speaks from the heart with a love for the people. It is distressing at best. And then there is Bernie Sanders who encompasses all the above. Peace to you Goldy and many blessings.

          1. Gldynldy

            My name is not Goldy !! It is Gldnldy. I raise Golden Retrievers and I currently have four beautiful dogs ALL of whom have more common sense than you. I feel like I need to take a shower after reading that sugary testimonial to Sanders. Save your emotions. He’s a socialist. You question whether Hilary is a liar ?? Seriously?? You’re a delusional old man

          2. h m rowland

            Maya-a magic show, an illusion where things appear to be, but are not, believing that the physical is something real, permanent, valuable when in reality that physicality is the illusion. The only truth or value in the world is found in the invisible not the visible; that which exists but is constantly changing , change being the only constant in the universe, and thus is spiritually/esoterically unreal ; the power of principle that conceals or hides the true character of reality. Your eyes believe what they see and your ears that hear Gldynldy, and those things are of illusion. Because of Maya you and I speak a different language, but I am you, and I respect the trueness of your invisible nature, many blessings Gldynldy….pet the puppies for me, love the world and those within it as you do your 4 friends and you will gain the same response in return as well as power over the physical worlds illusions. Peace to you my friend.

          3. mark k.

            What’s maya? I think you’re right that the pysical reality is the tip of the iceberg, if you will, but the reverence for Sanders? Dude, have you any knowledge of what socialism brings? )He plainly states that he wants to tax the bejesus out of us). It’s a prescrirtion for more consolidation of power to the government,and less rights for the people. The ruling “elites” will grow more wealthy and everyone else will be reduced to poverty with no rights. The people in control was what created this american experiment into an unprecedented land of opportunity. These oligarchs want us to surrender our rights, and you’re all for it. Look at Venezuela; the latest socialist utopia, where the people are now standing in long lines to receive their ration of toilet paper,etc. That’s why the people on here think you’re mad! It’s national suicide. You have the lemming following the others over the cliff philosophy.

          4. h m rowland

            Well in case you haven’t listened it is Sanders railing against the oligarchs and the rich riding over us. Sen. Sanders is a Democratic Socialist differing from a socialist…better google it. It seems that so far there are millions who agree with me not that I care. We will grow one day but not today. I much prefer the socialism than the fascism of the right wing.

          5. mark k.

            Yes, I know he is railing against the oligarchs, and I quite agree with that stance. I also gotta give him respect for being honest. He reveals plainly that he wants to spend some 18friggin’ trillion dollars himself! News flash to Bernie; our country is already bankrupt! There is no 18 trillion $, but he thinks he’ll just tax us for it. It’s batshit crazy, and like I said, the people lose their power (what ever is left) and freedom. Bernie will just be the new oligarch.The system now is indeed fascism,as you say, and it sucks,which is why americans are angry. We’ve been betrayed. Our government has been hijacked/pirated/infiltrated and that’s why we need to return to constitutional law (you’ve heard of it? the law of the land?). The “leaders” take an oath to uphold & defend it. They’re traitors. This is not soviet socialist america.

          6. Gldynldy

            Yeah, he is mad. I’ve been telling him he’s crazy for the last two days. Read all the crap he’s written. He is one happy go lucky socialist with his head up his ass. And he’s extremely arrogant and condescending. He’s convinced he’s so much smarter and intuitive than everyone else and, of course, like all good comrades he’s drunk on the koolaid. You might not necessarily agree with all I’ve said here but I’m glad someone else called him on being nuts

          7. mark k.

            This socialism crap is killing our country. It looks like madness to me,also. They’re brainwashing the students. It’s not going to be nice.

          8. Gldynldy

            You really need to commit yourself to a mental institution. You are so delusional and crazy. Yeah, a “poet” is exactly what we need now as ISIS is committing one act of evil jihad after another. Yeah, because when Bernie “speaks from the heart” ISIS will stop what they’re doing ( even if they’re in the middle of a beheading ) and listen to the “poet”. And they’ll abandon their evil, monstrous, and barbaric crusade to “KILL US “and it will all be good ! Just like that !! So if a Republican, specifically Trump, is elected by the people, and you’re “embarrassed and ashamed” to be an American do you promise the rest of us that you’ll pack your bags and leave our country ?? Please do !! Head for a country where there’s socialized medicine. You’ll love it !! But, by all means do leave because the rest of us who live in the real world, with all it’s ugly realities North Korea, Iran, ISIS, and crime, would prefer that someone who is as embarrassed and ashamed as you are get the f…k out !!! Oh, and take all your “poets” with you. Like you, they don’t serve a purpose of any kind. You can all recite your poetic b……t to each other and “bring each other to tears”. Because that kind of delusional crap is just what the world needs.

          9. h m rowland

            Morning Glnlylygn! Beautiful day, I see that you are still trusting in the Maya. Bless your heart you are confused about the physical world and the spiritual one as well. We are not our bodies and identifying with that body only causes problems such as your fear of physical atrocities. The body and the soul are two different things, one will decay an the other never will, so what is there to fear? The principles of mass apply to the body, just molecules tightly gathered . You don’t yet understand who creates our enemies. You don’t as yet understand why. There are those who wish to keep us in fear so that we are more pliable and to bring monitary wealth to the wealthy. Fascism-a government whose economy is base on going to war.
            It is the visionary poets of the world who’s duty it is to balance the scale. If there were no avatars of peace calling mankind back to his spiritual center then there would be only a warrior class and the possibility of what you fear happening would increase exponentially. As the words flow from your mind to your keyboard you have forgotten the accomplishments of ‘poets’ such as Gandhi, Pope Francis Martin Luther King, the Christ John Kenney; who saved mankind by ialogue not bombs. His counterpart Khrushchev chose dialogue as well. Both of these visionaries were surrounded by those who create enemies, cold warriors who believe the Maya and murder the enemies that they purposely create

            About leaving the country —- a parent would not abandon a child because their actions embarrass they love more and work harder Peace love and light to you ***

          10. Gldynldy

            You’re f……g nuts !!! I’m not even going to bother to address your crap. Go on you tube as I did and WATCH an ISIS beheading. WATCH IT in its entirety and maybe it will be enough to help you get your head out of your ass. Everyone should make themselves watch one of these videos. It’s the most horrific thing you’ll ever see. THEN you’ll really know who we’re up against. Unless you watch one of these videos don’t bother responding to me with your crap. It’s truly nauseating and you enjoy it.

          11. Gldynldy

            You are everything I loathe in a person. I’ve allowed you to worm your way into my days and aggravate me with your crap. That’s on me and you’ve enjoyed every second of it. You and your beliefs are toxic and delusional and most importantly, dangerous for our country. So shove your “peace and love” up your ass. I’m going to go play tennis with my like minded friends and this time I am really done with you. My wish for you is not one of peace and love but rather that you drive your beat up Subaru off a cliff somewhere.

          12. h m rowland

            Be sure and wear that pretty lavender tennis sweater I bet the service staff is all colored is that what you and your rich father in law call them? I understand now why you live in fear

          13. Gerry

            To GLDYNLDY, Never argue with a fool, people may don’ know the difference
            To h m rowland:- make up your mind, are you arguing Politics, or esoteric? What do you smoke?.And do not answer to me, Because I will ignore you. See above the message to Gldynldy.

    3. Shane

      Too many Americans are voting for the candidates who promise to give away the most free stuff, which is a sure sign that America is in decline. With a $19 trillion national debt, we need to cut back on giving away free stuff!

  1. The Fox

    Jeb is unimportant to me as a voter and glad he dropped out as he is a RINO period and need to replace a lot of RINO’s to get anything done in the future.

    1. edwin

      RINO’S AREN’T THE PROBLEM. It’s the right wing nut cases and Tea Baggers. The Republicans and the Democrats worked together for years to get things done for the citizens of the US. After the take over in 1994 things started going down hill. It became a party of just say no with no programs of their own. Not having control for 40 years I understand it would take time to get up to speed but its just got worse. You can’t govern with just being against everything.

      1. The Fox

        They weren’t elected to go along to get along, they were elected to obey the Constitution and they aren’t and your a left wing robot who is programed to carry the lie’s of the left. They are suppose to be the party of no new taxes, fiscal spending of the government, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble and yes the freedom to over throw a out of control government and if not they are RINO’s period, you can’t govern by go along to get a long with socialist nut jobs, Wow hope they pay you a lot to appear dumb, stupid and blind.

        1. edwin

          Our system has always been based n compromise. when ever a party is in charged, they are there because they have a majority of the votes. the other 49 percent of what ever the minority might be needs to be represented as well. What ever the Republican party is supposed to represent, they haven’t done so in my memory. Its only a myth they campaign on . Including the present right wing in charge. The only way to govern is co-operation so that every one is represented. Moving ahead to the next problem to solve.

          1. The Fox

            Wrong oh so not wise one, that is a bold face lie and you know it, a two party system was not about compromise in any way, one was liberal and still is white the other is conservative and against the evil liberal agenda period. Like I’ve told you before and everyone on the site knows your left wing robot troll.

          2. edwin

            Actually there hasn’t been a dimes worth of difference between the two parties. As the extreme right become more in charge, conservative principles so called aren’t being implemented as you describe but they just shut the government down and nothing gets done. right or left. The liberal agenda has brought us SS, Medicare. civil rights. Liberalism in the United States. It combines liberal ideas of civil liberty and equality with support for social justice and a mixed economy. The modern liberal philosophy strongly endorses government spending on programs such as education, health care, and welfare. Important social issues today include addressing inequality, voting rights for minorities, reproductive and other women’s rights, support for same-sex marriage, and immigration reform.

          3. DangRight

            Even a demoncrap from 1950 wouldn’t recognize the present day demoncrap party. Once upon a time, even the left disliked socialism/communism. No more.

          4. edwin

            Nor would anyone recognize the Republican party. 45 percent of our nation is socialist and has been for well over 50 years. There is nothing really different today.

          5. edwin

            That’s your opinion which doesn’t make it right. I believe the constitution is a living document. There is nothing that’s like it was when the constitution was written.

          6. DangRight

            The Constitution for the United States of America is NOT a living document. There are proper and LEGAL methods of changing/amending it. The ILLEGAL judicial activism should be met with impeachment and legal charges against those who perpetrate it.

            The constitution is like it was when it was written. Human nature hasn’t changed. The exponential expansion of federal government is causing the fall of the USA. As it continues to expand the USA will fail, in ugly fashion.

          7. The Fox

            What do you mean inequality? Blacks have first place in line for college, government jobs and other things what more do they want? Respect? It is earned not a right. Education should be on a local government and don’t need one in DC telling teachers what to teach. Go to a government office and apply for a job, I did and took a test with 400 other people and got the top score by over 20 points and when I asked when I’d be interviewed was told I was behind 20 other people with lower scores because of their race, so I told them to put up a sign, “White Men Need Not to Apply”. Heath care should be left to the private sector, prices never went up until the government got involved including the price of insurance. Welfare to illegals who have more benefits for not working and popping one kid after another is BS, taxing the rich at a higher rate is wrong and that isn’t fair in anyway, like punishing those who made it and not the American dream and all your idea’s are left wing destroy America idea’s and still a robot of the left.

          8. edwin

            I did the same thing several year’s ago. I found out that veterans got so many points for serving and that the African American’s were offered a class the went over the test they gave before the test.. I don’t know today if I could have attended the same class . I believe too that everyone should be taxed the same. Just eliminate the tax deductions. GE and many large companies make billions and pay no taxes. some even get millions back in refunds and many of the companies moving jobs abroad get tax breaks while moving their companies abroad. Corporation welfare is many times greater than the welfare available to the poor.

          9. Gldynldy

            Like I said be quiet. Especially about “social justice”. And all the other free entitlement programs created by the liberals. I wouldn’t be proud of that. All they’ve done is perpetuate an underclass of people who feel they’re entitled to be taken care of from the cradle to the grave. And on the backs of the taxpayers. And as a working American taxpayer I really resent that that’s where my tax dollars go. As a liberal you endorse all these entitlements and expect people to be happy about being taxed to death to pay for all of if. I’m angry about it and it needs to stop.

          10. edwin

            I believe that everyone should be taxed the same. Just eliminate the tax deductions. GE and many large companies make billions and pay no taxes. some even get millions back in refunds and many of the companies moving jobs abroad get tax breaks while moving their companies abroad. Corporation welfare is many times greater than the welfare available to the poor.

          11. h m rowland

            The truth hurts huh goldymoldy? You continually refer to liberals as ‘underclass’ or ‘poor’ or ‘dumb’ while using the vernacular of a housewife from the mid century, I suppose it could be the hairspray fumes but you are far from the truth. I am neither poor nor poorly educated. I learned my liberalism from the Bible, the Bagadvagita and the Tao. I can say this about your intellect, if you are able to support any of the three egotists who desperately need mental evaluations then your own mental capabilities are surely lacking. Until the right figures out that they can’t vcontinue to decide for others how to live and to steal personal rights, or attempt to it will be a losing proposition. Christ, the republican party has won no presidential elevction since 1928 without Nixon or a Bush on the ticket, and Scallia forced the last Bush on us and blocked our true 43rd President, Al Gore. Had he not been avcting on behalf of the Nazi family Bush we wouldn’t still be sinking into the ocean. Do your own research and stop being a parrot.

          12. Gldynldy

            You’re crazy ! Liberalism is a mental illness. Don’t worry though. Treatment is covered under Medicaid.

          13. h m rowland

            I have both Medicade and Medicare and I thank you for the colonoscopy. We are all in this thing together and you can/will have it too,. I’m sure that you won’t turn it down and neither will the rest of those who bitch. Everyone, man woman and child should/could have it, its a group effort, I help you and you help me. It is the American/Christian way, heal the sick and feed the poor. The best part is that the 3 guys running for the republican nomination could all receive treatment at no cost and should indeed take advantage of that. I do believe that candidates, both sides, need to have psychological testing by a panel of experts and that that report should be released to the public. We could get stuck with some crazy president who wants to war instead of initiate dialogue; some putz who doesn’t understand the seriousness of global warming and encourages deregulation; it is possible that we could have a gal/guy in the White House who think they have the right to decide who you marry; decide that gun sales are more important than the lives of 3 year olds who kill themselves, some call that a late term abortion. Drumpf, his real name, Boobio, and Cruz are too bothered by each other’s sweat, make up, hand size, name calling and spray tans to bother addressing the issues, its more like ‘Tacky Night’ at a gay bar. I’m waiting for the candidate who speaks of peace, ending the CIA, single pay medicade, ending the reign of the coal and petroleum mongers and who wants to use the military budget to create peace rather than murders, our hands covered in the blood of the slaughtered. Mandatory psychological testing for would be presidents could save us much of the grief. I think it very interesting Goldy that you find ‘the Beatitudes’ and the’Sermon on the Mount’ to be the basis of mental illness. I think that republicans are very self serving and not interested in what is right and just but what brings funding to big business. The huge problem of obstructionism from the right is a slap in the face of we the people.

          14. Gldynldy

            You spelled Medicaid incorrectly. And I detest providing free everything for people like you. You’re not my responsibility. However, any psychological test administered to you would result in your failing it miserably. Clearly, you have tons of free time to spew your liberal “we’re all in this together” crap. I disagree with everything you say and my hope is the America people will be smart enough NOT to elect the ruthless liar, Hilary or the crazy socialist Bernie. Liberal, communist and socialist utopian governments have never worked. Look it up before you continue to espouse your liberal left wing rhetoric because you sound crazy and people like you are what’s wrong with this country. You’re happy as long as you’re living a parasitic lifestyle to which you feel you’re entitled. Many of us are fed up with our tax dollars bank rolling 50% of people who don’t pay any taxes at all. Save your rhetoric for someone who actually gives a damn because I don’t

          15. h m rowland

            Thank you for the spell check. You know Goldy I paid my taxes for 43 years and I have done/do my part. I kind of knew that you weren’t pulling for your fellow man and that you are one of those neighbors where you don’t go to borrow a cup of sugar. My mother was like that, “you get yours and I’ll get mine” and my father was very much a humanitarian as long as you were white, both were democrats and their son became a socialist at around 12-13 unknowingly. I learned it at church, I expect my taxes to help others rather than line the pockets of war mongers and the selfish, I expect them to help you…sorry about your feathers honey. Peace.

          16. Gldynldy

            Keep your hand out for all your entitlements but know this. Someone may come along and smack it someday and knock you off the gravy train.

          17. h m rowland

            Hey ! What’s this about gravy? I didn’t get any gravy, would you share yours with me? Health care should be a right not a privilege, everyone’s entitlement..

          18. Gldynldy

            It’s only your right if YOU can pay for it. I prefer to financially support the charities of my choice and I do just that. I do not choose to support socialist leeches like you. What’s mine is mine to do with as I please and you and your kind can go straight to hell.

          19. h m rowland

            See, you and that goldymoldy just don’t know your history or you wouldn’t say such ridiculous things. Who do you think took over our government in 1963, it certainly wasn’t a left wing coup.

          20. The Fox

            I know my history very well thank you, and in 63 JFK was president and was on Okinawa when he was murdered in Dallas, JFK was on the left but, so was I until I saw what was wrong with the Demon-rat Party.

          21. h m rowland

            Fox if you love history I would like to recommend a book. “JFK and the Unspeakable” by James W. Douglas historian and religion professor. He covers in a fascinating way, fully documented look into the Bay of Pigs, the Missal Crisis and Cuba, Russia and US relations at that period in our history. Expertly written without a political bias and includes a running dialogue with the actions of Thomas Merton and his attempts to halt nuclear development and war. ” A remarkable story that changed the way I view the world”- James Bradley, author of “Flags of Our Fathers”. EBay, Amazon, worth your time for sure. My father was on Okinawa but during WW II. … “…we all live on this small planet, we all breath the same air and we all cherish our children’s future.” Peace!

          22. edwin

            The constitution isn’t compromised unless your sides interpretation is different then the other side Most SC’s decisions are 4-5 or 5-4. One side is not always right or visa versa

          23. DangRight

            The Constitution is always right. The activist judges, who legislate from the bench are always wrong. Anyone who believes the constitution is a living document is not fit to serve on SCOTUS! Anyone who believes we should look to other country’s legal systems and documents to decide USA cases does not belong on SCOTUS!
            Most cases that go in front of the SCOTUS should be 9 -0 or close to it. But not when you have those who want to change interpretations of the constitution. The framers left plenty of notes to explain what they meant. I’d say, use those, or amend the constitution properly and legally.
            BTW – the left is always wrong.

          24. edwin

            That implies the Left is always wrong. You have to be very narrow minded to really believe that. The Republican party has done nothing for the working class or middle class in the last 50 years

          25. Gldynldy

            You just need to be quiet and stop defending your communist belief system. You’re tiresome and annoying and WRONG

          26. edwin

            43 U.S. presidents who would be considered ‘libtards’ today

            George Washington: Weak, government-loving socialist.
            Recently, I got into a discussion with some conservatives about whether Paul Ryan was a Muslim-loving socialist RINO.
            I love these types of discussions because it gives me the chance to ask questions like:
            What does it take to be a real Republican these days?
            Things then get weird because people haven’t really thought about it much. They just seem to know it when they see it. So I continue the conversation and then ask questions like, which of our presidents were libtards? You know, the term that some on the right love to throw around.
            Here’s my (surprisingly long) list.
            PresidentTermBeliefsConclusion1. George Washington Non-partisan1789-1797Oversaw the creation of a strong federal government, implemented a tax system, and created a national bank. Stayed out of the French Revolutionary Wars. In his farewell address, he warned against partisanship, sectionalism, and involvement in foreign wars. Weak, government-loving socialist.
            Federalist1797-1801Promoted a strong central government, restarted the U.S. Navy and created the Marine Corps. Penned “Thoughts on Government” in which he argued for a government that promoted “happiness, to the greatest number of persons, and in the greatest degree, is the best.” Federalist … doesn’t that mean government?

            3. Thomas Jefferson
            Democratic-Republican1801-1809Supported public education and freedom of the press as the cornerstones of democracy. Sought to expand land distribution to the poor. Advocated for gradual emancipation of slaves. Authored the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom that became the basis for freedom of religion in the Constitution. Believed in the separation of church and state. ​ King of the libtards.
            Thomas Jefferson, Libtard King.
            “Instead of an aristocracy of wealth, of more harm and danger than benefit to society, to make an opening for the aristocracy of virtue and talent, which nature has wisely provided for the direction of the interests of society and scattered with equal hand through all its conditions, was deemed essential to a well-ordered republic.”
            – Thomas Jefferson, Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson, 1821.

            Democratic-Republican1809-1817Wrote the Federalist Papers with John Jay and Alexander Hamilton. In a note opened after his death in 1836, he stated, “The advice nearest to my heart and deepest in my convictions is that the Union of the States be cherished and perpetuated.”Statist.
            5. James Monroe
            Democratic-Republican1817-1825Established the Monroe Doctrine stating the United States would neither meddle in or interfere with the concerns of European powers as well as asserted the U.S. opposition to any European interference in the Americas. Supported the founding of colonies in Africa for free African Americans that eventually became Liberia. Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, is named for him. Loony leftist.
            6. John Quincy Adams
            Democratic-Republican1825-1829Ended the war of 1812. Noted as one of America’s greatest diplomats. Predicted the dissolution of the union from slavery. Supported infrastructure improvements such as roads, ports, canals, a national university, and funding for the arts and sciences. Hippie.
            John Quincy Adams (a.k.a. “Hippie”)
            “There is one principle which pervades all the institutions of this country, and which must always operate as an obstacle to the granting of favors to new comers. This is a land, not of privileges, but of equal rights.”
            – John Quincy Adams, in a letter written while Secretary of State
            Democratic1829-1837Denied the right of states to secede from the union or to nullify federal law.Unionist.
            8. Martin Van Buren
            Democratic1837-1841Set up a system of bonds to deal with the national debt and established an independent treasury system. Advocated for lower tariffs and free trade. Considered slavery immoral but sanctioned by the Constitution. Despite support for free trade and slavery as Constitutional, was a Democrat. Therefore, a libtard (though one of our favorite libtards).9. William Henry Harrison
            Whig1841 (died in office)Promised to reestablish the Bank of the United States and extend its capacity for credit by issuing paper currency.Libtard.
            10. John Tyler

            Whig-Independent1841-1845Fought to preserve the union through expansionist policies. Annexed Texas. Signed the Webster–Ashburton Treaty with Britain and the Treaty of Wanghia with Qing China.Ruined Texas forever. We will never forget. Remember the Alamo! 11. James K. Polk
            Democratic1845-1849Won Mexican-American War. Built an independent treasury system that lasted more than 50 years. Oversaw the opening of the Smithsonian Museum and the first postage stamps. Government will never work. Moron.
            “Moron” Polk.
            “Thank God, under our Constitution there was no connection between church and state.”
            – James K. Polk, diary entry, October 14, 1846
            Whig1849-1850War hero. Fought to preserve the Union. Thug.
            13. Millard Fillmore
            Whig1850-1853Supported the Compromise of 1850 that briefly ended the crisis over slavery. Refused to join the Republican Party when the Whigs broke up in 1854-56.Traitor.14. Franklin Pierce
            Democratic1853-1857Enforced the Fugitive Slave Laws. Against fugitives. But still a law-enforcing Dumbocrat.
            15. James Buchanan
            Democratic1857-1861Believed secession was illegal and also going to war was illegal. Failed to deal with the problem of slavery and secession in the South. Weak statist.16. Abraham Lincoln
            Republican1861-1865Preserved the union. Ended slavery. Promoted rapid modernization of the economy through banks, tariffs, and railroads. The. Worst. Socialist.
            Abraham (“dirty unkempt socialist”) Lincoln, November 1863.
            “It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”
            – Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address
            PRESIDENTTERMBELIEFSCONCLUSION17. Andrew Johnson Democratic1865-1869Fought for restoration of states that seceded. Directed Southern states to hold conventions and elections to reform their governments.Libtard.
            18. Ulysses S. Grant
            Republican1869-1877Led the effort to remove vestiges of Confederate nationalism and slavery, prosecuted the Ku Klux Klan, and enforced voting laws and rights through the army and the Department of Justice. RINO. 19. Rutherford B. Hayes
            Republican1877-1881Believed in meritocratic government, equal treatment without regard to race, and education. His biographer said that his greatest achievement was to restore popular faith in the presidency and reverse the deterioration of executive power that had set in after Lincoln’s death.Commutard.
            20. James A. Garfield
            Republican1881-1881Fought for freedom for all, including African Americans, and public education. When told that his party, including his own campaign manager, Stephen W. Dorsey, was involved in corruption at the Post Office, Garfield directed the attorney general and postmaster general to root out the corruption in the Post Office Department “to the bone.”Freedom hater.
            Freedom-hater James A. Garfield.
            “The world’s history is a divine poem, of which the history of every nation is a canto, and every man a word.”
            – James A. Garfield, The Province of History (1856)
            Republican1881-1885Lowered excise taxes (taxes paid by consumers) on everything but liquor. Spent a surplus of $145 million on internal improvements. Big government spender.22. and 24. Grover Cleveland
            Democratic1885-1889 and 1893-1897Cleveland was noted for his honesty, integrity, and commitment to the principles of classical liberalism. He relentlessly fought political corruption, patronage, and bossism. His reputation as a reformer was so strong that the like-minded wing of the Republican Party voted for him in the 1884 election.Libtard. Dumbocrat.23. Benjamin Harrison
            Republican1889-1893Passed the Sherman Antitrust Act. Presbyterian. Hates business.
            25. William McKinley
            Republican1897-1901Raised protective tariffs to promote American industry. Lemming. 26. Theodore Roosevelt
            Republican1901-1909Championed “Square Deal” policies promising average people fairness. Nicknamed “the Trust Buster,” he curbed the power of corporations—including breaking up Rockefeller’s Standard Oil—and spoke out in favor of organized labor.

            The Republic of Soc-landia.

            Teddy Roosevelt (“You didn’t create that!”)
            “My action on labor should always be considered in connection with my action as regards capital, and both are reducible to my favorite formula—a square deal for every man.”
            — Teddy Roosevelt
            Republican1909-1913Continued Roosevelt’s trust-busting policies by filing 90 antitrust suits, including one against U.S. Steel. RINO.
            28. Woodrow Wilson Democratic1913-1921Passed legislation to establish the Federal Reserve and the Federal Trade Commission. Passed the Clayton Antitrust Act and the Federal Farm Loan Act. Averted a railroad strike by establishing an eight-hour workday for the railroads. Promoted the League of Nations, forerunner of the United Nations. Won the 1919 Nobel Peace Prize. Moonbat. 29. Warren G. Harding
            Republican1921-1923Urged disarmament and lower defense costs. Negotiated with Britain and Japan to agree to build less naval war ships. Fought for support and investment in highways, aviation, and radio. Raised agricultural tariffs to protect American farmers. Business-bashing elitist.
            30. Calvin Coolidge
            Republican1923-1929Increased the estate tax and bolstered it with a gift tax. Improved programs for Native Americans and called for laws to prohibit lynching. Appointed some African Americans to federal office and signed the Indian Citizenship Act granting citizenship to all American Indians, and commissioned a reform panel to examine federal institutions and programs dealing with Indian nations. Effete, weak-kneed Nancy. 31. Herbert Hoover
            Republican1929-1933Fought the Great Depression with moderate public works projects such as the Hoover Dam. Nanny-state loving nanny. 32. Franklin D. Roosevelt
            Democratic1933-1945Single-handedly pulled the United States out of the Great Depression with his New Deal policies. He created numerous programs to support the unemployed and grew labor unions while regulating business and finance. Won a record four presidential elections. Created the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the social safety net. Elaborated four essential freedoms the U.S. should fight for including equality of opportunity, jobs for those who can work, the ending of special privilege for the few, and the preservation of civil liberties for all. Also basically won World War II. Un-American, socialist, statist commutard.
            Franklin Delano Roosevelt, statist.
            “For there is nothing mysterious about the foundations of a healthy and strong democracy. The basic things expected by our people of their political and economic systems are simple. They are:
            Equality of opportunity for youth and for others.
            Jobs for those who can work.
            Security for those who need it.
            The ending of special privilege for the few.
            The preservation of civil liberties for all.”
            – Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Four Freedoms speech, 1941.
            Democratic1945-1953Won World War II. Demobilized the military after the war and advocated for national health insurance and civil rights. Enacted the Housing Act of 1949. Criminal-coddling deviant.
            34. Dwight D. Eisenhower
            Republican1953-1961Reduced federal deficits and lowered funding for the armed forces. Established NASA. Warned against the dangers of massive military spending and the military industrial complex in his farewell speech to the nation. Islamofascist.35. ​John F. Kennedy1961-1963Signed the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Established the peace corps and the “New Frontier” program, with the biggest frontier being space. Challenged America to put a man on the moon by the end of the 1960s. Raised the minimum wage and social security benefits. Protected the Freedom Riders in the South. Hippie-loving, soft on crime, Catholic New England liberal.
            36. Lyndon B. Johnson
            Democratic1963-1969Signed massive civil rights legislation including the Voting Rights Act. Designed the “Great Society” legislation. Established Medicare and Medicaid and public broadcasting. Funded urban and rural development. Launched the War on Poverty. Reverse racist. 37. Richard Nixon1969-1974Initiated détente and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. Imposed wage and price controls for short periods and enforced desegregation of the South. Established the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Presided over the Apollo 11 moon landing. Democrat. 38. Gerald Ford1974-1977Signed the Helsinki accord. Pulled out of Vietnam. Moron.
            John F. Kennedy, soft on crime.
            “Let us not despair but act. Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past – let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”
            – John F. Kennedy, Loyola College Alumni Banquet speech
            Democratic1977-1981Pardoned Vietnam draft dodgers. Created the Department of Energy and the Department of Education. Pursued the Camp David Accords, the Panama Canal Treaty, and the second round of the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT II). ACLU-loving loser.
            40. Ronald Reagan
            Republican1981-1989Brought government into the War on Drugs. Increased military spending. Started deficit-spending in order to “grow” the economy. Supported the Brady Bill and gun control legislation after leaving office. Survived an assassination attempt while in office. Raised social security taxes five times. Freedom-hating, big deficit-spending libtard. 41. George H.W. Bush
            Republican1989-1993Raised taxes to deal with deficits. Fought to increase exploration of the moon and to build a space station. Sent aid to Somalia after their civil war. Passed the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Civil Rights Act of 1991. Increased federal spending for education, childcare, and advanced technology research. Passed the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act. Terrorist-coddling, thumbsucking socialist.
            42. Bill Clinton
            Democratic1993-2001Fought to pass national health care reform. Passed the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. Signed the Oslo Accords and tried to address the Arab-Israeli conflict. Left office with a budgetary surplus for the first time since 1969. Statist hippie atheist RINO. 43. George W. Bush
            Republican2001-2009Passed Medicare prescription drug benefits for seniors. Funded the AIDS relief program known as PEPFAR. Believed in deficit spending to finance wars. Passed Troubled Asset Relief Program to bail out banks after financial collapse in 2008. Kennebunkport-loving, New York Times reading, Dubyatard socialist. 44. Barack Obama
            Democratic2009-PresentPassed an economic stimulus program to pull the U.S. out of recession and avert the possibility of a depression. Passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Passed legislation to reform Wall Street and the Consumer Protection Act. Proposed modest gun control legislation after the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings. Socialislamofascist-redistributionish-communitarian.
            Official 1981 portrait of President Reagan, deficit-spending libtard. President Reagan raised Social Security taxes five times.
            Now you might notice that Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States and I said 43 presidents would be considered libtards today. This is because Grover Cleveland was elected in non-consecutive terms and was both 22nd and 24th president.
            Every president of the U.S. would be considered a libtard by today’s Republican base.
            So what’s the point?
            It’s not that all these presidents were great. Some of them, such as Warren Harding, were involved in massive corruption scandals like The Teapot Dome scandal. Buchanan and Pierce supported slavery even sough to justify it using the Constitution. Nixon had Watergate. Jefferson owned slaves.
            The point is not to argue either way for any one president or another. The point is to illustrate how far to the right we’ve swung over the past 40 years.
            What’s it take to be a Republican these days?
            The answer, so far as I can tell, is rage. Rage that blots out everything else to the point where the only thing that matters is destroying the government. If you do anything else, you are considered a libtard.
            This is why John Boehner is a libtard.
            This is why Mitch McConnell is a libtard.
            This is why Eric Cantor was booted from office.
            This is why Paul Ryan is now a libtard.
            All of these people took positions of leadership in government and compromised at some point, for the good of the United States. And even if the compromise was the smallest, tiniest of compromises, this is unacceptable in today’s Republican-base land.
            We see this rage against the U.S. government, “of the people, by the people, for the people,” manifested in the sad Bundy militia standoff in Oregon.
            Ask a conservative: If there’s corruption in the government, what should we do? The answers, inevitably, are:
            Get rid of the corruption.
            Destroy the government.
            Sadly, the folks I’ve talked to lately seem to think in terms of No. 2.
            How do you work with people who will call you a libtard the moment you want to try to accomplish anything?
            It seems pretty darn near impossible, since their only desire is destruction.
            There is only one party moving further and further out there in our country since the 1980s. It is the one forming militias. It is the one that believes airplane exhaust is some type of mind-controlling chemical

          27. DangRight

            If you ever post anything so long, useless, and useless and long again I hope someone melts your computer down! Use links, so those who give a poo can go read it.

          28. edwin

            Bush’s last budget was 1.4 trillion. That 1.4 trillion continues until you can start bringing it down. Its base line budgeting. Obama has managed to bring it down below 500 billion . That is what added to the debt. When a debt gets a budget for X numbers of dollars, its hard to get it reduced the next year and the next. that’s is why baseline budgeting has to be done away with.This even applies to local governments. You are the one confused. Read up on baseline budgeting.

          29. DangRight

            We need CUTS, not smaller increases, ed. CUT departments and agencies and “entitlements” – CUT CUT CUT!

          30. edwin

            Let’s say the Jones family typically earns $100,000 and spends $100,000 a year to maintain their standard of living. But due to a lackluster economy, both Mr. and Mrs. Jones are told by their bosses they have to take 10% pay cuts at their jobs. In order to continue living within their means, they decide to “tighten their belts” and cut their annual household spending 10% from $100,000 to $90,000. This type of budgeting makes sense to the common person and is how we would expect our government to operate its budget.
            But now let’s see how the government does its budgeting.
            Let’s say, for example, Dan Smith is a government bureaucrat with an annual operating budget of $100,000 to run his small department in 2015. Due to baseline budgeting, Dan’s budget may automatically increase 10% to $110,000 in 2016
            Now let’s imagine that the President and Congress finally decide to get spending under control and agree to cut spending across the board by 10% starting in 2016. This means the budget for Dan’s department will not increase and instead will go down from $100,000 to $90,000 just like the Jones family had to cut its budget by 10%… Right?
            WRONG! Dan’s budget for 2016 will actually grow from $100,000 to $109,000! The government calls this $9000 increase a “cut” of 10%. Sounds crazy but the government calls Dan’s annual increase of $9000 a 10% “cut” because Dan is getting 10% less of the automatic increase built into his department’s budget. Dan was expecting $110,000 in 2016, but Congress forced him to “tighten his belt” and “cut” his budget to $109,000 in 2016. In the meantime, most of the country thinks that Dan will be cutting his department’s budget to $90,000. What politicians and the media often call a “cut” are in reality “reductions in the rate of growth.”
            To summarize, let’s look at the math formula of the Jones’s world of logical reasoning versus the government’s insane world of baseline budgeting. In the normal world of the Jones family, $100,000 – 10% = $90,000. But in the irrational world of government arithmetic, $100,000 – 10% = $109,000.
            After understanding how the government runs its budget, is it any surprise we are accelerating towards 19 Trillion dollars of debt and over 100 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities? If politicians and the mainstream media continue to tell the American people we are “cutting spending,” when in reality we are merely lowering the rate of growth, then my generation will never see a balanced budget in our lifetime. Thus far, Washington has failed to address the reality of our spiraling debt and deficits and their only solution is to “kick the can down the road” with band-aids like the recent sequestration. Eventually, all these cans are going to end up in my generation’s front yard. For the sake of the next generation, I hope Washington and the mainstream media begin to tell the truth about why government spending is out of control. Otherwise, today’s youth will become the first generation to be worse off than the previous generation

          31. DangRight

            hmmmm I believe I said something about REAL CUTS , not smaller increases. WOW that was easy. Why did it take you a novella to say that?
            REAL CUTS are NEEDED!

          32. edwin

            I am sure I don’t to be near anybody blogging on this site. A bunch of screwed up minds. comment doesn’t make anty sense anyway.

          33. Eagle2758

            Of course you don’t get it. Kommie aholes never do. You ever been tot he DMZ Korea? I have. Ever been at the Ruskie border? I have. I’m retired military dude, I’ve seen Communism up close, and other oppressive govt too. You have no clue, that’s why you make no sense and have no clue. And when people like you act like you know and think you know wtf is going on, it makes me wanna puke. But what it really does, is make me wanna take you to the DMZ Korea and drop your clueless arse over the fence and let you stay awhile, see how long you live. People like you are the cause of civil wars.

          34. edwin

            Then why are we trading with Vietnam and China two of the biggest Communist countries in the world. China has pretty much took over the US economy. Where did I indicate that I supported N. Korea. Some Muslim countries are worse than many communist countries. We have supported dictators around the world who are just as bad as many Communist nations. What I think you are referring to is that I made the statement that The US is 45% socialist which is a fact and has been for 50 years. Britain and many other countries are more so than the US, In Britain the government owns the coal mines, transportation, utilities etc. In the US The only Utility the government owns is the TVA. so I don’t know where you get off calling me a Commie unless its out of ignorance. My last year in the Army was in Vietnam as a training and advisor capacity to the south Vietnam army. Nothing much going on. Today its better off economically than in 1962 which was total corruption in the South. We lost over 50,000 men and like Iraq nothing to show for it. Communism controls every aspect of commerce and daily life although some communist countries are allowing capitalism and life is improving. I am 78 and probably have seen as much of what’s wrong with the world as you have.

          35. DangRight

            The congress would have been much better had it done nothing. The federal government isn’t supposed to do much. 80% of the budget is spent before the debate begins each year on “entitlements” and national debt. How long do you think that continues?
            Imagine how wealthy everyone would be if the government weren’t sucking so much life out of the economy!

          36. DangRight

            You lose that bet.
            So, not only are you wrong on nearly everything I’ve seen you post, but you are a bad gambler too.

          37. edwin

            The constitution may be right but the right or left interpretations can be wrong. The right wing interpretation’s are wrong just as many times as the left. If the left is always wrong, which they aren’t , why amend.

          38. DangRight

            Amend to make the change CONSTITUTIONAL! MAKE it LEGAL! Don’t just say; “We make it up as we go along.” as some lawmakers have said.

            It is a difficult process for a reason. Don’t make changes lightly. And certainly not by regulation from UNCONSTITUTIONAL agencies and departments who have no legislative powers.
            That is a Police State NOT the United States of America. Government should be as small as possible – NOT a NANNY State.

            The left is ONLY right when it agrees with the RIGHT; which, sadly, is infrequently.

          39. Gldynldy

            Yes and we have a fine example of cooperation and compromise in the White House right now don’t we ? Aside from the fact that Obama has been the worst president in history he is a left wing ideological autocrat who has thumbed his nose at congress and the American people.

          40. edwin

            Obama has accomplished a lot considering the just say no GOP congress.
            This is not your father’s Republican Party. We’ve heard the phrase from a variety of people in recent years, yet it has never rung more true. In fact, my father and stepmother, both lifelong Republicans have expressed feelings of discontent and disconnect from the modern Republican Party, largely due to the string of radical Sarah Palin-backed Tea Party candidates.
            While, historically speaking, the kind of mood suggested by recent polls derive from a bad economy, this election has no shortage of frights. Between O’Donnell in Delaware, Sharron Angle in Nevada, and Carl Paladino in New York, among others, Republicans and Democrats alike have something to worry about, and vote against. All of the labor completed by the 111th Congress is under siege, and their legislative accomplishments, many of which benefit the average family, could be overturned or underfunded.
            Our current economic situation, which was created over the course of about a decade of Republican rule, cannot be fixed in 21 months. Although we have not seen economic instant gratification, we have seen consistent improvement.
            From tax cuts to health care reform, Republicans have spread massive amounts of misinformation using Fox, and corporate-funded campaign ads. Additionally, not enough people know that Democrats have reduced the deficit and federal spending, or that 25 tax cuts were passed just last year.
            Below are a few of the accomplishments Obama and the 111th Congress have made:
            25 Tax Cuts Passed By Obama & Democrats, Individuals
            “Making Work Pay” tax credit
            Earned Income Tax Credit increased
            Increased Eligibility for Refundable Portion of Child Credit
            “American Opportunity” Education Tax Credit
            First-time Home Buyer Credit
            Temp. Suspension of Taxation of Unemployment Benefits
            Tax Credits for Energy-Efficient Improvements to Existing Homes
            Sales Tax Deduction for Vehicle Purchases
            Premium Credits for COBRA Continuation Coverage for Unemployed Workers
            Economic Recovery Credits to Recipients of Social Security, SSI, RR Retirement, and Veterans Disability Compensation Benefits
            Computers as Qualified Education Expenses in 529 Education Plans
            Plug-in Electric Drive Vehicle Credit
            Tax Parity for Transit Benefits
            Health Coverage Tax Credit Expansion
            Small Business
            Extension of Enhanced Small Business Expensing
            5-Year Carryback of Net Operating Losses for Small Businesses
            Extension of Bonus Depreciation
            Exclusion of 75% of Small Business Capital Gains from Taxes
            Temporary Small Business Estimated Tax Payment Relief
            Temporary Reduction of S Corporation Built-In Gains Holding Period from 10 Years to 7 Years
            Other Business
            Advanced Energy Investment Credit
            Tax Credits for Alternative Refueling Property
            Work Opportunity Tax Credits for Hiring Unemployed Veterans and Disconnected Youth
            Delayed Recognition of Certain Cancellation of Debt Income
            Election to Accelerate Recognition of Historic AMT/R&D Credits
            Fun Fact: 1/3 of the $862 billion stimulus was for tax cuts, something Republicans claim to support … although they still stand against stimulus. I suppose it depends on who gets the tax cuts.
            Women’s Rights
            Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
            Protection against pay discrimination
            Restores interpretation of Title VII of Civil Rights Act that protected women and other workers
            Financial Rights
            Credit CARD Act
            Prevents retroactive rate increases
            Requires companies to provide 45 days notice before changing rates and other contract provisions
            Additional restrictions placed on fees
            Prevents companies from taking advantage of students
            Ends unfair double-cycle billing practices
            Financial reform bill
            Establishes Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which seeks solely to ensure financial institutions are being fair to consumers, and improvement in the simplicity in contracts
            Prevents taxpayer bail out of financial institutions
            Allows the GAO to audit the Federal Reserve
            Various mortgage and derivatives reform, etc.
            Student loans[1]
            Ends “socialistic” federal subsidies to banks and other financial institutions (Interestingly, Republicans are okay with the kind of socialism that redirects taxpayer money to banks and other financial institutions.)
            Eliminates unnecessary “middle-man” in student loan process, which placed financial burden on taxpayers while banks took in profits
            Annual student loan payment capped at 10% of income
            Saves an estimated $61 billion over 10 years
            Health Care
            Children’s health insurance bill[2]
            CBO said bill will allow states to cover more than four million uninsured children by 2013, in addition to seven million already covered
            Requires states to provide dental and mental illness coverage to children
            Tobacco regulation
            Provides graphic warnings on tobacco use risks
            Restricts advertising to prevent marketing to minors
            Health care reform
            Insurers cannot cancel coverage when a person gets sick
            Requires health insurance corporations to cover preexisting conditions
            Eliminates lifetime limits
            Allows insurance purchase across state lines
            Allows young adults to stay on parents’ health insurance policy until 26
            Crime & Civil Rights
            Hate crime legislation[4]
            Provides protection for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people
            Tribal Law and Order Act
            Provide additional means to reduce high rates of violent crime, including rape & sexual assualt within Native American reservations
            View the post on the Tribal Law and Order Act
            The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act
            Expands service and voluteer opportunites
            Benefits education, health care, energy, etc.
            Cash for Clunkers successfully contributed to 680,000+ vehicle sales in summer 2009
            Largest clean energy investment ever made
            Reduced deficit by $122 billion[5]
            Reduced federal spending by 2%[5]
            What didn’t get passed because of Republican obstructionism?
            Health Care for 9/11 Emergency Responders
            DISCLOSE Act (transparency in elections, specifically campaign financing)
            Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal
            Removal of $75 million cap on oil spill payouts
            Elimination of tax incentives for companies shipping American jobs overseas, and creation of tax incentives to businesses bringing jobs home

          41. Gldynldy

            You have a lot of free time ! I don’t, not for this. I’ll simply say that Obama has been a disaster and at his core he harbors hatred for this country and it’s evident. Enough said I’m done. I don’t receive any entitlements from the government so I’m off to witk

          42. edwin

            Obama has accomplished a lot considering the just say no GOP congress. Seems to me you have a lot of time as I have seen you commenting a lot. I am retired so I have plenty of time. You are wrong about Obama hating the country. The country put their faith in him for two terms and as a minority being elected twice hate America . Your statement don’t make any logical sense. You can go to witk now.

          43. h m rowland

            Strange prospective on the man historians will add to the list of ‘Great’ or ‘Near Great’ presidents. You might want to check one more time on who the obstructionists are.

          44. Gldynldy

            History will never consider Obama to be a great president. Unless of course history is told from a revisionist perspective. You really are crazy

      2. DangRight

        RINOs are very much the problem. Those who run as conservatives and vote as demoncrap/RINOs have given the left the advantage even when they are in the minority in both houses.
        Liberty and conservatism are the only answers to return the USA to viability. $19 TRILLION in debt and ~$180 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities are going to sink us. Cuts, cuts, cuts, austerity required.

        1. edwin

          The right wing and Tea Baggers are always throwing out the words Liberty and Conservatism. What is happening now or in the past that doesn’t include liberty. What do they mean by the term.

          1. DangRight

            Should I be surprised you don’t know what liberty means? Get government out of everyone’s way. Cut regulations, do away with extra-constitutional (and therefore illegal) “laws”, agencies, entitlements…
            Government does not belong in healthcare, TARP, stimulus, Dept of Ed, Dept of Energy, EPA, IRS, BATFE, FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE Mac, social security, restricting UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, food stamps, etc, etc, etc……………..

          2. edwin

            The major dept.’s of the US. which you use in some way every day , I don’t believe any of these threaten your liberty. If they don’t help you , they help someone in the UIS
            3.1 Executive Office of the President
            3.2 United States Department of Agriculture
            3.3 United States Department of Commerce
            3.4 United States Department of Defense
            3.5 United States Department of Education
            3.6 United States Department of Energy
            3.7 United States Department of Health and Human Services
            3.8 United States Department of Homeland Security
            3.8.5 Science and Technology
            3.9 United States Department of Housing and Urban
            3.10 United States Department of the Interior
            3.11 United States Department of Justice
            3.12 United States Department of Labor
            3.13 United States Department of Navy
            3.14 United States Department of State
            3.14.2 Permanent Diplomatic Missions
            3.15 United States Department of Transportation
            3.16 United States Department of the Treasury
            3.17 United States Department of Veterans Affairs

          3. DangRight

            Dept of Ag; Dept of Ed; Dept of Energy; Dept of HHS; Science and Technology; Dept of HUD; EPA; BATFE; IRS and more.

            Deeply CUT:
            Dept of Interior; Dept of Labor; Dept of State; Dept of Transportation and more.

            The federal government was NEVER meant to be an end-all-be-all powerful entity. The people were to be the sovereign. The states were to remain more powerful than the federal government. Senators were chosen by their state’s legislatures; now they no longer represent their constituents – only themselves. Many don’t even LIVE in the state that elects them.

            We are far from the country we were founded as – and not for the better.

          4. edwin

            If they were eliminated, the services would just be transferred to another dept. An example eliminating the IRS. We have an annual budget of apx. 4 trillion. who is going to collect the money. If you think that people cheat now wait until there is no IRS. Maybe you don’t benefit from these depts., but somebody does. things change like you said not always for the better. But we are still the greatest nation in the world and it wasn’t from not moving ahead and adapting to the times.

          5. DangRight

            In a Statist’s world all the services would just transfer to another dept. In an AMERICAN Constitutionalist’s world the government would exist ONLY within the LEGAL bounds of the constitution!
            Americans want government to leave them alone. Socialists posing as Americans are a different story (a sad one). 90% of what WDC does on a daily basis is unconstitutional. Without bloated government there wouldn’t be a $4 TRILLION budget.

            You do realize this CANNOT continue, right? $19 TRILLION in debt and`$180 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities just won’t work. 80% of the federal budget is spent even before the debate begins. On what? The greatest misnomer in history for one: “ENTITLEMENTS” woohoo! Plus interest on the national debt and all kinds of programs government does not belong in at all.

            The collection of taxes already happens via confiscation of people’s money before they even get it. No IRS required. Isn’t it amazing how the USA existed quite well without personal income taxes before the 16th amendment (which was, incidentally, approved illegally)?

            A little Thomas Paine for you: “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.

            USA being the greatest nation in the world, by sucking less, is NOT how America became great.

  2. David Seale

    The whole mess that these so called repubs have created by not listening to the public is going to screw us all!!

  3. cjg

    More proof bush and his family illegal muslim obama and the entire admin is the reason they are all in it together

  4. SDofAZ

    He really does not care. He is insulated from what everyone else much deal with. Even his jobs outside of politics are given to him. Apparently the family is wealthy enough to sustain him whether he is productive or not. Poor little dynasty boy! Bet his mexican wife cares about some of it.

    1. edwin

      why do you people have to make insulting remarks to get a point across, It just discredit any point you were wanting to make. It just shows ignorance like cussing does.

      1. scott

        why cant you pansy as- low lifes grow up and get over yourself and simpleton.if you cant handle words,how you going to win the war your starting as-wipe.

          1. scott

            yourl retard,100% wrong as usual trying to make others see your delusional backeards views as usual.go hang your self you waste of air loser.

  5. Junior1950

    The funny thing is that the Republican “establishment” wants another career and possibly RINO politician to be elected (possibly) as POTUS! When will they get it through their thick heads that we don’t want another career (lying) politician (whether Democrat or Republican) for POTUS, much less for Congressmen or Senators? I’ve had my fill up to and over my head of career politicians that will not listen to the people who elected them to office!! It’s time for strict term limits on politicians!! MEN IN DENIM OVERALLS BUILTTHIS COUNTRY–MEN IN SUITS HAVE DESTROYED IT!!

  6. Thomas Barnes

    Read these stories of what the democrats have done and then decide what to do…I am what is known as a SEER, a watchman, a prophet, an Anti Christ; been through hell to get here, so it was no real surprise when in 2010 I had a revelation about a war between mankind using his weapons of war and our Creator using the weapons of its nature, earth, wind, fire, water, etc in the many battles to be fought. I wrote a letter, sending copies to family, friends and the White House telling of who I was and how I came to have a revelation it the first place. A few years later I was forced to write a book titled: To Kill A Tree, exposing a conspiracy by politicians and judges using a toxic tree to make people sick, homeless and brain damaged. It was two years ago that I wrote a book titled: The Hall of My Father that a copy of the letter was included for all to read. Both books are available at Amazon kindle.There had been a paperback copy of: To Kill A Tree available at Dorrance publishing company but the politicians and judges had it discontinued. I made the presidential watch list as well as being blacklisted by city government…(:>)

  7. ¡El Poder De Cristo Te Obliga!

    “….I’ve got better things to do….”
    Anyone remember when Yebito uttered these words?

  8. Howleyesque

    Yep, following in the foot steps of his dolt of a brother. (DON’T GO THERE. The was a REASON the Dummycrats could have got Alfred E. Nueman elected! Instead they put that low life Muslim in office!)

  9. John P

    Jeb Bush the first line poster boy for the Republican establishment, but he was doomed for failure from the start. Now Marco Rubio is their establishment poster boy. The gang of eight agreement proves the type of no guts President he will be come.

  10. Perdido

    Never really had a chance to begin with.
    He’s in the group that’s getting summarily discharged this election and the next.

  11. Original Anna

    Hey, Edwin: You leave Carl Paladino out of your argument. He is no Rino but a true old fashion Republican. He has built more businesses with his own money not taxpayer money and hired more people in this area, with no thought to what they are woman, man, black, white, Hispanic, whatever than anything Cuomo has done for us. Paladino also got on the Buffalo School Board and tried to straighten out that do nothing board. Thanks to a loud mouth black woman and her cohorts who admitted she hated Paladino because he was ruining her reputation and she needed a good resume from the board for her career. Really, the black kids cannot read or write so that Paladino can hire them but all she cares about is her career not her own black kids failing so much they have no prospects for jobs. Paladino brought a Catholic School that was closing and opened a good charter school because the kids cannot wait. When the loud mouth black ran to Cuomo and he put the Buffalo schools underneath the Education Dept., the Education Dept. did what the school board was always doing, hire another incompetent black, except we are all hoping this one knows what he is doing because he hired some people Paladino wanted and the loud mouth black woman voted against. So we will see. What has Cuomo done for us other than pass homosexual marriage during the night in a back room with his buddies and demand the law be passed immediately the next morning. We the people never, never got to vote on changing the definition of marriage. He keeps passing more and more pissy laws instead of straightening out the problems we have. He keeps handing over more and more taxpayers money to businesses who are rich enough to build their own buildings except the taxpapers are building the buildings and equipping them and we still don’t know if the businesses will stay for the time that is needed for taxpayers to get their money back as the businesses either close or leave to go South. When Clinton was here she accepted the credit for saving a major military base with major employment from being closed. She did no such thing, she did nothing for NY State. A local citizen got up a petition and got so many people to sign it and it grew and grew until the military backed down. When the announcement was to be made that the base was saved the media was all there and who accepted the credit, Hillary Clinton, no where was the citizen to be found or even mentioned. Edwin, you can take your cooperating with the democrats and shove it, all the Democrats and the Rinos gave us was taxes so high the employment is terrible and our kids have had to go South to both Carolinas and Texas to get a living wage job. Our plants have been chased out of the state with so many “environmental laws” we have no more plants, just doctor’s offices and Obamacare which is costing us more and more out of our pockets when we had good insurance through the plants and everybody had jobs with insurance. Our schools are a disaster and the blacks cow tow to keeping their own people down by voting over and over for the Democrats. Of course it does not help the Republican party that for Democrats to get elected in an over crowded Democratic party field the Democrats join the republican party and when getting into office vote with the Democrats. Like I said you leave Paladino of New York out of your wrong historical perspective of Republicans cooperating with Democrats so the people get nothing but shafted. Paladino has been the only one building businesses with his own money and businesses that are making money to pay their employees well and he has been fighting like hell to save the kids in our school system so he can hire them when they graduate.

  12. Carol

    Glad he is out of the race……..he killed it for me at the beginning speaking about “love” referring to illegals. They are criminals involving “their” family to also being criminals. THEN to speak Spanish….this is America, we speak ENGLISH.

    1. h m rowland

      This is America, we speak every language…hopefully the language of peace, understanding and compassion for all.

      1. Carol

        Yes any language can be spoken at home, but not publicly, while working or on any company automatic answering systems. It adds to discrimination and leaves out long time generations of American Citizens…….it is WRONG!

  13. Godsdesire

    Jeb Bush did accomplish good for Florida while its governor, but was the poorest quality presidential candidate among the 2016 Republican candidates. Either his family urged him to run to continue the dynasty’s reign or the Establishment coaxed him into running so they would have a fully dedicated puppet. The man demonstrated no vigor, strength, drive, energy, desire, engagement, interest, positive potential … he was just there to make someone else happy. It is wonderful he has withdrawn from the race so that America will not be plagued with his poor disinterested, apathetic leadership. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

  14. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

    Blocking a Judicial nominee is part of the game which TEA Party has exploited to the N th degree. The REAL problem for TEA drunken sailors is what happens when Hillary becomes President.

    She will appoint a successor to Scalia and then a replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Then the Honky Tonk fool Clarence Thomas might die in the next eight ears. So when will Congress approve a liberal Justice, TEA Party CRETINSZzzz??? EVER???

    Just be obstructive until you die MORONSzzzz…..