Does This GOP Candidate Really Fear Jeb Bush?

It looks like Jeb Bush is scraping the bottom of the barrel for rhetoric to use on the campaign trail. The former GOP front-runner says in an interview with CBS This Morning (as reported by Politico), that the reason for Donald Trump’s continued attacks on him are – wait for it – “because he fears me.”

With single-digit poll numbers and lackluster campaign stops, we have a hard time believing that. For some good laughs, here’s the report from Politico:

I think he is a master at manipulation, and I find it amusing on one level that he constantly attacks me. 

“‘I’m his primary target, and I’m doing so poor in the polls, according to everybody, right? Well, why is that?‘ the former governor asked rhetorically. It’s because he fears me, because I’m the only guy standing up to him. I think he is not going to be the conservative party’s nominee. 

“‘Then I get back to thinking, he’s hijacked my party,’ he added, remarking that he has been a conservative for his adult life. ‘Someone has to take a stand.’

Trump has for months slammed Bush as “low energy,” mocking him for virtually every personality trait and political position, including his defense of his brother, former President George W. Bush, who began campaigning for him in South Carolina.

Update: It turns out that Trump doesn’t have to fear Jeb anymore, after he decided to suspend his campaign after the South Carolina primary.

Why do you think Jeb Bush said these unbelievable remarks on the campaign trail?

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