Do You Believe What Marco Rubio Said About His Immigration Bill?

Marco Rubio recently insisted the immigration reform bill he helped spearhead through the Senate was never intended to become law and that the authors of the bill expected conservatives in the House to “make it even better.”

Rubio was part of the infamous bipartisan team known as the “Gang of 8” that drew up this bill.¬†Here’s the report from World Net Daily on his remarks at a town hall in Rock Hill, South Carolina:

“The Senate immigration law was not headed towards becoming law. Ideally it was headed towards the House, where conservative members of the House were going to make it even better.

“[The legislation] was the best we could do given the fact of who was running the Senate at the time… but it was never going to go from there to the president’s desk.”

Rubio took particular issue with a provision raised by a questioner who said would effectively allow undocumented immigrants who were affiliated with gangs back into the US, merely if they renounced their association with the gang.

“Those were one of the things that I complained about – in fact, I was saying, these standards are too low, it’ll never pass the House, it’ll never become law.”

It seems that Rubio is backpedaling on his support of the bill to gain more support among conservatives who are strongly opposed to increased immigration.

Do you believe what Marco Rubio said about his role in the Gang of 8 and the immigration reform bill?

Give us your takes in the comments section below.



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