UK Newspaper Drops Bombshell on What Democrats Did With Iowa Caucus Votes

A report from the UK Guardian stated that the Iowa Democratic Party unilaterally changed the results from Monday’s Iowa caucus to award an extra delegate to Hillary Clinton at the expense of Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders.

The discrepancy came in Grinnell Ward 1, a ward that contains prestigious liberal arts school Grinnell College. Unsurprisingly, Sanders cleaned up, scoring 19 delegates to Hillary’s seven in the heavily student-influenced district.

However, instead of keeping the results the way they were, party officials instead decided to change the results to give one delegate unilaterally to Hillary Clinton from Bernie Sanders’ count. However, precinct secretary J. Pablo Silva was not notified by the Iowa Democrat Party.

Here’s the response from Sam Lau, spokesman for the Iowa Democrat Party:

“We had been made aware of the concerns in this precinct, and we are in the process of reveiwing them with local party leadership. We have received a small amount of flags from both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns, and we are addressing each on a case-by-case basis working with our county leaders.”

If this all sounds suspicious, well, it hardly registered on a night where delegates were decided by coin tosses and caucus-goers mysteriously went missing. However, the delegate swap would be the most tangible evidence of shenanigans on the part of the Iowa Democrat Party.

That, and the “HRC 2016” license plates on the car of the party chair.

Given the Clintons’ corrupt political history this seems par for the course. It looks like the Democratic establishment wants to ensure that Hillary is the nominee – no matter what the voters say.

Do you think that “the fix is in” when it comes to the Democratic nomination process?

Give us your take in the comments section below.


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  1. texexpatriate

    Of course the fix is in. The party decided on Hillary years ago. The GOP is corrupt, yes, but they are nothing like America’s real communist party, the Democrats.

    1. betterboy

      Wrong – both parties are just as corrupt because both parties are owned by the establishment globalists just as they own all the candidates – except Trump. The main difference between a democracy and communism is that a democracy hides the corruption and gives the facade of a choice in candidates – but it is all fake. The elections are all fixed with corrupt owned puppets and the country is riddled with corruption in every department of the government.

      1. Francisco Machado

        Politics is and has historically been a competition of corruption, of who can bully whom and of what level of patent lies will be tolerated. One significant difference, and one that’s a severe disadvantage to the GOP, is what level of corruption and what level of dishonesty will be tolerated. After the promises made to buy Republican votes for the 2014 election were repudiated even before the elected candidates were seated there was a serious voter reaction, resulting in Donald Trump – a pain in the ass to the GOP machine. On the Democrat side, virtually any level of lies or the resulting disasters are unquestioningly accepted. Can you, for a moment, imagine the outrage, the headlines, the howling demands for trials after the Gruber revelations if the Republicans had shoehorned something like Obama care through Congress and imposed it on the people? The Republicans have been altogether too meek about it. They talk, but action has been sorely missing – and their voters are reacting to this inaction by supporting Trump.

        1. 101Airborne

          There definition of “conservatism” is, give us the majority in the Congress and we’ll stick it up your [email protected]#$..Thank you very much, Paul Ryan and you bunch of merry [email protected]#HOLES in the GOP!!! And then you have the B#@lls to say Trump is not conservative…

        2. betterboy

          The inaction didn’t just happen. And what about the dems with Obozo and the dem controlled congress for 2 years – they are criticized also for not doing more when they had the chance. The establishment give the marching orders to both parties!

          1. jims-blog


          1. h m rowland

            Yes he was a great puppet for GHW Bush and his CIA buddies. He and Pope Francis are/were right about the walls though. Reagan the great Union buster….’don’t let those workers unite anymore’…..that was kind of like the the real meaning of States Rights-taking personal rights away.

          2. WVF

            I’m sorry you feel that way about President Reagan. You did not acknowledge that he was a union president when he was active in Hollywood. He fired that worthless lot of air traffic controllers when they did not live up to their agreement to not strike against the federal government. He didn’t want to do that, but they gave him no choice. I would have done the same thing. When I was younger, I worked for the federal government in DoD, and I had to sign such an agreement, and if I hadn’t honored it, I would have been fired, as I should have been.

          3. h m rowland

            O would give you this one thing, I definitely would prefer Ronald Reagan to any of these whack a mo’s we have to choose from in the republican primaries. Times change and he surely was in another class above these guys. There is not one viable candidate on the right for ’16. Just a thought, the republican party has not had a winning ticket for the White House without a Bush or a Nixon involved since 1928.

          4. WVF

            What about these whack-o-mos? Tell me what you think of Mr. Trump’s shellacking of his so-called competition tonight in South Carolina.

          5. h m rowland

            Yes Mr. Trump had a resounding victory. I love the way he busted down Jeb Bush!! So basicly it is down to three, Cruz well what is there good to say? He is a very scary guy and reminds me of the Senator in Stephen King’s ‘The Dead Zone’ who lead the sheep to elect him while having an evil agenda in reality. Then there is Marco Boobio, the puppet of the party, the CIA will be in favor of this guy who would be guided and spoon fed by other forces if elected(‘W’ style), a junior boob in my estimation. Mr. Trump almost had me when he called a spade a spade and placed the blame for the Iraq War and 9/11….at the Bush door. Not only did they allow these events but created and used one to get the other. Fear is such a great controller of men. After Jeb’s admission that he was supported by the military industrial complex twice without apology and spoke of using a first nuclear strike against North Korea I am glad to see this hawk retire. Mr. Trump needs to know that negotiating a hotel deal in China is not foreign relations experience, he is not prepared nor is he the right candidate to take the reigns of the delicate situation in which the invisible government has placed us at this time. We assume that they will continue to protect the United States while stirring up all these fascist acts of conflict for no other reason than the sale of war hardware, there is no money in peace, fascists love war bucks.

          6. gunnygil

            The inefficient unqualified air controllers that got their jobs when LBJ closed down the two FAA air traffic control schools and made the job OJT as part of his “Grate Amurcun Socitee”. all one had to do to get the OJT was to pass the “simple service” test or be a government employee to begin with. PATCO was over run by these unqualified idiots to the point that some of the management and especially directors of the FAA still exist in power. Before LBJ’s debacle of ATC in early 1968 one had to pass a rigorous 14 weeks or more of heavy school that would make many college courses look like kindergarten. I know of this as I was a US Marine ATC and had to have a minimum of a 130 IQ just to apply for the school run by Navy and FAA instructors at Glynco, Ga. Naval Air Training Command. And after 3 1/4 years as a qualified controller both in Nam and CONUS was not allowed into the FAA test as a civilian non-government employee in July 1968 because of the heavy numbers of idiots waiting to go to their OJT jobs. Even the FAA Chief for the SW Region whose son was an Army ATC could not get his son into the FAA job for the same reason. When they did finally open the test to civilians, which prior military controllers were considered, on 15 July 75 I took the FAA test and aced it but they took too 2 months to grade the test, instead of the prescribed 2 weeks, and I was too old to be hired. One had to be hired and on stand a minimum of 6 weeks prior to their 31st birthday. Grades were done on mid Sept and my 31st B-day was first week of Oct. Of course you leeching civilian types have no knowledge of this since only 2% of the population are veterans or active duty.

      2. pete Mahlum

        and they want to put sanction on Thailand for the coop because it is not the peoples choice. What a great country as to do as I say not as I do.

      3. 101Airborne

        RIDE ON!!! The delegates are a corrupt/rigged system!!! Absolutely not
        one citizen = one vote… That goes for some states being winner take all (Massachusetts) and other states, proportionality…. TOTAL B.S. Along with redrawing voting districts that favor one or the other party!! THE MOST LAUGHABLE OF THE WHOLE FACADE IS,WHEN WE GO TO OTHER COUNTRIES TO MAKE SURE THEY HAVE “FAIR” ELECTIONS….

        1. DollyT

          We should have learned a long time ago to mind our own business. If we had we would not be in the current mess we are in .

      4. Nicodemus

        I take it you haven’t seen the photo of Trump golfing with Bill Clinton a couple weeks before he decided to change from a decade of Democratic-ideals to running for (or trying to ruin?) the GOP nomination….??

        1. shavager

          TRUMP actually conferred with Bill Clinton in MAY 2015–and Clinton ADVISED Trump to “get more INVOLVED in the Republican party” just a MONTH BEFORE Trump announced his candidacy for GOP nomination on June 16th. SOUNDS like a DemocRAT “trojan horse”, just like Obama!!

          1. betterboy

            Nonsense – search youtube for videos of Trump from 25 years ago – very little has change about him in all that time. I can’t say that for me.

          2. betterboy

            LOL – I can just see Trump begging Clinton for advice – lol. Are you kidding me? The only thing Trump could learn from Clinton is what not to do – the same goes for Bush – both corrupt puppets.

        2. betterboy

          I don’t know about a photo, but I grew up in NY. It is democratic and the unions are dem and all the politicians. If you want to build in NY city you have to schmooze and bribe the dems or they will stop your permits, stop the unions, or hurt you in some other corrupt way. Trump built an empire in a dem city and he never took bribe money himself, but gave his money to the crooks. Trump is the only one that can fix this country and he can “show you the money” as proof!

          1. siridh

            I’m not sure. If he’s a plant or not — it’s a gamble. However, when he says if you don’t have a border you don’t have a country I believe he means it.

          2. betterboy

            Trump is the only one with skin in the game. If the economy crashes again he will lose big money because most of his money is in hotels – assets. None of the other candidate puppets have any money of their own, so they get it from others that make them puppets. Whenever someone has nothing to lose their incentives are usually corrupt. Trump will make our country great again because his ego would not allow anything else.

          3. PierceHarlan

            By your childish, stupid logic, only a billionaire who supposedly funds his own campaign should be president.

          4. JACK FROST

            Yep, Trump is a gamble…If he lives up to 1/2 of his corrective concerns then he is still ahead of promises of others ..

          5. PierceHarlan

            I am sure you have no idea that this sort of “endorsement” does more to hurt your candidate. So Trump had to “play the game” to do well. Just as the ineffective politicians have to “play the game.”

            Hillary is going to wipe the floor with your boy if that’s his pitch.

      5. AL ELLIS

        I am just so glad people are waking up to this. Time has come for those people to be held liable for this.

      6. shavager

        BALONEY–the GOP is fighting within itself for CONTROL–the RINO’s–typical big spending LIBERALS hate the Conservatives who are slowly but surely taking over the party to RETURN it to small, limited government principles championed by Ronald Reagan! The DemocRAT party is OWNED body and soul by MARXIST billionaire George Soros–who’s influence can be felt by the downgrading of our U.S. dollar’s value and enormous NATIONAL DEBT run up by Obama–higher than that of previous 43 presidents COMBINED. P.S.—FOR ALL YOU TRUMP SUPPORTERS—-Donald Trump was ADVISED BY BILL CLINTON–to get “MORE INVOLVED IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY” in May of 2015 just a MONTH before Trump announced his run for president on June 16. DO YOU REALLY THINK TRUMP IS THE CONSERVATIVE HE CLAIMS?? Especially SINCE he HAS backed partial birth abortions, GUN control, SINGLE-PAYER healthcare (total GOVT control), Obama’s BAILOUTS AND STIMULUS—he suddenly became a Conservative AFTER his conference with Bill CLINTON–WHY would he consult a DEMOCRAT before running for REPUBLICAN nomination??

        1. betterboy

          Give me a search to a credible source for Trump being advised by Clinton to be more republican. I don’t believe it.

        2. DollyT

          “Conservative” is just another label. I do not consider it useful. They have done nothing either over the last 20 years. I am a Constitutionalist Independent and only remain a registered Republican for voting purposes only.

        3. WVF

          To hell with so-called “conservatism!” Donald J. Trump is the right man at the right time! Screw the GOP and the Democrats! We need a tough guy who can get things done. Worrying about some philosophical issue is nonsense. We need to make America great again! Trump 2016!

      7. jims-blog


    2. h m rowland

      Be sure and watch the rise of Jeb Bush and his pac, “Reich to Rise” as we go forward if you want to see the fix. Communism is dead by the way and has been for awhile now, you must mean socialist, which is preferable to the right wing fascism in my opinion at least they wont blow up the world and end life as we know it. I certainly cannot vote for the hawks that are running on the republican side. On the other side Bernie has great unattainable ideas which would be struck down by morons fighting no matter what is best for the people and while Hillary is the most and best qualified do I trust her, no. I will do anything I can however to not allow a fascist in the White House again. It doesn’t really matter who sits in that chair they are not in power, the military industrial complex sets policy and pulls the strings of power. Words over wars, lives over dollars and peace at all cost. I will vote for the one who speaks for peace and who stands the strongest about the most important issue facing us, Global warming./climate change.

        1. h m rowland

          Duh huh huh huh…..derrrrrr, there’s no sidewalks in the trailer park. Here in Indiana we have had a total of 3″ of snow this winter opposed to our normal 40″. I said, “Hey Phyllis the sky is blue”. and in her sly intellectual manor she replied, ” Nuh uh”.

      1. jims-blog


        1. h m rowland

          You do look better with your head in the sand. Look out your window hell ask the penguins if its real. I hope that you will never find yourself in a situation where you have to say that from underwater. Go ahead and help the Cock brothers and Exxon make another billion.

          1. Phyllis

            My house went through a flood and I survived. It is my understanding that the flood in the area happens about every 15 years for more years than what I have lived, starting way back before autos, etc.

    1. pete Mahlum

      No surprise, Look at the Washington state election in 2004 when the democrates stoled the election by registering voters with the aid of ACORN registering illegal voters more than once. on the third recound they just happened to find 5,000 votes in a trash can in King county a very liberal country

      1. betterboy

        How can any county allow people to just walk in and vote? How can you control voter fraud that way? Aren’t there federal standards for voting?

  2. Sharon Bauerle

    Considering all the people who despise Mrs. Clinton, I don’t see her making it to November. Of course, she probably has more secret service agents than Obama at this point.

  3. delong003

    Well of course the democratic party played their shenanigans as usual. This is the only way they can ever win.

    1. betterboy

      Remember, under Bush, they were pushing voting machines with no paper trail? Remember it being an issue on 60 minutes showing how someone with a laptop computer could easily change the vote. The repubs were still pushing the no paper trail – corruption in both parties. Trump will put an end to it I hope – after the big stuff like the wall and kill Obozocare with its $272 billion overhead.

      1. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

        One thing to remember: the Democrat Party is still pushing “No ID Voting” and Driver lLenses for illegal aliens: DLs that can be used to register to vote.

        1. shavager

          That was discredited by many organizations including Fox News–Soros has NO ties to those voting machines. Obama’s former Sec of Defense–Chuck Hagel, was a CEO at the company overseeing many of the machines used in elections BEFORE Obama was elected and BEFORE he was confirmed to the Obama cabinet. Too many “urban legends” being spread out there.

  4. 0311/USMC

    The will of the people is ignored and the will of the paid off super delegates is what matters. Why go through the actions and pretend there is a democracy.

    1. normal guy

      To keep the people from erupting. Please google “Does the U.S. still pay taxes to the Queen?” You will find that all U.S. citizens are considered “subjects of the Queen. Kind of put’s the illegal immigration thing in a different light…doesn’t it?

        1. normal guy

          By our government and the Queen. If you Google “Does the U.S. still pay taxes to the Queen”, then you will find U.S. code that is current.

          1. shavager

            That’s a BUNCH OF CRAP! It’s some of those old neighborhood legends. The U.S. is entirely a SOVEREIGN nation and the Internal Revenue IS a Federal agency, period. Argue all you want about the income tax NOT being legally passed–it has been ACCEPTED as a TAX since its inception and has nearly ONE HUNDRED YEARS of history behind it. CONGRESS WRITES THE LAWS, the Supreme Court recognizes them as THE law making body of this government and as such has NO standing to challenge the income tax except upon challenge by the STATES, which has never happened. WE THE PEOPLE should’ve fought that battle when it happened, not 60-70, 80 years later. The CONSTITUTION IS SOLE LAW OF THE LAND, it overrides ANY Treaty this country signs onto and has been declared such by the Warren Supreme Court in Reid v Covert 354 U.S. 1, 1957: “NO agreement with a foreign nation can confer power on the Congress or on ANY other branch of government, which is free from the restraints of the Constitution.” The Reid Court also wrote: “an international accord that is INCONSISTENT with the U.S. CONSTITUTION IS VOID UNDER DOMESTIC U.S. LAW, the same as any other federal law in conflict with the Constitution.” To further QUOTE the Supreme Court: “The United States is ENTIRELY A CREATURE OF THE CONSTITUTION. Its power and authority HAVE NO OTHER SOURCE. It can ONLY act in accordance with ALL the limitations imposed by the Constitution.”

          2. normal guy

            Instead of running your mouth, maybe you should look it up and research it! You give these discussions a bad name!
   While there a few things posted by yahoo dating back to 2009, there is so much more with that is currently dated that it is ridicules. Sorry CHUMP BOY!!! And what you said does apply! WE THE PEOPLE HAVE FAILED TO HOLD CONGRESS ACCOUNTABLE!!!!

        2. Phyllis

          When we incorporated as the US, we did it via England and it is under the control of the Queen, and it is what we refer to as the District of Columbia, incorporated as UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, all capitalized for legal reasons, also the BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT, hence the grab for our natural resources… this truly is the scariest thing in our country, unknown to most, I would say more but even I am afraid to comment much on this one. Suffice it to say we need a businessman who knows about and understands contracts AND imminent domain in the true sense. This can cause you to have nightmares where your children and grandchildren are concerned in the future. Anyone thinking, be you dem or repub, that this is politics as usual is dead wrong. GO Mr. Trump. He doesn’t need us, WE need, The Republic still stands at the same time with it’s first 12 amendments and The Bill of Rights both of which are under serious attack at this time. You can still withdraw from the democracy and reenter via the Republic. It is a legal process and if you ever go to court, you cannot pass the railing or you enter into the democracy and are subject to it, and any questions asked of you have to be answered a certain way. Millions of people have done this in recent years, giving up all freebies, assistance, etc…’And to the Republic for which we stand…’…Go Trump…go away all other repub candidates, sometimes known to us as minions, especially Rubio. And if you really want to know if Cruz is eligible, read his mother’s voting record in Canada, which was under the headship of England but in 1970, that changed, but if you were from somewhere else you had to denounce your other citizenship in order to vote. When you denounce your citizenship to the US, you are no longer a citizen here, and she also lists on his birth certificate that he is Canadian. Do your research folks.

          1. normal guy

            THANK YOU!!! I’ve provided some link’s in one of my previous post’s that will lead people in their research, but as for now, most people would rather call BS and be childishly offended than learn the truth of what we are truly dealing with. If they use the research link’s that I have provided and follow them, then they will learn the truth that you and I have been aware of for some time! Once again Thank You!

          2. Phyllis

            I got interested in it in ’08 when a friend did withdraw and another one is in the process of doing it now via her attorney.It was a hard decision for her as she is teacher with tenure. At the time I learned of it 14 million people had already done it and I almost did, changed my mind and regretted it ever since..Good luck under the ignorance lying ahead.

    2. Lilly Putney

      We need to find out who the super delegats are and let them know we know what you are doing and we will be watching. We need an honest election for once in the last century . Haven’t had an honest one since Regan.

    1. betterboy

      You have 2 crime families – Clinton and Bush – both are major parts of the establishment elite.

  5. Timothy Thompson

    Just a small sample of what the Democrats think they can get away with in the voting process. They are becoming very aggressive in cheating and if not watched very closely it’s going to get ugly in November.

    1. Lilly Putney

      We all need to share this with all of our facebook friends and ask them to share with theirs. Keep it rollong and maybe it will get back to who needs to see it.

  6. 0311/USMC

    I am a Democrat and I will support Trump. Clinton/Sanders support open borders and then they promise jobs-promise jobs to illegals. TRUMP 2016.

    1. betterboy

      You and many others are seeing the truth about both parties. If Trump can win by a landslide, they won’t be able to keep him out! I suggest you change parties, so you can vote in the primary – you can always change back to dem again.

      1. Henry

        You can register anyway you want. If you want to vote across party lines just write in the name of the person you wish to vote for

        1. Daniel from TN

          I thought write-ins were only allowed in general elections, not primaries. However, it may depend on state law.

          1. shavager

            Daniel–in STATES with “closed” primary–the voter is RESTRICTED to party you are affiliated with–IF you’re a Democrat voter–you can only participate in their primary. IF you’re a GOP voter–you’re limited strictly to Republican primary voting. Only in a state with OPEN primary system can you cross vote for a candidate in opposing party. I believe South Carolina IS an OPEN primary state, hence anyone can vote–BUT, you can only vote in ONE primary election–IF you vote in GOP primary, you can’t participate in Democrat and vice versa.

        2. shavager

          YOU can ONLY vote across party lines in OPEN primaries. In states with CLOSED primaries–PARTY ONLY, you would be required to change party in order to vote in a different party primary than the party you are affiliated with.

  7. Diogenes71

    f course the corruption continues.
    it will continue until either the Clintons are in jail or dead.
    Even after death I doubt it will stop.
    The Clinton cannot operate in a corruption free atmosphere.

  8. Lilipatch

    Knowing Hillary’s character, I’m sure she “planted” her people into the system a while back to handle her “shenanigans”, and we all know that’s how the buffoon in the WH got there too. They will do “anything” to win and I think everyone knows what I mean …

  9. Danny S.

    Dems need to let the North Koreans count there votes. North Korea has a perfect record of getting it right !

  10. Suzette Pulvirenti

    Who would ever think otherwise……she and Bill have disgraced us for years…..should they change now? Only if she gets indited will we maybe see some justice but she has sworn to take many down with her.

  11. SDofAZ

    Poor Bernie, the Clinton’s take no loses, they will do whatever it takes to get to their goal. Disgusting criminals.

  12. Seedman

    The Democrat Party is a subversive movement that left unchecked will destroy the United States sooner than later. Ted Cruz has the leadership to meet this challenge and voters should elect him as the next president!

    1. Lilly Putney

      He is my senator only a 1st term senator same as Mr O was. Do you really think anyone in the establishment is going to do any thing different? He was and is whether he say’s so was for amnesty and making 11 million illegals legal. Illegal means more than just the people from Mexico. What we have in most cases is low lifes here to do harm to our familys and friends and make our world a third world country. We need a strong leader who knows how to get things done and a successful business man should be able to do every thing that he says and he can’t be bought. He is a man for the people not a puppet for big business.

      1. Seedman

        You are confusing Ted Cruz with Marco Rubio. Here is a partial list of Don Juvenile Trump’s “business” dealings, a synonym for political contributions. Joe Biden $1000, Hillary Clinton $9,500, Democrat Senatorial Committee $116,000, Democratic National Committee $15,000, Harry Reid $8,400, Rahm Emanuel $50,000, Andrew Cuomo $84,000, Chuck Schumer $7,900, New York Democratic Party $116,000, Andrew Wiener $4,450, John Kerry $5,500. Trump is a corrupt businessman who puts self first. Ted Cruz is a true leader whom every American should vote to be the next president of the United States.

  13. Mitch Darby

    Does anyone think, with a 30 year track record of scandals and fabrications, there couldn’t be shenanigans in the count? “Wouldn’t you really love to have a woman President?” ((Hillary) Nobody died this time did they?

    1. Lilly Putney

      Who knows they haven’t looked very far but try this weekend when we lost a supreme court judge under strange circummstances.Wouldn’t put it passed them at all.

  14. Lilly Putney

    The only way we as Americans can stop this is buy forcing them to change the way that they do their voting. I think all states should go to the booth put in your vote and pull the lever. We should also demand that all legal voters should have some kind of ID. We need ID’s for-Banking going into a Gov. building when purchasing a gun or a car. You need an Id to go into the US Capitol and the AG office also to get your Drivers licenses or a passport. So what is the big deal when it comes to our most important office in the country to make sure that only registered voters are allowed to vote. Why wouldn’t we want that process done right.

  15. Suzette Pulvirenti

    Let Billy snuggle up with his “women” young or old and let Hillary snuggle up with her “women” young or old. Stay snuggled and get out of our lives

  16. jr_hkkdo

    Where radica/liberal/progressive activists are concerned, the fix is always in…witness the politicization of the IRS that is still unresolved or unchanged…and engineered by our own dear leader, BHO. Nothing new here.

  17. 1josephg1

    Who gives a crap. You get bull shit with one of them and free shit with the other. Either way shit is still shit.

  18. WVF

    This is the M.O. of the Democrat/ progressive/socialist/Marxist/Communist Party. Mr. Trump will be great as president beginning on January 20, 2017!

    1. shavager

      HATE to tell you the BAD NEWS–BEFORE announcing his run for president in June 16, 2015–TRUMP was advised by BILL CLINTON–YEAH, you read that right–BILL Clinton advised Trump to “get more INVOLVED in the Republican party” just a MONTH before Trump decided to run. Until Trump’s decision to run for GOP nomination–he was LIBERAL on almost all issues from abortion, gun control, healthcare, Obama bailouts, Obama stimulus–he had a “come to Jesus” moment and wallah, all of a sudden he’s a CONSERVATIVE NOW–THAT is why he gets so angry when somebody quotes his own comments to prove his real ideology. By the way—the PHONE conversation between Trump and Bill Clinton has been CONFIRMED by FOUR Trump allies and a Clinton associate. Since the story was confirmed and reported by the Washington Post, Clinton and aides have DENIED that Bill urged Trump to actually run–but I think that horse is already out of the barn and can’t be denied.

      1. WVF

        And, I hate to tell you that I heard Mr. Trump say exactly that several times on camera, and? Go Trump 2016!

  19. Arbie Viau

    We’ll just have to sit back and watch – we haven’t heard nothing yet! Those criminals want a criminal in the oval office come Hell or high water. And if they have their way, they will take votes away from the conservatives. Hopefully, they have cleaned up the voting polls before November, and no dead people, illegals, and whatever doesn’t vote to get Hillary in. I am voting for Trump, but I think we have to look carefully at the ballot before we put the ballot in the “box”. You know what I mean?

  20. apzzyk

    The Brits do not understand our way of selecting candidates, where all states are somewhat different from all of the rest, any more than most of us know about a Parliamentry system which has never had a written constitution. In this case, since it has been called to the attention of the Iowa Democrats, they will investigate and do what, if anything is required, and this is only 1 vote out of how many (?) it takes to win the nomination. Before that even happened all of the Super Delegates (about 400) had committed to Hillary and there are now moves in various places just to go with the majority in their states. Again, the editors of this site have blown something totally out of proportion.

  21. Harold Sammons

    The democrats are going to rig this election to gain them the canidate that will put the most money in their pockets and don’t give a shit who it is as long as it profits them and gets them all the goodies and reelected!

  22. Eagle Scout Ken

    Hello fellow American’s! XTRA! XTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Please type into your browser the following headlines:

    1. Clinton’s Loot White House.

    2. Hillary Clinton is a career criminal.

    3. Charles Krauthammer: What has Hillary Clinton done as Secratary of State?

    4. All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done in one big list.

    5. Bill and Hillary Clinton: A life of violating people.

    6. Who is Chelsea’s father?

    7. The Benghazi shuffle.

    8. Five lies Clinton told in the debait

    9. 3 big reasons Hillary Clinton should NEVER be president.

    There is so much more of this garbage. Please Mr. Trump, expose this terrible family to the American people and build the wall, rout the 13,000,000 illegals and muslim cockroaches out of this once great country. Christans can’t do, You do it sir. TRUMP IS GREAT, TRUMP IS GREAT FOREVER! AND I WILL BE FOREVER GREATFULL IF YOU WILL DO THIS GREAT DEED.

  23. Jack

    Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Kasich are all establishment players, the only two nominees who are not Politicians are Trump and Carson, if any of the first four become the nominee you’ll will know how crooked these primaries are.

  24. Azmesa88

    So what will they do to all the Republican votes to get everyone to believe Hillary wins just like they did with the idiot Obama did…twice!!…AND WE FELL FOR IT!! This time we have to stop it and make sure how votes are counted…they will so anything to stop the real winner from winning especially if it is Trump because he will smash they and they ware not willing to let that happen…they want America ruined for good and that is a s fact! People this is getting serious and we are going to have to be willing to do what it takes to save our nation from communism! This is not a joke!

  25. Azmesa88

    No wonder old Hill has just been getting by….there is a plan for her to be the next Pres. whether we like it or not…just as they shoved Obama in our faces!!! That is why they are basically being quiet because they know their fix is in…it is all for show…only 2 candidates…come on people give me a break…it is a farce! We are in a lot of trouble people!

  26. John Walsh

    You do realize that this is what goes on in Banana Republics? And in Banana Republics the Head Honcho regularly knocks off people such as supreme court judges that don’t agree with him. If the US wants to stop looking ever more like a Banana Republic, US voters need to stop acting just like the voters in Banana Republics.

  27. usmc354

    The fix was in for HRC when the deal was made to “elect” BHO, with the expectation of running her immediately after. My greatest fear is she will be “elected”. Should that come to pass that will be the nail in the coffin for the GREAT NATION we know as the USA! May GOD Almighty continue to have mercy on and bless the USA!

  28. AL ELLIS

    I think the fix is in for both parties Democrats and Republicans. I still can’t figure (like hell I can’t) how Trump went from 18 points ahead of Cruz and ended up losing. I do not like the caucuses, they make it ripe for corruption and cheating just like this. The time has come for people that are pulling this stuff should go to prison.

  29. Daniel from TN

    The fix is in for Hillary just as the fix is in for Bush on the Republican side. I have no doubt that if Bush is not the party’s nominee at the convention then establishment Republicans will run Bush as an independent Republican candidate.

  30. spaceweasel

    Anyone , who still has their own mind, cannot deny the Democrat Party has been co-opted by Marxist operatives. It is a clear and present danger to the existence of a Constitutional America.

    The Constitution is NOT a “Living Document”, that can be changed and re-written, at the whim of Progressive Marxist Communists, to further their agenda.

  31. Mike O'Mara

    I have been convinced for many years that anything Hillary can’t steal she doesn’t want. She is total evil and a doddering fool at the same time. An awsomely dangerous combimation no country can tolerate. Her continued existance is a major threat to all aspects of America’s survival.

  32. Howleyesque

    MEANWHILE the GOP big shots have made it clear that if TRUMP gets the votes THEY intend to shaft him! Face it folks the fix is in no matter WHAT WE do. Our government is now OFFICIALLY a worse joke than any third world banana republic!

    Allow me to rephrase what Will Shakespeare wrote many years ago , he said LAWYERS BUT:
    FIRST we hang ALL of the politicians… and then the OTHER three lawyers!

  33. Eugene Bertone

    Based on National Polls. I hope Hillary wins. She loses to Republicans and beyond my comprehension; Sanders beats Republicans! This Nation is being Invaded!!!

  34. NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    Of course the fix is in. That is why Debbie Was-a-man Schultz has done everything she can to change rules and policies to fall in favor of Hillary and Schultz will do anything and everything unhanded to see to it that Hillary is the nominee. Iowa was just the start of shady deeds to be done. we will see all sorts of shady primaries throughout the next few months coming from both parties.

  35. cardmaster1

    Is it any wonder!? The DemocRAT party of today is the most Corrupt in history, led by one of the most Corrupt, Lying, Murdering people on the planet , HRC! They Must be Stopped at All costs!

  36. bikerscholar

    The truth is, among liberal/progressives, the end truly justifies the means. This ideology is abhorrent.

  37. Eagle Scout Ken

    Hello fellow American’s! This is the tip of the iceberg.
    Please type into your browser the following headlines:

    1. Clinton’s Loot White House.

    2. Hillary Clinton is a career criminal.

    3. Charles Krauthammer: What has Hillary Clinton done as Secratary of State?

    4. All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done in one big list.

    5. Bill and Hillary Clinton: A life of violating people.

    6. Who is Chelsea’s father?

    7. The Benghazi shuffle.

    8. Five lies Clinton told in the debait

    9. 3 big reasons Hillary Clinton should NEVER be president.

    There is so much more of this garbage. Please Mr. Trump, expose this terrible family to the American people and build the wall, rout the 13,000,000 illegals and muslim cockroaches out of this once great country. Christans can’t do it, you do it sir. TRUMP IS GREAT, TRUMP IS GREAT FOREVER! AND I WILL BE FOREVER GREATFULL IF YOU WILL DO THIS GREAT DEED.
    P.S. It’s obvious the Pope is not a nice guy! If HE can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Israel built a wall and it works, China built a wall, it works too. North Korea has a wall and it works very well. President to be Donald Trump, BUILD THE WALL! CRUZ IS NOT NATURAL BORN, step down please.

  38. lloyd

    The Democraps are just like Iran, China, Russia, etc. You can vote, just vote for who we want you to vote for. Of course the fix is in. Put up a liar, cheat, criminal to the max, along with her husband. Of course sheep don’t know any any better so Hillary will just be fine with them. What would expect?

  39. Dan Menard

    So, what is new here? The Democrats and Hillary have a history of just this kind of underhanded activities. It is just to be expected on their part. What is not to be expected nor allowable is that they are allowed to get away with it!

  40. Patriot

    We all know the Democrats are totally corrupt and that is why they fight I D for voters so hard
    There is no other thing that you can do without photo ID but apparently to Democrats this is somehow hampering voters rights
    The only rights been hampered are dead voters illegal immigrants and other illegal Democrat tactics

  41. Loosegoods

    The whole flipping thing is rigged! Think that you have Freedom of Choice?? Wrong! You have “Freedom” to participate in the choice that you are given by either party. I personally believe it to be a fool’s errand to vote EITHER Republican or Democrat, though I will in the primaries hopefully to secure a Constitutionally centered candidate. I’m not really holding my breath.

  42. vladilyich

    After hearing of this and then the action of “super delegates” in New Hampshire, I notified my secretary of state that I am changing my registration to Republican so that I can legitimately vote Trump.

  43. RDaneel

    Of course the DNC is corrupt and has been rigging elections in many ways for decades.

    They should be facing RICO investigations not elections.

    The Secretary of State in New Mexico called Rio Arriba County Clerk back in the ’80’s:

    SoS: What is the vote count?
    CC: How many do you need?

  44. Barry Johnson

    The Democrat field is full of crooked liars in the first degree. That’s how you have the Clintons and
    The Obamas don’t know how to work as honest citizens and serve as good servents for the people that are sworn to do. They only know the art of being head crooks with their King Os%upi$

  45. Austinniceguy

    They will fight to the end to get that filthy, swarthy POS to be nominated but, Burnout isn’t going to give in easily. He is going to cause her great damage and when that damage is combined with her own self imposed damage, Burnout may just manage to hand her her considerable, wrinkled, old ass.

  46. Todd Alfonsi

    Until the 13 family’s ruining the country,I.E. Rothschild’s, Soros, Rockefeller, BillGates,Dick Cheney,Bush,and now Clinton’s.America’s destruction is assured. Obama, the newest addition, will serve as the kill switch, in his last days, watch for him to make his move.

  47. Leon Barber

    The people will back Trump, and not the political correctness non starters in Congress and White House. We have to get this runaway train back on the right track.

  48. 8gary8

    Are “unpledged delegates” not created to provide a fire wall for Clinton? Thus, so-called, super-delegates enable democrats to “rig” the primary process. In short, Clinton is the chosen candidate not to be challenged, except symbolically, by Sanders.

  49. gunnygil

    Even though Sanders won the NH primary against the Hildebeast they both have the same number of delegates due to the DNC’s super delegate ruling. So in effect there was NO clear winner in the NH democrat primary.

  50. Eagle Scout Ken

    Hello cry baby bloggers! Trump will win without you. It appears your unhappy with Mr. Trump. Well you snot nosed cry babies, here is what Billy boy and Hillary are going to give you next January. Read and weep!

    This is the tip of the iceberg.


    Please type into your browser the following headlines:

    1. Clinton’s Loot White House. [type into your browser]

    2. Hillary Clinton is a career criminal. [type into your browser]

    3. Charles Krauthammer: What has Hillary Clinton done as Secretary of State? [type into your browser]

    4. All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done in one big list. [type into your browser]

    5. Bill and Hillary Clinton: A life of violating people. [type into your browser]

    6. Who is Chelsea’s father? [type into your browser]

    7. The Benghazi shuffle. [type into your browser]

    8. Five lies Clinton told in the debate. [type into your browser]

    9. 3 big reasons Hillary Clinton should NEVER be president. [type into your browser]

    10. The Clinton Crime Family Exposed. [type into your browser]

    There is so much more of this garbage. Please Mr. Trump, expose this terrible family to the American people and build the wall, rout the 13,000,000 illegals and Muslim cockroaches out of this once great country. Christians can’t do it, you do it sir. TRUMP IS GREAT, TRUMP IS GREAT FOREVER! AND I WILL BE FOREVER GREAT FULL IF YOU WILL DO THIS GREAT DEED.
    Now, you snot nosed cry babies can cry all night, start reading. LOL’s