Ford Makes Massive Announcement: Trump Was Right On This Issue

Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump has said a lot of controversial things about immigration and Muslims, just to name a couple. On many of these issues he’s been proven right.

One of the cornerstones of Trump’s campaign has been the fact that millions of jobs have been lost to overseas industries because it is often too expensive for companies to do business in America.

Many liberals have criticized Trump for this statement, but a recent story by the Wall Street Journal on Ford Motor Company has confirmed it.

Here’s an excerpt from the WSJ article:

“Ford Motor Co. will build a new assembly plant in Mexico and sharply increase factory output from that country, representing the latest shift of investment abroad by a Detroit auto maker following the signing of a costly new labor deal.

“Mexico has become a serious competitor in the car-making market with low wages, improved logistics and an arsenal of free-trade deals.”

This new assembly plant in Mexico would produce 500,000 more vehicles south of the border than it currently does. Last year Ford’s Mexican output was 433,000 vehicles, which translates to about 14 percent of its total production in North America.

The most well-known trade deal – the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) – was implemented when Bill Clinton was president. Presidential candidate Ross Perot said during his 1992 campaign that this would cause a “giant sucking sound” of jobs going out of the United States.

Turns out Perot and Trump have both been proven right.

Do you think this exodus of American jobs will continue, no matter who is elected President?

Sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. texexpatriate

    I was a Chevy man until 1987. I bought a Dodge Durango and then turned to Ford, and was very surprised when GMC and Chrysler turned UnAmerican, took Fed money, and screwed their investors and workers. Now Ford is doing it, too. I’ll buy Jap cars and trucks from now on.

    1. Sharon Bauerle

      I’ve owned 2 Honda Accords over the past 20 years. My last one had a problem with a nonworking AC. The dealership couldn’t find where it was leaking. Subsequently, I still have no air. The best car I ever owned was a Toyota Camry, circa 1996 — just in case you live south of the M-D line.

    2. theicecube

      At least the jap scrap is made in the US with American workers. They appear to be more American than the big Three.

      1. PsykoKlown

        They sure are. Most Japanese Autos manufacturers have plants in the US. The American auto manufacturers have plants/source parts from countries most of us have never even heard of.

      2. Will

        The problem with that line of thinking is that all the profit leaves the country, back to japan. We don’t have enough produce to sell, to other countries to replace that money, so the fed has to click more into existence to replace it, diluting the money supply and reducing the real value of the dollars You already earned. It’s a trap.

        1. theicecube

          The profit might leave but at least the jobs are here in the factory, the local dealerships, transportation, the taxes are here from the employed, the buildings, the taxes on the profit,sales, license plates and insurance companys. When an American company moves manufacturing across the border a lot of that money is gone.

          1. Will

            “the jobs are here in the factory, the local dealerships, transportation, the taxes are here from the employed, the buildings, the taxes on the profit,sales, license plates and insurance companys.” Agreed. Though without balanced trade, and vehicles are a huge part of our trade value, the money lost overseas is crippling. The same with exporting oil. If/when crude prices climb to $45 again, we need to pump all the profitable oil we can, and sell everything we don’t use domestically overseas. Our trade imbalance has been between 30 and 40 billion a Month since rigganomics hit back in 1983 or so. Even considering tricky’s petroldollar deal with Saudi, we’ve about flooded the world with USD. We need good paying jobs. Honda is very low-paid in their Chicago machine shop (the only plant I have personal knowledge of). Like 21- $22 /hr. Even here in farm country in eastern oregon, I made 35$ before I retired. You can’t raise a family around Chicago for $35, let alone $22. Guess who picks up the slack on that? What we really need is protectionist trade deals backed up with import tariffs, but we will never get it.

    3. SDofAZ

      Dodge went even more unreliable in that change, they already stunk. Toyota is all I buy because even chevy became less than dependable. We have no manufacturing these days to speak of thanks to NAFTA. Time to renegotiate all with Trump.

      1. Will

        The politicians that sold America out with these fake free-trade deals don’t work for us, they are NWO lackeys. Outsiders (us, not islamics and mexican nationals, in this country illegally) need to get on the political horse and deliver what we promise. Only four of five senators tried to defund uhbammcare. There were 95 anti-American NWO slimeballs that fought them.

  2. Michael Smith

    This is the reason that my family and I are voting for Donald Trump. I believe he can stop this or if it is already built, WILL CHARGE A 35% tarriff on Ford and other mfg’s until they move back into the United States or go out of business. It is time for decisions to be made that improve the economy in the United States not the pocket books of businesses. It should really be 50%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Insurgent

      Government is BIG, BIG business and the DONALD knows how to run business.
      The undocumented muslim could not run a kool-aid stand. He only knows how to use his dark pigment to screw the Americian taxpayer.
      He and the shemale and the two chimplets have wasted 1.5 billion $$$ on vacations.
      He has changed this country only to the schedule of the muslims!!!!!

      1. roy paul shields

        But we American’s have allowed the rag head in the oval office to continue to destroy everything America stands for while saturating Americas with his barbaric muslim brothers. One bad apple in the barrel can destroy the entire barrel of apples ” Unless the bad apple is removed and destroyed”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put Donald Trump in the oval and save America. Semper Fi. 51-56 GOD BLESS AMERICA

          1. truthseeker

            Donald Trump has the most to loose and as he has contributed to all of the other Political hacks, he realized they are not going to do as promised once elected. We need someone like Trump who is self-funding and not paid and bought by Special interest parties to pull his strings.

          1. truthseeker

            Not everyone can be a Marine, but everyone does appreciate them as the Backbone of our Military. I have always been in the Army and would not go in any other Service, but I know the Marines would not be for me. I got what I could handle and I appreciate the Marines for their Special type of Service for our Nation.

          2. roy paul shields

            It is all teamwork truthseeker; All branches of the military depend on each other. Now however it takes; Lets get Trump in the oval; I honestly believe out of the whole bunch of wannbes he is the only one who can pull America out of the nose dive that rag head has put America in.

        1. truthseeker

          God Bless America and God Bless our Men in Uniform. Both in the Military and our Police. Without them we would not be free and our Civil order would be out of Control . Please vote for Donald Trump cause he does know how to solve our out of control debt.

          1. esquire2

            We are NOT FREE … and have not been Free for decades. Our courts are CORRUPT and our Constitution has been eroded. The Criminals behind the destruction of the US of A is the American Bar Association. (Yup! the A.B.A.)
            For some insight, visit <>

        2. original ancestry

          Put Trump in now. Why wait for these lawbreakers to keep breaking the law. If they can do it so can we. I say vote Trump in March 1st, 2016

          1. esquire2

            The RINOs could Stop the criminal attack on our Constitution, but they LACK THE COURAGE.

            It is a Simple task for Congress to act under its fiduciary responsibility (legal DUTY) to IMPEACH the imposter in the White House.
            But that would require “integrity”, which is totally lacking in Washington, DC.

        3. esquire2

          I agree with your premise, but you forget that American voters changed the face of Congress from Blue to Red …. and it is the RED RINOs who have “allowed” most of this to happen.

          A Curse on those RINOs …. and ‘but for’ the Bible that teaches us
          “Let not the sins of the fathers be visited on the sons!”, I would extend that curse to their families.
          America is being betrayed by the CORRUPT political class … in both parties.
          As of now, only Trump and Carson have yet to be inflicted with the political cancer that Kills America.
          So I’m back on the Trump wagon … which I left because he shows No Respect for his opponents … to which at this point I say “What the H3LL!”
          I don’t trust Marco (Shumer) Rubio to deal from the top of the deck, and Cruz still needs to clean up his act.
          Anyone supported by the RNC Must Be “On the Take”! … are you listening Kasich?

      2. truthseeker

        We need someone like Donald Trump that will be tough. Ted Cruz did agree with Trump that he can Deport these Illegals and they do not have the right to fight it in Court. Funny how Cruz was so quiet about this fact until asked today by Fox’s. We cannot afford to have these Muslims demanding to take our Jobs and demand that they get to Pray every 15 Minutes to their Allah .

        1. esquire2

          The world needs to Stand Up To muslims and to expose Islam for the “political ideology” that it is, which means to DENY the claim that Islam is a religion.
          Muslims intend to “take over the World” under the pretense that it is a “religious” movement. In TRUTH, jihad is a short name for TERRORISM ! ! !

        2. Insurgent

          Plus we owe these whore-mongers NOTHING————-if they come to our country THEY must adapt———-we should NOT change a thing for them. The reason they come here is because they live in $hitholes and then they complain about America when they come here.

          muslims only want to conquer and destroy!!!!!

    2. Freedom Rules

      I believe with the right president “Trump” we can pull out of NAFTA, I heard its a non binding agreement, same with TPP.

    3. jimdaddy

      Ford builds a ton of cars in Mexico. Chrysler also builds a ton in Mexico. Gm builds a lot of their production in Canada and China. So Uaw workers get to suck 3 world tit!!!!!!!!!!

      1. James

        UAW; Teamsters; USW; Longshoremen; they are all destroying their own jobs by making outrageous demands on business. They need to start cleaning house and make American production “lean” again, by removing lazy; incompetent workers who “work the system”. I have been in many union factories throughout my life, under many various unions, and every one of them is the same. The coddle the trouble makers, as long as they vote for their agendas’ and especially if they join in their parties!

        1. gunnygil

          They also backed NAFTA totally and the ones I spoke to about it would not listen to reason. The Union bosses said/ordered the membership to back and they did, now they are feeling the double cross

        2. esquire2

          Can’t do that …. Unions, including SEIU, are part of the DUMBOCRAT coalition to advance socialism and communism in America. Thank the RNC for Not running against them.

          1. drrocko

            Ford and Carrier Air Conditioning just announced they are moving plants to Mexico ! Unions strike again !

    4. jr_hkkdo

      I like Trump very much also. He will be the 800 pound alpha-male gorilla that the country needs right now. Having said that, you do realize that a 35% (or 50%) tariff will drastically increase the cost of a Ford in the US, which will arguably light a fire under inflation in our country, until/unless Ford decides to move its factory back here. Everything has positives and negatives…can’t be helped.

      1. Cookie Vranish

        Of course the union people will cry very loud! They are the ones sucking the life out of our economy. Public employees are the worst!

        1. esquire2

          Public employee unions must be “banned”! The government is Not a private sector employer, therefore, there is No Management to represent the taxpayers at the Bargaining table.
          The NLRB in this White House is Pro-Union / Anti-Management.

      2. truthseeker

        If Donald Trump would agree to give Ford and the rest a reprieve on taxes for the cost to move back to the states. If no one can afford a car, Ford knows they will have to eat the profits and can state they cannot afford to pay for the High wages at this present time and hire those who demand the $15.00 an hour to work for them.

      3. Moe

        I remember when the clothing industry went basically to China and over seas for cheap labor. Everyone bought their goods, putting American companies that made products here go under. Now when was the last time you went shopping for clothes? We pay more and get a double screw. Bill Clinton and the democrats said the global economy and the republicans jumped in.
        Now Mr Dishonesty, created PPA trade agreement and the republicans jump on it. Two things have to happened, Obama and his goons got to go away, and there has to be term limits in congress so few can buy our representatives. Trump has to offer more and better opportunities to minorities, while helping the middle class recovery after the last two administrations. One good thing about Obama’s victory, he made it possible for an honest African American to be President, if possible, now as soon as I can think of another good thing about his presidency, I will get back to you, don’t hold your breath.

    5. GT90ford

      Would that not cripple GM (all US Auto Makers) who have their engines and transmissions, along with other parts being made in Mexico, not to mention the Government Bailout, which has yet to be paid back to the people.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Cookie Vranish

        GM has been crippled ever since Obama stole the money from the bond holders and gave it to the UAW pension plan. There should have been an orderly bankruptcy at that time and GM start over. But votes from the UAW over ride fixing the problem!

    6. DangRight

      You do realize that without businesses doing well the economy doesn’t do well, right?
      The problem is that the US tax code, EPA, and unions, beg companies to leave the US. If you would make home more hospitable, they would likely stay put.
      Screwing them until they leave, then screwing them after they leave, until you put them out of business, doesn’t sound like a sound economic plan to me.

    7. truthseeker

      I believe Ford Motor Company is using this to leverage out the UAW ( United Auto Workers Union) At present the workers make $100. dollars an hour. Way to much and it is almost impossible to fire them. A rehire with new terms that would remove the Unions from the Bargaining table will be the end result.

    8. John

      The problem with tariffs is that people who buy cars will have to pay more. New cars will be more expensive and used cars will follow suit, because, why keep prices of U.S. made cars down if import prices go up? No company has a money tree in the back lot. We who buy cars and other things pay all tariffs, business taxes, costs of regulations, and so on. I used to be a socialist until I had economics in high school. Please show me where I’m wrong.

      1. Michael Smith

        As long as the company makes a profit it will continue in business. The almighty dollar profit is what rules the current business systems. They want more and more profit, irregardless as to their business practices hurting americans by killing their jobs and moving overseas. Why can’t they understand how their business actions are hurting both the american workers and themselves in the long run. If people aren’t working then they cannot afford to purchase a new car/truck. Profit is one thing, but American business are just greedy.

    9. Daniel from TN

      That’s a good idea, but one of the conditions of NAFTA is no import duty or tariffs among member nations. The only way to start charging those fees on Mexican imports again is if the USA completely withdraws from the treaty. One certain hotspot will have snowfall before that happens.

  3. Michael Smith

    I personally think Ford will not start any construction until they know for sure if Donald Trump is going to be elected President. They won’t go to Mexico if Trump WINS!!!!
    They loose any incentives for moving to Mexico if they are going to be hit with a high tariff.

    1. KingDon

      Everyone is missing one glaring point. Even if Trump is able to get elected, the RNC will block whatever he tries to do the entire time he is in office. He’s not one of them. They’ll be joining forces with their buddies at the DNC to block his every move. they’re going to make certain that he fails in office so they can go back to the old system where the RNC and DNC just pass the power baton back and forth every 4 or 8 years. The two political groups are no more real than professional wrestlers. It’s all just a game to keep the fans of each group cheering their side on – kind of like football or baseball.

        1. 3CatLady

          We’ll wait and see if the RNC and GOP establishment try and trash a Trump candidacy at the national convention in July should he be We, the people’s nominee. That could be a death of Lincoln’s party, the Republicans. If they don’t want to die, they have to work with Trump and not against him. (BTW, Rubio is the GOP’s man.) Go Trump!

          1. Joe

            Yes. Rubio is the Establishment candidate. Unfortunately, I voted for Rubio in 2010 since he was the Tea Party candidate for U.S. Senate. We were duped. Never Again! Go Trump!

          2. Will

            The fact that the news media is going all in for Trump makes me nervous. As soon as the alphabets and fox start trumpeting, I’ll decide the the don is a fake, too.

        1. Will

          Seven years ago. That the towel was never vetted, before the election in 2008 bodes ill for the republic.

          1. SDofAZ

            Vote the towels support out at every opportunity. McCain is running in AZ and we are after him this go round most definitely. There needs to be a culling and it actually began in 2014.

      1. Wildeagleone

        The difference is that if they block all that the Republican Nominee (new President from the Republicans side of the aisle) they will find that every one of them, no matter how slow and how much time it takes, will be voted out of office and their bodyguards salaries will be coming out of their pocket and not the taxpayers. After that the world court will be very busy hearing espionage charges pertaining to all that have been complacent in the demise of this country

      2. roy paul shields

        You hit it on the head Don; Trump is the only one who can pull America out of the nose dive the rag head in the oval has put us in. If the Republican party continues to fight Trump “When he is in the oval he should start a third party and I would no longer be a Republican”. The only reason I am a Republican is they seem like the lessor of two evils. Semper Fi. 51-56 GOD BLESS AMERICA

        1. Will

          Every presidential vote I’ve Ever cast has been based on the ‘least worse’ candidate. The have all been NWO, globalist lackey’s that were only the best choice because the other candidate was even worse. I even voted for mitt… Man, I am sick of clowns that want to destroy me. Really sick of it.

          1. Eileen Jones

            If you , like a lot of my friends , voted for Obama…..HOW IS ALL THAT HOPE AND CHANGE WORKING OUT FOR YOU ?????

          2. Will

            I knew that he was a Manchurian candidate and was probably a towel in 2007. Don’t blame this latest trash on me. I did, however vote for little george (another slimeball and destroyer of liberty) twice. You can blame that on me, even though, I believe he was (here we go again) the ‘least worse’. Every administration since JFK has unconstitutionally stolen more authority from the states, and taken it for the federal government. The soft tyranny that we are feeling now, will become soviet-style, thugs in the streets, tyranny with any loud-mouthed malcontents like me being rounded up in the middle of the night for quiet execution. If you had paid more attention to reading my comment above, you might have noticed that I said, “I even voted for mitt”. This game of life we are currently losing, is Not “my guy is better than your guy” but rather it is ‘those guys (neocon rino’s and neocom’s against us guys (the American citizens). Continue to try to shout down your dem leaning friends and neighbors instead of sticking to constitutional issues and You will continue to be part of the problem. Thank You for Your consideration.

        1. Dana Preston

          NO. Trump cannot Fire Congress. YOU must FIRE Congress in EVERY ELECTION which is EVERY YEAR when their term ends and they are runnng Again.

          People NEED to start paying attention and Start Voting in EVERY Election which is EVERY YEAR. This is how YOU Weed Out the BAD RINO’s.

          1. Will

            True. How did mitch, mccain or beoner ever keep getting re-elected? Don’t people Watch what their congressmen and women do?

          2. SDofAZ

            They lie like rugs. But since his election the rino divide in congress came into the light and scrutiny. AZ constituents, all that I know are voting against him. McCain es persona non grata.

          3. SDofAZ

            And dem wit dems who supported BO, looks like ALL dems did. Fire them all. Party lines were more important than their constituents. Weak traitors all.

        2. Richard

          Trump has a big mouth and when the RINOs and Dems start pulling their crap in the back room he will let the People know loud and clear to the point needed for recalls and more.
          TRUMP 2016

        3. SDofAZ

          He can have an impact on all the federal agencies including the DOJ and DHS and IRS who are the main support for BO’s agenda. The congress reordering is our job. Vote the trash out at every opportunity. McCain is up this year in AZ. We are after him and the same has to happen in every state. Rinos and dem wits have to go!

      3. Eileen Jones

        If he gets elected Pres. by a large margin….YOU can bet WE THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE HIS BACK…and the wimps in Congress will then feel our wrath !!!!

        1. Will

          The “wimps” in congress will continue to obey the ‘one world’ elites (bankers, military contractors and the pharmaceutical cartel) until such a time as we concentrate on electing those who will state in their campaign, that they will honor the constitution above the NWO elites. I believe we will see, in the next twelve years, the dissolution of national borders (world-wide, not just ours) and we will see all nations come under the umbrella of the United Nations and international law. One more “living document” adherent in the supreme court, and it will take much less than twelve years for the USA to go down.

          1. Tomahawk

            Soros is a proponent of “no borders”. He’s up to his eyeballs in it in Europe. Look how that’s going for them. And it’s just getting started.

      4. rathole9

        All I can say is let’s hope Trump gets elected and he backs his words up with actions, and hopefully we will get rid of all of the Rinos and the Socialist Democrats as far as congressman and senators are concerned in this election also

        1. woulddy

          trump ain’t gonna backup SFA . He’s all mouth and very little in the way of brains. Don’t give me the crap about his billions; for a guy who started out with a bundle he should have a lot more. Why isn’t he showing his income tax returns I wonder I bet he’s lying about his wealth.

      5. James

        You may be right; but then again, we the people can change that in year three; if we have the backbone to do so!

      6. Cookie Vranish

        Trump can do the same as Ronald Reagan and hold weekly TV reports to the public on what the crooked politicians are doing.

          1. roy paul shields

            The war drums are getting louder; Be prepared. Keep your powder dry, and lots of it. Put Trump in the oval office and pull America out of the nose dive the rag head in the oval has put us in. Semper Fi. 51-56 GOD BLESS AMERICA

      7. Richard

        Partly true, KingDon, but enough of the American people are on to this scam and something will break soon as in civil war because I don’t believe the RINOs and Dems will back down and the People have just about had it.

    2. jimdaddy

      Yo dude! Ford has been building a shit load of cars in Mexico for at least 10 years. Anytime you see Ho in the vin it is Mexiican !!!!!!!!

    3. 3CatLady

      But NAFTA would have to be cancelled before anything could be done to reverse the flow of jobs south. But that brings up a question: if Ford and other companies are moving jobs to Mexico, why is the US being invaded by illegals from the southern boarder looking for jobs? Or is that an oxymoronic question?

      1. The Old Chip

        You’re right, these “honest,” “hardworking immigrants” came here all on their own; no one went to mexico or points south and forced them here at gunpoint. They’re ILLEGAL alien trespassers that are going to do just as they please; “We don need no stinkin green card”.
        One survey of recent ILLEGAL aliens showed that 80% of the ILLEGALS already had a job in mexico. mexico has an unemployment rate at about 4% and so many of them have come here ILLEGALLY that in some parts of mexico, there are actually labor shortages.
        A mexican proverb and rallying cry for ILLEGAL aliens – Si no hago trampa no salir adelante. If you don’t cheat you don’t get ahead.

        Keep a sharp watch and Prime the Guns for November.
        Worthless politicians are elected by good citizens who don’t vote.

      2. Will

        The truth is that we really need a repeal congress. Honestly, THAT is what we should be shouting about.
        GATT, NAFTA, NDAA, Patriot Act, ACA and all other ‘acts’ that even smell of anti-American tyranny.

        1. Will

          They can vastly improve their standard of living while working for half of what it takes an American family to live. The world government, world currency elite think that anyone not of the elite class should do the same. That is where the big push around the world for open borders is from.

        1. The Old Chip

          To them, it’s just like hitting the lottery. One survey of recently arrived ILLEGAL aliens showed that 80% of them had a job in mexico.

        2. Will

          Maybe in L.A. John, but where I live, in farm country they are hard-working folk who take their kids to mass on sunday. Their kids of course attend public schools where they are having their minds poisoned against the evil USA.

        1. The Old Chip

          Sure it does, the potential recipient is given a map to the United States AND instructions on how to fill out the paperwork when he gets there.
          Just as a side; USDA advertises the food stamp program (SNAP, WIC) in mexico and in mexican consulates in the US.
          Dollars forced from taxpayers, just like those forced union dues.

          Remember in November!

      3. Will

        In the Nafta zone, the mexican government wouldn’t let foreign countries (this was during willy-bob in 1996) pay mexicans more than $8/day. The Ford plant in Monterey was paying mexicans $15/day back in 1978. The nafta zone workers had to live in applicance boxes, in ‘the zone’ while the mex government just wanted to get US companies paying mexican taxes at any cost (to the peons, of course). That is why they come here, flooding the ‘uneducated and kids jobs’ portion of the labor market.

    4. DangRight

      Ford has been in Mexico for 90 years. This new plant is to build engines and transmissions. It was announce by Ford back in April 2015. It’s not exactly news. Ford has plants in 67 countries around the world. I like to see an American company do well. Especially one that didn’t take a government bailout and illegal “settlement” of assets.

  4. Ibcamn

    we all knew the powers that be turned us into a consume nation,not a producing nation as we once were….now we are paying the price because the progressives have been converting this country to a tyrannical ruling class and socialistic society right before your eyes and while all of you were busy yelling conspiracy theorist and pointing fingers at those who knew what was going on and saying we are tin foil hat wearing idiots,it happened………..right in front of you while your eyes were wide open!now who’s the idiot?

  5. JC

    I absolutely believe that Trump can bring those jobs back to us—in the auto industry and many other industries—all we the people have to do is vote for him and he will get it done !!!!

    1. Joe

      It is worth a try….but “the Powers That Be” have plans for a New World Order and laugh at us every 4 years when we elect a new President.

  6. SDofAZ

    Trump needs to redo the NAFTA agreement. Even if Mexico thinks they will not pay for that wall, it will cost em. And tariff’s for any american company who sends jobs elsewhere. They are not our companies anymore so no access without cost to this market either. Just like China, etc. Boy, our negotiators in the country have sure been asleep at the wheel for decades.

  7. Wildeagleone

    When t he Congress gets their heads out of their anus’s and starte to use their eyes to see what the hell they are allowing to go on before them, maybe, just maybe they will take their jobs seriously ans stop this Muslim in the White House from all activity that is detrimental to this country’s survival

  8. Sisyphus

    The regulatory and tax burden on US companies is chasing the productivity out of this country.
    Stupid contracts with unions are an issue as well. (as stated above)

    Some should have seen that when it becomes cheaper to ship products (cars in this case) half way around the world, than to build locally, there is something seriously wrong.

  9. AllenBarclayAllen


    19 trillion to China ! Billions to Mexico ! Billions to our enemies in islamic countries ! Well Of Course their right ! Republicans and Democrats went for these STUPID Trade Agreements NAFTA and GATT totally disregarding they PISSED OFF OUR ALLIES ! Destroyed Fishing Industries in France ! Destroyed our Citrus Crop in Florida !

    1. Austinniceguy

      And we could go on and on with OlBluegums and his lies about global warming and the jobs that is costing us. His killing of the Keystone pipeline and the 60-70,000 jobs that cost us. Then there are the many jobs that are being lost to the POS healthcare program he shoved down our throats!!! We could write until we pass out with everything this moron has done to kill our economy.

    2. Will

      Congress doesn’t right these bills nor are they in on the negotiations. These ‘trade pacts’ are written to benefit the elites who plan to control the world after they destroy what we built. The bills come through a channel that includes the council on foreign relations. There is no input from congress allowed and it is simply an up or down vote. Which, through threats and intimidation, always seems to pass no matter is we elect ‘conservatives’ or “rat-fink communist dems”.

  10. Austinniceguy

    Still if Burnout Panders or Shitlery get into office this will become a regular occurrence. They believe that taxing us at every turn is the way to pay for huge government and couldn’t care less about losing millions of jobs. OlBluegums cost us plenty of jobs with his trade agreement as well as killing the Keystone pipeline. The demoncraps don’t care about how they destroy this once great country, they just care that they get the job done. Perot was right back then and Trump is right this time. We don’t have ANY MORE CHANCES to pick the wrong president, this IS the end of the road for us. One more wrong choice and be prepared to not only be taxed to death, consider yourself fortunate if you have a job. The ACA is another job killer that hasn’t really started to steamroll over the small businesses it promises to shut down in the next couple of years.

  11. Seedman

    Just massive! Mexico has so many businesses moving to Mexico that it will need to open its borders to bring in cheap labor! I Trus-Ted Cruz with my support and eventual vote for president!

  12. The Fox

    The socialist unions are destroying more companies then anything else. At one time they were good but, have out lived their purpose and no need of one if a person shows up for work does his or her job, it is socialist by nature and the big shots are reaping the money period.

    1. The Old Chip

      General Motors, aka, Government Motors or Obama Motors; with the BILLIONS in taxpayer’s bailout cash, invested $540 MILLION and is producing about a thousand jobs with an engine plant IN central Mexico.

  13. PPTA

    Everything Trump has said has been right. Including his wanting to stop the Muslims until they are properly vetted, including the wall on the border and stopping the illegals. Including getting smart people to negotiate the trade deals. Including the Mideast and Russian foreign Policy, including the economy, including, he “Takes No Money so Doesn’t Owe any Favors”. And Rubio wants to know how he plans to make America Great Again? Rubio is nuts, if Trump says anything they will crucify him and say it will not work. Later they will change it a bit and say that was what they were going o do.. Let Rubio and Cruz figure out their own plan.

  14. Ernie2nd

    And you dopes think D J Trump is the answer ?!? He talks the talk knowing what you want to hear, but will become an Executive Order monster from the middle because he doesn’t know how to get along with people. Please learn how to read devious people, because he is relying on the dopes of America to get him into the POTUS, where he will not walk the walk. Cruz is the real deal and will prevent us a Hillary disaster while righting the broken Federal Presidency of Obama.

    1. American Me

      If all that crap was true about Trump he would never have made Billions of dollars and grown his company to what it is today.

  15. Ken Kastely

    Ross Perot said that the U.S. has to be run like a business. He also said that IF this country was a business, it would be OUT OF BUSINESS thanks to the mind boggling poor money management by our government. We NEED a business man in office and Trump is a damn good business man. Yes, he has had financial troubles in the past but he DID recover and pull himself out of trouble. And he didnt do it by robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    Mr. Trump is what this country NEEDS!! A no BS business man who is NOT PC and not afraid to make a hard decision. We can not survive with another Obamanation in office.

    1. A natural born American

      Do you remember how poorly the D&R candidates were doing rather poorly until one of them stole some of Ross Perot’s best ideas and presented them as his own? Ross Perot wasn’t the #1 preferred candidate BUT he WAS doing well enough that the other candidates felt threatened. That’s why billyboy clinton stole his agenda. And look who won. Should have been Perot. The real deal. At least all those women who had to ‘pay their dues’ into the clinton WH with bj’s might have ‘just said no’!

    2. Will

      Any president who, like Harry Truman, defies the elite will be hammered by the corporate press and will have to spend his tenure ‘holed up” in the oval office, just like Harry Truman did after the elite tried to assassinate he three times. Trump just might have the cajones to do it, but I have my doubts. JFK could have used Harry’s example, but he underestimated his opponents and overestimated the people of the country to protect him.

  16. cedarcreekman

    Put a tariff on all the jackasses that will choke the shit out of their bottom line! Ford, GM, Carrier Air Conditioning and all the rest of the turn coat RATS!

    1. Will

      The NWO elites would order the CIA to kill any congressman who introduces a bill that would save this country.

  17. Alan404

    In answer to the question regarding the exodus of American jobs, yes I believe it will continue, though it seems some are returning, without much regard to who is president. Another question that might remain to be answered is, Will Americans buy these Mexican Made Fords?

    1. Francisco Machado

      If the Mexican made Fords cost considerably less than an equivalent car made in the U.S., that will answer the question for you. Within this country, states compete with one another to attract businesses. Countries do the same thing, and it’s a fierce competition. The United States has pretty much dropped out of that competition, which is why business goes abroad. Federal agencies even strive to find ways to discourage manufacturers from making anything here. We’re not friendly to business – and Hillary proposes – no, promises – to increase regulation and taxes. It’s her way of attracting businesses. She thinks. Obama proposes a ten dollar a barrel tax on petroleum – just when we were getting a break on energy prices. If oil is $40 the barrel, that’s a 25% tax. the cost of drilling, refining, transporting are all affected by that because they all use energy. Think of that the next time you buy heating oil – think what it does for an energy intensive company like steel. From which Fords are made.

      1. Alan404

        Will they cost “considerably less”, I’m curious re that. Other than that, interesting points you make.

  18. Jorge Salomon

    This has become a who done it issue. It is literally an everybody blame the other side issue. Where did it start and, most important…lets all band to stop it.

    The manufacturer wants more productivity. The Unions want more money. So, the cat chases the tail. But, the cat needs to stop for a brief and, try to figure a way to stop going in circles and meet half way. Otherwise, feeble mindedness and, bull headedness, will just continue to ship our economic stability to people that do not really give a flying shit about the US of A. all they want is to make the Gringo dollar and send back across the border so that their crooked government takes it all away from them. If they re-invest their money back into the US economy, then O`kay so be it. Mr. Trump… PlEASE, PLEASE build the wall. I will personally help you lay the first bricks.

  19. mickeymike2

    The US is (or maybe was) the world’s biggest business. We need businessmen to run it, not career politicians. In business terms, our government is overhead. The bigger it is, the more overhead we have and the more has to come out of our pockets to run it. Of course, now we don’t even have enough money to run it (18 trillion in debt now . . . wait that might have been yesterday, I think it’s 19 trillion now) and we will have less and less money the more jobs and businesses that we export to other countries. In other countries they work to encourage business. In America we paid people tons of money to create 80,000 pages of new regulations this past year. . . all designed to stifle business and send businesses out of our country.

  20. Blogengeezer

    The ‘Progressive’ solution is to Raise the US minimum wage even more, so that Everyone, Fairly and Equally can “raise a family”, own a home and buy two new cars…. from Mexico.

    Dreamers enjoy their own imaginations. Too bad the world does not operate on dream state imaginary fairylands. Try something new, elect Bernie Sanders, and Hugo Chavez, ‘Obamas admired leader’, will appear as a wondrous prophet of glorious things to come.

  21. Bill Fioretti

    Donald Trump does not buy Fords. He touts the cars and trucks he owns. The vast majority are from Germany, Japan and Italy… A couple are U.S. brands…. None are Fords. Wittingly or unwittingly, he is personally supporting foreign car companies relative to the domestic producers. Quite a hypocrite for criticizing a company he doesn’t do business with.

  22. Jorge Salomon

    To Alan 404……I do not know about the rest of the people but, every time I have bought a vehicle,I look at the vin number. If it does not commence with a number 1 or 2 ( 1 U.S / 2 Canada ), I pass it up. Maybe all of Us americans, should do the same and, perhaps that will send a good message to the automotive corporate industry in Mowtown Detroit, Mich that WE THE PEOPLE have had enough B.S from them. I am willing to bet that when the Fords,Buicks, Chevys, Caddy`s,lincoln`s,Dodges, etc,etc start to pile up, Made In America will begin to sound great again.

  23. dtk1952

    I refuse to buy a Dodge, Ford, or GM product that was not made in the USA. I’d buy a Toyota Camry before buying a Ford Fusion.

    1. American Me

      I agree.I will not buy any cars Ford or other that are made in Mexico.If all Americans refuse to buy them,maybe they will rethink their move south of the border.Although I do agree that the auto workers are paid too much in our country.That is why cars cost so much now,thanks to the unions.

      1. dtk1952

        Notice that I said any not made in USA. GM has some made in Canada, China, and who knows where else. If I buy foreign made it will be foreign named. That’s where I keep messing up. I forget that Ovomit forced Chrysler into Fiat’s grubby paws. They were supposed to bring their small car technology here. But, instead they stole the jeep and are making Jeep in Italy. Even though Chrysler, mainly Dodge and Jeep used to be my favorite company, I won’t buy one now. Yes, you are right, those union coffee breaks are expensive to pay for.

  24. miz forever

    I like Trump’s suggestion of a 35% tax on any product imported into the US by a US based company. They want the protection afforded a company in America but won’t help support the costs associated with that protection. Nuts. Stick it to them.

  25. DollyT

    It’s not only the Federal Governments high handed actions that have increased the costs of doing business here in the USA but the Greedy Unions as well. I would like to see us get rid of NAFTA get rid of Government and Union interference and slap a high Tarriff on goods brought back into the USA until a balance is negotiated. Trump can do this.

  26. Jorge Salomon

    To Dolly T…..I am not a UNION member nor fan. However, I dont think the unions have all the blame.

  27. Albert L Biele

    You have Hillary and Sanders telling young voters that everything is free, and when we ask them who’s going to pay, their immediate response is; the rich will pay, we’ll just have to tax the crap out of them. The rich are already moving assets and businesses out of the country, and taking 10’s of thousands of jobs with them i.e. the money needed to pay for the free stuff will move to foreign lands, and they’ll be taking tens of thousands of jobs along with them. Between the increase in unemployment, and the loss of taxes from businesses leaving the country, there won’t be enough money collected in taxes to pay for the white house telephone bill. Trump hit the nail on the head, lowering the corporate tax will bring American businesses and jobs back to America, and unless we come to our senses, this county is going belly-up!!!! Remembering that nothing in life is free!!!! Before these candidates make any more promises, they should buy a calculator!!!!

    Member of The American Legion and Author of: “INSURGENCY where are the patriots.

    1. Will

      The ‘rich’ that are truly rich enough to pay for it are the NWO cartel that stole the productivity of the world. They AINT gonna give it back. When the university students were lead to start protesting the ‘1%’ I knew immediately that they had been lead by elitists. The one hundredth or one thousandth of 1% have the money stolen from business and the people of the world. The low end of the 1% make a quarter million a year. They couldn’t pay us out of debt if they made that much for ten thousand years. We are an easily lead society. Not so bright, not so cerebral.

      1. Albert L Biele

        I agree; we have a society that is totally misinformed, believing what people say and what they do. Simple math will tell them that the free stuff promised cannot be mathematically paid for by the 1%, secondly, over-taxed cooperation are moving their operation to other countries. If we raise their taxes again, the only people that will remain are those looking for “free-stuff.” And when they graduate, they’ll be no jobs because the major job producing companies would have already shifted their businesses to a foreign country. The democrats are telling young Americans, that they’re going to give them free stuff, but not one of these bureaucrats has volunteered to contribute a single red-cent out of their own pockets, but rather, initiate higher taxes for large businesses, which are already leaving the country in large numbers. Wake-up young America, you’re following the Pied Piper into the lake of dilution. Nothing is free!!!

    2. The Old Chip

      Most certainly, you have it right, but everything is presented as, FREE. The part kept real quiet is the fact that the government makes NO product, unless you count printing money; and sells nothing, unless you count endless Bull S**t, and the only way government can hand out money is by stealing it from someone else.
      Another thing is taxpayer money being represented as, Federal Funds, as if it’s manna coming from heaven and not money confiscated from real people known as taxpayers.

        1. The Old Chip

          Thanks, after all too many years I’m finally catching on to this, “thinking” thing.
          In 2009, there was a long line of applicants for a housing subsidy being offered in a low-income neighborhood. One woman in line was asked where the money came from?
          Her answer was, “obama”!
          Well, where does obama get the money from?
          “I don’t know, he’s the president, I guess he has a private stash somewhere!” (I think that, private stash, was the 2009, Porkulus Bill/Slush Fund.)
          So, you’re right, most people, welfare or not, don’t seem to get the concept of, or the idea that their paycheck is related to “Government” money. You probably know some, “I never see the money, I just have it taken out of my paycheck”. They didn’t see it; it never happened! Worse is the, “I get a huge refund at the end of the year”. Lost is that they just loaned the government their money, such as it is, interest-free, for an entire year; Groan!

  28. aikenguy

    democrat and too many Republicans embraced the myth that it was all George Bush’s fault. They still blame Bush after 7 years of the muslim, communist Obama’ There is only one proven reason why American manufacturers leave America and go elsewhere. It is strictly due to unions who ask for absurd wages for workers, take their dues and squander it on democrat politicians. That is proven facts for the lowering of union members. It is also why intelligent States passing Freedom to work- without joying a union . In the 1950′ and 60’s,70’s the auto manufacturers gave into unions high wage concessions because they were selling cars at inflated prices and it got the executive’s high bonuses They knew that eventually their later replacement executives would have to deal with the problem. They did. Please reread the above. OBUMMER”S answer was to bestow the taxpayer money in the billions of dollars to bail out GM, etc. – but not Ford. American citizens (taxpayers) never saw a cent of it. Yet they vote democrat. Hard to believe, but they did it twice?
    Vote Republican unless you want even more of the same with Hillary. Good God!

  29. Frank

    Of course the LSM and democratic party will play this down, bury it. They have African Americans, Latinos and ignorant whites to manipulate.

    1. Will

      Well true. Democrats Used to be the workin’ mans friend. Now they just try to appeal to unAmerican ideals and fight for freebees for the folks that used to be workin’ men to keep them voting. What a joke our leadership has become since the warren court started the ‘living document’ farce and trashed our constitution.

  30. Della Furlow Wicks

    Trump usually always right! Won’t be long til everybody’s saying”dam Trump was right about the Muslims ,refugees,terrorist..the whole bit! The man stays several chess plays ahead of everybody else but nobody wants to give him credit!!

  31. Lummi

    I can’t remember a time when the United States managed to break even on an international trade agreement. We always seem to end up giving away the store, and losing a lot more than we gain. On the domestic side of the ledger, our own government puts up so many regulatory obstacles that foreign companies don’t face that it’s amazing that we do as well as we do. The government’s Pollyanna attitude that the US alone can counter the social and environmental shortcomings and/or neglect of foreign nations by imposing ever more stringent restrictions on our own industries is a no win situation for us. And we certainly can’t overlook the negative role that rapacious unions play in encouraging. Every job has a finite compensation value based on its importance to the employer’s service or manufacturing processes. It’s unrealistic to expect to be paid more year after year for doing the same job, especially if you are not bringing more value through increased skills or efficiencies. Unions seem to ignore the fact that corporations aren’t philanthropies or non-profits. If a company can get a job done for thirty percent less off shore than for the same job here, and the quality is equal, labor and governmental interference much less, no prudent manager is going to simply ignore those facts.

  32. GT90ford

    I have yet to hear how Trump plans to implement his so-called policies, not one word! It’s troubling that the exit polls show how many registered Democrats are voting for him. He’s like Obama, he didn’t explain his policies either, the difference is, Obama was electable. I find this disturbing that over 40% of Republicans would rather endure Hillary than vote for Trump…I am no Trump fan, but would vote for him if he was the nominee. But he cannot win in the General Election.

  33. Dana Preston

    Something I’ve noticed, the people Voting for Trump (which I like, BUT…) have NO CLUE that TED CRUZ will be DOING the SAME that Trump Promises you, because Cruz has been FIGHTING his WHOLE Career for all those things you hear Trump’s for. Cruz has said it FIRST but people don’t follow closely so they don’t know that. Ted Cruz has a PROVEN Record. Trump needs to be VP to Cruz and that would be the BEST Choice American can EVER have in History. These 2 together (heads) would be Wonderful for Americans and OUR CountrB. but Trump’s Mouth and Temperment should NOT be President, only VP. That could get us in a VERY Fatal War on American Soil.

  34. Jack Magurn

    Too late! The South Carolina Republican primary has just given the hated republican Establishment a viable (in the sense Rubio finished second to Trump and their first choice Jeb dropped out) horse in the Presidential race. The Establishment will do everything in their power to make Rubio the Republican nominee, ensuring that even if this results in a Democrat defeat NOTHING WILL CHANGE!

  35. Biker 1955

    Also the latest is Carrier Heating and AC Manufacturer in Indianapolis, IN. They recently told their employees they are losing their jobs early 2017. being moved to MEXICO. Not just the regulations, healthcare, taxes, UNION !!! In negotiation with the Union to work on saving jobs. Maybe the union members someday think for the good of the country instead of what’s in it for me the next time they vote!!! How’s that hope and change working?

  36. Paul Brown

    Everybody wants to move their businesses out of this country because of the tax rate put on business today by this idiotic Islamic dictating terrorist pig. Companies can no longer stay in business with the bullshit that the DEMONcraps have put on them just to make more money so this asshole can spend some more. That is why we will be voting for the one man who knows business very well, Donald J. Trump.

    1. Will

      These taxes are just the beginning, Paul. After thirty-six years of borrow and spend rigganomics, we are buried in unpayable debt with no option but to pay the interest (no matter how high the fed jams it) and keep on borrowing. There will be no ‘jubilee’ or bankruptcy. This phenomenon is world-wide. Working people, business and government are totally enslaved to the rothschild central banks. Only five out of over 130 central banks are not controlled by the rothschilds. Lybia used to be one of them before the US destroyed the country, Syria happens to be another, if you were wondering why we are helping isis attack the syrian dictator. When one of the major economy’s ( US, European union, Japan, China) comes down, who-ever crashes first will drag the rest down, like the upstream dam breaking and the flood taking out the downstream dams. This will be the time when the rothschild/rockefeller banking cartel institutes the world currency and world governance. Taxes will be extreme Everywhere before this happens, and the people of the world will be clamoring for a new system.

      1. Paul Brown

        This is what we get for electing a communist Islamic dictator to the highest office in the land. They said this filthy pig will bring this country down, and he already has. We are in bankruptcy right now, Webster’s explains bankruptcy as, when you owe more that you take in, we owe more than we are taking in right now. This country is running on borrowed time right now, it cannot keep going the way it is now anymore. This Islamic dictator has already destroyed this country as he set out to do. He wanted a new world order according to his and islam, and a new one world currency. He will not stop until he gets what he wants.

  37. El

    Trump should make it so expensive to pay for the Mexican cars that it would put them out of business. We can get Japanese cars that are better anyway. Somehow, we must have businesses that are American.

  38. Dan Menard

    “Will this exodus of jobs continue…” Under Democratic leadership you can make bet on it and that it will continue! It has been under Democratic leadership that this exodus started, is currently perpetuated and will continue into the future. The Democrats just don’t know any other industrial model to follow!
    On the other hand, if a conservative with an actual successful business background is elected then perhaps the tide can be turned, with businesses staying in or returning to our own country. Just perhaps prosperity can once again can be the expected norm in American industry and its workers.
    It has to be understood though that even the best of business manager are vulnerable to the unknown and unseen twist of markets. So, don’t expect 100% successes. But, if for the most part the manager is successful you will have a declared winner in industry and as a nation. But, that maybe “in the long run.” Keep looking for brighter days, America!

    1. Will

      It has continued on unabated since rigganomics hit in fan in 1982. The great farm out started back in the early 1970’s when tricky dick stiffed the Japanese for their gold and took us off the gold standard. It really ramped up when rreagan destroyed commercial manufacturing in the eighties. He acted stupid so people wouldn’t expect much from him but he was far from stupid. He was in fact the last president we elected that actually had a classical education and he Knew that farming out the commercial manufacturing combined with borrowing over two trillion in pork for his military contractor benefactors (three of whom supplied 20% of his campaign donations) would cripple this nation and be the kick that sent us beyond the point of no return. He was a Christian, and told the greatest speeches I’ve ever heard, even better than willy-bob. He knew what he was doing couldn’t be fixed and he did it anyway. From that I concluded that he was forced/threatened into it. Every administration since, has took it’s queue from borrow and spend reaganism.

  39. ZACAL

    If Trump is elected not only will those jobs stay here, millions will be coming back. The free trade agreement might have sounded like a good idea, however, it has gutted our supply of high paying jobs. It was tried, it failed.

  40. Coffee49

    Going back to isolationism AND closing the borders until the UN and imf are eradicated from this earth

  41. caligirl1960

    I have owned Ford cars my whole life,after hearing this I will not be if it’s not made in the U.S.A. I don’t want it I would rather take public transportation. We need Trump to turn things around!

  42. DocBVN71

    Trump has spoken many times on the loss of jobs to other countries. While NAFTA and other trade imbalances are certainly part of the problem, the article states the main cause of Ford’s decision is the costly new labor deal they agreed to. Back in the 60’s and 70’s the big three collectively produced over 80% of the cars sold in the US. During the years since, the UAW forced ridiculous labor agreements down the throats of the US manufacturers, who were willing to sign such deals to keep production running and because with 80+ percent market share they just passed those increased costs down to the US buyer. As foreign manufactures started making better quality vehicles more and more American buyers turned toward imports and GM/Ford/Chrysler lost market share. The UAW dug their heals in and refused to compromise, pushing for even more, so US manufacturers started lowering cost by cutting quality resulting in more customers abandoning the US brands. Both sides started to work better together in the 2000’s but there is still an incredible amount dysfunctionality among them in terms of ensuring they are doing al they can to combat foreign manufacturers. Bottom line eliminating NAFTA won’t stop companies from shipping jobs outside the US. The corporate tax structure in the US is an issue and so are the power of unions which make it extremely difficult for companies to compete (its not just wages but also extreme work rules built into contracts that restrict managements ability to flex when competitive needs require). I’ve been in both union shops and non union shops in my career, and have been a shop steward and I can say without hesitation a large part of my training as a shop steward every year was how to file frivolous grievances so as to build up a track record of grievances filed every year that would then be shared with members every time a new contract was coming up to support how important it was that they were represented by a union. Of course that was more about smoke & mirrors to make sure members didn’t file to decertify from representation in the small window they have to do that at the end of a contract. If you don’t think unions have had a major impact in jobs going overseas, simply look at the influence/market share the US Auto, Steel and similar industries have in the US today versus 50 years ago. By the way in its heyday UAW had over 3.5 million members…. …today they are just above 350,000, yet more cars are sold every year in the US than anytime in the UAW’s heyday… that are shipped here or manufactured here in right-to-work states that are non-union shops, where wages are not that different than UAW shops but the legacy pension, H&W, etc. costs don’t exist and therefore don’t get passed on to the consumer.

  43. Michael Smith

    I agree with some of the comments about how the gov. forced some to move out of country with taxes, but look at their profit numbers, They are still making billions of dollars. Maybe they should settle for millions, kept their vehicle prices down, and stay in america. I think most of the truck prices are out of sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The working man makes less, pays more, gets less but the big companys kept making billions I have been driving my FORD truck for the last 15 years and I will keep driving it until new truck prices comes down or it falls apart.

  44. Robert

    Corporate income tax is not the only reason companies left the united states, it is a host of things related to wages and the cost involved in employing each and every individual. There is the Base wage, unemployment insurance, work mans comp, social security contributions, etc.When you can hire 4 Mexican’s in Mexico for the same price as 1 American that increases profit. I will not ever buy a Ford and I never have, don’t take our jobs to Mexico and expect me to buy one of your products. Sell them to the Mexicans now if you can.

  45. drrocko

    Funny – Carrier Air Conditioners is moving to mexico too – I just read somewhere. Something like 800 people unemployed.

  46. Godsdesire

    Once Donald Trump become POTUS and implements his business strategies in our country, I fully believe that what he claims will take place …. companies will return to the USA instead of subjecting themselves to the 35% tarriff, companies will offer respectful wages for labor rendered by employees, Trump will either renegotiate present agreements or eliminate U.S. participation in agreements not beneficial to the U.S, and jobs will be created on a vast scale due to an encouraging tax plan for businesses, etc. To answer the author’s inquiry, “Do you think this exodus of American jobs will continue, no matter who is elected President?”, my answer is absolutely not. Once the negative business issues are addressed and corrected, it will be most beneficial for American companies to return to America, plus the likelihood of non-American companies setting up shop here! Our economy will be turning around and will strengthen greatly.

  47. Soundwave

    The fix has been in for long time, PC has been responsible for thinking in these trade packs, ie Americans need to share their wealth, we have been betrade buy our government, middle class became expendablea for fairness. Well we need to make them the expendable, Folks

  48. sfcpete

    Wonder how many bucks went to the Clintons because of NAFTA, if Billy wasn’t getting any kickback I’m sure it never would have happened.

    1. The Old Chip

      30 Sept. 2015, A federal judge in California dismissed a lawsuit filed by teachers who challenged the ability of their unions to raise tens of millions of dollars from rank-and-file members and spend it on political activities those members oppose.
      Teachers union leaders (The liberal democrat (corrupt”0″rat) elites and their supporters) siphon off up to 40 percent of each teacher’s dues to support political candidates and political (Liberal) causes locally, statewide and nationally.
      An individual’s teacher’s union dues can be as much as $1,500 each year.
      Notice that there is no mention of better quality education for the student!!

  49. Rex Kittle

    Trump 2016 !!!!!!!! Without jobs, we can kiss the USA good bye. I can’t afford a new car, can’t find a job, can’t even get training. Maybe I should move south…………..

  50. mrloor

    In this time of blows to the constitution inferred by justices lawyers studying law and knowingly incurred and transgression of the law of laws, it is necessary to nominate professionals who are not lawyers to replace the suffocated justice Scalia, replacement has to be nominate by next president, who replace the coup Obama who crying violated the Constitution, the Petra stone – hard core called “The Bills of Right” thus self declared enemy of the people and has lost authority to nominate justices and federal and state authorities. It is unconscionable immoral and deceitful that questioned Obama coup nomine justice for the court to look after the treachery against the people having breached oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, Dr. Ben Carson is perfect and qualified professional, and no lawyer to replacement on to justice Scalia suffocated.

  51. Monte Mann

    The UAW and their contract demands drove Ford out of the country. It’s not just pay but the fringe benefits that are killing car companies that are union. I am sorry but the union’s have caused more problems than they fix. All you have to do is look at what unions pay the democrats to get them reelected.

  52. Betty Hanner

    mr. trump would make a wondefull presedent and you know who would make a very good vice presedent sentor cruz they beleave just about the way

  53. Billy

    I wouldn’t have a ford product to start with but if I were a ford guy, this would end my relationship with ford.

  54. reverand on the west coast.

    i think that any large corporations that want to take their companies out of the country should be taxed heavenly. give incentive and rewards to those companies that chooses to stay in the company.

  55. Ralph G. Barkley

    End NAFTA, close the border, send the illegals back to the country of origin and send the Muslims packing as well. For all the companies that have built production plants in Mexico tell them that their product is going to cost them 110% to ship back to the USA and they can NOT pass the cost to the consumer, also they have to pay the people they put out of works wages and health care for 2 years from the time they closed their doors.

  56. original ancestry

    I believe that Trump will bring these companies back or they will be doomed to failure if not… I won’t buy another Ford product. Who is Ford going to sell to than, The low wage Mexicans they are paying? Will shut the market off to you in the US FoMoCo.

  57. Edgar Skinner

    Instead of part time Republicans in Congress and the Senate we need full time Republicans. I hope they get their heads on straight when Trump starts breaking bad.

  58. tom amann

    This is disturbing to say the least. free trade isn’t moving our factories else where, however THIS country strangles business with regulations and tax.They blame labor,so what can be done.

  59. Daniel Graves

    This is not good news but Ford has been forced to do so by the regulations and taxes imposed on them. We have the highest taxes in the world and it isn’t enough according to the Liberals. Soon nothing will be made in the USA.

  60. Byron Hall

    Business men are usually correct in their assessments …….. Politicians are only used to lying! If another democrap it put in the White House America is done! This is not a scare tactic…. This is a FACT!

  61. Rodger K. Shull

    Well if the BIG CORP. would stop paying the multi million dollar salaries , their cars might be more profitable , I love the way these top shelf big wigs, think about how to make more money, just go find those that will work for next to nothing, in another country, maybe FORD should find a CEO that will work for nothing , here in the USA , that is from another country. most of them are here now

  62. crazyfreddie


  63. Susan young

    Donald Trump is been right from day one from his book from June 16, 2015 and another thing trump doesn’t even need to be on the debate with Megan Kelly is a hypocrite and a liar she has hurt so many !!! The young’s lady on all those other debates they been respectful. Take Megan off all the debates I will not watch your show no more channel 210 at 7 o’clock do you not watch her show, needs to apologize to Donald trump ! she keeps bringing stuff up at the last minute they put Megan on the debate they have other talented news reporters they don’t have to put her on !! I have been watching MSNBC Joe and Mikia tell the truth they ask questions and that the truth come out, Megan I’m sorry I just done do not like you No more you’re very very disrespectful everybody just look up her background when she was a kid when she was in “high school and college I don’t like spreading rumors around but you can look her up good morning everybody and I don’t trunk when Las Vegas Nevada Donald trump all the way ?? Will pray for you and all the others that are surrounded by you, bringing America back together again

    1. The Old Chip

      It was also June 16th, 2015 that Trump made his “Wall” announcement, that mexico, was not sending their best; along with the statement, “Well, somebody’s doing the raping”, that got the la raza types all in a knot.
      Once again, Trump was proved right, you’d think that ILLEGAL aliens would keep their head down after that statement, but NO, just a short time later a FIVE TIME DEPORTED ILLEGAL alien with SEVEN FELONY convictions, shot and killed 32 year old Kate Steinle while she was out for a walk with her father in san fransicko, mexifornia.
      TWO DAYS later, on July 3, 2015, another ILLEGAL alien, this time in Santa Maria, CA, the ILLEGAL alien who had been ARRESTED FOUR TIMES before, broke into the bedroom of a sleeping 64-year-old woman, bludgeoned her in the head with a hammer, and raped her; she later died from her brutal beating.
      These killings of US citizens by ILLEGAL aliens happen well over 2,000 times a year, along with more than 7,000 rapes, as young as infants, assaulted or robbed EVERY YEAR by the 30 MILLION ILLEGALS already here that obama and his corrupt”0″rats want to legalize.

  64. jackhy

    Keeping the Clinton’s from capturing the W.H. in Nov. is the answer to our trade imbalance because a Republican POTUS will right the wrongs committed by O’Barfo and the previous Clinton!

  65. Eldon Lile

    FORD has a dumb idea – profit is king there – but I guess they will offer their vehicle at a much lower price, to equal their drop in cost to produce. We the citizens of the usa are helping to destroy our own country by allowing this to happen. Gp down to Pueblo mexico, and see the massive auto plants already there.

  66. johnz

    These companies run away to other countries because, the Unions don’t know what competition is all about, and politician’s don’t know what business and trade is all about. Working people make a country grate, and not the unions and politicians that block small businesses with regulations and force larger ones to leave the country.

  67. B. Zerker

    The biggest problems companies face in the U.S. are: 1) They’re over regulated (EPA, etc.), 2) They’re over taxed, and 3) The labor unions cost business’s so much extra money in wages, benefits, etc. These three factors have made it cost prohibitive to do business in the U.S. anymore and still make a profit unless they their raise prices out of the range of most consumers. They are what force companies to outsource labor so that they can keep the prices of their products low enough so that they’ll sell here. It’s NOT the business’ fault for any of this, it’s the government’s because they don’t understand the concept of business in general or profit and loss. In fact, government doesn’t produce a damn thing except for the edicts that stifle business and the economy. I think Trump realizes all of this and if elected, WILL do something about it which could result in the start of a new industrial age here in America.

  68. TAM44

    I once bought a brand new Ford truck and I chained it to a huge oak in my yard, when I woke up in the morning my truck was there but my oak tree was gone.


    This whole thing is nothing new, just go to any Auto Dealership and look at the papers on
    the windows of the Vehicles and you will see what is going on. When shopping recently for
    a car every so called “American” made car was manufactured in Mexico and Canada and
    Assembled her in the United States. Automobiles like Nissan, Honda, and others were and
    are fully manufactured in states like Alabama, Mississippi and others.

  70. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    If you
    want America to be like it once was then you’ll vote for TRUMP cause he is the one who can make the change for us THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA. GOD BLESS AMERICA. T

  71. Andrew Kent Jaussi

    Let me preface my remarks by saying that I am a conservative Republican, and a staunch teacher’s union supporter. Without the unions, our teachers would still be making 300/month and living in a one room shack on the south side of the school building (because then the school administration would say the the winter sun would warm the room and they would not have to provide heat). My question is that with all of the jobs going south, why are the Mexicans still coming across the border? I was told that the wages in Mexico are still so low that a person can come here and make less than minimum wage and still make much more than in Mexico. What is wrong with this picture? With all of these manufacturing jobs going south, why are not the unions going also to help raise the wages of the Mexican people? If the workers were paid a reasonable wage in Mexico, they would stay there and build up their country and have a good life. However, I was told that there is a law in Mexico that says that the workers can not make more than the lowest paid bureaucrat; which is 25 cents per hour. No wonder they are still coming here. If the workers in Mexico made the same as here in the U.S., then they would stay there and the companies would have no incentive to leave the U.S. because costs would be the same. So, who is depressing wages in Mexico? How are they getting away with it? This just speaks to the corruption that exists in every country, including our own and that is why Trump and Bernie are so popular. Have a good day.

  72. apzzyk

    According to the two men who won the Nobel Prize in Economics about 5 years ago who were not economists, but journalists who just made an observation – in about 1980 we made the choice between cheap goods and good wages, and took the cheap goods.
    This choice also ended the intellectual war, which had been going on for centuries, between the ‘free traders’ and the protective tariff sides, and did a couple of other things with this change. Since the US Independence, the primary source of tax revenue to the Federal Government, and through it to the states, had been tariffs and duties. The cry of the people at the Boston Tea Party was ‘taxation without representation is tyranny’, and this was because, in order to not tax the citizens of Great Britain, it had followed the very old practice of establishing colonies, which would be taxed, and the tax money brought back to fund the government at home to avoid having to tax the population. We essentially replicated this system in the US, without becoming a colonial power, by just imposing import and export taxes on the goods coming and going from the US – purchasing power.
    For the Free Traders, they not only got the cheap goods by exporting good jobs, but also got their wish to abolish their domestic enemy – the Unions. Then, they also got the best of all worlds – having the US taxpayers pay for their movement of jobs to places where the labor was cheapest. Then they got their other great wish – the lowering of income and other taxes which benefited the wealthy – their income tax, which had been as high as 95% over a certain amount, fell to a maximum of about 30% of income – this was, and still is, based on the ‘Classical Economic Theory’ of Adam Smith, and the original version of ‘trickle down economics’. Which essentially has been interpretedd to say that if you just give the wealthy, who have already proven their ability to make money, more money, they will use it to build more factories which will create more jobs, and everything will be great. Our wealthy, in 1980 to the present have done this, but the factories that they built and the jobs these created are where labor is cheapest – not in the US. One of the things that Smith does not mention at all, is the effect of import and export taxes on the taxes that have to be collected in order for the government, which is necessary to all societies, can do what governments do. Also not recognized by Smith was the chaos that was created in Europe over the competition of its countries for colonies. France and England, the largest colonial powers in Europe were constantly at war with each other over these these for the tax money that they generated, which kept the requirement of the government to have income from whatever source remained available. In the US, we did not have a tax on income until the Civil War, and only then because it interfered with trade; and again, we had the same problem during WWI for the same reason. In both of these cases, the entire domestic tax burden fell on the wealthy – those with $5K or more or annual taxable income. That was because it was impossible to tax the common people, because their economy was still based on trade and barter, so it was impossible to place a constant value on a bushel of turnips, or a cow or pig or chicken. But, with transportation costs being high, US industry had to develop to meet the needs of the people. Now, with the great technological changes in water shipping over the past 50 years, the cost per ton of freight has fallen to the point where it is almost insignificant. The result of this entire focus on trying to make classical economics work as seen by Smith over 250 years ago, has been a very rapid – over just a 35 year period, a very big problem historically – the discrepancy in wealth and power – that we now only see one candidate focusing our attention on – Bernie Sanders – in his commercial where he says that just over the past few years the increase in the wealth of a very small minority of people has exceed the growth in wealth of almost a third of the population of the US. Bernie sees that the reason why the nobility in France lost their heads during the French revolution was because of this disparity in wealth and power as described in ‘A Tale of Two Ciies’ London and Paris, where in France the nobility was above the law, but the wealthy in England were subject to the laws of the land, so there was Revolution in France and peace in England.
    Here, in the US, over the past 35 years our congress has eliminated laws, and rules and regulations, under the name of Capitalism, that has left us with a class of people who are immune from prosecution so by 8 years ago, we had the ‘banking bubble’ where the taxpayers had to bail out the big banks because of their reckless lending practices, but there was no one that could be held legally accountable and punishable simply because of the complex structures of the Too Big to Fail Banks, so to try to keep this from happening again, we had Dodd-Frank, where these banks would have to draw up their own ‘living wills’, so that if they repeated, they could be broken up, as were smaller banks, and sold to the highest bidder. So without laws, as with the noble whose carriage runs over the child of the peasant in ‘Two Cities’ there was no one who could be punished for this ‘child abuse resulting in death’. Now, with the Supreme Court rulling in Citizens United, where money has been equated with speech, it has been possible to buy the best and most favorable (at least for the moment) Congress possible.
    To make this really possible, the wealthy in the US have had to convince, at least for the time, to actually vote against themselves on all matters, particularly taxes. Here, again, Bernie is the only Presidential candidate who is campaigning on raising taxes on the wealthy, so that the taxes on the other 99% can be lowered.
    So now we, if we look behind the words, can see some apparent conflcts. For example, the ACA (Obamacare) is a failure because the cost of insurance has increased, as you would expect on your car if you traded you Jugo for a new Benz because the cost of replacement his higher, while other government expenditures on ‘insurance’ which are about as high, such as Federal Crop insurance and Federal Flood insurance go unmentioned. Here, if I campaigned for Congress in my heavily rural area, where I would hear much opposition to the ACA, I would tell the voters that I would vote to repeal it if they elected me, but only if they would approve of me eliminating federal crop and flood insurance. Given this choice, would their opposition to the ACA decrease? I would guess so – while the ACA is Socialist or even Communist, they see these other forms of insurance which just benefits them, as being good government – it doing what the private sector will not do – make affordable insurance available for high risk people. Do you see the conflict in this case? Do you really think that people who take risks and fail should be bailed out at taxpayers expense if they fail?

  73. jcadla

    It looks as if Trump is the only candidate who cares enough about American jobs to actually do something about it…and his plan will work. Mexico can make all the Fords they want to but if they can’t be sold profitably in the US, it won’t do them any good. The same with China. It’s time we elected someone who actually has a plan and is willing to sacrifice his own time and energy (and money) to make America great again and Trump is that man.

  74. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    Well all you ford union workers, you keep voting Democrat while you’re in the welfare line. You won’t be getting that big paycheck you used to. There won’t be singing Happy Days Are Here Again for quite a while, if ever.

  75. Bob Onitt

    that sucking sound is hillary in the back-room with george soros negotiating more donations,wait for the gagging and groaning sounds,redefines moneyshot

  76. ralphwylie

    Trump is right about a lot more than businesses leaving the US. National security and terrorism are paramount.
    Obama is cramming as much his shitt down our throats as he possibly can in his remaining time.
    Obama’s announcement of closing Guantanamo today is an example.
    The fast lane burial of Scalia with no autopsy and the appointment of a Liberal Justice is well underway.
    We need Trump for the savior of this once great nation.

  77. donw1234

    There should be an import duty on cars built overseas to eliminate the savings a car manufacturer gains by moving it’s factories overseas.

  78. Oldtex

    I heard Ross Perot when he first said it and I knew that he was right. And yes it would work the way that Trump has explained it. Ross Perot would have made us a great president.With his dropping out of the race and then deciding to come back in caused people to lose patience with him. Trump has his act together far better than Perot did also, he may have underestimated the finances that it was going to take. He had planed to finance his campaign himself.

  79. Daniel from TN

    The future of the exodus is directly related to who wins the White House. If Hillary wins, the exodus will not only continue but it will increase in speed. If trump wins, a slow down will begin that will eventually slow it down to a snail’s pace. I believe it will require more than eight years of Conservative influence to stop the exodus entirely.