You’ll Never Guess What Bill Clinton Accused Bernie Sanders Of

It’s another case of truth being stranger than fiction and the pot calling the kettle black. That’s what happened when Bill Clinton accused Bernie Sanders campaign of making sexist attacks against supporters of his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

We can’t make this up. One of the biggest political philanderers accused of multiple cases of sexual harassment – and sexual assault – is accusing his wife’s opponent of attacking women who support Hillary. That’s just too rich.

Here’s what Bill Clinton said in a speech to supporters in Milford, New Hampshire, as reported by The New York Times:

“When you’re making a revolution you can’t be too careful with the facts. A female progressive blogger was forced to write under a pseudonym because the vitriol is so angry.

“She and other people who have gone online to defend Hillary, to explain why they supported her, have been subject to vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too profane often, not to mention sexist, to repeat.”

The former president talked about the race for almost 50 minutes, beginning with kind words for his wife, and steadily grew more and more angry at Sanders and his supporters.

Clinton said Sanders’ supporters use misogynistic language to attack his wife and anyone else who supports her.

This seems to be a desperate attempt to smear Bernie Sanders, and proof that Hillary’s campaign isn’t going as well as the Clinton camp expected. Hillary isn’t the charismatic campaigner that Bill was (and maybe still is)… and she’s relying on Bill’s charm to overcome her lack of sincerity and personality.

Do you think this is a sign that the Clinton campaign is in trouble?

Sound off in the comments section below.


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  1. cedarcreekman

    The old grey headed pervert needs to head to the house because Hillary is heading to “THE BIG HOUSE”!!

    1. Evan

      I only hope you are correct! We need to do anything we can
      to keep this thing out of our White House! She is NOT what
      America needs!

      1. old codger

        She’s been rumored to be one herself, that is why I say when convicted she “should be incarcerated in a ALL male prison”!! Why should she be able to munch carpet in a female prison!

        Not to mention that when the male prisoners, if they’re that desperate, would have a woman(?) to play with! It sure would be appropriate for the lying w(b)itch!

    2. new york

      cedarcreekman: Face the facts. The only “Big House” that Hillary is headed for is the big white one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The Obama Justice Department will thwart any investigation, let alone prosecution. And, when push comes to shove, a large per cent of women will seize the opportunity to put a woman in the presidency, just as 78 per cent of Catholics voted for JFK in 1960. And she’s assured of nearly all of the black vote, as well as a huge majority of the Hispanic vote. Besides, what Republican could beat her. Surely not Trump!

      1. cedarcreekman

        I guess we are supposed to roll over for some more Yankee BULL SHIT! Don’t forget if Loretta WINCH doesn’t prosecute on an FBI recommendation and a Republican wins and appoints Christi or Trey Gowdy as A.G., they will prosecute her for not up-holding the law. She is not out of the woods by a long shot and she had better consider her fate. Just bringing a recommendation to indict will seal Hilda Beasts future!!

    3. A natural born American

      As much as she has EARNED that all expenses paid trip to GITMO I doubt it’ll ever happen. Apparently, getting Americans killed while they’re serving their country isn’t as serious a crime as getting a bj from someone who’s old enough to ‘just say no’!

    1. Rosech Levy

      He’s afraid Bernie will be nominated and all that future money will not be theirs but his! Bill looks like a walking zomie and probably will die soon as well and if we are lucky Hillary will have another but very serious stroke and automatically be removed from candidacy and this planet.

    2. rwp24382

      Maybe you don’t remember, but Bill would tell some of the biggest whoppers in a press conference. An hour or two later he would contradict himself and totally disavow making the other statement. It’s just that he could get by with it and she can’t. To beat it all, the Dems thought he was trustworthy. Why they have held this man in such adoration, I have never figured out. It is pure insanity at its best.

  2. jimdarnall

    Bill best watch what he is saying. He may realize he is taliking about himself. It’s called looking in the mirror.

  3. The Fox

    Slick Tiny Willie doesn’t have any room to talk, he is a animal and should never have been president and his wife is twice as bad.

  4. Nathan Burgess

    He should have already been there waiting in her. Murdered kids, women, doesn’t matter who he hurt.. He has always had people murdered, no way all the deaths around he and Hillary, are just normal business, move along nothing to see here.. I personally believe he is part of group that killed Kennedy, so he is part of Bush clan too. Nazi’s and Communists.. Crazy world we are in today.. Or is it just Amerika??

  5. Loosegoods

    This from a serial rapist in support of his enabler and cover manager. Kinda tells us just how stupid they think the American public really is. (Sure hope that events prove them wrong and the comments below exactly right. Hellery and Slick Willie should both be dressed in matching, numbered orange jump suits, and Chelsea right along with them.

  6. Rosech Levy

    Well, first of all any woman that would vote for Hillary is braindead and dumber than dirt unless, of course, they would like to live under communism as she has been a communist since her 20’s! Both Sanders and Hillary are mentally and physically disturbed and should just drop out. Neither is well, neither is for America, neither are good candidates (both liars and cheats), and their hate and meanness never ends. Money grubbers both and both will tax and shaft America before it is taken over! What a sad DNC to have only two reprobates as candidates.

      1. Frankdidit

        No, I think she missed one good point. Voting for Hillary is like eating a turd because it look like a tootsie roll.

        1. John H. Kohlenberg

          The reason she has three minute coiffing spells is she has one of HUMA’S pubic hairs caught in her throat.

          1. Frankdidit

            Damn that was a good reply. You sound like a retired cop. That we be something I should have thought of!

  7. brucethompson22

    There’s no one better to know about sexist attacks or sexual harassment than “diddling around bill”

  8. Bill Blackstone

    This surprises who. The Clinton Klan has been talking out of both sides of their mouths since their Soviet days.

  9. Wounded Warrior

    Maybe it’s just me, but don’t you find it just a little hypocritical of Hillary Clinton, who claims to be such a strong, independent, liberated woman (who once said she “weren’t no Tammy Wynette – Stand By Your Man” wife) needs to lean on her philandering, semi-dementia, ex-president husband to carry her through her campaign? What ever happened to “I am woman, hear be roar’ (bark)? I don’t recall Margaret Thatcher’s husband having to campaign for her. C’mon Hillary. Don’t you think people can see you are desperate? That would be like JEB (who told us he was “his own man” and tried to distance himself from his brother, and father) calling in his ex-president brother to campaign for him. Oh wait, I guess he’s desperate now too. Maybe that’s why so many of us are just sick of professional politicians in general. Maybe we need “statesmen” again.

  10. Austinniceguy

    There is no truth to the statement that her campaign is in trouble, it is D-E-A-D. I knew when she enlisted the perverted rapist to campaign for her that it would be only a matter of time before she would lose to Burnout Panders. Limp-Willy was a last resort and, what a sad last resort he turned out to be.

    1. 657241

      Bill is a “baggage” to her campaign. He is another SCANDAL. But beware of those super delegate counts. It is rigged to have Hillary as the nominee. This democrat debate is just a “show”.

      1. Austinniceguy

        While I agree with you, there is much ado about how even the party is starting take a second look at her. It appears that the chinks in her armor are starting to take their toll. It will be a great day when we see her haul her fat ass off the trail and into obscurity.

  11. Semper-Fi

    Old bill knows there are still idiots who will listen to his crap, and even pay to hear it. If he wants to raise money for his old commie hag so-called wife, my suggestion is a wrestling match with that other old doddering fool jimmy carter on pay per view. Hell, i would pay to watch them bloody each other and possibly die in the ring!

    1. 657241

      Just to keep the laughs going. An Australian lady defined POLITICS:
      Poly means many. TICS: BLOOD SUCKING INSECTS

  12. Howleyesque

    ROFLMAO!! The hypocrisy never ends with either of those two… and I’m a LONG WAY from a Bernie PANDERS supporter!

  13. Danny S.

    Bernie should not fly in planes or helicopters . He should also get a food tester !! People who make the Clintons made seem to die.

  14. jackhy

    Both Slick Willie and Hitlery are both “off the rails” when it comes to truth and honesty so much so that their records of deceit, purjery, thievery, and being traitors makes we astounded why anyone with intellect would support them! That is except the welfare scoflaws of course!

  15. Coffee49

    I am sure there are plenty of anti sanders people that would pee on the ground billary walks on. She is comical with her rants and made up stories. She should use the clinton foundation money to purchase a 3rd world country she and chelsea could dictate over.

  16. don lavrich

    the house of the Hillary is crumbling. with her horrible health, email scandal, bengazi, etc. the end is coming! bye, bye Hillary!

  17. used_to_be_a_liberal

    If slick willy thinks the hilda-beast is having a problem now, just wait until she gets the nomination.

  18. edwin

    Without even reading the first comment I would bet that all 33 comments are slurring, insulting and telling lies and misinformation about Hillary Clinton. Read a couple, I was right, that was enough.

  19. 1josephg1

    I can give two craps what scum like slick wille and killary and devout socialist sanders and the foreign exchange student and the rest of the reprobates like the above say or think. They are evil and mentally deranged and not worthy of decent peoples time or energy.

  20. Kevin Freeman

    They are both so corrupt and having been exposed for much of their dirt it’s amazing they haven’t gone underground. If it weren’t for the continuous slanted coverage and protection provided by the media they wouldn’t even be able to look people in the eyes. They are the premier example of exactly what is wrong with our political system today. They lie, they cheat, they steal, and they know they will get away with it because the entire system is corrupt. They have a large number of people now believing this is the norm. All is ok. It’s not ok. This isn’t the norm. It’s what they have crammed down our throats for so long now that most people don’t sense the bad taste anymore. For Heavens sake, Nixon was impeached because he listened in on some phone calls and erased some of the tape. What happened to holding our Government accountable for the things they do? A lot of the responsibility for the mess we have falls on the media. If their coverage wasn’t so biased action would have been taken by now. If Hilary or Obama were republicans and their actions were covered and reported with the vigor aimed at the Right they would both be doing time right now. Anyone that doesn’t see that is kidding themselves. They are part of the problem not the solution.

  21. Darryll Green

    It doesn’t matter, the democratic primary race is a farce, it’s fixed, Hillary won before it started

  22. Nikita63

    Is the Campaign in trouble? Considering the servers, emails, the deaths of the personnel at Benghazi, the Stand Down Orders that resulted in the deaths when rescuers were ready to go to their aid and forbidden to,Hell no! Why would the campaign be in jeopardy? Uranium gate, China Gate, Watergate and Whitewater were all bed press dontcha know? So what if for doing similar things and giving technology to the Russians in the mid fifties as the Clintons did to the Chinese, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in the mid fifties? Well, then we lived in a country ruled by constitutional compliance and the Rule of equitably enforced law as we have NOT since the end of the Vietnam war. We did not need the present occupant of OUR White House, We need Hillary even less, and for her incompetence, dereliction of duty and malfeasance her destination should be a cell!

  23. ChalmetiaBoy

    I’d sooner take a bullet to my groin before I’d even consider voting for Bernie, and Bernie is no sexist, but its far more sexist to be boinking women other than you wife. Especially considering since Bill enjoys wearing women’s lingerie and playing with his sexaphone.

  24. Michael Lloyd

    It will be such a relief when this is over. Hillary will be behind bars, Bill will be lusting after underage girls on Epstein’s island and who the hell cares what Chelsea is doing.

  25. C6Vette

    @cedarcreek: Maybe they should BOTH be headed for the Big House?! Her to await execution, him for Perversion! Just my opinion but the “Butcher of Benghazi” should be stood in front of a firing squad for Benghazi and only God knows what else! I have thought for a very long time that she actually started that War in Libya for Sidney Blumenthal so he could get his people in place for the (thought to be) a New Regime! Ovomit was so dead against staying in Iraq that he pulled our Brave Troops out too fast but did not hesitate to start Wars in 4 more countries that we actually had working for us, not that we agreed with them but the Devil you know is better than the one you do not! How many countries are at War over there now, 5? 6? More? That entire region is in total ruin because of this retard in OUR WH! I am really curious how many Brave Troops have Died because of her and Ovomit?????

    Nam Combat Vet
    “Live Free or Die”
    “Freedom is Not Free”

    1. Edd USN Ret.

      What else do you expect when you put a non-AMERICAN muSLIME gay in the WH and then install another gay there. They both have ONE child each cause they both didn’t like procreation type sex.
      Thank you for your service in Nam and I hope you didn’t experience what I got upon my return. “Baby Killer written on my windshield in SHIT because I had a military sticker on the windshield.

  26. Texas Belle

    Bill is losing it, or has already lost it. If he thinks his rants can make people love Hillary more he is sadly mistaken. He looks like a tired, angry old man who still thinks he can charm people with his presence, but who speaks with vitriol. He and Hillary think it is their “right” to live in the White House and use their power to enslave the American people.

    1. Edd USN Ret.

      HE will do anything to get back in the WH and enjoy all the benefits to be had when there. Lots of $$$ and lots of sexual exercise.

  27. survivor33

    I’m confused at the words “Bills Charm”…Billy Boy has no charm, he’s old, ugly, wrinkled, and has a horrible raspy voice… Charm, I don’t think so. And I’m very sure there is a lot of women who agree with me.

  28. Edd USN Ret.

    Many of the comments I’ve read “Ring TRUE”, do we really need to put Slick Willy back in the WH as first lady?? That what he will be and again able to get his BJ’s cause he won’t have sex with that woman. Sex is missionary style and BJ’s are not that. If anyone knows abuse of women, HE SURE AS HELL IS THE ONE!!!!

  29. gunnygil

    The truly bastard son of the deceitful lying murdering LBJ has been instructed by his spouse, in name only, to defend her against any attack even if it is accusing others of his own crimes and foibles. Her turn has come to reign as the powerful wicked witch of the One World Order and I fear she will become such if the ignorance of many voters continues to refuse to recognize her crimes and deceit. Slick Willie has learned over the past many decades to fear this feminine spawn of Lucifer and due to his lack of character and gonads will obey her mandates to the end.

  30. 8gary8

    Is this not another example of professional politicians engaging in ad hominem charter assassinations? Is this not another example of snacking of falsehoods & deception to manipulate the low information voter? In short, rhetoric from Clinton is highly problematical at best.

  31. Dale_G1

    I got my cigar ready for ya Monica. When asked what he’d be doing to campaign for his wife, Bill made a Freudian Slip and said…”I guess I’ll be shaking a lot of mams and kissing lots of babes.”