Dem-On-Dem Violence Occurred Over This Issue

A Missouri Democratic lawmaker released a restraining order Tuesday against one of his colleagues who allegedly assaulted him for supporting a Republican-backed proposal to end mandatory union dues.

Rep. Courtney Allen Curtis released the restraining order against fellow Democrat Rep. Michael Butler. It alleges Butler attacked Curtis outside a union reception Jan. 19 for supporting a right-to-work proposal put forth last year, according to the local affiliate of Fox News. The policy outlaws mandatory union dues or fees as a condition of employment.

Here’s the report from the Daily Caller:

‘Every member should feel free to advocate for issues that are of importance to their community without fear of retribution from anyone other than at the ballot box,‘ Curtis told The Daily Caller News Foundation. ‘Physical or verbal intimidation or violence shouldn’t be tolerated period, especially from members of the general assembly.’

“The AFL-CIO hosted the reception which was attended by state lawmakers. Labor unions have been at the forefront of opposing right-to-work proposals across the country. Curtis notes he tried at first not to entertain the hostility when Butler first approached him, but the encounter quickly turned into a heated argument.”

Unions are one of the largest campaign contributors to Democratic candidates all across the country. Outlawing mandatory dues would decrease the amount of money that unions could donate to candidates, PACs and Super-PACs. It’s no wonder that some Democrats would be upset that one of their own would oppose mandatory union dues.

It’s somewhat surprising that one Dem would physically threaten another on this issue. However, given the decline in power and influence of the Democratic party in recent years, this may show how weak the party really is.

Do you think this incident is a sign that the Democratic party is on its last legs?

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One Comment

  1. texexpatriate

    On its last legs? Heck no. As long as it is America’s real communist party and continues to promise free stuff to nearly everyone it will remain a powerful party. If it wins the 2016 election for President, America will suffer under communism for 30-40 years or break up with the southern states seceding again.