Did the Ted Cruz Campaign Use Dirty Tricks Against Ben Carson in Iowa?

Something interested happened at Republican caucuses around Iowa Monday night. CNN reported around 6:45 Central time that Ben Carson was going to stop campaigning after that night’s Iowa caucus.

Right around the start time (7 PM), the Cruz campaign official Twitter account tweeted out the CNN story and added this (as reported by Bill Still of The Still Report):

“… Make sure to tell all of your peers supporting Carson that they should coalesce around the true conservative who will be in the race for the long haul: TED CRUZ!”

And sure enough, supporters of Ted Cruz did as they were told and repeated this “news” to other caucus-goers in attendance. They added that Carson supporters would be “wasting their vote” if they supported the former neurologist – and urged them to switch their votes to Senator Cruz.

If that wasn’t enough, the Cruz campaign issued an official press release – on campaign stationary:

Breaking News: The press is reporting that Dr. Ben Carson is taking time off from the campaign trail after Iowa and making a big announcement next week.

“Please inform any Carson caucus goers of this news and urge them to caucus for Ted Cruz.”

It seems to us that these events didn’t just happen on their own, and they were a well-coordinated surprise attack on the Carson campaign. And here’s another interesting twist on this story:

At 7:07 Central time, an ex-CIA operative employed by the Cruz campaign named Dan Gabriel sent a now-deleted tweet (but here is the original screen shot):

“Source inside Ben Carson’s campaign just confirmed to me: @RealBenCarson is OUT >>> #ChooseCruz”

Gabriel’s Twitter account boasts that he’s ex-CIA and specializes in insurgencies, foreign and domestic. According to a Reddit user, Gabriel is a counter-terrorism operative and the founder of Applied Memetics, LLC. On top of this, Gabriel has ties to liberal billionaire George Soros.

Bill Still had some damning criticism for the Cruz campaign:

“… it looks like Ted Cruz is employing top social media agent provocateurs to run a Nixonesque dirty tricks campaign.”

Why would Cruz target Carson’s campaign? Because he was a bigger threat than the pre-caucus polls and mainstream media had let on. Here’s what Carson had to say after the Iowa caucus:

“I got calls from several people who told me their internal intelligence told me I was going to do extraordinarily well.”

Like the old saying goes: If it walks, looks and quacks like a duck… it’s probably a duck. And if it looks, sounds and feels like a political dirty tricks campaign, it probably is. This should be disturbing to conservatives and Republicans everywhere who believe in the Constitution, the rule of law and the spirit of fair elections.

We’re used to seeing liberal Democrats such as Lyndon Johnson, Richard Daly and Bill and Hillary Clinton resort to dirty tricks to win elections and retain power. But if even part of this story is true, this level of corruption should be disturbing to all conservative Republican voters – and definitely not tolerated or called “business as usual.”

Given this recent revelation, do you still believe that Ted Cruz is a Constitutional conservative and worthy of your trust and vote?

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  1. texexpatriate

    Ben may have a complaint but Ted did not initiate the spreading of the rumor. Ben should accept the apology and ride on.

    1. Fedup

      texexpatriate……Dr. Carson has accepted the apology and moved on. The only thing he requested from Cruz was the firing of those in his camp who perpetrated this shill. That hasn’t happened, and never will. I do not agree that Dr. Carson, yes, texexpatriate, Dr. Carson has a well earned title, should accept and move on. This assassination was too well oiled to be just a mistake. Cruz people did in fact initiate the “dropping out” part of the rumor. Who in their right mind would believe that a candidate who is polling in double figures and had been campaigning for a year would drop out immediately before the doors open on the first caucus of the election process? If you do not see and acknowledge the intentional deceitful collusion you are as ill equipped to discern as the students “graduating” from our liberal schools and institutions of higher education for the last 4 decades.

      1. DeMarie Ingraham

        What candidate in their right mind would say they’re going home in the middle of a caucus to “get clean clothes” and not wait around for the caucus votes: He also had said he was not going to show up at the next two sites and his super pac staff had jumped ship on him days before. That sure looked like at the time along with the CNN report like someone who was either dropping out or not very serious about winning. Dr. Carson is a fine man, but he is not in it to win it, just like Romney wasn’t. Politics is blood sport and Cruz’s staff took advantage of Dr. Carson’s mistake. Dr. Carson asked Cruz to publicly apologize, and he did. The media and those who don’t like Cruz are making hay with this trying to knock him out. Much ado about nothing.

        1. Fedup

          DeMarie Ingraham…. No one in their right mind would say that. Dr. Carson did not say anything at all at the time the CNN comments were initiated, other than Dr. Carson was simply going to speak to his campaign staff early to avoid the impending blizzard so he could catch a plane to Florida for a couple days. CNN discussed the pros and cons of his decision ad nauseum , including inferring that anyone who would go to Florida instead of straight to New Hampshire was not in it to win. The Cruz people then tweeted to all precincts that Dr. Carson was dropping out and all Carson supporters should caucus for Cruz. Anyone who would think that a candidate who was polling in double digits and had been earnestly campaigning for a year would actually drop out of the race just minutes before the polls open on the first caucus of the campaign. It would take some really stupid people to come to that conclusion that quickly. Those stupid people include the Cruz staff, CNN on-air personalities as well as those Carson supporters who changed their vote based on the false rumor spread by the Cruz staff throughout the state. You are just as deceitful in attempting on a site like this to warp the true chronology of events and also pooh-pooh the result of this sleazy collusion.

      2. Mary K

        The most significant blame goes to CNN for their report; to Trump for trashing Carson in November–BE HONEST–calling him pathological and comparing him to a child molester was the REAL dirty trick!!! Then there is Carson himself, who to date, continues to milk this for all its worth and pretend he’s not the opportunist here as much as Trump. Open your eyes, people. You have so little discernment–you have proven it by how easily you believed all the crap out there.

        1. Fedup

          The liberals in our education system have been dumbing down students from K through college for the last 6 decades, hence the inability to discern for themselves,
          As for the CNN vs Cruse levels of participation in the Iowa debacle involving Dr. Carson’s “dropping out” I would have to assess it 90 % Cruse and 10% CNN. CNN merely mentioned and then pondered how anyone could be serious about campaigning and still not head straight for New Hampshire. Cruse immediately jumped on that, tweeted the directive to all of their state precincts to get the word out to every Carson poll and let the Carson voters know their vote would be wasted because “NEWSFLASH” Carson was dropping out. No one at the polls would have even seen the CNN playacting before they cast their vote. What TV would they be watching? There would not be a TV in the polls building and even if there was, the doors hadn’t yet opened for another few minutes. The people lacking common sense just accepted the rumor as fact and didn’t even bother to consider just how stupid that would be. A candidate campaigning for a year and still maintaining double digits in the polls minutes before the voters get to vote he drops out???

    2. b glad

      Regardless if Ted Cruz knew or not, it was his official campaign that sent the notice, thus he is responsible.

      1. sgodym

        How come the MSM never tells us that Marco Rubio and Rand Paul sent out tweets about the same thing? I’m sure it’s not because they want to see the only real Constitutional Conservative gone.

      2. Mary K

        What about CNN’s responsibility which they abdicated? What about Rubio’s,. Paul’s, and Trump’s camps? WHY do you single Cruz out? You are like the Pharisees–a bunch of whitewashed sepulchres and hypocrites!

    3. Gammi2Anna

      After Cruz was declared the winner of the Iowa caucus he was quick to jump in front of the TV explaining the incident involving Dr. Ben Carson. Cruz began with an “apology”, saying that he and his wife are very good friends with Dr. Carson and his wife and that he had already called Dr. Carson to apologize. I’m seriously confused with this explanation. If I heard an unsubstantiated report that my very good friend had suddenly, without giving cause, announced that he was dropping out of the race, my first response would have been to call my good friend to inquire as the why. I would have been concerned that something catastrophic had happened to my good friend, whether an illness, accident or other unanticipated crisis. Apparently Cruz was very happy to accept the announcement that Carson had ask his supporters to give their vote to Cruz, yet he did not even find it in his heart to call Carson up and give him a big Thank you either. This does not sound like anything a good friend would do.
      While giving his explanation of how the “mix-up, faulting CNN reports and saying that his team was simply forwarding news that had been broadcast”, Cruz never made mention of why none of the other candidates had received the same unsubstantiated report of Carson dropping out.
      If the released scenario of how the Cruz team learned of the erroneous report that Dr. Carson was dropping out of the race for POTUS is correct, Cruz should be concerned that he has a very irresponsible team member in Spence Roberts, the person that supposedly received the false report and then forwarded it on to Cruz’s campaign co-chairman, Iowa Rep. Steve King. King began tweeting the report of Carson’s decision to leave the campaign, also without getting confirmation from anyone. I’m sure he had access to Dr. Carson’s contact information or that of the Carson campaign chairman. A 30 second phone call and none of these three political geniuses thought to make that call?
      Do politicians really believe that American citizens are that stupid? Cheats and Liars are not on my list of admirable qualities that I will accept to serve as POTUS for this great nation. Have we not already had enough of that in the last 8 years? Do we want more of the same or do we want to start with a clean slate and try to save our country? Cruz is not the guy to make that happen and he has left no doubt in the minds of voters who view his explanation as nothing more than a fairy tale. He is just another political hack that will do ‘whatever it takes to win’, even surrendering his morals and values. Cruz is not for me and my family.

  2. Gigip

    Absolutely NOT, he’s too smart and doesn’t need to. He has more capabilities and class than any other candidate.????????

    1. DeMarie Ingraham

      Yes he does. But he’s a poor campaigner. No one goes home in the middle of a caucus if they’re a serious contender. I want a person for President who wants it badly and is willing to stay and fight for it. He appears just like Romney did…to be playing at it. He’s a really good man, but he just doesn’t have the fire in his belly to go the distance. Even his super pac staff jumped ship because they can see he isn’t in it to win it.

  3. Gigip

    CNN is responsible, in fact I am not so certain Carson didn’t set it up to get attention. Who else would go home for laundry??

    1. sgodym

      Good point, Gigip. Carson’s campaign was in major trouble and this sure has gotten him the attention he wasn’t getting!

  4. rayhause

    Carson intentionally put out a very misleading news story, and unfortunately Cruz was too quick to respond. Where is the foul, Carson”s poll numbers were virtually the same as after the vote. Now, as for Cruz firing anyone, I would tell Carson to go piss up a rope. Steve King first put out the story and I just don’t think he knew of a possible deception.

  5. b glad

    I heard he rumor, but did not act on it because I don’t receive orders from the Cruz campaign. If it had been true, Dr. Carson would have notified his volunteers if he was making such a major decision. None the less, the Cruz staffer responsible should be held accountable for their actions.

  6. Janthony132

    Let’s face it, Ben is not going to get the nomination. He’s a great guy but not Presidential.

    1. Birds of Fire

      Yes, but just like the elder George Bush running against Ronald Reagan, you can’t run for Vice President in the primaries.

      I support Dr. Carson with my money and time. Why? You are correct. He will never be the Presidential nominee, but he IS a very good candidate for Vice President. He is the perfect balance to Ted Cruz and his hyperactive approach. Dr. Carson is calm, mature, and TOUGH. That’s the exact Vice President that Ted Cruz needs.

      And America needs Dr. Carson to stay in this race until the last vote is cast.

  7. Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

    The very fact that Cruz and Rubio are being allowed to run is a dirty trick. The media wonks on FOX keep saying that Christie, Bush, Kasik, and Carson can’t get any traction because Trump is “sucking all of the oxygen out of the room.” If Cruz and Rubio, the two constitutionally ineligible candidates were not allowed to run, how many more votes would each of the eligible candidates receive?

          1. Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

            Please put forth the legal evidence that states Cruz and Rubio are Constitutionally eligible to be President or Vice-President.
            And for your information, there are many Constitutional scholars that agree with me, including the framers of the Constitution, and that is a fact.

          2. DeMarie Ingraham

            Ok Rev…you show me yours and I’ll show you mine! 🙂 And the Supreme Court cases you cited did not define who could serve as President of the US. The were either dictums or spoke to citizenship sufficient to hold office at state levels, not President.

          3. Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

            Those cases defined the meaning of “natural born citizen” as being born to PARENTS who are citizens of the United States. The Constitution REQUIRES one to be a “natural born citizen” in order to hold the office of President or Vice-President.

            John Jay, in a letter to George Washington, dated 25 July 1787, stated:
            “Permit me to hint, whether it would be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Command in Chief of the American army shall not be given to nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.”

            When George Washington received Jay’s letter, he submitted the recommendation to the convention where it was adopted in the final draft. Thus Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution, the fundamental law of our nation reads:

            “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

            So how come do we continue to hear the President only needs to be “born a citizen”? Well, it starts with the false interpretation of the 14th amendment, claiming that it super-cedes Article II:

            The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was adopted 9 July 1868 and reads as follows:

            “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

            So exactly what does that mean? The intent and purpose of the 14th amendment was to provide equal citizenship to all Americans either born on U.S. soil or naturalized therein and subject to the jurisdiction thereof. It was NEVER intended, nor did it grant “natural born Citizen” status. It only confers “citizen” status, as that is the exact word used by the Amendment itself and that is the same word that appears in Article I, II, III, and IV of the Constitution. It merely conveys the status of “citizen,” and as we learned from how the Framers handled the Naturalization Acts of 1790 and 1795, being a “citizen” does not necessarily mean that one is a “natural born Citizen.” Also, the 14th amendment was NEVER meant to grant birthright citizenship to children born in the United States to parents who are in the country illegally.

            The Fourteenth Amendment only tells us who may become members of the community called the United States, i.e., those born on U.S. soil or naturalized and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are U.S. citizens. The amendment was needed because under Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 (1856), slaves and their descendants, whether free or not, were not considered as being members of that community even though born on U.S. soil and unlike the American Indians subject to the jurisdiction thereof. But the amendment only allowed these slaves and their descendants to become a member of the U.S. community by making them U.S. citizens. Once those persons or anybody else (e.g. Wong Kim Ark) so became a member of the U.S. community (became a U.S. citizen by birth on U.S. soil or through naturalization), then that person could join with another U.S. citizen and procreate a child on U.S. soil who would then be an Article II “natural born Citizen.” This did not include the children born in the US to illegal immigrant parents, because since they were in the country illegally, they were NOT subject to the “laws there of”.

            Therefore, a “natural born Citizen” was created by someone first becoming a member of the United States (a U.S. citizen) by birth on its soil to a mother and father who were U.S. citizens or if not so born then through naturalization, and then joining with another similarly created U.S. citizen to procreate a child on U.S. soil. The product of that union would be an Article II “natural born Citizen.”

            This is the original intent of the framers of the Constitution concerning the meaning of a “natural born citizen”, and the U.S. Supreme Court, in the cases I cited, agreed with their meaning.

            May I suggest that you go to the website of Ms. Publius Huldah at:


            Ms. Huldah is a retired attorney and she is an expert on the Constitution.

          4. DeMarie Ingraham

            I’ve read that which you’ve regurgitated before & I will re-read it again. I’ve read both sides of the issue in order to try to understand how and why people are differing on this subject. I am no expert in this field, but have relied on what so-called experts have had to say on it. As you can see from below articles, which are only a few, there is a disagreement between “constitutional scholars” on this subject. Who’s to say the scholar you choose is correct over a scholar who says different? You, too, are making an assessment on what you have read. If the Constitution were unambiguous there would have been no need for the Naturalization Act of 1790 which was passed by the First Congress, made up of many who helped write the Constitution. We will agree to disagree. I am not so arrogant to insist that I am correct, as I have no dog in the hunt at the present time. But I have an opinion, as you do. And each is entitled to it. Now, go have yourself a good day.


      1. Arbie Viau

        Sorry, DeMarie, this one point I disagree with you, Rubio and Cruz are NOT eligible. Here’s why: the founding fathers added to the Constitution that the POTUS must be a “natural born citizen” so that there would be NO influence from foreign countries and dignitaries. I was taught this over 50 years ago and some sleazy lawyers have changed the meaning so anybody can become president today. Perfect example is Obama himself, foreign influence? Absolutely – Cruz was born in Canada, mother was American citizen, but his father was not (Cuban). Cruz had dual citizenships until 2014, if Canada approves of it. Rubio’s parents were illegal Cuban immigrants at the time of his birth and he is what they call today an anchor baby. Both are NOT “natural born citizens”. I don’t care what “they” say, Rubio and Cruz aren’t eligible, the Constitution clearly states that they are not. Rev. Archbishop Gregori is correct, but because of the corruption in Washington D. C., “they” have re-written or redefined the Constitution and as a matter of fact have shredded it in many areas just to suit their agendas. Hope this helps you to understand where Gregori and I stand.

        1. DeMarie Ingraham

          So McCain (who was born outside the country) was also ineligible? It was ruled he was. As long as there is a parent who is a US citizen, they are eligible. and many scholars have attested to. I think within the legal community there are differing opinions. The Constitution does not define what a “natural born” citizen is. The founders left it up to the states to determine until the 14th Amend. was passed. That determined that If only one parent lives in the US they must have lived in the US for 10 yrs and at least 5 of those years after the age of 16. (That’s where it gets sketchy for Obama). People can argue about it all they want but it is not cut and dried.

          1. Arbie Viau

            There was never any question if an American couple have a child in a foreign country, the child is an American citizen. That was never an issue until some unethical person brought it up. But hey, you don’t know who is the bad guy in Washington D. C. anymore. See my other comments about Obama to answer the latter part of your comments.

        2. DeMarie Ingraham

          As I understand it the First Congress of the US passed the Naturalization Act of 1790 and stated that children born abroad to US citizens were also “natural born”. Many of these members of that congress who passed this Act were the original framers of the Constitution. That would seem to me that they saw the need to clarify further what it meant to be a “natural born” citizen. No doubt, it is a complex issue with legal scholars of the Constitution coming down on different sides. Until the Supreme Court actually rules on this, there will continue to be a question left unanswered. And even then, we know the Supreme Court has become political, and a ruling will probably cause even more issues!

          1. Arbie Viau

            You’re absolutely right, the Supreme Court used to be free of corruption, but they have proven otherwise here of late. One of the problems with the decision is, Obama. If they rule the correct meaning, then that brings a problem for a lot of people and they want to save face and/or jail time. What bothers me DeMarie, is Cruz and Rubio KNOW the truth and they are ignoring it to become POTUS and are capitalizing on it. Letting Obama become president has caused so many problems, aside from his reign as POTUS, and I say reign because he thinks he’s king of the hill. Have you heard today, there is a bill in Congress for Obama’s 3rd term? It never stops!

          2. DeMarie Ingraham

            While I am still totally undecided on the candidates as I see each one having negatives and pluses and I’m not sure which out weighs the other, I will say that Rubio has a big negative for me when he stood in the gang of eight. That and that some media and leftists think he’s fine…which makes him suspect to me. Cruz has many negatives also, but I will say the one thing I do like about him is he has been a thorn in the side of the establishment republicans. He has fought them and not gone along with their go along to get along. I just don’t see that we have a really, really good candidate. One that encompasses most of what I would consider a true conservative but then again, what does that really mean? We conservatives don’t really agree on that either. We don’t walk lock-step with each other which is a good thing but then again it also makes for a lot of in-fighting. Unlike the Dems who are ideologues and do band together even when the don’t agree – for the good of getting any leftist elected over a Republican or conservative.
            The other thing we have no clue about is whether the poser-in-chief and his handlers are willing to sell our country out to a foreign gov’t like No. Korea. I mean sell-out in a catastrophic way. My real concern right now which goes along with what you mentioned about setting up a faux-disaster in order to have a third term is that right now No. Korea has a satellite flying low over the US with a twice than normal pay-load (NASA has been talking about this) and we could be ripe for a take down of the grid or a dirty bomb over a particular area of the US. They may believe Obama is weak and would not retaliate. This is what has me worried about a weak president. It opens us up to some sort of an attack which in turn would give a reason for martial law and an extension of the Poser’s term. BHO is a puppet to bigger forces around the world and the New World Order could be facilitated by a rogue nation’s hit on us. Once thought to be conspiracy theories, seem much more & more realistic these days. If we get Hillary or Bernie or Biden or Bloomberg, nothing will change and we’ll have more of the same. If we get a Bush, Kasich, Rubio, and even a Carson to some extent, we’ll just decline a little more slowly. Trump & Cruz are the unknowns. Trump even more than Cruz. Its a conundrum that’s for sure.

          3. Arbie Viau

            I have some of the same concerns, but the decline is going much faster than I anticipated, not slower. I think Obama, urged on by George Soros and his financing, needs to speed it up so an election does not take place in November and Obama will try to stop anyone from taking “his” office away from him. The only one I have my sights on is Trump, because he won’t let anyone trample on him and will fight the powers that be from taking over America. The others I feel, don’t have a clue how to fight this battle and/or will take money to not interfere. Remember Trump is the only one that isn’t financed by special interest groups and lobbyists, the others (all of them) are and if these financiers say “jump, they will have to ask, how high”. Do you know what I mean? I know this sounds radical, but what can I say, it scary out there. We’ll never be sure of what a person will be or do when they take over the WH, but I believe Trump is our best shot! As far as Cruz is concerned, I don’t believe a word he says and nobody in Congress likes him either and the research I’ve done on him, plus the trick he played on Carson in Iowa (and I believe intended) tells me what kind of person he is. Undisputed liar and thief.

          4. DeMarie Ingraham

            I understand your concerns. Trump is channeling what many of us are thinking and doesn’t filter what he thinks. My concerns about him are he was a big Hillary supporter before, & aligned himself with a lot of Democrat ideas and, he’s now saying he’ll keep Common Core, he also wants a single payer health care system. On other things which are important I agree with him on such as the border and keeping the “refugees” out and strengthening the military. Don’t know if he can build the fence but if he’d just enforce our laws and give some teeth to the border patrol that would go a long way to helping.
            I like the fact that many (not all, as he has defenders also) in Congress don’t like Cruz, because frankly most of them are rhinos who will continue the current policies and they, too, are bought and paid for. He has continuously thrown a monkey wrench in their agendas. I can’t believe how many who ran on the Tea Party platform and got in have now turned to the establishment. The system is rigged so that those who go with the best of intentions are hamstrung by the establishment. Here, where I currently live, the Tea Party congressman is now bashing Trump & backing Rubio. What the heck happened to him? Our Senator got in as a Tea Party candidate and she’s now signing on to some of the crappola that the establishment is doing. They get there and then sell out. Cruz has not sold out on most of the issues and I say that’s a good thing. I know one thing for sure. I will vote for any Republican who gets the nomination even if they are the least favorite of mine because not to is to put in another socialist/marxist or criminal. I’ll take a loud mouth business man, a Senator that knows how to take full advantage of others weak campaigning over the wing nut Bern or the criminal viper, Clinton. All the evangelicals and Republicans who refused to vote for Romney last time helped give us Obama. They cut off their nose to spite their face. Does anyone on the right actually think that a Mormon businessman would have been worse than a marxist who wants to destroy their country? Their moral outrage was not only outstandingly self-deprecating but destructive the the very fabric of this nation. I know one thing for sure. No one is as good or as bad as they seem!!! Have a good one.

          5. Arbie Viau

            Well, you said it DeMarie, they get there and then sell out – special interests and lobbyists are telling them what they paid them for, Cruz has sold out in a 2013 video stating that he is for: no borders, gay marriages, amnesty, North American Union which is for the New World Order. Politicians always say what you want to hear! I voted for Romney, and Trump said he should have won but at the last he folded up and the rest is history. Christians are a strange lot (and I’m a Christian) but they thought because he was a Mormon, they didn’t vote for him – Mormon’s are a cult. Stupid reasoning, but what can I say.
            Romney, as I remember, did seem out of wind just before voting time.
            Well, I hope you get it sorted out, it feels good to have made my decision. Trump is my choice. You have a good one too.

          6. Mary K

            The reason Republicans fight,, esp. against Cruz, is the morality he stands for which has gone by the wayside…the RINOs don’t have all the scruples the party once stood for. The Dems voted God out last convention. God help us!

  8. Dan W Rykard

    Yes Cruz is the only one talking about the Constitution which America needs so badly to get back too. So many do not even know the Constitution, and do not understand Socialism which the younger people need to learn nothing is free, in France they are talking about a 75% tax rate to pay for all the free stuff of Socialism. Capitalism has made this Nation the best in the world and we are losing that having big Government and large taxes to pay for all the regulations and Government interfering, Cruz has said a flat 10% income tax and get back to a smaller Government and allow the Constitution to work as our for Fathers wanted and our country has prospered for over 100 years.

    1. Arbie Viau

      Cruz is not the only one talking about the Constitution, if he is for the Constitution then he would not be running for POTUS since he is ineligible. He knows he’s not, but he is anyway, he and Rubio found a sleazy attorney and they applied a different meaning to the Constitution in this matter. If you are for Cruz, then you need to do some more research. In my opinion, the research I found, we would have an Obama all over again.

        1. Arbie Viau

          No I won’t give up, I LIVE by our Constitution and no sleazy lawyer or politician will move me!! It is idiocy to let some corrupt individuals persuade you against the meaning of the Constitution, that’s how Obama got to be POTUS. How is that working for you sgodym?

          1. Arbie Viau

            Of course, and they’re all from la la land and think they can change the meaning of the Constitution by corruption. And of course, sgodym, don’t listen to your own heart, but the heart of corrupt politicians, and Obama’s thugs. Thanks, but my mind is intact and thinking right for Americans, you are an American or aren’t you.

        2. Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

          Try reading what the Framers of the Constitution have to say, and then check out the several Supreme Court cases in which the SCOTUS agreed with the framers. The cases I am referring to are:

          Venus, 12 U.S. 8 Cranch 253 253 (1814)
          Dred Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 (1857)
          Minor v. Happersett , 88 U.S. 162 (1875)
          United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898)

          1. DeMarie Ingraham

            The Supreme Court has never ruled on who can be president. The rulings you cite were a dictum or spoke to citizenship sufficient to hold office but not the office of President.

          2. Mary K

            Get rid of your “most reverend” title. Only God is worthy of that. You have not read all the relevent info I can see from Cases listed. Humble yourself, and do your homework.

      1. Jackie

        Actually, I believe that you are probably right about the original meaning of “natural born”. But I seriously doubt that it will be interpreted that way now. If it were, then Obama would be ineligible and that will never be allowed. It has a new meaning–a citizen with one parent who is a citizen. There have been a number of legal opinions, other than their lawyers, that have agreed.

        1. Arbie Viau

          Yes, Jackie, they would never say they were/are wrong, that would be political suicide. What bothers me is, we voted those suckers in office. Why? Because we believe they were sincere in guiding America on the right path, but special interest groups and lobbyists paid for their office and so it goes – – – American’s including me were/are ignorant of how politics works and it ain’t pretty!

        1. RC

          Don’t be too sure. Obama was born under the same conditions only he’s lied about his birthright from day one. Personally I thought Cruz was OK until this nasty little trick either he or one of his campaign workers pulled on Carson. We have to remember. Cruz is running for our nation’s highest office. If he pulls something like that in a primary election what’s he going to do to the rest of us if he’s elected? If he were to apologize and fire whoever did that dirty little trick I might think he’s OK. But he hasn’t and seems to be very proud of the way he won. That tells me he’s no damn good. Just another lying career politician we don’t need.

          1. gray_man

            Cruz didn’t pull anything on Carson. Carson’s camp implied Carson was done. Cruz just repeated the info he was given.
            So did others.
            Since acknowledged by the Carson camp.

          2. RC

            Carson DID NOT say he was quitting. Cruz, or one of his people, put out the word. In fact I remember hearing Cruz saying Carson might drop out. That is an act of desperation any way you look at it. It’s also dirty politics. I don’t know about you but I don’t want another damn liar running our country. Any politician who can’t stay with the issues at hand instead of trying to do away with his opposition the way Cruz did damn well doesn’t belong in the oval office. After all, Cruz is in charge of his campaign and should take responsibility. Just like the captain of a ship.

          3. gray_man

            Idiot, I said Carson’s camp.
            The presidency of the US is not for wimps.
            Maybe Carson needs to grow some balls,
            acknowledge the stupidity of going home to get “fresh clothes” in the middle of the campaign,
            stop whining, and learn this game is for big boys.

          4. RC

            In your various posts you’ve shown that YOU ARE THE IDIOT! Not only that you’ve shown your total lack of class. Why don’t you try acting like a man instead of a petulant little boy. If you want a liar to be president I guess that’s your right to vote for him. Personally I prefer honest people. Not people like you.

          5. RC

            You know, I’ve had enough of communicating with the stupid insulting obnoxious son of a bitch you’ve proven yourself to be so drop it, anything else from you will simply be blocked. We try to have discussions here but assholes like you have to see what you can do to destroy it.

          6. gray_man

            You’ve had enough of communicating to me ?
            Good, because I’ve had enough of your lies.
            You continue to spout lies.
            And now insults.
            You now threaten to block me.
            The last resort of a coward.
            Go ahead coward, block me.
            However, stupid.
            That works both ways.

          7. Mary K

            Yes, and notice how Cruz was singled out since he was higher in the polls and true to his word/consistently conservative record which NO ONE else has who is running.

    2. jane wilhelm

      Cruz is certainly NOT the only one talking about the Constitution. Ben Carson wrote a very good book educating we fellow Americans who should but don’t know enough about our American Constitution named ‘A More Perfect Union’. The huge difference here is that Ben Carson is working to provide the citizens of our country leadership to once again provide for ourselves; Cruz is not trying to lead anyone to develop solutions but rather more of the same ‘Washington and Party battle crap’. Ben Carson is able and experienced in bringing many gifted and devoted minds together to solve ‘real’ problems and he has made the choice to dedicate himself to implementing this same genuine and real approach to bringing the minds in government together the same way. No more of that ‘My way or the Highway’ stuff that’s been going on for decades now!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This hard-working American girl is sick of it!!!!

    3. Fedup

      Dan W. Rykard…The ONE who was first talking about the constitution, flat tax, eliminating the IRS and standing up against political correctness FIRST was/is Dr. Ben Carson. Go to you tube and enter Dr Ben Carson and listen/watch his speach at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast. It was only after he came even with Trump and even passed Trump that the media, establishment and the other candidates began paying attention to his position on issues. The media told lies about him, Trump told lies about him, and the other candidates began stealing parts of his message and claiming them as their own when they saw how these unorthodox ideas were resonating with “we the people”. Then after many of his followers were shamed into dumping him the media has ignored him as has the establishment of both parties. Any candidate who dares denigrate the special interests and their lobbyists is a threat to the establishment of both parties as well as the media because they all feed at the lucrative trough od the special interests and the lobbyists. We all know that where ever there is money there is greed and corruption. Where, but Washington is there the most money flung around in HYUUUUUGGGEEE, as Trump likes to say, amounts.
      As far as Cruse offering a 10% flat tax, it has already been stated by economists that 10% won’t be enough. Dr. Carson has learned from them and has revised his proposed flat tax to 14.9% because of the huge national debt which needs to be paid off,. Then the tax can be lowered when that is accomplished.
      Everybody is so quick to parrot what they hear in blips and sound bites. Do you own vetting and quit listening to all the people who spew slanted information. Go to a candidates sites and to you tube and see and hear their words from their own lips and then vote with informed intelligence. With all the social media available today, we no longer are puppets of the biased media. We can do our own vetting. Wake Up America!!! Get Informed!!! This is a do correctly or die election!!!!!

  9. Arbie Viau

    There are so many “things” going on in this campaign that I believe Cruz thought it would just be okay to cheat a little bit and he was scared that he would not win and “fixed” it so he would. Ben’s acceptance of Cruz’s apology made him look weak and probably will cost him many votes he would have gotten had he not put up more of a fight. As POTUS, you need to have a fighting spirit and this was not a good move, in my opinion. I have the utmost respect for Ben and I just wish he would stop letting them push him around. Perfect example, when being introduced at the debate, it was Trump that stood by him by not going out when they called him and stood with Ben and was last to go to his place. At this point, Ben should move on, but needs to get a little testy when such “things” occur. Cruz’s apology was so inept and insincere, and a lie. I have no respect for Cruz, if he had it to do over, he’d do it again. Iowa should have had a recount, but the damage was done so how do you fix something that was stolen, how do you determine whose vote was for Ben. Cruz did NOT win in Iowa, that’s for sure.

    1. DeMarie Ingraham

      If opponents in the campaign can push him around, then so will foreign leaders. I really like Dr. Carson and have a lot of respect for what he has accomplished, however, he is not a strong candidate and IMO, we need a strong leader to try and undo all the damage Obama has done. A person who’s in it to win it, does NOT say he’s going home for a change of clothes and won’t be showing up at the next to sites that were planned. That along with the CNN report certainly led the Cruz staff to assume that Dr. Carson was leaving the race. Dr. Carson is more like Romney – decent men, but no fire in the belly.

      1. Arbie Viau

        Unfortunately we’re both right, and we both feel the same about Carson. Carson’s score in New Hampshire is at the bottom, he was hirer before Iowa, so I believe Cruz not only stole his votes, but knew Carson was too timid to start a fight and he was right, he caused Carson to lose votes in New Hampshire. DeMarie is a pretty name.

        1. DeMarie Ingraham

          They both are playing the political game. Cruz to go after Carson followers and Dr. Carson to drag out the brouhaha to hurt Cruz. I think they both have lost votes in NH, but once the media moves on to other things, it will shake it’s way out. It seems to be the blood sport of politicals. Unfortunate but that seems to be the way it is. They all give ammunition to the lefties by beating up on each other. This is a wild race, no doubt, and will be interesting to see how it shakes out. Thank you for the compliment. Best wishes for surviving the election season. We may all be pulling our hair out by the time November rolls around! 🙂

          1. Arbie Viau

            I agree wholeheartedly, DeMarie, best wishes to you as well. Yes, I don’t like to hurry up the seasons they are already going too fast, but we need to get Obama out of the WH, I hope America can stand on Her own until then or somebody in Congress has balls enough to impeach him before November 2016. I guess the phrase is – dream on.

  10. Mary K

    This is a ridiculous accusation. CNN started the mess, and news anchors all thought it was really an odd thing for Carson to do and led everyone to believe he was dropping out. I believe Cruz camp believed it also and would never have tried anything deceitful that could damage the campaign. Too many moderates and liberals are opportunistic and decided to trash a good man just because they could! Rubio’s camp did the same, but since Fox is behind them, not much was said about his camp! Then Trump was mad he didn’t win so he attacked Cruz hypocritically, pretending to feel sorry for Carson whom he trashed in November for admitting an incident in his youth where he had stabbed someone and then straightened out his life, which trashing by Trump is why Carson’s campaign suffered–it was NOT Cruz’s fault he didn’t do well. He did about the same as the polls predicted.

  11. disqus_K2IWWTxFTh

    Yes Cruz is trustworthy and will get my vote. CNN reported the story. Cruz and Rubio campaigns repeated it. Ben Carson’s campaign sent mixed messages. Enough blame to go around. Need I say a caucus is designed to get votes for other camps. This whole thing is absurd and I am dismayed at Ben Carson and Sara Palin’s attitude regarding this. He did not loose Iowa because of this. Move on!

    1. jane wilhelm

      I don’t know where you got your information that Ben Carson’ campaign sent mixed messages. The only thing said be him or anyone representing him on his campaign was that he was going home to Florida before proceeding on to New Hampshire. And REALLY Why would a candidate work so hard right up to the point of the first(Iowa) caucus and then decide to pull out of the race? COME ON! THINK!

    2. b glad

      Sorry. There were no mixed messages from the Carson campaign. Why would anyone drop out on the eve of the first caucus/primary after pouring a full year of campaigning, loosing a volunteer to an auto accident in that state, and polling in the top four. I saw direct correspondence from thee Cruz campaign staff. I saw no such thing from Rubio’s staff. You have every right to give your vote to Cruz evnen though he has shown his untrustworthiness, but keep your propaganda to yourself.

  12. SDofAZ

    Yes it was dirty and no we don’t believe it was done innocently. This was a politicians ploy and Cruz knew it was being done. Nothing will be done to his followers, they did it with his blessings. No surprise here! Go Trump!

    1. Birds of Fire

      You are so wrong. Ted Cruz said some things to the children who worked on his campaign that would blister paint.

      I’ll bet you money that this NEVER happens again; nor anything else that is even similar on the Ted Cruz campaign.

  13. Henry J. Gilbertson

    Cruz is a greasy half breed cuban no vote from me if he’s what I have to vote for than fuckit I wont vote

  14. Stan Hoffman

    Sorry, but I don’t believe this article at all. Its completely different from all that has been said and done on this issue. Even the article says “but even if part of this story is true.” That right there tells me they have fabricated something and have no clue if any of it is true or not. The author is admitting he doesn’t know the truth of what happened.

  15. AL ELLIS

    Yes it was a very dirty trick and could be why he came in third today. He is a liar too, he claims things against insiders like he’s not one himself. He’s about as much an insider as Rubio and Bush. If Cruz, Rubio or Bush get the nomination I will vote for Bernie. I’m tired of these lying insiders like Cruz.

    1. Mary K

      WHY would anyone vote for that socialist (he admits that only because communist sounds scarier)? He will cripple the US with more debt and that will be the end of the US. Remember what Margaret Thatcher said, and PLEASE–pass it on: “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

  16. coolman11

    I think Cruz has someone dirty in his staff I’m willing to bet there is a plant from the establishment or democrats to sabotage his campaign, he was comfortable in second place why would he do anything dirty doesn’t add up.

    1. Birds of Fire

      What basis do you have for this statement? Go back to giving head to your college professor. It helps him stay hard when you make ugly comments about Ted Cruz. Say something derogatory about Donald Trump and I’ll bet you he comes!

      1. Pamela

        I just gave you the basis. I live in Texas and know some things and if I really wanted to get ugly, I would say what some of those things are, but I won’t. Just stating a fact. No ugly to it. You are the one that is ugly. Did you reply the same to the comments below me and above me that said more than I did? Or did your demon mind just pick me out of the crowd.

      2. Birds of Fire

        I live in Texas and I say you are a liar. I know as much about Ted Cruz as you do. Or are you doing a “Bob Dylan” and trying to hide what you don’t know to begin with?

  17. gfsomsel

    “Given this recent revelation, do you still believe that Ted Cruz is a Constitutional conservative and worthy of your trust and vote?”
    Yes !

  18. trishae61

    Given this information, where the hell is the information that Rubios team did even worse with spreading the rumor and that is proven, I have seen the tweets. Get your damn facts straight before putting out a story like this!!!!!!!! Plus the fact that CNN is totally responsible for starting it!!!!!

  19. juniemoon

    Never liked Cruz. He’s a liar and a cheat. And there’s more to this story than meets the eye; there always is.

    1. Birds of Fire

      I disagree. This is the “heat of the battle” and the children who are Cruz campaign staffers were excited that someone was “dropping out”.
      There is nothing more to this story than what has already been said. And there is nothing to this other than what meets the eye.
      I guess you still believe in the second shooter on the grassy knoll, right?

      1. juniemoon

        Well, good for you that you believe all that about Cruz.

        He’s still a liar and a cheat. Nothing you say will change my mind.

        1. Birds of Fire

          Yeah, and you still believe that Lee Oswald was part of a conspiracy. And nothing anyone can say will ever change what you call your “mind”.
          I call that blind prejudice and formalized ignorance. I don’t call that “mind”.

  20. Don Mann

    Didn’t you people blaming Cruz read the article? It said it was reported by CNN! Why isn’t anyone blaming CNN? Put the blame where it belongs!

  21. RightLane1111

    Let’s just assume that CNN is stupid. However, ole Teddy, well he is God’s gift to ethics…RIGHT??? Wrong…You verify information. Teddy is so anti-media…why was he so quick on the trigger to accept this? Why not call Carson.
    This is what it meant by his little deception. There were 1500 caucuses in Iowa. If just TWO PEOPLE had remained with Carson and not switched to Cruz or Rubio..guess who would have won…Trump. Now if four people had remained with Carson…Trump would have won..and Rubio might not have come in third.
    Dirty tricks. For all of you that want to blame CNN…use a scapegoat. However, Cruz is the one that says “We ALL know that I take the High Ground…blah…blah”. Well…was that the high ground Ted? You thought so little of your fellow competitor that you couldn’t verify. Of course you didn’t think much of Carson…you used him to get where you are and this writer is going to blog this thing from here to China. You are a FRAUD.

    1. Mary K

      NOT cute or clever. Stop with the hypocrisy and double standards. You, like others, try to hide that Rubio’s, Trump’s, Paul’s, and maybe others, not sure about their campaigns, ALL hear the same and told their people the SAME THING. Carson didn’t talk to Cruz to check out his knowledge of events before trashing him mercilessly and name-calling–then he has milked it ever since, whining every chance he gets…it is so disappointing, because I had respect for him before…then Trump, opportunist that he is, feigns compassion for Carson, who 3 mo. ago he mocked and called pathological. Please…open your eyes, people. BE HONEST about how this was an opportunity to bring down the front runner in Iowa.

  22. mudguy1

    How much longer is this nonsense going to go on? The horse is dead. If the jockey on the horse decides to go back to the barn one would think he was quitting the race. Move on to a real story. If any votes were change there wasn’t enough to change anything. And most people like us didn’t hear about any of this until we got home.
    The spokes person for Carson that talked to CNN is the that should be reprimanded. Anybody that knows anything about the media especially CNN you never tell them anything that they spin into something that can be misleading.

    1. RC

      We obviously don’t agree. Cruz had to know about the dirty little trick pulled on Carson. Carson didn’t announce that he was dropping out, the same as others who did. No matter who it is, the candidate is at the head of his campaign. Just like the captain of a ship at sea. If Cruz had said he’d look into what was done and fire the person who did it that should be the end of it. Now Rubio claims Cruz lied about him. Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire and that makes Cruz a liar. Carson was in fairly good shape until Iowa and now he’s really hurting. Could Cruz have caused irreparable damage? He just might have. Do we want a bald faced liar in the White House, the same as we now have? I think not. We do agree on one thing. Any who talk to the news media would do well to know exactly what they’re saying or keep their mouths shut because those people deal in words and can really twist things around to suit themselves.

  23. Jerry

    Cruz is responsible, it was his campaign. I do not believe any candidates does something like this without them being informed and finding out whether the statement is true.

  24. RC

    Could be wrong but if I remember correctly I heard Cruz say himself that Ben Carson was going to drop out. I don’t recall exactly how he said it but that’s just about the most unethical thing one could to in that situation. Even if I’m wrong and Cruz didn’t make that statement himself he’s in charge of his campaign. Just like the captain of a ship, he is responsible for what happens. Since he’s running for our nation’s highest office he’d better get that straight. As it now stands, there’s no way I’d vote for him, Rubio, Kasich, Baby Bush or Christie. Those people all are only looking out for themselves. My money is still on Trump with Carson as vice president. We need some honest people in our government for a change.

  25. Carol

    Between this and the mailing sent out by the Cruz campaign that said “VOTER VIOLATION” in big red letters at the top, I will not vote for Cruz in the primary. Misleading and scare tactics have made me doubt Ted Cruz’s trustworthiness.

  26. Eddie

    Left-wing media outlet CNN lied. CNN “reported” that Carson was “suspending his campaign”. Then CNN tried to pin the blame on Ted Cruz. No wonder the American people DISTRUST the lying media.