CBO Says National Debt Could Hit This Ridiculous Level Because of Obamacare

The Congressional Budget Office – the non-partisan agency that provides budget and economic information to Congress – has confirmed that Obama’s “Affordable” Care Act has (and will) be anything but for the American taxpayer and federal government.

Here’s the report from the Washington Times on the CBO’s findings:

The federal government will be flirting with $30 trillion in debt within a decade, the Congressional Budget Office reported Monday, blaming an aging population, new spending and tax cuts approved on Capitol Hill, and the growing burden from Obamacare for erasing the progress Washington had made over the past few years.

Analysts said Obamacare will chase more workers out of the labor force over the next five years, adding pressure to an economy still struggling to spring to life more than seven years into the Obama recovery.

“The Affordable Care Act itself is still struggling to attract a customer base, the CBO said, lowering its estimate for the number of people who will sign up for the exchanges from 21 million to 13 million – a drop of nearly 40 percent in projections. Customers collective taxpayer subsidies this year will be 11 million, down from the 15 million the CBO projected a year ago.”

This confirms what history has shown us time and time again: The private sector always does a better job of providing better quality goods and services for lower costs when the government stays out of the marketplace.

Obamacare is nothing more than a new twist on the old idea of government-mandated health care. And it’s only accelerating the pace at which the United States will become more financially insolvent.

Do you agree with the CBO’s findings that Obamacare is a fiscal train wreck?

Give us your take in the comments section below.

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    1. usmc354

      You either live in a fantasy world of your own mind’s making or very misinformed individual. In either case, you seriously need to seek help!!

        1. usmc354

          You are correct! Thanks! There is no vaccine, serum nor any tool available for the prevention of or fixing stupid!

    2. GT90ford

      It states the CBO Report, look it up dimwit!!! As if Obama doubling the National Debt in just 7 years, more than all presidents before him combined. Thank God Texas didn’t buy into ObamaCare, we have private Health Care with a $250.00 deductible, $5.00 co-pays for meds and Dr. visits. We can get rates like that due to the fact that Aetna and United Healthcare dropped out of ObamaCare-less.

    3. usmc354

      Not going into details with you as it seems difficult, if not impossible, for you to mentally process facts! I merely wish what problems and monetary loses I have experienced as a result of Obamacare should happen to you! Main one: free lifetime health insurance included with retirement package canceled….TYVM

    4. usmc354

      Should you desire to be informed and enlightened, and if, and only if, you trust the US Government and not merely this site’s reporting, you can google “cbo report aca”! If you have the mental capacity do so, it will bring up page, go to headline “CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE l ACA REPORT”, click on and read for yourself! OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT SITE!

  1. kassa1

    Let’s face it Obamas driving this train straight into the wall and nobody stopping him. We all have a country that has a dictator we have taxation without representation as the commerce which is owned by the Republicans have done nothing for the American people always calling to Obama which means to me if you ate a part of the solution Must be a part of the problem

  2. brooklynjoe

    All of us middle class should just bendover, k-y our butts and let the Govt. have it’s way with us because it has been happening against our wills for the past (almost) 8 years anyway! ?

    1. Mike Schneider

      and those middle class actually deserve it! when the opportunity to stop the problem existed, the majority of the brain-blighted middle-class snubbed those noses at a solution.. Enjoy!

  3. CharlieM34

    $30 TRILLION in debt in less than 10 years from now?? Bama will have taken America down the crapper in the rest of the year he has left in office if Congress and the Senate keep their only interest on being reelected and their individual power…..gutless wonders!!

  4. Austinniceguy

    I hope all the idiots who voted for this moron are happy with the outcome of having accomplished having the first ni**er as president.That’s all he will ever be and we will be bankrupted for it. The difference between him and a piece of dog sh*t on the lawn is that the sh*t will eventually turn white and stop stinking.

  5. waymill100

    Obama is a trainwreck and his Obamacare is only one of the horrific things this inept Emperor wannabe has done to America. The numbers they are reporting for the debt are way low because they don’t take into account the fact that many parts of the ACA haven’t and won’t take affect for years. Many economists predict that the final amount of the debt incurred will be closer to $86 trillion. Also the people who signed up will pay 40% more than they were originally told they’d pay because 40% less people signed up. Many people are being fined $1,000 for refusing to sign up. America… Many of us warned you and you called us “alarmists” and “conspiracy theorists”… How do you like us now? *~

  6. Grim Reaper

    Anyone with even the barest acumen knew that Obamacare and all the Socialist Welfare programs these idiots push are completely unsustainable. So then one must ask what then is the real agenda behind this financial suicide. I believe this is being done because they know a great calamity is about to strike, so being responsible or accountable is no longer in their lexicon of behavior. That is why they keep doing stupid provocative things, because they are calling for a total annihilation of those whom they consider useless who no longer fit their agenda. That is the real reason behind all the insane actions in my opinion.

  7. SickandTiredofObamaTheMuslim

    Everything Obozo does is a complete Fu_ k up! So, why would Obamacare be any different?

  8. Bob Wexler

    No. I thinks its great.
    Anybody should realize that if you now cover 35 million people who did not have insurance before, because they were uninsurable or couldn’t afford to pay for insurance, and give it to most of them for FREE, the cost for everyone else should go down by at least $2500 a year.
    I just don’t see what the concern is.

    1. usmc354

      It is obvious you either do not excel in mathematics or you have merely not played with the figures. There are 365M people in USA, there are 1000M in a billion, there are 1000B in a trillion! Now, do the math for 365M people for a debt of $30 TRILLION!!

      1. Bob Wexler

        Obviously you didn’t see my tongue firmly implanted in my cheek.
        I do have a passing familiarity with numbers, perhaps more so than Obozo.

  9. Vincent Fisher

    Cannot just blame Obama on this. Both parties are at fault. Isn’t Congress supposed to control the budget? Obama can act like an emperor but he’ll soon leave and another president will be elected. We, the American taxpayers, are treated as cash cows. No one is asking simple questions: Why aren’t we reevaluating our actions and purpose as a superpower? The U.S. has around 800 military bases around the world, some still situated in Germany and Japan. What are we protecting? Why are we placing missiles around Russia in various countries? Why are we not attempting to get more manufacturing jobs, the Prez said in one of his State of the Union Addresses that manufacturing was the backbone of our economy (I watched him say this on T.V.), into the U.S. Why isn’t the Federal government re-examining its attitude toward marijuana and the mentally ill?
    How many Americans realize that our prisons are the main caretaker for the mentally ill? Thank Ronald Reagan, an idealized Republican for that.
    I am a conservative and I’ll tear into any injustice regardless who is responsible.

    1. Americans Wake Up

      I agree with a lot of what you say. We have a repub led senate and house that bows to Obama on everything he wants. Ryan has turned out to be a Dem in Repubs clothes.

  10. jerry bouchet

    Obummers american economy destruction plan is the only thing this usurper has been successful at.

  11. jerry bouchet

    Let’s face it he is just like Hillary everything either one of them has touched has turned to pure shit.

  12. Americans Wake Up

    Thought it is interesting that Sweden has dropped their government run healthcare in favor of privatized healthcare. They were the model for all the lib’s to hold up as the beacon of government healthcare.

  13. Americans Wake Up

    but, but, but , It’s supposed to REDUCE the debt over the next en years. This can’t be true

  14. littlebit43

    If you do the math it is already unpayable. 19 trillion is over 5700. for every man woman and child. Add in the unfunded mandates and it goes over 600,000.00. I have 3 in my household. That is nearly 2 million. Reckon he will take a (hot) check?

  15. Austinniceguy

    And let’s not forget that Shitlery wants to not only continue these failed policies of OlBluegums, she wants to EXPAND on them!!! How is it that her delusional support base thinks any of this is the least bit sustainable?