Power Broker in Early Primary State Says Something Shocking about Polls

It looks like some folks in the Republican establishment aren’t too happy that the presidential primary isn’t going their way.

Former New Hampshire GOP governor Judd Gregg, a longtime and highly influential Republican power broker in the Granite state, had an interview with Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business network. Gregg declared all current polling in his state to be null and void, and the likelihood of anti-establishment GOP front-runners Donald Trump or Ted Cruz winning New Hampshire as unlikely. 

That’s not all – or the most shocking – thing he said. Here’s the report from DC Whispers:

“This morning Gregg was adamant that New Hampshire primary voters would choose an establishment candidate to represent them in the GOP nomination process. He specifically pointed to the campaigns of Jeb Bush and John Kasich as those he approved of.

“He also appeared dismissive of the possibility that either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz would win New Hampshire.

“Then he dropped a bombshell that clearly had Fox Business host Neil Cavuto a bit stunned.

Gregg indicated it would be a brokered Republican convention regardless [of prior primary and caucus results], and from there a proper candidate would be nominated.”

This would be a process by which all previous primary election decisions would effectively be dismissed during the Republican convention scheduled for July 18th-21st in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Delegates would then no longer be obligated to cast votes as determined by earlier primary elections. Instead, Republican power brokers are allowed to intervene and attempt to coordinate/trade/cajole/threaten, a desired outcome. In such a scenario, a majority of the convention delegates could, for example, ultimately decide to nominate someone like Jeb Bush to be the 2016 Republican candidate for Presidenteven if he didn’t win a single primary race.

If you needed more proof that Trump and Cruz aren’t favored by the Republican party establishment – and that national political primaries aren’t fair fights – there’s your sign. Trump has a history in his business career of retaliating when someone tries to attack him, and we’re sure he’ll retaliate in spades if the Republican party tries to pull any shenanigans this summer in Cleveland.

Do you think that Judd Gregg will be proved right and if Trump or Cruz leads coming into the convention it’ll be a brokered (albeit extremely unfair) one?

Sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. texexpatriate

    If the GOP does what Gregg believes it will do and ignore the result of primaries, it will sign its own death warrant. The corruption of the GOP—in equal corruptive partnership with the Democrats—is the reason why Americans have turned against “establishment” party politicians. For a long time we’ve been aware out here in the sticks that the GOP doesn’t care about winning if it would have to govern constitutionally as a party. The leaders of the GOP are content to lose, occupy the District of Corruption, and share in the spoils—of taxes, donations, and bribes.

    1. Bob Marcum

      Actually; while I see these possibilities, as catastrophic, as you do; I don’t hoever, look forward to the alternatives, as you do.
      1. The article 5 convention is extremely dangerous.
      a. Too many liberals and corrupt GOPs, in the governor’ seats.
      b. They will have the power, to rewrite the constitution, as they desire.
      2. The secession idea is too much of what obuma wants. The nation would be
      helpless, against the onslaught of the islamists, from a wide variety, nations.
      ( that’s what obuma has been working for, since he got into the senate ).
      3. My hope is for Mr. Trump to go around them, as an independent.
      a. He has remided them, several times, if they cheat, then all-bets-are-off,
      in regards to his agreement not to run as an independent. He’s already
      reminded them , of that, yesterday.
      b. I firmly believe, he will get more votes, in the general election, that way,
      ( if the GOP’s cheating is the reason, for him going independent.
      The people will be more pissed-off, at the GOP, of course, if they do.

      1. messup

        Right behind this folly of a proposal for an ARTICLEV COS (or CON-CON) is the National Popular Vote Movement seeking to decimate We The People’s 12th amendment by DIRECT ELECTIONS from mostly populous cities in each state. Two very dangerous events happening concurrently. Amen. NKJV Psalm 128

      2. Howleyesque

        I FULLY AGREE! Given the FACT that the corrupt dirt bags at the top of BOTH major party’s have just effectively made their disdain for what WE THE GOVERNED WANT I wouldn’t BEGIN to trust THEM to rewrite the most important documents our system is based upon!

      3. jane wilhelm

        So then, WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT THIS? Just watch our beautiful democratic country become, by all practical purposes, no longer democratic? What other things can we do? I very strongly support Dr. Ben Carson as our next President exactly because he exhibits the strength of character to not ‘become’ this or sacrifice his true allegiances to his country to be our next President, yet with this sort of ‘crooked’ system in place, it leaves one totally flabbergasted.

        1. Bob Marcum

          Jane; I’m sorry. I had a long well detailed article written here, for you. But; It vanished from the screen ( it’s not the first time, though ). It has cost me plenty, on extra charges, for too many gigabytes used. So; I’ll shorten this drastically.
          I’m sorry; but, Dr. Carson is obviously, fighting a losing battle. I have a high regards for him but; it didn’t work out. Any votes, for him now, would be wasted votes. I supported the petitions to convince him to run, in 2012. I continued to support him, until I gradually realized, Mr. Trump is the only one with the fighting spirit, intelligence (matched only by Carson’s ), the patriotism, the big corporate management expertise, the love of challenge, the friendly relations with other nations ( through his big business dealings ), and most of all his sincerity ( which is unmatched — except by Carson ), and the fact that the GOP and the liberals, both, hate him passionately, because they’re extremely scared of him. The only thing they can fight him with is lies and mockery,
          because his background is too clean for them to hurt him, with scandal, or legal concerns. His money allows him to ignore all of
          the lobbyist, who have trapped all the others, in Washington, DC.
          Now; the only chance this nation has, is for the voters to recognize this, and steadfastly stick with Trump. All others are almost a certain,
          lost gamble. Trump is ( I am convinced ) a certain win, for the nation, IF we can get him into the Presidential office. PLEASE; GIVE HIM YOUR SUPPORT. My slogan is; Go Trump Go / Make America Great, again.
          ((( OOPs; So much for a short version, of the article. lol )))
          Have a good year, Jane; and, may GOD be in your face, at all times.

          1. jane wilhelm

            Bob, I appreciate what you are saying, but frankly, Trump does not have the self-control of a good leader. I am no spring chicken and I have listened the crap that the ‘establishment’ feeds us all my life about wasting your vote. I believe at this time when our country is in such dire need of a great leader that I MUST Vote for the one man I truly believe can do that job, Dr. Ben Carson for President in 2016! Thank You and God Bless!
            However, perhaps a Carson/Trump ticket would be alright.

        2. betterboy

          Carson is also owned by the RNC. Just think about this. Carson was from a dirt poor family and he had bad grades in school. He was in trouble with the law and then he went to Yale. This is mostly from his website. How does anyone in the 60’s go to Yale with no money and bad grades? Bush and others are members of the Yale skull and bones society – if you don’t know why that is so bad then google it. I say he was groomed by the establishment for a purpose just like this. Remember, all candidates are puppets except Trump. The RNC started with Bush at the top as their choice. Then they pushed Carson. Then they pushed Cruz. Now they are pushing Rubio. Soon they will chop Rubio and put their favorite establishment elite crime family candidate in at second place – Bush. Trump is taking their power and source of corrupt money – stealing it from the public. Now we have this brokered BS. If an election was corrupted or was a close call I could see it being brokered, but when everyone wants Trump and they broker it they better watch out. We the public will not stand for that corruption in our faces.

          1. jane wilhelm

            You need to go back and read his book more carefully. He did poorly in school until about the 5th grade then became aware of the value of reading and how it could help out of the Detroit nightmare he was living in. I am a retired pediatric physical therapist who worked with children with severe neurological problems all my adult life. I was aware of the brilliant work of Dr. Carson a very long time before he ever came on the political scene, so I know for a fact that what you say here is not true. Study this man’s work as a profound neurosurgeon. I have done my homework, friend.

      4. AL ELLIS

        They are already doing this with the caucus’ , it excludes too many people and is ripe for cheating. I’d like to know how Trump was ahead in all the polls in Iowa and he came in second. See what I mean. Get back to voting only.

        1. Bob Marcum

          Al; I can only quote my opinions, of course, but; My take on the Iowa
          caucus is; It was considered by all candidates ), to be a very crucial
          ( therefore, highly valuable ) election. Therefore; it was ripe for use
          of corruption. There were tricks and falsehoods, running rapid. Now;
          New Hampshire is over and things will chill-out, a bit. I firmly believe,
          Trump will start showing the opponents that, if they want to catch-up, they will have to start cheating more aggressively. (( I’m hoping, that
          more aggressive cheating will make their methods more visible, to the voters. We will just have to watch and see.

          1. AL ELLIS

            Bob, I have had this same hope for some time that people will wake up to the dirty things politicians in general do, they lie and cheat, and say anything to get elected then forget all about what they promised. Look at Obama, excellent example, he promised “change” and as far as I can see the only change has been to erode our Constitutional rights. Trump IMO is our only hope, I feel he means what he says, and why because he is paying for his own campaign instead of taking money from super pacs or special interests. Now the GOP is saying they’re going to have a brokered convention. If they do, I hope it will put the final nail in the GOP coffin. Its time for a different party. This country is being taken over by D.C. CORRUPTION, AND IT HAS TO STOP.

          2. betterboy

            Trump is invested because if the country crashes again Trump’s properties will lose half their value. Trump is the real deal. He has many reasons to run besides being a patriot. I will vote Trump no matter what party he runs with because I vote for integrity, not corruption. Most people don’t realize that all past elections have been fixed – only the establishment’s puppets were candidates. When you own every horse in the race you can’t lose.

          3. AL ELLIS

            He certainly has my vote. I am going to see him next week in NV and I plan to caucus for him on the 23rd. Vote for TRUMP IN 2016!!!!

    2. AL ELLIS

      I’d like to join you in secession. I think Texas is fairly close to it now, and they would be able to be self sufficient. Something needs to happen D.C. completely ignores the will of the people continually.

  2. JC

    Hey Judd—you are the type scum that the R party does not need and that the grass roots are trying to get rid of—you fit right in with the establishment Rinos—your laughable predictions were totally wrong on NH—you are one of the big reasons why the R party doesn’t win !!!!!!

  3. dominke

    The corrupt insiders will do anything to stop we the people from electing TRUMP. It would not surprise me if they tried to take him out by way of death. Like Hillary said what difference does it matter as long as you get what you are after. Republican Party is on full life support and people better sleep with one eye open. If we trust either of party leaders we are done.

  4. SDofAZ

    Well, GOP bring it on. We are so fed up with the elites in this party. This is disgusting. We have made it abundantly clear we don’t want another establishment candidate. No more Bushes, no more rinos like Mitt, McConnell, McCain, Rubio, etc…. If you persist we will follow the candidates you don’t like or want to accept. Money will not buy Jebbie a seat in the white house. And if you insist on cheating us, it will cost the GOP. Maybe it is time for a third party. This one certainly is not representing the republic, just their chosen elites! Go Trump, give these wealthy arrogant narcissists a headache and take their trophy of the presidency away from their grasp. Talk about no republic existing today. This bunch and the dems make it quite evident that we will have to fight to win! Traitors is a fitting label for this bunch of feudal lords in training!

  5. DustyFae

    Now we know OHIO is all for Obama and they will do whatever Obama said, after all Obama said he had some governors in line with him…Sounds fishy but true.. So Ohio is a chicken, so be it.. Break all the law and the will of the people speaks louder then words, we now know where their stand is for the People..

    1. SDofAZ

      They have to make their stands now since we are challenging their status quo with Trump, Carson and Cruz. Now they are outted, we know the ones who are our enemies hidden in the cloak of the party as republicans. They are not hidden any more. Come on out like this fool did and show us what you got! The we will turn your lousy apple carts and plans upside down as has been done with zeal since 2014. This uprising has surprised them and if they try to power through then there will be a fight for this seat in the white house. I am with Trump. Give this fool hell Trump! We will too!

      1. betterboy

        Cruz is a puppet also. He is owned by Goldman Sachs. He is probably one of the worst liars to be elected. I would be like having another Obama.

    2. Robert Early

      Kasich is nothing more than a Boehner clone; or vice versa. Do the people of Ohio really understand how much they’ve been duped?

  6. highlysuspect

    I wonder what has his panties in a bunch? Could it be he stands to lose a whole bunch of special interest money if an establishment candidate does not get the nomination?

    1. OldTaxman

      It’s always about the money. The GOP establishment is every bit as corrupt as the Demoncraps. Such an action would guarantee that there would be three or four solid candidates in the general election in November and the nation would end up being the loser.

      1. highlysuspect

        Agreed. What needs to happen is this plays out the way the people decide it plays out; not the way the big money establishment wants it to. This country is tired of career politicians getting paid by powerful special interest groups to perpetuate the status quo. As scary as it might be, this election needs to be Trump vs Sanders.

        1. Howleyesque

          NEEDS to be, but DO NOT count on that . The party big shots are making it clear that THEY call the shots… not MERE TAX PAYING VOTERS!

          1. Bob Marcum

            This reminds me of a car stuck, in the road ditch. One person says; The solution here, is to put it back on the road, and go in that direction, over there.
            Of course, he was right.
            BUT; first we must get it back, onto the road. Does anyone have a method ????

            Remember; there are many obstacles, in front of the car, on the shoulder of the road. To push it backwards, is to go further back, downhill. I’d sure like to get to the top of the hill ( the bottom is too

            close, already ). OK ???

          2. Howleyesque

            True, but nobody said life was going to be easy. The simple sad fact is that we are living at a VERY crucial time in this nation’s history, it’s very survival is at stake and the idiots who do hold power are so unwilling to let go that they think they can get by with rearranging the deck chairs!

      2. Howleyesque

        Our best HOPE is that Bloomerbug would go third party (with Bernie Panders as the Dummycrats are stabbing their rank and file in the back too) and that a Trump/ Cruz ticket could pull enough votes to win. Either way, the GOP WILL have effectively signed it’s own death certificate and our one REAL HOPE then will be that the bumbling Momma’s boy they DO want in won’t finish the destruction of our economy his idiot of a brother started and Odummer has assisted BEFORE the FOLLOWING election!

        1. TAM44

          They are without a doubt dead from the neck up, The GOP AKA GOING OUT PARTY IF they keep up this mess. Go Mr. Trump 2016.

          1. Howleyesque

            Yep if they are so utterly stupid that they can’t read the billboard, much less the writing on the wall, then it’s time to put the RINOsaur out of it’s misery and move on!

      3. Bob Marcum

        Somewhere, in our nations history, I remember reading; one of our former
        presidents ( I believe ) said ; A democracy can only stand, until the
        politicians realize how easy it is, to get rich from the citizenry. ( not the
        exact wording, I know; but, close ).

      4. betterboy

        The nation with 3 or 4 parties might be the loser, but could also be the winner. If the GOP shafts Trump then he should go independent. If the GOP brokers Trump out of the nomination the public will go ballistic. The big problem is who owns the news media – that would be the establishment bas tards. They can and would spread lies and not report the truth.

    2. Howleyesque

      No this dolt has just “let the cat out of the bag”. The sand bagging job they’ve pulled with Trump first in Iowa and now in NC was the SILENT signal that THIS was coming and it’s WHY he put them on notice that IF they DO pull this trash he will have NO hesitation about disregarding HIS end of the “agreement” he signed with them as they will have breached and thereby NULLIFIED IT FIRST!
      Hmm a Trump-Cruz ticket? Yeah, I can support that!

      1. betterboy

        I agree except with the Cruz on the ticket – Cruz is a liar and corrupt. He is owned by the establishment elite – Goldman Sachs. He has already shown how corrupt he is by stealing Carson’s votes. Trump needs to pick someone he can trust, not someone he calls a total liar.

        1. Howleyesque

          True, I was thinking in terms of the votes he could help bring in because they would be needed TOO win. Many times the VP is the LAST GUY you really WANT to actually HAVE the job and just PRAY that nothing happens that gives it too him (like that Lyin’ B—–D Johnson!)

          1. betterboy

            I think Trump is smart enough not to accept an establishment owned politician to VP or other post in line for the presidency. The establishment criminals are ruthless.

          2. Howleyesque

            He’s not stupid either, so he knows that in order to get anything done once he IS in office he needs them. So, you throw them the bone of having one of theirs as VP. Preferably somebody who is more well liked in some places than you are.

    3. betterboy

      All candidates except Trump are puppets of the establishment, so no matter which puppet wins – the establishment stays in power of not only the USA but the world – the establishment elite are globalists with no allegiance to any 1 country. They live all over the world in many homes they own. They will do anything to maintain their control over the crown jewel (usa).

  7. Girlie58

    If that happens, then Trump will run as an independent and he shall have my vote! And because the votes are gonna get split, thetes a good chance that we may have a democratic oresident once again, then its goodbye America, as we knew it!

    1. betterboy

      If Trump is forced to run independent he will get many new followers because most people don’t like it when corrupt politicians cheat and lie.

  8. needful

    i think it’s time we stop all this bullshit and join arms together and turn that toilet of a government upside down!!!!!!!

  9. Helland

    In-house, establishment, mouthpiece! He knows neither Party will survive the onslaught of citizens who think for themselves.

  10. A_patriot

    Who does this Gregg guy thinks he is? King? Go ahead GOP, do that and watch just how many of us walk away. You’ll never, EVER win another election. Come on, I double-dog dare you.

  11. messup

    Folks, We The Elite People of Culture of Corruption in ALL of Washington DC have already aligned their Delegates and Delegate counts so as to assure either an Establishment win (Jeb or Kasich) or, absent that, a brokered convention…either which way We The People are watching a Constitutional Republic following in the footsteps of a Banana Republic’s tyrannical dictatorship. Welcome to CUBA. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128

  12. stan

    If the RINO republican leadership does do this or even tries to do this, then it is TRULY Jefferson time. I personally am very tired of losing the Presidency because we keep running people who create no enthusiasm, are just place fillers and even if by chance they did win, they would change nothing. We need to run and elect someone who will do this and then hold them accountable.

  13. Robert Early

    Whenever government no longer respects or represents the will of the people, then such government must be replaced. Bye-bye, Tyrant Gregg !

  14. Howleyesque

    Dear Mr, Gregg, ALL I will tell YOU is what the DUMMYCRATS who have just been given that very same message by the DNC regarding the obvious DISDAIN that they have with regards to the desires of their rank file SHOULD BE telling said DNC. However, in light of it being on the verge of collapse NOW, the GOP SHOULD BE even MORE reticent about utilizing such clearly CORRUPT AND HIGH HANDED tactics. And that is?
    Your own pronouncement has just cleared the way for a third party run by one or BOTH of those you chose to spurn and the outcome of THAT would be DEVASTATING to your own party’s FUTURE! REFUSAL by the “ruling class” to recognize the will of the people would only serve to VALIDATE the DNC CLAIM that YOU DO NOT REPRESENT US, ONLY YOURSELVES!
    I will therefor will STRONGLY suggest that you and all of those LIKE YOU, who might even CONSIDER PROVING yourselves to BE that disdainful of we “mere commoners” RECONSIDER! WE DO NOT think of this nation’s highest office as a HEREDITARY TITLE to be conferred upon the NEXT privileged BRAT to step up and lay claim to it!

  15. TAM44

    The RNC in which I call the ROTTEN NASTY COWARDS Hates Mr. Trump and want to shove jeb bush down our throats. I’m sick of these insider obama appeasers who has let him do as he damn well pleases without any repercussion .

    1. betterboy

      Keep something in mind. The establishment and RNC would rather have a democrat in office than Trump. Really! Each party has a need to win, but the end game is to have a puppet either dem or repub, so the establishment elite can continue their corrupt rule. You will see a shift of money away from Trump if he gets the nomination. Mark my words! Trump is the last person they want in office from any party.

  16. Walter Flatt


  17. Walter Flatt


  18. Coolbreeze

    The GOP Establishment, loves to shoot itself in the foot. Well, the feet are so full of holes now, they are about to crumble! Trump is galvanizing the very people GOP Est, have claimed they wanted to galvanize for a long time, yet they hate Trump! If they continue to usurp the will of the people in the way Gregg believes they will, the final shot to the feet will topple the GOP and it will have destroyed itself. Hopefully the Country will be better off. If the people revolt (and they should) and Trump leads them to an independent Win, The people still win. If he mounts an Independent run and loses (ie) gives DemoCommie candidate the win, then America is done as we know it. Another 4 years of DemoCom policies, will continue the destruction of the last 8 years to abject disaster!

  19. texexpatriate

    If the GOP does that Trump will run as an independent and the Dems will win and appoint a socialist/communist Supreme Court Justice. Or the same thing will happen if voters stay away from the polls and don’t vote GOP, which they will do if someone like Bush is nominated by the convention. The USA, if it survives intact as the USA, will have 30-40 years of Communist rule, or the USA will break up into two or more nations. Both parties are hopelessly corrupt but at the least the GOP is not a communist party and has an opportunity to correct itself. Democrats will never be a genuinely American political party again.

    1. betterboy

      If Trump runs as third party you must vote for him no matter what you think the outcome will be – dems winning. That is the tactic the GOP would use to keep the voters from voting for Trump. Trump would have enough votes to win – I know it – and that faith in Trump would start a whole new era of growth and prosperity for a revamped country.

  20. romapi

    If the GOP pulls this garbage, then that will spell the end of the GOP. And the end of conservatism in America.

  21. PPTA

    Before vote for a Republican Establishment (Traitor to the American People) candidate I will most assuredly vote third party.m I f they have a brokered convention, and pick a candidate that did not win in the Primary elections, then they are dictators and I hope they rot in HE**.

  22. sjerseydevil

    The GOP better realize that most Americans are fed up wth establshed Politicans and the big Corperations behind them. Personaly I don’t care for Trump as a person, but he knows how to get things done. He is not “Bought & Paid For, He knows how to hire/appoint the best persons,and both partys are afraid of him. He has my vote unless some major change comes along. He is definitly better than Clinton or Sanders.

  23. AL ELLIS

    If they broker a deal at the convention, (damn I knew they’d try this, Bush kept saying Trump won’t be the candidate and this is the reason why), then I will vote for Bernie Sanders and everyone that was going to vote for Trump I will work to encourage them to do the same. It’s called revenge. The only other alternative will be for Trump to go third party. I think he will win and then no matter what the GOP does. BTW I think this would finish the GOP, I’d never vote for another Republican. This country worries that other countries have legitimate elections and they pull this crap. Its time for a complete revamping of D.C..