Juanita Broderrick Reveals What Hillary Said After Bill Assaulted Her

Hillary Clinton has recently stressed that women should always be believed after a sexual assault, but then treats the accusers rudely when it comes to her husband, Bill, and continues to defend him against a flood of sexual assault accusations.

In a recent interview with “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick recently came forward to talk about her experience with Hillary after allegedly being raped by Bill Clinton.

After avoiding Bill Clinton for weeks, and blaming herself for what happened, she attended a private Clinton fundraiser where she ran into Hillary and Bill.


Then after she saw her, Bill turned and went another way, but Hillary headed straight for Ms. Broaddrick.

Juanita recalled (as reported by Conservative Tribune):

“And so then about that time, I see them coming through the kitchen area. And some people there are pointing to me. He goes one direction and she comes directly to me. Then panic sort of started to set in with me. And I thought, ‘Oh my God, what do I do now?'”

Hillary came up to her and said it was nice to meet her, and all the other pleasantries that people say to each other even when they don’t mean it.

Then things got weird.

“And (Hillary) said, ‘I just want you to know how much Bill and I appreciate the things you do for him.’ And I just stood there, Aaron. I was sort of you might say shell-shocked.’

“And she (Hillary) said, ‘Do you understand? Everything you do.’ She tried to take a hold of my hand and I left. I told the girls, ‘I can’t take this. I’m leaving.’ So I immediately left.”

Broaddrick stated that her encounter with Hillary made her believe that Hillary knew everything that was going on and was telling Broaddrick to keep her mouth shut.

She added:

“What really went through my mind at that time is, ‘She (Hillary) knows. She knew. She’s covering it up and she expects me to do the very same thing.'”

If this story is true, it is utterly horrifying. We already know that Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt politicians to ever run for office in this country, but this is absolutely appalling.

Do you believe Juanita Broaddrick’s story? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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          1. original ancestry

            And Brown., Frankenstien, Ryan, Boehner, and especially Reid. All on the list for Treason.

      1. Bob Marcum

        Absolutely; ( to all you guys and gals ). Those names should be recorded
        permanently, in the accomplishments of Edgar Allen Poe.

      1. 67N20 Army

        Yep,,, I`m “REALLY’ glad I don`t know them personally OR was a “friend” of theirs,, I`m “Positive”++++ I`d end up committing “suicide” sooner or later !!! Or have an airplane “accident” !!!

        1. Insurgent

          They arrange it so that people who have their number, know their corruptive ways, and know what kind of sickos they are—————————meet their Maker ahead of their destined time !!!!

      2. Insurgent

        When billy joe bob, the womanizer, was in the WH, approximately 43 people met their Maker ahead of schedule due to their affiliation with these “morally bankrupt” individuals. If the lying dyke-battleaxe illegally gets back into office the big question is, “How many people will again met their Maker unexpectedly???”

      1. VN VET

        She ( Hillary) has had so many different ones ” male/female ” (bed partner’s) just which one or ones are you referring to ?

    1. Insurgent

      Hitlery Klintoris, like billy joe bob and their fugly offspring, are all morally bankrupt. They are very dishonest and have very little respect for the American taxpayer. Amazing how many ignorant people are fooled by this lying greedy self-centered phony dyke!!!

      1. 67N20 Army

        Yep,, Chelsea Cling-On is actually,, Web Hubbles` Daughter,, Slick Willy Is infertile !!!

  1. STELLA62

    Hell No!! RAPE!!?? Philanderer, yes, THAT I believe about ole Bill but RAPIST!! Yea, Okay……I’m not even a Hillary supporter but this just smacks of political smearing!! Bill isn’t running for POTUS so what’s your point juanita?? Women like you disgust me because you diminish the cries for help from LEGITIMATE rape victims. BTW: “buyer’s remorse” because you regret having laid down with a married man doesn’t qualify as rape!!

      1. The Redman

        Yep. 98% of the white-folks in america have had a rape in their own family by a member of the household. some 1 needs 2 keep an eye on U. tap-dat

    1. Francisco Machado

      The article is about Juanita’s experience with Hillary, who approached and addressed her at a fundraiser. It refers to Bill’s part only as “alleged.” The reference is to Hillary stressing that women’s accusations should be believed which is belied by her actions when confronted by such accusations. The article is not about Bill.

      1. Irvan

        You would stand by slick willy and deny he RAPED those women? That makes you one of the MOST STUPID ASSHOLES alive.

          1. lillyputt

            Prove it that the Clinton’s killed people, had sex with twelve year old’s and raped women.I wouldn’t take a gaggers BS babble, for anything, zilch. PROOF, not gagger sites.

          2. MARYSWEET

            Vince Foster committed suicide by shooting himself in the head TWICE. Anyone who believes that will believe the clintons on anything.

          3. MARYSWEET

            Both entry wounds were to the back of the head. That’s a neat trick to commit suicide by shooting yourself in the the back of the head TWICE.

          4. Howleyesque

            Then GET THE HELL OFF of the site if it bothers you so much, run back to a leftist hog wallow where you and your buddy Redman belong and QUIT TROLLING!

          5. worn out 123

            First I heard of this. Bill and Hellary can’t keep this a secret. Please explain how someone else did, anyone else.

        1. john

          Stella62 is one of Killary’s brainwashed zombies in her crowd..You can’t help dumb..I could see if it was some random woman and he wasn’t around her..But there is many cases..Like the witch had 12 year old girl’s in her younger day’s and had them go down on her ..You can hear the stuff on YouTube ..I guess she was heard saying some vulgar stuff to this 12 year old girl…Nasty Witch!!!

          1. john

            That ain’t what your mom said ,,oh zinsky hahahaha zinsky what a darrel lick..Only help your mommy needs is lifting my 13 incher up to her mouth..

        2. STELLA62

          I should have known I was “in a room full” of mouth breathing drooling knuckle draggers when the first one of you started right out name calling. So brave in your perceived anonymity. You inbred nut jobs have slithered from under every crack and crevice in this country and are like creeping slime. one brain cell sparking among the lot of you as evidenced by the pile on of insults for anyone who expresses an opinion different from your group think. well, you have at it — I’m not in the mood today to waste one ounce of energy arguing with “things” equivalent in intelligence to an amoeba . So, good evening and…..fuckyouverymuch!! Toodles.

          1. Howleyesque

            Oh so it’s everyone else’s fault that you don’t know what lurks in the Clinton’s past?

          2. STELLA62

            I’m not “blaming” ANYONE for ANYTHING!! I’ like all on this thread, simply expressed my OPINION – the emphasis word being “my”. So — WTF are YOU talking about?

          3. lillyputt

            These gaggers are pathological liars and the world knows it. They set these people up to lie about the Clinton’s. A herd of Nazi trash.

          4. Howleyesque

            Excuse me Mr Mod if THIS sow can call us Nazi’s is it PC for us to call a Hanoi Jane low life scum ass treasonous piece of whoring filth?

          5. STELLA62

            I don’t know whether “THEY” are lying or not but, I DO BELIEVE jaunita is full of shit. She, like many on this thread is trying to “one up” the already “fantastic” — unnecessarily so. Although ole Bill, imo, is a p—y hound, that’s between him, his wife and God, furthermore, BILL is not running for office!!

          6. Howleyesque

            She was one of their campaign workers years ago, who made the allegation way back then. Educate idiot self BEFORE throwing rocks, it won’t make you less of a fool (I’m sorry but having read your posts there is NO miracle DRUG that could do that!) But it WILL help you to LOOK less stupid… and that’s a start.

        3. MARYSWEET

          Agreed. Stella62 has been drinking too much Kool Aid and is maybe star struck by these criminals. I guess Bonnie and Clyde were admired too.

      2. Rosech Levy

        Seducing them can also be called rape! AND he was the president and how could they escape? And in this case with Bill running away, how sickening he and Hillary are. Hillary obviously was getting the action from Bill (and who could blame him) and so his seduction or force on women was acceptable to her as they both lack morals and ethics it makes me want to scream and see them hanged ASAP because they are a plague on the planet, as, unfortunately most men in Congress, WH and both parties who have gotten rich on our backs and think they can demand action anywhere, any time with any female!

        1. lillyputt

          Your whole gagger Nazi party, are a cancer on the world. Secede when a Dem or Progressive, once again wins the white house. When that happens, you an all sob, while blowing it out your ass.

          1. Howleyesque

            LOL WHAT? CAN YOU READ? DID YOU READ THE ARTICLE? Ignorance is one thing willful blindness is another matter altogether. Go Google “Juanita Broderick!” EDUCATE your silly self!

          2. lillyputt

            Blah, blah, blah. many of us could give a rats ass about your backward babble and mutterings. We just love fu..ing with you, imbecile.

          3. lillyputt

            The idiot down below, (GROTESQUE) is a dung wipe, that should be institutionalized and put in a straight jacket.

        1. STELLA62

          ALL of you gumflappers: until you KNOW what I KNOW (and you don’t and perhaps never will), STFU!! You have NO IDEA what you’re talking about.

  2. ReaperHD

    The only justice you ladies are going to get is to put a bullet between the eyes of Bill and Hitlery.

    1. STELLA62

      WHA…..WHAT!!!??? A bullet between the eyes because they are regretful for having sex with a man who, obviously, didn’t give a damn about them but rather, like any other philanderer, was laser focused (and successful) at talking them out of their panties!!?? Really, reaper? Their mothers’ should have taught them their value at junior high school age — they, obviously, didn’t know theirs. Victims of manipulation? YES!! Rape? NO!!

      1. Howleyesque

        You clearly don’t know the rest of the story do you? You see, Broderick is only one of roughly 20 who have accused Bill of raping them and Swillary has gone after them with everything in her power to intimidate them and destroy their lives including the IRS. Now, you were saying?

          1. Howleyesque

            Up yers Judge CRUDiIE go make your demands of some one you DIDN’T attack you arrogant vicious SOW! Oh and shove that useless filth spewing troll Redman that you seem to be in love with as up between your big fat cheeks as you can get him too!

        1. STELLA62

          howl — I don’t believe you. I think you’re either making shit up OR you’re getting these outrageous claims from some biased rightwingnut source. I must admit, it could be either……

          1. Howleyesque

            Look stupid, the article is about? Juanita Broderick. WHO? Is ONE of the women who says he raped her, and what Swillary had to say to her afterwards. Now. you can BE as obstinent and remain as ignorant as you please. That’s your choice. If nothing more consider the sheer hypocrisy of Swillary SAYING “Any woman who claims to have been raped MUST be assumed to be telling the truth/” HER OWN WORDS! While she not only denies Broderick’s claim that Bill did JUST THAT. She also CLAIMS that “ISLAM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TERORISM”? You do KNOW that Islam IS institutionalized misogyny RIGHT? You DO KNOW what a “female circumcision” IS RIGHT? Does THAT sound like someone who is PRO women’s rights or just a hypocrite trying to garner all the votes she can from anyone and everyone gullible enough to BELIEVE her contradictory “stances”?

    2. lillyputt

      They wanted Bill Clinton and couldn’t keep him and then the lies started. Prove it that this is a lie.They wanted to have their names linked to a President. Many people are like that these days.

      1. Howleyesque

        Just because you’re gutter trash doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. Speaking of which, a buddy and I need for you to settle a bet, he says you’ve raised your price to a quarter and I told him there’s no way anybody would pay you that much… which one of us is right?

        1. lillyputt

          You and your buddy, sound like whore masters. Picking up every street corner hoochie who takes your money.Don’t take disease back to your old ladies,J.O .

          1. Howleyesque

            The only ho on here seems to be you and I didn’t say we were planning on buying .. just asking about the price.

  3. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    This is what I would expect from Hillary and anything less would shock me. Hillary watched and saw first hand what Billy would do because pussy comes first u7

      1. Howleyesque

        Doesn’t spending all of your time posting disgusting garbage so you can get your pathetic rocks off when people get upset strike you as being TWISTED? What a sorry excuse for a life…

        1. The Redman

          There R a lot of no good white-folks like U dat get ya snake-mouth in a wad when I tell U demons in pink skin the truth about how yall B raping yo own Lil family members, U should go turn yo self in 2 jail, and do the right thing 4 once in yo nasty life. hog-eyes. we see U.

          1. Howleyesque

            Yep sad, just sad that all your pathetic life entails is making disgusting. lying comments to get an angry response from people. It’s a wonder you don’t slit your own wrists or hang yourself … that IS how MOST hate filled people die, by suicide as they end up so miserable that they can’t even live with themselves. Sounds like you’ve hadone twisted life. I could ALMOST feel sorry for you… ALMOST!

          2. lillyputt

            You disgusting pig. Look at the comments on this and other gagger sites and the people will judge how classy you and your fellow pigs are.

          3. Howleyesque

            The only PIG I see is the spraddle legged SOW running her yap too sadass and stupid to see which one of us has been posting from a cesspool you half witted gutter whore!

          4. The Redman

            Nah, hog-eyes. white-folks tend 2 like “slitting” their pale “wrists”, and LOVE 2 “hang” their own pink heads because they LOVE 2 “suicide” its their evil coward way out in 2 Hell. hahahahahahahaha.. U’re almost there, huh..

          1. Howleyesque

            Listen BITCH if you don’t want people telling that filth spewing maggot bag you raised the truth then stuff a sock in that sewer between his ears and teach him how NOT to be an ASS nasty TROLL! Or maybe your such a perverted piece of shit you don’t ,mind some sack of garbage accusing YOU of raping your own family members. Ya goofy twisted FREAK!

      2. Rick

        Still enjoying your stash of pedofilia Redman being as you enjoy talking about kiddy sex at every opportunity?

        1. The Redman

          Slick rick. U ah human tick dat love 2 suck-up 2 stupidity. U feed on it. hahahahahahahaha. U should B about ready 2 bust from white pride, huh.

          1. Rick

            My bad, but in my defense the rumor mill has it that “she” has an assortment of different styles of strap-on’s as well as assorted vibrators. The mill has it that old Redman prefers being the bottom but it isn’t very clear as to wether or not “she” uses any oils or lubes during their, ahem, sessions. But you know how rumors are by just appearing from out of no where but then again some rumors do have some foundation of truth to them.

          2. Howleyesque

            As slimey as those two are? OILS or lubes? LOL They don’t need to strip, one hug does the trick!

          3. Rick

            “They don’t need to strip, one hug does the trick”! Because of that statement by you the picture that comes to my mind is that of a rooster on top of a hen in the barnyard, wham-bam then he is done, lol !!!!

  4. The Redman

    98% of the white-folks in America R some of the worse terrorist in the world. lots of em rape their own children as well.

  5. Brena

    YES, I believe it. I thought of it the other day. I told my husband Hillary and Bill dont care about each other. They just use each other to cover up for one another. I have known that for quite some time. If not, why didnt Hillary leave Bill after the scandal of his affair with Monica instead of still being with him. You could tell she didnt care.

  6. a_goodtarheel1

    Yes I believe Jaunita. What in Sam Hill can she possibly have to gain by lying? The horny hick was supposed to be 100% innocent in the Paula Jones matter as well, and yet he settled for a figure just south of one million dollars. I know his pockets were deeper than Paula’s and I know he could have out lawyered her if he had been innocent.

  7. Kenneth Schoonover

    I find it impossible not to believe Juanita Broadderick’s story. Considering Paula Jones’ sexual harassment allegations against Bill Clinton, plus Bill’s involvement with Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky, I think Juanita’s telling the truth. I don’t think Hillary will be able to dodge questions about Bill’s sex life much longer.

    1. Rosech Levy

      Apparently it has happened with Bill speaking while the sick Hillary took a break to get energy enough to continue that the women were not really happy with him knowing his past and maybe his future in pedophilia which has been creeping out about him. Can’t say I have facts on the latter, but plenty of women are coming forward again about his predator acts.

    2. Fred Frazzetta

      There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Juanita Broadderick is telling the truth, she has no reason whatsoever to lie whereas the same cannot be said on behalf of the criminal Clintons.

  8. David Friske

    How can anyone believe her. Can anybody out there answer this question? If all these TOP SECRET E MAILS received by Hillary not marked TOP SECRET why in hell were they not marked TOP SECRET?

  9. Anthony Alexander

    People JUST LIKE THE CLINTONS gravitate to politics…..They have no shame and are in politics for their own selfish reasons NOT for the American People…DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD

  10. Cosmo

    If I had to choose between Hillary or anybody else in the known solar systemj, I wouldn’t believe Hillary.

  11. McKenna Kunshier

    Yeah, I believe it and it looks like the Clintons true colors are finally shining through. If I vote this November it’s not gonna be for Hillary or any of the ruling class parties for that matter.

  12. Ibcamn

    i believe hillary knew it then,she knows about “energizer”,bills new love interest,and she could care less!so,that would tell me she knows of bills weird sexual desires,and she likes it,remember the article”eat me”,where hillary get sit on with a chick!so,i believe she has a few skelotons in the closet on the sexual spectrum too,and she knows of bills sexual trips to a certain pedo island and she doesn’t give two hoots about,so yeah,she knew what bill was up too back then from day one!

      1. Rick

        Bill’s convicted pedo friend Jeff Epstien, who happens to own an island in the Carribbean that is named Orgy Island, staffed with underage girls to take care of Epstien’s friends special needs. Bill is known to have flown to that island in Epstien’s private jet that has young girls on board for the flight.

      2. Ibcamn

        proof what??that she sat on a chicks face and screamed eat me?watch the movie about it dumbshit,it’s been out for years!where the f’k have you been?living under a rock!?!or the part about bills girlfriend?the one the secret service calls energizer,because she gets bill all worked up!?did you know she also brings chocolete chip cookies to those very same SSn guys?no?you have been under nan rock!!go look it up,any of it!she,as in hillary doesn’t give two f’ks about what bill does….even pedo island with his rich buddy where they have 14 and 15 year old thia hookers flown in!(international waters)so they don’t go to jail!look it up,it’s everywhere,only someone living under an rock doesn’t know this old news!!get a life,it’s uninformed people like you that want hillary for president!she is a criminal,she had subina’s sent to her office,given to her byn hand,and that night in an interview,she lied about getting any…even though the hews investigator and interviewer knew she had gotten them…she lied again!and about other things….

  13. Someonesmom

    I do absolutely believe Jaunita Broadricks story. Bill and Hilary are both power hungry. They have no morals, no integrity and don’t care who they hurt, step on or use to further their own personal agendas. Once a pervert….. and she is as bad as he is..just look at her cover ups / track record with ALL those emails. What is the life of an Ambassador , and our marines worth, compared to her power hungry ambitions. Do we really want her making laws regarding our military and the value of a human life??

  14. Irvan

    Juanita Broaddrick Not only should be believed, but should have slapped hillary across the mouth. That BITCH has gotten away with so much that there is not anyone that can compete.

  15. Lovette Bennett

    This creepy woman must have balls of iron to think the American people want her for our leader!! Utterly disgusting, the entire family!

  16. Anthony Guastella

    What is not to believed. They, the Clintons are despicable, invidious creatures. As corrupt and evil as can be. Of course they have company, the Bushes, Carter, Obama, Soros, Bloomberg, Moore, Pelosi, Reid, Kagan, Ginsberg, Boehner, Mcain, Kerry, Duncan, etc.etc. All foot soldiers for the One World utopia run by elitists and enslavement of the entire globe.

  17. Zinsky

    Of course Ronald Reagan was a well-known date rapist but the mainstream media refused to publish any of the allegations against him, just like the censors on this website just deleted my last comment with a link to allegations by actress Selene Walters that Reagan raped her. IOKIYAR

  18. Mitch Darby

    If Hill would lie about Benghazi and the classification of e-mails on her private server, this is small potatoes. You tell me.

  19. Nancy

    Absolutely! What does Juanita Broderrick have to gain by lying? Hil’liar’ and Bill are the most corrupt liars our Country has ever encountered. We can NOT elect her as the President! OMG, what a disaster. Think our Country is broken now, our Country would absolutely collapse.

  20. Canadave

    The frightening thing is that Obama who is more dangerous was elected twice and the witch Hillary may yet be elected. When half of your population allows that to happen your “free” republic is dead. I used to be a proud Canadian until we (not including me) gave a huge majority to the idiot Justin Trudeau which means Canadians are as stupid as Americans.

      1. Rick

        You are an expert on idiocracy aren’t you? You breath it, live it and thrive on it with your dubious innuendos, wouldn’t you say?

          1. Rick

            Are you now an expert on retardation as you seem to be on the life and times of the dubiously puritanical Clinton’s that are by all appearances your idols.

  21. Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

    All of America knew what a despicable lout Bill Clinton is and what a liar Hillary is, but that didn’t stop them from re-electing him, just like everybody knew what a fraud Obama is, but they re-elected him also, and many will vote for Hillary. You can bet that the majority of Americans also know that Cruz and Rubio are also frauds, that they are NOT eligible to be president or vice-president, but they will elect them as well. None of this speaks well of the American people.

    1. lillyputt

      He is the most greatly admired man in America. It was all over the internet and papers a few months back. Only your sick gaggle, who lie about the Clinton’s and their success,are the ones who throw out garbage that Millions just consider the source. You gaggers, are not well liked.

  22. Fred Frazzetta

    All one has to do is type in “Clinton Chronicles” to a YouTube search and watch to see just how corrupt, criminal, sick, depraved and despicable the Clintons really are! Mena Airport in Arkansas the portal where massive amounts of drugs were brought into the country by factions of the U.S. Government, when Bill Clinton was Governor. Let us not forget Whitewater, Vince Foster Death, Monica Lewinsky and a slew of other women, Benghazi, and the many mysterious deaths of individuals that were close to the Clintons, Hillary’s Top Secret Emails and the list goes on and on and on. Bill & Hillary Clinton belong behind bars for the rest of their miserable lives, and if we had real justice in this country they would be! But, to be fair Bill & Hillary would have plenty of company…George Soros, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Ben Bernanke, Hank Paulson, George W. Bush Sr., George W. Bush Jr., Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Barney Frank, etc…etc…etc… In summation…Hillary Clinton is part of the problem not part of the solution, in my very humble opinion.

  23. Holy Joe

    In the 1880’s Mrs. Clinton would have made an excellent “Madame” in either a New York or a San Francisco Brothel..

  24. Sarge

    BILL Clintons should be charged and convicted as a sexual preditor. He has assaulted and raped more than a few woman but Clinton supporters have refused to admit that fact. And HIllory knows that if the women come forward, her chances of her being elected are gone.

        1. lillyputt

          Your an odious turd and pathological liar, like the rest of your lowlife herd. Go stick your head up your as. Nazi and lick your roids.

          1. Howleyesque

            Nah I leave that sort of thing to you and that other disgusting maggot bag “Redman” don’t like it” TSB! Don’t put it out and your nasty ass won’t get it back! You wanna heave shit? CAN DO I’ve dealt five or six at once better at than you’ll EVER be!

          2. Howleyesque

            Get lost troll and take your pet chimp with you we’re tired of his nonstop shit slinging, as that’s all he’s capable of… hour after hour. Entertain him, anyone that hate filled can’t even love himself. Not that WE’D miss him …

  25. Betty Hanner

    she had better watch her back people have been found dead after they do something to the clintons

    1. [email protected]

      to be exact BH 76 innocent people that Hitlery & blow job Bill had murdered [& counting, & NOT counting the four innocent Americans in Benghazi who Hitlery was responsiblr for getting murdered

  26. Grim Reaper

    The Clintons are not only morally bankrupt, but also traitors to America. They both need to be arrested and tried for all the crimes they have committed.

  27. Ray Copeland

    There is four people that needs the hell beat out of them and then hung, The monkey face Al sharpton, the Clinton’s and the black worthless scumbag illegal muslim Obama.

    1. lillyputt

      That goes for you creep,.Your whole gang, including the war criminals, stupid George and Cheney the evil sicko and that whole administration. A pack of lying scumbag Jackals.

  28. Koma Kehuli

    I have no reason not to believe Juanita Broddrick account of the incident. She is the recipient of the sexual encounter with Bill. Hillary is a known Liar and most likely an Habitual Liar.

      1. Charles Benya Sr

        Google the Clinton body counts” & ” the Clinton scandals” you can read all the damn proof you want from these 2 evil pieces of shit, hell they are so evil Satan wouldn’t even want them in Hell, they would be a bad influence on the people down there

  29. Suzu M

    This is just a bunch of gossip to get us all worked up. I’m not really impressed with Conservativenewsroom. And no, I don’t believe the Clintons are innocent people. Just don’t like this site dangles gossip out for us to grab on to.

  30. Victoria Coots

    Despicable about sums it up. The Clintons and the Obamas represent two of the most corrupt administrations this nation has known. I am praying that God will raise up Godly leaders. Leaders that will follow the law, stand on their convictions, and not waiver when the political winds whip up around them.

  31. Susie Q

    Of course I believe her story. She has no reason to lie just like all the other women that he sexually assaulted. He is a pathetic human being and she is too for putting up with it. They would support one another thought anything and have, lies, murders, sexual assault. I don’t see how anyone could possibly think that Hillary should represent our country. If so they are a sick as she and Bill are! It is utterly disgusting!

  32. kathrynks

    Why wouldn’t I believe Juanita? The Clintons wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the butt. The whole lot of them in the DC cesspool make me ill, with one or two exceptions – none of them DemoncRAT.

  33. Joanie Jensen

    I believe that story, because that sounds like what Hillary would say. She wants other people to believe that her husband is not the rapist, and womanizer that he is. The only problem is thatEVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS! Both of the Clintons should be In Prison for what they have done! Oh well, there is always God’s justice, and He doesn’t care who they are!!

  34. James Mathis

    Of course she is telling the truth, just like Kathleen Willey, Jennir Flowers and Paula Jones. Bilk’s Chief of AR Governor security told how he came into a room and found Bilk plying a 14 year old girl with cocaine for a blowjob she was resisting giving him.

  35. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    OK Lilyputt, How about the Klintoons lawyer who suposedly commited suicide by shooting himself in the BACK OF THE HEAD IN A PUBLIC PARK? a BIT ODD DON’T YOU THINK?
    the hllybilliys then went to his office and CLEANED OUT any records he had on them!

  36. denniscerasoli

    I’m going to look at it from the other side because i like to create a little controversy,lol.We all know how power hungry she has always been even as first lady so what else would she do? If she were to bring it out and support the woman Bill Clinton would have never been president and Hillary would have never been a Senator,or Secretary,and she wouldn’t be running for president.I wonder how many people would have supported this woman under the same circumstances,i would say almost no one.This is not to say that Hillary was right,but who would blow the most powerful positions in the world.

  37. TOM

    The stories are to common place, and most women assaulted by possibly the next 1st lady, all say the same thing. Hillary knew, and she did nothing about it. So much for her fight for women’s rights conversation. Obama she is part of your Legacy, and how you are going to go down in history, let the DOJ and FBI do their jobs.

  38. ppeony

    Both of them r bad. Pact made years ago. Creepy. READ PEOPLE. AVREE WITH ALL BELOW GUYS. WHAT A CREW THEY ELECTED.

  39. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Yes i believe her and if there are any others out there that this 9 P.O.S. ) HARMED COME OUT WITH IT CAUSE BOTH OF THEM ARE A ( P.O.S.)


    Absolutely I believe Ms Broaddrick. The clintons are the devil incarnate and they will have a long time in hell to ponder their crimes.

  41. Mike McShea

    Of course I believe Ms. Broderrick! Hillary told all of us we should believe those who have been raped until their claims have been PROVEN false.

  42. Jerry Morey

    SURE DO BELEVE THAT HILLARY KNEW SHE IS THAT CORRUPT AND DISHONEST PERSON.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. survivor33

    I absolutely DO believe Juanita….you can’t make up a story like this unless you are a professional liar like Hitler-y.

  44. Bruce Sanford

    I would believe nearly ANYTHING someone said about the Clinton’s that was detrimental to the Clinton’s causes. The Clinton’s, and Hitlary in particular, are the WORST and most corrupt people in politics, with the exception of Obama himself. At this point, there are very few politicians that I trust at all. If we don’t find someone that is a God fearing, patriot soon that can take this country back to the greatness we once had, then we are over as a freedom loving, self ruling country.

  45. Connie Wilhite

    Why has bill clinton not been indicted?. This is all a complete travesty of justice. If bill cosby can be indicted, so can clinton- he is nothing special and for that matter, neither is hilliary and a lot of people want her as president. WHAT!

  46. Austinniceguy

    Hitlery and her pervert rapist husband have always gotten away with everything and there is no reason anyone should expect anything different. Especially with an administration that contorts itself to protect them, at all costs.

  47. 4Pip

    The Clinton’s are worse than Bonnie and Clyde,they were just robbers and might have killed one person. With Hill and Bill we have real pro crooks,Behind them are dead bodies as well as selling off part of our country. It seems nothing is too despicable for them to do,it’s sad that they have taught Chelsea to be the same way. As a rapist Bill should be in prison where he couldn’t harm any more women,Hillary needs to be there also for selling off our country and it’s people.

  48. johnz

    Is it a surprise that this is what lawyers do they defend those that pay well. And help there collogues by having the media create make believe information..

  49. BichonLover

    I absolutely believe the women who came forth to tell their stories of Bill’s assults and molestations. Along with the fact that Killery knew what had happened and took her bast*erd husband’s side!

  50. C6Vette

    I use to read a lot about the Clintons, even when Bill was Governor of Arkansas! It has been said they left a trail of bodies from the Governor’s mansion in Arkansas to the WH! NOTHING about these 2 people would surprise me! Dead Men don’t talk….. I am still confused how a Impeached President can STILL hold office?!?!?

    Nam Combat Vet
    “live Free or Die”
    “Freedom is Not Free”

  51. Zinsky

    I think Ted Cruz might be the Second Comig of Jesus Christ. Or else Bill Murray had sex with a ferret and it took – I’m not sure…