Did This Candidate Embarrass Himself By Backing Bush?

Donald Trump took to Twitter again recently to attack Senator Lindsey Graham’s endorsement of Jeb Bush for the Republican presidential nomination.

Here’s what Trump had to say:

“Senator Lindsey Graham embarrassed himself with his failed run for President and now further embarrasses himself with endorsement of Bush.”

And this:

“Jeb Bush, who did poorly last night in the debate and whose chances of winning are zero, just got Graham endorsement. Graham quit at O.”

Graham, the South Carolina senator who left the presidential race last month, endorsed Bush, saying that the former Florida governor’s answers during the sixth debate last night in his state “demonstrated somebody in my view who is ready on day one to be commander-in-chief.”

Given the anti-incumbent, anti-establishment mood of most conservative and Republican voters – and the single-digit polling numbers of George W’s younger brother – the voters don’t agree with Senator Graham that political experience is necessary in 2016.

In most election years, getting an endorsement from a candidate who’s recently dropped out of the primary race is a good thing. But in this election cycle, it doesn’t appear to be the case – and Trump seems to be right that Graham may have embarrassed himself by backing Jeb Bush.

However, most Republicans in Congress are so out-of-touch with what their constituents think that they probably don’t care what their perception is – unless it costs them campaign contributions or votes.

Do you agree with Trump that Lindsey Graham embarrassed himself by endorsing Jeb Bush?

Give us your take in the comments section below.

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    1. Robert Early

      So, let me get this straight. Lindsey Graham, who once had one 1% support, now endorses Jeb Bush, who has 3% support. Yeaaaaaaa! He now has 4%. I love progress. Don’t you?

      1. Rosech Levy

        Supposedly next debate will only be 5-6 so I don’t think JEB will be on the stage and rightfully so.

          1. SickofPoliticks

            LOL…. yes you are. You’re just too funny. But that’s ok… I’m sure there’s a therapist out there for you somewhere.

          2. SickofPoliticks

            Which is exactly why no one would be interested in you. Who wants to deal with a talking troll turd like you? No one!

          3. SickofPoliticks

            Oh you poor thing. I’ve looked in the mirror and I see an upstanding, honest person that loves this country. Obviously you haven’t looked in the mirror. If you had… you would have seen the turd you talk about. LOLOL

    2. Just1Saddletramp

      Being embarrassed once would be enough for most people but evidently not for Graham. He has pulled #2 and is probably looking forward to a third

  1. Ken Nelson

    Lindsey Graham embarrassed himself long before he endorsed Jeb Bush by declaring his candidacy for the presidential nomination. I liked Graham back when he was a member of the House of Representatives. At that time he seemed like a true conservative. However, once he got elected to the Senate, something happened to him as he gradually made the transformation from a conservative into a RINO. I don’t see how his endorsement will do Jeb Bush any good since it will simply indicate to voters that Bush has the support of another RINO. Bush would have been wise to reject the endorsement, but he didn’t. As far as Trump is concerned, I have serious misgivings about whether he is the conservative he purports to be.

    1. Learning2Farm

      I believe he is. He’s giving up his personal life running for President. He has nothing to gain. His salary will be put back into Social Security, the “Presidential Vacations” monies will be going to different veterans associations. In other words, he’s doing this for free. Do you see any other career politician willing to part with any $$$? I don’t.

      1. Mark Melnicoff

        First off, every one of the candidates is “giving up his personal life running for President”. There’s NOTHING special about Trump doing it. (He is doing it most likely to flatter his ego, more than just about anything else.) So obviously he doesn’t need the money, and there is a good chance he won’t accept a salary. That doesn’t impress me in the least. Other candidates of more modest means will likely need to take the salary. Gov Rauner of IL is also very wealthy and isn’t taking a salary. Neither did JFK. It’s almost expected that if you are quite wealthy, you forgo the salary. That is NO reason to vote for Trump! The man has no political philosophy and clearly has no concept of statesmanship or diplomacy. He will be a huge turnoff on the world stage, rendering America even less influential than ever. If he thinks he can “kick ass and take names” on the world stage, he has another thing coming. He will be seen as “the world’s biggest ass”.

          1. Mark Melnicoff

            You just demonstrated your ignorance – couldn’t even counter any one point that I made.

        1. Robert Early

          Yes, Trump may think that he can “speak softly and carry a big stick.
          Obviously, Mark, his stic.k is bigger than yours. We truly need a leader who will k

          1. Mark Melnicoff

            GW Bush thought the same thing (and back then I was supportive of going into Iraq, but I figured they would make adequate plans to see it through, particularly in the critical months after Saddam fell). You can see that we had our head handed to us (literally, for some of our people) when we tried to do what we did w/o meaningful support from allies (save for a few years of good help from Tony Blair’s Britain). Trump is not going to go into the battlefield and fight our enemies himself. He’s stuck with the military that we have, and is going to risk people’s lives for whatever ambition he may have. There is NO WAY he’s going to negotiate Iran into abandoning its ambitions by “kicking ass and taking names”. If he unilaterally decides to reimpose sanctions, we’ll look pretty stupid as the only country doing so, and Iran will have unfettered trade access to everywhere else in the world. Same with Putin and/or China – if he tries to “force” them to back off on some of the disputes we are having with them. All he is going to do is raise their hackles, piss them off, and shutoff any chance at a diplomatic solution.

            Before you start sounding off and assuming I am stupidly enamored with Obama, I don’t necessarily support his approach on world issues, either. But… you have to be diplomatically smart and understand the culture of “the other guy” if you are going to get anywhere without military action. (Perhaps that’s his intent – start wars to get what he wants? Then our allies will be pissed off, and we’ll be right back where we were w/ Bush – going it alone.) Trump’s bombastic demagoguery tells me that he has no clue how to approach these world issues, and he surely won’t have the patience to try to learn. His presidency will pose a great risk to this country and its status as a leader.

        2. cinnamon

          I’m sorry….. but what statesmanship and diplomacy does that dumbo eared idiot in the the white house now have????! I believe that Trump doesn’t hate Jews, Christians, or whites so he will have an edge up on what we have NOW! You think that the world sees Obama as a true leader, you must be nuts!!

          1. Mark Melnicoff

            Clearly you just went off on your usual rant without even bothering to read what I said above. So I will copy-paste it in here and ask that you take the time to READ before you sound off!!

            “Before you start sounding off and assuming I am stupidly enamored with Obama, I don’t necessarily support his approach on world issues, either. But… you have to be diplomatically smart and understand the culture of “the other guy” if you are going to get anywhere without military action. ”

            The point is that there are people who are astute in diplomacy and know how to get desired results. GHW Bush (AKA Bush 1) was such an example. He had years of gov’t service and knew many of the world’s leaders,and understood the culture of other nations and other parts of the world. [e.g. – Though he could have taken out Saddam in ’91 (and millions thought he was nuts for not doing so), he had the insight to realize what would happen if he empowered the Shiites, and decided against doing so, for better or worse. Ending the Gulf War when he did kept Iran from acting belligerantly until the 00s, when they took advantage of the chaos in Iraq that did not exist while Saddam was in power.] The way Trump has been acting tells me that he thinks he can simply boss the world around. And when Putin or someone else tells him where to get off, it seems that he will fly off the handle. We don’t need that kind of leadership in the WH. And for sure we don’t need someone who has already announced that he doesn’t like Muslims (appx 1/4 of the world’s population) in the WH.

    2. dlynch

      Most people don’t care what Trump is. They like his style and he is brilliant when it comes to making someone else pay for his business deals…and like it!!

    3. Alan

      Transformation happens to politicians that have remained in office too long, term limits might be a cure.

    1. A natural born American

      I know it as ‘birds of a feather flock together’. But I like your version better. I can easily see them uhmmm flocking(?) together. I think I came This Close[] to being Politically in- Correct! Whew! That was a close one. As I wipe the sweat from my brow…

    2. Robert Early

      I thought it was something akin to: ” A bird in the Bush is better than a Graham cracker.”

    3. Bob Marcum

      El; U hit the nail-on-th-head. I don’t think you even realized it.
      Sickof”’, JC, Joe and Robert also don’t have a clue. ( Graham didn’t embarrass himself ). Let me explain my point, by the numbers , as follows;
      1. Graham had a 1% rating. 2. Bush has a 4% rating.
      Question; Why are their ratings that low?? Obviously, because, they are
      not willing to divert from the status quo.
      3. Trump and Cruz are up there, in the 40’s and 50’s, etc. ( I’ve lost track,
      because my TV service is no longer existent, and they are too far up
      there, for me to be concerned.).
      4. Why would Trump say, Graham has embarressed himself? ( ONLY– for the
      opportunity, to offend Bush./ no other reason, what-so-ever. / but; that’s
      the essence of campaigns; no issue ).
      5. Who else would Trump have thought Graham should endorse ?
      (( Trump / of course )).
      6. Why do you think, Trump is on top of all of the ratings?? ( Simple;
      you, I and everyone else knows; he is the enemy of the status quo /of course).
      7. What do you think, the RINOs and other status quo would do to Graham,
      if he endorsed Trump ( or Cruz ).??? (( My guess; they’d run-him-out-on-
      a-rail. / That’s very logical ).
      8. Now; do you see why it’s not embarrassing, for Graham, when he
      endorses Bush ???
      Think about it. ( This is politics, babe. )

      1. The Fox

        You are not a citizen of this country and a fake redman and just a Islamist terrorist with your sheep raping lie’s, take a hike in the sand and rape another goat.

          1. The Fox

            Repeating the same old lie’s don’t make them true you Hitlerish Islamist piece of pigs dunk who is drunk on pigs blood.

          2. The Fox

            Never going to happen lying Islamist from hell, go rape some more goats and maybe your little god (satan) will let you burn with him forever in the lake of fire non redman idiot.

  2. RobertFallin

    I like Lindsey endorsing Jeb Bush. Maybe it will be the political “kiss of death” for both of them.

          1. The Redman

            Nah. dats a white-folks thing. white-folks like U have messed-up the u.s. nig-boo-bo. hahahahaah

  3. Judith Dunn Lee

    Trump sleaze again, sorry guys I think someone who’s been in office not to metion with the same wife is a better option.

    1. A natural born American

      If that’s all it takes then obama fits the criteria. So did “W”. And clinton. And Carter.

  4. Lilipatch

    The role of The Commander In Chief is to protect the American citizens in this country and I believe Trump will do that. If anyone is unhappy with everything else that’s going on, the blame goes to the Senators you vote in to represent your state.

  5. Mynickelsworth

    Graham is a far left RINO and cannot be trusted to follow the Constitutional Law so I am not surprised that he would endorse J. Bush. He votes with the Dems more than he does with the GOP and the GOP record is not very high in voting the right instead of left.

    1. Robert Early

      Graham might have at least gained some style points by endorsing Putin. Putin is a more honest candidate than Bush. Of course, Putin already has a good job. Why would he seek a demotion to lead Obama’s Third World Nation.

  6. Enough

    Donald Trump embarrassed himself by withdrawing from the final Fox debate.
    Lindsey Graham embarrassed himself by endorsing Jeb Bush.
    Jeb Bush embarrassed himself by being a Bush and being himself, and by spending $80M of OPM to achieve so little effectiveness and gather so much contempt.

    None of these fools carry any sort of conservative torch: they are ALL establishment dealmakers.

    1. Lilipatch

      I respect your opinion, but our opinions differ about Trump embarrassing himself. He’s withdrawing from the debate because he has inside knowledge of unprofessional games Fox intends to play and I respect him for not wanting to play. Although he doesn’t like Meghan Kelly, that’s not the real reason. All I care about is that Trump is not them.

      1. Enough

        If Trump is afraid to respond to Megyn Kelly, what will he say to
        world leaders in N. Korea, Iran, etc. who really can show him and this
        country serious “disrespect”? If he can’t deal with her, who can he
        deal with? Is running and hiding a sign of great leadership? This
        actor has put on a very poor act and blamed it on a girl! His real fear
        is genuinely interacting with truthful Christians like Ted Cruz and
        regular Joes from Iowa who are capable of and willing to address his
        nonsense and equivocation. Though he seems straightforward, he has not offered any specific actions, and makes generalized and grand, but empty promises.

        The real evidence is that he has flip-flopped on every conservative issue he embraced after entering the race, and before, never supported. For most of his life he was pro-abortion and is now
        pro-life? Is now for the 2nd amendment but then was New York values anti-gun? Was for Obamacare before he was against it? Was with Hillary and Bill before he was a candidate? Is now for limited government but then simply paid them off? His money cannot overcome his dis-ingenuity.

        That mean Megyn Kelly made him run away and he won’t play any more because Fox didn’t play fair by giving him over 300 soft ball interviews? And now he is using veteran sympathy. He is a shameless gaming promoter and developer. Enough said.

    2. wildman

      You’re comparing Trump with those two idiots??? Well, I think you are an idiot too and don’t give a shit about this country. Do you like the way it’s going?? If you do, you don’t belong here. Trump is not a POS politician. Why don’t you run, and fast, to Syria. They might not cut your head off there. (I doubt it)

      1. Enough

        As to idiocy, they’re about equal. As to this country I care a great deal, and do not like where it is going with liberals, dems, RINOs, or rich establishment types whose words fit the audience and occasion rather than from an honest and consistent ideology. Trump embarrasses himself when running away from the little girl Meghan Kelly when his desired position pits him against world leaders from whom there is no running away. He says now he does so “for the veterans”, yet none of them will benefit. If he can’t handle Fox (and they only throw soft balls) and can’t handle Ted Cruz, he can’t do the job America needs done. But you can still argue with insults if you like, and imitate your candidate effectively.


    Bush is an embarrassment, he acts like he is angry and I suspect its because he thought he was going to just walk into the W.H., as President only because his name is Bush. I’m not happy what his brother did in Iraq, he opened the gates of hell. Why does he think we would want another Bush screwing up the world. IMO he’s worse because he has no idea what he’s doing.

  8. Swiftlake

    I do not think Graham embarrassed himself, though I hope neither of the two mentioned get elected as they are way to liberal for my taste. We still have a Constitution and they can back or support whomever they want that is until Obama removes our First Amendment rights which he has started to do in several cases while our congress set bye and does nothing to stop him.

      1. Bill Smith

        That’s what I meant to say by him going no where!He needs to be at home resting as he looks beat!!

  9. CharlesWilliamMorganJr

    Trump is correct to distance himself from a woman who had sexually seductive pictures published in a sleaze publication. Other than the fact that he does not apparently comprehend global warming, I am about 80% convinced he will get my vote. We need a strong military and we need to make America great again! We need to prohibit those who would overthrow our government (TREASON!!) and kill us from entering our land for any purpose! Those presently here who want to overthrow our government need to be expelled – expunged – removed from our land!

      1. juniemoon

        Trump’s current wife was a model, and she explained it was part of the job.

        Bimbo Kelly is not a model, but a news reporter. After these seductive photos circulate world-wide, bimbo will lose her credibility. How can anybody take her seriously after seeing those photos.

        Can only surmise bimbo’s new butch haircut was prompted by the circulation of the photos.

    1. Mark Melnicoff

      Most of the “movements” who want to overthrow the gov’t are on the far right – survivalist groups and the like.

  10. william russell

    mhey we all need to jump on the bang wagon and get rid of rhino graham at his next eelection. he is a disgrace to the republican party. Just part of the good old boys that have allowed the the usa to go down the drain.

  11. mrloor

    Super PACs for “state policy” treacherous corrupt elite bipartisan pro monarchy and Muslim, Rupert Murdoch and Megyn Kelly have to apologize to GOP, Bill O’Reilly, the audience of Fox and the American people to involve in discussion of candidates to biased Megyn Kelly questioned in the first debate of GOP candidates.

  12. AmericanPatriot67

    I think the South Carolinians should be embarrassed by electing this RINO loser, much less he being embarrassed by his endorsement of Donald Trump. But, then, what’s new in Chicago? ALL the rest of the RINOS, indeed the entire Republicrat establishment has begun rooting for Trump to be the nominee of the Republicrat Party in preference to Cruz. John McCain called himself a “maverick” for pretending to stand up for Conservative principles against the Republicrats, but had the nasty habit of “reaching across the aisle and shaking hands with the Demonicrat Party”, especially Edward M. (The Chappaquidic Coward) Kennedy. I seem to remember that a 25YO Girl name Mary Jo Kopeckni drowned in that illustrious Senator’s car after he beiled out when the pair was spotted by Chappaquidic (SPELLING questionable) police heading for a closed ferry, leaving Mary Jo to drive herself over a narrow bridge across the Chappaquidic Pond after turning the wrong direction. I’m sure that snake is currently writhing in the flames of Hell.Trump supporters on here may scream at me and called me names, but IDGAS. I’ve been suspicious of Trump from the get-go in this campaign. I’ve not changed my mind.

  13. rayhause

    I wouldn’t give you two cents for Graham but Trump has turned into a total ass. Let Graham die and go away but this is the sad thing about Trump, everyone is against him or that is the way he treats people, Trump is a sad person.

    1. rayzor58

      You are wrong, the voters are for him and even long time supporters of the liberal democrats are seeing his wisdom. You may find this hard to believe but Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farahkan said Trump is the only candidate that says what he is thinking and believes Trump is making the right decision to bar muslims from the US till they can be properly vetted. If you want to see it just type in 2nd most influential black man in America interview on Youtube. You will also see that this man isn’t who the mainstream media would have you believe he is. I was totally shocked by this interview.

        1. rayzor58

          no, was just surprised to hear him say it with the way the media is portraying TRump as a bigot and Farahkan as a crazy black racist.

  14. Rosech Levy

    Dweedly dee and dweedly dumb and they make a fine pair of nothings. Both are bought and paid for creeps and JEB has wasted close to 60 million and still going no where. Must be nice to have rich friends even when you a stupid loser!

  15. Robert Early

    How can a totally depraved RINO possibly be embarrassed. He’s simply comforting his fellow loser. Misery loves company, you know. My IQ is 149; and should I be elected President, I will first fire at least 75% of the Federal burocrats. Then, I will close the UN and never fund it again. I will push for term limits at the Supreme Court; and undo all of Obama’s Executive Orders.
    So, friends, if you don’t want Trump, then vote for me. See. All problems do have answers.

    1. Pogo

      Believe me the conservative citizens of South Carolina tried to get rid of “Flimsy Grahamnesty” the last time he ran for office but there were about five people running against him in the primary and they ended up splitting the vote. In addition, Graham was sitting on a pile of campaign money and the low information voters remembered his name from his frequent TV appearances. These same low information voters seem to have forgotten about, or never heard of, Graham’s pro amnesty speech to La Raza. (If you value your safety, never get between Senator Graham and a TV camera).

    1. Robert Early

      Hey Graham Cracker! Why not endorse who and what the people want? Is this idea too complicated for your little RINO mind?

  16. Delcy Voisine

    Getting the endorsement from Senator Graham was NOT a positive for Governor Bush. The Governor did very well last night.

  17. Flyby

    Graham’s run was embarrassingly lengthy, and I believe his 1% ran out looong ago. And if bush comes away with even 3% I’ll be shocked. I pretty sure I heard the last whimpers from jeb’s campaign last night. Severely doubt we’ll be forced to see him in the next debate.

  18. Oingo Boingo

    Senator Pink Pony is as much OUT OF TOUCH as the rest of the GOPpers and RINOS.
    The REPUKIAN establishment is almost as puke making as the DEMONRATS.
    Trump has transcended the old Party labels and is now a NATIONALIST…that’ll run “R” or Third Party Populist…
    that’s going to mop the floor with any mope that runs against him.

  19. The Redman

    Stupid white-folks putting trump-a-hump on a mountain top jes 2 cause america 2 B destroyed by his stupidity. they will regret it. he is already showing how he will cause other countries 2 hate everything about the u.s.

  20. tom amann

    establishment Republicans are not paying any attention to what the voters want. The omnibus budget followed by the meaningless vote to repeal Obama care proves that. Their passing the omnibus budget fully funding 100 percent the presidents agenda proves that.Lindsey Graham has been one of the worst Rinos so his endorsement of Jeb is no surprise, though it won’t garner any additional votes for Jeb. He’s done. Marco will get the establishment endorsement from here out, in my humble opinion.

  21. texexpatriate

    Graham is an obvious fool. Why the people of his state continue to elect him is a mystery to me, and very likely to everyone else, except those people who keep voting for him. But there are others like him. Can you say Bernie Sanders, Mike McConnell, or John McCain?