Conservative Actress to Hollywood: “If You Don’t Want Segregation, Get Rid of This Network”

Actress and Fox News contributor Stacey Dash says it’s “ludicrous” for black entertainers to call for a boycott of the Oscars for not nominating black performers while simultaneously supporting the BET (Black Entertainment Network) and NAACP Awards which only recognize black artists.

Here’s what Dash said recently on Fox and Friends:

“I think it’s ludicrous. We have to make up our minds. Either we want to have segregations or integration.

“If we don’t want segregation then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the [NAACP] Image awards where you’re only awarded if you’re black. If it were the other way around, we’d be up in arms.”

Dash added:

“It’s a double standard. Just like there shouldn’t be a black history month. We’re Americans, period.”

We agree with Stacey Dash 100%. This racially-charged, politically-correct double standard needs to be stopped once and for all. Instead of being classified as African and other hyphenated racial and ethnic groups, we should be known as Americans – period.

What do you think of the conservative actress’s remarks?

Give us your take in the comments section below.

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  1. wsurfs .

    Stacey’s comments make perfect sense….! She’s right…! BUT, I say if the blacks want segregation, they should have it….!!

    1. Homer

      They just want to be able to keep blaming white folks for everything….I agree with you and what Stacey said.

      1. wsurfs .

        That’s right, Homer…!! I had absolutely nothing to do with slavery..!!! Did you have anything to do with slavery? NO..!!

        To hate white people because we are white is insane…! That’s the same as telling us, we hate them because they are black….!! I don’t like or dislike anyone based on the color of their skin..! I like nice people…!! Period…!!

        1. John P

          If people like Sharpton, the NAACP. and all other so called black organizations would do a little research they find it was the different tribes in Africa that was responsible for the slave trade.

          1. KingDon

            They do know it – they just choose to ignore it. It’s another reason that they want to rewrite history. They want to erase the fact that
            Africans were, in fact, selling their own people into slavery. The truth does not fit into their agenda. They have to keep promoting racial tension going in order to run their so-called civil right businesses going. Not one of these creeps are preaching love or peace. The only things that ever spew out of their mouths are that which encourages hate. And hate is their stock-in-trade.

          2. Franie

            Wouldn’t it be nice to see the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, wright, Farrakhan and a few other racial and bigoted, so called reverends, completely disappear? Wow! Just think of it. PEACE in our country!! What a concept now, huh?

          3. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            Obama is the 3rd Antichrist.

            His name is even “The Mark of the Beast”: 6+6+6 (Barack Hussein Obama contains 18 characters)

          4. The Redman

            WOW! did yo mama help ya wit dat 1. how many “characters” do U play B 4 U get ready 2 rape ya Lil family members, huh. immigrant. hahahahahahah

          5. The Redman

            Turd-king, U got it all wrong. white-folks have sold more white-folks in 2 slavery den any race of humans on the earth. but the thing wit white-folks is, they do evil, and live deep in denial of their evilness.

          6. Glennfriend67

            Not only that, but the very first slave owner here in the States(then the Colonies) was a black man! You can Google the info; there’s a great big Wiki article about it. His name was Anthony Johnson, and he was as vicious as they come. He even made the fictitious Simon Legree from Uncle Tom’s Cabin look like an angel. Harriet Beecher Stowe should have been horsewhipped for writing that trash. The fact of the matter was, that kind of stuff went on at MAYBE 1% of the plantations. Obvi, they don’t want Anthony Johnson taught in the schools, though. Heaven forbid, poor Al baby might up and have a coronary right on the spot when confronted with some truth! And I will say this- yes, I’m a Southerner, and there is a BIG difference between Southern Blacks and Northern Blacks.(no Maryland is NOT a Southern state!) Southern Blacks are hardworking, honest, polite, and friendly to all. Northern Blacks are paranoid, thuggish, racist, won’t work and hateful to all. All the time I lived in the South(and thank the Lord I’m moving back in a couple weeks) skin color did not register with me. Everybody was everybody. Political correctness does not exist in the South, because pretty much everybody gets along. I was not exposed to racism until we moved North to NYS. This has to be one of the most horrible states to live in…EVER! I can only imagine how horrendous California must be. O have an idea- let’s round up all the people like Shrillary, Bernie, Al, Jessie, Spike Lee and all their ilk, and confine them to either CA or NY.. We’ll cordon those two states off, and we get the rest of the country. If they try to leave, we’ll shoot ’em. Good plan!

          7. The Redman

            white-folks like U and most others have written history as 2 boast white-folks in their evil fame. yall tend 2 lie a lot. and yes, white-folks hate other white-folks jes as much as their own children. else Y do they rape em. hen-glenn

          8. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            Did you know the following about black history in America?

            • The first slave owner in American history was black.

            Anthony Johnson came to the American colonies in August, 1619 as an indentured servant. In 1623 Johnson had completed his indenture and was recognized as a free negro. In 1651 he acquired 250 acres of land in Virginia, later adding another 250 acres; a sizable holding at the time.

            John Casor, a black indentured servant employed by Johnson, became America’s first slave after a legal dispute with Robert Parker. Parker was a white colonist who employed Casor while Casor was still indentured to Johnson. Johnson sued Parker in Northampton Court in 1654. The court upheld Johnson’s right to hold Casor as a slave on March 8, 1655. The court found:

            The court seriously consideringe and maturely weighing the premisses, doe fynde that the saide Mr. Robert Parker most unjustly keepeth the said Negro from Anthony Johnson his master … It is therefore the Judgement of the Court and ordered That the said John Casor Negro forthwith returne unto the service of the said master Anthony Johnson, And that Mr. Robert Parker make payment of all charges in the suit.

            Five years later, in 1670, the colonial assembly passed legislation permitting blacks and Indians the right to own slaves of their own race, but prohibiting them from owning White slaves.

            • Free blacks commonly owned black slaves in the antebellum South.

            There were thousands of black slave owners in the South.

            “In 1830 there were 3,775 such slaveholders in the South who owned 12,740 black slaves, with 80% of them located in Louisiana, South Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. There were economic differences between free blacks of the Upper South and Deep South, with the latter fewer in number, but wealthier and typically of mixed race. Half of the black slaveholders lived in cities rather than the countryside, with most in New Orleans and Charleston.”

            Historians John Hope Franklin and Loren Schweninger wrote:

            “A large majority of profit-oriented free black slaveholders resided in the Lower South. For the most part, they were persons of mixed racial origin, often women who cohabited or were mistresses of white men, or mulatto men … . Provided land and slaves by whites, they owned farms and plantations, worked their hands in the rice, cotton, and sugar fields, and like their white contemporaries were troubled with runaways.”

            Historian Ira Berlin wrote:

            “In slave societies, nearly everyone – free and slave – aspired to enter the slaveholding class, and upon occasion some former slaves rose into slaveholders’ ranks. Their acceptance was grudging, as they carried the stigma of bondage in their lineage and, in the case of American slavery, color in their skin.”

            To write extensively about blacks who owned slaves in the antebellum South would require a library of full volumes. Black slaveowners: free Black slave masters in South Carolina, 1790-1860 By Larry Koger is one such volume.

            Koger tells of Richard Holloway, Sr., a black carpenter who purchased his African cousins as slave labor. Cato was the name of one of his slaves. Cato remained in Holloway’s possession throughout the 1830s and ’40s, according to Koger, until he was sold to his son, Richard Holloway, Jr., in 1845. Cato died in 1851 and the younger Holloway replaced him with the purchase of a 16-year-old black male.

            Koger says there were ten black slave owners in Charleston City, SC in 1830.

            In 1860 the largest slave owner in South Carolina was William Ellison, a black plantation owner.

            Again, to account for all black-owned slave in the South would require a volume of books.

            • Blacks owning black slaves was even common in the pre-war North.

            Nor was black-on-black slavery unique to Southern states.

            Koger informs us that in 1830 New York City recorded eight black slave holders who owned a total of 17 black slaves. The total number of slaves owned by blacks in 1830 was more than 10,000 according to the federal census of 1830; and that includes only four states: Louisiana, Maryland, South Carolina and Virginia. In addition there were “black master in every state where slavery existed,” Koger says.

            There is no record, to my knowledge, of a slave ship disembarking in a Southern port. All blacks slaves from Africa were delivered to ports in the North and transported to the South.

            • Without black African slave owners there would have been no slavery in America.

            Henry Louis Gates of the White House ‘Beer Summit’ fame enraged his base in 2010 by strongly opposing repartions to blacks. According to Gates the slave trade was almost wholly the result of black slave owners selling their human wares to Europeans.

            He wrote:

            “While we are all familiar with the role played by the United States and the European colonial powers like Britain, France, Holland, Portugal and Spain, there is very little discussion of the role Africans themselves played. And that role, it turns out, was a considerable one, especially for the slave-trading kingdoms of western and central Africa. These included the Akan of the kingdom of Asante in what is now Ghana, the Fon of Dahomey (now Benin), the Mbundu of Ndongo in modern Angola and the Kongo of today’s Congo, among several others.”

            “The historians John Thornton and Linda Heywood of Boston University estimate that 90 percent of those shipped to the New World were enslaved by Africans and then sold to European traders. The sad truth is that without complex business partnerships between African elites and European traders and commercial agents, the slave trade to the New World would have been impossible, at least on the scale it occurred.” [Emphasis added]

            The notion of White European raiding parties descending on unsuspecting African villages is a gross distortion of reality. Not only does the historical record argue against White raiding parties, but such parties would have been costly and inefficient compared to purchasing Africans already held in slavery. White slave traders would not endure the risk related to such incursions. Furthermore, Africans already held as slaves would be less willing to resist, particularly among those whose African owners were brutal enemies.

            [Source: Ending the Slavery Blame-Game, Henry Louis Gates, The New York Times April 22, 2010]

            • Beating black slaves in the South was extremely uncommon.

            In 1838 Harriet Martineau visited New Orleans where she heard tales of a particularly abusive slave owner. At issue was slave owner Delphine LaLaurie who resided in a mansion at 1140 Royal Street. “Martineau reported that public rumors about LaLaurie’s mistreatment of her slaves were sufficiently widespread that a local lawyer was dispatched to Royal Street to remind LaLaurie of the laws relevant to the upkeep of slaves.” The attorney found no evidence of wrong doing.

            Nonetheless, LaLaurie was forced to forfeit nine slaves after a subsequent investigation found her guilty of slave abuse.

            It was later rumored that one of LaLaurie slaves intentionally set fire to the mansion to draw attention to ongoing abuse. Bystanders forced entry to squelch the fire and discovered “seven slaves, more or less horribly mutilated … suspended by the neck, with their limbs apparently stretched and torn from one extremity to the other.”

            Tale of the abuse quickly spread throughout New Orleans. An angry mob of White residents descended on the mansion and “demolished and destroyed everything upon which they could lay their hands.”

            LaLaurie fled the mob violence, escaping to Mobile, Alabama and then to Paris.

            What we learn from the historical LaLaurie episode is that:

            1. Laws protecting slaves from abuse were enforced.
            2. White residents did not tolerate owners who abused their slaves.

            • Mutiny by black soldiers occurred in the U.S. military.

            The two most notorious black mutinies were in Houston (1917) and Townsville, Australia (1942).

            The latter mutiny was marred by black soldiers turning machine guns on their commanding officers. Australian troops were summoned to quash the rebellion. When serving in the U.S. Congress, Lyndon Johnson was sent to Townsville to investigate the uprising. The Townsville mutiny remained censored from American history until early 2012 when papers of the late president were reviewed.

            • About one-third of lynching victims were white.

            There were 4,743 victims of lynching between 1882 and 1968. Of those 1,297 were white and 3,446 were black.

            Lynchings occurred in 44 states. There were more whites than blacks lynched in 25 of those 44 states.

            The Department of Justice informs us that each year there are an estimated 8,000 to 9,000 black-on-black homicides. Using 8,500 as a mean, there are as many black-on-black homicides every five months as there were blacks killed during the 86-year lynching era.

            SOURCE, with sources:


          9. Glennfriend67

            Thank you, my friend. Isn’t it amazing what you can find when you just push a button? But creeps like Al Sharpton and his rabble wouldn’t have the G-2 to look this up, and if they did, they would run screaming with blood shooting out of their eyes . God forbid anyone find out the real slave raiders were other blacks! Then they wouldn’t be able to blame all their ills on whitey any more. Not one of them deserves reparation. You want money? Get up off your lazy fat butt and go out and earn it, like the rest of us do!

          10. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            That’s because it’s “politically-incorrect” information that the LibSoc SJWs don’t want to admit, as it doesn’t support their “blame the white South for slavery” agenda.

          11. rex ames

            The problem with moving them all to one place does not work. They just rob and kill from there own and cause businesses to move else where. Go to any black city, and you will see business and blocks of homes boarded up and moved out only thing that replaces them might be crack house. Detroit is a great example , bankrupt, and now the Muslims are moving in. Maybe they will kill each other, I don’t know.The only thing thats pretty successful are the pawn shops. Its the same in Muskegon Hts. Michigan. schools bankrupt, businesses boarded up. They have no tax base. Its like the worst virus ever.

          12. Glennfriend67

            Well, Shrillary is always going on and on about how there shouldn’t be gunns. So….we won’t let her and her cronies have guns, well wall her and her lying sacks of **** buddies who lied with her about Benghazi, as well as the rest of the Progressives and wall them in. If any of them try to infiltrate the new Republic of the US, we’ll execute them immediately. Or maybe we’ll be lucky and they’ll kill each other.

          13. rex ames

            Don’t me wrong about what I’m going to say. Hillary did not handle the Benghazi thing write, and she should go down on that alone. Look I was In the airborne rangers in Vietnam. Let me tell you when we heard a call on the radio that someone needed help and there gonna die unless we get there in time. There’s no way we would say , Oh we were told to stand down. We waited 30 minutes before we finally went to help. It just seemed to me that these Seal team guys were a bunch of pusses using the excuse to not go because they did’nt want to get killed. People that are in the teams can’t think like that, and I would never want people like that watching my back. They should have went right away, hell you don’t ask permission for that, our guys were getting killed. There’s no way Obama or Hillary would have prosecuted them for saving a team member or the head of the embassy there. Hillary would have went on the news taking all the credit and Obama would have pinned the navy cross on them.
            When it comes to saving lives , you don’t ever wait.
            I believe these guys were career people and afraid to die and they were chicken shits !!! Just an excuse to save there own asses. Thats my take reading between the lines.

          14. Glennfriend67

            I hear you , Rex. My father was a Chief, and served two tours in Vietnam, one of them in that hellhole Da Nang. I will never get over how badly he and other sailors and soldiers were treated when they came home. My brother served in the First Gulf War, and that disaster in Yugoslavia, courtesy of Bill Clinton. (At least the First Gulf war was under Bush the Elder, so that went better.)
            I kinda gotta disagree with you though, about the SEALS not getting punished if they’d just said f-it right away and gone. Knowing how much OBozo hates the military, and how he had a just-retired Marine court-martialed for a smart remark the Marine made about the “CIC “(and I use that term loosely, because really? He’s no CIC at all! He’s more of a LIAR-in-Chief!), I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d thrown the book at these guys. After all, both he and Shrillary wanted Chris Stevens dead, and if those guys had gone in too early and saved him they would have been screwed. So they made sure it was too late for them to do anything.
            I am praying like crazy that Ted Cruz gets elected, because if he doesnt? This country is DOA.

          15. rex ames

            Yeah I know and understand what you are saying, and yes it could go either way. But I saw the interviews with these guys and they said they were told to stand down and then suddenly later about 30 minutes they went and they went against orders and went in. So why were they not prosicuted later? So that tells me they just should have went right away and saved lives. I think they were chicken, I sensed it in there voices that they were giving excuses for there behavior.. They were career guys and had families waiting for them. Look man, I’ve been there and done that on the teams in Nam. I ran security around fire bases, ( overwatch). When someone calls for help you don’t ask questions, you pack up and go and maybe on the way you tell someone your going. That’s it and in energen. situations that’s how it works. The military has to weed out these guys. I’m telling you that I’d put these GI’s on a desk somewhere. I would not want them watching my back and that’s why they were there, to watch each other’s back !! I still smell a big fat chicken rat. At the end of the day, I would want to say I did’nt get the message, but I saved American lives.

            I want to thank you for your families service to our great country its an honor to talk with you. Collectively my sons and I served in 6 conflicts and wars. Have a great day..

          16. Glennfriend67

            Rex, I still fear Shrillary or Odumbo still may do something to these guys yet. You are aware the Clintons are not above murder. Anyone that stands against them has a nasty habit of disappearing, but somehow, they manage to have it slide off like Teflon. They remind me too damn much of that New York mafioso they nicknamed the Teflon Don, John Gotti. He earned that sobriquet because no matter how hard the cops tried, they were never able to make any charges stick. I am so tired of those two getting away with whatever they want. La Cosa Nostra would have loved them!

            Thank you, too, for your family’s service to our great country. As it turns out, my family has a very long and distinguished military career going back over two centuries. My five times great grandfather, Daniel Everts, fought in the Revolution, and was with General Washington at Valley Forge! How cool is that? We have had a family member serve in every single war in this country. One of my ancestors was at Bull Run during the War Between the States. (I’m Southern; that’s how it was put in all our textbooks) He fought for the Yankees, I’m told. (Wrong side, lol!) One of my dad’s cousins, whom I call my uncle, because that’s what he’s like to me, served on a special, top secret army platoon deployed to Argentina to sabotage Hitler’s communication lines. He is 93 now, but in terrific shape, just kinda hard of hearing. How cool is my family?! Whenever I see active or retired military, I always make sure to thank them for their service. I ask to give them a hug, too. Do you know? I’ve never been turned down for a hug. Not once. They’re sometimes surprised, but all of them like getting a hug.

          17. rex ames

            You have a right to be proud, not to many have families like ours. Yeah my great grandfather was in the Civil war and fought for the Yankee’s at Gettysburg. Yeah my family is the same as yours, served in all the wars. But for sure we are Americans and a good house cleaning is healthy thing for the soul. What’s going on in our country makes me sick now, and I will support Mr. Trump to the end. The Washington establishment guys including Cruz and the used car salesman Rubio have done just nothing.
            I know they wont do anything to protect our borders. The only reason they talk about it at all is because of Trump. But for sure I would trust trump before any of them to run this country like a business.

          18. Glennfriend67

            No, there are very few families like ours at all. My family, and obviously yours, fought, bled and sometimes died to make certain that their descendants would be able to have the same opportunities and enjoy the same freedoms. My mother’s family has been here for nearly 400 years. They were some of the founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Mom’s side of the family is Scottish. My father’s family didn’t arrive till the turn of the 20th century, and they were fleeing for their lives from Germany. My great grandmother was niece to Kaiser Wilhelm (you know, mad Kaiser Bill), and a duchess. She fell in love with my great grandfather, who was the head groundskeeper. Obviously, with all the intermarriage back then, Uncle Wilhelm was furious at Grandma Magdalena and forbade the marriage. So Grandma Magdalena eloped with Grandpa Ulrich and they fled for America. Good thing, too. If they’d stayed, they would have wound up tangled up in WWI. Yes, my great-grand uncle was a frootloop.

            I must politely disagree with you re: Ted Cruz. He might be a senator, but he is as far from the establishment as you can get. He is one of the poorest members of Congress. He refused the Congressional salary and insisted it be used to pay down the debt. He is on Obamacare. (absolutely useless!) He never bought a house in the DC area; he lives in his office, and has a rollaway bed to sleep on. On weekends and holidays, he goes home to his family and he flies economy coach on the airlines, unlike Queen Nancy and her cronies with her privote jet. Ted does not bow to the unions, the lobbies or special interest groups. All the money he’s raised from his campaign has been from just ordinary people. He refuses to be bought. He wants to do away with ethanol subsidiespecially because they’re extremely unfair to all the other farmers, not to mention, ethanol wrecks your engine. He really is a decent, stand up guy. I know he seems boring and geeky, and I wouldn’t want to sit down and have a beer with him, but these are some of the thingas that would make him an excellent president. I hope this will help you reconsider Ted Cruz. He is very NOT establishment.

          19. rex ames

            I agree with you on ethanol. thing , because it truly is not fair,. But its only for the modern engines that are designed for it because its highly corrosive soo there needs to be allot of stainless steel lines and the gas mi is terrible to. Did not know Cruz did not take a salary or all the others things you mentioned. You know I wonder why he does not say it on the campaign trail. That would be very impressive to say if its true !! My inside hope is that Trump gets president and he will ask Cruz to be V.P. and Oliver North for secretary of state, and Dr. Carson to head the Vet. administration. That would be my dream team. The reason I would want Cruz for a VP. is that he he would learn allot more about Business from Trump and then when trumps presidency ends, Cruz would be a natural fit and would be ready. I think they could both compliment each other.

            The thing Cruz needs to understand is people do not care that Trump is not 100 percent conservative, they or we are very pissed at the way this country is being run and want someone with the balls to actually protect us and make fiscal and responcible changes to this country. Something that actually to our benefit here. One hundred more imigration laws are not going to help unless we 100% protect the borders.

          20. Glennfriend67

            I think, perhaps, it’s because Ted is a pretty humble guy, and he follows Scripture as best he can. If you’ve ever read the Gospel of Matthew, there’s a whole section in there where Jesus warns his disciples not to be like the Pharisees and hypocrites. If you have a Bible handy, read Matthew Chapter 6, and you’ll see exactly what I mean. I understand where he’s coming from, because that’s how my family was brought up, as well. People like us seem to be a dying breed. Children certainly aren’t being taught values like that now. I don’t have a problem with Trump running for office; he certainly has as much right, and more so than the idiot we have now. What does disturb me about him is that he comes off as a self-absorbed, narcissistic bully. We’ve already had that for nearly 8 years. I saw what Trump did to his own daughter, who is his campaign manager, when he lost in Iowa. I was very disturbed by it. If he will treat his own child that way, imagine what he’d do to some ordinary American who inadvertently got on his bad side. I don’t think this country could handle having another tyrant in office. I don’t just mean Trump, I’m talking about Clinton and Bernie Sanders, too. We are barely limping along as it is. Any one of them in charge could deal us the death blow. It would be better to have someone in charge who wouldn’t fly off the handle over the least little thing, who could maintain his calm. I truly believe, after much research and soul searching, that the right man is Ted Cruz. I certainly don’t want Jeb Bush, the architect of Common Core! Talk about Progressive! And Marco Rubio is untrustworthy, especially after his little “Gang of 8” fiasco. I really do like Ben Carson, but imho, I think he would be better suited to be Surgeon General. I think that is tailor made for him. Even though she’s dropped out, I think Carly Fiorina would make Ted a good running mate. Gotta say, I partied when Christie left. He is a despicable, Obama butt kissing traitor! He deserves nothing but a boot up the backside for thinking people would ever forget the way he whored himself out to the Beige One after Sandy for a few extra FEMA bucks.

          21. rex ames

            I know Cruz is a good man and really I would like to see Cruz if it does not go well in South Carolina, get behind Trump and make side deal with him for VP. Trump is 69 years old and has limited time as a president to fix this country. Of course Trump cannot fix all that he says, but if he can get a handle on trade agreements, and corporate taxes that could stop the bleeding.

            Carrier, an airconditioning company told their workers yesterday they are moving to Mexico. This year its already projected another 25 billion in U.S. business will move there. I don’t see Cruz doing anything about it. The most important thing for us right now is to have a business man running this country and if Cruz were the VP they would both learn things from each other.Then later the GOP would have a stronger candidate ( Cruz ) for president. Look I’m a Christain, and belong to the Reformed Church in Michigan, but these are drastic times for this country as far wages and jobs and trade. We are not electing a church pastor, we are electing a president. Right now I do like Cruz , but he gets nothing done because he can’t seem to find any middle ground and get along with anyone. We need an asshole in office that can not only stand up to these insiders, but that will get stuff done. We are on the brink of another large market crash, because of self serving government. Labor participation is at a forty year low, and lower GDP and 12 million less manufacturing jobs for the middle class. We need a business man in office right now and surely Cruz would be a great VP for now.

          22. rex ames

            More facts about Cruz. Personally I like the thought of Cruz as president and he would be my next choice if Trump were to be eliminated.
            Ted cannot be a president be he is simply not eligable under the law. He claims he has legal U.S. citizenship under constitutional law, but really he does not. His father is Cuban and renounced his US citizenship to become Canadian. Yes his mother was a US citizen by law at one time, but before Ted was born in 1970, his mother renounced her U.S. citizenship so she could vote in Canadian elections. At that time according to documents, there was no such thing as dual citizenship. Then after that Ted was born and his birth Certificate says Edmonton Canada. I dont even believe he eligable to be in the senate. How did he ever become a US citizen if his mom gave it up before he was born. So his mom and father clearly both gave up US citizenship to live and vote in Canadian elections. How does that make Ted citizen??? Then n late 2014 he just gave up his Canadian citizenship. The other thing thats in the constitution, ” The president must be a natural born citizen”. All this stuff is a matter on public record so look up the facts as I have. You can’t hide from facts and I’m surprised no one has elivated this. There are many US citizens in this country can take a test get it that way, and Cruz just somehow became a US citizen in late 2014, but he is clearly not natural born because his parents declared them self Canadian and renounced there US citizenship before Ted was born. He cannot run and he is wasting my time and yours. Look it up !!

          23. Glennfriend67

            I have researched it and it is simply not true. You can say you renounce your citizenship, but unless you actually go through the formal paperwork, which Cruz’s mother did not, you are still an American citizen. Besides, she had a job working for the State Department when Ted was born. Unlike Obama, Ted Cruz has been able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a legitimate US citizen. He has been very open about all of his records, from his birth certificate through to his college transcripts and income tax records, unlike Obama. Since he wasn’t trying to lie, he had no need to produce a trumped-up “birth certificate” from Hawaii, nor the Social Security number of a dead man in Connecticut, both of which we know Barry did, as well as locking up his college records as well as his tax records, because it’s a well-known fact he applied for foreign aid for college under his original name, Barry Soeto (sp?) from Indonesia so he could get a free ride to Harvard, which he spent smoking doubles and hanging with every commie he could find. And he never changed his citizenship till he wanted to run the country into the ground, just suddenly, “oh, yeah, I was born in Hawaii, I can’t find my birth certificate, oh here it is, it’s this patently fake piece of crap, but you have to accept it on my say-so. And-oh, yeah, here’s my Social Security number. I took it off a dead guy in Connecticut, but that’s okay, nothing to see here, moving right along!” That Man’s entire life is complete fiction! But what should any of us expect? He’s a towelhead! For them it’s required to lie to the “infidels!”
            Ted Cruz hasn’t done that here, or anywhere elase, any any site saying that is falsifying information. If I even thought for a moment it was going to be the Republican version of OBozo, I would drop him in a New York minute. I’ve done my homework, though, and the more I dig, the more I admire and respect Ted Cruz.
            My friend, in this instance, we may just have to agree to disagree, but you know what? That’s perfectly okay with me. At least for right now, we still have the freedom to do that, and to be able to debate about what we like or don’t like about a particular candidate. And I, for one, am heartily grateful for that. I shudder to think what things might be like under Hillary or Bernie. I seriously doubt we could have these lively conversations anymore, and that would totally suck!

          24. rex ames

            That’s the beauty of this country , we can disagree with out getting mean spirited about it. You are surely wrong about not being able to have any more lively conversations. I like Ted Cruz, I just think he can’t twist any arms like Trump is able to do. Ted has proven that he makes allot of enemies and could get anything done. This has been his history. How would that change is the question I would ask? I don’t want someone who will circumvent the constitution with executive orders when they don’t get their way like King Obama did. Ted has not been able to get along and compromise. He’s got to learn to make deals too in order to get things done. None of them will do anything about the border but Trump. Rubio, Cruz, and bush are all comprimised because they are Latino’s or like Bush monkey, married to one.

          25. Glennfriend67

            I meant, if one of those two were in charge, we wouldn’t be able to have these lively conversations anymore longer. They would totally take away our right to debate like this, and that would be a travesty, because to be honest, I enjoy our debates. It makes me smile and it gives me something to look forward to. It’s very pleasant to have another intelligent person to speak with. Yes, we disagree on who we like as as candidate, but we’re not on here calling each other horrible names and threatening each have other with direct consequences if one or the other of us doesn’t toe the line. Well leave that for the idiot fascist Progressives, who foolishly think they’re so enlightened. It is refreshing to be able to argue intelligently with someone else, and I have to say- I’m having fun, too! (g) How weird is that? Maybe that’s because we’re both two intelligent people who are both exercising our First Amendment Rights without fear of some crazy Progressive screaming about political correctness.

            On a grimmer note, I seriously fear for the future of this country with the loss of the great Antonin Scalia. I was devastated to hear of his passing over the weekend, because I have always admired and respected him. His passing, unfortunately, also leaves us dangerously vulnerable. I spoke with a friend who’s familiar with how SCOTUS works, and he told me we could hold The Grand Pooh-Bah off till Jan.4, 2017, but then SCOTUS goes into recess, and he would be able to do one of his infamous end runs around Congress and appoint who he wants without Congressional approval or vetting. I certainly wouldn’t expect any help from the Senate, not with Mitch “the Bitch” McConnell in charge, not to mention Harry “I’m a big fat Liar” Reid still being minority leader after lying about retiring two months. Of course, if Rand Paul is wondering why he didn’t get anywhere, all he has to do is remember the fact that he supported McConnell’s reelection, instead of supporting Ben Sasse, like he should have. They think we have short attention spans, but we voters have very long memories. Remember that, Chris Christie!

          26. rex ames

            Yes I agree, I enjoy these conversations to. Its what makes me come back for more. I don’t always agree with Trump, but I know he is a fighter and he is relentless with reaching a goal. I think what draws me to Trump is the fruit on his tree which are his children.I always enjoy hearing his son speaking to the news media about his dad. You can tell he raised some real go getter’s and pretty smart I think. That says allot about Trump. His children seem driven like their father and pretty intelligent children. My son is an attorney and called me about the supreme court justice asking me what I think will happen. I said there is no reason for me to think that Obama wont get his way again. We have a spineless party right now, and time is not in our favor. My prediction is Obama will appoint someone, Hillary will not be a factor because she will have to be indited and the Democrats will win the election. Almost 16% of the registered voters work for govenrment so that about 21 million votes. Then if their spouse’s vote the same way that’s 32%. Then add 17 to 20 percent Latin votes and 13% black votes, that’s 69% popular votes. That’s not even considering the college kids who are very liberal. That’s why Democrats like big government. No one who works for government will vote against their jobs !! For sure the republicans wont carry California because the state is all Latino and Latina voters. We can’t win with out carrying the California electorate vote.

            Of course we all know Regan was a liberal for many years until he converted completely in 1962. I think Regan was a good blend of both parties and applied lessons learned from both sides of the fence and because of this he was I think one of the top three presidents because he tried to limit government growth.
            The history about the great communicator is pretty cool to read.
            It will be a miracle if we win the presidency back..To many people on give away’s and somehow the young people think they deserve everything free with no clue as to the 80 to 90 percent taxes it will take to pay for that stuff. You know all four of my kids worked there way through college and payed their own way. My son Chet got his law degree and passed the bar at age 34. He worked allot of jobs 80 hours a week during the summers to get where he’s at today. Kids now days just have no clue and they are going to bury all of us, and when that happens we will all be on the bread line. Sorry to sound so negative but that is what I see right now. But this year has been full of surprise’s.
            By our senate republicans failing to govern has added to voter frustrations and I fore see some of these guys getting the boot. We are gonna see Ryan and a whole bunch of these dumb bastards get wacked and they did it by there own hand. A failure to govern the purse strings.

          27. Glennfriend67

            Oh, Rex, sigh….I wish I could disagree with you in that repect, but I very much fear the same. Parents are teaching their children no values these days. I know that’s a big generalization, because some parents are still doing it right (my brother , for one), but he would be in the 1% that is. The idiot “99 percenters ” like OWS, that carry on about “how mistreated they are” and so on….yeah, they’re the 99% all right! The 99% that have no values, no morals, no nothing!

            Pardon for the delay. I have a Westie son, and he was just sick all over his blanket, poor baby. I love dogs a lot, and Westies in particular. So, yes, I call myself his mom. He’s a rescue all of the dogs we’ve had, we’ve rescued. I spoil my son Mac rotten! He is a good boy. He has a special “blankie”that he likes, so that’s what he sleeps on in my bed. Or, I should say, it’s his bed, he just allows me to sleep in it! If you’ve ever been owned by a terrier, you know what I’m talking about. You don’t own them. They own you!

            Back to our previous discussiion- I keep praying that Hillary will be indicted before her little charade goes much farther. She deserves to be thrown in jail for the rest of her life. Personally, I’d like to see her tossed into gen pop, with a bunkie named Big Mama. I’m so sick of the Clintons getting away with everything, including murder. If that had been any ordinary person, we would have been tossed in prison a long time ago, but because she’s A Rodham and a Clinton, oh, no!

            I don’t know if you’ve ever read the book Agenda 21, by Glenn Beck, but that’s what I see as our future, and what I’m terrified is coming sooner than we think, especially if someone like Bernie Sanders gets in charge. The FEMA camps are already set up, and they have the “cattle trains” to take us away, too. This is why they’ve been trying so hard to take our guns, and this is why they’ve dumbed the kids in school down. 80 years later, it’s Nazi Germany all over again, right in our own back yard. Anyone that tries to fight back will be mowed down by Obama’s, then Bernie’s brownshirts, and the rest will be taken to the camps. If you’re like me, a cripple, or like my parents, retired, and considered ” no longer useful to society,” you’ll be sent to the ovens. I never thought to see something like this in my country, in my lifetime. I should have known better. These people, Dems and Republicans both refused to learn from history. Now we’re repeating it. May God have mercy on those of us still devoted to Him.

          28. Glennfriend67

            Dude! You live in my home state! I was born in Memphis! My eldest niece and goddaughter is living in Tullahoma with her husband and kids. I was actually just back there a couple summers ago with my fams. It’s been a lifelong dream of my mom’s to see Graceland. We got to see everything before they started to ruin it. Honestly, a stupid amusement park? Ugh! Like we don’t already have enough of those. We stayed in the Graceland RV Park, which was really nice, and we did Monroe’s. The corn fritters were so ooooo good! So was the southern fried chicken! Yum! Hadn’t had southern fried that good since we left the South, so, quite awhile.

            Er…you forgot your email address, my friend. (Lol) I’ll have to keep in mind you’re an hour behind me….unless you live in the ET of TN.

          29. rex ames

            Ok but usually don’t send an email address over this site. Send me a text and I will text you back. Actually I’m in Michigan but all my friends live in Tenn. and my best friend is from Memphis, and also from Sunbright Tenn.

          30. NannyB

            Ah ha…you are the FIRST person to mention the slave trade in Africa. How in the world would anyone think tht some white person just sailed off to Africa and landed on the coast somewhere and on to his boat marched a bunch of people. Really…and this is NOT taught in places like…for example the Caribbean. They live and die by slavery…still… and there are NO slaves in the Caribbean any longer. But it is not taught in schools…not even in the states. It seems that the Liberal/Progressive agenda is to remove all modes of history that are not “positive”…so bingo…there goes the red flag with the blue X with stars…because it represents slavery…It DOES NOT!! Next goes statues honoring southern Generals…gone…and they are looking to wipe our history books of much of the southern strife and trials and tribulations. I believe that is wrong. We need to accept our bad deeds along with our good deeds. Who cares what color your skin is…we can save each others lives if the blood type matches…can’t we??

          31. organic girl

            The divisive public education system is what breeds hatred. There’s nothing inclusive if it’s coerced inclusion.

          32. The Redman

            Hey boy. what’s the matter wit yo mouth. is it 2 tight 4 yo face. hahahahahahahah. snake-mouth. hahahahhaha

          33. The Redman

            Hey andy boy. when U read what I write and U like it, do ya turn ya snake-mouth pink head 2 read it. hahahahahaha. so, again. in yo pink face. stop raping yo Lil family members. hahahahahahaha

          34. Cheg

            That’s why OBAMA was put into office. Reared and groomed by his Commie Grandparents, Wright and Marshall, then “COMMUNITY ORGANIZED” THE BLACKS TO KEEP THE HATRED AND RACISM GOING STRONG!!!!! All paid for by Soros and Supervised by Val, “The Commie”. Rubeo is SO RIGHT!…..OBAMA INTENDED TO DESTROY ALL THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS MADE BY ROSA PARKS AND MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. Why do you suppose HE was killed????

          35. joe

            That is because they are nothing but criminals the black lives matter movemnent is an excuse for them to riot loot and damage other peoples property. That group is nothing but a bunch od unemployed crooks living off the tax dollars of hard working citizens they are the lowest form of scum on the planet. To call for the killing of white people just because they are white and police officers just because they are police officers is enough to put themin a cage where they belong. Just a word of advice to those scumbags, police are armed so am I and so is a good portion of the population so think twice before you do something stupid because you will be taken out if need be. I have to say I would feel no more guilty about taking one of you out than I would a dump rat.

          36. NannyB

            You are right because they are born of hate! Pure and simple. The Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world have grown a wart that is bigger than even they thought it could get. Can you imagine…if all that hate were put into something positive, what they could create. It is really sad to see them act like such bigots. They will all end up on the wrong side of anything that is decent and good. Sorry for them!!

          37. buck Shot

            Hey moron. You’re the dumbest SOB on here. I can guarantee you wouldn’t have the courage to say that to anyone’s face ya ignorant troll.

          38. The Redman

            They don’t “stand up 4 Dixie” U odiot. their past parents fought in the stupid, hater white-folks war, so they want and should get considered 4 it. immi-inez

          39. Bill Hulings

            Sounds like a great WHITEwashing of the facts. I wonder if the people pushing the racist agenda have ever thought of that.

          40. buck Shot

            Days? You? Jes? You must have been dropped when you were pulled from the garbage can. Your complete lack of intelligence shows through every time you post troll.

          41. The Redman

            Boy, if ya let ya pappy shoot dats big pink head dat U tote around all day 4 nothing good, may B he can help ya get dem winter lice off the top. hahahahahahahha. tell him 2 use “buck shot”. hahahahaha

          42. rex ames

            No sence talking with a man that hates everyone including him self. When you try to talk with an idiot, you bring your self to to knew low..

          43. PsykoKlown

            I bet you bowed down and licked muzzie feet the first time one of them glared in your general direction.

          44. gets2say

            They’re not interested in any of their causes, only in the money it funnels into their bank accounts. Just another “follow the money” cause…

          45. old codger

            Please don’t confuse them with facts. They WILL NOT listen anyhow!
            Just like it’s the guns fault for blacks killing blacks in Detroit and Chitcago or Whities fault.

          46. Shane

            The Muslim Arabs also had a lot to do with selling slaves to the Europeans. Muhammad was not a fan of women, dogs, and Blacks!

          47. jreb57

            “it was the different tribes in Africa that was responsible for the slave trade.”
            It was the Muslim traders on the coast of Africa who sold the prisoners of African tribal wars to English traders. The prisoners were brought to the new world to be used as slave labor on plantations. Cassius Clay traded his second slave name for his first slave name, Mohamed Ali.

          48. Laurence Almand

            True – it was the Muslim Arabs that first started the slave trade in East Africa in the 600s – long before America was even discovered!
            And the people who sold the Blacks were the Black African slave traders.

        2. Wayne Peterkin

          Well said and I agree. I’ll go one step further. Some of my ancestors fought in the Civil War for the North. Why do those who fought and died to eliminate slavery never seem to even get an honorable mention by the black race-baiters?

          1. Daniel Pearson

            Rodney Steward. Thanks for correct comment. The civil war was not about slavery as the the north had slaves also. Of course that is what is now being taught now. Go to a public library that has not removed the correct history as I mine has and has the koran on display for check out called the American Koran which has been tamed down.

          2. Rodney Steward

            Now that is sick my friend, the Koran is not a religion it’s an evil cult! This is being pushed real hard by this administration! I’m from the South and all of our heritage has been stripped and I’m supposed to LIKE IT! NON of my people ever owned slaves at all, they were poor like 85% of the South was!

          3. Daniel Pearson

            Rodney Steward You are correct that it is sick but from what I gathered it was written to cover up the real Koren and evil for Americans. I did not grow up in the south but in Kansas in the 50″s but my grandfather came from Sweden when he was 2 in the late 1800’s and the did not have slaves. very many people of the people in the South and other parts of the country did not have much more than the slaves. i drove a semi for years and a driver from the South had a confederate flag painted on the back of his sleeper which was his own truck and the African filed a complaint and they fired him. The end does not look good for us.

          4. Rodney Steward

            The black man doesn’t worry me, it’s the people that worship that Koren that opens my eyes, and it’s not going to end well with this bunch at all! Many muslims are now becoming truck drivers and that worries me! That would carry a mighty BIG bomb, or many other dangers! Obama has been setting this country up for over 7 years now, and have a feeling things are going to get dirty!!

          5. The Redman

            Dats what yo evilness as white-folks conjured up. get ready get ready get ready white-folks, yo evil harvest is coming. hahahahahahahahah

          6. Glennfriend67

            Cheg, please, Please PLEASE don’t feed the troll! You’ll notice that everyone here ignores him. We are done engaging with the idiot. We flag his comments , and hopefully he will go away. ut I beg of you, DON’T FEED HIM, PLEASE!

          7. joe

            Redman is a 15 year old white kid he does this for attention he does it in a lot of forums. Take nothing he says seriously he is fun to torment sometimes but he is nothing but a spoiled little brat.

          8. The Redman

            Yes its “sad” dat 98% of the white-folks in the u.s. live in denial of their evil hatefulness.

          9. The Redman

            Boy dem white-folks got U on dat, huh. white-folks R some of the worse terrorist in the world.

          10. Glennfriend67

            Rodney- you are right. Islam is a FALSE religion! not only was Mohammed a liar, and a brutal, evil man, but he was a pedophile. Sicko!

          11. The Redman

            Boy, I’ve been trying 2 tell U inbreeds dat white-folks ruined the u.s. and most of were yo white-folks from the past who past hate and lies on 2 U nutty-inbreeds

          12. Glennfriend67

            Thank you, Rodney! That’s how I always felt, too. I was born in Memphis, grew up in Virginia Beach, have spent more time in New York State than I care to mention, and shortly will be returning to my beloved South when I move to Myrtle Beach in a couple of weeks. In Virginia, our textbooks called it the War Between the States. We were fighting for our way of life. Then, as now, we lived a somewhat laid back, genteel, well-mannered sort of life. That was one thing I disliked about being up North- it was always- I need it done yesterday. Not to mention how rude everyone is. I have to say though, I’m very annoyed at Gov. Hailey for caving in and putting a ban on the Stars and Bars(aka the Confederate flag) being flown in public any more. You can have it inside your house but you can’t fly it outside, which is stupid. For most of us Southerners, the Stars and Bars represents who we are as a people- scrappy, hardworking, can’t be kept down. I say we take our flaf back and tell the KKK we’ll sue them if they ever ise it again!

          13. Rodney Steward

            Welcome home Glenn, and like you said Hailey sux for what she done! She done it to keep down the rioting game that Sharpton had lined up! So she turned her back on her people to please the black man, and I bet she didn’t ban anything African just kissed a lot of butt! I’ve been up

          14. Glennfriend67

            Thanks, Rodney! You can take the girl outta the South, but you can’t take the South outta the girl! Nikki Hailey is a coward and a bootlicker and I sure won’t even voting for her when her term’s up. Wish Trey Gowdy wasn’t in DC; he’d make an excellent governor of our Palmetto State. But I’m hoping he’s gonna be AG next year. Heaven knows, we need somebody decent to do THAT job!
            There’s such a huge difference between Northern and Southern blacks too. Southern blacks are hardworking, laid back, polite and friendly– just like everybody else. Northern blacks are the exact opposite.
            Don’t tell anyone, but I do have some Yankee friends. I have to warn them that it’s a completely different way of life here. It’s always fun to see the culture shock when they first get here, especially when they realize were not as stupid as they think we are, lol! I tell them that if they go somewhere like Jackson or Tupelo, MS, or down past Baton Rouge and into New Orleans, and even into parts of Memphis, they best bring someone along who speaks with some Southern accent, because these folks STILL do NOT like Yankees! I have a rather strange accent- half Southern, half Northern, but once I go back South it sounds like I never lived in the North. Btw, I have a Southeastern Virginia accent ent. We left Memphis when I was only 3 months old and went to Virginia Beach, so that’s the accent that stuck. Came in handy when we visited Memphis a couple years ago because I fit right in. Just so you know, we’re the ones that invented the phrase, ” y’all come back now, ya heah? ” Well are notorious for taking “r”s out from where they belong and sticking them where they’re not supposed to be!

          15. Rodney Steward

            You’re right about Trey, he would make a VERY GOOD AG! So many need to be thrown out of the so called establishment, or just a good old house cleaning! Right now we have a cold front coming through and I have a Buck Stove insert in the fireplace and it’s great, heating the whole house, love it!! Deer season is over, bag 2, now I have my meat till next season. Won’t be long it’ll be gardening time, love that too, just love the simple life! I have a feeling that before long things are going to be back to, if U don’t or can’t make it U won’t have it! I love the country life, and STRONGLY believe in the CONSTITUTION TOO, and it’s slowly slipping away! Stay safe Girl!!

          16. Glennfriend67

            I hear ya, my friend. It’s blasted cold up here, and we’re expecting snow. I want to cry. If we get it, I’ll have to wait till the end of the month to leave because when we get snow in February or March it’s usually a disaster. We have a backup generator, so it won’t make a diff, but my God! I’m tired of the cold!
            Once upon a time, when I was a child, food was okay to eat. We didn’t have to think about where it came from because we knew. Then, twenty-plus years ago, the government decides to see if they can get things to grow in areas where they’re not supposed to grow, because they “want to help third world countries grow their own food.” Naturally, this was a proved by our “favorite ” Progressive liberal, “Free Willie” Clinton. Of course, it was a dismal failure, but they decide, hey! it’s a cheap way to feed our own people and we can put all the family farms out of business at the same time because we’ll give subsidies to all the mega-farms who grow what we tell them to, and nothing to the little guy who won’t. Remember all the farms that failed in the 90’s? AND the ubiquitous Farm Aid concerts? Yeah! All under Billy-boy’s watch! Meantime, the mega farms were producing ethanol to wreck our car engined, and gmo’s, hormones and antibiotics to poison us. I NEVER HAD a problem with my weight until the late 90’s, and that’s when all the poison was going into the food, like high fructose corn syrup, aspertame, Splenda (which, btw has dioxin, a pesticide as a main ingredient. I found this out from someone who actually worked for Splenda for 20 years. How nice.) Two years ago, I broke my thumb, and for the very first time in my life, developed an antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection that went septic in 24 hours! I was shocked, as I always take my antibiotics as told. I was in the hospital for six weeks getting IV Vancomycin treatments. Basically, they had to give me poison to get rid of the poison. It wrecked my kidneys, and my digestive system. I do whatever I can to eat clean food now, which isn’t easy. I’ve decided I’m going to plant a vegetable and herb garden in the spring, so I don’t have to worry my salads have been contaminated by some illegal pooping in the field. I can also sew and mend. I figure both will be barterable skills when our monetary system goes bye bye, as you and I both suspect it probably will. If you do have a skill you can barter with, you’re not gonna eat. A college degree ain’t gonna do you much good! Besides, I’ve got a PhD from the University of Hard Knocks. Nothing in my life worth having ever came easy. That “person”(and I use that word loosely) wants this country destroyed. Fine. I will still be able to take care of myself because I was taught self reliance. Nobody’s sticking ME in a FEMA camp. You stay safe too, my friend!

          17. Wayne Peterkin

            No it wasn’t. It was over states rights vs. the federal government and I have always been sympathetic to that issue. My point, though, is that the race-baiters and many in the black community ignore the fact that whites have sacrificed much for civil rights and get no credit at all for that effort. Too many blacks have become the worst racists in the country today, Obama being one of them, and Stacy Dash is right that racism will never get fixed until the black racists recognize and change their expectations. Other than an opportunity to work hard, you deserve only what you earn in this life.You do not deserve what you have not earned or what someone else has earned.

          18. The Redman

            Because U dim-wad. people of color fought along side of dem peckers against other hater peckers.

        3. Homer

          Family tree has been done far before slavery and Nobody any relation to any of us had anything to do with slavery!
          Blacks enslaved Blacks and sold them as slaves to anyone and any nation, sometimes sold to other black slave masters such as the prominent one in South Carolina who had over 100 if my memory serves me correct.

          Irish and others with “white” skin were also sold into slavery but it was called indentured servants or something like it where they basically gave there life as a servant to get to the states for a given amount of time.

          Lot`s more can be said but i`m sooooo over hearing about how Every white person is responsible when there was very few ever had slaves of any color. Something like 3-5% of the population had slaves meaning 95-97% never did, But blame us all..

          White folks ended slavery but they seem to ignore that lil fact also

          Nice, yea. If your a thug it don’t matter the color

          1. Bandit

            I had an ancestor that was a slave to a black person, by using their logic I guess I can blame ALL the black people for what happened to my ancestor.

          2. PsykoKlown

            What I want to know is when the MSM is going to run it. But that would divert attention from the BLM, etc..

          3. Bandit

            My ancestor was of mixed Irish and German descent. He slaved away for more than 15 years before getting freed.

          4. Bandit

            According to what I have learned no he got nothing, except beaten all the time by the SLAVE owner.

          5. The Redman

            By evil greedy white-folks. yall pass ya evil mindset on 2 ya haters snake-mouth brats. dats how yall rant on these post. weed-girl

          6. dianna101649

            You need to get off your soapbox and stop your caterwalling! And, you live in AMERICA – speak English! Half the time,I have no idea what you are saying, but it’s NOT proper English. You should be ashamed of your speech. They teach basic English in every school in the US! Many of my ancestors fought and DIED during the Civil War – to END SLAVERY. Why don’t Black people ever acknowledge THAT?!?!?!

          7. Glennfriend67

            Oh, Dianna!(groan!) Up till now everyone was doing great by ignoring this mental midget. He has been trolling for some time, and we just about get rid of him when somebody responds to his idiocy and gives him a second wind. Please don’t engage him,or as we say here in social media-land, please don’t feed the trolls. He gets off on being as hateful as possible to get a rise out of someone. I fell for it too. And he loved his ebonics, which they didn’t invent either, but picked up from Southern Rednecks, lol! They can’t do anything original! That being said, he’s evil, but we beg of you not to feed this troll,’k……and enjoy the debating!

          8. old codger

            AMEN! AMEN! As soon as I see ANY post is from it I just click on the down vote and move along to an “INTELLIGENT” post!

          9. Glennfriend67

            That’s pretty much what I do, too, my friend…..that and flag the comments as inappropriate, because really, they are. I’d much rather speak to someone like you, who has something intelligent to say!

          10. Glennfriend67

            Anytime, pal! It’s refreshing to come to a site like this and chat or debate with an intelligent person like you and stimulate my brain instead of being tortured by a mental midget. It’s fun to fire neurons!

          11. The Redman

            Well, JESUS died 4 all. Y don’t most of U hater white-folks “acknowledge” and act like it. donna.

          12. Rodney Steward

            If U believe in JESUS redboy, do us all a favor and hang yourself! Yo mama still dreaming about uncle Rod, sorry for keeping U up last time, YO mama got loud didn’t she! Hope U got those rocks I sent, U can put them in the box YO mama give U!

          13. The Redman

            Yo greasy head mama is jes 1 of the only white-folks I know who hates raw meat dats pink. hahahahahahaha. stew-boy. white-folks have ruined america

        4. Bandit

          That’s why it is called racism, they hate white people and they blame ALL white people for slavery, yet they refuse to read their own history where a black man was one of the first slave owners in this country.

          1. wsurfs .

            I already get it…..!! YOU are the one who will end up in jail, or shot or on drugs or dealing drugs or playing the knockout game, or killing a policeman, or fathering children that you have no intention of taking care of, or talking your HO into having an abortion, ETC….ETC…..or voting someone like Barack INSANE Obama into office, or ending up DEAD from a drug overdose… YOU ‘effing DEMON…!!

          2. The Redman

            Girly/boy. U speak well of yo self. hahahahahaha. U should write a hook-book about how U evil inbreed white-folks live. hahahahaha

          3. wsurfs .

            I just wrote a book on how “The Redman” lives……!! Didn’t you read my post…??? Don’t DEMONS know how to read….??

          1. The Redman

            Guns by white-folks carry a evil power nutty-clown. else Y do so many white-folks allow their evil brats 2 shoot up schools wit em.

          2. PsykoKlown

            Avoiding black criminals as usual I see. I guess actual statistics don’t work with that commie core math you’ve been taught. 98% of gun toting criminals are black Pinkogirl.

          3. The Redman

            Y is it dat most all of U pinkies hate the truth about ya self. hater-clown inbreed. Y do yall hate ya children so much until U fine joy in raping em..Y do yall do dat 2 yo own children. is it because most of U R “psyko”. hahahahahahaha

          4. PsykoKlown

            If you ever do recognize the truth you’ll need to be sedated, if not outright tranquilized. It takes a totally self loathing liberal to spew the vileness you do.

      2. Shane

        I disagree with her about BET because private enterprise is making money with this network so leave it alone. I do get upset that some colleges have dorms for only Black people, but if they had Whites only dorms it would be a national issue that libs would scream endlessly about.

        1. The Redman

          They have em, and U know it. U white-folks R some of the worse terrorist in the world of the living. shame

    2. Dennis B Anderson

      I gots ta says good gods a mighty Miss Lo Lee dat means wen days on dah tvs we can toin dem offs. No moe corn cob awards.

        1. Dennis B Anderson

          I grew up in LA, Compton, Ventura. Come and get some boy. you aint nothin but a meetin. When the muslim terrorist get here Ill tell them of you. I dont see whites / christians / jews / catholics cutting off heads. Hey Red Mutt if you dont like us to bad. If you dont like our country go loose yourself.

    3. rex ames

      We can thank King Obama for causing a divide. People of color are so used to thinking if they don’t win that it must be their color is the reason. Actually Will smith was one of my favorite actors but now I will not watch his movies anymore. He’s very talented guy., and thats it. He just could not forget his color. I never considered his color until he brought it up.I thought he was smarter then that. I’ve had enough with just handouts to everyone. No one is equal in this world. Some are smarter because they worked hard in school or maybe born with a high IQ. But we all have to deal with the cards we are delt. Just put your head down, study hard and work hard and don’t expect any free gifts from anyone. Its enough that we live in a free country and crying oh poo hoo I did’nt win because I’m black..He has millions of dollars. What a dumb ass.Its getting so that people of color don’t want to work for anything these days.

      1. The Redman

        Nah. roxann. U white-folks have made such a mess until the only way it gets better, is yall black heart demons ask God 2 save ya.

        1. rex ames

          I am not white stupid, and I worked hard and studied hard and retired from the military, and then started a second career and retired again. Most of my friends are white though. You know why, because my own people always tell me how lucky I am and always ask me for a handout.. When I tell them it was’nt luck, my father taught me the value of studying hard and working hard. Quit your crying and study hard and go to work. You are where your at because you can’t forget what color you are.

          1. The Redman

            Good 4 U colored-boy. now go lick ya white-folks like a good boy, and let people have their opinions. rex-anna

          2. rex ames

            The comment you make , obviously points to you not being willing to forget who you are. In your current thinking you have nothing to offer anyone or any company, is very telling. So you think it must be your color ! Its not your color man, its your attitude and how you were raised. Blame your parents for not slapping some sense in you. Travel to some third world countries and Africa, then you will see what poor is.

            By the way, I said I am not white stupid. Does not mean I’m black, but I am a minority, and I had good positive parents. I served into wars and now I’m out and still paying cllege debts off.You can’t keep blaming everyone for your own problems. You think like you think because obviously you bought into a bunch of shit that was fed to you all your life, and you are product of your own environment. Thats not my fault or anyone else’s. Its yours, and you need to own it !!!

          3. The Redman

            U R A idiot. y do most of U stink wads like 2 rob other people of their opinions. U say what U want, but try and hush me. U’re an idiot.

          4. rex ames

            We have saying. If you don’t open your mouth know one will know how stupid you are. You just do not get it and you never will.

          5. The Redman

            Nah. U don’t get it, do ya dip-bo. its called; O-P-I-N-I-O-N. allow it 2 soak in awhile there snake-mouth

          6. rex ames

            I feel very sorry for you. Hope you can straighten your life out.
            I nothing but compassion for you. But for sure you have a choice to be what ever you want.

          7. charlie Hall


      2. wsurfs .

        Excellent post…!! YOU are absolutely RIGHT..!! Black people themselves are the ones who need to get over being black..!!

        Look how much Michelle Obama herself complains and whines about being black and how she says she is mistreated because she is black….!! Did she forget that she is the “first lady” of the United States of America….AND still she drones on….!! DUH…!!

        THEY look at skin color more than anyone else…even in their own communities with their own people, they judge each other on the lightness or darkness of their own skin color…!! They call each other “nigger” and if a black person happens to have really dark skin tone, they are lower in the hierarchy and ranking in their own community….!!

        THAT right there needs to be discussed within their communities among themselves.!! They are their own worst enemies..! They will never be happy because if the truth be told, they don’t like being black..!! THAT is the truth…!! They don’t even regard their own skin color as something to be respected and embraced..!!

          1. wsurfs .

            Time and time again I have seen this in REAL LIFE and in REAL TIME…!! So, Thank You….I’ll take Door #3…!! ;D

    4. QueenBeeWorld

      Yes, Stacey’s 100% right. While we’re at it, how about getting rid of Affirmative Action? We certainly don’t need that any more. If they want to be surrounded by other black folks and be known as African, why don’t they relocate to Africa. As I’ve said for years…They don’t want equality; they want superiority…

      1. wsurfs .

        That’s Right…!! Black people are their own worst enemy. And if the truth be told, they don’t even like the fact that their own skin is black…They are always whining about it and saying that is the reason why they are being mistreated…!! THAT is just not true..!! Even in their own communities, they rank skin color….the lighter the skin, the more attention, respect and reverence you get…!! Dark-skinned black people, just don’t get the same respect…!! THAT is a fact..! This is what needs to be discussed within their own communities..!!

        1. QueenBeeWorld

          Amen to that! They ARE their own worst enemy! Most of them have two arms, two legs yet some don’t want to put them to good use and do something constructive with their lives and within their communities. Some are content to sit and let taxpayers feed, clothe and house their family for generations. I’m not saying some white people don’t take advantage of free stuff, but white people aren’t playing the victim and race cards every time they screw their own lives up.

          We see people EVERY DAY who are missing limbs or who can’t speak, yet they overcome unsurmountable obstacles and make something of their lives, and we applaud them because it’s well-deserved.

          I, for one, am sick and tired of the victim mentality of blacks and the way they attack white people, literally and figuratively, by bad-mouthing us, beating whites on the streets, killing some, yet they get a free pass. Everything’s free for them so where’s the incentive to make something of themselves? Time for them to be held accountable for their actions.

          The weird thing in all this is that they target themselves as being the underclass. Even when our family was dirt poor, my parents NEVER taught us that we’re victims. Instead, we were told to be the best we can be, and got spanked into submission when we needed it, and we all turned out to be the best we could be.

          This victimization is being taught in schools, at home, and it’s got to stop NOW or we’ll have more generations of “victims”. If they REALLY want to see victims, they need not look any further than the black-on-black crimes that’s rampant in this country,,,
          My apologies for the lengthy comment, but I needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening, wsurfs… 😉

          1. wsurfs .

            Your post is absolutely correct, wonderfully stated and TRUE…!! The Victimization of the blacks is coming not only from within their own communities from other blacks but directly from the White House as well..! I was raised just like you and worked for what I have….applying myself and made the best of any and every opportunity that came my way…ALWAYS with a grateful heart and thankful attitude….!

            These blacks have had SO many opportunities to improve themselves yet they still bemoan their victimhood…!! Some will never be satisfied….they are ingrates and spoiled titty babies because so much has been done for them that they don’t even know how to help themselves and just continue to depend on those who are keeping them victims and complain when they don’t get their way…..!! Thank you for your post…!!

          2. QueenBeeWorld

            Thank you for opening the door to creative thinking with YOUR post. Oh well, we’ll see what this next election brings. We’ll either be more united or more divided. I’ve got my mind set on being more united. Hopefully, that’s what’ll happen… 😉

          3. wsurfs .

            Yes, being united is the only way…! With our hearts full of gratitude and thankfulness and our minds full of common sense, great ideas, perspective and vision we can turn this around….!! BUT we must have the “leaders” on board for what is best for the American people and not what is best for those special interests group’s political agendas…!

            We are ALL Americans and we deserve better than selfish people with selfish agendas….! It’s exactly these agendas which only serve the few that we must reject….!! Oh, and must get rid of lobbyists….!! Thanks for your post QueenBee….You wear your sparkly crown beautifully…!! ;D

          4. QueenBeeWorld

            You certainly have a way with words, wsurfs. You should be selling vehicles on the Auto Mile. You’d be the best darn salesman there!
            Seriously, you’re absolutely right! Spoken like a true Conservative. No angry, cursing words like we always hear from the Left. We ALL have to go to the polls and vote for the best Conservative to get us out of the fire and INTO THE LIGHT…

          5. QueenBeeWorld

            I can understand why, and I believe this quote puts it in perfect perspective…

            “The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom.”
            —Sharon Ralls Lemon
            Have a wonderful weekend, my friend…

          6. QueenBeeWorld

            I’m honored to be called your Sister! You’d swear we really are because we think so much alike! I enjoy reading your posts. I hope you never lose that edge. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a very Happy St. Valentine’s Day tomorrow… ;=))

          7. wsurfs .

            Thank you, QueenBee…..It’s good to be queen, isn’t it.??….!! ;D

            YES, we do think alike….like sisters……! Happy Valentine’s Day…!! This is one of my favorite holidays..Cupid…hearts…chocolate….flowers…jewelry…..those little candy hearts with things written on them like: “Be Mine”, “I love you”, “Oh, Baby”, “Kiss Me”….I love those…!! 😀

            I am making a special dessert for my husband….easy….delicious…Coeur A La Creme… make it with goat cheese ( that I get from one of my neighbors)….strawberries, a little brandy and a few other ingredients….and put it in the cutest little heart-shaped dishes….!!

            You can google a good recipe, but I use Ina Garten’s recipe…The Barefoot Contessa….! It sounds very fancy, but is so simple..!! It’s such a nice dessert for guests or husband……and especially for Valentine’s Day…!! Look out for Cupid’s Arrow..!! HAHAH..!! ;D

          8. wsurfs .

            It’s an endearing term from one woman to another down here in the deep South..! ;D If I were going to say it with my Southern accent, I would say “Sista'”…!

        1. Jerry Branson

          If they are all like me, they do not care. I only care about the value of the roll s that are played by the various actors. I could care less about what color they are.

          1. The Redman

            Nah. dats a white-folks lie. boy, where I live all white-folks like U do is rape their Lil children and kill em. how many of yo Lil family members have U raped. inbreed-rens

          2. jimahrens

            Keep telling your self that some day you just might believe it.

            Tell the truth it will set you free. just like white and black some are haters. One thing iam not is a racist.

  2. grandmary42

    She’s absolutely right! I can only imagine the what would happen if there was a white only channel or white only college.

  3. jimahrens

    Never going to happen with Obama, Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. They live and breath dissension. And the NAACP There are around to poke a stick in peoples eyes. And people eat it up like its cake. Obama has set race relations back 50 years.

  4. The Fox

    Get rid of the lame stream liberal media would be a good start, they don’t have a reporter one, just robots who serve the commie left.


      THE CORE PROBLEM is more with the EDITORS than the reporters!
      In my career I had close contact with reporters who complained of their editors either cutting their reports to pieces or completely refusing to accept them for publication….depending on WHO or WHAT is involved!!!

        1. EMIRCITNA

          I REMEMBER a time when only the most HONEST and trustworthy people got the promotions, but since the 1960’s it seems that ONLY those that follow orders, even to the detriment of their country, and unwittingly themselves are the ones promoted to positions of control over others!
          WHAT kind of message is this sending to our youth other than
          ‘being crooked is more profitable than being honest’!!!
          WHEN was the last time anyone heard the much used phrase of the 1940-50’s:….CRIME DOES NOT PAY! ???!!!

    2. Frank

      It’s true. White liberals are no friends of A.A.s. Neither is their LSM.
      It’s complicated because white liberal racism has black people indoctrinated to the end that black people seem in some instances to be suffering Stockholm syndrome as white liberal plantation captives. They are in large measure now looking to Hillary as they cannot see a vote for her is more of the same. More stagnation, more smoke and mirrors, more dependence, another entire generation down the tubes. No opportunity for self respect and actual achievement. Black people have not advanced in any significant metric since Obama was elected, black homosexuals notwithstanding. Right there is something they should be thinking about.

      1. The Redman

        U white-folks really thing ya know what’s right 4 black people, or America and the rest of the world. huh. frankie. but yall can’t even stop raping ya own Lil children. or haven’t fixed ya evil problem in the u.s. so now ISIS is coming 4 yall hater heads. hahahahahahahaahahah

      1. The Fox

        Give it a try fake redman Islamist pig raper, I’d send you to your little god allah satan in a heart beat and you can live with him forever in the lake of fire with all your other sheep and goat raping friends.

    1. tnetcenter

      Your premise is false right from the get go – there ARE Christians in show business. If you were paying attention, you’d know this!

      Chuck Norris, and a whole bunch of others are Christians and let everyone know it. There are also Conservatives in show business, they tend to be not so vocal in their actions, but they are there!

    2. Littluns

      LOL Broadus, there are plenty of Christians in Show-business, they just show it in their work and not their mouth. Walking in Christ’s footsteps is the best of examples, and their (our) good works demonstrate that.


    BOTTOM LINE: NO MATTER what ‘race’ people are, if they can’t get along with each other then they should….SEPARATE!!!!

  6. PBHayes

    There has been a double standard across the board for a very long time. Hyphenated American tribes, black only awards and dating sites and an absolute refusal to recognize the truth about severe problems within the black community. If I were living in a neighborhood where people were jumping kids into gangs, selling drugs and murdering my friends I would bring the entire community together and make certain the problems were outed immediately to the authorities. I would clean up the schools, eliminate graffiti and the streets would be free of garbage. I would bring people together and develop and real sense of pride. That is clearly missing.

  7. roy paul shields

    The blacks are gimme gimme gimme; Clint Eastwood hit it on the head; “There are thousands of actors that want an Oscar and never got one. Stacet Dash was politically correct in describing the Oscar Boycott deal. How about the blacks have their movies, musicals or whatever and no whites allowed; And the wqhites have it all whites. Segregation; Oh for sure. Blacks have their own welfare system supported solely by blacks. With the black population 13 0/0 of America’s population give the blacks a couple of states with no help from white money. Big eyed lip flapping screaming blacks will never be sdatisfied. The black panthers advocate a race war’ Lets get it on and get it over with. 90 0/0 of America’s home turf problems would be over eliniating the 13 0/0 blacks. Sound tough but this black demands is out of control. Come on panthers, open fire. Semper Fi. 51-56 GOD BLESS AMERICA

    1. tnetcenter

      “FB” Moore, doesn’t deserve ANY humor directed at him! A 2 X 4 upside the head maybe, if you feel sorry for him, but I don’t think he even deserves that – staked out on a fire ant hill would do, only after he’s been tarred and feathered though!

      1. Bandit

        A tiger shark will not even take a bite out of M&M that gay guy would probably hurt the poor shark. AS for hitting him upside the head with a 2×4 I don’t think that will work as he has nothing in his head to feel pain.

  8. jimdarnall

    Thank you Stacey. A call to be Americans should be the move of all that love our country. Sadly we have the Al Sharptons and those like Michael Miore and even Obama that dive right in there lighting the fires. That is despicable. It makes it tough when the nation’s leader is also an adgitater.

  9. tnetcenter

    Stacey is 100% RIGHT ON!! Can’t have racial equality when you have Black organizations promoting awards to ONLY blacks while at the same time condemning integrated organizations for their lack of promotion of racism.

        1. mathis1689

          All of them are good people. I would have no qualms about voting for any of them for any office including the Presidency.

    1. KingDon

      I have friends of many colors, including what is termed black. The ones I know are good hard working people, some being very successful, some no so much. I feel sorry for them to have to bear the stigma attached to dark skins in general, by the race card players. None that I personally know have anything to do with the likes of Sharpton or Jackson.

      1. NannyB

        I live in a black country and am white. Most all my friends here are black and they are wonderful people. That said…when OB was elected, they thought the sun rose and set in him. Now…not so much. Even those that are less fortunate and even those with no educations are seeing through him. They are seeing what he has NOT done for his own…although I do remind them he is half white, only 1/4 black and 1/4 Arab.

  10. Donnie Buchanan

    I told one white student looking to enter college to apply to the United Negro College Fund for help. It would be a great case for reverse discrimination and might fund all their college days.

  11. LARRY

    Well its taken a long time but i’m glad to see a little common sense out there! all i can say now is AMEN!!!!!!!

  12. Phillip Frederick Keith Johnst

    I totally agree, as I lived in the USA and saw what was going on, even to the extent that i was once discriminated against, and have come back to Australia, and the same is happening here with regards to our Aboriginals.

  13. Mary D Sheets

    I know for sure that we were WAY closer to being Americans then we are now. Don’t let the dark overtake the light people! The radicals are making a big push. Are we gonna let them take down the freest, most generous nation down? I remember a time that color wasn’t even noticed. Do you?

    1. Littluns

      You nail it Mary. How much is too much, and how long will we take their crap. If they need validation, then being more prejudiced is only a fool’s game. Showing their worth as fellow citizens in a positive way makes them worthy to be part of the human race. The bandwagon they’re currently on will only separate them more from others who hold values over negativity of any sort.

  14. Jon

    It is a shame that “segregation” still exists! Government forms ask about “race” all the time
    and will probably get worse.

  15. Wayne Peterkin

    Way to go Stacy!! Great job! Sadly, some of the biggest racists in this nation today are black. The sword cuts both ways. We will never achieve a color-blind society until people come to grips with that fact.

  16. John P

    The NAACP, ALCU, Black Lives Matter, people like Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson and Michel Moore are the enemies to the black race. They thrive on the racial strife they create.

  17. Walter Flatt









    1. Littluns

      Yes Walter, and that’s why We the People’s voice is being heard and getting behind the only candidate that isn’t a professional politician, living off the people and running for mostly self-serving purposes. Trump (The Bulldog) is a no-nonsense guy telling it the way it is. Voting for anyone else will only give us the same-old, same old stuff that gave us the problems we now have on a global scale.

      Obama has been leading us to WW III. I’m not sure that can be reversed, but who is our Commander in Chief could mean the difference between victory or defeat.

      1. American Me

        You are right about who is Commander and Chief makes a difference.Right now our Guy and Gals who are in harms way have terrible Rules of Engagement.They cannot fire unless they are fired upon and then they may hit the wrong person and be prosecuted for doing their job.That is just wrong any way you look at it.When in war there should no such rules.I hope our next CIC has more sense and cares about our troops.

        1. Mark Glamack Littluns

          American Me, if the terrorist’s fellow Muslims don’t rise up against that evil, people will have to defend themselves and under such a scenario, there will be no rules. Let’s hope the civilized Muslim community makes the right choice, because the outcome will be horrific, to say the least.

  18. Liberty

    Pinkett Smith and the Hollywood Oscars Litmus Test: Pinkett: “Stand up against that color wheel because you sure don’t look black. Rather the same shade of the Spokane NAACP wannabe. You’ll need to get your DNA test. No, we haven’t yet agreed on what % we need. If it’s less than 35%, then you have to talent, too.

  19. Concerned great grandmother

    The blacks have segregated themselves. Black History Month, Black only colleges which by the wy use white authored textbooks as I could not find any black authored textbooks, BET and the NAACP awards, black only churches where white members are not welcome. However, I notice on the RC programs featuring large congregations, thee are very mixed congregations. , I live in a very cosmopolitan and desegregated aea. However, I notice in many areas of where I live, the Mexican segregate themselves by settling in several Mexican concentrated areas, Certain classes of Blacks do the same thing. No race or nationality has to live in an area predominantly having one race or nationality. They do it to themselves. Those students objecting to their so-called imaginary mistreatment at non all black colleges did not have to attend those colleges (universities) but could have attended the all black colleges. They were the segregationists, not the other students. These college protests were handled very wrong.

    The non-black students and facility should have stood their ground and accused them of being the segregationists and making false claim because he/she was offended. Personally, I am not PC and if someone is offended by what I say, it is that person who is narrow minded and self centered and takes offense when no offense was intended. They have been brainwashed by people like Sharpton Farrakhan and Jackson. and La Raza. .the message these and other like them are given no heed here. There is actually only one race, the human race. Under our outer shell called our skin we are all the same. Everyone in the areas in which I have lived treats others as human being and race, ethnicity, religion, national origin does not matter.

    I have met many a black from Chicago, Washington DC and other east of the Missouri River Northern States who are more anti-white than any white is anti black and are always saying how discriminated against, when this is far from the truth.

    Their was no reason to make such a to do over the Oscars. Personally, I don’t care who gets an Oscar as this doesn’t impact my life. However, people fell for it, covering up what was really going on at the time. Why blacks follow Sharpton, Farrakhan, Jackson, Micheal (Michelle) Obama is beyond me when all have such shady backgrounds and activities today. The above four are always trying to start racial tensions. Has anyone researched all the educational and financial assistance to start a businesses there are available to everyone but White Men. Talk about segregation and special treatment, the White Male could scream this from the rooftops.

    What makes a race or nationality a minority? If it is a certain percentage of the population,, I do not see the blacks or Latinos a minority at all. If I moved into a predominantly Latino or black neighborhood, I would be the minority.

    Now we have the LGBT wanting special privileges. Why are the “straights” which fr our number the “straights” standing up and telling them what you do in your bedroom is your business, but you should receive no special because of your preference for sexual activities. Heterosexuals are going to have to stand their ground and through a show of force such as a politician being removed from office if they give in to these “special” groups. The simplest way these LGBT people could have counteracted the refusal of service was to start a similar business of their own and it would cater to any person regardless of religion, color, or sexual activity, they should have become their competition.

    Sort of off the subject. First we have the Rainbow House, then we have the Rainbow Superbowl. I could not believe that when I saw it. I would have left my seat rather than being lit up by the rainbow. I have friends and relatives that are “gay” and they felt the same way. Not one of them have had any problems at work or with any merchant. I felt this was really a slam at the majority of heterosexuals on the field and in the stands. The only way to stop segregation is to have these minority as they are called integrate into the whole community and quit isolating themselves into certain areas and wanting special privileges. If a minority is given a special privilege, monetary assistance, and even allowed to receive lower scores on college entrance tests and other school tests then so should the non minority. Did any of you know that oriental students have to score higher than white students on exams. Look this up, it is true.

  20. George Daniel

    Those awards are for the people who act , sing and perform or act. The fact is that they are all paid based on what “We The People” who pay to watch their movies or shows, buy their music or buy their goods. So if they can’t come up with a fair way to nominate and vote for the awards then let us pick them by fan voting. then they can bitch at the actual people who count! Personally from now on we won’t be watching the awards shows anyway. They need to realize just who are the racist anyway!

    1. KingDon

      The awards are determine by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, not the average movie-goer. It’s the film industry’s way of patting itself on the back. That’s why a horrible film will sometimes get lots of Oscar attention and something great gets passed over. There’ s a lot of PR dollars spent by both the studios and actors to get nominated. If the movie-going public is exposed to a lot of hoot-n-holler about a film soon to be released, it helps to sell tickets. That’s because the public automatically figures that it must be a great flick due to all the excitement over it. Kinda like politics.

  21. Someonesmom

    I agree with you PB Hayes…. one element you missed parents would need to be responsible citizens and PARENT their children /teens and hold them to a high standard of accountability and responsibility and to “think” about the choices they make BEFORE they make them. In order to do this ALL parents of ALL children would need to step up and set the example. Stop whining about what you don’t have , be grateful for what you do have and focus on working toward accomplishing a goal of getting what you desire from life. We are limited by our choices and what we believe about ourselves. I grew up in an abusive home, in ( unnecessary poverty due to alcoholism & mismanagement). At the age of 18 I moved out . My first marriage was a mistake, except for my wonderful sons. I worked hard! I managed to raise my sons as a single parent for 24 yrs, without being on “the system” or expecting “the system” to take care of me. I survived 8 surgeries during that time, including a radical mastectomy at age 31, a breakdown at age 35, 2 sons in a rehab at age 37, a diagnosis of “Emphysema / COPD” at age 41, ( which left me disabled) over 30 additional medical issues, including a diagnosis of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia for the last 12+ yrs. both my sons are independent, hard working men, who support themselves and their families. I am now 65 and proud of myself, my sons and ALL those who made choices ( and mistakes) to improve their lives, instead of holding everyone else responsible for their “happiness ” and well being. Ever notice all the politicians i.e. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc, incite violence and then disappear behind their barred /alarmed/ armed guarded homes, while others do the damage. I have yet to see them offer healthy, Godly ( I mean they are clergy???) legal way for “their people” to attain healthy, independently , lifelong, goals. And uneducated people just follow them blindly like sheep and do their dirty work, which makes these men rich and the communities they allegedly serve “ghettos”!

  22. Archie Cogollos

    Made perfect sense…..hopefully….this too shall pass…..Love …like hate are taught….nurtured…be cognizant of the Wolf you feed…..then we will become the human race…..

  23. Littluns

    Stacy, it’s wonderful to hear a true citizen of the United States speak up on the truth of it all.

    Furthermore, for leaders of (AMPAS) The Academy of Motion picture Arts & Sciences, to not defend their most professional industry member’s voting is reprehensible, to say the least. These same people have nominated African Americans in the past, some of which have won the OSCAR. And what about other people of color, color meaning everybody, even so called whites? There are other really good films every year that get no nominations. What about the director not winning when another picture gets the Best Picture OSCAR? I don’t know any, and I mean any member of AMPAS that isn’t color blind concerning our business. Each member votes their conscience for what they consider the best of the best each year.

    Recently, it has become more and more evident that the squeakiest wheel gets the most grease, and the loudest mouths get all the attention, deserved or not. What’s wrong, is giving any attention, or to even consider any change because of sour grapes and huge egos using the race card that can only pollute all that is right with the voting process. Think about all the great foreign films that are narrowed down to just a few nominations, and all the great performances and other great works that don’t even get a nomination.

    It’s time for a reality check; if one ethnic group demands recognition because of color, then every ethnic group should be recognized for their colorful work. The OSCAR’S, EMMY’S, and every other awards show is, and always should be about excellence. Anything else becomes an oxymoron of self-serving malcontents, who put themselves above others who, because of their shortsightedness, distortion of the facts, and prejudices, deem their fellow artists to be as prejudiced as they are themselves.

  24. M.A.Rue

    We should all be AMERICANS, period. Don’t think for a moment the politicians & rabble-rousers who have caused this divide amongst Americans, be it about political parties, race, or any other reason, absolutely Love it. They are laughing their butts off at the ignorance of the American citizens. Until we ALL unite as AMERICANS, Nothing will change.

  25. ppeony

    IDEA!!!!!Why don’t we form an allBLACK STATE IN CHICAGO,SAY.MOVE THERE GUYS. FORM GOVT, TAXES,jobs,movies,tv,music,etc. All your own. no problem then. Just don’t expect OTHERS to pay your way.Not even all blacks,some have sense and join all of us othrrrs. Oh yeah you all can move to AFRUCA. GOOD LUCK THERR WITH YIUR ATTITUDE !

  26. Michael

    I have been saying the same thing for years. I am glad to hear someone from Hollywood and the entertainment industry speak the truth.

    1. Rodney Steward

      U should be ashamed of yourself Michael, it’s black history month! 😉 🙂 It’s something black all the time ain’t it!

      1. Littluns

        Rodney, your sarcastic tone is what most thinking american’s are thinking. Black History month was established to show the African American that if they put their minds to it, they too can make a positive difference; to inspire them to be more than they think they can be.

        What most of these do-gooder’s leave out is, if it were easy, everybody would be doing it regardless of color. Obviously, other people of color don’t need their own History Month, presumably because everyday they’re doing just that. They don’t need the attention – they just work hard every day on a multitude of levels, hardly ever asking for anything in return that’s unearned. That’s America at its best.

        1. Rodney Steward

          You’re absolutely correct Sir, but you know as well as I do that race has been shoved down our throats by the White house, and schools are teaching our kids that being White is awful, and now what blacks haven’t converted to islam both races are going to have to battle this evil cult! Should people have a reason to be bitter, but again, you are correct!

          1. Mark Glamack Littluns

            Rodney, people have many reasons to be bitter. We have been lied to, many of our elected representatives have been only representing themselves, and now the puppet masters are giving us the same old, same old business and politics as usual.

            Trump may not be perfect, who is, but at least he’s the only one running that’s not bought and paid for by a government within our government that’s leading us to a One World Order, currency, religion and to WW III.

            Dining with the devil and his ways has been leading us to hell and if positive change isn’t made soon, We the People will have no one to blame but ourselves. Complaciency will no longer be an option if we hope to survive what’s coming.

          1. Mark Glamack Littluns

            QueenBeeWorld first thank you for commenting,

            Also, do you remember the add from the American Negro Collage that said, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste?” It’s wasted every single day, and that has nothing to do with color. It has everything to do with people allowing it to happen. The power to make a difference is within all of us, and a determination to never, ever quit while doing our best, and when under God a lasting testimony to the will and determination of the human spirit.

          2. QueenBeeWorld

            Mark, you’re right about the fact that it has nothing to do with color. It has everything to do with ignorance.

            Some blacks aren’t the only ignorant, uneducated, lazy people in this country. There are some ignorant, uneducated and lazy people of all ethnicities and races. The only ones who should be chastised for allowing their lives to end up in the sewer are the people who allow it to happen–to themselves!

            Blacks are incarcerated more because they break the law more often than any other race, with Hispanics a close second. That’s not the fault of white people. I’m a white blonde and I get pulled over by the cops. I got a ticket for going through a yellow light and it was a couple of days before Christmas! I did tell the officer that I thought it was OK to go through a yellow light if it was safe to do so. He actually told me “the law changed”. I knew it didn’t, but did I get out of my car and beat on him? No! I’m a civilized woman! I once had a cop follow me right to my door because he thought I was someone else! Did I get angry and burn the city down? No! I’m white and can’t use the race card like blacks can. I could go on with more stories, but I think you know what I mean.

            People need to take full responsibility for the way they conduct their lives no matter what color they are. Blacks, however, are the only race that scream racism at every turn even when it has to be fabricated. It’s a fact that the first slave owner was black, but you can’t tell them that because it goes against what they’ve been taught in their homes and in schools. If any ethnic groups have a reason to be angry, it’s Native Americans and Jewish people, but I’ve found both Native American people and Jewish people to be the most humble and beautiful people I’ve ever met.

            There’s this so-called “white guilt” that was fabricated in order for Progressives and Liberals to keep blacks under their rule. There’s your slavery right there, in today’s Democrat party! Don’t blacks know it was the Democrat party that didn’t want slavery abolished but the Republicans, namely President Abraham Lincoln, who lost his life because he abolished slavery for the blacks! Put THAT on a billboard during Black History Month!

            It doesn’t take a country to make you do the right thing. It’s what you harbor in your own heart. We choose the path we want to take. We’re not forced to do good or evil. It’s an individual’s choice. We are all responsible for our own actions.

            God gave us free will, but He didn’t give us the will to take what is not ours. God gave us one body and it’s our own choice whether or not we’re going to nourish it with good food and love or punish it with drugs, alcohol and hate. With the first choice, the body will thrive; with the latter choice, the body won’t survive. The choice is ours. God put that power in our hands and it’s called free will. I don’t want to pay for someone else’s problems and mistakes. I’ve got my own to worry about and that of my family’s.

            The family is disintegrating before our very eyes. Ethics have been crumbling since the family relationships have deteriorated. To me, family is the most important part of a person’s life. A strong family union builds character, strength, ethics and love. In today’s world, many kids don’t have that and some gravitate to the first person who pays attention to them because they don’t feel loved at home, and more than likely, it’s not to the best person they’re running to. Just like a plant needs water and sunlight to thrive, a family needs love and compassion to survive…

          3. Mark Glamack Littluns

            QueenBee, every word you wrote is truth, and EVERYBODY should read it.

            It’s easy to blame someone else instead of showing ones worth. Complaining only begets self brainwashing that only results in hatred and discontent.

            I find every answer to ever problem in The Bible, and yet only a small fraction of the worlds population has ever read it from cover to cover.

            The Internet is a great place to organize to find solutions and when in numbers our elected representatives would have to listen and do something. Unfortunately, people would rather hear themselves talk about much to do about nothing than make any real, substantial, and lasting difference.

            We the People have the power, but lack the organizational skills and intestinal fortitude to make good things happen.

            We elect the Washington insiders who have been business and politics as usual, and yet when someone comes along from the outside, and all the power-brokers spin their rhetoric against him, the people believe it.

            I could go on and on about all the negativity that has been invading the hearts and minds of the unsuspecting, and I’m sure you could too, but suffice it to say we are all in ca-ca-do-do, and until people take responsibility for themselves, and WORK for a better tomorrow, it will all get even worse.

            Free is the mantra, bending the rules to suit the undeserved, and using the mouth instead of making calluses on their hands will only drag us down further.

            From my novel “Littluns: And the Book of Darkness”, Elderond says, “If you surround yourself with good and righteous people, they can only raise you up. If you surround yourself with the others, they will drag you down into the doldrums of
            mediocrity, and they will keep you there, BUT only as long as YOU permit it.” The power to choose wisely comes with wisdom, and the ability to know the difference.

            Sooner or later, people will ignore the big mouths and gravitate to substance in wisdom, or perish from their own foolishness.

            True leadership is about making something worthwhile a reality that benefit the many that will embrase it.

          4. QueenBeeWorld

            Bravo, Mark! You certainly have a way with words. So much so that I may even be tempted to pick up your book, “Littluns: And the Book of Darkness”, that is, after I’ve read the books I’m now reading. I appreciate your insight…

          5. Mark Glamack Littluns

            QueenBee, with your words you made my day.

            For over a week now, I’ve been in a battle with other True Christians on LinkedIN, trying to bring some common-sense about complete truth to a group of regurgitating Muslims, bombastically defending their false god. I tried just about everything as the others did, only ending up where we started.

            That’s why God gave us the Book of Revelation, to prepare True Christians for what inevitably is on the horizon. Too bad man’s stupidity will will get the best of him – the best meaning the best of the worst.

            Where there is no truth, man will always corrupt himself.. It goes to what you rote above, and when we put it all together, it spells Armageddon.

  27. American Me

    Stacey is correct.She is a very smart young lady and beautiful too.Having said that.We have been steadily divided over the past 7+ years.We must work to reverse this course along with all of Obama’s other policies.The picture is clearing up and we are beginning to see the real purpose of his agenda.He wants control.He wants our guns so that we cannot protect ourselves and our families.Then the invasion goes into full speed and before you know it no more America.Just a Banana Republic where the greatest Country in the World once stood.Destroyed from the inside by Benedict Obama while Congress took payoff’s and looked the other way.Traitors ALL.

  28. texexpatriate

    I saw this story somewhere before and remarked that Stacey Dash is an incredible woman with plenty of spine.

  29. Michael

    The one thing all these racist organizations do is to further divide this country. If these people can keep the American people distracted long enough, they will have their agenda completely in place and no one will be the wiser until it is too late. I can’t believe how gullible some people are to believe all the garbage these organizations are spewing.

  30. Tired of the same old thing

    I have been around the sun more than 61 times & as pale as the day I entered this world (ie white). I understand the “why” of bet, bet awards & naacp in the beginning to raise awareness to be fair & breakdown the “good old boys” club (we are all GOD’s children & deserve the respect & love of being a child of GOD). But like the original point of labor unions to protect worker safety & fair wage the point has been made & remaking that point is only adding to greed & separation. I love the variety of people & culture but feel separated because I’m an old white man (even though few of my friends are white). I beg all the posters to respect all people but give the message that you’re tired of the same old point being repeated but also stand up for all people. Get involved with your church domestic outreach programs.

  31. CharlieM34

    Al Sharpton & company (like much of Holywood) want segregation, so along with the BET, let’s at least have an all WET…… stay truly PC (or must that be un-PC?).

  32. Nancy

    I totally agree with Stacey. You don’t see the whites having a White History Month. These blacks need to get over their whining all the time. There’s a sitcom on TV with ALL blacks in it, not one white person. The title is even Black Family or something, I can’t remember. I’m so sick of them crying discrimination!! The Whites are the ones being discriminated upon!! And this da** government sticks up for them all the time. Talk about discrimination!!

  33. Jackie

    Stacy Dash has a head on her shoulders and a brain in her head and she uses it! As Barbara Jordan said, “DO NOT CALL FOR BLACK POWER OR GREEN POWER. CALL FOR BRAIN POWER.”

  34. Bandit

    If these black people want to call themselves African then they can just move there and live the way people do in that country. If they want to call themselves American then drop all this African stuff and stop all poor me stuff, they can also put all their white pprivilegestuff out the window, I may be a white person but I struggle even more than any black person does. You show me one person of color that does not qualify for welfare,

    1. Rodney Steward

      I agree, the African part should be stopped! Non of them have ever been to Africa and you couldn’t pay any of them to go to Africa, PERIOD! It’s just being used for a free ride!

      1. Bandit

        That’s about the size of things right now, and the jackasson and the sharptounge are not helping matters at all.

  35. G.

    She is correct!
    Because the Black population have come to realize that they have exhausted the excuse of slavery for their actions and decisions, they now are blaming statues for their actions and decisions instead of assuming the responsibility, they are demanding that the statues of the men of the Confederate Army, which are part of our history, be removed.
    Then it is only right that statues of Martin Luther King be removed and all streets named after him be changed, also. And we should not be celebrating a national Martin Luther King Holiday, especially in light of the fact of his sealed criminal record, and we should not be observing Black History Month. All buildings, etc. named after Blacks should be changed, such as Armstrong International Airport, Morial Convention Center, Armstrong Park, etc. We need to dissolve organizations such as Black Lives Matter, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Negro College Fund, the Black Entertainment Television network, the Black Miss America Pageant, also, Grambling University and Southern University.
    These are all racist and discriminating to all the people of other color. So, it only right and fair that we, the people of other color, be given the same rights as the Black population.

  36. shannon attwood

    I have eliminated all black people from my life. Sooner or later it always comes down to the same thing. Their attitude is what kills it for me. Given enough time it comes out even in the most educated. Example: Mr. & Mrs. Obama. Wallow in pity if you want, just not on my time.

  37. Carmen B

    I surely enjoyed Stacey’s comment, and certainly, with as much progress that has, in fact, been made, I understand that it is a bit ridiculous that there is a “boycott” action being planned for the Oscars. I have been thrilled with the myriad of black actors & actresses making top honors for quite some time. I can understand the continuation of BET Awards and other honors by black groups because they originated in history especially prior to the 60s & 70s and have become tradition. It was during my second visit to the US that I experienced segregation and could not understand it as I had already read and admired the Constitution. In America’s history, as in many countries, and even the lives of individuals, our ideals are often far from our reality and the importance becomes the striving toward the ideals we love. I also think that Black Americans should also make objections to the slavery that exists in the world today. We should all fight this actual slavery and not waste time on boycotts in the US. Boycott slavery in Africa and the Middle East, in particular, and perhaps, in more subtle forms, in Latin America.

  38. Sean Rickmin

    I wish that everyone that felt this way would speak up.She is absolutely right.Blacks are far more racist than most white people.This has gotten much worse since the blacks and liberals elected Obama king and slippery al obama’s mouthpiece.

  39. mary murphy

    I agree–do away with the segregation, but if we then go back to ignoring all of the wonderfully talented black, Asian, and others other than white people in the supposedly all inclusive awards, then nail those organizations with horrendous fines and anything else available to us to make them suffer.

  40. Mo

    Kudos,she IS right on the money!!!! Glad their are still a few of us that see who the TRUE racist ARE!!!

  41. dnav

    Somebody needs to protect that girl. I love her boldness, honesty and how absolutely right she is, but she’s got to be making a lot of crazy enemies on the left with furious libtards who are known to arrange accidents for people.

    God help Stacey Dash.

  42. Rick

    Finally, someone in the entertainment industry speaking with some common sense. Thank you Stacey Dash !

  43. Pamela

    They don’t want segregation. They want what Obama wants which is kill all the people with white skin, Blacks ONLY and when they do that, THEY will go BROKE as 80% of them don’t WANT to work

  44. grmetalman

    Blacks are no long our major concern, it’s the muslims that will kill us all whether you’re black or white. So you all better do something about them and quit fighting each other

  45. Kay Hudlett

    Well said Stacey. Nobody should be able to have it both ways. This Racism has become a major focus since the Obamas.

    1. theresa perry

      Oh yeah. Before the Obamas came on the stage, everything between the races was just perfect. There was no “Rodney King beating and the cops fearing for their lives”, and the subsequent riots that followed (where even Hispanic and kids from Beverly Hills got in on the looting). There was no James Byrd who was dragged to his death behind a pick-up truck full of white kids. There was no “Willie Horton” that was used by St. Ronald to scare you poor white people into voting for him. There was no aftermath to Katrina where Bush told his inept head of FEMA “You’re doing a great job Brownie”, while people mostly black were begging for help from their rooftops. Yeah Kay. The Obamas have been the perpetrators of “Racism”. Just keep sticking with that thought…or buy yourself a history book and READ!!

  46. Dail Allen

    I have read alot if these comments doesn’t even come close to what Stacey was even talking about because alot of the comments that I have read is the reason why blacks feel the way they do towards whites. Just stay with what she was saying

  47. dianna101649

    I LOVE IT! Finally a Black LADY who is standing up for what is right – WE ARE AMERICANS – not Black, not White, not Mexican, not Chinese – JUST AMERICANS! I am so happy that a nice, attractive Black LADY has put it out there for ALL AMERICAN’S to see and HEAR. Thank you Stacey Dash!!!

  48. Daniel Graves

    That is what I have thought for years. There are very successful black people and they became that way by education and hard work. Get rid of the, lets bully our way to success.

  49. Bob Marcum

    Not only do I agree with Stacey, but; also “”””STACEY IS RIGHT””””. I’ve been saying that, for many, many years. But; Stacey ( the celebrity ) is heard, I’m not. I’ve never been alone, with that assessment. It’s common knowledge, actually; for those who are not totally brainless.

  50. joe

    It is about time I heard a black person say that, she is 100% right just imagine a white entertainment network people would be screaming racist all day long.As far as those idiots boycotting who cares what they think or say they are meaningless they are just actors it is not like they are important or even very smart that is why they are actors. And Moore is nothing but a lying fraud all his work if phony he hired actors to play the parts of most of the people in his film this have already been proven he is a fat sack of chit and just the kind of person he claims is destroying the country he is one of the top 1% he always squeals like a pig about. Nothing Moore says means a damn thing he is all about himself.

  51. Albert L Biele

    She’s a pretty smart gal, but looking at it from a different perspective, if the black actor’s/actress’s, producers, directors, etc., boycott the Oscars, and thereafter, are nominated, and receive an Oscar, the people will never know if they actually were best in their profession, or they received the award because of the boycott. It’s a loose, loose propitiation for black entertainers. There will always be doubt, whether the Oscar was won fair and square, or was given because of the boycott, and not earned. What’s the good of winning an Oscar, it there is doubt in the eyes of the audience whether it was earned or not? Nothing good will come out of this one!!!

  52. Stash Holly

    Teddy Roosevelt warned that Hyphenated Americans would destroy America and he was 100% right. We should have ended the cry from blacks to be called AFRICAN Americans. There are Countries who call any blacks in their country African Americans. WHAT??? It is either time for them to decide if they AFRICAN and get your butts back there or your an American and stop the whining and demanding special treatment.

    1. The Redman

      Its either white-folks R cave dwellers who R still stuck in the caves by mind of stupid inbreeds who R demons in pink skin “stashing” hate in every white-folk generation along the line of time.

      1. Claudia Morin Garland

        The Redman – Would you please get out of serious conversations on race and politics because you are plainly an idiot and we don’t need any more of those.

        1. The Redman

          U need 2 stop putting things in ya snake-mouth so much, yo breath stinks. and who is dat ugly other inbreed in the picture, is dat yo lick-lice-her partner.

  53. voltage737

    Until BET and the rest of the blacks racist bullshit goes away I don`t have a bit of respect for any of them. That is the only reason that we have a black president that is ruining America.

  54. GUNNER

    The black race is morally ethically and honestly bankrupt they have allowed the black hustlers along with the socialist democratic party steal they’re ability to think and make their own decisions in return for free stuff and a lifetime spent being victims of the imagined persecutions of the evil white folks, who by the way which without you would be long gone or dead. You have lost any sympathy or respect from the majority of the citizens they now equate the lot of you with petulant spoiled children with your incessant whining and complaining and not taking responsibility for your abhorrent behavior.

  55. Shirley Freeland

    Stacey Dash is right. She is already doing a great job toward uniting instead of dividing. Good job, Stacey! Your points are right on!!!!

  56. Howleyesque

    She and Morgan Freeman have both made the same common sense observation, but don’t expect common sense from either the black bigots or worse yet their chimp brained Liperal friends.

  57. Maizie

    I agree with Stacey, as well as other comments supporting her. TRUE black history includes the fact that black tribes in Africa always took slaves from other tribes. It was a fact that they lived with, the same as the Indian tribes in North America. ALL people all over the world have always taken slaves. Still goes on. I am amused by The Redman. He? always calls names and spews hate. In Social Discontent Training he would be called an agitator. I see that he just keeps it all going. Think about it. He is not un-intelligent. He just appears that way. Thank you Glennfriend 67 for adding some valuable information to the discussion.

    1. Rodney Steward

      Islam works the same way, they have their slaves, most women the men they kill unless he can be useful to them. And you’re right about Glennfriend 67!!

  58. jjmcl431

    those islands in the Pacific where we tested all those “A” bombs would be a great place to send all those Blacks and everyone else that thinks America is so bad. any radiation there may help them to evolve.

  59. jjmcl431

    my wife and i were out shopping yesterday and when we were in the checkout line there were 3 Black women in front of us. they were talking, if you can call it that. it seemed like every other word they spoke was either the “n” word or “m. f.” they were complaining about Trump and whites in general. one kept looking back at my wife and me. i don’t know if she ashamed of what her friends were saying or if she was trying to bait me to say something. i just let it ride. those type’s of people, Black or White, are not worth the effort or the waste of time to argue with. they will never change their views.

  60. Leonce LaRouche

    When I see or meet a black person for the first time, the first thing that comes to my mind is of coarse color, but that’s as far as it goes, I’m sure it’s the same when a black person. But what I do use to figure the caliber of a person is what comes out of their mouth, not their color, God says our sole is inside us and that’s where the person speaks from,inside from their heart. Skin color is, “only skin deep”! Now people like (Rev.) Al Sharpton is concerned, he’s a Race Baiter, nothing more, nothing less, people white or black that follow people like him are the same type of miserable people that stir the minds and actions of the mentally inept ! No I believe this Lady Stacy Dash hit the nail on the head, now that Lady is speaking from the heart!

  61. stick

    Hey Redman if you all blacks love each other so much how come you all is killing each other in the cities. Another thing I am sick and tired of hearing is you all calling yourselves African Americans> Your black ass wasn’t born in Africa was it. Maybe your great great grandpappy was and he would have the right to say he is African American. You sure don’t hear Cruz calling himself a Canadian American do you. I rest my case.

    1. The Redman

      Ok, I’ll call U inbreed of the year from the caves of england. england-american cave-boy. hahahahaahah.

      1. stick

        Don’t give up your (work?) day job. 5,000 comedians out of work and you try to be one? hahahahaha ya ignorant penis breath.

        1. The Redman

          U should jes “stick” 2 B N ah nutty-inbred and leave me 2 my own opinions. hahahahahahaha. tick-dic-stick. hahahahahah

          1. stick

            Hey inbred you seem to know all about it so you must be a result of some inbreeding yourself because it really shows how ignorant you are f–kface

  62. SailorLady

    She tells it like it is. That’s the Common Sense American Honesty I was raised to support and pass on to the next generation.

  63. michael t

    African American is sheer made up nonsense.
    What does it say in your passport or birth certificate?
    American/America ?
    Then stand up and be proud to be American.!!!

  64. theresa perry

    Well, she certainly didn’t turn down a chance to be on a BET production “The Game”. Maybe she should renounce her appearances and give the money back. I’m sure Fox and its supporters would make up the difference.

  65. skipworth

    Stacey has lost her mind! BET Awards includes other ethnic groups. There have been years where whites have won or recognized. No one complains. The NAACP and BET were developed because of EXCLUSION by the white majority. How long must one ask before they DEMAND equal treatment.

  66. Laurence Almand

    Good for her! At last, a practical, logical person in Hollywood! Her observations are true – the Black organizations are just reverse-racism.

  67. Dara Enriquez

    Once the Negroes started calling themselves “African American,” I lost all respect for them. Get a damn life, black folk. Stacy is RIGHT!

  68. NannyB

    RE: commenter calling him/herself “The Redman” Note to the “site monitor” for this particular discussion: Frequently there is a person who injects him/herself into any or all discussions who is very disruptive. His language borders on foul and he makes comments that are rude and always out of line. Those on this thread, for example, may not always agree with each other…but we are not rude, we are not foul and we do not interject rudeness into to everyone’s comments. Different opinions are acceptable but not with the biased and unfounded hate this person projects. It would be extremely helpful if he could be banned from entering discussions on all DISQUS threads and all “site monitors” should be aware when they see his name. He contributes nothing and takes up our time. Thank you….

  69. 8gary8

    We should all applaud Dash for her courage to say what few dare to say. Yet, this is the political season where the race card, the victimization card & the double-standard card is played. Do some in the black community not unapologetically profiteer by engaging in race-baiting? Thus, the race card continues to be used to gin up votes for the democratic party. In short, we must disenthrall ourselves from those that would intimidate us by playing the race card.

  70. underthewire

    Seriously folks( Obama’s fav word) have you ever seen a BLACK person? Or for that matter, a WHITE one? Color check your kids crayons and get back to me.

  71. Byron Hall

    Stacey ‘Will you marry me?’ (Then we can procreate, have conservative babies and put the world back into balance again) You make too much sense! (o:

  72. Grady L Walker

    This Lady shows NO color in her comment truly American all the need in the world one way or another once in ANY direction you swing from one color to the next is Racist easy, the same with Tax either we all pay a given percentage of income to taxes OR we become Racist toward that.When we make a law towards who comes into the Country we become Racist..
    This is not Rocket science it common since what is so hard.