Party Insider Says Democrats Waging Full-On Rebellion Against This Leader

A CNN contributor and former Obama adviser says that the Democratic Party is waging a “full-on rebellion” against Hillary Clinton and her campaign. He also said that he believes Bernie Sanders will win the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries.

Van Jones revealed these shocking statements in an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on the “New Day” program:

“There is a full-on rebellion at the grassroots level of the Democratic Party., our biggest progressive organization, endorsed Bernie Sanders last night. Overwhelmingly, 67 percent.”

But Jones is urging caution, pointing out that Bill Clinton also lost both New Hampshire and Iowa while running for president in 1992, but went on to win the White House.

With Sanders’ popularity rising, the Clinton campaign went on the warpath against the senator from Vermont. Chelsea Clinton made a statement that Sanders would not only dismantle Medicare and Medicaid, but “strip millions of people of their health insurance” through his support of single-payer health care, according to the Huffington Post.

Jones said these type of attacks have backfired and are fueling the rebellion:

If your main problem with the base is that you are not authentic, don’t waste Chelsea Clinton on an inauthentic attack! It’s not that Hillary Clinton’s going to lose, Bernie Sanders is likely now to win both Iowa and New Hampshire because the base is getting frustrated with the Clinton campaign.”

The drumbeat of bad news continues for Hillary Clinton. A year ago, conventional wisdom said that she had a clear path to the Democratic nomination for president. Now it looks like her chances of winning are significantly less, maybe even 50/50.

Hillary isn’t as smooth or charismatic as Bill was back in his day and many Democratic voters don’t want to see another Clinton in office. Her campaign seems to be going in a downward spiral and we aren’t sure there’s anything she can do about it.

Do you think Hillary can pull out the Democratic nomination in spite of this bad news, or will we see a repeat of 2008?

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    1. Dusty Rhodes Decker

      That’s something that a lot of people seem to forget about the “popular” Pres. Clinton.

      1. vladilyich

        Unfortunately, the majority vote of the populace, does not elect a President. According to the Constitution, it takes a majority of the èlectoral college.

          1. mark k.

            Yeah; I’ve always wondered who these people are, and how they get to be in the electoral college, and where this “college” is!

          2. Rowdy

            It’s not a where it’s a what. It varies by state law but generally, the electors are picked by some faction of the parties and thereby also the candidates. One for each senator or representative. In most states all votes go to the winner of the popular vote. So the president can and has been elected by electoral votes while still losing the popular vote

  1. Austinniceguy

    LOL. Hitlery has gotten so desperate that she is now going around pandering that she will not only continue OlBluegums terrible policies, she’ll expand on them. It’s like she WANTS to spray herself with voter repellent. I certainly hope that this, along with Benghazi, her email scandal and the fact that she is just plain untrustworthy will FINALLY make all the Clowntons go rot in hell and leave this once great nation to heal.

    1. Evan

      Ol Bluegums! That’s funny! I agree! Don’t forget that Bernie
      Sanders is NOT much better! We DO NOT need anymore
      DEMOCRAPS in our government PERIOD! Right now, I
      believe Trump will be the man to undo what OlBluegums
      has done to our country! That POS needs to be arrested
      and jailed for what he has done! If we had a Congress worth
      a S**T, obama would not have stopped long ago!

        1. Cookie Vranish

          I’m definitely supporting and supporting Trump but I am worried that even he cannot unravel this mess that Obama has created!

          1. Austinniceguy

            He’s unraveled big messes before from the real estate crashes. He’ll do what he knows will work in each situation which is to appoint the most qualified parties to the job then just oversee and ensure it gets done. We just have to support him.

          2. Conshana

            Austin, you have said what the Nation needs to hear, AND UNDERSTAND~!
            NO man of high stature got there without qualified people around him, from the janitorial level up to and including CEO and Chairman of the Board.

            And you and I realize, he is not afraid to say, “YOU’RE FIRED~!”

          3. Austinniceguy

            I floated an idea to his campaign that, once he takes Iowa and New Hampshire, he adopt the logo “TRiUMPh 2016, Let’s make America great again”. What do you think?

          4. Conshana

            I’m behind it. And he’s just the leader to choose the people to get the job done, and done RIGHT. And I really don’t believe he’ll molly-coddle the congress critters. I think he’ll plant some (figurative) size 12’s where they’ll do the most good!~!

          5. Austinniceguy

            “congress critters”, I LOVE it!! Have a beautiful evening and keep warm if it’s cold where you are.

          6. Dennis B Anderson

            Put Rainbow days back in the closet, Let Trump out of the trunk Trumph in 2016. I think GOD is punishing the east coast with global warming.! Those goose down coats are staving off the heat as we speak?
            Hey De Blowmio 4x4s & chains were designed for this kind of made up weather, so were horses.

          7. Dennis B Anderson

            Go back to grammer school and loin ta spells you poke chitlin eatin SOB. Dah baddah parts of use went down yo mammas leg.
            Use dah stuffs dat horses leave on dah streets of New York. Use jus lay dare an stinks!

          8. The Redman

            I think U R A tick-dick. go suck yo self 2 death while U’re stuck in tex-ass. hahahahahaahahah

          9. Sherry

            VERY CLEVER!!! I just don’t think the Donald is all that you think he is. I fear he is playing on our feelings and taking advantage of the conservatives desire to get rid of the Communist/Demoncrap party once and for all! His giant EGO is betraying us! He even said that IF he was to shoot someone, he would still be in the lead! To me, that’s very UNPRESIDENTIAL! There are so many things WRONG with this man and his plans, I hesitate to spell them out! I have been attacked for doing just that; ALL without malice! It would be wonderful IF I was wrong and a real relief; but I don’t think I am wrong…………..We will soon see. Hope it’s not too late to save this country and our conservative party…….

          10. Rowdy

            Were going to have to elect more conservatives, that is the best support/insurance you can give him. Congress and senate as are will give him nothing but headaches. But he can’t just fire Supreme court justices. or senators, or reps, that is our job. Impeachments all around. Clean the cupboards, restock.

          11. The Redman

            U ah dumb anus. where do U come off at starting out wit “were”. hahahaahahah. howdy jackass rowdy.

          12. used_to_be_a_liberal

            Trump can do it. He has the will to do it, he also has a very good tool to do it with, and that is why they are scared of him. He is going to go in there like a bull in a china shop, and clean house, by the way don’t be surprized to see Palin in there with a broom too.
            When Trump begins to turn this around there is going to be one hell of a lot of screaming from those whose toes are being crushed.

        1. Dash Riprock

          No, not for every one, just you ass wiper. Go back to your mama’s
          stool-aid stand and drink up crotch crab nibbler.

          1. The Redman

            Yo no good mama should have “dash” U against a “riprock” U stupid pinkie. white-folks like U help ruin america

    2. kotoc

      LOVE the “voter repellent” part… yep, she’s doused herself with that!!! She keeps digging herself deeper and deeper, and she’s sweating over these scandals… desperate to keep a stiff upper lip.

    3. hangman57

      CNN is a joke ,it is better known as the “Clinton News Network ” . They always do her work for her ,never any bad press for her . MSNBC is just as bad !

    4. Paladin

      You must be a Southron; ‘blue gum’ is a common term in the MS delta… BTW, where does the ‘Southern cross the Dog?’

    5. apzzyk

      This is not a reply to the above, but to the reply to which you made to my post. The reason why ‘American Greatness’ has declined is that after both WWI and WWII we were the only major power that escaped the damage of having a war on our soil, we still had our factories, and with the return of our troops, we did not repeat the mistakes of following WWI – we had the GI bill which gave free education along wither personal expense support, so we did not have a surplus supply of labor which kept wages for the workers very low, but we were training a new well educated workforce which could go into the private sector and do the innovation which kept us as ‘leader of the free word’, and we did not make the other mistake following WWI of actually making the condidtions of the former enemies worse by demanding reparation and using our resourses to bring them back up to and even beyond the level that they had before through the much opposed by Conservatives Marshall Plan, which would have been called the Truman Plan, but like now he had no change of getting anything through a conservative congress (aka ‘the do nothing congress’) much like the Conservative opposition to the ACA (aka Obamacare), on which the House will take the 63rd vote to repeal without any alternative, tomorrow.
      What happened is that our Greatness began showing signs of the beginnings of failure when we slowed down and eventually stopped spending enough money to even stay where we were, but to actually loose ground. We built the Interstate Highway system for the rapid deployment of troops and equipment, for a war that never happened, but did allow goods and people to go faster from where they were to where they were needed – this feature was developed nationwide on the taxpayers money, where the people of states with high wages paid for the highways that went through places with low populations and not enough money to pay for their own segments of the system, which included almost all of the West. If you live in TX, it is one of those states that received a great deal of Eastern Taxpayers money, just to get I35 from OK to Brownsville, so that the builders could have fresh Citrus in the winter, which made the growers rich, but realll not appreciative of the cause of their increase in wealth and left them thinking that they were still the Texans of the Alamo, but Texas still needed taxes, so while the sales and income taxes are kept low, my ex-wife now pays more in property tax on the little house she still owns in College Station than we paid for it when we bought it in 1975. It also prides itself on lack of regulations and even zoning in Harris County, so we had the great explosion in West at the fertilizer plant which, thanks to no regulation, had over twice the product on hand and when it went it took the rest of the town with it.
      The reason that anything or entity goes bankrupt, which the US is doing, is because the income does not meet expenses, and the entity cannot borrow more money. I was nearly in this position last month, but having equity in my house, I was able to use it as a piggy bank, borrow more money, to pay off my high interest debt, but increase the interest rate on my mortgage. Now, thanks to Conservatives not wanting to spend money for the existing obligations of the US, like Veterans Pensions (14th Amendment, Clause 4), our cost of borrowing has increased, and increasing taxes to cover expenses, what is actually happening is that the lower taxpayers are borrowing money so that the wealthy people who should be paying higher taxes, can have more money, and without spending money by the Federal Government on basic research, what are left of our industries are not able to keep up, and by not funding Higher Education our best and brightest are going to the Free University in Saudi, and the Tuition Free Universities of Germany, where they will stay and do the innovation that should be done here by the same people.

      To remain great requires both maintenance and progress, and we do not tax high enough to do either. Stay in place, hold your ground, and bitch and blame Obama for everything and we will fall farther behind, so we need relations with Cuba so that eventually we will be able to borrow from them.

      1. Austinniceguy

        Blah, blah, blah, blah. What a tedious response. I guess the fact that you think we do not get taxed high enough puts your delusional and deranged mentality out for all to see. The fact that we give hundreds of billions of dollars to other countries when they should be kept here doesn’t enter the equation for you? The fact that we have hundreds of billions in waste doesn’t enter the equation for you? The fact that when Olbluegums took office we had a deficit of 10.626 trillion dollars and now that deficit sits at 19 trillion dollars means nothing to you? The fact that when he took office we had about 28 million people on food stamps and now we have 46 million on the tit doesn’t bother you? And, what in hell does Cuba have that we need to borrow? THAT was one of the more moronic parts of your post. I guess you also think that the Iran deal was a great idea even though jackass Kerry has already admitted that although they said it wouldn’t, some of the money we released to them WILL go to fund terrorism? You really need to have your head examined if you WANT the government to tax us more, they simply don’t have the decency to budget themselves and do right by this once great country.

        1. apzzyk

          First, if you look at foreign aid, it is mostly aid-in-kind – that is why Israel flies planes made in the USA (mostly now) – this is really aid to our military industrial complex, which keeps employment as high as it is. Boeing makes far more from Foreign Aid than do the countries, and GE, which pays no Federal taxes at all does the same because it sells Boeing the engines. Since it is your myth that the Government creates NO jobs, these must be welfare.
          When, the person in charge (not Obama) cuts taxes and goes on optional wars on the credit card, debt is bound to happen. The next President will be stuck with the Obama budget, which may or may not happen, because someone will filibuster on something irrelevant (again). This year, if the upper 1%, just paid 5% more in taxes, there would be a balanced budget.
          The big tax problem, is that the burden falls on the wrong people, and our congress has taken the pledge not to raise taxes, and has not gotten the idea that taxing poverty does not work all that well. The reason that you think that your taxes are too high is because someone else’s taxes are too low. During the greatest period of US prosperity, the highest tax brackets were at 95% – and if you didn’t want to pay those high taxes you could build factories and create jobs, and gradually get your investment money back by depreciation and business expenses. Now, you just find some going business, invest in that or take it over, and ship it to China as a deductable business expense so that you can keep consumer prices down, until there are no consumers left.
          The food stamp (SNAP) thing is a false indicator – if we raised the minimum wage to $15.00 over half of those who currently qualify would not, so keeping the minimum wage below a living wage is simply corporate welfare. With my tax money, I am subsidizing all of the fast food places because my tax money goes to pay for SNAP (and so does yours), so maybe if they raised the price on a happy meal by 25 cents, the taxpayers would save money on SNAP – which really does not cover all food expenses, which is why, in the old warehouse building around the corner they have a food bank – where people who may or may not be on SNAP, can get enough food to keep the kids alive for another week.
          With Cuba, which happens to have the highest literacy rate in the Western Hemisphere, they produce a surplus of MD’s because they have free higher education, and because of our high tuition, we do not produce enough – when the new Secretary of the VA took office after the scandal broke, he said that he needed about 20K new providers – that is only about twice the production of all US Med schools, so we still hear from the VA that its primary problem is not having enough doctors.
          My VA dentist, the only one at the Cheyenne VA Mecical Center ( now downgraded to Hospital), can only afford to work two days a week, because Congress cut the Obama Healthcare budget proposal by $5B this year to save the taxpayers money. I have been without enough teeth to do anything except eat soft food for over a year, and I cannot wait another year to eat my next Freto.
          Our big coming problem, which has already appeared on the right with the Occupation of the OR Wildlife refuge, is going to be food riots. Why does the UN send in security before the trucks carrying the food – to keep the people in line while they wait for food. Another part of our great Foreign Aid Problem comes from the Govt buying excess wheat from KS, and sending it for free to people who do not have enough – who gets paid, the Conservative KS wheatfarmers, or the countries which do not have enough food? Did you see on FOX news the faces of the starving children in Syria in the town that got its first food supply in over a month. Does this make you better understand the Refugee Problem in Europe – began with the Grapes of Wrath in the US when the Okies and Arkies got starved out and went to CA and became Liberals. My Grandparents homesteaded in the Cherokee Strip, got droughted out, and came back to CO, where they found 1 parcel of available homestead land in the county – no irrigation water – their ‘honeymoon’ took them by covered wagon almost 2K miles, and 4 or 5 years – your good old days?
          When I was in boot camp, and learning how to march, there was one formation where one line of the 3 would go forward, and the rest, in sequence, would follow. After WWII, and for the next 40 or so years, the US was in the starting column of troops, and now we may be at the tail end or going to the we got left out bunch, because of optional wars, too much borrowing when we could have raised taxes on those who could afford them. Now, I would really like to get rid of the really Red States because they take far more taxpayer money than they contribute. TX is one of those. I worked for the Texas Ag Experiment Station, doing research on many crops, like cotton, which we can import for less than it costs Texans to produce.

          1. Austinniceguy

            Do you ever tire of being wrong? What you post is all disputable opinion. Just because you are one of the most long-winded, blathering people I’ve met in a very long time doesn’t make what you think to be the reality. You’re entitled to what you think but, the vast majority is going to vote a conservative president into office. You’ll have OlBluegums past and, Hitlery’s past as well as her future plans to thank for that. Their policies are WHOLLY unsustainable and they will be stopped. Sorry you can’t afford to get teeth but why won’t your fabulous Obamacare buy them for you, it was supposed to be part of the plan?

          2. apzzyk

            Unfortunately, as a 100% disabled vet, I am stuck in their system – my pension does not even cover my getting Medicare, which now provides 2 extractions per year, thanks to Obama. As an Aggie, I know what will happen in TX, when I was there we had the Republacrats, those who said they were Democrats, but always voted for the most conservative candidates. Those, who blamed the ill for getting ill. So the most Conservative candidates will still win in TX, but my home is in N. CO, which has become something of an attraction area for those who have either physical or mental illensses or both. Within a few bocls there is both a non-profit, and partially taxpayer supported health clinic, and a similar mental health organization – things not found in many places in TX or other Red States. About 18 months ago a female friend went to FL to see her son who she had not seen for a number of years, and found that he was obviously mentally ill – PTSD and bi-polar, which, without treatment made his employment difficult at best – you do not want the guy at the next work bench going postal on you, and he also had some medical problems that had gone untreated for years because his employer of 20 years did not provide health insurance, and where he was, there was no public safety net.
            I paid for his plane fare last march, and our lay diagnoes were actually on the optomistic side. Had he stayed working, he would probably have been on his way to prison or approaching the grave – at 50 he had more medical problems than I have at 76, and we hope that we have caught them all in time to give him at least a few more good years – the 15 to 20 which I expect. Or his mental illness would have put him in jail or prison. He very much misses his wife of more than 20 years who is also not all that well, but she survived to get Medicare and is improving. Since he got turned down for SS Disability, he wants to go to his home until the hearing if he lasts that long, so I have saved the money to send him back and will have the money to bring him back for his hearing. I value the quality of life, even for conservatives like you. Conservatives practice social Darwinism, survival of the economicly advantaged.

            Probably much unlike you, I am an agnostic leaning athiest, but it is against my personal morality to let others suffer and die earlier than they should given the state of art of medicine. I am my brother’s caregiver, and think that where I cannot help and there is no one to take my place that the government should.

        2. Sherry

          GOOD for YOU!! Spot on without the lengthy quibbling and moronic reasoning of apzzyk! He reminds me of one of the profs we had at Stanford U in the mid 60’s! ALL talk without a modicum of real FACTS or TRUTH! You hit him where he wasn’t expecting it! Good on ya!!!

  2. yennikcm

    I knew it was over for Hillery, when Captain Kangaroos family asked for his clothes be returned.

  3. Patriot159

    What a choice, Hitlery or and old hippy socialist for the democrap side to head the greatest nation on earth (what remains of it). How horribly, fantastically pathetic!!

    1. Austinniceguy

      LOL!!! It is rather depressing. SHe’s constantly having to look over her shoulder to see if the FBI is rolling up on her to arrest her and the old moron is fighting to stay awake past 10 pm.

      1. American Me

        There are so many Traitors in our government at this point it is really hard to believe.How did this happen in America???I never in my life thought I would see Our great country on the edge of collapse.And all because millions of people fell hook,line,and sinker for a pack of lies form someone who we still don’t know anything about.We must come together and save our way of life.We have one chance,lets not blow it.Get out and vote.

        1. Cookie Vranish

          We have let too many people suck on the government titty and politicians are like preachers these days. Their calling is a career choice.

        2. Rowdy

          It’s not osatans fault, he is but a tiny cog in a giant greed machine. We will indeed be very lucky to fix this. The longer before we get after it the more likely we will fail.

      1. Robin

        The Hillary Movie is a must see for every American. And, that is only the tip of the iceberg-her actions since then have only gotten worse. Why anyone thinks putting those two criminals back in the White House is a good idea, is beyond me.

  4. American Me

    The last 8 years have been like a bad Dream or more like a Nightmare and you just can’t wake up from.I am wide awake and millions of others are coming to,looking around and realizing that their freedom is on the line.This election is a must win.I hope everyone realizes that.Our lives are on the line.

    1. Cookie Vranish

      It is more than a must win. It is a certain type of win. If another professional politician gets the win we are basically done anyway!

  5. Jack


  6. lordhoff

    Democrats are not stupid; they know she is unelectable nationally. Well, so is Sanders but not as badly. They did the same eight years ago when they backed Obama.

    1. Cookie Vranish

      But Democrats are stupid. The minions I mean. Stupid enough to vote Obama in the second time. The Democrat leadership know how to manipulate the public but they have gone so far the country is in danger of bankruptcy.

    2. kotoc

      Something tells me that the election was rigged both times for that one. As underhanded as Obama is (working in the shadows) I wouldn’t put it past him, or his cronies, to shove some money under the table and grease some palms for gaining the ultimate power… and here comes Hillary, to venture into that same exact spot. Hell has a special place reserved for these characters… along with Hitler, Stalin, Osama bin Laden, etc.

  7. John Williams

    People like hillary or bernie are not the problem, it is the people who would actually support and vote for such miserable fools, whichever one they choose. The democrat party has been hi-jacked by the socialist far left and too many of the rank and file are too dumb to see it.

    1. JohnnyCuredents

      The Democrat Party now faces a choice: on the one hand, a criminal in skirts; on the other, a Communist who embraced fulsomely once the greatest killing machine in human history. What a political party!

      1. John Williams

        Given the options, there is no choice for the sane mind, The democrat party has become a party of people who want to feel good about themselves regardless of the cost to others. They wantonly spend other peoples money in order to assuage their own guilt over who knows what. They go overboard in the defense of anyone or anything, political correctness is a disease and they are not smart enough to figure out the irony of their actions. They are more and more becoming secular, I think, because they don’t want to justify their actions, they can simply say I don’t care or I don’t believe and pat themselves on the back and move along. Liberalism and political correctness is killing this country and too may people are sitting on their backsides and letting it happen for fear of being “labeled” by some left wing nut.

      2. Paul

        And Trump? Too weak to lead America. Too concerned with advancing his own brand and fluffing his vanity to ever win.

        1. JohnnyCuredents

          Says who, you? Get your head out of the fantasy world of so-called conservative political thinking and start to learn to say President Trump.

          1. Paul

            Sorry. Donald Chump will only lead America to ruin. He couldn’t care less about Americans, only about himself. He’s a weakling.

          2. JohnnyCuredents

            Well, with opposition like your own, Mr. Trump has little to worry about. Tell me, is he as weak as your English? Because if he “couldn’t care less about America” but could only care less about himself, what you sentence reads, then your thought is confusingly convoluted, as confused as I suspect you yourself are.

          3. Paul

            Hmm. If we’re tracking English errors, then “what you sentence reads” is pretty confused – and plumb wrong. Better do some remedial work on your English before calling other people out.

          4. JohnnyCuredents

            There is a difference, friend, between a typo (missing ‘r’) and just plain Democrat English. So I’ll call you out regardless.

  8. Bob Wexler

    As long as she attends funerals for Bernie and Joe before the convention, she would probably be a shoe in.

  9. PBHayes

    Van Jones is a disgusting mentally unstable person who needs to disappear. Maybe he can start dating Hillary Clinton and they can runaway together and live in their own little socialist utopia

  10. JohnnyCuredents

    After Iowa and NH, regardless of how big his wins may be there, Bernie has no strategy; he cannot win SC against a solid wall of Clinton zombies. But if the first two states provide him with enough votes, he just may decide to bolt and run third party, thus denying the phony feminist her victory and providing her with even more headaches than her brain clot. And, of course, there is always the possibility that some honest DoJ flunkie, someone appointed or hired before the Chicago Four-flusher got to DC, will indict Old Lady Clinton.

  11. tax man

    This is GREAT News, plus good to hear that Bloomberg may be running as an Independent! A Bloomberg/Trump Election would be good news for America! Hillary needs to be in Prison NOW! She is the most crooked politician in the history of America! It is so nice to see the DNC and Obama going after her and seeing she fails and hopefully rots in a Federal Prison for her Treason to America!

  12. Doug

    It makes sense that dems would rather have a socialist as president. It would be like electing obama all over again.

    1. David Kledzik

      That won’t happen. No one intentionally elects a socialist for president,,,,, Oh wait, we are talking about libs right.

  13. tax man

    Can we please have the FBI Arrest Hillary at the Iowa Caucus and Perp Walk her to the DC Court where she will be arraigned based on the Federal Indictment?

  14. Tax-Payer

    I don’t see where any of you lam-brain ever mention the $200,000.00 worth they stole from the white house when bill left. They were required to return most of it. That should have been Grand Theft!!

    1. David Kledzik

      Who’s the lame brains. The writers of these articles. Because I agree their thieves, and they never mention that.

          1. The Redman

            Watch it johnny-mae, or U’ll tell on ya self. U stupid freak. white-folks have ruin america wit homosexuality.

          2. john

            I hav kids..ur the one they call sweet n sassy in ur hood peach…ha ha ha ha im watchin wut am I suppose to be lookin at…dummy

          3. The Redman

            Do ya bubbies know U wear panties and thongs. jonnie-mae. hahahahahaha. white-folks have ruin america

  15. Cookie Vranish

    Her daughter Chelsea is quite the politician herself. I understand she has gotten involved in Hillary’s campaign. That makes her fair game too. People have finally got it about those Clinton’s although many years late.

  16. paulrod

    Yup. like Wiley Coyote, looking up, and seeing that small, anvil-shaped shadow, growing on his forehead, bigger and bigger, and bigger……….

  17. Mike O'Mara

    I hope everyone remembers who Van Jones is. One of the communists Obama gave authority too untill his history began to become known and Obama had to get rid of him to survive having appointed. Van Jones is not one of the good guys. He proves it again here with his support of the “socialist” Sanders. I have never been able to understand how you tell a socialist like Hillary from a communist like Obama so to me they are the same creatcher. Equal to Bed Bugs and Roaches and just as pleasant to have around.

  18. Gregg the voice of reason

    Give them all ball peen hammers and lock them in a room , and tell them whoever survives is the candidate.

  19. kotoc

    It is my fondest hope that Trump wins the election and, once in office, will rake in all of Hillary’s misdeeds into a big pile, present them to the Supreme Court, and have that bitch thrown into prison.

  20. Albert L Biele

    The only reason Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992 is because Rose Perot took 18% of the vote from Bush. Clinton would have never won that election if Perot didn’t run!!!! Hillary would be lucky to take 7 states; the democrats are running a criminal for president, which exemplifies how far they have digressed. The democrats fighting against her have probably figured it out.

  21. WVF

    Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton is a disgusting pathological liar who should never even be allowed on Pennsylvania Avenue! If you haven’t seen the movie 13 Hours, I highly recommend it. Vote for Donald Trump in November!

  22. Busterak1

    No ! Hillary is a dead duck ! She is about to be indicted by the FBI and then she will need to go to Jail. I can’t believe she hasn’t been removed from the ballot.

    1. Rowdy

      Have you heard yet that she told osatan to pull the FBI off her back or she would release a verified copy of his kenyan birth certificate. Wanna bet the fbi will back off.

      1. Busterak1

        Yes I saw that she said that. I read tonight that the FBI has enough to indict her on several crimes and is waiting for the Dept. of Justice to do so but sources close to the FBI say they will not wait long before they go to the public with their findings if the Justice Dept. doesn’t act to indict Hillary in a timely manner. I support Hillary for Prision in 2016 !

        1. Rowdy

          One can always hope. Would be pretty cool if she blew up the whole mess. Gets indicted then releases osatans real birth cert proving him a fraud and subversive agent. He is arrested and followed by a list of his minions. Quite a dream huh.

  23. NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    What little is mentioned about a Hilary win, means that a slick willy will once again be in the White House and have access once again to the oval office while hilary is off grandstanding and campaigning and fundraising even after she has been elected. She tried to steal various things from the white house when they moved out and she was forced to return the items. Though Billy boy may not be named President he will be first lady and as we see what the current first lady has done with school lunch programs and such then it shows us just how destructive the spouse of a president can be.

    Then there is Chelsea, ahhh yes Chelsea Clinton by which would also have unrestricted clearance to the white house and no doubt be catapulted into some high position instantly such as surgeon General or head of HHS. Sounds not so bad, not much controversy heard about or around Chelsea like Bill and Hillary. However what many don’t know or realize is that the man that Chelsea married has a father who was a politician that was imprisoned for 5 years for some 30+ counts of fraud in which he pleaded guilty for over 10 million dollars and still owes some 9.5 million in restitution. Both of Chelseas in laws are politicians and have a long sketchy history with the clintons all the way back into the early 90’s.

    Don’t think for a minute that Chelsea wouldn’t ask her mommy dearest for favors to help out her in laws and hilaries friends in which have committed fraud and criminal activity using political positions to do it. There is nothing the clintons do or have done that doesn’t have the stink of fishy surrounding it. There is always a scandal underlying lurking in the shadows with the clintons going all the way back to Watergate and everything in between along with the body count that seems to rack up in their wake.

    1. Artemis

      Are you saying that because she couldn’t “lead” flies to a compost heap? Great Post…keep up the good work!

    1. Artemis

      The difference between a Socialist and a Communist, is that a Communist is merely a “radicalized Socialist”!! The main thing they have in common is that they both are “victims” of a self-inflicted Lobotomy…..LOL

  24. apzzyk

    Unlike all of the GOP candidates, she is doing well, it is just that many democrats, like me, are to her left, so it will be up to the convention.

    1. Austinniceguy

      The good news is that you loons won’t stand a chance. Everything you want given to you will bankrupt what is left of this once great country. Antoher problem with the delusional left is that you refuse to see the realities of the world as it is now. Merkel, much like you loons, thought that helping the savage animals from Syria would be a good thing. Her country is on the fast track to becoming a ghetto. Europe is becoming a ghetto. What YOUR libtard administration doesn’t want you to see is just how bad things have gotten in Europe. Here is one of hundreds of videos readily available to those who want to know the truth and know they can’t trust the lamestream media OR the administration to tell the truth.

    2. Rowdy

      I think your nuttier than a fruit cake. She is the definition of left, only in your imagination can you be left of her.

  25. ReaperHD

    Thank you almighty one who has finally let the people wake up and smell the Manure Left by this deceiving Clan who think the Laws don’t apply to them.

  26. 4Pip

    Hillary doesn’t deserve to win anything at this time,if she won’t take care of 4 men,she certainly won’t take care of 300 M. She is in this for power and more bad ideas to put on the people.With her being as much for Alynski as O is she will use those same ways.She and Bill are Communists as are the other D’s,progressive is the word they use thinking they have us fooled.

    1. h m rowland

      You sure have your lack of facts mixed you slap bacon jass drivin’ finger lickin’ good bat hauler for the Reds’ Nazi spring training fodder flipper Woooohoooo!! You go girl! Perhaps you can find a screeching monkey to go see the movie with, I bet the monkey gets it, and discover the truth, i’m sure that you won’t research for the truth on your own so have some liberty bell popcrn you butter farter and fly your fag pin into the trade center for barry has spoken and we have not listened so so so yeah ….vote Trump! OR the evil preacher Cruz and his military prayer camps yeah yeah yeah!!!! We’re not fooled we know what progressive means damn! You can’t have GHW Bush’s NWO without it, this is a world right? There s no room for stars and stripes there’s no room for red or black or white. Nailed that moronic Sarha like a moose in a burn barrel! Why was this squirrely mommy not with her son?

  27. gunnerv1

    I want to see her Head on a Pike with an Indictment stuffed in her mouth as Trey smears her blood on his face while screaming “Eric, Lois, Huma, get in line, you’re next”! (I’d pay good money for a “Front Row Seat” to that Gig.)

  28. Professor Fate

    The Democrat slate for POTUS is becoming low comedy. A no-talent woman who’s broken numerous federal laws, lies like a rug, enabled a philandering husband and whose one claim to fame is that she was once First Lady and Secretary of State. A geriatric socialist career politician who thinks everything should be free and the rich will pay for it all. And a nobody that was once mayor of Baltimore and Governor of Maryland. The really sad thing is that there are millions of people that will vote for whomever gets the nod, no questions asked.

    To add to the fun, now a gun grabbing Liberal who was once mayor of NYC is thinking of throwing his hat in the ring as an Independent candidate while waiting in the dugout is a blown out career politician with a case of foot in mouth disease and a faux Native American female politician every inch as big a Socialist as Sanders.

    The Left Liberal sheep would vote for them too. Pathetic.

  29. pelotapete

    i’ve got a flash for all of you, there might not be an election. republican leader Mitch McConnelly just friday while everybody was trying to get home for the storm in D.C. he pushed thru the senate a bill giving OBAMA the the authority to at anytime to envoke military marshal law. now i think if he does that, he can call off all elections, untill he sees fit. AND THE KING GETS CROWNED !!!! they do not want TRUMP to be the leader of this country. WHY? because he will give this country back to the cittzens. and work for the good of the country. not to make all the crooked ass politicians millionaires. kill their great big PONZIE SCHEME to rob this country.

      1. pelotapete

        name calling…what are you? 6 maybe 7 years old?
        grow up, get an honest opinion of your own, and voice your
        opinion without all the child like bull crap. other from that’
        “it is always better to keep your mouth shut and let them think
        you are an idiot.” “than opening your mouth and talking and removing all doubt.”

  30. Dash Riprock

    Some high up in the DNC will sit Hillary down and convince her to step aside for someone
    who has a better chance at winning the office cause without a denocrack in the Oval Office
    a republican will see that she is put so far down in the hole they’ll have to pump sunlight
    into her well.

    1. h m rowland

      Dash how are things in Beverly Hills? I see that you are still working in fantasy land out by the cement pond. Hillary is the smartest and most experienced candidate, well Bernie has more years in congress than anyone ever, that is running on either side. She has the ability and the knowledge to function in the Oval office unlike ANY candidate on the personal rights stealing side of the isle.

      1. Dash Riprock

        Hillary ain’t so smart, in fact she, like dopobama, is a lousy liar. The two
        fib queens together couldn’t conjure up a believable lie if the skill were
        willed to them. The only experience the pant suit mastodon has is her
        incredible consistency for incompetent job performance because she
        has proven she has no clue as to what she is doing. When she is called out for her debaucheries she blames others or she goes to plan “B” as
        in Barack, she comes up with lies so stupid only she would think the
        public is stupid enough to believe her. Apparently h m, your a paying
        member of that part of stupid. As for Comrade Bernie with more years
        in congress than anyone else, I’m certain everyone in America, including
        indoctrinated democracks like yourself, would not be impressed with a
        resume as a career criminal. The only experience these two idiots have
        as far as public life goes is defunct confusion of government. Almost
        forgot, she’s a criminal too.

        1. h m rowland

          Well Bernie is no criminal but i’ll let that one slide. Mr. Trump however is in need of your researching. Read up on his battle with the housing authority for not renting to human beings of color for starters. Ted Cruz aligns himself with militant Christian groups like the ridiculous IHOPrayer(almost as crazy as Palin). John Kasic is and has been a total weasel and has only governed Ohio as a function to run for potus. Then there is the king of evil Jeb Bush and his murderous family from Auschwitz(Prescott) to the coup in ’63(GHWB) in Dallas to 9/11 to the planes of JFK JR and Sen. Paul Wellstone dropping from the sky and Jeb’s association with the “Project for a New America” which is at the root of what you right wing extremists fear…a conspiracy to take over the country. Open your eyes to what has transpired since that group did their propaganda work by blowing up the Trade Center. I guess between the two of us we have to agree that all politicians are doing the bidding of a much larger entity of fascists that have run this country since ’63, the CIA/Military.

    2. Rowdy

      Are you kidding me, there are more demoncrap plants running as republicans than republicans. They have the odds stacked in their favor every way you look at it. You have no Idea who they are. hope and immediate reprisal for deception is all the hope we have left. Trump, is he for real, or an elaborate fraud like we got the last two cycles. How about Cruz, the more I research him the more he scares me. Have you seen the video clip of his expectations of life at 18. Or will hitlery, bernie, or biden win regardless. Just like osatan, reid, bennet, udall, and feinstein in 2012.

  31. ConservativeSenior

    All those criminals are in bed together. They’re just trying to figure out which monster will get them the most money. Maggots all.

  32. patriotrenegade

    van jones, avowed communist, when exposed while “green jobs czar” ( what is THAT anyway?) he fled the WH and got hired the next day by the clintoon “global initiative”. Went to WI to start riots there. They are all HORRIBLE “people”.

  33. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Redman, do you have anything relevant to say, or are you just using this website to insult people?

    1. Rowdy

      You must not know him yet? Here let me help ok.

      Yo disgusting, you is one stupid inbred white trash. Them crazy inbreed white european gun nuts have destroyed america.

      I know, not very good at it. I just don’t even hear him any more.

  34. Todd Alfonsi

    She will crash and burn, I never thought she had a chance, no more bushes no more Clintons, they both put us were we are now,and with any luck, no more politicians. Trump 2016, it will be a travesty if Hitlery doesn’t get INDICTED, FOUND GUILTY, AND JAILED!

    1. Rowdy

      I think your statement does hold some validity. They do seem to be turning on hitlery, and surely they wouldn’t leave it to bernie?

  35. Gretta

    Don’t underestimate this liberal lizard. The more desperate she gets the more petty and childish she will get. If she doesn’t pull a temper tantrum she will play the victim and cry her crocodile tears for sympathy. The idiots out there will huddle around her to soothe her tears for fears and she will zoom back in popularity because she will claim to be a poor little woman being beat up by the mean ole republicans who hate women. Nothing fools us soft gullible Americans like an underdog in distress, and ole Hillary has our number. That’s what got the lizard muslim obama elected, he played the black victim with the race card and America fell for it hook line and sinker. He had terrorist ties, terrorist friends, his family are muslims, has aa muslim name, grew up in a muslim country, has a racist paster in a racist homosexual church for 20 years, he hates our Constitution, hates America, and hates white people, ran with criminals, smoked dope, did cocaine, is backed by an international criminal George Soros, forged his 2 birth certificates, spent over $2 million dollars to keep his past a secret, had absolute no experience in anything but community organizing in racist protesting, he was a member of the muslim brotherhood, and in his school years in Kenya he was registered as a muslim, and he refused to solute our flag, or wear an America flag pin that all of our Congress and presidents wear, and a PLETHORA TONS more, but all he had to do was belly ache on how bad America is to blacks, rile up his brothers, even though most of them were millionaires here in America and if they were in another country they wouldn’t have the same opportunity there as they do here, but he managed to manipulate those who have no ability to think for themselves because they LOVE the drama and the hate.

    So does Ole HIllary the HUN

    1. Concerned great grandmother

      Lizards are not noxious animals. Why insult a lizard. She is a noxious human being who is not only greedy for money, but greedy for power. On top of that she is a less than poor representative of the female gender.

  36. Concerned great grandmother

    As many know, is a George Soros organization. Evidently Soros does not want Clinton, but would go for Sanders. The election does not fit any norm but the norm of chaos. It is hard that even hard line Democrats would still be backing Hillary or even the feminists who want a female president would have a person with such a sordid past become president. For a list of George Soros organizations etc go to his Open Society Institute website. Soros also back Black Lives Matters, the Southern Poverty Law Center and many more. the dirty laundry many candidates have to wash is tremendous. Sanders is one of them. What he says he wants to do is in many cases unconstitutional and follows the police state way of thinking.

    Then there is the natural born citizenship of Cruz and Rubio, Bush and his family connections, No one should be a hard line party loyalist. first of all, many times it is hard to tell the two parties apart as neither represent WE THE PEOPLE’s wants and needs. Both have bowed to big Business, minority groups wanting special privileges, diversity issues that did not exist, not having Congress overrule Obama’s EO’s which the Congress can do. It doesn’t really matter who win in New Hampshire or Iowa, it is who get the electoral college votes. Remember your vote does not count,only the electoral college votes count not the popular vote. The number of electoral college votes given any one State goes by the population of that State which includes illegal invaders as well as the invaders brought in by Obama or the UN Relocation Agency s, plus those on work visas. More people should educate themselves about the electoral college and have it disbanded and have only the popular vote count. Those on the electoral college do not have to follow pupular vote, but can decide who it wants to win.

    People do not really notice that on a ballot electoral college representatives are listed, but in the voting pamphlet describing the candidates. As no vetting is done very little is known about these people..

    Again the year ahead is a toss up. depending on how well hands are greased. I certainly do not want death squad Clinton running. also I do not want police state Sanders running. we do not need anymore dictators which not only occupy the Oval Iffuce byt the seats in the House and Senate.

    Have any of you noticed it is always mouth piece, two face McCain being on the political talk shows, but the Speaker of the House and the Minority leader in the House are rarely heard from. In the Senate, the majority leader is not heard from nor is the minority leader, but always McCain who does not represent the State of Arizona nor cares about it. He is too busy being the envoy for the Administration and trapsing all over the world and supporting ISIS.

    Electronic vote counting can’t be trusted, votes should be hand counted by two separate counting groups to ensure that what the electronic vote count matches the actual populat vote count.