Ranchers In Midst of Oregon Siege Issue Shocking Statement

In recent days, America has been focused on Oregon and the group of militia members who are currently occupying a federal wildlife building. The militia members claim that they are there to support the Hammonds, ranchers who were jailed for burning federal land and who have to report back to prison today. However, the Hammonds have said something totally different.

CBS News reported that the Hammonds have clearly stated that the militia members, lead by Ammon Bundy, do not represent them and they do not condone their actions.

The Hammond family lawyer, W. Alan Schroeder, issued a statement as reported by ConservativeTribune.com:

“Neither Ammon Bundy nor anyone within his group/organization speak for the Hammond family.”

This statement is somewhat surprising, given that two Hammond family members are going back to prison on the same charges they were previously jailed for. And yes, that is (or should be) considered double jeopardy and un-Constitutional.

Despite being told to leave by several members of the Oregon community they are in, and the ranchers they claim they are defending, the militias continue to occupy the building and demand that the government stop taking over land.

That’s not exactly what I thought should happen, but I didn’t know what to do,’ said Cliven Bundy, Ammon’s father, who had his own showdown with the federal government in 2014. ‘You know, if the Hammonds wouldn’t stand, if the sheriff didn’t stand, then, you know, the people had to do something. And I guess this is what they did decide to do. I wasn’t in on that.” 

Whether you agree with the militia members’ actions or not, it’s obvious that President Obama has blatantly ignored the Constitution and expanded the powers of the federal government to unprecedented levels.

The group that decided to take over this federal wildlife refuge had to know their actions carried serious consequences, and there was a high probability they would be arrested, imprisoned or even killed. Evidently they felt they had to make a stand against the overreach of the federal government – similar to what the Founding Fathers did against the tyranny of King George III and Great Britain.

Do you think the Oregon ranchers and militia members went too far… or were they justified to stand up against the oppressive Obama Administration?

Sound off in the comments section below.


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  1. rayhause

    There needs to be a much broader explanation to why is the BLM and their cronies are so interested in destroying the Hammonds and other ranchers in that area. Although I’ve no verified information to what I’ve read but in that area there are major mineral deposits that the Federal Government wants total control. The acts in the recent past indicates that the Federal Government will go to any lengths in destroying these ranchers and the BLM should be the first agency to be dismantled and eliminated.

      1. Lynn McCrann

        I suspect that it is not only minerals or oil that Obama and his power brokers want but more expansive powers taken from the people and their states and given to the federal government ignoring the 10th amendment of our constitution.

          1. C6Vette

            Hillary or “The Butcher of Benghazi” sold the Russians 51% of OUR uranium rights in Canada for an unknown amount of LOTSA $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

            Nam Combat Vet
            “Live Free or Die”
            “Freedom is Not Free”

          2. h m rowland

            C6Vette “The Jungle Puppet”. Eat those burnt dead babies, and pick those veins out of your teeth Prvt. Puppet!

          3. John Rodgers

            So was John Kerry a war hero, a baby killer, or just a just a medal throwing “red line” pussy?
            You seem to be the war time expert.

          4. h m rowland

            There are no heroes or winners in war. Any man who stands against it in a non violent way is a patriot, a man of vision and greater spiritual connection. I know nothing of war, I was just remembering some words from the song “Alice’s Restaurant”. For me it is a ridiculous and unfathomable action. It is created by rich men and fought by young men unconnected to the true cause, it is the immature act of children on a playground and is the knee jerk reaction of those who have no control over their negative emotional responses, no consciousness. There is no triumph in war it only creates funerals and perpetuates more war. Peace and understanding perpetuate peace and understanding.

        1. h m rowland

          You might want to check out in what year the Federal government(us, we the people) purchased this land and the background of the Bundy’s.

          1. Tomas dela Terra

            You talk like a redneck bigot who is upset that some ‘blacks’ are actually farming without massa’s permission

          2. Tomas dela Terra

            Just WHO are you implying are or are not American citizens. The Hammonds AND the Bundies and every other rancher or militiaman have ‘American Rights

          3. Daniel Wright

            My mistake. I thought you were attacking the Hammond’s and Bundy’s. You were defending them. Robinson Is wrong. I misunderstood what he said.

          4. David Kledzik

            I misread your other comment, it is kind of misleading. But I got the jist of what you were saying. And you are absolutely 100% right.

          5. David Kledzik

            Well Tomas, it’s the rednecks that are farming it, according to the government without their permission. The rednecks would be the first to defend peoples right’s to farm and ranch without the heavy hand of the government.

          6. David Kledzik

            Bullshit. You really don’t know the true story do you. And I don’t mean the biased ones coming from the east coast big city networks.

          7. otoman

            Bundy backround according to whom? The government??? Kinda like the guy who was sent to jail for “inciting the Benghazi massacre” because of his you tube video??? WAKE UP

          8. h m rowland

            I guess your right, kinda like Lee Oswald, Ray, Shirhan government patsies to cover government crimes. I c what u mean.

          9. empty pockets

            The “arson” charge for accidentally burning off toxic weeds on BLM land adjacent to private land was to cover their real agenda to grab the private land, or at least the part of it that has what the gov’t wants to control (and prevent any private person from controlling). This is an important issue about gov’t overreach and infringement of our rights. It would have been better to have protests by thousands at gov’t “installations” urban and rural across the nation to call attention to this ongoing abusive action. We’re all flawed folks and these decided the Hammonds were worth BEING the line drawn in the sand. That the Hammonds themselves had chosen not to fight changes little. The infringements are against us ALL. Shame these guys aren’t better at Community organizing, huh? Whipping up crowds, instigating enough energy and anger to get them to protest? Maybe they should have taken lessons from our community organizer in chief.

          10. h m rowland

            Perhaps, he is very good at that but it is still important to know the facts and of course we can’t rely on our media to offer the truth.

          11. empty pockets

            Facts are the most important thing in judging anything. People are subjective “evidence” looking very different depending on who is looking and their perspective. Facts should be objective, not changing regardless of viewer or perspective. You’re right, hm…we cannot rely on our gov’t or most of the media for truth. We can’t even rely on those on our own side for truth because many will “flavor” it with their own perspective…but at least they provide facts not before in evidence.

            Additional info–http://sonsoflibertymedia.com/2016/01/bombshell-three-percenter-says-eyewitness-provided-affidavit-claiming-he-saw-blm-light-fire-at-hammond-ranch-in-oregon/

            “We don’t see things as they are. We see things as WE are.” Author Unknown (he was my Mom’s favorite “author” when she was a kid)

            Let’s strive to see things as they really are whether they serve our own agenda or not.

          12. amerall

            The media is all owned by liberal, anti capitalist, socialist, progressive, pond scum sucking, bottom feeding, parasites. Capitalism made them rich and powerful and they want to stop others from being able to infringe on that.

          13. h m rowland

            Not liberal but all major news media are assets of the CIA which is a right wing agency. None tell us the truth it is not a left or right issue.

          14. h m rowland

            Yes they repeat “the American people” and refer to us as “they” so many times that I believe it actually causes “them” to think that “we” and “them” are different.

          15. jaybird

            The 3% Idaho militia has stepped in to moderate the standoff with the FBI and have produced evidence that the Hammonds have been wrongly accused. They are working for a peaceful resolution. They have met with the Sheriff, the Judge, the group at the wildlife preserve and the FBI and given them all reports. The sheriff may not be a Constitutional sheriff, the Judge holds an office in the county government -Commissioner of Revenue? which is against the law? Seems a little corruption going on. There are approx. 3 video’s -2 of the FBI meeting. Most are from the Freedom Outpost News articles.

          16. empty pockets

            I read that…http://sonsoflibertymedia.com/2016/01/bombshell-three-percenter-says-eyewitness-provided-affidavit-claiming-he-saw-blm-light-fire-at-hammond-ranch-in-oregon/

            The BLM’s reprehensible behavior in Nv and here, EPA in NM and Ak…pretty much any and everywhere Barry dispatches his minions to usurp more power and liberty from the people must be exposed EVERY time. They are using illegal, unconstitutional, unethical and inhumane methods because they believe no one is watching, no one will know.

            The light doesn’t kill the roaches but it sure does scatter them and make them run and hide. Light of day on all ops by all Exec agencies–all of BARRY’S rancid alphabet soup of corruption. (There are still a few decent people in there who likely feel besieged and abandoned by us all.)

          17. amerall

            Mishandling of this could just be the catalyst that motivates what you have advocated. Government LAND is CITIZEN LAND! The government is the citizens, something our elected REPRESENTATIVES have obviously forgotten. Government land is NOT for the personal profit of those representatives. Our ELECTED representatives are OBLIGATED to represent the MAJORITY of the citizens that elected them. Minorities are protected but do not take precedence over that majority, republic or not! All supposed GOVERNMENT land that is NOT designated a national park or national defense installation should be given back to the State wherein it lies! Allowing the government to control and designate land as a refuge inside a states borders is a conflict of interest and should be stopped at once! Each state knows best what constitutes and benefits its constituents and what needs to be called a refuge! As for burning off “weeds ” this is practiced on a massive scale on land covering huge areas of land in the Midwest every spring to promote the instant growth of new grass’s and edibles for grazing livestock and in no way harms the environment!

          18. empty pockets

            We also did it in Az…v-e-r-y carefully since fire hazard was extreme nearly always. Burning off land is a time honored practice because it’s beneficial to the land and those who depend on that land.

          19. Daniel Wright

            Really? Then why can the government tell us to stay away? How much did we pay for it? Who was it purchased from?

          20. David Kledzik

            And you have every right to go there then. Just like the Hammonds have every right to graze their cattle on the land that they pay grazing rights on. Don’t you find it strange that the feds kept closing off land all around the Hammonds property to close them in, leaving them boxed in. And that’s after they drove all the other ranchers out of business and off their land.

          21. h m rowland

            Yes, I agree so let’s go visit it!. It is very strange indeed. But then again how many decades has the Federal government been doing strange things? Nothing should surprise us no matter which party is in power it is the group ruling the rulers that pull the strings.

          22. apzzyk

            So you bought the Lousiana Purchase from France and Alaska and parts of CA from Russia. Good work. Then you stole the lands from the native Americans fair an square – another great deal. How about the government paying off the previous owners of the Spanish Land Grants in NM, AZ, and CO. This taking of land by the Govt, as you know, just started with Obama, who also seems to have made Eve eat the apple.

          23. amerall

            Might makes right! Time to get over what happened in the past and learn to live with it.Time to make sure it doesn’t happen today! Those who don’t learn from the past live to repeat it. Don’t know about the apple thing, but he and his cohorts are sure providing aid and comfort to our enemies! Ever hear of Benghazi? How about Benedict Arnold? Nixon? He didn’t allow our enemies to kill an ambassador through gross inaction and then tried to cover himself by saying it was because of a movie! He just knew about some members of his party breaking into the other parties offices. Had to resign because of that or be impeached. An insignificant piece of trivia compared to letting our people be killed when our jets could have been there in about fifteen minutes according to the General who was the commander at the time. Obviously when Nixon was President the American people had morals and were not tolerant of law breakers and traitors in our government, not so today obviously there are still people willing to vote for traitors and criminals just to keep the free goodies coming!

          24. David Kledzik

            The Bundys have no stake in the land in Oregon, it’s all based on principle now. There are several other ranchers from other western states there too. Look up Steen Mt. and the Hammond ranch. All a strong armed power grab by the feds.

          25. YoOleMe

            rights — AS ALL OTHER OF OUR UNALIENABLE RIGHTS — LAY IN COMMON LAW VENUE & JURISDICTION, WHEREIN FICTITIOUS ENTITIES HAVE NO INNATE-RIGHTEOUS STANDING!!! … Our Constitution[s] is[are] Covenant Common Law Documentation, and it was WITHIN this ABSENCE OF INNATE-PROPERTY RIGHT STANDING that U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause [17] GRANTS the CONGRESS:

            “To exercise exclusive Legislation in Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square [i.e. 100 sq.mi., NOT 10 sq.mi.]) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority [i.e. EXCLUSIVE*, meaning NONE OTHER!] over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Building;–And”

            *Exclusive. Appertaining to the subject alone, not including, admitting, or pertaining to any others. Sole. Shutting out; debarring from interference or participation; vested in one person alone. [Blk’s Law Dict. 5th Ed., p. 506b5. My square-bracket inserts & this footnote.]

            PLEASE NOTE: THE DULY CONSTITUTED FEDERAL RIGHT TO PURCHASE PROPERTY IS EXCLUSIVE “for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful

          26. h m rowland

            Yes the land, all land belongs to no one. Any who attempt to own or sell or occupy land should under law be arrested for theft. Lines in the dirt do not apply. Land holding is a trait among those who live in fear and its brother power hunger.

          27. YoOleMe

            There’s insufficient time on the calendar for you academia lobotomized “Intellectuals” to discover; you’ve paid $ix-digits, for what we Octogenarians’ received FREE with a high school diploma – only worse; since yours is within a permanent Marxist-utopian capsule of economic Flash-Trash giving appearance such can never end!!! …

            Stand-by for the RAM!!!!

          28. h m rowland

            I’m an octogenarian and yes I’m more than 6 figure educated. What I got for free was mostly lies and pretense concerning our society; the picket fence, team bowling, flag waving, country cute dream, stuck in a false utopia perpetuated by those who would imprison me in their goose step along with that tune. If it were not for a HS band director and a theatre director I would have been trapped in the world of Ozzie and Harriet, so you see I got mine for free as well. Amongst all the public school indoctrination I was able to pick the gnat shit out of the pepper and avoid the trap of the small minded delirium that urged me to do better than the Jone’s….no matter how it made the Jones’s feel. We can’t own what never belonged to anyone but belonged to everyone. You seem to believe that those who die with the most toys wins.

          29. C6Vette

            @h m rowland: You check it out moron, the land had been used by these ranchers for many years, handed down by their fathers and grandfathers before them! The Corrupt Ovomit Administration TOOK this Land away from them! There are many YouTube videos showing the BLM uncontrolled burning of the land in question during the peak season for their cattle to graze, ultimately Killing 90 head of cattle and burning/wounding another 200 head of cattle! Than there is the YouTube videos showing the Ranchers taking down Spy Cameras with Night Vision mounted on telephone poles! There were 2 cameras per pole with full range of motion and WiFi, a Router and external hard drives, zoom capabilities and infrared to aid night vision! Check YouTube for the evidence! If you can find it that is! I seriously doubt you could find your arse with both hands in your back pockets! What NEEDS to be done to this Traitor in OUR WH is pictured below! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/35cee6104cfa25d0a419258b3fcf9a5aa054023b06d342321a56b4c558a143e6.jpg

          30. h m rowland

            And from whom did their grandfathers bully and terrorize to gain the land? Land belongs to no one it never has. Relators and buyers should be prosecuted for theft, any deed holder has received stolen goods.

          31. C6Vette

            You’re really an idiot and there is no reason for me to even try to talk some sense into that thick head of yours! You think everyone takes everything away from others! These people have worked hard to get where they are! Unlike YOU that sits there criticizing everyone that don’t agree with your warped way of thinking! All you care about are the FREEBIES this illegal administration can give you! Go take your medication, it must be wearing off by now and we KNOW you have nothing else to do except critize everyone, you poor depressed idiot!

            Nam Combat Vet
            “Live Free or Die”
            “Freedom is Not Free”

            It is only Free to idiot like this guy I am talking too, he would never survive if not for Freebies and he wouldn’t know how to fight for it unless it was to sneak up behind someone and shoot them!

        2. YoOleMe

          PLEASE checkout my reply to “rayhause” ABOVE (BEFORE IT GETS TAKEN DOWN AGAIN!!!), and you have my condolences & thanks in your, and your husbands services!!! … We the People are NOT WITHOUT BLAME in this problem; that Constitution IS OUR TO ENFORCE AGAINST these reprobates!!!!

          God Speed,

        3. YoOleMe

          … PLEASE checkout my reply to “rayhause” ABOVE (BEFORE IT GETS TAKEN DOWN AGAIN!!!), and you have my condolences & thanks in your, and your husbands services!!! … We the People are NOT WITHOUT BLAME in this problem; that Constitution IS OURS TO ENFORCE AGAINST these reprobates!!!!

          God Speed,


        1. David Kledzik

          Its about a hundred and twenty five miles west of my locale. It teaming with minerals including gold and silver, and natural gas.

      2. Icemancold

        WELL HUSSEIN OBAMA has to get the URANIUM he promised IRAN some where. and he can not openly do it the people might ask why is the USA giving IRAN the raw material needed for nukes that IRAN is not building according to HUSSEIN OBAMA and JOHN KERRY !!

        1. Nikita63

          Billy Boy Clinton found the time with Canadian billionaire Frank Giufra when he wasn’t making time with some woman other than Hillary, (Can you Blame him?) to go to Kazakhstan and purchase an American owned Uranium company. All told, there was about a 137 million dollar series of contributions made to the Clinton Foundation. In October of 2010 Hillary allowed through the State Dept., the sale of THAT company to a Russian outfit, thereby putting about 20% of what used to be our uranium supply and a prime component of nuclear weapons to the RUSSIANS! I am nearly 71 and I remember that for similar behavior in the early to mid fifties, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for High Treason. In the fifties, we lived then in a constitutional Republic and crimes were punished in constitutional compliance and under the Rule of Law. That is obviously no longer so and yet, when this data is available and reasonably well known, why is it that anyone with rationality would EVER vote for this woman for President when she ought to be in prison; or worse!?

          1. Royce Beasley

            Nitkia, your comments are right on the moneny I am almost 70 yrs old and I do remember the country we had then, later down the road I went to !!! NAM !!! served 2 tours, and was hurt, that lead to a disability. I long for that time again.

          2. Nikita63

            Well Roy, it is about time someone said SOMETHING! I did a single tour in Vietnam with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade from May of ’68 to May of ’69. I was Chaplain Assistant and personal protection for an MOH awardee Chaplain and will be attending my Unit’s 50th Reunion at Fort Benning in June. I carry insidious disabilities that were not apparent for years but eventually determine by the VA to be caused by long ago exposure to Agent Orange during my tour.We come from a time when Citizenship was taught and people KNEW there were inherent duties and obligations in that Citizenship. We have values under attack as are all the rights in the first ten amendments to the Constitution, collectively known as the BILL of Rights and an assault against EVERY traditional American Value. It sickens me to see the deterioration of all, we fought to preserve and our children have no certain future and this government is DESPICABLE. I cannot abide it and only hope that November will see a tsunami of sea change in the make up of Congress, a new and FIT president and a less corrupt SJC. But: DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH!

          3. jaybird

            We can’t hold our breath, we need to hammer our representatives so they will know that we know what is going on and they can’t hide it or ignore it especially if you live in areas where things are happening. I have not been in a war and seen the things that you have because I am a 72 yr. female but I am spreading the word and contacting my representatives and I am sure they are tired of me. Thank you for your service, my uncle was in Nam and we talk a lot.

          4. Nikita63

            Whether you served in the military or not is not the important issue here: If you are an AMERICAN CITIZEN, worthy of the title, the there are certain inherent responsibilities and accountabilities as well as duties and obligations that come with the title many others died providing to you. The preservation of these characteristics is totally inherent in the Oath of Service which all military personnel swear to as well as every politician with the MAJOR distinction being that those I the military ALL HONOR that oath or are severed from service with DISHONORABLE discharges or hard time in a military prison depending on the nature of their offenses, or BOTH! Those in politics consider themselves ABOVE any kind of law and benefit from insider trading and power pedaling, bribery and the taking of “Campaign monies, ” from those inimical to us and are NEVER held Responsible, (See Watergate, Whitewater, China-gate, Uranium Gate and Benghazi; all involving the Clintons) and they are only the TIP of the iceberg. Such activities are a CRIME for you and me!THEY IGNORE THEIR CONSTITUTENTS EXCEPT AT ELECTION TIME. THE FEED AT THE PUBLIC TROUGH LIKETHE PIGS AND PARASITES THERY ARE.! We as a people need to go to the polls in moral conscience and vote out of office every INCUMBENT candidate up for re-election for the next 3 elective cycles to provide the much needed house cleaning of OUR HOUSES of government which they have taken and used solely for their own self-aggrandizement and the forcing of their party agendas on us all, in total CONTRAVENTION of all good government practice , policy and procedure. Keep the pressure on your representatives. I have sent over 500 missives to many of them in BOTH parties and received only limited replies and none from Republicans but the replies from democrats, if you dissent are placatory but meaningless to your objections and, they respond ALWAYS in a negative fashion. I know whereof I speak: having served honorably in Vietnam , returning and serving my last 18 months in Washington D.C. and in possession of a degree in government BEFORE I went to Vietnam! Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the preferred treatment of congress Cretins over combat traumatic multiply wounded AMPUTEES, was a revelation and has affected my negative views of our so called political establishment , ever since, and THAT was in July of 1969! This is OUR COUNTRY, not illegals’ Muslims, Cartel members or New World Order traitors to THIS country and its constitution. I hope that ALL reading this will consider the message and ACT to remedy the wrongs forced on us : REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER AND LET US TAKE BACK WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS!

          5. jaybird

            You are preaching to the choir here, I have called 40 members of the Freedom Caucus and can’t remember how many members of the Rules committee to get Boehner out and posted their names and phone numbers on one of these sites. I made McCain or his staff mad when I e-mailed him and told him that he served our country at one time, why wasn’t he doing it now? Got a terse e-mail back from that one. I am on my state representatives, my Federal-1 decent Repub. and 2 Demorat Senators.

            I have been spreading the word about what is happening in Burns, OR and that now the FBI is pretending and dressing in camo like the militia, harassing the townspeople so that they will not support the ones at the reserve but they have been outed by the Fire Marshall that just quit because of the corruption. Hopefully if a lot of people know what the FBI is doing the people will not get shot. The 111% of Idaho need to confront the FBI again about harassing the townspeople because they want a peaceful outcome and now know the FBI apparently don’t.

          6. Nikita63

            I understand your frustration at the way things are and WILL continue t be if ewe do NOT as a nation do something abut it. Government is niot your Friend,. It never was but it has NEVER been more bviius than now witht he long term trubles we have caused by them; the incumbents of the longest renuree and wh for legitimate of illegitimate rasins have the most power to use wnad therefore, the most to LOSE by a return to a lwafi=ul government ir, failing that, AT LEAST ONE WITH SOME sEMBLANCE OF IT UNTIL MORE TRASH CAN B REMOVED BY WHATVER MEANS PROVE NECESSARY. HOWEVER, THE YOUTH HAVE BEEN SO INDCTRNATED BY THE GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED eDUCATIONAL SYSTEM, MOST HAVE UTTERLY no idea OF TRUE AMERICAN history, fEW VALUES BEVCAUSE THEIR PARENTS WERE NOT RAISDED WITH THEM OR, IF THEY WERE, THEY WERE MODIFIED BY THE CHANGES IN THIS SOCIETYU BY LEGISLATION LIKE wASDE v rOE, Obamacare, tHE great SCIETY wELFARE sTATE AND THE asNTI- VIETNAM wAR GENERATION WHO THUGH MORE OF SEX , DRUGS ANDF ROCK AND ROLL THAN THE REALITY F being EITHER RESPNSIBLE OR ACCOUNTABLE FOR ONE’S BEHAVIOR. tHEY HAVE BEEN TAUGHT: !’THE ONLY LAW IN GOVERNMENT, IS DON’T GET CAUGHT,”

          7. jaybird

            I subscribe to the “Refugee Resettlement and American Resistance” by Ann Corcoran – she is 60+ and started this years ago when they settled refugees in her small farming town which had no jobs available. She started to investigate. In one of her e-mails she tells of a contractor – David Miliband who is head of the largest Us refugee resettlement agency – “International Rescue Committee Aid”. He makes $600,000 running this agency. He has admitted that “our anger over Syrian refugees is a threat to global governance”. I think we need more anger!

          8. Nikita63

            You and me both! and, I would imagine a lot of other REAL Americans not wishing to see their families and freedoms, choices and opportunities further diminished along with THEIR standard of living by the onslaught of illegals and Muslim “Refugees,” most of whom are NEVER properly vetted and the reason why this president wants to see ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS disarmed; to prevent reaction to his insistence on and implementation of U.N. Agenda 21 and the NEW WORLD ORDER! It is NEVER happening without a MASSIVE massive fight as you cannot take a nation of 28 million military veterans who swore to defend the Constitution and country against all enemies foreign and domestic: an oath honored by them ALL , as most of the cretins in Government tOday: DO NOT!

          9. willis owen

            I’m 70 years too,can;t believe the change you and I have seen in our life… used to be a strong Democrat,can;t believe it now…Trump2016

          10. aptos 2012

            She should get a same punishment as Ethel Rosenberg got same crime-same punishment.But that never happen in our “Great liberal” society.

          11. Nikita63

            It will NEVER happen in this Administration as there is no equitable Law enforcement, police are demonized for attempting to do their jobs, the DOJ stonewalls EVERY potential investigation of wrongdoing and THIS will continue until we have a new president and a different AMERICAN CITIZEN ORIENTED, Constitutional and Rule of Law compliant government ; if that is any longer possible so much damage has been done these past 7 years and we still have one to go. If we lived in a land ruled by law, we would NOT be where we are today; neither would those who have PUT US THERE!

          12. Nikita63

            It is a hope most Elder Americans, shrinking Middle Class members and VETERANS cherish but, there is so very much FRAUD in this Administration that there is little chance of any true Integrity in the electoral process anymore. If you saw the SOTU and saw the expressions on the faces of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as Obama ridiculed them, you would wonder as I do how much more they will take after 40 year careers defending and upholding the Constitution and Rule of Law before they do something extreme but NECESSARY, to restore what they fought to PRESERVE all their lives in HONORABLE service to THIS country! That is something that can only be disdainfully said in sarcastic satire of ANYONE in this Administration

          13. Royce Beasley

            Your comments are SPOT on my friend, the only other point I want to make is this, you sound like a 100% American and God almighty knows we need more like you.

          14. Nikita63

            Unfortunately, my brother, there are too many of those like the incompetent and challenged loudmouth, The Redman , who knows utterly nothing and SHOWS it every time it opens whatever part of it’s body it uses to make noise with as that is all it is, meaningless noise. I knew I would be victimized by Selective Service so, I did something unusual for a college grad with a degree in government at that time: I ENLISTED! Well, back then in 1967, it was an expectation that f you were called upon, you would serve. I knew was going to be called upon and was, the same day I got my degree so, I figured why wait? Sure, it cost me an extra year of active duty but then after that and three years, I had only inactive reserve duty ’til the final honorable discharge, I was denied opportunity, discriminated against like all Vietnam vets and pariahtized by morons all over the country like the Redman who hadn’t a clue or likely the guts either to serve as we did. I am proud of my service but ashamed of the country we have become and the idiots allowed to run us into ruin by a cowardly Congress that will not hold the worst president in American History either responsible or accountable for his actions when they have the Constitutional power and also the OBLIGATION to do so! I served HONORABLY, THIS country and at great personal risk and am disabled by that service but, I will be damned if I will look the other way or shut my mouth when I EARNED the right to dissent and also that right is guaranteed by the constitution of the United States which we fought to defend and uphold; not disdain and ignore as the idiots in Washington do today, and I am being kind by calling them idiots rather than what they TRULY are: ALL OF THEM!

          15. h m rowland

            Yes we did live that way in the 50’s until the coup of ’63 and then of course no one was punished for the crime but an innocent government employee and we have built on a lie ever since. you and I remember how life was before the far right fascists took over our country but many here do not.

          16. h m rowland

            Really? Where did you come up with that? Here’s a few of the big players: Allen Dulles and his evil brother from the regime, J E Hoover, GHW Bush, Gen. Lemay, LBJ, Clint Murchason,D.H Byrd, Ted Dealy, Stillwell, E.Howard Hunt(Watergate fame who was convicted of “complicit in conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy” in ’84) , Gen. Walker, shall I continue? It was a far right wing faction of the CIA/Military and the course of this country turned on a dime from a road to peace into war….fascism: a government whose economy is based on going to war. We have been at war ever since except during the Carter years, the CIA(our governing body) had trouble using him as their puppet. Its obvious if you read your history. The CIA at that time (50’s/60’s)were supporting right wing coup in many parts of the world not just here. don’t get your panties in a wad I said FAR right wing,( like guns and murder and wars, Birchers, racist and just bigoted money mongers) not republicans…..big difference. Its like the difference between Muslims and far right terrorist Muslims…big difference, same concept, these were evil men with no thought of the people for sure. Kill the men of peace and vision, there’s no money to be made from peace or so they think. JFK,MLK,RFK,JFK JR.,MX,FRED HAMMOND, SEN. PAUL WELLSTONE…shall I continue?
            There were 4 president in Dallas that day, Nixon, Bush. LBJ and Kennedy think through that and then consider the fact that Bush became the Director of the CIA and waltzed into the WH holding Reagan’s hand and was there for 12 years, Nixon(lap dog to Prescott Bush and who had Jack Ruby as an aid to the McCarthy hearings) came from political death after his loss to Kennedy, G.Ford named president for his complicity on the Warren Commission which was run by Allen Dulles who Kennedy had fired as Chief of the CIA . We might as well throw Arlen Specter and his ‘magic bullet ‘ in there too…he was a congressman when a Warren boy, and spent the rest of his life in office. Not the right but the far right.
            Franie, I predict that Jeb Bush is going to make a surge in the polls, that slowly between now and South Carolina’s primary that something miraculous will happen and the CIA will prop him up just as they did little George coming out of New Hampshire in’00. The lady Governor Xanax will be his mate. Just as they placed their Chief, GHW Poppy, in the WH forcing Reagan to add him to the ticket. Stay tuned Franie its an on going story which bloomed in 1963.
            No Republican ticket since 1928 has won the WH without having a Nixon or a Bush as a part of its makeup….

          17. Nikita63

            It certainly IS the damned Democrats who sell their souls and values for a party Agenda and when that Agenda is aligned with the U.N.’s spurious Agenda 21 which would end this country’s sovereignty, enslave it’s citizens, control it’s resources and end all individual freedoms and choices, the word to describe it and the only one adequate is TREASON! That is the far left; not the right. the right still supports Constitutional Rule and the Rule of Law, traditional AMERICAN values, the nuclear family marriage as being between a man and a woman, universal tolerance NOT adhered to by the Muslim Minority in any American
            Manner, as well as a work ethic, believes in EQUITABLE law enforcement and THE RULE OF LAW! That those elected to public office have a duty and obligation to AMERICAN CITIZENS above all others but those so elected DO NOT, once they are in office! and for THAT, as good citizens; many of whom have defended at great personal risk in the military the freedoms so many who do NOT so serve take for granted, are vilified, excoriated, cheated of earned benefits and care by the VA and even the active military has its pay and benefits cut and their families on food stamps as they do multiple overseas tours and have THEIR right to vote interfered with by violation of the 2009 MOVE ACT meant to EXPEDITE that right for those who PRESERVE it for the REST of US! We need a sea change in this country and its government and God willing, (though it be politically incorrect to say so) WE WILL HOPEFULLY GET IT IN NOVEMBER . I URGE ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS WORTHY OF THE TITLE TO PUT ASIDE PARTY POLITICS AND VOTE OUT OF OFFICE EVERY SINGLE INCUMBENT CANDIDATE FOR THE NEXT 3 ELECTIONS! That will provide a cleansing of the Houses of Government long overdue and give us a chance to replace them with MORALLY CONSCIONABLE. RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE individuals who will address the myriad problems professional prevaricators an long term career parasites feeding at the public trough have forced on us for DECADES!

          18. Daniel Wright

            So Obama is a right wing fascist? By the way,Kennedy was killed by the CIA, the Cubans,the mafia and LBJ. the only thing you got right was the patsy. Jack ruby killed him on orders from his mob bosses because Oswald actually knew enough to blow the whole cosnspiracy sky high.

          19. h m rowland

            No on the Obama part, I agree on the rest of your synopsis however. If you see my response to Franie about this issue I think you will see that is true.

      1. BOBNIXON1


          1. Semper-Fi

            redman is nothing more than a stupid nigger embarrased by his fat stupid drunken mother who sucks cock behind the liquor store for beer money.

          2. h m rowland

            If memory serves me correctly you work there too. I love that little baby blue sun dress you had on last time I saw you there, one suggestion though…..I noticed that your knees were well shaven but you need to shave your neck, back, arms and legs…yewwww….probably some hairs on that tongue as well.

          3. The Redman

            Simple-fi is a pure inbreed dat will never B anything but a loser. his/her own mama was ashamed of him/her-it. hahahahaahah. a shell shocked sunscreen-nigga loser. hahahahaahah

          4. independent thinker

            Nope it is white pretending to be black. That is why its ghetto slang never quite rings true.

          5. tinkerunique

            ONLY THING WRONG = TRUE “Redmen” (Indians) know how to speak/write American English and stay away from the Black Chicago (brother/sister) offspring language that is seen on the gangland streets. < showcasing idiot mentality]

          6. robert tyack

            all you fuks would rather fight each other then even talk about Oregon. remember them here’s a hint it used to be the topic ??

          7. tinkerunique

            The “REDBIGOT” speaks again. ONLY knows to bash anyone white or government. PROVING AGAIN that she is NOT a “native American” by speaking black street-gutter, and hate for anyone else except her “homies”.

          8. Semper-Fi

            your fat stupid mama was inbred, and the daddy you never knew was inbred redman. up yours nigger.

          9. independent thinker

            Me too. Makes you wonder if it is a Discus plant since flagging it seems to do no good.

          10. h m rowland

            Hey Redman don’t take this seriously its just another thick necked brain dead marine flappin’ his stupid mind controlled gums about absolutely nothing. She or he is a CIA puppet. He/she couldn’t control themselves so they asked the military to take care of them, its a backdoor form of government assistance and they help to keep the unemployment numbers on the low side as well as an aid to population control. In addition to housing, food, clothing and a monthly check they get to see the world instead of the projects.

          11. otoman

            “aid to population control”? Are you talking about the liberal party that loves abortion because it keeps the black population under control?

          12. otoman

            Thanks for confirming that my neck is stuck in the right direction. It was clear when Johnson swore to his colleagues that he would have the black race eating out of the hands of the democrat party and the KKK was dominated by democrats where the real heart of the democrat party was, is.

          13. otoman

            Read the book and get it straight!

            “Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White,”

            “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” – Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One according Ronald Kessler’s Book, “Inside The White House”

            It is clear that democrats today are clearly prejudiced against Jews. Can’t go to an article on Israel without hearing condescending remarks about Jew loving conservatives.

            How’s the democrats phony “war on poverty” doing? Redistributing wealth to the lazy while getting nowhere. And “the lazy” in my book includes “white trash”. But per capita you know where the numbers are that are on welfare. Johnson’s agenda. “Just give them enough to keep them eating out of our hands”. paraphrased.

            Listen, I do mission work in Haiti to the tune of $1000’s a year out of my own lean pockets. The church is primarily the source for most giving to the poor. And guess who is known as “religious nutcases”? NOT liberals!

            Oh but wait, then there is hate spewing Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Lois Farrakhan, ………………………… (need I go on?) THAT appears to be the basis of liberal religion! HATE!

            Are there white bigots like Semper Fi? Obviously! And I DON’T condone it! But when stirred by hate mongering people like Jackson, etc., IT IS HARD not to reason why.

            OPEN YOUR EYES

          14. h m rowland

            I have open eyes. I am no defense for LBJ and I wouldn’t be surprised if your information is correct however isn’t it wonderful that no matter his motive that it got done and the war on poverty did and does offer scraps of food to starving souls on the streets of the richest government in the world. I think that you will have to agree that it was/is the Christ like thing to do. If we are truly a Christian nation then everything would be equal across the board and none would eat scraps and all would have a roof. I think your work in Haiti is admirable and I bet you care for those in your backyard as well. It is the church’s job to feed the poor and take care of the ill, it quit, and LBJ took up the slack.
            I’m not sure what your issue with those listed other than you listen to too much FOX and right wing radio agents repeating their mantras whatever they be. Lies told = lies spread can create much hate which is what has been happening with our President. He has accomplished so much and one has to wonder how great it might have been if instead of spewing treasonous words the right wing talking point masters had given his ideas the opportunity they deserved, but the rhetoric from the Nazi racists began even before he was sworn in. Its like listening to a bunch of jealous little kids spreading lies in a second grade classroom. The sad part is that there are those who listen and repeat just like shampoo in the shower, listen and repeat…lies, Karl Rove style, the manipulated masses. All major media pass propaganda as assets to the CIA, not just the obvious right, right and left is just a toy we are given to keep us busy and make us feel we have a say in what our government does. Its not a Republican or Democratic or Tea Dummy government; that’s just who we chose to carry out the policy set by the CIA/Military, presidents nor senate pages have real power, they’re puppets just like us.
            I don’t know much about Sharpton I have never really listened to his message. I do truly love Jesse Jackson, I voted for him in 2 Ohio primaries and worked for his Dayton campaign, a great man a great visionary and a master of oratory, which I have never heard him use to create hate as you say. Your problem with Rev. Farrakhan is that he speaks the truth and that affects one of your emotional addictions; we need to stop relating to our politics as our family or our daddies and protecting that with all we are no matter how big the lie. We need to look at things honestly out of the light of the talking heads. Blessed are the Peacemakers. They will be shot in the head or have their planes mysteriously fall from the sky at the hands of Warmakers, hawks, hunters, war toy manufacturers and their owners, American Nazis, barbarians, violent entertainment makers, violent entertainment consumers, far right religious entities, bigots, racists and those who use their position to promote conflict between people or countries. I remember a time, and I bet you do too, when the populace believed and acted as though peace in the world was our goal not war, we made an effort to love our neighbor as ourselves. Now we are all at war with ourselves, with others and as long as we nurture a warriors attitude it will only get worse. We need to hold up a Peacemaker in our hearts and the more we live in the action of love the stronger we will become; “put your swords back where they belong, for he who lives by the sword will die by the sword.” Peace.

          15. otoman

            “I think that you will have to agree that it was/is the Christ like thing to do.” NOPE! NO WHERE in the bible does it encourage govt. to feed the poor. NOT there job. Belongs first to family, then the church. God himself said, “A man who does not provide for his family is worse than an infidel”.

            Govt. intervention breeds greed into society. Wages war on those that work hard to get ahead. Takes from those that would give, but no longer can afford to while govt. gains size and power. Obama has created 20 million more people on food stamps. Fewer full time workers than 40 years ago. Avg. wage down $3000 per year. 102 MILLION working age people not working. Largest per capita in America’s history! Civil unrest like it was when there was real widespread bigotry on the part of whites.

            Now it is the black population that breeds bigotry because they believe this “unfair” garbage and are being fed the lie that they can’t do it on their own without the govt. because the world is against them. I have friends that moved from England because they could not get ahead. Worked hard but had no more than those that lived on the govt. and did not work. Tax rate as high as 95%! THAT is what America is turning into.

            Believe this “tax the rich” philosophy? Do you understand that if the govt. taxed millionaires/billionaires at 100% of their income it would not cover the national DEFICIT? HOW will the debt ever get paid? A total impossibility. America will be another Greece, and very soon. There is NOT enough money to feed, house, and give cell phones to (LOL!) those that CHOOSE to be non-productive for society.

            By the time Obama leaves office he will have spent more than ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS COMBINED! Yet we have fewer people working per capita, and those that are working are making less wages than 8 years ago! 20 MILLION more people on food stamps. A much faster shrinking middle class. And unbelievable social unrest.

            You are correct in saying that I am ANGRY! ANGRY at the ignorance of people when we live in an age where people have no excuse for being ignorant. YES, some are not as smart as others, but ignorance has nothing to do with intelligence.

            50% of American’s have become to lazy to even use a calculator. They have become unmotivated to do better for themselves because they believe those making more money owe them, because THEY were somehow cheated. 50% of American’s refuse to get a better education or even become motivated like those that make more money. I KNOW to many people that have beat that Harlem mentality when they came from the likes of Harlem. How did they beat it? They stopped believing the lies that they are incapable of creating a better life for themselves. They stopped believing those that have money have it because they somehow deprived you. LIES, LIES, and MORE LIES to keep people subservient to govt.

          16. otoman

            LOL! And YOU are stupid enough to believe that socialism will change that??? Europe is FAR worse off than America. HOW do you think America far surpassed Europe, and at one time became the industrial capital of the world? The rich country that it ONCE was? With a people that had pride? NOT THRU SOCIALISM! Are you even aware that there are fewer new businesses being formed today than those going out of business. This happened under Obama. Apparently you are are a person happy with receiving your subsidies and living a life contributing NOTHING to society. A dead beat. Taking advantage of the lives lost fighting for your right to be lazy and ignorant. ENJOY!

          17. independent thinker

            After reading its comments for some time I have come to the conclusion “The Redman” is white using a handle that indicates it is American Indian while claiming to be black. Its wording and the way it uses ghetto gutter slang along with other things indicated in its posts lead me to that conclusion.

          18. h m rowland

            Why would you think he is Native American? He chews Redman possibly or has red hair or maybe its his last name. Have you asked?

          19. Semper-Fi

            your fat stupid nigger mother needs you to get her out of the dumpster behind the liquor store redman, up yours nigger.

          20. The Redman

            Yo mama must have been a hooker 4 drinks, huh. else Y do U bring up liquor stores so much. huh. sunscreen-nigga-boy.

          21. The Redman

            Hey, boy. my “type” is the kind yo ho-dog mama liked. she was a simple-ho. hahahahaha. white-folks have ruin the u.s. fi-fi.

          22. h m rowland

            He makes more sense than most of those on this site attempting to make good sense, definitely more intelligent. There is never a lack of ridiculous b.s. to be found here. He plays folks like a pro, poking the dog with a stick. Ignoring may be the best answer Jane.

          23. Franie

            You just let your true character out of the bag Rowland. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

            You are certainly not a person to take seriously anymore. You know the old saying –
            ‘Two birds flock together’?

          24. h m rowland

            I think his babbling is ridiculous actually but he sure stirs the pot and I like that ….a lot.

          25. otoman

            NOT AT ALL am I siding with Redman. Read my posts. I just hope you realize that there is equal “white trash”.

          26. robert tyack

            I’m white but I’ll tell you at least the black aren’t afraid to stand together do any of you think white ppl would have made ppl wake up to what the police were getting away with? no matter who was right back then they did succeed in making ppl aware of what the police was getting away with for years. Sorry Semper-Fi just my opinion as one cracker to another

          27. otoman

            LOL! And most blacks are killed by their own color! LOL! WOW, liberal bigotry at it’s best! Liberals just love to hate!

          28. The Redman

            U seem 2 B a smart mouth white-folk. Y do so many white-folks rape their own children and den give em guns 2 go out and shoot up the schools, huh. o-nutty-man.

          29. Nikita63

            Hey, meathead! Was it whites who robbed and burned down East St.Louis, Baltimore and Fergusson, destroyed business and killed the two NYC cops after Al Sharpton was leading the Chants in Fergusson, “whatta we want;” and being answered with the cry: DEAD COPS? If ‘whitey,” did that, whitey would be in prison as an accomplice to murder and incitement to riot; Sharpton is invited to the White House! Get it together, turkey. Or since you haven’t a clue stick your head up your backside and breathe DEEPLY: that will likely end your unending rants and your utter idiocy! I may be censured for this but I am literally SICK of seeing YOUR trash talk with no evidence of ANYTHING you claim. Typical liberal lunatic!

          30. The Redman

            Yep. it was “white-folks” who killed black people untold numbers for years and burn down their homes jes 2 B hater of color, “meathead pecker”. and yes it is white-folks who worship guns more then God. yes it is white-folks who hate their own president jes because he is of color. yes it is white-folks dat rape their own children and allow em guns 2 shoot up schools and play crazy. yes, it is white-folks like U, Tick, dat has ruin the u.s. wit yo hate and self greed. R U A man or woman. nick the tick hick hater.

          31. amerall

            ??? Must be a member of a minority. I seem to remember when South Africa was one of the richest countries in the world. It got turned over to blacks and the result is that it is now one if not the poorest nation in the world.

          32. The Redman

            Yep. white-folks like U conned them out of everything, even most of their lives. white-folks tend 2 B very satanic and cunning.

          33. amerall

            HMMMM… Your statement is contradictory. They took over the country when it was rich and after the whites no longer had control, lost everything. The whites worked for those rich’s, the new government lost everything the whites had gained for them. Whites couldn’t con them out of anything, whites no longer controlled the resources that were controlled by the new government. That government squandered those riches because they couldn’t control themselves and threw everything they inherited away by greed and corruption, you know like in our ghettos where the issue is ME..ME..ME….GIMME..GIMME…GIMME! SOMEONE OWES ME BECAUSE I WAS BORN! WHAT ME WORK! The white man feeds me gives me a place to live and money for drugs and lottery tickets but don’t give me enough to be rich! I ain’t gonna start at the bottom and work my way up like all those stupid white people do, if I cant start at the top I ain’t gonna work at all!

          34. amerall

            Wow sucks to be you then, shoulda been born white! Might makes right you know! You probably never thought about finishing school and getting a job I guess. That’s how white guys get rich and powerful, they WORK for it. You know the way DR. Ben Carson got rich, he worked for it, no whining about how somebody ripped him off. Morgan Freeman, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, etc. guess it pays to become an Uncle Tom and join the ranks of the employed!

          35. The Redman

            I have more then U will ever know. unlike most white-folks, and U being 1, I hate 2 brag, and I don’t hav-ta prove anything 2 any 1 to B human. things R worthless in Hell. arm-pit.

          36. BOBNIXON1


      2. madmemere

        And “dirty harry” had big plans to sell federal land AND the Bundy ranch land, in Nevada, to some Chinese outfit, for mega-millions!

    1. Linda Shelton

      They already gave away a large portion of Indian lands to foreign mining company. The forked tongue is in place.

      1. Thomas R Bunnell

        Harry read sold that land to the Chinese years ago that’s what started that mess in Nevada a few. Years aho

        1. scott

          harry read wants the land,hes part of it to.as all federal employees are.hillary has sold the uranium to the russians and was her major funding for her to keep destroying america.as obama is also.look it up

          1. homegirl

            You, obviously, looked it up and have proof (evidence). No? When you make the statement you made without proof you are just a blowhard, and nothing more.

          2. jaybird

            I did not look it up, a lot of these Conservative letters that I subscribe to had articles and videos on it. Why don’t you subscribe to Freedom Outpost News and a few others. You are responsible for either being stupid or gaining knowledge of what is happening in the world.

          3. homegirl

            And may I suggest that you peruse sites such as ‘Democratic Underground” and “Mahablog.”

            I receive a score of emails from ultra right wing blogs every day. All overwhelmingly feeding fear and terror to the recipients.

            Get a grip!

          4. jaybird

            We are discussing the government abusing the rights of the ranchers. I don’t know what you are talking about feeding fear and terror???? Read Agenda 21, year 2030. Google the UN if you want to fear something, but I am sure you won’t. I am not talking about blogs, I am talking about actual articles by more than 1 person that basically confirm what the stories are about. I am finished with you because you won’t try reading anything else.

          5. homegirl

            It looks more like the ranchers are robbing the taxpayers, maybe you don’t pay taxes, so you are not concerned. You must be just another red state moocher.
            Do you promise to be “really finished with me?” If so, I am grateful, thank you.

          6. jaybird

            I just checked out the “Democratic Underground” and this is what I found –

            A Democratic party supporter’s website that is a gathering place for
            politics obsessed misanthropes who seethe with impotent rage at their
            complete lack of power and control over the American people. The
            poster’s at Democratic Underground all seem to be bourgeois lefty
            political groper’s in various stages of mental illness. Paranoia reigns
            supreme there, as does self-loathing, hatred of people in general, a
            strident belief in complex conspiracies which dominate and thwart them
            at every turn, and a desperate need to believe that all of their
            problems in life are somebody else’s fault.

            “I can’t function in life because Chimpy McFlightsuit, Darth Cheney,
            KKKarl Rove, Halliburton, Bectel, the KBR death camps, Diebold,
            Blackwater, LIHOP, MIHOP, chem-trails, Fitzmas, Scooter Libby, and the
            Pentagon’s hurricane and earthquake machine ruined my life… so I might
            as well hang out here at Democratic Underground.”

            Not interested in checking out the other “blog”.

          7. C6Vette

            Spoken like a true Ovomit Koolaid Drinker! Sad, very, very sad!!! ?

            Nam Combat Vet
            “Live Free or Die”
            “Freedom is Not Free”

            Our Brave Troops lost lives, limbs and a crap load of blood so you could ask questions like that!

          8. independent thinker

            Nothing wrong with asking for sources and/or links. I do it to liberals all the time but they rarely ever can/will provide anything.

          9. C6Vette

            I have provided Links to the Ranchers cause and what the BLM has been doing to them & the MSM has done Nothing, NADA to show what is REALLY going on in Oregon, diminishing their livelihood, way of live and killing their livestock and preventing the areas they use to feed their cattle, the ones that survived of course!

            From reading your Post I thought you were in here Trolling for Trouble as a lot of Libtards do! I am sorry for the misunderstanding and we ALL have the right to question with hopes of results to use against the MORONS in DC! There is NOT a 2 Party System in DC anymore, all we have are Libturds and RINOs and none of them are looking out for US, “We the People” that they are supposed to be working for (albeit only 130 days a year) and they STILL become Millionaires in just a few short months)!!! Part Time my Butt………. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/076a09fe9966962217bc7ea75b843075c5cd11d73bd078426c5f3a0e9f59db5c.png

            Nam Combat Vet
            “Live Free or Die”
            “Freedom is Not Free”

          10. C6Vette

            I Posted Links to what the BLM is doing to the Ranchers in Oregon, not my fault you could not find it for yourself!

          11. Franie

            If that is the case at hand, WHY aren’t the two of them, no three of them – Reid included, why aren’t they hanging from the gallows?? Rosenbergs got that ‘privilege’.

          12. C6Vette

            She would never believe anything that you put in front of her because she is already poisoned by Ovomit and is nothing more than one of his Minions! Maybe she should be a good girl and go drink more of Ovomits Koolaide! I have NO IDEA how misinformed the children today are, even with a college degree! I still have no idea how we allowed this to get this far, how badly our children are AFTER giving them a college education (they are even worse, I did not believe that would be possible)!!! Kids coming out of college today are worse off than when they went in, not to mention how disrespectful they are when they come Home to LIVE with us!

            All the diehard Libtards are the same, wouldn’t know the enemy if he was standing in front of her! Matter of fact HE WAS in front of her the other night when she believed every LIE he said in front of the entire American People! He STILL blames the Film Maker of causing the Deaths of 4 Brave Men in Benghazi! He is better known as one of the 2 “Butchers of Benghazi” the other is Killery!
            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8381e868290aee29b18fd3c86893f7fc34b3275f77d6353b28673c71bb99d02c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/076a09fe9966962217bc7ea75b843075c5cd11d73bd078426c5f3a0e9f59db5c.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a2aa34500a14f4690ed4fe862dca8a99397effa5f6139cd54b3a7e0ce3094bcf.jpg

          1. homegirl

            And the response of an ultra conservative right winger.

            Notice I did not use any derogatory verbiage, unlike you!

          2. Daniel Wright

            I responded apropriately to your demand. Lemmings like you never hold yourselves to the same standards you hold conservatives to.

          3. Birds of Fire

            Still haven’t found that small child whose parents left them alone at home? What a shame. And you were so bored.

          4. robert tyack

            What a pissing contest ant on wander no one knows what Oregon’s doing you’d think Obama got you both to keep our minds off what’s going on when you go back tell him you did good I’m out of here seeeee yaaaaa

          5. Frank

            LOL just like Congo or was that Chicago or was that Detroit oh well who cares it’s all the Congo now.

          6. Semper-Fi

            white folks built the U.S. and allowed your type to stay here redman. I hope a riot happens near me so i can shoot and kill about 500 rioting niggers, maybe even you!

          7. The Redman

            U sleep 2 much, boy. we B up close 2 U all of the time. we know yo every move. hahaahahahha. simple-boy

          8. Franie

            Ignore him. He’s looking for attention and he’s nothing but satans little sidekick on this site looking to get a rise out of us. Just ignore him, please.

          9. Daniel Wright

            Call me what you will. You see teabagger as a derogatory term. [something you deride others for using]. I see it as a badge of honor. I am yet to join a local tea party but I intend to soon. Thanks for the compliment. By the way,how is it that people who support the constitution,the bill of rights ,the rule of law and freedom from government oppression are not normal people in your eyes. You have bragged about how prosperous your family is due to the system that we have that gave you the economic freedom to seek the prosperity you now have. Then you denigrade that same system. Do you think you could have been so successful in the old Soviet union? Do you think that socailism is superior to capitalism. If so then maybe you should give all your money to the homeless and move into a ghetto. If you get your way the entire population of the US will be equal in poverty while the fatcats ruling us will live in luxery. Is that what you see as a good idea for America? This video by a former KGB propaganda operative will show you how you have been programmed to believe the things you do. Watch it,if you dare……….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5It1zarINv0

          10. homegirl

            All the benefits I have gained in the USA have been due to my hard work. Nothing has been given to me, or my children.

            Your misbegotten ability to project my political beliefs is truly astounding, not necessarily accurate and certainly distant from reality.

            My political identification is Social Democrat (Progressive Liberal,) for many good reasons.

            (BTW Progressives are the Majority in this country)

            “Progressives believe that after a lifetime of work, people are entitled to retire with dignity, and that means a commitment to strengthening and expanding Social Security—and 79% of likely voters in last year’s election also supported increasing Social Security benefits.
            So Republicans may try to cut benefits, but on Social Security, the American people are Progressives and they are ready to take on the retirement crisis in this country.

            Progressives believe in trade, but not the kind written behind closed doors by corporate lawyers that leave American workers eating dirt. Nearly two-thirds of Americans favor some sort of trade restrictions, and more than half oppose fast-tracking trade deals.
            Republicans — and some Democrats — may want to make it easier for multinational corporations to ship jobs overseas, but on trade, the American people are Progressives.

            Progressives believe that powerful corporations and billionaires have far, far too much influence over our politics and their stranglehold over our government rigs the game. Nearly three-quarters of America agrees. Republicans may cozy up to their billionaire
            sugar-daddies, but on campaign finance and Washington reform, the American people are Progressives.”

            Elizabeth Warren at Netroots Nation 2015

          11. Daniel Wright

            Many of the things you tout as fact are only a matter of opinion on your part. I never said that you didn’t work hard for what you got. I know more about hard work than you ever will. I earned most of what I have by back breaking labor, not sitting behind a desk or at a computer or taking a client to a tax deductible business lunch. My point {which went right over your head] is that the system we have allowed your hard work to enrich you,not a highly controling and opressive government. You demonize the system that enabled you to prosper. Your lack of gratitude is astounding. You blame Republicans and the American system for so many things that are patently false. Progressive is a nearly century old monaker used when Wilson was president to describe socalists. They called themselves liberals after WW2 and have re-labeled themselves as progressives due to the exposure of the failures of liberal policies. You are slick just like old willie but you can’t dodge the truth. You think that Republicans are beholding to their corperate donors. Hillary is in their back pockets as well as the pockets of foreign entities with alterior motives. Her ties to wall street are legendary.Go ahead and live in the collectivist utopia fantasy world you dream of while your hopes are dashed by a landslide loss to a true American candidate. After the Republicans take over and our country gets back on track to prosperity I hope you will see that your freedoms are restored and you have the freedom to enrich yourself further rather than being forced to fork over 90% of your income to finance the Sanders version of the American dream where everyone works hard like you do but only the government prospers.

          12. homegirl

            “You think that Republicans are beholding to their corperate donors. Hillary is in their back pockets as well ”

            “Go ahead and live in the collectivist utopia fantasy world you dream of”

            I have selected just two of your misinformed statements.

            1.”coperate (corporate) donors-which is why as a progressive I support Public Financing of Campaigns.

            2. According to your previous posts the Social Democracy I lived and worked in for 17 years is a collectivist utopia. As I advised you earlier you should learn how a Social Democracy functions economically. To put it more plainly-you don’t know how a Social Democracy functions. Stop embarrassing yourself.

            Where do you find all this shite you cut and paste?

          13. Daniel Wright

            What country have you lived in for 17 years. I have lived in the now quickly disapearing constitutional republic of the United states of America for 65 years. I was refering to the collectivist utopia that resides inside your skull. Not a piece of real estate. I thought someone like you would know the difference. I learned the true history of the leftist movement with decades of detailed investigation. There have been elements of socaliism in the USA for sometime now. Some of those programs are nessisary to make a country that has compassion for the poor and infirmed.I don’t need any economic lessons from someone who lives like a Republican while calling herself a progressive. You are obviously one who thinks that you can tell others how to live but demand to control your own life.There is no progress in your version of America. You also need to learn the definition of a Democracy. The USA is not a Democracy. If you prefer that all campaigns to be publicly funded then Hillary isn’t your candidate. She owes more to special interests than any politician in history. You are the one who should be embarrased. You think that you grew up in France or Greece,or then again………. did you? How is it going in the twice bankrupt greece? How is it going in the terror gripped France? Probably just like it will look here when you get the government you really want with an impoverished, complacent,disarmed population unable to defend themselves from terrorist cells who will never stop until the sharia is the law of the land and the ISIS flag flies over the white house. Here’s, to you never getting your wish.

          14. homegirl

            ” I was refering [referring]to the collectivist utopia that resides inside your skull. Not a piece of real estate.”

            I just can’t get past this statement-you are obviously out of touch with reality, as the rest of your post verifies.

            I have seen this statement many times on this kind of site and I am forced to use it “Get back on your medications.”

            PS: Paris, where the citizens crowded thestreets the following nights to display their beliefs and their strength!

          15. Daniel Wright

            Hoplessgirl should be your screen name. Medications? You are the leftist lemming advocating a socalist government then lying by claiming to be a capitalist. You are a walking ,talking oxymoron. As for Paris. Their solidarity after the event will not bring the victims back to life. Your beliefs have no basis in reality. There has never been a sucessful socailist country. It has failed every time it has been tried and the still existing socailistic countries are bankrupt or are on the way there. Even the USA with the silly socaliistic programs of Obama has forced on us we are $18,000,000,000,000 in debt. How can a bankrupt country care for the sick and poor. Answer;it can’t Grow up.

          16. homegirl

            Speaking of “bringing back to life” any thoughts on the 3000 dead from 9/11, on Bush Jr’s. watch, or the 5000 American dead in Iraq, also on his watch. And you should give Junior credit for some of that $18 trillion, at least $6 trillion of that is the debt he created by going to war and cutting taxes.

            Never been a successful socialist party somehow you are confusing the Social Democracies of the world with the failed Communist nations. You really should learn the difference.

          17. Daniel Wright

            So 911 was an inside job committed by Bush,Cheney and Israel? Were the planes really military transport planes? Were explosives placed in the buildings to ensure complete destruction? Obama has much more blood on his hands than Bush. six trillion,? Are you now admiting that Obama spent three times as much as Bush without having a major 911 type attack on his watch? Cutting taxes raises government revenue. Any first year economics major can tell you that. JFK knew it 60 years ago.. Only socailists and communists believe they don’t. Your assessment of european socalist countries is erronious at best.The Euro is collapsing with many countries considering abandoning it and most of europe is in near financial crisis………….http://www.theguardian.com/business/2011/sep/06/euro-debt-crisis-country-by-country./// I don’t know about you but I knew the difference between a slightly socalist country and a Communist dictatorship over 50 years ago. I am not retarded,or clueless like you assume me to be. You are just like most other leftist elitists. Anyone who disagrees with you politically or fiscally is an idiot. Your elitist, ruling class attitude rings of Bolshevism to me more than more modern benign socailism. I resent a doctor talking down to me let alone someone who thinks that our system should be replaced with socailism. If Obama’s failures in our economy has not convinced you that your beliefs are wrong then I don’t know what can but I wasn’t born yesterday and no matter what you say I am not as gullible as you obviously are to believe that the government is the answer to all. I thought you credited your own work for your sucess. Now can’t see how that is true.

          18. homegirl

            Ah, yes, spoken like a true fascist. Free speech for you and your ilk,
            but not for the rest of us. I can picture you in front of a mirror
            every morning giving the “Heil Donald” salute.

            But I do give you credit for hitting my state of residence, California, first time out. Add to that my political persuasion is most definitely Social Democrat, and proud of it!

          19. homegirl

            How about you, may I guess? You are a resident of a “Red” state. You know, one of those places that receives more in federal subsidies than it contributes to the federal tax monies. Yet you and your fellow citizens complain vehemently about the “gubbmint” robbing you of your hard earned money. So, who are the “commies?”

          20. aptos 2012

            NO girl I live in California in a little town near Santa Cruz fo 40 years,Now you trying to tell me all of your proud socialist BS.

          21. homegirl

            Where you choose to live is your business but you choose to live in “Commifornia.” One can only ask why? I suppose you have found a group of like minded “patriots” to hang with. Or will you come back with a pressing personal reason, if so I can only wonder how many social support benefits you are able to gain from the “socialist BS” state.

          22. Franie


            DON’T doubt it for even one nano second.

            It’s you despicable people, your despicable mindset, that’s destroying our once GREAT country. It’s you despicable imbeciles that have brought disgrace on this country. Don’t doubt that neither!!!

          23. homegirl

            You must be a Christian evangelical. Too bad for you and your brothers and sisters that the majority of Americans support the continued separation of church and state.

          24. aptos 2012

            Ones up on the time California was a most prosperous state in the US.And then the liberals invaded along with the communist from Berkeley all Hell come loose,holywood wasn’t much help the Marxist group quietly was growing and a $158B surplus become a same amount of loss.As soon as the Democreeps put they foot down at the capitol door everything just vent down,the taxis raised the electronic giants moved out.The Mexicans taking over the state and idiot population keep voting in some total idiot like Brown.Yes unfortunately I have to say CA become a far left state.

          25. homegirl


            Wallethub analyzed the disparity between all 50 states and their share of federal funding based on government data and three key metrics including; the return on taxes paid to the federal government, federal funding as a percentage of a state’s revenue, and the number of federal employees per capita. The return on taxes paid to the federal government is how many dollars in federal funding state taxpayers receive for every dollar they pay in federal income taxes. Federal funding as a percentage of state revenue is, as it seems, how much of a state’s revenue is provided by the federal government that means without it states would have to cut services or raise taxes. And the number of federal employees in a state addresses how much a state owes the federal government for providing a percentage of a state’s workforce that owes its livelihood to the federal government.

            The results of the study are not surprising, and as it turns out all
            but one of the 15 states most dependent on the federal government are
            Republican controlled, have very low state tax rates, receive
            inordinately more federal government-provided revenue than states with
            higher tax rates, more federal workers than blue states, and receive a
            higher percentage of return for every dollar paid in federal taxes.
            There is a reason Republican-controlled states boast they have lower
            taxes than blue states, and it is solely because they are more dependent
            on federal funding to support state revenue and low taxes. In fact,
            there is a 34.4% correlation between how much a state depends on federal assistance and its tax rates that means the more federal money
            Republicans can leach from Democratic state’s federal tax dollars, the
            least likely they are to impose higher tax rates. Overall, red states
            had an average federal government dependency ranking of 33.5 as opposed to blue states that ranked 19.2 on average.

            As an example, the state most dependent on the federal government was
            Mississippi that received $3.07 for every dollar spent on federal
            taxes, had 8.67 federal employees (per capita), and allowed the federal
            government, and other taxpayers, to fund 45.8% of the state’s revenue.
            Contrast Mississippi with the state least dependent on the federal
            government, and other taxpayers, Delaware that received $0.50 for every federal tax dollar sent to the government, Connecticut with 4.91 federal employees per capita, and Hawaii that received 23.6% of its revenue from the federal government. There is also a direct correlation between blue states with higher tax rates that received the fewest federal
            contracts, fewest and lowest amount in federal grants, and least amount
            of federal insurance assistance. The disparity between blue state and
            red state dependency on the federal government means, without exception, that red states boasting low tax rates are the storied 47% that are mooching off the federal government and other taxpayers in predominately blue states.

          26. homegirl

            Ah, yes, spoken like a true fascist. Free speech for you and your ilk, but not for the rest of us. I can picture you in front of a mirror every morning giving the “Heil Donald” salute.

          27. Frank

            And I picture you with your head so far up ovomits ass your face would be looking in the mirror out his dick.

          28. independent thinker

            “Leftist lemming” is neither more or less derogatory than “ultra conservative right winger”.

          29. homegirl

            “Knowing what Obama and his administration is capable of, my suspicions
            are that Obama is looking to confiscate that area and secretly use it to
            set up more Muslim training camps to train the tens of thousands of
            mostly young muslim men refugees flooding into this country. I wouldn’t
            doubt it for a nano second.”

            Now I know for sure that you are mentally disturbed. No need to respond as I find your posts unworthy of discussion.

        1. Franie

          Why don’t you do your own homework, homegirl. It’s out there in many media forums. What?? You want other people to take their time in looking up the same info you are capable of doing for yourself??

    2. Standandfight

      I had read where 2 of the states senators One demorat and one repuckican were in it together. Seems to be a large amount uranium and natural gas. Which they want to get their corrupt little political hands on.

    3. Wayne

      The BLM has ”zealots” that trample the Constitution at the behest of the Feds.
      That is how the Desert Protection Act was criminally passed and is illegally enforced to lock out 7.1 million acres that the day before was free open
      desert ! Only U.S. Senator Feisteins husbands mininig company
      has an exemption to trespass on it.

    4. Sgt. York

      One answer is ovomit wants land for the Muslim tribe he is letting into the country. If they have a large amounts of land they will have thier little groups. These groups will live as they did where they came from including Shari law. This will exclude them from condstutional law. Breaking our country up is just one of his plans for us

      1. C6Vette

        And he’s not sticking around for the “Big Bang” from the Iranians Nukes that HE gave them!

        Nam Combat Vet
        “Live Free or Die”

        1. Sgt. York

          All vets understand your motto. It’s just to bad that the stupid dummycrats don’t under stand it. Guess we vets must be the ones who will stand tall when needed

    5. Proud US vet/American

      The answer you seek is called “precious metals(gold, silver, platinum) and “uranium”! This is all on the Hammond’s ranch land-they don’t want to sell, the fed’s want it, thus, the mess that we are in now! Intimidation tactics by the fed’s to get this ranch(and many others in area) are nothing new. This fight has been going on for decades, and many families have already sold their ranches under the fed pressure. This is the answer that the network news agency don’t ever report-and the BLM doesn’t want out in the public. PLEASE RESEARCH THIS AND DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS! THANKS!

      1. C6Vette

        Please read my Post above yours, also 2 links to the BLM doing uncontrolled burns everywhere! Homes were gone, cattle burned to death (90), or just savagely burned! The timing was in July when the cattle NEED to graze off the land, you KNOW these Ranchers didn’t do this to themselves, they do controlled burns in late fall when they have hay & grain in the barns to feed them all winter! Sorry POSs in DC don’t care about anyone! We are all Americans and this is the saddest time I’ve seen in my life in this country!

        Nam Combat Vet

      2. C6Vette

        Here is another Link that should point out what our future as Americans may be! Ovomit bought a villa in the UAE for $4.5 mil, the Admial that went over there Then posted this article was FIRED today for some retarded reason that even HE COULD NOT HAVE DONE!!!! Here is the http://www.teaparty.org/miltiary-purge-top-us-admiral-fired-questioning-obama-purchase-mansion-dubai-138863/?promocode=tpo-2300595&utm_source=newsemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=tpo-2300595

    6. C6Vette

      I read an article & watched a You-Tube Video of the BLM burning everything in sight, “uncontrolled Burn”! This was in July when the cattle were grazing, something like 90 Burned to death in the wild fire that also claimed homes and associated buildings, also headed toward a smal, town with disregard for life or property under his royal hineny King Ovomit! Here is the link to that article and video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aeeclad8G3E Sorry that may be just the video with the younger Bundy narrating it! This country is NOT the country so many lost life, limb and a whole lotta Blood, including myself!

      This is the other Link! Read it & weep for America…..


      Nam Combat Vet
      “Live Free or Die”
      “Freedom is Not Free”

      1. Paul Joseph

        Why didn’t the “animal rights” thugs complain about cruelty to the cattle that were burned ??? Why aren’t the “global warming” sycophants complaining about all the smoke (carbon dioxide) and other air pollution from the BLM fires ????????

      2. aptos 2012

        If you look in to the Soviets did or just recently what the Israelis do that is almost identical what is happening here.History is repeating him self. The real problem is the “uninformed” voters or in general the american people never experience Communism and they have know idea of the consequences if they do they would never ever vote for obuma or killery.This bastards taking the advantage the people stupidity and now it is kind of difficult to reverse this disaster,But I believe Trump will turn our country around and burn the corrupt GOP and the Democreeps to the ground.

    7. jaybird

      I have also read a lot of articles on it and also that there was a witness to the Hammond charges and they have been falsely accused. The 3% militia of Idaho have arrived and they are trying to get another trial because of the information they have on what is happening. This information has been given to the sheriff and the FBI. Seems to me there is also corruption in the little town. The Uranium mine that Killary sold to the Russians also have mining rights/leases in that area.

    8. captainmvh

      this over reach of the feds is not limited to ranch land.. it is shutting down forest roads , stream access , mining, timber harvest, . etc. most all public lands are becoming off limits to users . anything to do with public lands is open to the public, not to destroy, but to multiple use, by law…

      1. C6Vette

        Not under Ovomits Constitution! He makes his up as he goes along! sorry piece of shiet

        Nam Combat Vet
        “Live Free or Die”

    9. kassa1

      It’s simple it’s government overreach flexing their muscles on weed the people! This is the same SOB in our White House this chastising ops for their abuse of power. I agree with the old man Bundy that we have way way way too many government people with guns that should be removed as we paid form we are the people , They are the servant! Just be get ready to walk in load is Obama’s going to go on a warpath with our money and our assets in his last year of terror !

      1. rayhause

        A little more fuel to the fire. Last week I read an article that said Special Ops was sending a team of Special Forces(Green Berets), however I really never was able to obtain their purpose. Being a former Green Beret and am a member of the Special Forces Association that a lot of us belong to, immediately sent an email back to Fort Bragg to obtain more info. That concerned one hell of a lot of the former Green Berets for it had been our responsibility to fight Socialism and Communism but never Patriotism. I’ve not received any communication from anyone.

        1. kassa1

          I really appreciate people like you sir and thanks for your service I myself was a Vietnam vet who is over there in denying in the mid 60s we are the people and we must stand together and not lose our country to a bunch of Marxist elitist. Thank you and all those who you associate with in the Green Beret ranks in any of the special forces ranks

    10. RMCSRET

      Pretty much it is all about control. The Federal Government just wants everyone
      and everything under there thumb and if it is not there they will damn sure make
      sure it soon gets there.

    11. apzzyk

      The BLM was created after all of the good land had been taken under the Homestead Act of 1864, and only took that land that was just not suitable for farming or even productive enough to raise even a cow or two on the 160 acres, and at that time, the ranchers who had found the little sweet spot, could lease the surrounding land, rather than owning it and paying taxes, for a reasonable fee per animal, so that various plots of land could be left vacant so that they could recover from the grazing. These are very fragile lands that are very vulnerable to erosion, both by wind and water, if there is just one more cow than the land will support on each subsection that the rancher leases each year. The lease money is generally given to the local governments which provide the services that are necessary for the ranchers, so the money stays in the community. If the BLM were not there, WY and NV and parts of CO and all of the Western States would support fewer cattle than it does now, because grazing leads to erosion and gullies which are worthless – check for the signs that say “watch for flash floods’ and then the usually dry washes that have been created.
      What has been done in countries without a BLM or similar organization is that so long as possible ‘slash and burn’ agriculture has been practiced and this exhausts all of the natural neutriants which accumulate over many centuries in a very short period of time and leave a wasteland behind them as the farmers move on. Where would these poor OR ranchers be ranching if it were not for the BLM regulating the number of animals that could be grazed on each lease plot – I have yet to see cows grazing in the Pacific or even in the mountainous forests of these states – the native animals can graze on steep slopes, and so can the most destructive to the environment – sheep and goats – but not cows. Would these poor ranchers have the resources to fight a real wild fire, like the ones in CA the last few years? That would be a no! The Federal and State governments are the only ones with the resources to fight a large fire, and that, in part, explains why the Hammonds are back in prison. They started what they say was a ‘controlled burn’, which they actually could not control by them selves or even with the help of neighbors, so while it might have started on their land, as soon as it got to BLM land, and the firefighters had to be called in it became Arson. When they do a ‘controlled burn’ at the Rocky Moutain Arsonal just to the NE of Denver you would not believe how many fire trucks there are to make sure that it stays where it belongs – could this rancher have afforded to have a couple of dozen fire trucks standing by just in case. Hell no!
      The next time that you see a fire, just get out there with your garden hose and when the Fire Dept. shows up tell them that you don’t need their assistance because you are solely self sufficient in all things. Welcome to the Burn Unit – if you make it.

      1. rayhause

        The Hammonds were burning when you’re suppose to burn and it damn sure isn’t when there is fertile pastures for grazing. I don’t know where you live, maybe in Brooklyn but most ranchers know exactly how much land they need for each cow and that all depends on what type of grasses they have. These ranchers do not need guidance from windshield cowboys and that is exactly what the BLM represents. The BLM are not stewards of the land, repeat not stewards of the land.

        1. apzzyk

          Well I have 3 degrees from Ag Universities, where I was involved in all sorts of Ag research including Watershed Management and none of these places was in Brooklyn, thank you. There is nothing worse than a controlled burn on grass lands that gets out of control. In CO over the past 8-10 years we have had an average of at least 2 per year that have done that on grasslands, that have burnt 100 acres or more of area which was not included in the ‘controlled burn’. and will probably have at least as many this year. At Tex A&M, I was one of those widshield cowboys who collected and analized data from all types of Ag events, and have several publications on these topics. Just because it is ‘burn season’ does not mean that it can always be done safely – that has to invove one of those people who look at the weather radar, and try to predict if there will be really favorable winds – the usual individual farmer just checks right before he starts the burn, but does not have any idea what will happen over the duration of the burn – all it takes is a little shift in the direction or speed of the wind to make a really big difference in the outcome. As I said before, all it takes is for the ‘controlled burn’ to cross over the property line to make it arson. I live on an acre, and I would like to do a controlled burn on my property just to get rid of some noxious weeds, and some tree limbs that have fallen from the trees that seem to have sprung up on the property lines, but if of when I do I will have the fire departments do it because they have access to all of the data which I cannot get. Every year, here along the front range, we have at least one ditch burn get out of control, and destroy at least one shed, or maybe a piece of equipment or two.
          Then there is the mentality of the farmers – if they can just sneak another cow or two onto leased BLM land they will make more profit, and in wet years this works, but in dry years, like we always have somewhere in the area, just that one or two extra cows can make a big erosion difference. The gullys got so bad in one area of WY, that they had to import Beaver from CO so that they could go back to controling the run-off as they had done for centuries before their pelts became more valuable than the land.
          The way I have come to look at it over my 50 year professional life span, is that everything is in an enviornment for some good reason, and if we take something out of it, whether it is beaver or wolf that there will be some adverse consequence that will be more of a problem than if we just left it alone.
          Out on the land I do wear boots – protects me from rattlers, but do not consider myself a cowboy by any means – I am just another scientist who is trying to understand more about the interactions in nature. One of the things that I have noticed, is that when the large animals are just there by nature, from bison on down, that they do not do the damage to the stream banks which provide other animals with clean fresh water – cows tend to get in the stream – knocking down the banks, which muddies the water, which in turn makes the whole stream unproductive in terms of breeding so that we can have more natural trout and not have to spend more of the taxpayers money on fish hatteries. Farmers and ranchers do not make profits from trout, but they do from cows.

      2. rayhause

        Further, you mentioned fighting fires in California and the ability of these ranchers to fight those fires. There is not one firebug who is a rancher, there are plenty of those kooks in California. Those ranchers are not destroying their only way to live, certainly not setting fires to destroy everything. Most of those major fires are caused by the failure of the government and individual land owners who do not maintain the underbrush, that causes the major wildfires.

      3. Daniel Wright

        Thanks for the history lesson. Now the truth is that this is a setup.The Hammonds set a backfire to stop an already existing brushfire from destroying their grazing land and saved several homes in the process. If they had waited for the fire department to respond all would have been lost. Their thanks were a trumped up charge of arson and a prison sentense.Contrary to your opinion,the government is not the answer to every problem or emergency. There are times when the use of a firearm to defend their home was the only difference between life and death for the victims of a burgurlay or home invasion. I myself saved a mobile home from destruction by using my garden hose to slow the progress of a fire that started in the back bedroom of my nexdoor neighbor. The firemen told me that what I did saved the home as only the back room suffered fire damage and they couldn’t have responded quickly enough to save the home. They took over when they arrived and they put it out but my actions prevented major or even a total loss. That is not a brag, just a fact. One to illistrate that actions of civilians are sometimes nessisary to help the government. After all,without civilian witnesses many crimes may never be solved by the police alone. Sometimes the people do have a role to play in these kinds of situations. The government is not the all powerful all wise infallible diety you think it is and by the way,the people are the bosses of the government,not the other way around. At least not yet.

        1. apzzyk

          If the Hammonds would have just done their best to protect buildings and live stock there would have been no problem. Starting a backfire is a matter for real fire fighters because they too can go out of control. Doing such a thing, when it goes wrong, becomes the liability of the backfire starter where there is no liability for a natural fire. Maybe they have a copy of “Do it yourself brain surgery”. On the other hand, if you just use your garden hose to try to slow a fire, that is another matter. The government cannot have respresentatives (trained professionals) at all places simultaneously, so you, at most can only do what they would do in a similar situation. Eariler, a young woman with a concealed carry permit saw workers at a Home Depot trying to get some shoplifters, so she decided to help by pulling out her gun, and then shoot at the fleeing ‘shop lifters’ – excess force for the cops, but attempted murder for her. Even off duty cops would not have done the same, and on-duty cops would have just chased and might have caught them then or later. The thereat to lives was that of the woman with the concealed carry permit. We read about the ‘heroic’ use of a weapon on this site about once a week, but not about the 80 shooting incidents per day that take place, such as that of the murder-suicide of the couple in Denver earlier this week. He, the shooter, without a criminal record, died at the scene, while she died at the hospital. Then there were the kids in Trinidad, CO, who found the gun in the SUV of their babysitter, and one shot the other in the head. At last report from Children’s Hospital in Denver, he was still alive, but expected not to fully recover; there there is the double the suicide rates of vets vs non-vets that are not even reported in their entirity on the VA IG report. Your odd of mis using your gun is about 560 to 1. The odds for hitting the 00 on a roulette wheel is much better than that. About 10 years ago, I had an intruder in my home, who I confronted wearing only jockey shorts and a T shirt, and only armed with my cat who does not like it when he is thrown in the face of someone – called 911 – the intruder left, and was caught by the cops about a block away. Could have legally shot him under CO’s make my day law, but have never found a pair of jockey shorts with a comfortable holster. Use force, including fire, with caution.

          1. Daniel Wright

            What do you know of the firefighting knowledge the Hammonds have? The fact is that the back fire they started succeeded. It saved homes,valuable livestock and maybe even human lives. You compare their actions with an idiot shooting someone in a store. If you were the victim of a home invasion would you defend yourself or would you hope that the invaders would spare your family and sit on your hands until the police could arrive. If you did the odds would favor the coroner coming with the police. Those kinds of criminals rarely leave live witnesses.You Demonize others for doing the right thing. The government is good at many things but it is not the all knowing, all wise, always correct, omnipresent entity you think it is. Considering the kangaroo court type actions of the court in this case it is sometimes not the protector of the people but rather their persecutor. There are times to stand back and there are times to act. You expected the Hammonds to do the former. If you got your wish the Hammonds wouldn’t be in prison for a trumped up charge, but then again lives and property could have been lost. Could you live with yourself if your inaction had resulted in the loss of human life? That’s the way it looks to me.

          2. apzzyk

            First, I do have first hand knowledge of what it takes to become a member of a USDA Forest Service Hot Shot Crew, at least one full season of wild fire crew service, usually 2 or more, a great deal of physical fitness which includes year round training of at least 5 hours per week at a certified training facility – not quite as intense as USMC boot camp, but over time, hours of classroom training on what could have been done better the last fire season, and being able to work as a crew – just like a USMC rifle platoon. From what I have read, since I have not spoken to the Hammonds, they did not have it, and should have just stuck to protecting property with whatever they had and should not have started any backfire at all, and if they would have stuck to that then they would not be back in prison. Even now, the occupiers do not have the training or equipment or manpower necessary to do much with a wild fire. Several years ago in CO, there was a want-a-be, who had his own pickup painted as the Forest Service trucks are, had his own equipment, but got in the way, and since his truck had CO plates, is now or was doing time for impersonating a federal law enforcement officer.

            Next, I want to thank you for paying the $3 million for the LA purchase and then passing the homestead act of 1864, so that my grandparents could be droughted out near Kingfisher OK following their first attempt, and then being able to return to CO to take the last available 140 acres (20 of what would have been added to their free homestead had been claimed by the School District, and the school building still stands). How much did you make on all of that land that only cost you about 10 cents per acre?

            Next, on the guns, while I was in the USMC, our M-1s were locked in rifle racks when they were not actually needed, which was most of the time, except when we were on the range or guard duty, and having ammo would get you 6 + 6 + a less than honorable discharge, and you know what, the 300 or so marines in my barracks were never attacked by anyone armed.
            On the other hand, within the last year some Marine was shot in the head on a rifle range, and no more information is available.
            I did see the range instructors take down, with their bare hands, a marine who did not properly clear his weapon before leaving the firing line – he seemed to go missing for several months, and came back without his stripes.

            I did confront an intruder who was about 18, and probably outweighed me by 40 pounds, before his 6 months in jail. If he would have approached me, he would have had 15 pounds of cat with very sharp claws and would probably have lost his vision, leaving me unharmed, but he turned and left. I do not think that I have anything worth stealing, or if it is, it weighs too much – ever hear of anyone loosing a grandfather clock to a burgler? My medical discharge was for what is now called PTSD, which did not have a specific name in 1961, and you may have heard of people, mostly vets, going postal. I could well have been one of them if I had a firearm. Sometime in the last month, a vet went for care at the Denver VAMC, pulled a gun and took a nurse hostage, but the security at the MC took care of the situation so there is no public knowledge other than the fact that the event happened. I have seen way too many bodies – try driving the morgue truck a couple of times for a week or two. Have you in your glorious career as a gun nut ever seen what a person who is in the rear of a 196 mm recoliless rifle looks like after all of the pieces are put in one bag? Called ‘friendly fire’. Look down the muzzle to make sure that it really works.

          3. Daniel Wright

            I asked you if you knew if the Hammonds had experience fighting fires and you go on a long drawnout tirade about yourself. You never seem to stick to the point. You always use your personal experiences as an example of why you are always right in any scenario. You remind me of an Andy Devine character in a twilight zone episode playing a man who had supposedly been everywhere and done everything. You equate a civilian stopping or slowing the progress of a fire when the fire department isn’t there yet with someone getting in the way and impersonating a fire fighter. Apples and oranges. I was in the Army during vietnam in a non combat role. We only had access to our m-14s and later m-16s when we were on the range or a march with full gear. You seem to think you are the only person with firearms training,or any other training for that matter. I never saw combat casualties but my uncle told me horror stories about his first day in Korea as one of those chosen for the burial detail after pork chop hill. Try that one. I have also seen people die in front of me so I am not totally inexperienced in witnessing death first hand.You think that unarmed military personel are safe. Tell that to the victims in fort hood. The Islamist monster shot 45 soldiers killing 13 before he could be stopped by a police officer with a………..GASP…GUN! The marines in your baracks would have suffered the same fate. My home invasion question was a hypothetical one. I was putting you in the average persons shoes but you just dodged the question as usual. I’m sure that the burglar would have killed you and your cat if he had a 911 45-acp in stead if his bare hands. The same goes for modern home invaders. They are almost always packing,loaded for bear and at least have large knives. And yes they don’t always leave witnesses, I ask you again; Would you trust them with you and your families lives or would you at least try to stop them?

    12. YoOleMe


      You Sir, and the current 71 UP-VOTES to your comment have chosen to “Fish for PC RELIEF” FROM YOUR SOVEREIGN DUTY & RESPONSIBILITY TO STAND AGAINST GOVERNMENT USURPATION OF OUR God-GIVEN Rights to PROPERTY!!!!! …


      “To exercise exclusive Legislation in Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square [i.e. 100 sq.mi., NOT 10 sq.mi.]) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority [i.e. EXCLUSIVE*, meaning NONE OTHER!] over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Building;–And”

      *Exclusive. Appertaining to the subject alone, not including, admitting, or pertaining to any others. Sole. Shutting out; debarring from interference or participation; vested in one person alone. [Blk’s Law Dict. 5th Ed., p.506b5. My square-bracket inserts & this footnote.]


    13. YoOleMe




      “To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square [i.e. 100 sq.mi., NOT 10 sq.mi.]) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority [i.e. EXCLUSIVE*, meaning NONE OTHER!] over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Building;–And”

      *Exclusive. Appertaining to the subject alone, not including, admitting, or pertaining to any others. Sole. Shutting out; debarring from interference or participation; vested in one person alone. [Blk’s Law Dict. 5th Ed., p. 506b5. My square-bracket inserts & this footnote.]


    14. YoOleMe




      “To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square [i.e. 100 sq.mi., NOT 10 sq.mi.]) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority [i.e. EXCLUSIVE*, meaning NONE OTHER!] over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Building;–And”

      *Exclusive. Appertaining to the subject alone, not including, admitting, or pertaining to any others. Sole. Shutting out; debarring from interference or participation; vested in one person alone. [Blk’s Law Dict. 5th Ed., p. 506b5. My square-bracket inserts & this footnote.]


  2. Dianna9490

    I agree with bundy – TGE Feds hav OVERSTEPPED their bounds and they need to b reined n and put back n there place- those militias that r there r TRUE AMERICAN HEROS AND RIGHT NOW THIS COUNTRY NEEDS A LIT MORE GEROS AND NOT ZEROS!

  3. gunslinger1964

    got to do what you have to do, before its to late and than what ? after you are cooked its TO LATE !!

  4. wildeagleone

    What is the stance of the Governor of this surrendering state and those that are supposed to represent the people not cowtow to the out of control federal government?

  5. BSORaiderErie

    Our government has been encroaching on our God given rights and the laws of this great nation for far too long and under the absolute worst President ever it has become overly too obvious.
    God Bless the USA and Springfield Armory!

      1. C6Vette

        I was watching some Lame Stream News when the Sheriff came on and told Bundy & his crew to LEAVE! Screw them, the sheriff is bought and paid for by Libtards & RINOs

        NamCombat Vet
        “Live Free or Die”

  6. Nam1

    The Hammonds denial I believe has more to do with fear of more reprisal by the thuggery and unlawfulness dealt out over the years by a out of control government agency… There are and always will be those willing and able to stand up for those oppressed.

  7. Robert Pekarik

    We need strong constitutional leadership in the White House. What we have been having for the past several decades is continual big government settling in to cushy jobs with golden parachute retirement programs and promised big corporation jobs once they leave office.

    1. Linda Shelton

      How about becoming the Secretary General of the UN, O’s next job, so he can continue to destroy America.

      1. C6Vette

        Ovomit just bought a $4.5 million dollar villa in Dubai, he don’t want to be anywhere near here when Iran sets off “The Big Bang” and he’s Thanking himself!

        Nam Combat Vet
        “Live Free or Die”

  8. jimahrens

    There is a lot more to this than meet the eye. You know somewhere there has to be pockets being lined. It amazes me how there is no action involved until you find out there is graft. Look no farther than Harry Reid and the Bundy Ranch. All land owned by Feds needs to go back to the states period.

  9. Eugene Simon

    This is the constant government overreach that we battle every day. They are constantly violating the US Constitution claiming the best interest of the American Public. The Founding Fathers were suspicious of government and wary of it. They recognized that government is always the greatest threat to liberty. George Washington likened government to fire — “a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” The whole purpose of the Constitution they devised was to keep the government divided and weak.

    “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” ~ Mark Twain

  10. Surly Curmudgen

    It has become obvious that the BLM is seriously out of control with many BLM personal belonging in prison.

  11. Douglas King

    The Federal Government would rather kill citizens than conciliate with these people. If you remember, Janet Reno under Clinton killed lots of folks rather than simply wait them out. Really murder, in my opinion.

  12. Brenda Harrell

    Obama and his cronies have overstepped their bounds, and I do agree with the militia, that if we don’t do something, there will not be an America left for our children.

  13. Dick Ellis


    1. J_in_TX

      No, the BLM needs to get out of it completely. The federal government has no Constitutional right to “own” all the land it owns. The Constitution is very specific on how the federal government must use any land it owns.

    1. John H. Kohlenberg

      More patriots need to support Bundy. our gonovernment is corrupt and will stop at nothing. A blood sacrifice is the only thing that will stop them. We pay a price for liberty. Sorry to say, but we have to fight to keep our rights and obey our laws and constitution at any costs. Join with the Bundys. It is the American way.

  14. jb wolf

    all federal land needs to revert back to the states it is in. The federal government under the muslim commie half brred has become a illegal regime and expanded into areas that they do not have authority to do. It is past time for the states to take back the rights the constitution gave to them and tell the feds to go to hell.

  15. Philip Allen

    No they did not go to far. while two wrongs don’t equal a right, that doesn’t mean the Federal Government or BLM was right to take people’s land from them illegally. Doesn’t mean Obama is right to use executive orders and go around Congress to make laws in violation of the US Constitution. The Federal Government, President, Congress, BLM and the many departments of the Government think they can do anything they want including violating the law and the citizens should day this is ok. This is the reason I support the takeover by the militia in Oregon. I feel that the people have no other recourse when our government refuses to listen to the people who elected them. The Federal Government is suppose to be for the People by the People not for the politicians by the politicians. Need I Say More?

  16. Ibcamn

    no,they did not go too far…..no one cared when the BLM agenda burned cattle alive and burned down homes when they started all this(and started the fires)that has us right here today,because of the BLM…just like the EPA and the willful destruction of twp major water supply’s in two states making millions of people unable to drink their city’s water or well water!!…the gov’t has been doing this to ranchers,farmers and people of this country on purpose and no one has ever been brought to justice!,so no,not even close!

    1. teriquajones

      The real reason Obama wants our nation to be disarmed; so he can trample everyone’s rights. If this occurred a hundred years ago; the citizens of the US may have taken arms to protect their fellow-americans against a corrupt government.

  17. rob

    There is a video of the blm torching the ranchers land and also a ranchers home and batn that were in the path of the fire. It shows men armed with torches walking close to thr ranchers properties lighting the grass fires. This happened in July which is not only the wrong time of year for lighting these fires, but it was also 2 weeks before the hammonds were arrested. They were blamed for the initial lighting of the fires to hide poaching, but in fact they were trying to save their cattle and property by lighting back fires and creating fire breaks along their properties. I will try to find that video and post it.

    1. Daniel Wright

      That is the Gods truth. However,the Obama admin never lets facts or the constitution to get in the way of a good power or land grab.

      1. rob

        Thats right. I read he wants to make a national park or something twice the size of yellowstone. That would put 400 ranchers out of buisness and off the land. FCKIN BASTRD…

  18. Raymie Connolly

    show me where in the Constitution the government has the right to point weapons of war at its citizens.

  19. scott

    america needs to putt their full support behind these men that finally had the guts and brains to stand up to the liberal tyrants destroying america.this is far far more than our founders put up with and gave us our freedom,which the liberal govt has taken away.the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed and every liberal banned from america.

    1. AEC

      Maybe have guts, brains on the other hand they may be lacking. When they stated that they were there for the long haul, then a week later they are pan handling for supplies, shows poor leadership and even poorer planning. What were they thinking, that the Feds would give into their demands in a day or two.

  20. Timothy Thompson

    All Federal lands should be returned to the States and the 10th amendment should be enforced by the states. Obama has abused and overreached enough, congress needs to stop funding the BLM period.

  21. ltbrown

    The Fed’s have over reached and must give back the land and stop the unconsitutional actions. Simple What does the BLM and Obama not understand about the term unconstitutional and consequential charges of treason?

  22. Nikita63

    Someone has to stand against this Dictator in Chief’s transgressions of the Supreme Law of the Land. and, since the 2nd Amendment is but a single sentence as follows: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a FREE STATE, the right f the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” By that standard. there is no any such thing as gun control , not now, not ever,. Some conditions placed for public safety are necessary and they ARE in place. Background checks by both State and Federal Governments, police monitoring of records etc. and in most states these are in place. What is needed is UNIVERSAL laws with no exceptions in all 50 states. And, that means the criminal and psychopathic sociopaths need to be targeted and eliminated but Law abiding American citizens, many of whom have fought under arms at GREAT PERSONAL RISK and been disabled by it in HONORABLE service should be left in peace to lawfully EXERCISE a right they fought to preserve which this puerile president would take from them in total violation of his oath to DEFEND AND UPHOLD THE constitution of the United States, AGAINST ALL ENEMIES; foreign and domestic, not become one or the other and who knows which it is, other than the FACT he has disdained the Constitution, Rule of Law and American Freedom since the day he took office and needs to be IMPEACHED or forced to resign for HIS lawlessness and his transgressions AGAINST all those legitimately and in compliance with existing laws, exercising a constitutional right; and that is not JUST the 2ndAmendement but the entire Bill of Rights!

      1. John H. Kohlenberg

        We need to furnish the Bundy’s with food, water, and money if needed for supplies. Set up a fund so we can contribute. If you can not go there to fight with them, then show your support and fund them to get the supplies they need. They are in it for the long haul.

  23. LIEberalschism

    It is not federal land, it is public, We The People, land. Just like the majority of the 83% of “federal” BLM land in Nevada of which only a minor amount is Military use and occupied.
    The Feds are severely over stepping their bounds.

      1. LIEberalschism

        Darn straight.
        Nobody wonders why you have to be rich to be in politics, it’s definitely slanted to the elitist regime machine.
        If the normal every day, non-attorney, Joe, like a good majority of common sense commenters on disqus, could run for and obtain office this country would be a lot better shape.
        The legislator elite exempt themselves from everything they apply to the rest of us.

  24. Jerry Henrie

    United Nations agenda 21 is the reason. The government wants everyone off the land and not making money. The land is going to go to the Jews who control all te worlds central banks. They will take the land in liue of debts we owe. For America the land will look like the Chinese is given the land for debts, but it will be a cover. Most peope forget the fed. is a private bank and every dollar printed since 1913 has interest attached to it. That is what most of our taxes go for is to serveice the interest on the debts. Before 1913 we printed money with zero interest. The synoagogue of satan does control the world.

    1. Rowdy

      They plan on staying on their land permanently. You gotta be a modernized city dweller. The land has rivers and water wells, And they make their living by putting that food on the store shelves for you to buy.

      1. blackwingA520

        I wasn’t referring to the ranchers, I was talking about the guys that took over that building, aren’t they from out of town? While hold up in the building, didn’t they have to bring food with them if they plan on staying for a while? (I’m not there so I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking?) Couldn’t the Feds keep them from bringing in food and supplies if they wanted to? Shut off the electricity to the building, heat, etc..? What is the Temp. out there in Oregon now? It’s about 20 deg. where I am. FYI, I live in a city of slightly less than 100,000 in PA.

  25. grandmary42

    Didn’t they serve their sentence? How can a judge go back and increase it after the fact? Something very fishy going on!

    1. teriquajones

      As long as Barack Obama is in authority; there will be corruption in the United States government. I’m sure we will find out what is really going on when he leaves.

  26. Patriot1001

    No they are within their right to fight the takeover of their lands. Hell the gov’t (BLM) tried to burn them out mid summer last year.

  27. Suzette Pulvirenti

    No one can tell any of us why in the world the federal government set up BLM and why they insist on taking over property that has been ranched for well over 100 years by ranchers…….Oh wait a minute…..I think one would call that G R E E D! Get the govt. out of everything in our lives.

  28. oldloggerak

    Most likely the Hammond’s are suffering from a fear of the federal government doing more to destroy their lives, possibly longer prison sentences for their loved ones. Most people would steer clear of an issue like this because they could be the next targets of the feds. It seems rather odd that the Western states are the ones that our Federal government are claiming vast tracks of land from and locking up so us residents can no longer use.

  29. JoAnn Dolberg

    So if Ammon Bundy et all do not represent the Hammonds, that tells me the Hammonds are in cahoots with the government and this is a set-up in hopes of starting a civil war so jughead can take away America’s guns. Bundy and his group are fighting for a principle of liberty, something many seem afraid to defend.

  30. indiana_conservative

    Quoted “Evidently they felt they had to make a stand against the overreach of
    the federal government – similar to what the Founding Fathers did
    against the tyranny of King George III and Great Britain.” Everyone did not go with the American revolution willing. Yet in the end all still benefited from the results of it. The Hammonds may not want to fight for themselves for whatever the reason, but there are patriots that are willing to do that job for them.

  31. sadnana

    My biggest question is why the Hammonds and their attorney aren’t protesting about the double jeopardy issue.

    1. Proud US vet/American

      Because it is NOT an issue-the original judge in the case screwed up the sentence and it had to be corrected by fed. judge Michael Hogan in order to meet the proper fed guidelines.

  32. xingqin

    Could the take over of the land that Bundy and the Hammonds occupied have anything to do with the fact that all of that land is rich in Uranium—Ask Hillary, It was part of the government takeover and the sale of the Uranium to Russia.

    1. Semper-Fi

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      1. The Redman

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        2. Bill

          The main thing ruining the USA right now is your type from the illegal ass occupying the White house to you, Please note the free food you are eating on food stamps we paid for. So Just a simple question are you really that stupid? NEVER MIND, You would have to be able to reason to answer that

  33. Grim Reaper

    The people at the Bird Sanctuary are about has misguided as it gets. The people they claim to represent don’t want them to. So time to wake up, and smell the coffee and realize that your occupation of the place just makes you look totally lost and stupid, not to mention absurd, and self serving.

  34. aydene

    yaduh, yaduh. So, what are any of us going to do about anything? Do you have a conceal carry permit? Are you going to go out there or help to organize a militia in your area? The government in any local State, and for sure the Fed, is so far reaching and in control that we have no voice, no power. In fact it appears our savings and investments will be used by the Administration to further feed and clothe the poor starving do nothings in our midst. Hey, have you checked out the chaos in Germany with the Syrians and the African scum moving across the land, braking into homes, not wasting time begging,,,,,,oh, and raping en mass. Gee, yuh think the Donald is right? If we don’t get rid of the foolish Libwit attitude in this Country, as Kruschov said, “we’ll bury ourselves!”

  35. trishae61

    They are selling the land to foreign countries for mineral rights. These are gutterbutts goons doing this, he is ultimately responsible and should be held accountable as well as those perpetrating the wrong.

  36. Alan

    Someone has to stand against this illegal, over bearing, feral Govt. The opposition party has proven they won’t do it. The BLM continually ignores the lawful agreement that was made when the land was given over to the Govt.

  37. NCBigmouth

    The militia protestors would have been okay if only they hadn’t occupied that federal bldg!
    Afterall they aren’t the Occupiers, the darling of the libtards!!

  38. DavidE1940

    The government has something up their sleeve $$$ or they would not be there trying to take their land. The last I recall Harry Reed was instrumental in trying to sell the land to China for a ridiculous amount of money.

    1. Rowdy

      Probably would have converted the bird refuge to a muckslime refuge and given them grants to build a mosque.

  39. Rowdy

    There is an old volcano there, called a kimberlite pipe. It brought rich deposits of minerals to the surface. Gold, Diamonds, and Uranium. Also, The Hammonds were threatened by the fed that if they would not make that statement of denial about the Bundies and militia members, that they would have them transferred to a much rougher prison and cause other problems as well.

    1. Semper-Fi

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  40. The Redman

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    2. C6Vette

      Our guns are registered, unlike yours that are normally STOLEN! Maybe you should get out of the Hood and learn to speak & spell the English language! BTW We were here first, don’t you call yourselves African-Americans? Oh wait you can’t spell those long words!

      Nam Combat Vet
      “Live Free or Die”

      1. Semper-Fi

        redman is too stupid to know anything except the same 8 or 12 words over and over. but not ‘registered’ unless a class 3 stamp automatic from the ATF. ….god i love the M60 …

        1. C6Vette

          Agreed, that is the extent of his vocabulary, can’t expect much more than that from a 1st grade education! I was partial to the M60 Thumper! We all took an oath to defend this great country, that did not end when we were Discharged! I believe most (if not all) believe that oath still stands!!! Thank you for your service and Welcome Home!

          Nam Combat Vet
          “Live Free or Die”
          “Freedom is Not Free”

          Looking at this photo I’m not really worried! LOL

          1. Semper-Fi

            I was in weapons company, a small company. I carried the ’60 for a few months and was local security for the ’81s. ..mortors that is.

        2. C6Vette

          I must apologise, have NO IDEA what I was writing about, I carried the M79 Grenade Launcher, AKA The Thumper, must have been thinking about you carrying the M60 Machine Gun while I was writing! DAHhhhhhhhh I was quite partial to that weapon (the M79), although it only had one (1) round to Fire, it was a Very Bad Arse Weapon! So sorry for the confusion, must have made you wonder IF I knew what the heck I was talking about!

          I enjoyed being able to carry so many different rounds (although heavy load to hump through the Jungle, still worth it) for that weapon, CS rds, Shotgun rds (NICE Dozen or so 1/4 inch stainless steel Ball Bearings), Flare rds and let’s not forget the best of the best the H-E Rd which would bring Pee on whomever you were shooting at! You did not have to hit the target in the center to do damage, you could Kill someone within a 5 meter radius of where it landed! AWESOME WEAPON!!! Forgive me for NOT writing the correct nomenclature of the weapon of choice! NOT M60 BUT M79!!! Anyone know where I could acquire one today, if not yesterday? 🙂

          Nam Combat Vet
          “Live Free or Die”
          “Freedom is Not Free”

          Far too many have lost Life, Limb and a whole lotta Blood on foreign soil to protect that Freedom only to have it diminished by the corrupt Politicians in DC that always seem to micro manage any War we have been in after https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e1b545f3c92898741b2e00cb13fa589a5ced223cbf3bc5745140ee0ad3bcf9a5.jpg WWII! Fight with our hands behind our Backs!!!

      2. The Redman

        U should try and live without dem winter lice and don’t shoot ya own pink head. e-vette. hahahahaahah

  41. Bill Howard


      1. Semper-Fi

        you may be right redman, if i were to shoot your stupid nigger ass through the heart with a 7.62 hollow point, i would open your mouth and look for gold teeth to pull out with pliars.

  42. mygunsweetness

    This is the taking of our lands,if you remember the government has done this before to my people and other tribes,then it was for land for the settlers,this time it’s just for greed,we can only hope WE THE PEOPLE will wake up and stand.

  43. Wyatt

    Yes there should be a better and more detailed explanation for the governments actions . However , with the Obama government we can not expect one nor will we get one . Basicaly what it boils down to is the Obama government wants the land for what ever reason or no particular reason . It is just an exercise in flexing leftist muscle . Is it because they wish to resettle their so called Syrian refugees ? Or just to see what they can get away with . What evet the case may be , this lawless government will attempt to do what they will anytime they will .

  44. Danny

    There is a lot more to this such as a witness saw BLM set fire to the brush that the Hammonds back fired to save their property. This witness info was never relayed to Hammonds Attorney. The court ordered the Hammonds sell to BLM if they sell. Rancher homes and cattle has been burned to force sales. This area has oil, gas, uranium and silver mineral deposits. It is unconstitutional for feds to own this land. The Bundy ranch in Nevada standoff was due to dirty harry Reid making deal with china for a solar plant adjacent to Bundys. The Blm slaughtered Bundles cattle to intimidate them to leave property. There is a lot of crimes committed through out these states to force ranchers off their lands.

  45. What_no_change???

    If we have it and they want it they take it and call it legal. SOCIALISM! I don’t know enough about it to say I would be fighting with them but before this butt head is out of the WH we could see a lot more of this which is why he wants our guns.

  46. Dave Norton

    people the gov; why they want the land back, is because of minerals, gas, natural . There afraid these people will start there own business. and develop this area.in the past the people started boom-towns . just like this. There is more facts but not enough paper to wright on or elaborate. On this problem. .but I hope you get the drift. people. in Arizona Reid tried to take the land , to put sun-panels -witch was going to be bought by chain. this was fact. this was not B.L.M. this was private land.

  47. Jonathan

    Redman is off topic, a blanket response using that same tactic I could say ” blacks are trying to burn down cities ( their own mind you) and aborting fetuses en masse, Asian are crashing cars in record numbers and harvesting organs from dissenters of communism, native Americans are ripping off their own people and stealing what ambition they could have for good by building Casinos…the list goes on and yes, whites in general are inherently and purposefully destroying nations and sovereignty. In-fighting is no solution and how you are responding my friend is of the same sort of contribution as those you accuse. And fellas, I know your mamas taught you better. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Were humans and brothers and sisters under one creator whoever you think that might be. Time to pray that it doesn’t get worse and this reverses!

  48. Concerned

    If the stories are right, a lot more people will support the Hammonds and even fund the lawyers for their defense. However, if they don’t want to fight, then they have been defeated and want to serve their term.

  49. Ibcamn

    um,you forgot to write a bit of info in your article here….the Bundy’s(days ago)went on record,and on TV and video,saying,they have nothing to do with what happened to the hammonds and are not there because of that!!they are there because the attack on the bundy and hammonds are why they are there!!hello!did you miss that TV and video and news conference??im guessing so!the hammonds did not want to cause a fuss,so that is why they turned themselves in!!the bundy’s are there because the BLM burned homes and burned feeding grassland and cows(alive)and destroyed lives by setting fires,the BLM set the fires in the first place,causing all this,that is why the bundy’s are there!….get the story right!there is even video of the BLM committing these crimes against the ranchers!and of the BLM burning homes and feeding grasslands out of burn season!wake up,tell the truth and the right story!!..this article is miss leading a lot!!

  50. BF39

    I think the ranchers and militia were justified. The federal government is trying to take over the land

    1. Rowdy

      Agenda 21, clear all the people out of the land west of the mississippi. Pillage the vast resources there for the Elites benefit.

  51. robert tyack

    yes I believe in them it’s the step we’ve all been talking about, waiting for, the start everyone wanted but were afraid because we were all scared no one would join the cause and stand with them. You know what everyone was right no ones joining, no ones standing with them,no ones supporting them their all going to go to jail and everything will go back to what it’s always been corrupt. Except for one thing no one will try anymore because everyone will think they will also go to jail and they’ll be right. Some example were setting. I don’t care why their doing what their doing, but i’ll tell you what I do know I know their fighting for their/our constitution. So yes I support them I admire them it’s the rest of us that wanted this to happen promised to give support wanted to wake up America that i’m ashamed of. Where is the 2nd Amendment freedom fighters,the NRA,the guns for America, and all the other groups that’s been bumming money to help fight for our rights.Wake up America the alarm is ringing don’t reach over and shut it off. Then you can go home and open all the mail from your donors.Give me a ride and a gun I’ll join them hell just give me a ride and I’ll hold the flag for them. They can’t arrest us all put your money were your mouths are and stop trying to justify why you’er not going to help then you can go back to cashing all those checks.

  52. Original Anna

    I have always been under the impression that somewhere in the Constitution that the Federal Gov’t cannot own land, it always belongs to the people, individually or collectively. Am I wrong on this or was it in some other law made by some Congress.

  53. jaybird

    Need to call your representatives to support the Hammonds and reign the BLM in. We all need to stand together to fight this government.

  54. John Walsh

    It would make sense that there are uranium deposits in this part of Oregon because it has the same geology as the Southern Okanagan Valley north of there, in British Columbia, Canada, where there are proven deposits of yellow cake uranium just west of Oliver and in the Summerland area. By the way, why are US governments so intent on throwing everyone in jail, for even the flimsiest of reasons? THE ONLY TIME TO JAIL SOMEONE IS IF THEIR PRESENCE OUT OF JAIL PUTS PEOPLE AT RISK!!! The US has the highest incarceration (jail) rate of any country on earth! It’s a real turnoff.

  55. ABBAsFernando

    The enemy within has no clue about how determined we the People are in defending ourselves against the tyranny that FASCISM represents. Some of us fought fascists in WWII. Some of us fought communists like Obama and “friends” during the “Cold War Era” some of us have and continue to fight fascists who call themselves Muslim fundamentalists.

    The Spirit of Freedom and Liberty is who we are. Better to die free than submit to the evil slavery of FASCIST masters like VILE FASCIST SCUM!

  56. ThreeQuarterTon

    There are a couple of informative articles on the Tea Party websites that will answer most of your questions. Generally you have the right ideas. POWER!

  57. Bob Jacobs

    What do we all really need? I say
    food, clothing , shelter, Love and respect for our fellow man,
    transportation and real health care. Why are we all going around
    chasing a concept called money instead of what we really want? Why do we not take
    money and profit out of this equation and start to work together in a
    loving manner to get what we all really want from this existence we are
    living in?

    I am so tired of this mind game profit based legislative slave environment destroying everything.These people are just showing another typical example of our dysfunctional society showing there displeasure with our existing system in place. We all need to fix this in peace with love and compassion for our fellow citizens and everyone on this planet.

      1. Bob Jacobs

        Thanks Alex. I was never very good in school so that makes me feel real Good. Hope your day is great!

    1. Rowdy

      That is exactly what THEY the Constitutionalists are demanding. Start living by the law not your greed, Quit abusing, flat out killing people and animals and raping the land to address your greed. The BLM is absolutely nothing more than the enforcement arm (brownshirts) of the most egregious form of government to ever exist on the north American continent, maybe the world.

  58. Douglas McIntyre

    How a judge can review another court decision and suggest the time didn’t fit the crime is simply wrong…and if this is aloud by one judge it can and will apply to all judges who sit on the bench…and that is very scary! One day you may be sitting at home for a DUI and spent time…so a judge sees the docket and tells his wife…OH hell no that wasn’t enough time for that DUI (maybe from the same hood??), and goes back to work and calls the deputy’s office to have you RE-ARRESTED!!! And sent back to Jail for what he decides is a better time to serve!!! IF this doesn’t wake Americans up to a very SAD legal system and they don’t care because it wasn’t them….then get ready folks!!! It is just a matter of time!!

  59. Douglas McIntyre

    I’m sorry I suggested it was the legal system out of step….it isn’t our system…it is those (Judges) that use it for a matter of personal issues…generally liberals or students lead around by their collective noses through colleges across America! Example, recent interview with Yale University Students (Yale Students Right)…they were asked if the First Amendment of our Constitution should be removed because to many people are getting their feelings hurt by postings!! Most agreed it should be REMOVED!! Now that is scary in my opinion…what the Hell are our Children learning???? It is obvious NOT THE AMERICAN WAY!! But it seems to be the future!!

  60. Franie

    Knowing what Obama and his administration is capable of, my suspicions are that Obama is looking to confiscate that area and secretly use it to set up more Muslim training camps to train the tens of thousands of mostly young muslim men refugees flooding into this country. I wouldn’t doubt it for a nano second.

  61. Sharron

    The government may be thinking about giving to another country. They are taking over our land for years. What happens when they want to take it over.

  62. Mario

    “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for the people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind require that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”
    I’m ashamed of the Hammonds and their lawyer for not having the guts to make this stand! This is what it’s all about…
    Because of this rogue and criminal government. (I dare say regime), once again, people’s rights are being trampled on. More physical takeovers should occur, beginning with, and especially the Whitehouse, and all public offices. We need to be Lions, not sheep!!!

  63. apzzyk

    Given that the wildlife refuge was dedicated in 1908, after the owner of a mining claim did not do do the necessary upgrading, and that the Government reposed it, we should all be able to see that it was Obama who was responsible, since this happened more than 50 years before he was born.
    As of now, the occupiers would really like to have it turn into a siege, so that they could become martors, like some groups in the mid-east who really want their 72 virgins (ouch!), but unfortunately, big gumment is not playing the same game, by just having its agents sit around, play gin, shoot pool and play darts. However, there are people joining these nuts, so the more nuts that you find in one place, the more, eventually, the civil authorities may get off the streets at the same time. Sort of like what happened to the Mafia.
    Every day these nuts break some state or federal law – right now, it looks like RICO would be a good fit, since people are coming there from out of state, and that only carries a 20 year prison sentence, plus the ‘enhancements’ of 5 years for each offense for being in possiession of a firearm while committing a felony – their sentences, to be served consecutively will probably set a new record – make Madoff look like a short timer.
    What happened to the Hammond’s was that they probably violated the terms of their supervised release – maybe by having guns in their possession – so this is not double jeopardy, just being returned to prison to serve out the rest of their sentences.
    From the letter I got from my Freedom Coalition Rep, it seems to be a goal of these rural people to take over all govt. property that they can find to start something like a rural – take back the land (that they never owned) movement. Here, these great patriots do not seem to realize that without the Federal and/or State governments – which they hate so much – that they probably could not even survive – who brought electricity, and paved roads to these rural places? It was the taxpayers from other states – which would be the governments.
    Then when they are doing their time, they will get letters and maybe even money from their supporters, and, by law, the names and addresses and contents will be recorded, so more will come to light, and may even incriminate themselves so there may be an alternative to the skin head gangs that are now in every prison.

    1. Rowdy

      That is quite a rambling manifesto of nothing but suppositions, ignorance and the surfacing of liberal indoctrination. You are pathetic.

      You represent the USERS that suckle at the liberal teat. You have no idea as to what it means to actually do something for this country. Yes they did build that.

      1. apzzyk

        When you talk about users, where would the farmers be without Federal Crop Insurance – I know a KS wheat farmer who got paid over $1M a year for 4 or 5 years because of the drought in SW KS, which may be over, may be not (but their is no global warming!). I live in NE CO, and there is the Big Thompson Project which brings irrigation water from Lake Grandby to Carter and Horse tooth reservoirs so that the farmers can have the water they need to grow crops – begun under WPA, and finished in early 1950’s, and all of us property owners pay taxes to this authority, and farmers pay no more than those of us who live in the cities and towns. Look at I-80 through NE and I-70 through KS – miles of road and no people but necessary to get farm produce from where it is grown to where the people are. Then in CA, which is in the middle of a Drought, it is the farmers who are taking at least 75% of the surface water and are drilling, which is tax deductable, wells so that the subsidance in the Valley has caused the surface to fall by up to 10 feet. It takes a gallon of water just to grow one almond nut. In the area of the wild life refuge and the area where there was a standoff last year, it is how many acres is needed to feed one cow, and the money paid to the BLM is almost always turned over to Local taxing authorities to compensate them for the taxes not paid on Federal Land by the people who lease the land. I get my earned benefits (not entitlements) of my VA pension, and Social Security and would rather be working, but cannot because of the service disabilities and simple old age, and over my life time I will never collect the amount of money that the KS wheat farmer collected in just one year. Then, if you look at the world price for sugar and compare it to prices in the US, you will find that Mexicans can buy sugar, due to our ban on imports, for about 20% of what it costs me; and the same with Peanuts – when I was able to work, my job enjoyed no such protection, and if I look at the Jobs that I did do in a very specialized area of data processing, I find that about 90% of those employed are from India – here legally because they have skills not taught in our Universities. Here, what happens is that an employer just certifies that it cannot find US citizens with these qualifications (actually who will work for the low pay and be able to pay off student loans), and in pops another immigrant whose country has paid for his or her education so that they can come to the US and send money back home. Such a deal.
        In CO, we have Rocky Mtn. National Park, which would make fine Condo Country if the land rapers could just go up and take it; we also have the Pawnee National Grasslands, which once held homesteaders – you can tell by the small cematary, which might be next on the occupiers sites. It is just this little fraction of what were all natural grasslands that covered all of the area between the rockies and the Missouri River, which could easily be over grazed if it were made ‘cattle country’, but the mineral rights were leased to fracking companies this past year so that they will be able to go to whatever water is available and get their million gallons per well, which will come out of the farm fields and is only available because of the Big Thompson and other diversion projects paid for by the taxpayers.
        Then there are the other federal price supports on such things as milk – where all of the milk that is produced at these factory dairies, and that which is needed for human consumption is paid for at a higher rate, with all the rest being bought by the government and turned into powder milk. Read ‘Grapes of Wrath’ and ‘In Dubious Battle’ which tell you about what happened before price supports – killing pigs and pushing their remains into rivers to try to raise the price, when no one could afford pork anyway.
        One of the reasons why we do not have such things as the Sahara in the US, is because of the BLM, which strictly limits the number and kind of livestock grown on public land. The Sahara was probably caused by the over-grazing of the land by sheep which leave nothing to hold the soil, so we see it expanding to the South, because of the same thing. Just a little reasonable regulation when looked at from a conservation standpoint. The Current crop of Conservatives should be known as the ‘use it all up and make a profit faster’ movement. If something does not make a profit, then it is by definition worthless, and god will create more (wantta bet?).
        When my dad graduated with an Ag degree in 1937, his first job in SE CO was to sign up farmers for the soil bank, where they got paid for planting the native grasses that had kept the soil from blowing away for hundreds of thousands of years. He went on to teach Vocational Ag, so that the next generation of farmers would contour plow to prevent erosion – the School disrtict paid him what he would have been paid as an ordinary teach – $600.00/yr, and the USDA matched this – not for any other subject matter area. He also taught the next generation about how many cows could safely and for ever profitable on a certain acreage – this is the reason why the Great Sand Dunes National Park is on the West Slope of Colorado and is limited, rather than taking up nearly all of the area between the Missouri and the Rockies.
        All of this partially explains why the USDA and Dept of Interior budgets seem to be so big – without these ‘entitlements’ there would only be ConAgra where it was still possible to grow some crops and feed some livestock, and even grow consumer products, like onions, etc.

  64. Kenneth Smith

    Perhaps you ought to check out the process and by who the court jury tired to just get it over with due to the 2 hour drive back and forth the judge married to the Field Manager of the BLM Source The Oregonian Newspaper

  65. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Maybe this government has gotten to big and can do us the CITIZENS LIKE THEY WANT TO.

  66. homegirl

    Bundy Gang can’t use County Fairgrounds to gin up support for their “Cause.”


    “We have a longstanding practice of allowing community groups to
    use county facilities,” said Harney County commissioner Steven Grasty.
    “But we unfortunately now find ourselves in a place where the county
    must deny those facilities to any group that is supportive of,
    associated with, or on the behalf of the militants at the refuge.”

    Well finally someone gets it that giving these guys a platform to
    promulgate their nutbag theories about the Constitution is counter
    productive. Maybe their supporters should hold their dang meeting out
    at the Refuge and the Feds can move in and arrest the lot of them.

    1. Daniel Wright

      They were not even invited. You think that the constitution doesn’t say what it says. Justice Scalia disagrees.

      1. homegirl

        And if they were do you really think they could leave to attend a public meeting and then return to the hut they are occupying? First step out of the compound and they will be in Federal custody.

    2. C6Vette

      And just when and WHERE are we to take a Stand against this Islamic Regime? I grew-up not far from Concord & Lexington and the Battle Ground there, also not far from Boston where the actual/original Tea Party occurred! If we continue to allow this Radical Muslim occupying our WH to do as he pleases, we will all end up un-armed and Defenseless against the tyranny of this so-called government! He is Burning our Constitution & Bill of Rights in front of our very eyes, only a BLIND person can not see that!

      I originally came in here to apologise for how I spoke with you the other day, I THOUGHT you were just a TROLL! I had second thoughts and wanted to correct the wrong I had done to you! After reading this Post of yours I realize you are NOTHING BUT A TROLL and will NEVER EVER apologise to a TROLL!

      Nam Combat Vet
      “Live Free or Die”
      “Freedom is Not Free” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a2aa34500a14f4690ed4fe862dca8a99397effa5f6139cd54b3a7e0ce3094bcf.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cfaae8c14ab843cc4ca5f661147c2212cf1a38ba45f05ac1cb22e0456dd1faf6.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2cff699b96e24f286cdf443c8cf0cdce017d1cf4142795bdcc61c87de9cc1c54.jpg

      1. homegirl

        Cool your jets! In exactly 12 months the black man you hate so much will be leaving the White House, forever.

        Face it, in seven years he hasn’t:

        taken your guns,
        shipped you off to a FEMA camp,
        voided your right to vote,
        sold your children into slavery,
        confiscated your assets.

        Hang in there, you will need your strength for the next Democratic presidency, beginning January 2017. I really don’t like to upset you further by suggesting that a true Democratic Socialist could well be the next president, but think about it. Will you join Bill O’Reilly and flee to Ireland. The country that has a 40% tax rate, Universal Health Care, gay marriage, legal abortion and free higher education?

        And for the record I am not a troll. My main and true purpose for posting on these sites is to improve my typing speed and skills.

        1. C6Vette

          Your an Idiot you know that? Must be some Entitled, Spoiled little Shiet that never had to work a day in her life! Go Kool your Jets while you still have them, IF you ever did! Still living in Mommy & Daddy’s basement Rent FREE?

          Nam Combat Vet
          “Live Free or Die”
          “Freedom is Not Free”

          @homegirl you should really think LONG and HARD about those 2 statements, you never earned a thing in your life, except maybe an allowance! Why not Join the Service and go off to battle now that women are allowed in COMBAT, or are you NOT old enough?!?!?!

          1. homegirl

            Oh my, how wrong you are. I began working at 14 while still in H.S. Self supporting and financially independent for three decades, all due to my own hard work. In case you haven’t caught on, I am a senior citizen with assets.

            You should learn to stop putting all those who disagree with you in the same box. But, then, that is the easy way out of examining what your party really stands for.

          2. homegirl

            Gee, you really believe I have never done anything for anyone but myself. How foolish you are to make assumptions without evidence.

            The list of my charitable accomplishments is quite long, and growing. As you are a Vet Nam vet I will close our exchanges by thanking you for your service to all Americans and our country. Peace.

  67. Sean Rickmin

    barry and HIS totally socialist goonies are wrong,all wrong.barry says that he is American,it’s too bad that it’s not north American.

  68. Tomas dela Terra

    According to the Oregon Blue Book, Harney County has a population of about 75,000, however they don’t break that figure down. It should read that of the ‘people who live in Harney County there are actually only couple of thousand. the rest are composed of wolves in U.S Gov’t uniforms, (about 50); the REST are all SHEEP (two legged variety)

    1. Daniel Wright

      So you think that those who stand up to government tyranny and over reach are sheeple? Who are they following? The founding fathers comes to mind.

    2. homegirl

      Oregon militia remove security cameras, pave roads on federal wildlife refuge

      BY Nicole Hensley


      Sunday, January 17, 2016, 7:51 AM

      The militia group occupying an Oregon wildlife refuge has been paving
      new roads, scrapping fences and taking down security cameras on federal

      In their latest anti-government display, the armed group scaled ladders
      Friday to disable surveillance cameras at the Malheur National Wildlife
      Refuge and blamed the FBI for installing them to survey the occupation.

      The black cameras, previously attached to poles at the headquarters,
      were a symbol of “mass surveillance,” militia spokesman LaVoy Finicum
      said at a media briefing Saturday, where he displayed a basket of the


      The armed anti-government militia group
      continues to occupy the Malheur National Wildlife Headquarters as they
      protest the jailing of two ranchers for arson.

      Their transformation of federal property has earned the ire of the
      Burns Paiute Tribe, whose leaders demanded criminal charges be brought
      against Ammon Bundy’s group, fearing that priceless artifacts have been
      defaced and ancient burial grounds desecrated since their Jan. 2

      “Who knows what they’re stomping on,” tribal councilman Jarvis Kennedy told the Washington Post.

    1. homegirl

      This isn’t Racial, IMO, it’s a basic matter of the current laws. The
      Bundy’s had ten years to prove their case and all the money in the
      world, in a State the Ranchers practically own, to prove they were
      right, and they lost -So all they had left was the Social Media and
      they’ve pretty much failed at that as well so they’ve shifted to another
      Venue..Were the Hammonds in Oregon ‘Overcharged’? I think,maybe they
      were. But the Voters in Oregon voted for Mandatory Sentencing and it
      hasn’t been challenged yet . This ridiculous “Occupation’ is failing
      because we are a People who want peace and we love our Heritage…We
      love our Wildlife and our Wildlands, and want to preserve it all for our
      children. Once it’s gone there’s no getting it back. So it’s a simple
      choice. Fight for it now, or lose it forever.Just have to decide who
      these lands belong ‘To’ and the argument has been going on since Teddy
      Roosevelt established the first National Park.

  69. Brent Arave

    They absolutely should stand up and so should the rest of the country. This is just one instance of many in just the past 5 years that I am aware of. The government is way over stepping their legal rights and are using mafia tactics to get control of their own interests.

  70. homegirl


    Protester arrested in Burns, driving stolen refuge vehicle

    BURNS – Oregon State Police on Friday
    arrested one of the protesters holding the wildlife refuge, charging him
    with having a stolen vehicle after he drove into town, authorities

    The man was identified as Kenneth Medenbach, 62, of Crescent. He was
    accused of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Law enforcement
    officials said Medenbach is currently on federal probation stemming from
    another militia-style episode in southern Oregon last year.

    He is the first person arrested in connection with the armed
    occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, taken over two weeks

    He was arrested in the Safeway parking lot in one vehicle bearing
    federal government license plates. A second federal vehicle was parked
    next to him, but the man police suspect of driving that into town
    already had gone into the grocery before police arrived.


    One Yeehawdist down, hopefully more to come.

    1. Daniel Wright

      Even you said the man was not named Bundy. He is from Oregon. The Bundy’s are from Nevada. Different name,different state.

        1. Daniel Wright

          So you are playing the same kid’s game you played before.Is that why you don’t call yourself a woman?

          1. homegirl

            I don’t have to prove anything to you or anyone else. If you don’t want to play, don’t respond, I won’t miss you.

          2. Daniel Wright

            Who said you had to prove anything. However,acting like an adult would be a refreshing change of pace.

          3. homegirl

            Every response from you is more petty than the previous one. Stop embarrassing yourself. And this is my final response to your pointless personal remarks.

          4. Daniel Wright

            You are the one who admitted that you baited me for no good reason. Now you admonish for being the honest one. If you don’t like being called juvenile then stop acting like one.

  71. homegirl

    Let’s see, now…

    Philadelphia…blacks holed up in house…government solution?…drop a bomb from helicopter onto house…

    Harney County…white azzholes holed up in government building…government solution?…waiting for an answer…

  72. homegirl

    The Daily Cost Of The Bundy Occupation

    by Laurel Raymond & Jenny Rowland — Guest Contributor Jan 12, 2016 5:08 pm

    Although the armed occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife
    Refuge facility may seem to have done little more than camp out with
    guns and demand snacks, their continuing occupation is costing taxpayers

    Local and federal government facilities have had to be closed,
    keeping public employees unable to complete their work. Harney County,
    which houses the preserve, schools were closed last week, adding
    teachers to the list of employees on paid leave and preventing students
    from learning. Police and security have been brought in to protect the
    townspeople from the armed militiamen — who have threatened
    law enforcement and other county officials. The occupied reserve, a
    valuable tourist attraction for the area, is closed to recreators. All
    of those costs and losses add up.

    Cost to the County: $70,000 Per Day

    Harney County Judge Steve Grasty told outraged community members that
    he’d send the Bundys a bill for what they’d cost the county — which he
    estimates to be “$60,000 to $70,000 a day” for the closed schools and
    government offices and the drastic ramp-up in security.

    Despite Judge Grasty’s threats, he doesn’t seem optimistic about actually recouping their losses. He reiterated the threat to the New York Daily News, but clarified that he doesn’t expect Mr. Bundy to pony up: “Will he pay it? No.”

    These estimates for security don’t include the additional cost of the
    FBI presence and support, just the cost to the rural community around
    the reserve — which is bearing the brunt of the economic fallout.

    Cost to the Federal Taxpayer: $23,400 Per Day

    Along with the occupied Malheur National Wildlife Refuge facility,
    three buildings maintained by the Bureau of Land Management and Forest
    Service have also shut down
    because of the security threat to employees. The Bureau of Land
    Management’s district office in Burns, Oregon alone employs nearly 120
    employees — most of whom are now on paid administrative leave. The
    weekly cost of those workers — who now are unable to work — is about $117,000 per week, or $23,400 per day.

    Not included in this cost are the 50 additional employees at at the
    refuge center or the Forest Service’s Emigrant Creek Ranger District
    office. Many of these workers are also on paid leave, which means the
    actual cost may be even greater.

    Cost in Lost Recreational Tourism: $40,000 Per Day

    The economic impact of birders, hunters, anglers, and other outdoor
    recreationalists is no joke. Nationally, these groups contribute some $140 billion and hundreds of thousands of jobs to the economy each year — a strong economic force for many small businesses, towns, and counties like Harney.

    The Malheur Wildlife Refuge is no exception. It attracts 119,000
    recreational visitors a year, who come to see its 190 thousand acres of prime wildlife habitat, housing 320 species of birds, 58 mammals and 10 species of native fish. These visitors spend around $15 million each year, according to a 2013 report from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

    $15 million a year averages down to over $40,000 a day, meaning
    Harney County has lost, as an estimate, a staggering $360,000 in
    recreation dollars since the armed takeover began.

    Total Cost: $133,400 Per Day

    $70,000 in security costs and closed schools. $23,400 in federal
    salaries. $40,000 a day lost in recreation dollars. The cost of the
    nine-day takeover adds up to roughly $1,200,600. Each additional day
    adds $133,400 to the total, and for the beleaguered Harney county,
    there’s no end in sight.

    This post has been updated to reflect that the losses in tourism are specifically related to recreational tourism.

  73. texexpatriate

    It is time for all genuine Americans to resist the U.S. government in every way they can. Today’s Federal government is a criminal enterprise.

    1. homegirl

      Speaking of criminals!

      Oregon standoff: One of protesters has murder conviction

      Source: The Oregonian

      Oregon standoff: One of protesters has murder conviction

      By Rebecca Woolington | The Oregonian/OregonLive

      on January 20, 2016 at 6:38 PM, updated January 20, 2016 at 11:03 PM

      One of the protesters taking part in the armed occupation at the
      Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is a 68-year-old former woodworker and,
      according to court records and authorities, a convicted killer.

      Neil Sigurd Wampler drove to Oregon from his home on the California
      coast earlier this month to join those protesting the arson convictions
      of father and son ranchers outside Burns.

      In August 1977, Wampler, who was 29, was convicted of second-degree
      murder in the killing of his father, Forey Edward Wampler, in Lake
      County, California, according to the district attorney’s office there
      and police reports.

      During an interview with The Oregonian/OregonLive, Wampler denied he is the same man.

      Read more: http://www.oregonlive.com/oregon-standoff/2016/01/oregon_standoff_among_the_prot.html

      14—Ukiah Daily Journal, Ukiah, Calif. Wednesday, August 10, 1977 I
      Lake court I proceedings In Lake County Superior Court Monday morning,
      Neil Sigurd Wampler, 29-year-old Alameda man, was sentenced to state
      prison by Judge John Golden, following the defendant’s plea of guilty to
      murder in the second degree. Wampler had been charged with first degree
      murder of his father, Forey Edward Wampler, on May 9 at his father’s


  74. homegirl

    Can some one explain why these people are able to enter and exit the government property they are illegally occupying at will? Certainly that is an opportunity for the Feds to serve and arrest them?

    Locals demand Oregon militia leave refuge: ‘It’s time for you to go home’

    Source: Guardian UK

    The armed militiamen
    occupying a wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon have faced the most
    intense opposition yet at a community meeting where local residents
    shouted down protest leader Ammon Bundy in person.

    Bundy and several other high-profile militia members left the
    Malheur national wildlife refuge to attend a public forum in the small
    town of Burns, located 30 miles away from the occupation. At the
    emotional meeting, residents one by one demanded that Bundy and his
    armed followers end their siege of the wildlife sanctuary and
    immediately leave town.

    “It is time for you to go home,” Harney County judge Steve Grasty,
    one of the most vocal critics of the militia, said directly to Bundy,
    who sat in the bleachers of a Burns high school gymnasium on Tuesday
    night and listened to a steady stream of angry comments.

    “Go, go, go, go, go,” the crowd shouted back, according to the
    Oregonian. “Get the hell out of my county,” one woman yelled. Another
    screamed at Bundy: “Go to jail where you deserve to be!”

    Read more: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jan/20/oregon-militia-leave-refuge-ammon-bundy

  75. YoOleMe

    30 January, UPDATE:
    – – – – –
    Steve [Quayle], I am a former 23 year Indiana Sheriffs Deputy. If you look close Lavoy Finicum was shot from the left by a policeman with a Tazer before he was shot with anything else. He was shot and killed laying on the ground after being rendered helpless on the ground from the wire fired Tazer. I have an extra large computer screen and it is unmistakable. If you follow the short sleeved uniform policeman you can even see him pulling in the wires of the Tazer as he walks toward the road. Murdered for sure. [Emp. Added.]

  76. Tomas dela Terra

    “Evidently they felt they had to make a stand against the overreach of the federal government – similar to what the Founding Fathers did against the tyranny of King George III and Great Britain.”
    With one HUGE difference!! When his majesty sent his troops, our ‘Founding Fathers’ didn’t cave in and ask their friends to “stand down” The Bundys are cowards! The HEROES are those four individuals who are STILL defying the High Sherriff and ‘redcoats’!