Cameras Catch Shocking Reaction to Bill Clinton Speech – Now Hillary is Furious

Former President Bill Clinton made his first stop to campaign for his wife, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, on Monday in Nashua, New Hampshire. This stirred a lot of criticism from opponents because of his problematic past with women.

Judging by the looks on the faces of the women standing behind him on stage at Nashua Community College, Bill Clinton wasn’t making a good impression. In fact, it looked like Hillary’s plan to have him win her support from women voters may have backfired, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Here’s the report from

The women on stage were meant to rally some enthusiasm for Clinton, but instead, they ended up looking either bored or hostile. Some of the ladies even rolled their eyes during the former president’s 28-minute speech.

One woman appeared to almost fall asleep, while another fought off yawning. Others were caught on video sporting grimaces and frowns, looking as if they’d rather be anywhere else. 

“Bill Clinton has remained mostly behind the scenes during his wife’s campaign so far. Many have questioned the impact he will have on her effort- but one thing is clear: Republicans and conservatives will undoubtedly use his past with women against Hillary as she campaigns to fight the ‘war on women.’

Hillary may be hoping that Bill’s past won’t matter to some of the young women who can’t remember it, but by the looks of these women on the stage in Nashua, that won’t be the case.”

Donald Trump has already said that once Hillary began to use her husband as a means to get votes, he will go after Bill’s past with women and Hillary’s part in it. Many believe she enabled her husband and attempted to silence those who accused Bill of sexual assault.

It appears that some New Hampshire voters don’t want Hillary forced on them as their candidate, just like Bill forced himself on women in the past.

Do you think that Bill’s act is finally wearing thin with Democratic voters and they’re tired of Hillary as well?

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  1. Damien Quinn

    I dunno, I’ll bet Hillary’s trying to throw the race so that damned commie can get in there and paint the white house pink. I sure am glad we’ve got Trump on our side, he’ll show those damned poor people a thing or two about making it on your own once we all help him get to Washington.

      1. Ronald Gunn

        I don’t how true this is but I heard Obama wants to drop the “white” from the White House And call it the president’s house because he said the word white is a racist word. But if that happens he can’t stay in it because he is damn sure NOT a president.

        1. Sherry

          So, I guess there is no more “white out”, white fudge, white bread, white board, white paper, white……..oh well, you get my drift! ONLY a RACIST would try that on this standing monument of almost 300 years??? What a complete FOOL these stupid PC jerks are!! That means no more “black outs”, black beans, blackstrap, black dogs, black panthers, black……Yeah, that’s gonna fly! The entire world KNOWS it as The White House!!! Those IDIOTS would turn the entire world up-side-down if they felt compelled by PC!! GROW UP, You frustrated juveniles!!!

          1. Ronald Gunn

            Screw you Sherry, I said I don’t know how true it is, or did you brother to read that. Besides that, he does what he damn well wants to because he knows we don’t have the nerve to stop him. You sound more like a frustrated juvenile more than any one else.

    1. Violet Vanderhelm

      TRUMP for me – IF there is no rigging in elections and O does not declare Martial Law for the sake to be Pres perpetually till his death as dictator.

      1. Ronald Gunn

        If he does declare Martial Law just to remain in the White House He might get tired of seeing all those red dots on him every time he steps out of the White House.

        1. Damien Quinn

          I bet it wuz him ordered this damned baby brain-shrinking bioweapon released in our dear old father land. They say only southern moskeytos spread it and that it’s going to make everyone stupid so they’ll let them come in here and take our guns away.

          1. Damien Quinn

            There sayin the skeets got a new disease in em that, if you get bitten, any more babys you have will be born with little shrunken heads. There’re all millions of little ones being born down in brazil with little head and they say it’ll be all over the south by next fall.

            I was reading this one site that they said it was released by Obama, because he wanted to get back at the south for slavery and that the illuminati were okay with him doing that because it means they’ll be able to enslave all these babies with the little heads for work and that they’ll say that the people in the south will need to give their guns to the ATF in case the babies git ’em but really it’s going to be in case the truth gets out and people get real mad over their children being born special against the will of god.

            These people really are demon possessed, I guess I should know that already but they just scare the hell outa me.

    2. mike

      Hitlery is to much of a sociopath to want anyone other than herself in the White House,and when I say sociopath I’m being kind, she is more of a psychopath and belongs on the list of the worlds most prolific cereal killers

      1. Sherry

        She IS a serial killer….she gives money to Planned Parenthood! Now that’s psychopathic; and she wants to be POTUS???

    3. Sherry

      Cruz IS the far better CHOICE! You pray about it and see if God answers your prayers on His choice for POTUS! You will be amazed at what He shows you; I guarantee it!

      1. Damien Quinn

        I heard he was a homosexual. DT has a video of him in one a his hotels with a lady boy and two other men an’ he’s gonna release it if Cruz doesn’t drop out of the race.

        1. Sherry

          That IS a bald faced LIE! Cruz IS a Christian! That would be about DT’s speed. He is a fabricator, obfuscator, and a CLOWN!

          AND, this is what Americans want for POTUS??

          1. Damien Quinn

            Hey, maybe that’s true Sherry n if that’s so, I guess he won’t be too worried about them tapes being released. I guess all those young men mighta been kneeling down there in front of him like that praying or something, but if that’s so, I don’t see why he needed to take his shirt off.

            I guess DT mighta turned the heat up in the room some, remotely like, and that’s why they was sweating and puffing away like that. Still, it’s hard to vote for him now I heard about it, I guess the lord musta wanted me to know about it.

  2. El

    Anyone here that knows anything about Billy Bob’s sex activities with children? I wonder if this is being hushed up by the Islamofascist Democrats. It is legal for a ragged looking filthy Muslim to have sex with a very young child or a dead woman. This should appeal to the Clintons and Sanders as well, as they are Marxists set about destroying America.

    1. Rick

      You must be thinking of Bill’s good friend Jeff Epstien the convicted pedofile. Bill has flown in Epstien’s private jet to the Caribbean to a private island that is owned by Epstien that is named Orgy Island. From what is said the island is staffed with underage girls to tend to the special needs of the guest, and the jet ride to the island has a couple of young girls on board as well.

        1. Damien Quinn

          I heard it was all young boys and that, at the end of the week, they have a bbq with the remains of whichever of those little guys didn’t make it. Clinscum’s huge, splits ’em like cordwood and calls out for another.

      1. Sherry

        That IS TRUE!!! BUT, NOTHING is being done about it because it is out of US control……so they say…….

  3. donl

    Slick-Willie is a has been, washed up, his words are hollow. Now he’s making a Jerk of himself. Hey Chelsea, your parents ruined your career. Go home and live off the millions they have left for you.

    1. Rowdy

      Nope she and they have to give it back. They stole it from America and now everything THEY have must be turned over to America again. Chose your one change of clothes carefully chelsea, and hope it isn’t orange like your parents.

      1. Pamela

        That’s right Rowdy and there is a scripture about that in the Bible and I pray right now that the Lord cause a shift and that these demonic people in the WH have to return every dime and everything that they have stole, to the Real American People and taxpayers in the Name of Jesus!

        1. Ronald Gunn

          Like I told Rowdy, sadly that will never happen. As far as what the bible says, They couldn’t care less about the bible or Jesus. Only money and power. But I do pray you are right.

          1. Pamela

            Yes, we need to just keep praying and asking for forgiveness and binding and rebuking. They may not care, but Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world and the power of prayer and especially when we are all praying together on one accord works miracles so I pray every day for the right leader and I rebuke and bind the government in Jesus Name and if we don’t faint and just keep it up in faith, the Mountain has to move!

          2. Pamela

            Amen, thank you. I am making it a daily and nightly prayer as we need an honest leader that is for the people once again

          3. Ronald Gunn

            If only we could be sure they are honest. They all say they are until they get to the White House. Then all bets are off. All we can do it hope and pray.

          4. Pamela

            I know it is scary now. All I know to do is pray and watch and read about them and ask for discernment that I will make the right decision.

          5. Damien Quinn

            I can’t wait for DT to come in with the lords broom, to sweep away all the wealth and corruption outta DC.

          6. Sherry

            DT IS toxic…….it has been replaced with a far more powerful “Cleaner”! Applied ONLY with prayer…….

          7. TOM

            Sherry thank you for responding. No the Clintons do not bother me. I really don’t care who Chelseas father is. Sure don’t look like Bill to me. I just want them to get their corrupt faces out of the media. The have propped themselves up as great Americans which couldn’t be father from the truth. Sometimes you need a little toxic to make things better, at least things won’t be status quo, and that why we have the quagmire where in today.

          8. Sherry

            Won’t happen! DT is one of them! HE is part of the deep seated PROBLEM!!! Now, we need for God to take over to clean out that cesspool. It’s far too late for anyone else to employ “strategies” that they think MAY work! The EVIL there has very DEEP ROOTS!
            It’s way past time for us to stop putting our FAITH in mere men and back in our Savior. PRAY for true revival; it starts with you personally! Let God come back to this nation and start blessing us again! For over 100 years, this nation took Gods blessings and claimed them as their own doing! Time to relinquish our PRIDE and let Him be our true Guide and LEADER!!! We will NOT survive another year without HIM!!! NO man can do what God WILL do if we would just ask Him and then TRUST and obey HIM!!!

          9. Ronald Gunn

            I hope for the same but I’m afraid there is not enough days left in the life of earth for that to happen. Even If it was he would not have enough time to do any thing else. But we can only hope.

        2. Damien Quinn

          I want that son of a bitch to die rich, so’s he don’t get to heaven.

          Jesus said the poor own the kingdom of god and the last shall be first ant the first shall be last, it’s going to be hard enough with all them Africans and Mexicans being above us in the kingdom of the lord without having the Clintons up the hill on the other side too.

          1. Sherry

            So sorry that you do not understand that paticular poignant scripture as it very well describes what Christians already KNOW! Read it again and you will understand what I mean……..I will be praying for you, Damien. God’s peace be upon you!

          2. Damien Quinn

            Why thank you Sherry, I feel your prayers stiffening my faith up real good, you sure do pray real well.

            Well now, I used to think it had something to do with the way god was going to do his judging, that he’d judge the people who was alive on JD first, and then the recently dead, and so on. I thought that was real smart of god because of the dead rising up being so frightening for little ones and all. I was telling my Pastor about it, saying how smarty god was and everything, but my Pastor John told me it meant that the lowest people on earth would be brung up the highest in heaven.

            I guess I’m really proud that the USA is number one and all but I think it means that when we go to heaven, we’ll be in the worst place. I guess it’ll still be pretty nice, on account of it being heaven, but I just don’t like the idea of all them people being above us in gods estimation. It must be cos of all the heathens we keep electing.

            Anyways, I was thinking that at least I’d be above all them rich folks, like the Clinton’s and Obama’s but everyone’s wanting to put the in prison and take all their money. I figure my pa got saved in prison, maybe that’ll happen to the Clintons too, and then they’d still be above me in heaven.

            I’m going to pray for you too Sherry. I’m going to think about your trying to make me feel better cus them democrats aren’t people of god so theyd be devil bound. I think if they was poor like us, maybe theyd find Jesus too, so I guess I’d better pray for them politicians to still be real evil and rich, so as they don’t find God and they’ll go to damnation when they die.

            Du ya think I should pray for them to not stop taking the drugs too? A guy I know was saved when he went to rehab, all these people might not be punished for their sins if God forgives them.

        3. Fedup

          They left the white house the last time with a moving van full of the contents that belong in the white house. They were caught and had to bring it back. Most people after suffering a major humiliation of that magnitude would have maintained a low profile. But…not the Clinton trash.

      2. wildeagleone

        I believe zchelsea should step out of the lime light because, if her mother is indicted and goes to trial, she most certainly may be used to testify or take the fifth as she is a partner in the family business and that may cause her major problems

          1. Sherry

            She would use the fraudulant claim that she knows nothing…just “works” there doing the mundane job of counting the money…….

        1. Ronald Gunn

          I hope so but I don’t think money will let that happen. Money talks loud now days and you damn well better listen and do what money wants.

      3. Dennis B Anderson

        Yup the Mom and Dad will soon be swimming up river for lock up. The only thing Chelsea is missing is the hook in her mouth.

          1. TOM

            Rumor has it she is not Bills kid, maybe that explains why he takes advantage of women the way he does. regardless you can’t have a rapist in the white house as your 1st man? Crap that doesn’t even sound right.

          2. Sherry

            “Rumors” are not facts. DNA would be easy enough to prove the point; but why??? Who REALLY cares who Daddy is??? I think she LOOKS like Bill, but that means nothing! Look at “O”s “kids”….
            The rumor mill is always fed truths mixed with a lot of lies. NONE of this stuff is important in my own life; is it to yours???

          3. Ronald Gunn

            You know as well as I do, even if DNA showed she was not bills they would say it showed she was.

          4. Ronald Gunn

            I’ve heard that rumor also. And as far as being called 1st man, that leaves old billy BOY out, you got to be a man first.

          5. Rosech Levy

            She is already involved with a husband from a crooked father, and being on the Foundation’s books and working with them. It is a trio of traitors and ripoff artists. In the South this is considered blood brotherhood!

        1. Sherry

          Nothing will come of it….it will all be forgotten and blow over when the “elections” are over; if there even will be an honest one….NOT!

      4. Joe

        They have not returned the $250,000 worth of furniture and artifacts they stole from the White House.

        1. madmemere

          Right, they needed all that stuff to furnish their “new, multi-million dollar shack) in NY! And they had to have the shack, so “hitlery” could claim residence and run for the Senate.

        2. Sherry

          THAT was way back when they CLAIMED that they were BROKE! I wonder how much it is worth NOW?? How is it that NO one REQUIRED them to put all of that stolen stuff back…ALL of it! There is a registry of what was there and what was pilfered! Someone ought to bring that up at one of her “rallies”; should be easy as hardly anyone shows up for her!

        1. ron buice

          Bill, Hilly and Chelsea are all liars and THIEVES. They probably steal towels from the hotels they stay in. Kleptomaniacs!

    2. Ed Jackson

      In place of “left for you,” it should be “amassed under very questionable, and quite possibly illegal, methods.”

    3. theherronbird

      I want to know how Chelsea and her new husband purchased a $10,000,000 M penthouse condo in Manhattan, when her parents left the WH broke, except that hubby’s father was questioned about $10,000,000 missing from his company, just wondered

  4. Velma Saccone

    Hillary’s war on women is mainly to cover up the many rapes and sexual abuses her husband committed against women. She knew and covered for him. I would never vote for Hillary for any office but I would vote for her to be in a jail cell with Obama for the coverup of Benghazi.

    1. Violet Vanderhelm

      she is correct – she hates all the women who accused him and brought him to justice and sued – so she is warring with them and if she could have shut them up, she would have, but there too many of them and they would have drained her bank account.

        1. Sherry

          The cheap ones are sloppy…… looks like they paid for a “rookie” in training trying it on his own! Not the professional work of a REAL hitman! Probably one of the “boys” from the hood…….

  5. Liberty

    I imagine those young women behind The Mister were read the Riot Act by their mothers. “Don’t you dare let him talk you into being alone with him. Don’t you dare!” That could explain some of the expressions. “Yeah, all right. Why would I want to go anywhere with this dirty old man. Can I have my cell phone back now?”

  6. johnanaguski

    billy boy the debaucher and killary are rich low life scum. They both deserve the same fate they gave Vince Foster.

        1. Sherry

          Wasn’t he “killed” in a skiing “accident”? Was it ever investigated??

          Maybe that was someone else. Feel free to correct me IF I’m wrong!

      1. Ronald Gunn

        Of course he shot himself in the back of the head and if you don’t believe me just ask the Clintons. They wouldn’t lie.

      2. Richard Dimery

        Forensics investigators found no bullet fragments from the round that killed him. Interestingly enough, that location yielded fragments from Revolutionary War rounds.

        1. Damien Quinn

          So you’re saying he was shot by a time traveler? Or that he was some sort of demon possessed zombie that has persisted since the 1800’s and got a job with the Clintons in the 90’s?

          I sure am glad they got him, the lord sure works in mysterious ways.

          1. Richard Dimery

            Talk about putting words in someone’s mouth! Did I writeh any of the words time traveler, demon, possessed, zombie, or “job with the Clintons?” I only speculate, based on facts and normal reasoning, that Foster was NOT killed where he was found. Therefore he could not have killed himself. You make no sense – I can’t tell if you are joking (lame joke) or being facetious (also lame) or high on something… BTW – I believe the Revolutionary War was 1775 – 1787…

          2. Damien Quinn

            Well why were bullet fragments from between 1775 and 1787 found then. What is their significance?

          3. Howleyesque

            Consider where those would have had to have come FROM? And who would have had access too them?

          4. Sherry

            Even so, that was a very sloppy job. Poorly planned and not a very professional hit job! Too many forensics were missed or poorly applied! Remember how Brown was supposedly “killed” in a copter crash along with 6 or 8 Marines??? Brown had a bullet to the back of his head too as well as tape residue on his hands and mouth. He already had rigor set in when they picked up the bodies at the sight. None of the Marines had rigor mortis except Brown. They should have had the retrievers “stand down” for at least 4 or 5 hours!
            for better cover….but that still wouldn’t explain the tape residue , bullet hole, or why the copter crashed. NO WITNESSES!

          5. Howleyesque

            😉 You missed my point Hon, which was that those rounds could ONLY have been obtained by a few people FROM a few places and SHOULD HAVE made tracing the source MUCH EASIER. SLOPPY! BUT, somehow it didn’t happen. Makes you wonder WHO got paid HOW MUCH?

          6. Damien Quinn

            I think they must have come from an old gun, and who has access to old guns? I dunno, old guys, antique stores, museams, time traveling future patriots?

          7. Howleyesque

            The age of the gun is irrelevant the SCARICITY of the rounds and who would have access to THOSE ISN’T! 😉 (Modern manufacturers DO turn out replica’s that can and would fire that type of bullet. Assumptions don’t help you track the evidence back to it’s user. 😉 )

          8. Damien Quinn

            So it’s easy to get the guns but it’s hard to get the bullets, well now, that sounds like one a them democrats ideas to bring gun control round without a fight. You a democrat howleyesque?

          9. Howleyesque

            Are you ALWAYS simple minded …or is today as special as you SEEM to be? As I don’t have an Etch a Sketch to draw your goofball butt a picture TRY to follow along her…OLD bullets…RARE bullets… rare means ONLY A FEW … can use ANY age of gun of right caliber to FIRE bullets… shooter had to have access TOO OLD RARE BULLETS
            Here’s a little exercise for you: CALL local gun shops and ask for bullets for a “Brown Bess MUSKET”. They can and will sell you MODERN black powder and might even be able to sell you a MOLD to make your OWN bullets (IF they cater to the muzzle loader crowd) BUT the only place you can FIND bullets for one are? A MUSEUM or a private collection. DOLT! Those guns are only produced today for “reinactors”and those FEW who CHOOSE to challenge themselves to hunt like Great, Great, Great Great Grandad did.
            (You might want to change that screen name to DUMMYUN Quinn. )

          10. Damien Quinn

            Well, now, Scooby Doo, you might go to a museum, or a private collection to get 18th century muzzle loader shot but there ain’t no-one gonna sell you a mold for making it. (well, they might sell it to YOU but then they might sell YOU the town hall too).

            If you want shot, you just get yourself some lead, melt it on any old fire and you drop the right amount of liquid lead into a pan of water. That’s how you make lead shot.

            They come out pretty round if you can drop em from a height, but they’re never perfect. That’s why it’s so hard to shoot straight with em, even with a riffled barrel.

            Old shot’s not that rare either, you can dig hundreds of ’em up with a metal detector at any old battlefield, used and unused, specially if you know where the ranks were firing, they used to drop a lot of shot in the firing lines, or spit it out before they run one way or the other, and that’s where the other side were aiming, so it’s real easy to find lots of it.

            Anyways, it’s not rare, or hard to make. See, you ain’t that smart after all, you just think you is.

          11. Howleyesque

            SHOT YES, BULLETS NO those REQUIRE a mold Tinker Bell! And it was REVOLUNTIONARY WAR, NOT Civil War. Odd how things DISAPPEAR after over two hundred years of collection and development. DUUH!

          12. Damien Quinn

            Muzzle loaded bullets in the civil war? You must be on the good stuff, or maybe yous taken one too many bops to the head during your highschool glory daze, butt pick?

          13. Howleyesque

            ???? Are you SERIOUSLY that ignorant and yet wanting to CLAIM that I’M the fool? LOL YES, BULLETS existed in the REVOLUNTIONARY WAR age for muzzle loading muskets too…LOOK IT UP!

          14. Richard Dimery

            You are an idiot! Or, don’t you imagine the forensic investigation of a crime/homicide scene would include examination of the soil? If you still don’t understand – bullet fragments from the late 1700s but not the 1990s were found. Duh!

          15. Damien Quinn

            I dunno Rick, I ain’t a forensic investigator, and I don’t appropriate being called an idiot by a man who don’t know nutthin trying ta make me give him the answer soas he can look smart and say “see, now yer gettin it” and pretending he knew all along. You ain’t so smart as you making out, motherfucker. You’re lucky I found Jesus else I might be inclined to git nasty.

        2. Sherry

          He wasn’t killed where he was found…….remember the carpet fragments found on his body? WAS THAT ever “investigated”? Oh, wait, the DOJ and FBI are controlled by the assailants……..

    1. donald

      & they found his briefcase on a table out front in the Whitehouse!! After 2 years?? No one ever cleans the tables off out there huh? The least likely evidence, NO BLOOD OR BRAINS ON THE ground @ the body, very interesting.

        1. Sherry

          Yeah…Zell Miller! Remember him??? He was the Democrat that really had integrity and blew the whistle on his party’s corruption! What ever happened to him??? Did he die from the DC “flu”? I hear it is deadly and 100% fatal…….

      1. Sherry

        Kinda reminds us of the Rose Law Firm “missing files” that suddenly appeared on the White House Fireplace Mantel, eh? How come THAT was never “investigated”??? These criminals have had it too good for too long! They should be charged accordingly and put in solitary confinement for life without visitors!!! I have to remember that God has a COMPLETE file on all of us…….NOTHING is secret or hidden from Him! Lifes too short to get involved with these miscredents!

    2. Sherry

      WHAT??? Vince didn’t put those 3 bullets in the back of his own head??? Same old story as Brown………they knew too much and couldn’t keep quiet! It is a very dangerous thing to be on their “enemies list”…….”suicides”, heart attacks, and air crashes abound during their reigns of terror!

  7. Samuel Ulsaker

    A few of you may think this is ‘ fear mongering’, but those probably think the recent California murders were ‘work place violence’ not ‘terrorism’. Wake up and get over your ‘politically correct’ idiocy. Obama is a Muslim. “Infiltration” is taking place in America.

    Can Muslims Be Good Americans?

    This is very interesting and we all need to read it from start to finish and send it on to everyone. Maybe this is why our American Muslims are so quiet and not speaking out about any atrocities.

    Can a good Muslim be a good American? This question was forwarded to a friend who worked in Saudi Arabia for 20 years.

    The following is his reply:

    Theologically – no. . . . Because his allegiance is to Allah, The moon God of Arabia.

    Religiously – no. . . . Because no other religion is accepted by His Allah except Islam (Quran, 2:256)(Koran)

    Scripturally – no. . . Because his allegiance is to the five Pillars of Islam and the Quran.

    Geographically – no… Because his allegiance is to Mecca, to which he turns in prayer five times a day.

    Socially – no. . . Because his allegiance to Islam forbids him to make friends with Christians or Jews.

    Politically – no. . . Because he must submit to the mullahs (spiritual leaders), who teach annihilation of Israel and destruction of America, the great Satan. Domestically – no. . . Because he is instructed to marry four Women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him (Quran 4:34 )

    Intellectually – no. . Because he cannot accept the American Constitution since it is based on Biblical principles and he believes the Bible to be corrupt.

    Philosophically – no. . . . Because Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran does not allow freedom of religion and expression. Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist. Every Muslim government is either dictatorial or autocratic.

    Spiritually – no. . . . Because when we declare ‘one nation under God,’ the Christian’s God is loving and kind, while Allah is NEVER referred to as Heavenly father, nor is he ever called love in the Quran’s 99 excellent names.

    Therefore, after much study and deliberation…. Perhaps we should be very suspicious of ALL MUSLIMS in this country. – – – They obviously cannot be both ‘good’ Muslims and good Americans. Call it what you wish it’s still the truth. You better believe it. The more who understand this, the better it will be forour country and our future.

    The religious war is bigger than we know or understand.

    Footnote: The Muslims have said they will destroy us from within. It is called “infiltration.

    1. Sherry

      Read Glenn Becks new book, “It IS about Islam”! WOW! Not a long read but certainly a real eye popper! I got mine from Amazon for $4 each, if you buy 4 and no shipping fee! I would have gladly paid $20! I gave the other 3 away and people were flabbergasted that so much has gone on and no one is doing ANYTHING to stop it!!!

  8. dev

    Yep, i noticed that too. There is not enough money in the world to get me to sit through his faux furry funky finky raspy speech.Poor women. Bet they needed a stiff drink or something after that episodic rhapsody of b.s.

  9. don lavrich

    I think the people are catching on to the Clintons schemes and past history. go home Hillary! Chelsae should be real proud of her filandering father.

  10. Anthony Maschio

    Is he that dumb to do this and not realize we know of his detestible past, all the way back from when he was in office. And then we have the Mrs. the partner in crime cleaning up his messes, where she is as bad as him when it comes to hurting people and robbing everyone. That’s right folks, we have these beautiful orange jump suites in every size.

    1. Violet Vanderhelm

      they don’t care. they feel they have money and are untouchable. The nation is going down south fast.

  11. BSORaiderErie

    Bill’s stories are finally becoming a topic, just like with Bill Cosby, when nothing can be done about the claims and it is mainly just she said he said. I’m sure that this will hust Killary”The Butcher of Benghazi ” Klinton’s campaign with some but the culprit is getting away with the crime.
    God Bless the USA and Springfield Armory!

    1. Violet Vanderhelm

      because the women did not fight against him hard enough, physically getting him off bruising punching him – suing him in court for more. Ruin him early. He was a low, bad president. too.

  12. Wayne Peterkin

    Strange that someone wanting the women’s vote would choose to have a sexual predator and probable rapist campaigning.

    1. Violet Vanderhelm

      fools and buffoons do or payola and election riggers feel confident, regardless of what dog is campaigning next to them.

  13. Suzette Pulvirenti

    I think he looks sick….skinny…..thin in the face…..did you ever notice that the two of them don’t really kiss each other……just hugs and pats on the back

        1. Suzette Pulvirenti

          Sure had the rumors when I lived in Arkansas while he was Gov. Police or “special” forces would escort him to W. Memphis sometimes for his “fun” and back then everyone said she didn’t care cause she is inclined toward women. Who knows….I’ve tried to get back with some of my friends in Ark. but it was quite a while back and some might have “passed away”??????

        2. Rick

          She very well could have and that may be why she has to take frequent naps, plus depending on the STD it could affect her mind. Syphilis caused Al Capone to loose his mind and he eventually died from the desease.

    1. Violet Vanderhelm

      he has heart trouble and she has had brain injury due to fall. Marriage in political name only. She rides his coattails. They divide and conquer. They count their money at the end of the day – nothing more than platonics, perhaps always has been. Perhaps daughter not theirs?

      1. Rick

        Chelsea isn’t Bill’s daughter, she is Hubbels (I hope I have the name right) daughter. Chelsea looks more like him and it is rumored that she has had cosmetic facial surgery to alter looking like her real father.

        1. Sherry

          More rumors from the mill…why is that even important??? Who cares who her parents are?? I personally think she looks like Bill, but I don’t care! She was always homely and may need some plastic surgery, IF she was uncomfortable and wants to remain in the spotlight. So what?? I wish I had had some work done on me before I got too old to retrieve MY youth! HO HUM…….

      2. Sherry

        She had NO brain injury as reported…that was a stupid, weak ploy to keep her from testifying and possibly an “I don’t remember, Senator” tactic! That woman is pure EVIL! They are opportunists at every turn! They use up people like toilet paper! Which reminds me: you can purchase tp with “O” or Hillary on each sheet! Highly recommended!

    2. Sherry

      Phony to the core and very poor actors! Everyone should be able to see through the very thin veil of hypocrisy they share. That’s why I believe that BOTH of Bill’s elections were rigged!

  14. Richard Dimery

    So many smart people seem to have missed this – Bill
    Clinton’s sexual pecadilloes put the nation’s security AT RISK.

    The argument that we haven’t the right to invade his
    privacy, or critique his personal life – no doubt inflamed and encouraged by
    the Left – was and continues to be a distraction from the real issue that
    should have concerned us all. It
    continues to be a distraction in the present campaign. Hillary Clinton was and is complicit in
    suppressing the real threat – both to Bill’s legacy, and to her quest for the

    Eluding his security detail for a tryst or trysts could have
    allowed a Monica Lewinsky, e.g., to neutralize him in some way – thereby disrupting the chain of command. That should have been the issue debated.

    Bill Clinton thus demonstrated his lack of commitment to
    protecting his country.

    In the aftermath of Benghazi, Hillary said to the survivors’
    families that the maker of the infamous video would be arrested and
    prosecuted. This statement suggests her
    lack of respect for Freedom of Speech – VOTERS SHOULD ASK would she as
    president wage war on this freedom?
    Does her carelessness with the emails likewise suggests a behavior of
    carelessness inconsistent with a presidential oath?

    Bill and Hillary have both demonstrated a carelessness with
    America’s security. They both need to be
    denied the White House or prosecuted, or both.

    These conclusions should be low-hanging fruit to destroy
    their campaign.

    Richard Dimery

    1. Rick

      Slick Willies low hanging fruit are doing a fine job of damaging Hillary’s campaign. Hillary is probably wishing that she had performed a Lorena Bobbitt surgery on Bill years ago.

      1. Violet Vanderhelm

        probably too late – there is always rigging elections. she has a billion that should help

      2. Richard Dimery

        Rick – my suggestion is that her campaign could also be destroyed if the candidates succeeded in informing enough people who care about national security, the real issue. . It seems to me the “smart” people (media, politicians, low-info voters) were fooled and have been distracted for twenty years up to the present time, because Clinton supporters played up his extra-marital adventures as harmless and personal business. His impeachment indictment (for lying to the grand jury) should have included TREASON – but I guess the fix was in.

    2. Sherry

      YET, they want to demote David Patraeous for far less of an egregious “crime”! They even threatened him with prison, when all the while hiding Bo Bergdahl’s

      CRIMES far worse than Davids! I cannot figure these idiots out!!!

  15. Calvin Luther

    While I agree with the majority of the sentiment on this post I must also point out that while he was messing around with Monica one very important thing was missed. His foreign policy blunder in Kosovo which did nothing except help an Albanian muslim terrorist group thus pissing off and screwing a decent ally (Serbia) who went out of their way to help us in WWII while enduring religious and political persecution from the Croatian Ustachi who was backed by the Nazis and the Vatican. What a way to pay respects! While Bush entering Iraq was a blunder so was Clinton’s complacency towards Rwanda along with the UN and most of the west.

    1. Violet Vanderhelm

      Clinton did egregious sins and acts in Kosovo – the Albanian muslims in kosovo urinate in the Serbian Christian Orthodox churches and muslim police do nothing. Muslims even barricade churches. The muslims did not do that when the province of Kosovo was Serbian majority. Serbians did not treat muslims with disrespect when they were majority.

      1. Calvin Luther

        It doesn’t surprise me, but I must admit I have never heard anything like that since Clinton’s inhumane intrusion on Serbia. Thank you for sharing that with me. Is there any websites or books you could recommend on those matters? I found an old book on the massacre that took place in the 1940’s called “Catholic Terror” by Avro Manhatten. Really amazing because he has graphic photos which mirror the holocaust.

  16. jackel

    A friend of mine and I wondered what kind of a good time Bill Clinton had on the long plane ride from China after Obama sent him there to bring back the 2 young ladies that China had detained? How fake was the Clinton’s response to his White House infidelity? A picture of he and Hillary hand in hand with a Bible coming down a Church steps! Didn’t fit the crime, their life styles or values. Maybe the voters are waking up with the Clinton’s. To bad they waited so long on Obama—the greatest, sitting lying president—and these are on things we just think we have heard of. Maybe lying is finally just giving them all a bad name to the voters. These people are so aloft and out-of-touch with the average citizen that they believe what delusional Liberalism they preach. Come on, who would put this kind of misery on America while smiling and laughing about it on camera!!!! This administration and friends is like living with Ali-Baba and the 40 Thieves!!!!

  17. Irvan

    Both of those morons need to be jailed and the key thrown away. Why that hasn’t already occurred is beyond me. The country is FULL of IDIOTS that vote for scum such as the clintons……NOTE the disrespect shown by the spelling of the name.

  18. Ronald Gunn

    Any way it goes we are screwed. Right now I am looking at other countries to live in. At one time I was proud to say I helped defend this country for 22 years and almost lost my life a couple of times and thanked GOD for letting me make it but looking at the way the people in this country are going, I wish GOD had let me go because I am ashamed of the people in this country now. People keep saying “this country has gone to hell”. NO, it’s the PEOPLE in this country that have gone to hell. As soon as I find another country, I have a few that look real good, I’m gone, and the people in this country can go to hell. I know I’m going to have a lot of bad comments to this comment but you know, I really don’t give a damn.

  19. ChalmetiaBoy

    . . . and to think that Hillary promised to stand with women in her War on Women. Kinda like the war Hillary waged against Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monika Lewinski, Juantita Broaddrick and that 12 year old girl Hillary’s client raped repeatedly.

  20. Gregory Stafford

    Actually, what would put the finishing touches on Hillary’s campaign would be if Biden got in. A lot of people really like “Old Uncle Joe”. He would be tough to beat for anybody.

    1. Sherry

      ARE YOU KIDDING???? That hack can’t even make a sandwich…what makes you think he could run a country???? Old Joe reminds me of Barny Fife; always that stupid grin and nothing intelligent to say!

      1. Gregory Stafford

        No, I am serious. I am not saying I would. I would not. But, a lot of dems like this guy. That is my take on it.

  21. used_to_be_a_liberal

    Slick Willie looks sick, I mean physically sick, pale skin, a lot of weight loss, aids or cancer???

  22. Albert L Biele

    Hillary might as well have asked the Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami to convince young women to vote for her. The older woman who continue to back Hillary, knowing how she demonized the woman Bill abused, are hypocrites. She lied to the families of the murder victims in Bengasi, and will continue to deceive her base. Because she has multiple personalities, one never knows which of the Hillary’s you’re listening to. And now in desperation, she has jumped on Obama’s wreaking train, destined to destroy America. If she gets in its, “Buy, buy American Pie!!!”

  23. George Keen

    I certainly hope the women of America aren’t so ready for a woman President that they would elect this corrupt alcoholic and put her womanizing husband. Both of them belong in jail – her for Benghazi and him for his attacks on women. They’ve both stolen enough from the American people. She wrote a paper in college idolizing a far-left socialist (communist), to that tells you where she would try to take the USA. Just more of this disgusting Ovomit!

  24. Cheryl Miller

    Yes I do think he they are wearing thin! Who in their right mind would vote for these liars and losers!

  25. OlGyreneFU

    How sad that people such as these are even known to the citizens of our nation in any way other than because of a public trial for being criminals, and of course their long sentances resulting from it.

  26. Rosech Levy

    Both Clintons are toxic and she needs to step down as a candidate as too much a hag, mean spirited, a cheat, liar, briber and receiver of bribes, no accomplishments and a traitor to America, and these are her GOOD points! She is both mentally and physically ill, and bringing in Bill is to give her sicknesses a day off while he would try to sell the two as an act! Isn’t working due to his sexual background and her viciousness and lack of accomplishments as his wife, as Secretary of State, and as a female. Nothing to offer but consider her serious illnesses and we do not need someone dropping dead in the White House because it would add to the stench already there! We need a candidate with power, business and management skills, not bought and paid for by either of the old, stale non-American Parties, to get OUR America back on track. Like Dr. Savage, I am a Nationalist because there truly are no real conservatives that can be trusted. I am hoping this is now payback time on the Clintons in every way possible, up to and including prison (maybe she hanged), for treason and raping America morally and financially in every way possible. Their removal from public view would be most welcomed.

  27. Mr. Lips

    Slick Willie is getting his Willie ready to be slicked by someone new in the Oval. He can’t wait for Hildebeast to win so he can get some action.

    1. Sherry

      They have no regard for PEOPLE!!! There is not a modicum of concern for anyone’s hardships. DEPRAVED SOULS!

  28. Connie Wilhite

    Bill Clinton should obviously be in jail as well as hilliary, but not for all the same reasons. Why is the not more noise about this?

  29. Austinniceguy

    Fortunately more and more people are starting to wise up to the reality that is these two monsters. She thought she would waltz right into the oval office and park her big, wrinkled a** right in the throne. Now they are in full on panic mode because they know she’s not going to win. She made MANY promises to foreign governments in exchange for “donations” to her “foundation” and now the chickens are coming home to roost. History will call her a liar, a cheat, a scandal of corruption and, even worthless but, the one thing NO ONE will ever be able to call her will be Madam President. Madam Corruption, yes. Inmate Clinton, hopefully but, Madam President, NEVER!!!

    1. Sherry

      I PRAY YOU ARE RIGHT!!! She is worse than we all know! Imagine all of the crap we DON’T know about! I would call that high treason and give her the same sentence that the Rosenbergs got in Sing Sing in the 50’s for TREASON! Ethyl and Julius were convicted of spying our atomis secrets to Russia! No one was killed. but they KNEW the consequences of their deeds! The treasonists in the White House and those on the campaign trail should be sumarily punished likewise. Many HAVE died at their hands and they have done far more damage than most can imagine. Prison is too easy; they would just get “pardoned”, and that’s NOT fair! IF we had committed half of those crimes, we WOULD get the death sentence!

  30. Howleyesque

    Sadly while we can HOPE it’s highly unlikely that many of the WILLFULLY BLIND will suddenly awaken and see the light. What is MORE likely is that their hypocrisy is becoming ever more obvious.

    1. Sherry

      That obvious, huh?? Think anyone will give them a second glance?? Only the unlearned, self centered, and inane groopies will even consider her for POTUS; they probably won’t even vote for her. Now that she announced that she will put “O” in the SCOTUS, she MAY have increased her votes by 10%, but I don’t think most of her sheeple even think that far ahead UNLESS there is something in it for them! None of them could care less that this nation and her people are fast sliding down into the deep, dark abyss that they created ON PURPOSE!

  31. USAnowMSAsadly

    Deaths, (forty-nine) to date haven’t been investigated by the FBI. If you are a fried, enemy, business associate or government connection of the Clinton’s, there is a good chance you could be executed by the Clinton regime.

  32. Mark Sauck

    These Spawns of Satan have done nothing but spewn hell with their so called good intentions. Their moral corruption made a super highway to that road to hell and all who voted them in have themselves to blame.

  33. Timothy Thompson

    The truth about Bill Clinton has finally surfaced and it’s not a good look. He’s finally been tagged as he should be as a sexual preditor and any women he comes into contact with should feel a basic threat to their person. Hillary on the other had if true only courts women so in both cases they are a pair to draw to.