Hillary Drops Bombshell On Her Campaign, Signals She’s In Big Trouble

Almost all conservatives and Republicans have waited for news that Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president would be brought down by her mounting scandals.

We don’t want to count any chickens before they’re hatched, but it appears that such news may have just been delivered – and by Hillary’s own campaign no less.

According to the Hillary Daily, it looks like Clinton’s campaign is ¬†bracing for the increasingly likely possibility that she will lose the all important early primaries in both Iowa and New Hampshire to self-declared socialist and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

A recent e-mail blast by the campaign Hillary’s supporters urged them to be “realistic” and cautioned that “winning the nomination is no sure thing,” before begging for more donations to her campaign.

The message stated:

“If we lose in Iowa or New Hampshire, we’re going to need to dig in and work that much harder to make sure we win the nomination. I’m going to fight as hard as I can to earn every last vote.”

This glum message from the Clinton campaign came in the wake of a recent poll that revealed her once monumental lead over Sanders in Iowa has shrunk to a mere 5 percentage points, nearly within the margin of error. Sanders has led Hillary in New Hampshire since the beginning of the race.

While Iowa and New Hampshire are just two of the presidential primaries, they will set the tone – and to a large degree, voter perception – of the strength of both Democratic candidates’ campaigns.

If Hillary loses these two primaries, is this the beginning of the end of her campaign?


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