You HAVE To See What This Trump Supporter Said About TACO TRUCKS!!

Marco Gutierrez made his debut as a surrogate for Trump as the co-founder of the “Latinos for Trump” group, and boy did he make a splash!! After this hilarious interview, a phrase that he used was so popular on Twitter that it “trended” for many hours afterward.

Basically Gutierrez is warning against the aggressive nature of his native Hispanic culture, but while trying to explain just is so bad about it, he made a very funny admission.

And it has to do with taco trucks.

Watch below at about the 6 minute mark:

YES!! Gutierrez actually said that if we don’t stop the Mexican culture, that we’re going to have the worst horror imaginable in America – “taco trucks every corner”!!!

UHm… except most Americans LOVE tacos and they would really like to have a taco truck on every corner!!

I’m not sure this line of thinking is going to do very well because it invited a slew of tweets demanding more taco trucks!!

Whatever Gutierrez intended with his comment, he has skyrocketed himself into online celebrity!! LOL!! - 2015 | Privacy Policy