Will Trump Supports Grow Tired Of Trump?

MSNBC’s Al Sharpton is claiming that Trump’s presidency has been nothing more than just a “lounge act,” and said his “intoxicated” base will eventually get sick of him.

After a video of one of the President’s rallies was played, Sharpton stated, “Let me tell you about the spin that is president is doing here and why I think his approach will not work, even on his own base. I remember when I was a young civil rights activist, younger civil rights activist, James Brown, the godfather of soul, embraced my youth group. He said ‘Reverend, there are those that are lounge acts, they work in the lounge where they serve drinks and have to compete with the noise and drinks and conversation. Then, when you make it is when you play in the big room, the inside room on the big stage. That’s where you have to have a better act. That’s where people sit and spend a lot of money eating dinner with their wives and their families and perform.’”

 “Donald Trump is a lounge act. He continues to do a lounge act. It will wear thin and even his base will get tired of being treated like people just lounging around intoxicated.”
  • Mechell

    And…. how much does this idiot owe in taxes again? Really! Trump was friends with this idiot and more like him before he announced his bid for president.

    • Hollif50

      $4.5 million in state and federal taxes.

    • John R. Bloxson Jr.

      Need I remind you that Hillary’s friends paid the F. B. I. For a false
      Dossiare and got the F. B. I. To get
      F. I. S. A wiretaps on the Campaign hdqrts of Trump whoch is illegal and unconstitutional.

      • ginger33333

        Thank you John! I cannot understand anyone who would support her or want her as the POTUS! Only a true complete lame-ass idiot would, sorry but HC is an evil POS!

        • Ray

          You know you just described 90% of the liberals in America

      • Mechell

        I wasn’t saying anything against Trump, you may need to reread what I wrote. I wouldn’t put any faith in anything Sharpton has to say.

    • ginger33333

      The rich will always have their tax loopholes and tax breaks that’s just how it is. If we made enough money to be eligible for any of these high roller programs, we would take advantage of it too, that’s how the rich STAY rich! I’m not saying its right, its just how it is. The old fart with the all caps problem, Morgan – horse’s rear end – claims Trump should be in prison for tax evasion and miss appropriation of funds, he is so funny! I hope when I’m that old that I can still PLAY on the computer! So turned around and crusty that he mistakened Trump for Hillary! Ha ha, God bless those with terminal Alzheimers disease, someone should get him his medication!

      • Mechell

        I am fairly certain that Morgan was talking about Sharpton. You may want to reread what he wrote.

      • Mechell

        Are clearly clueless enough to think Morgan or me are talking about Trump. Maybe you need some meds or better reading comprehension. Wow!

  • James Earp

    Sharpton believes James Brown who was a drug junk. How ignorant is Sharpton in reality.

    • John R. Bloxson Jr.

      Very ignorant, or very manipulative I vote for very manipulative.

      • ginger33333

        I would add arrogant too, or their ignorance is only outweighed by their arrogance! or Visa Versa! I think that is the definition for stupid!

    • rottenrollin

      HEY, he’s a Dimmercrat

      He’s REALLY ignorant.

  • DonRS

    We’re tired, all right – TIRED of the CRAP published by this STUPID web site. I have no need for your BS!

    • ginger33333

      We need your support then to try and contribute substance and encouragement, fight for the right with your insight of what you believe to be true and just. The CRAP is, well from the left field. Lets fill this website with jewels of wisdom and hope for a better future as a united people, and defend our President who is doing what he can to MAGA.

  • Irene M

    LOL! President Trump is a FIRST CLASS ACT along with his lovely wife, Melania! It is “sharpton” that’s a “lounge act” or even less! He wants attention and does not contribute anything of value with his liberal opinion. He and ghetto maxine should just stay in the “lounge” and continue their drinking /drunk habits!

    • ginger33333


  • GomeznSA

    I make no claims to being a die hard DJT supporter so this is merely my observation.Most of us are tired of 3 things (at least). 1) democRATs continually bashing him (and us) for any and every thing they can find – usually with absolutely NO substance to their wild shrieks of racism, sexism, hoplophobia, among a whole host of other nasty things they sling about at will. Which brings us to 2) the constant drumbeat of anti DJT and conservatives in general by the propaganda arm of the ‘d’ party – aka the lame stream media in case someone hasn’t been paying attention. 3) the total lack of support from the alleged ‘republican’ party – with ‘friends’ like that, he certainly needs no ‘enemies’.

    • KVandy

      Personally I could care less about demoncrap idiots bashing Trump. What I’m sick and tired of is a deadbeat, do nothing Congress. I seriously doubt they can even pass toilet paper in the bathroom stalls. It’s ridiculous that they’ve been impeding Trump and hurting the Citizens of this Country for going on two years now. It’s past time to act and do what the demoncraps did when they had control…go nuclear and get sh*t done!!!

  • Pat Travitz

    Sharpton WRONG as usual “We the People” will not abandon A President who is working for “All the People” Thank you AL

  • JBKonya104

    I’m more fired up now than I was before! We can’t let the left win! Our Country is too important and must be saved. It will be disastrous if the Country turns blue. CORRUPTION will hurt this Country permanently…never to return. President Trump is the best President this Country has had in my lifetime. I’m a Senior. WE NEED TO KEEP OUR SEATS IN GOVERNMENT AND WE NEED MEN. AND WOMEN WITH BACKBONES LIKE TRUMP! LET’S WIN IN NOVEMBER!!!


    Sharpton needs to pay his taxes; daughter needs to drop lawsuit against New York because she was so fat she broke one of her high-heels.

  • rottenrollin


    • ginger33333

      Oh Look a PIG has joined the discussion, – you can always tell: all caps, cussing, name calling, mocking, scoffing, WITHOUT any facts or a pile of shit to stand on!

      • rottenrollin

        YOU, Ginger, provided the pile of shit.

        So Al owing 3-4 million in taxes is ok with you, when the rest of us have to pay? Blow off, you lib pimp.

  • ahrcshaw

    Of all people to make a comment about longevity , Al Sharpton meets that criteria, how ever the chasing the police cars to an event created by a black person is over, it is now common place for him to show up. I am really surprised he was not invited to the WH for a beer, when Oblaimer had to back track on his racist call with the indignant professor at Harvard was calling the police officer who caught him breaking into his apartment racist, when the officer was the instructor for teaching other officers in the department how to deal with blacks without stepping on their indignation! Al Sharpton is old hat, and is one of the biggest racist there is. That said;

    Like most self centered democrats who have nothing to offer while just creating havoc or destruction, he is trying to move on away from the problems the democrats face. Trump has done more in one year to help the country and its people, blacks are finally waking up to people like Al Sharpton who has used them for their own gain, and the followers of Trump know there are still a lot of swamp rats hiding in the cesspools around the country and that neither political establishment want him to succeed.

    When socialist democrats can make up Trump as being in collusion with Russia, while they are working toward Communism the peoples ears and eyes have finally come into use and they are not about to let anyone destroy or deter Trumps efforts. I say this because it is true, what ever evil thing they or the media shoot at Trump at this point is useless, What Trump is doing to set this country on the right path, no POLITICIAN has or would even try to do. When the Constitution becomes a burden to socialism, or those who want authority without being checked some one had to stand up too them, That is what the true American citizen wants and Trump has done it. So with all his faults, his self importance, his tweeting, or what ever is meaningless to those who support his efforts. He is, and he will even gain more support when and he finally gets support from Congress.

  • spudmans1

    Nope, not at all as I really enjoy watching DJT beat these “Politically correct” (censorship) at their own game. The constant daily beat down of DJT by the media and Hollywood so called elites is entertaining and I think DJT actually thrives upon it. I AM A STAUNCH DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTER!!! Go see “Death of a Nation” and it will explain what the left is trying to do by telling a big enough lie often enough it then becomes believed (Adolph Hitler penned that one in his book). Last night I briefly watched all three late night talk shows when I got home for a few minutes and all three of these clowns ripped into President Trump as their lead in jokes. Don’t these networks pay writers to come up with something that is actually funny? All three of these girly men are like junior high school girls trying to be being funny & snooty while experiencing their first menstrual cycle.

    • ginger33333

      Obamanation – and the abomination of desolation- look it up! – the Devil will constantly try to thwart God’s plan, this is why all these crazy people are against DJT, because he DOESN”T serve the Devil and the Devil is pissed off! Ha – we are the only country defending Israel and recognizing Jerusalem – Pray for Israel – DJT gets it, and we must all pray and support Trump through the tribulation he is being put through! People this is way more than politics – learn about the ‘unseen war’ that drives history and politics, and get right with Jesus today! Pray for Trump that God gives him the strength and resources to endure and bring us into a stronger America.

    • ginger33333

      Spudsman, I think that DJT is well versed too, and thrives on the media and Hollywood bash and slam!
      Hollywood, LGBTQ!!!, and the media are definitely manipulated by the dark forces and they hate the LIGHT!
      Mel Gibson – once so well respected in Hollywood until the Passion of the Christ, and now he is working on the Sequel, “The Resurrection’ – You Go MEL! Balls and Brains and Faith!
      Both men have had to battle a cross section of people who don’t believe in men being men, or women being women, God, Jesus, or any simple form of ethics or morality, as those are ‘boring’, ‘non-progressive’, ‘not economically viable’, ‘psychotic’, values and ideas they reject as it doesn’t support their DARK agendas. The next letter to add to the LGBTQ will be another ‘B’ for Beastiality, as that is the next abomination they want to make mainstream, the last frontier on their agenda to ram rod down our throats! May God have Mercy on us, he certainly won’t for them.

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    Sharpton-Could never get as Tired of President Trump-As we are of you.Been “SICK”-Of you For a Very Long Time.!!!!

  • jumper

    Trump is way smarter than any Dumbocrat alive today and features a lounge act that got him elected POTUS, try to match that you whiny left-wing losers and “tax evaders” yuk yuk yuk

    • ginger33333


  • Joseph Morgan


    • ginger33333

      Where the hello do you get your intel? you are a piece of human excrement running around vomiting lies of things and people you have no clue about, and oh All caps is kind of like a screaming child. You Ass-ets should be frozen!

      • Joseph Morgan


        • ginger33333

          Sir, I am not a Socialist Liberal – far from it! I am an educated, intelligent, highly disciplined Christian, Patriot, God fearing, conservative, Republican, POTUS supporting LADY! It seems that you Sir are the CRY-Baby throwing the BS tantrums! Go take a chill pill and learn how to engage with people in a civilized manner and tone! You might make a friend.

          • Mechell

            Reading comprehension wasn’t your strong suit! Was it?

  • flashy0ne

    He is right about one thing — time blunts all things. As was the case with Ronald Reagan, his TRUE value was NOT APPRECIATED until AFTER he had completed his last term. I believe President Trump will face the same fate. AFTER HE IS GONE and his followers fall back into the swamp, people will begin to realize how GREAT he has been. With the swampites and MSM screaming about “imaginary” disasters, it takes a hardworking intelligent individual to keep pushing an unruly child uphill against the forces of evil. When the steady hand is removed from the throttle and the uphill battle ceases, those who ‘remember’ the good old days will ask the inevitable question — “WHY DID WE GIVE UP” ??

  • boxerpaws

    simple answer: NO .stop wasting our time.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    We’re already sick and tired of the leftists and their President Trump bashing.
    It makes us more and more for our President. We the people, see what he goes through on
    a daily basis with the lying media. Celebrities that bash him, late night show hosts, so called
    comedians, people that were supposed to be his friends, who aren’t, Demonrats, RINOs, and
    the like. Who can he trust except his loyal base? This little black dried up prune can go far
    away. No one would miss him except his racist base of fools. He’s totally wrong, we are getting
    more and more energized by the minute. MAGA 2020!

  • Albert L Biele

    Don’t listen to people who benefit from poverty! With low unemployment, healthy tax cuts, strong GDP, and fare tariffs, Trumps policies to date have greatly benefited the USA; policies aimed at making America Great Again… What’s there to get tired off! A Vote for Trump is a vote for prosperity, a vote for the far-left is a vote for poverty… that’s right… they want you to live on food-stamps, free-cell-phones, and welfare. Trump wants all Americans to have a good paying job, and to experience the American dream! Don’t vote for poverty… VOTE FOR PROSPERITY!

  • ginger33333

    DJT Supporters are SICK of the LEFT not DJT! The Demo-craps just have to find one angle/ reason or another to defame this man daily. Sore losers! POTUS supporters aren’t backsliding, violent, substance-less lame-os. We are patriots, Christians, community leaders, teachers, students, doctors, scientists and much more and we support DJT, his family, and his efforts! Demo-craps just keep vomiting out their shallow agenda but all they do is bolster the ‘Right’ to be stronger for the “RIGHT”. I wish they would stop their continuous CRY-BABY bashing and whining, so undignified! That is what DJT supporters are sick and tired of! You lost get over your childish, evil selves! and start acting like an American – if you cant’ handle that there are many other countries you can go to, I’m sure they would love and embrace your unfounded nasty political opinions, lies, and violent aggressive behavior towards their leader and supporters.

  • Rick W

    We are tired for sure , tired of the lazy ass dems and leftist , we are tired of there corruption, we are tired of there obstructing justice antics , we are tired of there cover ups , we are tired of then selling out our country, we can go on for days like this, so the fact is we love our President . And we are sick and tired of batshit crazy dems and leftist. That is what we are tired of ! So either get on board and help make American great again or get the f..k out .

    • ginger33333


  • Ray

    Why is Sharpton not in jail for income tax evasion? He doesn’t have Obama protecting him anymore

  • Frank Roza

    If Mr. Trump can deal with it,so can I!Go Mr. President!

  • parthenon1

    Sorry Al the only person I am definitely sick of is YOU !

  • Kent Powers

    One of these days some idiot liberal like Sharpton is going to do or say just the right thing to set off the conservatives nation wide, when this happens we will show you quickly & soundly what we are tired of, & it isn’t Trump. We voted in Trump because we are sick of the idiots in the swamp milking America for every dime they can get & tired of the criminals & hangers on like you Al Sharpton that are the baggage they carry.

  • Erica Stuart

    <many of us Trump supporters are not Republican, Trump happened to be the first to cover the brutal facts facing us internally as well as internationally. We called him "Dennis the Menace" but we knew he had the money to survive and the econ. experience and contacts we needed. No more useless war was great for us, worth a chance. The Hollywood Dennis was a smart kid, just a bit of trouble to control but worth it. We still wan that swamp cleaned and he is not doing so well there since the swamp is full of Republicans, as, well as Democrats and foreign opportunists. We want the traitors exposed regardless of Party or position.

    • Erica Stuart

      fix that typing errors, not mine.

  • Roland Drudge

    Only those with a short attention span will tire before the lowbrow communist socialist left does.

  • Broos

    If he doesn’t Lock her UP !

  • Stephen Serafin

    What makes me tired is people like Sharpton and the professional race baiters, the fake media like CNN, MSNBC, etc., and all of the ‘not my president’ twerps, and all of the resistance people who really hate being Americans. I wish they would all just go away and I could just Harry Potter them to anywhere but here. Other than living in fantasyland like all of the afore mentioned entities, I will still be a Deplorable who supports DJT POTUS.

  • juniemoon

    No, I will NOT grow tired of Trump. But I am sick of sharpton.


      Can I add to your list..it didn’t seem long enough!🐸 I think that chuckschumer Nancy, all of the Democrap Senate and House..their constituents who go out to the streets and create chaos..disharmony and Maxine should pay for all the time these police have to spend on hot steamy days making sure these idiots don’t burn down Portland Oregon and across the fruited plain!🐸😛🐸😛🐸😛

      • juniemoon

        Yes, thank you for the additional names. Okay, then!!

  • armydadtexas


  • john

    Trump is keeping his promises, And we love him for doing that,I for one will stick with Donald Trump.




      Those millennial I hear are liking what’s going on in this country. Things just got better economically in only 15 months. GDP today hit 4.2% up by .1%. 26800 stocks 3-4 days in a row with better financial climate. Blue wave..trump is gaining in polls the people are saying gee this is nice..we’re winning. Hillary thinks it’s due to Obama maybe by.2% but his sustainable GDP was always 1.3% for 8 years and low income jobs. I recall how crappy it was..no jobs and over 12% u employment in two counties in Oregon

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