Will Kushner and Trump Jr. Be Indicted?

Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) believes Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. will be indicted by Muller however also thinks President Trump will pardon them.

Cohen stated, “I think they’re getting closer to knowing that the truth’s going to come out, that there was activities with the Trump campaign and Russia and releasing those hacks and guiding them to the states and the localities where they came from. Some of that was Jared Kushner’s responsibilities. Some of it was Donald Jr. I think you’re going to probably see indictments of both of those people.”

“I think that’s entirely possible, and then I think the president’s going to go totally off his rocker, not that he’s on it now, and then issue pardons.”

  • The_Frog_Prince

    Isn’t he the same a**hole who wanted to award the Purple Heart Strzok? He needs to slither back into his partisan hole.

    • James Earp

      Yes its the same filthy liberal. He knows Obama claimed he did the crime to make Clinton lose and he said it to Africa.

  • jeddrich

    Anyone who countenances Israeli meddling in American politics through their numerous PACS and lobbies should be indicted for allowing a foreign power to influence the outcome of our elections.

  • Gordon Raymond

    They didn’t do anything wrong that has a Law against it. If going to a meeting to “maybe hear about something that someone did wrong” is illegal; then why hasn’t Hillary been charged for the recording of Trump in the “Locker Room” with a bunch of Men? He didn’t give his permission for the recording.

    • scottie526

      Gorden, that is a simple reason. There is a two tier judicial system in this country. One for the Clinton family and the upper elites and the other is for the rest of us “deplorables” and the rest of the country. I am still waiting for the judicial system to even the score for all.

      • Behind every blade of grass ..

        STOP referring to anyone as an ‘deplorable’!! That ugly-filthy-nasty-old-lady more than likely spent days looking through the dictionary to find that ‘OLD LADY NAME’, to attach to us, and I will NEVER refer to it, like she wants!!

  • gideonrockwell

    Who let that Carpertbagging Libertard Twit into the South? This must be Psycho Water’s brother from another mother. They both qualify as Mayor of Crazy Town.

  • Gene Chapman

    democrats have gone crazy vote Republican get ride of the Crazy

  • jim

    this from the party that set up all the russian meetings with trumps campaign , the democrats are into this up to their eyeballs they are all dirty and need to go down hard starting with the piece of trash obama

    • scottie526

      Jim, I agree with you 100% and more but what aggravates me is Obama’s birth certificate that he alleges is the valid form that was presented, yet I have discovered 4 major flaws with it that makes his past presidency illegal. The only thing that he should be dressed with is an orange jumpsuit with a sledge hammer breaking rocks for the rest of his life.

      • Behind every blade of grass ..

        You mean the FAKE birth certificate he himself probably drew up, and child-like, thinking he’d get a “kick out of watching us” real American’s look it over, knowing firsthand it was a FRAUD, just like he is!!

  • Angelika K Griffin

    WHO needs to be INDICTED, TRIED and CONVICTED are obama, hillary and ALL of their HENCHMEN as this is ALL “MADE-UP BS” against the President, just think about that FAKE DOSSIER using THAT LIE in a courtroom to get a FISA WARRANT to SPY on the Trump CAMPAIGN, now THAT was a/the REAL CRIME committed here along with all of the others, i.e. selling America’s Uranium to RUSSIA, flying BIG MONEY on UN-marked planes to IRAN, making a very DUBIOUS NUKE deal with IRAN, FUNDING ISLAMIC TERRORIST GROUPS, NATURALIZING 2,500 Iranians and whatever else there was that We the People DON’T even know about yet…..!!??!!

    • Behind every blade of grass ..

      Yeah, it is the “other things” we DON’T know about yet, and I’m sure, those ‘things’ will be the ICING on the CAKE”!! I have a feeling oboooMa has his ‘running shoes’ ready to run to some 3rd. world country ~ where he can HIDE like the coward that he is ..

  • rivahmitch

    The time for the fit to hit the shan is very near. Lock and load and be prepared. (Oh, and pick your argets carefully.)

  • gene smith

    How about turning the Dogs on Obama and his merry men ( And pretenders ) they are ripe for the picking

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