Why Use Of Tear Gas Is Appropriate

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) spoke about the use of tear gas on migrants at the border.

Rubio stated that while he does not want to see women and children hit with tear gas, the move was “warranted.”

“We are a nation that has always welcomed immigrants, we continue to welcome immigrants; we want to welcome immigrants into the United States,” Rubio said. “There has to be a process for immigration, a process that controls the number of people, who they are, we know more about them, the pace in which they enter, how many people every year — there has to be a process for that.”

“What’s happening in the border is a deliberate effort to test that system and sort of create a crisis around it. And I think what you saw this weekend — look, I saw the images. No, I don’t want to see images of kids being hit with tear gas and women and people running from that. No one likes those images. What they didn’t take pictures of is the hundreds and hundreds of people that were not women and were not children who were throwing rocks and bottles at law enforcement authorities. And, by the way, they weren’t just attacking U.S. border security, they were also attacking Mexican authorities on the other side.”

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