Why Trumps Trade Deal Is A Major Win

Kevin Hassett, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, was elated about the new trade deal between the United States, Mexico and Canada, the USMCA.

“This is a great deal,” Hassett stated. “I think that we just sort of won the Super Bowl, but all three countries did because President Trump delivered a modern, twenty-first-century trade deal.”

“It’s great for American workers, it’s great for American farmers, it opens up markets to the south and to the north to our products.”

  • irene

    I definitely agree! It was a GREAT deal.!!!! We ARE united by “land” and we need to stick together in the event of a MAJOR problem to defend ourselves!!!

  • Really, how is that…except for helping dairy farmers out a bit more, it is virtually the same deal that was sitting on his desk when Trump first entered the oval office

    • ridleymike

      I’m a customs broker, there’s way more than just dairy. Is it an even split of course not but it’s a major improvement over what was sitting on his desk.

      • Being a customs broker, Ridleymike, then please elaborate a bit on how it is much better than NAFTA.

        Appreciate your comment, but please enlighten us…

  • James Stevens

    Come on Coach, It may have been a trade deal sitting on the same desk, but it certainly is not the same trade deal. Take some time and get the details and keep in mind that a trilateral international trade deal that works for three different nations has to contain some form of compromise. Now be truthful and tell me, did you vote for Obama or Hillary? jwstx

    • parthenon1

      Oh the grapes they are sour !

  • Pastor Ayodeji

    Trump is simply great. He loves Americans and doing the best for Americans without any compromise. God bless him!

  • Robert Hicks

    James Stevens: How could Obama be elected in the first place. Soros. Obama is muslim, which says it all. Uncivil, self absorbed, and a sex pervert. Hillary and Bill fit his mold or reversed. Look to the statements of Hillary, Bill, and Obama and if you cannot find them, say so and we will provide evidence.

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