Why Trump Has Always Been Right

American Conservative Union chair Matt Schlapp said President Trump proved himself to be correct in the eyes of the country after proof of the migrant caravan trying to enter the U.S. was caught on camera.

Schlapp stated, “Really DACA never ended. What is the definition of a DACA person the definition of a DREAMer? Every day at the border, think about it again, these programs are in essence occurring, and people are coming over.”

He continued, “Judges have said we have to accept them especially if they are an unaccompanied minor for instance. Everything Donald Trump talked about is what is wrong with our immigration system the fact that our laws are used against us and judges intervene, it happens to be true. Even those of us pro-immigration Republicans want to have a process by which people can come into America. We realize he’s right about bring out the flaws in the system, and today everyone can see it.”

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