Why Iran Took Nuke Deal As A Joke

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox that the nuclear deal was simply a method for Iran to “act with impunity.”

When asked about whether or not tension has sparked between the countries of Israel and Iran, Pompeo stated, “That’s ludicrous to suggest that Iran feels less constrained when during the JCPOA that have now fired missiles into an airport where Americans travel each day in Riyadh. They’ve now fired missiles into Israel.”

“To suggest that somehow the withdrawal from the JCPOA is driving the Iranian conduct that has taken place during the JCPOA in Yemen, the rise in Hezbollah, all of those things took place during the JCPOA. Indeed I would argue that they thought they could act with impunity.”

“They watched Europe put exactly zero sanctions on their missile program during the JCPOA. I think Rouhani and Zarif need to explain why it’s the case that while this agreement was in place, Iran continued its march across the Middle East.”

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