Why Dems ‘Hate Trump’ Strategy Is Failing

Tucker Carlson began his show discussing the hysteria directed at the Trump presidency which has not really hurt President Trump in his approval ratings.

Transcript as follows:

It was supposed to be Trump’s Katrina, remember that? It was a full month of angry protest, hysterical columns, shrieking media personalities, dishonest magazine covers — all designed to turn voters against the president decisively and permanently. The immigration policies coming out of the White House made Trump look like Hitler. They told you again and again and again on the other channels. It was a month of nonstop drama. Red-faced demagogues barking into TV cameras. Progressive mobs threatening administration officials in restaurants. Things seemed to fall apart.

What was the effect of all this, politically? We now have a conclusive answer to that. In the first week of June, right before all this began, the president’s approval rating according to the Real Clear Politics average was 42 percent. His disapproval rating, 54 percent. That’s a spread of 12 points.

After a full month of all the cable news morons calling him Hitler, Trump’s approval rating rose to 43 percent. That’s one of the highest of his presidency. And his disapproval dropped to 52 percent. That’s a spread of nine points, an improvement over the beginning of the month. But here’s the remarkable part. In the Harvard Harris poll, the president’s approval rose 10 points among Hispanic voters.

Keep in mind, this was the exact same period where everyone with a masters degree in the continental United States was telling you that Trump hates Hispanics. Yet, his number among Hispanics voters rose ten points. Amazing.

Could it be that the cable news dummies don’t really understand the country they pretend to report on? Could it be that Hispanic Americans are pretty much like every other American — normal people who love their country and know that illegal immigration hurts all of us? It looks that way.

That is bad news for Democrats who are betting that a campaign of hysteria and race-baiting will move voters to the polls in November. It hasn’t worked. Will the left figure out that it hasn’t worked? Maybe or maybe not.

They have grown so confident that Trump is finished, over, done that they are no longer hiding what they really think. They have pulled off the mask and are telling you directly. Calls to halt family separation have turned into demands to halt deportation itself, to abolish ICE, to abolish profits, to abolish prisons.

The left believes that voters are so angry at Trump that they want to abolish the country that elected him and want to replace it with an entirely new country where borders, business, where the law itself no longer exists. They are betting that most voters hate Trump so much that they have come to hate America too. That is their gamble. As of tonight, it is not paying off.

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