When Will Kavanaugh Be Confirmed?

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) believes that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will be confirmed by Senate by October 1st.

Hugh Hewitt questioned, “By the way, [is] Brett Kavanaugh going to get confirmed?”

Cotton replied, “He will have his hearing, I think, starting two weeks from today, Hugh. And then I expect that the Senate will confirm him in a week or two after that. So, by October 1, Judge Kavanaugh will be Justice Kavanaugh.”

  • dlmstl

    Just doing business that the people elected them to do. Enjoy watching the usual suspects shout and jump up and down in protest. The process will continue as planned. Look for at least 2-3 Democrats to vote for conformation. Just because the MSM remains fixated on taking down Trump doesn’t make the perilous situation facing Senators Nelson, Machen, Donnelly, McCaskill, Heitcamp and Testor go away. Amazing how quickly they’ve dropped coverage on the scandal surrounding abuser Keith Ellison. Same goes for the down playing of the brutal murder of Mollie Tibbets.

  • proudV

    My beloved Country is falling apart and its the left, Democrats, Antifa, and every violent leftist (all of them) must take the blame. They want a socialist society, My God please look at Venezuelan socialism. A decade ago everyone believed it was incredible and they were proud of their Nation, But now citizens by the thousands are trying to get out of lawless Dodge

  • GetReal4U2

    que the utter liberal meltdown…

    TRUMP 2020!

  • herbican

    Counting on his confirmation ! ! ! ! !

  • nzegodman

    Brett Kavanaugh is highly qualified to rise to the highest court in the land. So be it. Nze CA

  • Anyone who has any values and upholds the constitution and the rule of law is despised by the liberal progressive left aka Democrat party, so this will be a fight for freedom and is as important as any other current situation in this country.

  • Susan P

    Pray! Pray unceasingly that God will help Trump bring down the corrupt politicians. Hopefully, we will soon see a lot of them facing criminal charges. They are as guilty as sin and it is time the public knows and that they are punished.

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