What Gun Ban Gowdy Is Ok With

Trey Gowdy (R-SC) who was asked by CBS about the recent Florida school shooting stated he was “fine” with getting rid of “any instrumentality that converts a semi-automatic to a fully automatic.”

Partial transcript as follows:

NANCY CORDES: Right now we turn to Congressman Trey Gowdy, the head of the House Oversight Committee who is in Greenville, South Carolina this morning. Mr. Chairman, good morning. What do you say to these kids who are argue that politicians like you who take money from the NRA have blood on their hands?

GOWDY: Well, first thing I would say to, to those children and my own is I’m sorry that you have grown up in a generation that has only known violence and there is no sanctuary, there is no place of refuge. The schools aren’t safe, the churches aren’t safe, the concerts.

So I applaud their activism, I would encourage them to look at three components. The shooter himself, the instrumentality, and then any, any form of mitigation, whether it is magazine capacity, whether it is the speed with which the projectile is expelled. But, but you have to look at all three, you have to look at the shooter, and you have to look at the instrumentality by which that shooter is killing people. I applaud their activism and, and if I were them, I’d be as angry as they are.

CORDES: When you talk about instrumentality, are you suggesting that weapons that can kill or injure many people in a short period of time should be more restricted than they are now?

GOWDY: Well, you can certainly look at that. But of course Nancy, some, some of the more heinous mass killing we’ve had involve semi automatic pistols. And I, I have had people, when I was a prosecutor, kill, kill with all manner of instrumentality, from shovels to bricks to rope to hands. You’re equally dead. So–

CORDES: But you, but you can’t kill 500 people–

GOWDY: –whether it’s a semi-automatic pistol–

CORDES: Wait a minute, Congressman, in Las Vegas the shooter was able to injure 500 people in minutes. You can’t do that with a shovel or a brick.

GOWDY: No, you cannot. And that’s why I say you should look at the instrumentality and, and, and magazine capacity and the speed with which the projectiles, including bump stocks. But you also have to look at the shooter. And Nancy, in, in, in almost half the instances of mass shootings, there was notice provided to someone that the person was going to do what, what he ultimately did.

In school shootings, almost 80% of the time there was notice provided. So you have to look at all of it. If you only look at the instrumentality and you don’t look at the person who’s pulling the, the trigger, then I think you’re doing a disservice to everyone who wants to see an end to, to killings, including mass killings.

CORDES: So I think what these kids are saying is we have looked at all of these things, we just haven’t done anything. Why, for example, hasn’t Congress taken action on bump stocks? This is something that both sides agree should be curtailed. If you’re saying that, you know, we need to make it easier for law enforcement to step in when someone exhibits symptoms of violence, why don’t we make it easier for them to do that?

GOWDY: Well, you could. You could impose a duty to disclose. We have it in other categories of law. You could impose a, a, a lawful duty to disclose if, if you hear that someone is planning to do something. And the shooting in Florida, you didn’t need a duty to disclose.

People did come forward and put the F.B.I. on notice. You know, bump stocks turn, turn semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic weapons. So fully-automatic weapons are already illegal. So I, I, I am fine with doing away with any instrumentality that converts a semi-automatic to a fully-automatic.

CORDES: So you’re a member of leadership–

GOWDY: But Nancy, we–

CORDES: –when will we see a vote on that?

GOWDY: I’m not a member of leadership, but I’m happy to ask them when and if we’re going to see a vote. I don’t know that it requires a vote of Congress, I think ATF could regulate bump stocks tomorrow.

  • Rodney

    I agree with Trey to a degree. His terminology is a bit confused and misleading however. He talks about the speed of the projectile? If you slow down a projectile, sure, you are less apt to kill a person, but also less apt to kill your game animal or a perp breaking into your house. I read this morning that a former friend of Cruz’s reported him to the school on multiple occasions that went mostly ignored. The local cops had visited his home 39 times, but no reports to higher authorities. The FBI was warned, yet no action. I understand you cannot investigate every report, but just a “Knock and Talk” can deter a person from deadly action or the investigators can at least get a feel for the person and decide if a closer look is warranted. Seems to me a lot of the agencies or authorities really dropped the ball on this.

    • Michael McGrew

      Thats right Rodney

    • Dave

      In an interview of a Florida legislator, he claimed that he is pro 2nd Amendment, and that he goes hunting with his son. He went on to say that nobody should have a weapon as powerful as the AR15. There are plenty of far more powerful firearms in public hands. Like the 30-06, as old as it is (adopted in 1906) will drop about anything in North America. In Vietnam, M-16 rounds could pass through someone so fast that they didn’t drop with just one hit. One evening, a perimeter guard used half a dozen 20 round magazines to finally drop a water buffalo.

      The AR15 was sold to the public in the early 1960s as the Varminter, and advertised as a great rifle for varmints and small game on farm or ranch. It was the same thing as the M16 which was not even adopted by the USAF which tested it in 1964, after which the other branches of service adopted the M16. The sole difference between the M16 and the Varminter (AR15) was the M16 had full auto. The .223 bullet is about the same diameter as the little .22 so many of us grew up with. I have a .22lr AR15. AR15s can be had in a very wide range of calibers, which allows them to serve as multi-purpose rifles. .22lr for range and tin cans. The .300cal version is great for hunting wild hogs.

      The .30-06cal (or 7.62mm) is far more powerful than the .223cal (5.56mm) of the AR15, period. It’s not even a contest. The bullet is bigger, has more mass, and more power behind it. It’s like asking which is more powerful a VW bug or a Corvette. The Idea that 5.56 is some incredibly deadly round come from the media scaremongering, despite not having a clue about firearms. On the plus side generally peeking those who go on mass shootings don’t know anything about firearms either, so if they use a rifle it’s typically chambered in 5.56, since it’s deadliness is so hyped up instead of something more powerful. Unequivocally .30–06 or 7.62 over the .223. It’s a (very) full powered rifle round, whereas .223/5.56 is an intermediate power rifle round. They’re an entirely different class of cartridge.

      • Rodney

        I have two hunting faves that aren’t shotguns. My 300 winmag and a 7mm for deer, coyote or other smaller critters. I could hunt with my AR, but the way the rounds can tear up the interior of a deer, NO WAY. I want ever bit of that yummy critter. Never been hog huntin’.

        • lorna shores

          my AR knocks the hell outa paper targets on the range!

          • Rodney

            Where I live, I can be in complete solitude within minutes and be shooting whistle pigs shortly after. Twenty two’s are okay, 22 mag is a little more fun, but to get those ground rats to dance, it takes an AR. haha

      • johnmcv

        We used .222,.223 for varmints..never for deer.

      • Rence

        That’s one of the many issues i have with some of these people. “You don’t need an ar with a 30rnd mag to hunt”

        1) the second amendment isn’t about hunting

        2) if we let them ban “military style” guns, what will we do when our hunting rifles and shotguns become “sniper rifles” and our shottys become “cqb weapons”? Or our pistols become “sidearms”

        Bans on anything generally only affect the already law abiding.

  • Robert Wayne Englehorn


    • Mom442

      Facts Don’t Matter with MSM. Their purpose is to mesmerize the population into demanding or agreeing with taking away our God-given, Constitutionally protected right to self-defense.

    • Steven Earle

      Long time NRA member, long time gun rights supporter. If someone wants a bump stock , which effectively lets a semi auto act like a MG, the owner should be required to apply for a class 5. If it looks like a duck no one cares if it’s a goose.

      • johnmcv

        Not a bad idea. Orange County Earle?

        • Steven Earle

          What does your Orange County question mean?

          • Steven Earle

            Wife explained it to me. No not that Steve Earle, can’t sing can’t play, sorry.

          • johnmcv

            Welcome to the Club.

          • johnmcv

            Thankew,sire…..you answeredthe question.

    • Michael McGrew

      Bump stocks help people that can’t hardly pull the trigger, so they can just put there finger thru the trigger guard and use the strength of there forearm to push and pull to aid in firing the weapon. I know several friends that have the bump stock. and that are disabled and if it wasn’t for the bump stock there weapon would

    • Dave

      You can create the same effect with rubberbands. It doesn’t look as neat and finished as a bump stock, but it does work. Should we ban rubberbands?

      • lorna shores

        why Dave, that sounds like a perfectly Legitimate step in the right direction!

    • lorna shores

      hey Robert, theres been talk about Bump stocks on muzzle loaders from the news media, go figure!

    • scooter

      absolutely Robert, you are so right. I can’t stand stupid people talking about something they know nothing about.

  • David Drezek

    To start with the interviewer should have the proper facts. 500 people were not shot in Las Vegas, no were near that. Many were injured by other means. 85% of all weapons produced are of the semi-automatic variety, so let’s start by knowing what you are talking about before you start asking questions.

    • ernldo

      You ask the impossible from our media propagandists.

    • Michael McGrew

      The Las Vegas shooting was mostly done from the ground, there wasn’t enough shell casing in the hotel room

      • Dave

        please cite the source for this information.

      • mrpoohead

        So speaks the psychic.
        Were you there?
        Did you see all the information?

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


    • Michael McGrew

      Absolutely right Irene, we know that today no one wants to be responsible for their own actions. These kids are a generation that has been raised not knowing that life has its disappointments and nobody is a loser they all get trophies

      • No-One is the liberal left who has no memory, no admission, and no responsibility for anything, they are the educators and the purveyors of everything PC and divisive. The era of personal responsibility good parenting and conservative values went out the window in 1992 with the beginning of the Clinton reign followed by the do nothing W Bush reign and finished off with the total destruction by one BHO.

    • Juan Delgado

      Perfect statement these morons who want total gun control must have never heard about Juarez Ch. Mexicowhere 10 people a day were murdered for three years and then it dropped to eight. Outlaw guns onky outlaws have guns.

    • James Higginbotham

      i couldn’t AGREE MORE Irene.
      and NOW TRUMP wants to BAN BUMP STOCKS, which starts the SLIPPERY SLOPE.
      now if Senator Ted Cruz runs in 2020?

      • johnmcv

        Ban bump stocks? Perhaps you would be happier with a total ban on semi auto rifles?

        • James Higginbotham

          maybe you just CAN’T COMPREHEND ENGLISH SLICK.

          • johnmcv

            The very same,dude,but the way you worded that original comment seemed to indicate just the opposite.

          • James Higginbotham

            sorry if i might have mislead you.
            i am ALL PRO GUN, PEROD.

          • johnmcv

            Right on………!!

    • johnmcv

      Even the Romans had a saying (translated,of course). “It is not the sword which kills but the hand holding that sword”

    • A. G. T. Jr.

      Irene, thanks for the gem of thought. Godless, politically correct, left-captive liberals will say this is just a movie. But the principle behind what was said in this movie is axiomatic and eternal. “SHANE” said that “a gun is a tool no better or no worse than any other tool – an ax, a shovel, or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it.”

  • Richard Gieser

    So the FBI and other law enforcement agencies don’t have as big a budget to “harass” people who are suspect in advance as much as the IRS?

    • William Max Boliek

      The FBI seems to busy screwing with Trump to do anything constructive like preventing the Florida school Shooting. Seems like the Trump fixation

    • Terry Butts

      The did not need some big budget to pick up a phone and tell the local law enforcement the individual made a threat on social media that he was going to harm people at the school and allow the LEGAL investigation of that threat.

      It is a fact that it is a violation of laws that exist in every state for them to threaten someone or a group such as the one did when he stated he was going to be a school shooter.

      Just like it was not RACISM OR BIGOTRY for someone to call ICE when someone paraded around with a sign CONFESSING to breaking immigration laws it is not HARASSMENT to investigate someone when they made an ACTUAL THREAT.

      To my knowledge the FBI was required to inform the local authorities of the threat regardless of if they personally felt the one was capable of carrying out such a threat. Of course as many have pointed out they seem to be to busy trying to manufacture some kind of proof the false allegations against Trump are true than in actually doing something when proof of an actual threat was presented to them.

  • Alex Peshansky

    As 9/11 showed, you can kill thousands of people in minutes with just box cutters.
    It is a tool – it is the killer.

  • shadowlee

    Obummer did it !

  • drhjmaue

    I totally respect congressman Gowdy but I was confused about the projectile comment what does that mean ammo that only travels at 800 fps versus 1450 fps makes no sense. I think he may have been referring to rounds per minute not feet per second. But I do get sick of all the gun control rhetoric that seems to get all the media attendance that they can than try to blame President Trump for this mass school shooting. At the same time they seem to forget this also has happened while other presidents were in office. A lady on the news this morning stated has anyone ever looked at all the gun laws currently on the books which are in excess of 300 so let’s just enforce those and see how that works. The mentally disturbed boy who shot the 17 students was very clever in how he went about this shooting by pulling the fire alarm and using smoke bombs thereby causing an evacuation of the school. This allowed him to start shooting these students but in reality had he not had a gun it could have been a homemade bomb, drove a car or truck over many exiting students or even throwing a Molotov cocktail. This is is simply a glass bottle filled with gasoline and a rag stuck in the end of the bottle and lit and then thrown. So this is just a very small example of what a mentally disturbed person can do to harm others.

    • Terry Butts

      True the devices that he could have used are to numerous to list the fact is that in the nations these politicians are trying to COPY gun laws from the same mentally disturbed people do in fact use vehicles, bombs, even knives in fact at least one of those nations is now working on KNIFE CONTROL to restrict the types of knives CIVILIANS can own over all the school stabbings they have had.

      Our media barley if at all mentions those while they REPEATEDLY rant the false line about gun control for months sometimes years after an incident that “the crime would not have happened if only x law existed before the crime” as if he could not have ILLEGALLY gotten a gun, made one himself, and would have just given up his plan to harm the students simply because ONE of the many options he could have used was harder to LEGALLY get. He could have just as easily made bombs and hid them around the school set to go off when the students schedule placed far more of them near it harming/killing far more than he was able to harm with just a gun.

      • drhjmaue

        Very good Terry and it’s the UK that has put forth this ridiculous knife ban involving knives with blades over 6″ I think and just another totally ineffective weapon control program what’s next baseball bats you simply cannot legislate evil or insanity away.

    • lorna shores

      even a M-16 doesn’t fire 800 rounds per minute, and i want to see the gun that fires 1450 rounds per minute, A M-16 is rated at 650 rpm, the last i heard!

      • Terry Butts

        I think one would have to look at the military’s metal-storm system or something in the line of the powered rotation multi-barrelled mini-gun weapons usually mounted on choppers before one could even get close to a 1450 round firing rate.

        Fact is the person in the story was either badly misquoted or totally ignorant of the facts. Considering several anti gun politicians have shown only Hollywood’s FICTIONAL representations as what they believe we can probably safely assume the politician in the story was spouting the FICTION from Hollywood as if it was fact.

  • Merlinever

    “Trey Gowdy (R-SC) who was asked by CBS about the recent Florida school
    shooting stated he was “fine” with getting rid of “any instrumentality
    that converts a semi-automatic to a fully automatic.”
    Dear Mr. Gowdy: The 2nd Amendment of our Constitution makes absolutely no mention of what types of “arms” we the people may keep and bear. Any infringement on our rights to keep and bear arms, as described in the Constitution, is an attack on the Constitution itself and on the Constitutional rights of all Americans.
    Please don’t try to force your [email protected]$$ opinions on us through laws that violate our Constitution.
    We already have too many of those. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b3ba02b39d4333a937087c2ce00c542db6c17c107a2bb6847f5f3e59c87f95c4.jpg

    • Kenj

      I love your ending pic. It says it all doesn’t it?!

    • jseeburger

      Merlineve: I agree with Steve Earle’s comment: ” If someone wants a bump stock , which effectively lets a semi auto act like a MG, the owner should be required to apply for a class 5. If it looks like a duck no one cares if it’s a goose.” There are laws to control ownership of automatic firearms – if it acts like an automatic it should be treated like an automatic.

      • Michael McGrew

        jseeburger do you know why the bump stocks was made?

        • jseeburger

          M McGrew: No, I do not know why they were developed. I’ve heard that they were made for disabled individuals. But that never made any since to me because when using one you trade accuracy for increased rate of fire. I’m guessing that less accuracy is not what a disabled individual is seeking.

      • Rodney

        Did you know, you can accomplish the same effect as a “Bump Stock” with a simple leather strap or shoe string?

        • jseeburger

          You could also use a Winchester Model 1897 Trench Gun. That’s legal as well. So your point is?????

          • Rodney

            Bump Stocks were just outlawed. Be pretty hard to outlaw shoe laces. To follow your think on a shotgun, I’ll take a Cobray Street Sweeper if I want a splatter gun for fighting. I never plan on letting combatants that close.

          • jseeburger

            The Cobray is good but you have to pull the trigger for each of the 12 shots. The 1897 on the other hand is effectively an automatic — one trigger pull and 6 shots are gone. I agree with you on not letting them that close to start with, but sometimes you don’t get to select how close they get.

          • Rodney

            Trench gun is a pump action based on the 1893 model pump. The difference is the trench gun can be slam fired. It can run through it’s six rounds as fast as you can pump the slide. I still wouldn’t bother with either one as they both are a hope and prayer you are aiming close enough to your target to actually hit something. For closer action I will rely on the good old .45 1911.

          • jseeburger

            It looks like we are pretty much on the same page. Your take on the 1897 is accurate and it sure is a hoot to shot.

          • Rodney

            LOL, yeah. I bet it is, but I can attest to the fun with the street sweeper as well. Those excess watermelons didn’t stand a chance, once you figured out where the you aim needed to be. Not as bad as pulling both triggers of a double barrel either.

          • jseeburger

            Happy shooting

          • Rodney

            You too.

          • johnmcv

            You forgot to mention that,as long as you were holding the trigger back, all you needed to do was work the slide.

          • johnmcv

            Oh….Jseeburger mentioned it.

          • Rodney

            Slam Fired! That’s the term that covers the action of trigger pulled and pumping as fast as you can. Being a shotgun and operating that way it would be best to be 50 feet from a barn wall to hit it.

          • johnmcv

            Right on……

    • scott

      Well said, Merlinever, I totally agree. And we all know that the US govt has not got our best interest at heart.
      Once again, George Washington nailed it!

    • Dave

      Gowdy, and so many others, many pro-gun people included, forget the original intent of the 2nd Amendment as articulated by James Madison and George Mason, the co-authors. The People already had guns to put meat on the table and fight off Indians and thieves. The Founders included the 2nd Amendment for a totally different reason… to defend the rights and liberties of the People from what European governments, especially England, had done. The People of the UK had rights. Colonists were supposed to have the same rights, but those rights were infringed or simply taken away at the discretion of the government.
      On the night of 18 April 1775, British troops were dispersed across Massachusetts with orders to confiscate the weapons and ammunition in the hands of colonists, and to arrest James Madison and another Founder. It was Paul revere and others who rode across the land to spread the warning. The following day, the British troops were confronted by armed colonists. A shot was fired which was heard ’round the world’, and the Revolutionary War was on.
      The individual states, during the Constitution ratification process, called upon Madison and Mason to appear before state legislatures and explain the words and intent of the 2nd Amendment, which they did. Afterward, those states ratified the Constitution, and included the words of the 2nd Amendment into their own state constitutions. The duty of the government was to uphold the Constitution, in toto. The Founders knew from personal experience that governments could not be trusted; that the government would, over time, seek to grow and to control the lives of the People just as European monarchs had done.
      George may not have chopped down the cherry tree, but, the words of the Founders still exist in their personal writings, correspondence, and in the official minutes of the legislatures, and can also be found among “The Federalist Papers”.
      Our country, and it’s leadership, including those who support the 2nd Amendment, need to be totally re-educated. So many of them really do not know what they are fighting over or for.

  • ernldo

    Its always disgruntled demotards and leftists (one in the same actually) that shoot innocents up, we should start with a serious ban on them owning ANY kind of firearms. Nobody can name a NRA member that has gone on ANY shooting sprees. Not a single Tea party member. Or a Conservative Republican. What say ye, media dullards?

    • Richard Gieser

      It’s a well established fact that liberalism is a mental disorder so, why not.

    • Dave

      Valid points, HOWEVER… the second you restrict the progressive, social, pinko, commie, liberal, Democrats from having firearms, the 2nd Amendment ceases to be a right and instantly becomes a privilege.

    • johnmcv

      Same old storey. You can put their names on all Forbidden lists but how are you going to keep em from doing a back alley transaction

  • Rick Rankin

    I just love how interviewer can lead questions to where you almost say what they want… Truth is if someone wants to kill people…They will find a way… Look at Oklahoma… Legal ingredients built a bomb and killed more than an automatic or semi automatic rifle did. 9-11 a plane killed thousands and so on and so on. Cars have ben used to kill people and so how can you outlaw all of these?

    What is all boils down to is we have our 2nd Amendment rights to stop an Government from overreaching their power just like they are now…

    And from what I have seen with these liberal idiots who are shouting gun control, gun control from the roof tops…Is they have no means to understand even the very past… Hitler was one, Stalin and Hillary would have been the next and rest assured she would already have gun confiscation underway…

    Guns, Cars, sticks, rocks, bricks, spears, arrows, axes, knives, fertilizer, box cutters and even bare hands have all been used to commit murder but it is only guns that these idiots are wanting to ban and what they don’t understand is the guns we have are are freedom in the event of a hostile government takeover or invasion or an emp attack and I personally want to have something to protect my wife or daughter or grandkids with….

    If that mentally disturbed young man who not only posted his intentions numerous times and was reported at least 40 times to authorities would have been looked into and investigated thoroughly like he should have been by the same loudmouth liberal sheriff who went on TV and grandstanded against Trump about gun control and yet he himself knew this kid was a stick of dynamite just waiting to go off with a short, slow burning fuse and he did nothing but let it go by… But anyway had this kid been checked out like he should have been… That gun would have never walked out of his closet and shot all of those people.

    So what is commonplace in all of these mass murders???? In actually because some used bombs, some used vehicles, some used box cutters, so is the one common denominators in all of these deaths????

    It is really quite simple, a mentally disturb person who either by heredity or religion or just plain psycho on their own…. Flipped a switch and and picked up whatever means they had to kill people with and they went out and killed them and killed as many people as they possibly could before they themselves were killed or captured or escaped…

    I can assure you that gun or those guns or those planes or trucks or sears or arrows would have never got up and went out and killed anyone by themselves and so why do all of these liberal idiots and the government want the guns banned…

    That is simple too… Because then they would ultimately not have to fear any of the good folks being able to stand up to them and their pushy ways… And they can do just about whatever they want and push any agenda they want to push without any retailiation from “We The People”.

    If George Washington could see it back then, then we should easily be able to see it now… But as usual, there are always idiots out there that thoroughly don’t have a clue whatsoever what could happen….

  • Steven Earle

    Don’t give the gun grabbers ammo to shoot us with. Bump stocks aren’t worth the bad image they present.

  • John McLame

    It’s Gowdy Doodie time

  • Dick Olson

    I believe that more than one shooter was involved in the LV shooting incident, mainly to facilitate the disarming of Americans, as per the Left’s Socialist Agenda! Facts haven’t been forthcoming.

  • Terry Butts

    “Trey Gowdy (R-SC) who was asked by CBS about the recent Florida school
    shooting stated he was “fine” with getting rid of “any instrumentality
    that converts a semi-automatic to a fully automatic.””

    The only thing that could convert a SEMI-AUTO into a FULL-AUTO is internal modification this was ALREADY RESTRICTED to the point of being banned long ago then TOTALLY BANNED in the 80s as an amendment to the restriction states no new manufactured full auto guns are allowed to be sold to civilians after its date of enforcement.

    That means one has to first go through the lengthy process of a BACKGROUND CHECK that I doubt any liberal politician could pass just for permission then find someone with an ANTIQUE weapon they wish to sell. That is if they want to LEGALLY own a full auto.

    This has no effect whatsoever on the CRIMINALS that MAKE their own or ILLEGALLY CONVERT other guns from having them in one report from a state just a few years ago LONG AFTER THE LAW RESTRICTING THEM was passed they had 11000 FULL AUTO weapons used in crimes and NOT ONE SINGLE ONE was ever legally owned most were not even LEGALLY MANUFACTURED or LEGALLY imported to this nation.

    The tragedy in Florida happened in a “GUN FREE ZONE” school where the ENTRANCES and EXITS were limited and easy to control IF THE SCHOOL had chosen to actually enforce that policy beyond relying on the LAW ABIDING VICTIMS to just obey it.

    For those unaware of what a GUN FREE ZONE is it is a place where there is a 100% BAN on possessing a gun meaning there is NO OTHER RESTRICTION POSSIBLE to add on that right.

    To claim the policy failed because OTHER PLACES did not impose the same restriction is HYPOCRISY as the politicians and OTHER EXPLOITERS of these tragedies are at the very least

    1) Ignoring that these same king of crimes STILL HAPPEN in nations with NATIONWIDE bans on civilian ownership of guns. Even going so far as to blame AMERICAS gun laws for what happened in another nation WITH ITS OWN LAWS when even in AMERICA the weapons used are RESTRICTED to the point one needs to be EXTREMELY WEALTHY and PROVE they have no terrorist connections to even come close to getting GOVERNMENT PERMISSION to even legally buy one IF they could find one still available.(an 80s amendment to the restriction prohibits full auto guns made after its date from being sold to ANY CIVILIAN even with the required permit)

    2) not focusing on the actual cause of the crime instead they go after a TOOL that is LEGALLY USED for LEGAL PURPOSES by MILLIONS of Americans every day while IGNORING when OTHER TOOLS such as planes, cars, trucks, baseball bats, knives etc. the list of items that CRIMINALS have used to harm or kill would take pages of space. They HYPOCRITES even pay CIVILIAN body guards to be ARMED and protect them while they demand laws that if actually enforced would disarm those very same guards.

    In the AUDIO From the video tape the shooters at columbine made it is clear that they were UPSET with a CHRISTIAN GIRL who refused to do something IMMORAL they wanted her to do and they were going to show her and the CHRISTIAN READING GROUP MEETING IN THE LIBRARY. In other words they were on DRUGS for a mental condition they were BRAINWASHED by the schools SEX ED PROGRAM that some act CHRISTIAN beliefs say is immoral was NORMAL and felt they had a right to PUNISH everyone who because she refused. The media falsely attempted to divert blame to GUNS or even the ANTIQUE video game that was running as a screen saver. Several media even included them in the VICTIMS count as if the GUN was the perpetrator.

    In the recent Florida incident what would have stopped or prevented it IS NOT NEW GUN LAWS it would have been stopped if

    1) The FBI did there job and INFORMED the local authorities of the threat so it could get PROPERLY INVESTIGATED.

    2) The people the one LIVED WITH PAID ATTENTION to his actions and reported his threats and leaving with the weapon to carry out the threat.

    3) The DRIVER that took him to the GUN FREE ZONE while he was in possession of a GUN had instead went to the police with him instead of the SCHOOL.

    4) ANY of the TEACHERS and FACILITY who tried to stop him had been ARMED AS WELL instead of being forced to try and make all the way across a room to get in MELEE range of a criminal who IN VIOLATION OF NUMEROUS EXISTING GUN LAWS PASSED ON THE FALSE CLAIM THEY WOULD ENSURE NO SUCH TRAGEDY WOULD EVERY HAPPEN AGAIN was in possession of a gun in a place with a 100% TOTAL BAN on gun possession. To the point they did not even allow ARMED GUARDS to watch the entrances.

    Anyone that thinks that gun laws PREVENT CRIME are ignorant of what LAWS ARE FOR they do not prevent crime they inform people of the PUNISHMENT that will happen if they do certain things in the HOPE it would persuade them to not do those things THIS IS NOT PREVENTION because they can still choose to commit those crimes and ignore the laws.

    When we get someone that LIKE SO MANY OF THESE MASS SHOOTERS has a mental issue and on medication that BLATANTLY STATES it can cause violence thoughts (yet relies only on the PATIENT to report such) they are not going to be persuaded to RESPECT OTHERS LIVES, or OBEY ANY LAW, that interferes with their plans. They could just have easily used BOMBS or KNIVES to carry out their crimes like HAS BEEN HAPPENING in other nations when the criminal could not MAKE their own gun to use for some reason.

    In fact in one nation it has reached a point where the cry is now “KNIFE CONTROL” they claim they have to “BAN all those KITCHEN KNIVES that serve no VALID PURPOSE outside a RESTAURANT” in the name of stopping the SCHOOL STABBINGS that now happen in those nations. Bombs have been restricted or outright outlawed WORLD WIDE so the media does not beat them to death for months or years promoting a POLITICAL AGENDA of banning bombs to save lives. At least not since they got them restricted to the point a SPECIAL LICENSE is needed to even blast a stump out of the ground like people used to be able to just BUY a stick of dynamite at the hardware store and do for themselves.

  • Mike Deverich

    They don’t need a vote in Congress, the ATF could ban bump stocks all by itself. They came out during he Obama Administration and nobody had a problem. You can’t control fully automatic fire, the barrel will rise after every shot. After 30-60 rounds the barrel will be too hot to use so a gun switch would be needed or a barrel switch. These are all spurious arguements, when will we eliminate Gun Free Zones and provide our children with the same security every Congres person has?

  • scott

    These same assinine Commucrats who want to take away our guns over just 17 deaths certainly have no problem, and even gleefully rejoice in, killing 2.5 million babies a year in abortion chambers thru out the country.
    Biggest damn hypocrites on the planet!!!!!!!

    • bernie

      Yes, and they have no problem with bringing in babies from any other Country in the World, and thinks that’s great.Our little babies being slaughtered to make way for illegals. Makes me sick to think about it,

  • Joseph Morgan


  • missourisam

    The only way a deranged person that has homicidal aspirations can be kept from killing is to lock them up, or kill them. As far as banning guns, the only people that a ban will affect is the law abiding citizen that would never misuse it in the first place. Criminals do not obey laws or they would not be criminals to begin with. In the Mideast there are natives that are building working guns by hand. A gun ban would do the same thing prohibition did, create an underground criminal organization to supply guns to the criminal element that will prey on unarmed and defenseless citizens. In my opinion the push for the banning of guns is a foot in the door of subverting the Constitution and disarming the citizenry so they will have no opposition if they decide to force communism or a dictatorship on the nation. An armed man is a citizen, while an unarmed man is a subject. There are more than enough laws to stop acts like the one in Florida. His internet threats would be called a terrorist threat which is a crime. Why the FBI refused to take it seriously is anyone’s guess. If the gun is at fault for the deaths, why are not automobiles banned, as there are many more people killed by the misuse or carelessness associated with them every year than by guns. If the congress wants to pass a law over this incident, it should be a law that holds officials that have sworn an oath to uphold the law ignore a viable threat like this idiot when they were warned. As far as I am concerned, the law enforcement agencies and personnel that did not follow up on these threats is guilty of at least seventeen counts of manslaughter. What everyone seems to forget is that a permissive society has raised a whole generation of children who are just becoming adults that have no respect for the sanctity of life, and no respect for any thing but what they want, and are willing to kill to get noticed and become famous.

  • Wes

    Just because the country is half full of stupid, ignoramus, gun control freaks, does not nullify our constitional rights to have guns. The wise framers of our Constitional Republic knew that gun ownership by private citizens was the major difference between a free nation and a totalitarian government that enslaves it’s people. It is not only our right as an American, it is our duty to protect our freedom, with our guns, against the government, if it proofs itself to be guilty of taking away those freedoms and rights, guaranteed to us by the United States Constitution. Emotions and good intentions, can never be acceptable reasons for the government to disarm us. If you think otherwise, you are a fool.

  • GardenRich

    All the gun control laws we have now have not made our communities safer or our schools. Look at L A, Chicago, New York, even Washington D. C. show me how Gun control measures have protected them. Can We legislate the human race to have a good concious and to respect each other and ourselves. We do not have a gun problem we have a people problem, People have lost their moral compass.

  • James Earp

    The kids protesting blame a thing uses not the person or FBI allowing it. The kids are taught your not responsible for deaths a gun is.any murders guns not used in is acceptable. I fear these kids will be more dangerous than the shooter.

  • viking nation

    Trump signed a order today to end the sales of bump stocks… Who do you think took money from the NRA Obama & Dem leaders that did Nothing about any kind of gun control or Trump that half of america been knocking. Trump proves over & over that he is for us the people Not what party you belong too.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I suppose that we should do away with renting ANY trucks to people.
    Maybe a ban on pressure cookers should be made into law.
    Perhaps, box cutters must be outlawed because they may be used as weapons.
    I suppose machetes, grenades, bomb-making materials, are all okay, if used by Muslims only.
    It seems that there are warning signs that are missed on these nutty
    people who end up killing people. Later they say that person acted strangely.
    People seem to note their behaviors even months or years before
    they commit their atrocities, but they never report it in time to save the
    victims. In this latest massacre, the police and FBI knew this teenager and
    his brother were out of control. Police were called to his home 39 times prior
    to this violent tragedy. But, it is so much easier to blame President Trump, because
    that is what his haters do.

    • lorna shores

      your like a breath of fresh air! i completely forgot about pressure cookers

  • usmcb10

    anyone who knows anything about guns knows what TREY said was a load of BS.GUNS do not kill people people kill people. In the UK they banned guns and the thugs just bought Louisville slugger ball bats, their answer was to ban the sale of ball bats . Ithink now you can buy the bats again. Ask the people in Australia how safe they feel since they gave up their guns. People in Europe are frantic to get their hands on a gun because of this open immigration because of all the violence done by the muslims .I used to like TREY GOWDY ,but after what he said I would not vote for him for dog catcher!

  • kenward42

    Why do people keep blaming guns instead of the people who use them illegally? We don’t blame cars for accidents that kill people, and we don’t blame bombs for the people they kill. In these cases we rightfully blame the handlers of those instruments of destruction. It should be the same with guns. Blame the handlers not the instrument used.

  • Harold Sammons

    Gowdy is right, there are all ready laws against full automatic weapons, enforce those Laws and add to them conversions to fully auto. devices!

  • lorna shores

    i agree, i have had an AR-15 for 30 years, and so far it hasn’t left the house and killed anyone! Also, there has been ONE shooting involving a Bumpstock, how many people gets killed from texting while driving?

  • william g munson


  • Roland Drudge

    The left is replaying the same ploy that all socialists (Lennon, Hitler, & Stalin) used to disarm the general public so they could force their countrymen to their knees so they have to submit to the whims of the power brokers. The socialist left leaders are attempting the same & as history has proven, it’s not in our best interest to be disarmed & at their mercy. They have a lot to lose & that’s why they are grasping at any straw to restrict & hinder our rights, but we have more to lose if they have their way. They have poisoned the minds of our young people & use them against us just as the socialists of Russia, Germany, China & every other socialist regime has done. It’s never ends well for those who cherish freedom when socialist have their way.

  • The_Great_Gearoni

    Like Chairman Mao said, “Power comes from the barrel of a gun.” Lets make sure that OUR government masters…..uh… I mean OUR government servants, yeah, servants, are the only ones to be trusted with that much power.

    It’s OK! This is 2018….stop living in the past and clinging to your God, guns, and Bibles. We gotta change our history. You know, like Barrack, the new Messiah, said. (How’s that working out for ya?)

  • AFGus

    C’mon Trey…..don’t turn into a tool now. Bumpstocks “do not” convert a semi-auto rifle into a fully automatic rifle. It just doesn’t! Does it help increase the rate of fire? Yes….to an extent, but it definitely does not make the rifle equal in functionality to a true select fire, fully automatic military rifle. I don’t own one because ammo is fairly expensive and I don’t like to waste it. I prefer to increase my accuracy when I shoot, rather than lower it using this type of accessory, but this sets a dangerous precedent that the ignorant liberals will eventually and definitely exploit. if you give liberals a millimeter, they’ll try to take a hundred miles. Banning Bumpstocks will solve absolutely nothing, and it does not address the real issues of people who commit heinous acts, and what should and could be done to actually reduce mass shootings. Like repealing and getting rid of No Gun Zones, which are nothing but state sponsored Killing Fields. Stop caving to ignorance.

    • bernie

      There never should have been Gun Free Zones at the Schools.Who ever thought that one up must have been deranged. There should have been armed guards at the Schools from day one, would have been less deaths, or maybe none

      • AFGus

        Exactly! There are very few places that should be designated as Gun Free Zones. Court Rooms, Jails/Prisons and the like are common sense. Any other places are ignorance and put the general public in danger. They need to go away! Write your State and Federal legislators to that fact. I have, and I do it often. I just tonight wrote to, as well as left a phone message for President Trump imploring him to force legislation to do away with Gun Free Zones…..especially for schools.

        • bernie

          I just looked in my inbox. It says Trump is not for free zones.
          That’s a good start.We always had 2 or 3 rifles in the closet when I was growing up.

  • Bruce Von Sprecken

    Trey Gowdy does not even know that a bump-stock does NOT make the ar-15 into fully auto! Wow.Politicians will ruin the country! President Trump is starting to cave on the Second-Amendment like all soft Republicans and will lose tons of support from his base if he keeps this crap up!!!!!!!!!!!


    A gun free zone is an area of victims, sheep waiting to be slaughtered because mentally unstable, violent people will always have guns.

    Suppose the mass shooter at school couldn’t get a gun. What would stop him from using bombs and killing even more.

    The Florida victims were of the same age as MEN soldiers of the civil war.. They don’t need to cower in a corner. A group could rush the perp. Or they could throw books at him en masse.

    They could knock out a window to escape.





  • Carl Carlson

    Forewarning, I don’t hear much blame being placed on those who received information on the shooter. People who knew him and reported him to the proper authorities did their job. Why didn’t our local law enforcement agencies take action? Why didn’t our highest law enforcement agencies take action? This Tragic event could have been prevented. So sad.

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