Were Trump’s Tweets During Bush Funeral Rude?

President Donald Trump was recently bashed by MSNBC co-host Mika Brzezinski for tweeting during former first lady Barbara Bush’s funeral.

Political commentator Mike Barnicle stated “That’s the America that the president of the United States denigrated Saturday during a funeral service with his tweets, many of which are outright lies.”

Mika Brzezinski continued by saying, “Well, let’s be honest, he does it every day. He does it every day, but it was especially insulting to the United States of America on Saturday.”

“It’s just — it’s just painful actually in some ways and especially on Saturday as the world said good-bye to Barbara Bush.”

  • Barb McFadden

    She is nothing so I’m not even sure why this was important enough to put in a newsletter.

  • patriot

    this b***h is an embarrassment to journalisn,womanhood ,human race



  • ruetschi

    Since when is she concerned about someone denigrating a republican.

  • Robert Andrews


    I am a Christian Conservative, not a liberal. Trump turds claim only liberals bash thumpy but I know what the Tea Party thought of him during the primaries, A THUG! Thumpy continues to demonstrate ZERO CLASS. Only a THUG would behave this way.

    A thump turds call him a CHRISTIAN?

    • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

      Is this the way a Christian judges President Trump, or anyone for that matter?
      Jesus said: “Let he who is without sin, first cast a stone”!
      Jesus died for all, even you!

  • Roger

    President Trump can tweet as much as he wants because he is still getting the job done!

    President Trump did more for America and the American people in one year than the previous three presidents did in 24 years!

    Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world!

    Keep America Great! Greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!

    Actions speak louder than words and President Trump’s actions speaks volumes for America and the American people!

  • Lee Martinsen

    Notice, the tweets were not printed, because they were more respectful than Bush deserved. Barbara did NOTHING of significance beyond bearing a RINO, who became part of the swamp along with her husband.

  • Spunky

    Is is highly dis-respectful for Mika to even be allowed to let sound come out of that hateful pie-hole – just happy she lives a sad life

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