Watch Trey Gowdy RIP INTO The FBI Chief Over Hillary’s Emails!

There weren’t a lot of people who were surprised that the FBI would let Hillary Clinton off the hook for the absurdly stupid email scandal, but it was still shocking how he admitted she lied, and then STILL exonerated her.

That’s why Congress demanded that FBI Director Comey answer for his decision and that allowed Trey Gowdy to really rip into him!!

Watch below:

It basically came down to Comey saying that Hillary didn’t intend to break the law, when that’s not even part of the rule that she broke. And with so much at stake, it’s unbelievable that they would bend the rules to let a Clinton escape the law yet once more. Or then again, it’s all too believable, isn’t it?

But that doesn’t mean it’s over – Hillary’s image is severely damaged by how this was handled, and Republicans say they will still pursue the issue. So will justice finally nab a Clinton? Let us know what you think… - 2015 | Privacy Policy