Was Attacking Chuck Todd A Mistake By Trump?

Fox News host Howard Kurtz reacted to President Trump’s comments about Chuck Todd. Kurtz stated it “was a mistake. It’s undignified,” and “just to be cursing him, I think, is not a good look for the president.”

Kurtz added, “I say that that was a mistake. It’s undignified, and to be punching down, by name, at a Sunday show host, with that kind of vulgarity that you had to bleep. I actually played it on my air. I didn’t bleep it. I think — you know, the president of the United States has every right to hit back against Chuck Todd or anyone else if he thinks that he has said something or reported something that is unfair or untrue. But just to kind of call names, You know, Tom Brokaw got on the Twitter and said, ‘[Really] classy. Explain that to your children.’ And the irony here, as I report in ‘Media Madness,’ President Trump actually has a relationship with Chuck Todd. He’s had him over to the White House for off the record sessions, which usually begin with the president yelling at Chuck, Chuck yelling back, and then they settle down to have a civil conversation. But just to be cursing him, I think, is not a good look for the president.”

  • Peggy A Jones

    I agree President trump should not cuss no one,he should restrict his cussing if he must cuss to his self,I voted for him but I don’t like nasty talking.

    • doc suske

      I don’t either- but, seems we can’t get away from it, these days- or don’t you watch any TV or movies? If not, good for you!

  • GreyHairandGreyMatter

    I agree with “Howie”…I originally posted this 3-11-2018…
    Fred Harden · Fairfield University
    Johns Hopkins and Fairfield Universities

    I was in Pittsburgh last Saturday night during President Trump’s rally for Rick Saccone. President Trump’s use of an expletive concerning Chuck Todd has undoubtedly stirred some controversy. While I’ve especially been an avid early-on supporter of President Trump and his Administration, I respectfully believe that in this instance he could have called Chuck Todd a “son-of-a-gun,”*e.g., and still have achieved his desired effect on the crowd. Why? My late paternal grandfather often instilled in me that swearing demonstrates a lack of vocabulary and therefore I think/believe President Trump’s comment was very unbecoming the stature of the presidency. Conversely, the President instinctively knows how to work a crowd and 4,000+ similar avid supporters in Moon Township at Pittsburgh International Airport were stoked and cheering his most every word. President Trump was offering raw meat to his loyal constituency as only he can and they were obviously voraciously gobbling it up! Race will probably be a squeaker…I look for Saccone to narrowly prevail…It will be all over but the shouting tomorrow night…Except due to redistricting the winner in a few months will have to come back and notify whether he is running for election in a new district due to perceived gerrymandering issues…Millions of dollars spent by both parties on this race!

    *Usually used as a mild or euphemistic alternative to son of a bitch…

    Fred Harden III aka “GreyHairandGreyMatter”
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    Fred Harden · Fairfield University
    Facetiously, I’m not sure whether Trump is interested or not interested in euphemisms! Fred III 3-11-2018

    • doc suske

      I agree, & he sure can..Call a spade a spade! Oops, that’s not PC anymore- ya can’t even talk about playing cards!

    • debra allen

      I just heard there is alot of absent votes that have not been counted. Maybe the cart has jumped alittle ahead of itself? I wonder mmmmm!!


      I don’t understand why the Repubs spent a dime on this. Who cares! This PA district is passing out of existence in 2018. It just elects a seat warmer for 8 months. It will take the person that long to find a desk to place his feet up upon. What a waste of time and money!!

      • GreyHairandGreyMatter

        Johns Hopkins and Fairfield Universities

        In retrospect I agree. Purportedly, the GOP spent $12M supporting Rick Saccone. Spending that kind of money in a race for U.S. Representative is unconscionable in my opinion no matter which side of the aisle one is on! In some infinitesimal way, however, I must sheepishly admit I too financially contributed to Rick Saccone’s campaign. I notice U.S. GOP Senator Toomey [PA] notably isn’t currently supporting Rick Saccone in the 14th District!

        Fred Harden III aka “GreyHairandGreyMatter”


    Chuck Todd is an irrelevant asshole who talks through everyone. He asks some idiotic question and keeps talking attempting to answer the question he just asked of whoever he was interviewing at the time. What an asshole! He just loves the sound of his own voice.
    Everytime he opens his get ready for another soliloquy!!! What a Jerk!!!

    • sbuster1

      Yeah but I was taught never to pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrell.

      • Steven Earle

        The only thing this guy gets by the barrel is BS.


          Correctamundo Steve!!

          • Steven Earle

            Ah, well we’re on the same page here.

    • I laugh at trumpies

      This trumpie decided to cry about Chuck Todd again.

    • pics fixer

      Mr. Todd is a journalist. He is supposed to be adversarial, ask unwanted questions and get the answers. That IS his job. He asks the questions for us and reports back. To be honest, I don’t like him. However without people like him we would not be a Democracy anymore. Our elected leaders who are there for us could do what they want and be able to hide. The founders of this country actually said that and that is why the Constitution has that top dead center. Chuck Todd is not there to entertain us.


        Upchuck Todd is merely a talking head, A total waste of time. He has as much importance to human life as a hole has to a doughnut. What a JERK!!!

        • pics fixer

          You don’t have to like Todd, he isn’t my favorite. You don’t have to agree with him but without journalists, and that’s what he is, reporting to you other points of view based on the facts [I check those things and have not found him in a lie yet] we can’t have a democracy. It is not possible without an adversarial press according to Jefferson and the other signers of the Constitution. If all you do is read, watch and listen to only those that agree with you can easily become a victim of those who want you to get them what they want and not what you need or even voted for them to do.

          I have never heard Chuck Todd speak in any disrespectful way about or to any one he interviews or comments about the way you did with his name.

          You think he is a jerk, then you are obligated to say why. So tell us, what makes him a jerk? If its’ your ‘feeling’ why should anybody care?

  • Ron C

    Oh what a load of hokum…Trump didn’t curse Chuck Todd, Trump described Chuck Todd.
    And after all Howie doesn’t have any problem what so ever about the socialist leftist’s calling Trump vile names…like Putin’s KGB Nazi, racist, or bigoted anti-Semitic…or any other vile names they throw at the Trump family…???
    Howard Kurtz my want to wake-up his own self…and stop being so dishonest about his own discourse!

  • billybob

    It is fantastic that we’ve got a President who calls out doctrinaire leftist asses who try to pass off their propaganda as balanced news. Too long Republicans have been told to smile and eat the shit while the Democrats are in full contact, take no prisoners war. When they are called out from the Bully Pulpit, LibTards go apoplectic, that means it works!

    • Reasoned thinker

      billybob — Absolutely correct!

  • davebisenius

    I say fight fire with fire .Time for all Republicans to stop kissing ass and start kicking some.

  • John Gasper

    I support Trump 1000000%!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big fucking nothing burger!

    • doc suske

      Now your talking! Want an expletive– give ’em one!

  • Jmanjo

    Todd doesn’t mind attacking Trump so I say have at it. Chuck Todd spends Sunday mornings in liberal diatribe against the President and most often with no factual backup just fake BS! So Todd’s whining doesn’t cut it! He is pulling a Kimmel by pooh poohing on air like a wienie!

  • parthenon1

    An SOB is just that and Todd fits the bill so call him the correct description to his face, he has told worse lies and is nasty in media reports on Trump

  • patriot

    anyone who want to attack potus trump be prepared to take a baaaaad ass whooping

    • Reasoned thinker

      patriot — Whew . . . I’d sure enjoy that . . . (about the “baaaaad ass whooping,” that is). MAGA!

    • James

      I guess you use that language in front of your children. I mean if it’s ok for POTUS then it should be ok for everyone.

      • Rightleaning

        Your children have already heard and used worse language than that.
        Did you see the sign the 5 year old was carrying at the March for Life Rally.” Fu__K the NRA”. That says all you need to know about the pure mouthed Liberal Democrats. Maybe they should have had the kid wear a PUSSY hat.
        Did you ever hear the kids in the park or on the street or in school. Listen to a teacher for five minutes and you will see where kids learn the street language. You see what they learn by watching spring break on the news. They see our future role models. Many of these spring breakers are our future teachers.

        • James

          Correct but in my opinion that doesn’t make it ok for our President to use it in public.

          • Rightleaning

            Do you remember when Joe Biden said “This is a Big F–king deal on National television? By the way it wasn’t a big deal it was a lie.

          • James

            Don’t remember that. However whether it was Biden or Trump, it’s still unacceptable in my opinion.

  • Mark Young

    Occasionally, there is some behavior that can’t be, adequately, described with a civil tongue.

  • Sergio Lara

    Big deal kids today curse more than ever Tom so don’t make it a big deal. Also Chuck talks and criticizes President a lot so if he curse him he deserves it. GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT!!

    • doc suske

      see– fucking nothing burger! above

  • Mileaway

    By a show of hands, how many here do NOT think Todd is an asswipe?……….yeah, I didn’t see any hands either.
    Everytime I see him and that ridiculous beard I immediately think he has been asskissing a cow again. (probably one named Hillary)

    • doc suske

      I hate his smirk!

    • Maggiemae

      Todd is a typical LIBTARD…..period! NEVER watch him. Love the comment….I’m sure he’s been ‘kissing’ someone’s ass….would be another fellow libtard!

  • doc suske

    Call a spade a spade! Oops, that’s not PC anymore- ya can’t even talk about playing cards!

    Love our non-PC Pres.

  • doc suske

    ” son of a bitch…” means his mother was a dog! I feel sorry for mom, & she deserves the apology.. or maybe not- she raised L’il Toddie.
    He’s just another self-aggrandizing elitist “entertainer”- typical dam dum dem! (does that make him a dam son of a bitch…??)

    • Reasoned thinker

      doc suske – – – Very true.

  • Walter Bazner

    Chuck Todd needs to be cursed!!!


      Chuck Todd is the Curse!!!

      • I laugh at trumpies

        This trumpie decided to cry about Chuck Todd.

  • Joseph Morgan


  • Frank Roza

    It’s about time we got a President that speaks his mind!Enough of the dancing around to be polite b.s.!All the fake news that comes out,I’m surprised he didn’t do this kind of thing much sooner!

  • W. Coyote

    “With the exception of the late, great Abraham LIncoln, I can be more presidential than anyone” – Donald Trump.

  • Steven Earle

    Todd is the kind of jerk we use to chase around the playground as kids.


    I have tried to watch him, but just can’t . I get about 3 minutes into his SHIT SHOW and turn the channel a soon as he starts bad mouthing Trump, or his lies on any topic . a true LIBTARD

  • debra allen

    I thank GOD everyday for our President Trump and he doesn’t even get paid for all this CRAP he goes through. Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR ALL YOU DO and I’m here in CALIFORNIA. BUILD THE WALL PLEASE

  • bahndon

    I stoped watching meet the press when Chuck took over. The only time I liked Chuck was watching him when Trump won.

    • John Flynn

      I stopped when they removed Lawrence Spivak!!

  • Jo Pifer

    All of you on here taking up for #45 are brainless! It isn’t about him responding back to Chuck Todd, it is the calling him a “SOB”! This is unacceptable for any President to do! Using foul language like that to the public is not “locker room talk”. It just shows what kind of person he really is, definitely “No Class”!

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